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    06.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    patton found logan’s shirt 

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    06.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    recoloring my old art

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    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    sometimes people just need a hug

    that’s patton and logan btw (click on for better quality)

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  • dee-the-writer
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    One Last Memory

    Title: One Last Memory

    Song: Till Forever Falls Apart

    Pairings: Prinxiety and Logicality

    Summary: The sides realize its time for their end, and spend their last moments of life together (i suck at writing summaries i swear this is a lot better thought out)

    Warnings: Main character deaths, swearing, angst

    Word count: 1432


    This was their end to forever.

    The sides had known it was coming. It had always been inevitable. They knew they couldn’t expect to just live on after Thomas. You’d think they’d had prepared themselves for this.

    But can anyone really be prepared for that?

    Out on our own

    Dreamin in a world that we both know

    It’s out of our control

    But if shit hits the fan, we’re not alone

    They all stood there in the living room, looking around at each other. They all knew it was time, but none of them wanted to admit it.

    “You guys-” Roman started, breaking the foreboding silence, only to be stopped.

    “No, no, it can’t really be time. There has to be a way to stop it. There has to be something we can do,” Virgil said quickly, visibly starting to panic more and more.

    “Virgil, as great as that would be, we all know that that's just a hopeful dream. There’s no stopping the inevitable from occurring.” Logan said, hiding his shared fear.

    “Hey, at least if this is it, we’re together, right? We’re not alone,” Patton piped in, also trying to hide his fear behind his usual happy, positive persona.

    Cause you’ve got me and you know

    That I’ve got you and I know

    Patton walked over to Logan, wrapping his arms around him loosely in a hug.

    “Are you okay, Patton,” Logan asked, returning the hug, running his hand through the slightly shorter sides hair.

    He stood there for a second, just taking in the hug. “Yeah, yeah i’ll be okay. I know you’ve got me. I just needed a hug from you.”

    Roman walked over to Virgil, giving him a tight hug and kissing his forehead. He had been the one to calm Virgil down many times before, but how do you calm someone when you’re on the brink of death?

    “Hey, it's okay, it’ll be okay,” he whispered. “And if anything happens, I’ve got you, you know that.”

    If the tide takes California

    I’m so glad I got to hold ya

    And if the sky falls from heaven above

    Oh I know I had the best time fallin into love

    Virgil looked up, meeting Roman’s eyes, tears threatening to fall from his own. As much as he joked, he wasn’t ready for his life to be over just yet.

    “But what if it’s not okay,” he questioned, drawing in a shaky breath. “What if this is it for us?”

    The creative side smiled down at him, laughing a little.

    “Then that will be okay, my love.”

    “Okay? How the hell could that be ‘okay’?”

    “Because I know I spent my time well.”

    He paused, not expecting the answer he had received, “What do you mean?”

    “Love, I’d just be happy I got to spend my time with you. The sky could fall from heaven above right now, and I’d just know I’d had the best time falling in love.”

    We’ve been livin on a fault line

    And for a while you were all mine

    I’ve spent a lifetime givin’ you my heart

    I swear that I’ll be yours forever, ‘til forever falls apart

    Til forever falls apart

    “We’ve had a good time, haven’t we,” Patton asked Logan, a sad smile appearing on his face.

    “We have, darling. We had the best time we could’ve asked for.”

    “Did you enjoy it,” he asked. Even moments from death, he still cared about everyone else, wanting to make sure they were okay before he knew if he was.

    “Every second of it. I got to live knowing you were all mine. Did you enjoy it,” Logan replied, reassuring the other side.

    Patton smiled and let out a little laugh. “I’ve spent a lifetime, giving you my heart, Lo. And I swore that I'll be yours forever, till forever falls apart.”

    “Till forever falls apart.”

    So this is it, that's how it ends

    I guess there's nothing more romantic than dyin’ with your friends

    And I’m not sorry for myself

    I wouldn’t want to spend a minute lovin’ anybody else

    They all sat there for a few minutes, enjoying the silence of each other's company. It was becoming more and more obvious to them all that this would really be the end, and none of them wanted to be the one to address it.

    “So, this is really it. This is where we end,” Patton spoke up hesitantly.

    Roman raised his head, smiling. “Well, I suppose theres nothing more romantic then dying with your friends.”

    “I’m sorry,” Virgil spoke up, staring at him. “You spent all your time loving me when you could’ve been with someone better for you.”

    Roman stared at him, taken aback by the comment. Virgil hadn’t had doubts like that since the beginning of their relationship.

    “Well, I’m not sorry for myself. I wouldn’t want to have spent a minute loving anybody else.”

    “You two have always been so romantic,” Logan said, smiling at the interaction. Him and Virgil had been close friends for a long time, and he was glad he had found someone he could trust in Roman.

    Cause you’ve got me and you know

    That I’ve got you and I know

    Logan sat for a second, lost in thoughts. He knew he had never been one to show lots of affection, never the first to say I love you. And if there was anything he wanted Patton to know before their death, it was how much he cared for him.

    “Patton,” he finally spoke up, “You know I love you, right?”

    He looked up at him, smiling, “Of course I know that, silly.”

    “It’s just, I know I don’t show it as often as you do, and since this is most likely the end, I want to make sure you know how much I care about you.”

    “Logan, you never had to do big things to show me how much you love me, I just knew. Why would that change now? I know you’ve got me, and you know that I’ve got you.”

    “Well, I love you,” Logan said, finally returning the smile.

    “I love you too.”

    We never had it from the start

    ‘Til death do us part

    “My love, we never had forever,” Roman said, rubbing circles on Virgil’s hand, cherishing these last few seconds.

    He smiled as he felt the smaller side's head fall onto his shoulder, as it became harder and harder to keep his own eyes open. As he lay there, he thought back to the ‘wedding’ that the sides had held for both of the relationships. The happiest day of his life.

    Finally, he allowed his eyes to close, choosing his final words to him.

    “Remember what we said, that day so long ago? ‘Til death do us part.”

    “But I don’t think we’ll be parting today, love.”

    “Roman,” Patton spoke up from where he sat across the room after a few moments, not receiving a response.


    “Honey, I think they’re-” Logan was cut off, forcing himself to sit up as he grabbed Patton’s hand.

    “No. Don’t even finish that sentence. They can’t be gone. I’m their dad. I’m supposed to go first.”

    Logan frowned at this, “That doesn’t make sense,” he said, losing energy and sitting back against the wall.

    “Why couldn’t it have been forever, Lo,” the father figure asked, his eyes tearing up. He sat back, laying his head on Logan's chest.

    He paused at the question, thinking.

    “Because nothing that truly means something will last forever,” he paused, allowing his own eyes to close, knowing that he too, was in his final moments.

    “And you, you mean everything.”

    Patton listened as he heard Logans breathing slow. He considered having as extravagant last words as the other pair, but, even in death, him and Logan were always more simple.

    “I love you,” he said, the tears escaping his eyes.

    “I love you too,” the logical side replied, taking his last breath.

    Patton laid there, as his favorite person left, only hoping to be reunited. He looked around the living room, where they had had so many memories. He looked over at Roman and Virgil, his kids.

    Finally, he looked up at Logan. As he stared, he felt a smile appear on his face, and his eyes began to close. After one last look, he allowed his eyes to close, and himself to drift away.

    And as their promises for a ‘forever’ fell apart, as they slowly disappeared, they laid there not only with their partner, but with each other, their friends, as one last memory.






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  • lolliwoe
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Sanders Sides: Amuse-ical

    "Fine, you know what, I’m just going to come out and say it. Thomas, without your friends, who are you, really?”
    In the aftermath of 'Putting Others First', Thomas' friend is suffering, and Thomas is trying his best to be a Good Person and do whatever he can to help. However, between attempting to manage his own work and take care of himself in the process, he finds himself falling apart under the pressure. The sides are struggling to keep up.

    (  thomas and his team have been a huge inspiration to me and their series means a lot to me, and i kind of wanted to do something to give back so, voila, the sanders sides musical that no one asked for !!  i have no idea how to properly promo things on here but if you’re interested I’d really appreciate if you checked it out or shared if you can !! thank you for reading <3 )

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  • tulipscomeinallsortsofcolors
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Chipped Tea Sets

    Remus and the very, very long day.

    Pairing: romantic dukeceit, background romantic prinxiety and logicality, platonic creativitwins & Logan, platonic Shorts Cancer Zodiac & Sides

    Word count: 4503

    Warnings: complicated feelings around the death of an abusive parent, funerals, brief thoughts of future death

    Notes: chapter 16 of Chipped Tea Sets, the dukeceit installment of my Pieces verse

    thank you to @trivia-goddess for beta reading!

    if you misgender characters in my notes I will block you


    Things moved much faster than Remus would have expected after that.

    Janus and Candy went to alert everyone, and Remus offered to stay, sitting on the bottom step with his feet on the landing next to his mother and just watching her, trying to muster up any kind of mourning and coming up short.

    She was dead. She was dead, and it was over, and she'd died like she lived - hitting Janus and misgendering him and firing a servant for something inconsequential and thinking Remus was an idiot.

    Remus realized, in the tiniest, most buried little corner of his mind, that he'd wanted to give her a chance. He'd wanted her to change. In the part of him that missed Nanny so hard he ached, he'd wished for a mother, a proper one, and that maybe she would wake up one day and decide to be one.

    That would never happen now.

    But it had never been going to happen, had it? Just a wish so foolish and impossible Remus hadn't even put a name to it until the microscopic chance was already gone.

    He tapped Mother's foot carefully with his toe, and it jostled a little before settling back in its limp position.

    The heel of her shoe had snapped when Candy had pushed her, and she'd stumbled. Janus had found the broken heel halfway down the steps.

    Convenient, that. A reason for falling that didn't throw Candy under the bus, when all she'd been trying to do was help Janus. Protect him. It was more than Remus had done, cowering in front of his mother like a child even as she’d been hurting someone he loved.

    Remus wondered if maybe he ought to be angry at Candy, or upset with her at all. She'd... well, she'd killed Remus's mother, hadn't she?

    But Remus looked down at the body in front of him, the lump of meat and bone that was no longer his mother and maybe never had been, and he couldn't be angry at Candy.

    Honestly, truly, the only thing Remus could currently feel was relief, and wasn't that a sad and pathetic state of affairs?

    Janus and Candy returned with a handful of servants – Stern, the butler, and a battery of footmen who lifted Mother's body off the floor and carried it back to her rooms. Janus and Candy had been telling every servant they came across to pass it along – it was only a matter of time before Father found out, and Remus didn't have any idea how they were going to handle that.

    Janus led Candy by the hand to their wing, and Remus followed close behind. Logan and Patton met them halfway, coming the other direction, a wild look on Logan's face.

    "What happened?"

    "One moment," said Janus, shockingly calm, gesturing for them to follow.

    They grabbed Roman and Virgil as well, and Janus led everyone to Janus and Remus's quarters, locked the sitting-room door behind them, and then led them into his own room and locked that door as well.

    "Not at all alarming," deadpanned Virgil.

    Candy was shifting awkwardly, looking woefully out of place among the six of them in plain brown and beige skirts and her stained, worn apron.

    "This can never leave this room," said Janus.

    "Definitely really super not alarming," said Virgil, sounding slightly strangled.

    "Candy accidentally pushed Mother down the stairs."

    "Remus!" said Janus, giving him a frustrated expression.

    "Virgil was getting twitchy, I thought we should get it over with."

    "And- and she's dead?" said Roman, a strange note in his voice.

    "Yeah," said Remus quietly, "I checked myself. I think her neck snapped on the way down."

    Everyone flinched but Janus, who gave him another exasperated look.

    "... I see," said Logan, his face twisted in some unpleasantly confused way.

    There was a painfully awkward silence, and then Candy suddenly vibrated and burst into tears.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I only was trying to push her away because I thought she was going to hit Janus again but she tripped and I-"

    Janus immediately wrapped a sobbing Candy in his arms, casting a helpless look over his shoulder at Logan.

    Logan, who was... who was in charge now.

    Logan seemed to realize it the same moment Remus did, because his expression took on a startled tinge. He took a cautious half-step forward, and then crossed the room the rest of the way to gingerly take Candy's hand.

    "I believe you," he said gently, "We aren't going to tell anyone."


    "No," said Logan, "No one. It was an accident, and all of us know it, but I am not going to throw you on a corrupt court system's mercy."

    Because they all knew how that would go – a scullery maid with barely a wardrobe to her name killing the patron of Kenningport? There wasn't a judge in the city who would treat her fairly, who wouldn't try to make a name off of condemning an "assassin" like Candy wasn't an eighteen-year-old girl.

    "We aren't going to let anything happen to you," said Logan. "I- I am not going to let anything happen to you, Miss Abbot."

    "... If we're plotting a murder cover-up, I think you ought to call me Candy."

    "It was voluntary manslaughter at the absolute worst," muttered Janus.

    "A semantic gripe I hope we never have to test in court," said Logan.

    Patton came over and bundled Candy into Janus's armchair, sitting on the arm to soothe her. Roman went over too, but Virgil separated from them to come over to Logan, Janus, and Remus.

    He'd shoved his hands in his pockets, and he looked a little uncomfortable.

    "Something you'd like to share?" said Janus, as pleasantly as could be managed at a time like this.

    Virgil rubbed the back of his neck.

    "... This is a good thing you're doing," he said awkwardly.

    "... I sense a 'but' coming."

    "He, butt," said Remus, though his heart wasn't in it.

    "Not really the time, Remus," said Logan, a little exasperated.


    "I just..."

    Virgil's mouth pinched.

    "If Candy- if Candy decides she wants to quit, or something, or she mouths off-"

    "My protection of Candace in regards to this situation is contingent on nothing," said Logan, cutting Virgil off, “Not her employment, not her obedience, not her skill or performance at her job – absolutely nothing. She did nothing wrong, and she does not deserve to be punished for it.”

    Virgil nodded, relieved.

    “Thanks for all the faith, V,” said Remus, feeling a little hurt.

    “I didn’t think you would,” said Virgil immediately, “But- but you don’t get it. You’ve gotta know that that’s where her brain’s gonna go. Nobles don’t give out favors for free.”

    “This isn’t a favor, it’s avoiding an injustice,” said Logan, frowning angrily.

    “Yeah, well, make sure Candy knows that,” said Virgil, “If she’s walking on eggshells around all of you for the next few days, that's probably why.”

    Logan’s frown deepened, but he nodded.

    “Thank you for telling me.”

    Nodding awkwardly, Virgil gave them a small salute and turned to go over to Roman, Patton, and Candy, who did in fact still look slightly pale and anxious between them.

    “… So,” said Remus after a long moment, “What now?”

    Logan was quiet for a long moment.

    “Well,” he said, sounding heavy with some unnameable emotion, “Now, I suppose I plan a funeral.”


    Logan had been studying for this moment their entire lives, and it showed.

    There was the complication of their father, who was still very much alive – though he didn't seem all that sad to find himself a widower, only angry at all of them, which made Remus slightly nauseous – but who was very displeased that Logan was not including him in the proceedings.

    The six of them had been sticking closer to each other for the past day, the house still half-full of hostile staff and everyone fearing being cornered alone by Father or someone asking too many questions about Mother’s untimely death. They were holed up in Logan's office right now, the door locked.

    Logan and Patton had been late by about twenty minutes, apparently having been successfully stopped by Father on the way.

    "What was it this time?" said Roman.

    "Displeased that I repossessed most of his paperwork," said Logan, sitting at his desk while Patton came to sit on Janus's opposite side from Remus, "Mother may be- may have been the titleholder, but she mostly left the governing to Father, preferring to handle only the social and diplomatic aspects of being nobility herself. He seemed to think that I would continue this, and was quite unhappy when I made it clear I would be doing it myself."

    "Yikes," said Roman, wincing.

    "It's of no concern," said Logan, his voice a little colder than normal, "I will be removing him from the estate as soon as is feasible."

    "You can't do that," said Virgil immediately.

    Logan leveled him with a sharp look.

    "I do not see why not," he said, clearly restraining himself from snapping, "I believe it would be morally reprehensible of me to allow him to remain here where he can hurt us when I finally have the actual ability to stop him."

    "I get what you’re saying," said Virgil placatingly, holding his hands up, "But your mother dies, relatively young and abruptly of a slightly suspicious accident and then you immediately throw your father out on the street before her body's even cold? It will make it look like ten times more suspect."

    Logan's frown deepened into a scowl, and he stabbed his pen to his paper with a little more force than looked strictly necessary.

    "Your point is noted and has merit," he said bitterly.

    "Sorry, L."

    Logan sighed, rubbing his hands down his face.

    "So at this point we need some kind of reasonable cause to have him removed," said Logan, "And I suppose 'more than two decades of physical and mental abuse and neglect,' will hardly suffice to the other nobility."

    "What about your 'report them to the crown for fealty tax evasion' go-to?"

    "Yes, well, technically they were Mother's taxes, not Father's, and now they are mine – there would be no way to tie it to him directly."

    "Well, I'm sure he's done something illegal, we just have to figure out what," said Janus, a little sharp, "He's hardly morally upstanding."

    That was another layer to this whole stressful situation – something was wrong with Janus, and had been ever since they'd talked with Candy and Remus's siblings in their rooms. He'd been clearly uneasy and twitchy and kind of snappish – Remus would have thought Jan was mad at him, but Jan had actually been more affectionate, like he was seeking out comfort from the stress.

    Maybe it was just that Candy was so tied up in all of this – it made sense that Janus would be anxious about the risk to her, right?

    Currently he was curled up under Remus’s arm, all his limbs tightly knotted around him in a little twisted bundle of annoyance, and Remus risked stroking his arm a little to soothe him. Janus cast him a tense smile for only a moment before he looked away and his face fell into a pursed frown again.

    Remus kept running his thumb along Janus’s arm, and all he could do was worry.


    The thing about having a funeral as a noble, is that they were basically just the same thing as parties as a noble, but even less fun.

    The agonizingly long guest list. The need to set up beds for everyone who was coming from too far away for a day trip. The fake emotions behind it, this time sympathy and grief instead of friendliness and camaraderie.

    You dress in uncomfortably fancy clothes (black edition), a bunch of other patrons you don't know show up and you're expected to kiss everybody's ass, and everyone plays pretend – at a party, that they're having fun, and at a funeral, that they're mourning.

    Remus still wasn't entirely sure if he was mourning.

    Logan had miraculously gotten all the invitations to the funeral out of the first day, but he'd been buried under the logistics since. Patton - who Remus didn't really think of as a vindictive person but who was also clearly having no trouble reprimanding the ruder servants like Butcher for being cantankerous - had taken over the organization of the food, Roman was helping Logan with the paperwork, and Virgil had holed up with Libby and Ari to oversee that they all had appropriate clothes for the stupid formal mourning period that apparently involved an entirely new wardrobe and Remus was fucking dreading.

    And Remus – well.

    The thing about having hobbies surrounding death was that you got used to it. Bodies were bodies, meat was meat, bones were bones.

    Logan and Roman hadn't been able to look at her.

    So Remus was the official go-between for the manor and the undertaker. They tested make-up on her, showing it off above the white sheet draped over the rest of her, and he was supposed to pick which styles looked the most like her as if he was helping her dress or something, a scenario that sounded so bizarre he'd burst into nervous laughing the first time he’d thought it and the undertaker had looked at him like he was insane.

    Janus was the only one who would come with him – he split his time between helping Roman and Logan with the paperwork and coming with Remus.

    They arrived today with a trunk full of her dresses. Remus passed them off to the undertaker, who took the trunk and murmured that he'd be right back, before leaving them alone.

    Janus pulled Remus over to one of the sofas, and pulled Remus down to sit beside him. Remus scooted closer automatically, taking Janus's hand and trying to ignore that his own was shaking.

    "... Remus?"

    "Yeah?" he said faintly.

    "... Are you okay?"

    Remus gave him a confused look.

    "It's just- I don't think I've asked you yet," said Janus softly, "Which was remiss of me."

    Remus stared for a moment.

    "Is it bad if I don't know?"

    "No," said Janus immediately, "No, it's not bad."

    "I think I hated her," blurted Remus.

    Janus squeezed his hand.

    "That's not bad either."

    "Isn't it?" said Remus, strangled, "She's- she was my mother."

    "And you were her son, which clearly didn't mean to her what it should have," said Janus, "Hardly unfair."

    "It's not fair," said Remus, "She just- she died literally attacking you. How is that fair? How does she get to just – spend her whole life ruining everyone else's and then just die instantly and painlessly without ever experiencing a single fucking consequence-"

    He twitched violently.

    "I shouldn't have said that," he backtracked, "That was a fucked up thing to say."

    Janus turned in his seat, dropping Remus’s hand to instead take both in his.

    “You have every right,” said Janus, “To feel however you feel about this.”

    Janus reached up to touch Remus’s face gently, running his thumb over the swell of his cheek.

    “You don’t owe her your grief,” said Janus softly, “You don’t owe her your forgiveness or your love or your anything. Just because she fed and clothed and tolerated you doesn’t make you indebted to her, even if she had treated you properly. You shouldn’t have children just so you can charge them interest for raising them.”

    Impulsively, Remus turned and pressed his mouth into Janus’s palm, more of a nuzzle than a kiss, but close.

    “Thanks, Jan,” he mumbled.


    There was a beat of silence.

    “You’d make a really good dad,” blurted Remus before he could think it through.

    Janus’s face pinkened and then almost immediately darkened to red, and he cleared his throat, clearly flustered.

    “Um- thank you,” he said quietly.

    “Mr. Fitzroy?”

    Janus pulled away immediately, and Remus’s hand chased him for a moment before he caught himself. Clearing his throat, Remus turned to the undertaker.

    “I’m coming,” said Remus, standing from the couch.

    Janus followed, catching Remus’s hand when he caught up to his side, and Remus went to face reality.


    Remus was updating his stance on funerals being like parties.

    Because the funniest part, in the most morbid way possible, Remus thought as he sat in the black folding chair in the middle of the garden, was that the party that bore the most similarity to this one had actually been his wedding.

    Solemn and quiet, the priest droning on about filial responsibility and respect and tradition up at the front. Mother, dressed in her nicest crimson dress behind him.

    Everyone else in black though – that was different. Remus in the audience rather than at the front. Janus, holding Remus’s hand tightly beside him, hidden in the folds of their jackets so none of the other nobles saw, now a comfort rather than a looming specter.

    Remus glanced over at his siblings, who kept casting pale looks askance at the casket behind the priest. The thick make-up and the dress and the perfectly coiffed hair making her look mostly just asleep, if a little paler than normal, hadn’t seemed to help their discomfort with their mother having turned abruptly into a corpse.

    The priest stopped speaking, stepping down. Logan and Patton stood first, sitting in the chairs nearest the aisle in the middle, and walked toward the casket. Father followed, and then Roman and Virgil, and finally Janus was forced to drop Remus’s hand as they stood or risk someone seeing.

    Logan stood stiffly over the casket for probably thirty seconds, looking not-quite-directly at her, more off to the corner of the silk-satin lining. After what he’d probably calculated as the minimum socially acceptable time, he turned around and led Patton back to their chairs.

    Father did the same, his expression unreadable, for pretty much the same amount of time. Roman only lingered a few moments, their expression ashen and panicked, and then Remus was standing over her.

    She really could be sleeping. A little pale, but Mother did get paler in the winter. Remus tried to think if he ever had seen his mother sleeping, and came up empty.

    He had scarcely ever even seen her smile, unless it was the kind of smile that was at the expense of other people. He’d never seen her dance properly, or touch another person non-violently, or be anything but iron-fisted and cold and immovable at all times.

    What a sad life. What a miserable, pathetic sort of life.

    He turned away.

    Janus took his hand again once they were sitting.

    After everyone had walked past the casket, the six of them were herded out of the garden ahead of everyone else by footmen. The pallbearers with the coffin followed behind, and when they got in front of the house there was the beginning of the funeral procession waiting.

    Patton, Janus, and Virgil all looked equally unhappy about it, but they followed each other into the fourth carriage, the smallest of the three solid black and ridiculously ostentatious looking ones that had been hired. First in the line was the one that the priest and the pallbearers were riding in, then the hearse, and then the one Remus and his brothers were taking.

    Along with their father. Joy.

    But the hearse itself was the most ridiculous – painted a solid coal-black, decorated with gold, and with huge glass sides that Remus could clearly see the coffin through, which the pallbearers arranged so that the lid was “artfully” askew and she could be seen.

    Because they couldn’t just say some words and cart her over to the cemetery and bury her, oh no, of course not – apparently when the Lady of Kenningport died, everyone in Kenningport got in on the ogling fest.

    The carriage ride through the city was agonizing. No one even attempted to speak. Roman stared down at his black-gloved hands, and Logan and Father wore almost identical blank expressions.

    The three of them all favored Mother, face-wise, but right then Logan and Father looked shockingly similar.

    Remus stared out the slightly tinted window at the crowds they passed, coming to ogle the body apparently. None of them looked particularly mournful – curious mostly, and a few with bitter, vindictive expressions that Remus couldn’t help but agree with a little, his stomach rolling with guilt.

    After making their way through the usual parade route, they left the city. The fanciest cemetery in the area wasn’t too far out of the way, but it was another excruciating crawl of minutes spent in stilted, miserable silence.

    They came to a stop, and Roman moved for the door so quickly it was just shy of a scramble. One by one, they climbed out, and Remus wrapped his coat a little tighter around him against the chill of the wind.

    In the middle of the cemetery was a huge, opulent, marble mausoleum, with their surname inscribed over the door.

    They're gonna put me in that thing one day, Remus thought, and his stomach twisted violently at the thought of sharing a stone tomb with his parents for the rest of forever.

    The pallbearers carried her in, and they all stood the standard three feet apart – because fuck forbid you accidentally bump fucking hands – while the priest started another speech that just sounded like a slightly remixed version of the first.

    But at least it was shorter than the first one. They all returned to the long line of carriages full of people who barely knew Mother and probably didn’t care that she was dead, and Remus knew he was the first but wasn’t sure about the second.

    The carriage ride was shorter this time as well, but then came the agony of hosting everyone for dinner afterwards. Logan was in his element, having been taught all these rules and niceties and elaborate rituals his whole life, but all Remus felt was sick.

    He did notice Father continuing to try and insert himself between Logan and other nobles, trying to take over the conversation. But Logan simply steamrolled right over him, and at one point literally stepping in front of him when Father was trying to speak to Lady Dolloway.

    It was terrible, but all Remus could feel was grateful – that even if they’d been right, and Mother and Father had been gearing up to disown Logan and make Remus their heir, they’d dragged their feet too long, and Logan was doing what he was always meant to do.

    And Remus would be here, hovering at the edges of these horrid social events.

    People kept trying to come up to him and offer condolences and simpering compliments about Mother, about how kind and generous and pleasant she’d been, which was just further proof they were all talking out of their asses.

    None of this was real. They were all playing pretend. None of these people cared that she was dead – they were probably only here for Logan, to scope out a new titleholder and see where he stood. They were here to play-act at grief, because it was proper and expected and respectful to the dead when all Remus wanted was for this to be over, because Mother was gone and buried but she was still somehow here, hissing in Remus’s ear to behave and be polite and smack his hands with spoons for embarrassing her at her own funeral-

    Hands shaking, Remus set his glass down on the nearest flat surface, and walked out of the ballroom without saying anything to anyone.

    On autopilot, he made his way back to his and Janus’s quarters, and as soon as he got into the sitting room he started frantically stripping off his outer layers. But the time he got to his own room he was only in the jet-black shirt and pants, and he took those off too like they were covered in something toxic.

    Remus hesitated for a moment, and then put on sleep clothes.

    He wouldn’t be able to bring himself to ask, he knew, but- but if Janus wanted to spend the night in his room, if he asked, well- Remus wanted to be ready.

    He crawled into bed, curling in a little ball under the covers. He hadn’t turned the light on, and the room was dimming in the very beginning of blue twilight. It had been hours and hours to greet the guests and the funeral in the garden and the parade through town and the burial and the gathering after, and Remus felt drained and exhausted.

    He wasn’t alone long.

    His door creaked open slowly, and when Remus lifted his head Janus was there, his expression cautious.

    “Can I come in?” he said softly.

    Remus couldn’t respond, and he just nodded.

    “I’m sorry it took me a minute to follow you,” said Janus, entering, “I had to get away from my parents.”

    Remus realized he was carrying a tray. Janus crossed the room and carefully climbed up on the bed, setting it between them.

    “Sit up a little,” he said, achingly soft.

    Remus just shrugged, but Janus ran gentle fingers through his hair.

    “You didn’t eat anything at the wake,” he said, “And I didn’t see you eat before the funeral. It’s only toast, and some water.”

    Remus hesitated for a moment, before dragging himself up and reaching for the tray.

    The toast tasted like sawdust in his mouth, even though Janus had clearly had it made Remus’s preferred dark brown, but Remus washed it down with the glass of water and the taste didn’t linger. Janus took the now empty tray with its plate and glass and set it on Remus’s bedside table.

    He opened his arms, and Remus practically lunged, burying his face in Janus’s neck and worming his arms around Janus’s ribs to cling to him desperately.

    “Shh, it’s alright,” murmured Janus, wrapping his arms around Remus’s shoulders, “Oh, darling, it’s okay. I’m sorry.”

    It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that she ruined everything she touched, and that she got to leave, and leave Remus feeling like this, guilty and spiteful and cruel because he should be sad, he should be grieving, he should be crying or even angry. Something.

    But he didn’t feel anything like that. Just hollow, bitter relief.

    “I don’t think she loved me at all,” he said flatly.

    Janus squeezed him tighter, running his fingers through the hair on the back of Remus’s head.

    “I don’t know,” he said sadly, “I can’t tell you if she did or not.”

    He kissed Remus’s forehead.

    “But other people love you,” he said, his voice choking up, “Better and truer and without a single string attached.”

    Remus pressed his face into Janus’s throat.

    He fell asleep like that, and in that dim half-place between dreams and waking, he could have sworn he heard an I love you whispered into his hair.



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  • does-this-look-logicality-to-you
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Lawson Brothers' Bakery | Chapter Five: A Chance

    words: 1033 characters: Logan, Janus, Patton pairings: pre-romantic Logicality; mentioned background Loceit warnings: food mention, homophobia mention, financial problems mention a/n: i don’t have much to say here, but i feel like i have to put an author’s note with all of my fics. well, this chapter was really fun to write, so i hope you all enjoy it.

    previous | first | next

    Over the next few months, Patton began ordering two cookies more and more often. Logan found himself growing more and more overcome with worry. In an odd way, he considered the young teacher a friend of sorts. They were always so kind, no matter how bad a time they seemed to be having, and Logan constantly felt badly that neither he nor Janus had done much to deserve it.

    One Friday afternoon, though, Logan decided to change that.

    It was around four-thirty, and Patton appeared to be just about done. They started to stand, reaching for their bag.


    They froze, turning to look at the source of the voice. Logan flinched, having hoped that the other wouldn’t hear. Nevertheless, he spoke again.

    “Do you think you can stay a few minutes?”

    “Uh, sure.”

    Logan came over and sat in the chair across from them. “Is everything okay?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I… forgive me if I’m probing too far into your personal life, but I’ve-I’ve noticed that you… you seem like… like you’ve been having a hard time as of late. Is everything alright? Or-You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

    “No, I do want to,” Patton admitted. “I’ve been having a tough time financially lately. Y’know, teacher stuff an’ all that. I’ve tried to get a second job, but… not a lot of folks want to hire me.”

    “Why not?”

    “Well…” Their eyes fixed themselves on the ground. “I’m… uh, I’m…”

    Logan started to regret bothering them about this. It was clearly a sensitive topic. “You’re?” he prompted.

    “I’m gay. Well, technically, I’m non-binary— if you didn’t already guess— and demiromantic, but also gay. I’m sure there’s some kind of technical term for that, for an enby who only likes guys, but gay is simpler.”

    Oh. That made sense. They didn’t live in the most unaccepting part of the country, but the fact that they lived in the south didn’t help matters much.

    “Oh. I’m sorry I forced you out like that, I—”

    “It’s okay, Logan, really. If I didn’t want you to know, I wouldn’t’ve told you.”

    “If it makes you feel any better, I-I’m also gay. Well, bisexual technically.”

    Patton looked up. “You are?”

    “I am. And I’ve faced similar struggles. Why do you think Janus and I opened our own bakery, instead of working for an existing one?”

    “Is Janus… Is he gay too?”

    “Yes. We wanted this bakery to provide more than baked goods. It’s meant to be a safe space for people of all identities and races. In fact, we recently ordered some pride flags to hang on the walls. In my eyes, every human deserves rights, no matter their identity.”

    Patton gave a small smile. “That’s great. It’s nice to know I have allies somewhere.”

    “Absolutely. Now, about your financial situation…”

    “It’s okay, Logan, I can take care of it.”

    “I know you can,” he reassured them. “But I also think I can help.”

    “How? I don’t want you giving me money for free.”

    “That wasn’t what I had in mind. I was… I was thinking, why don’t I interview you for a job here?”

    “Really? Here? Now?”

    “You don’t have to do it now, if you don’t have your resumé on you, but—”

    “I do!” Patton opened their bag, took out a folder, and fished out a packet that Logan assumed was their resumé. “If you’re ready, we can do it right now.”

    “I’m ready. Let’s begin.” Logan folded his hands, trying to look professional. “Let’s start with a simple question. Tell me about yourself.” He took his notepad out of his pocket.

    “Well, my name is Patton Morris. I am non-binary, demiromantic and gay. Uh, I’m on the autism spectrum, I really like history, and I have a cat named Bucky— it’s short for Buck Naked.”

    “Alright.” Logan jotted down a few bullet points.

    Patton Morris




    autism spectrum

    likes history

    has a cat named Bucky

    “Next question. What do you think you bring to the table?”

    “Baked goods, I’d assume.” Patton held a serious expression, before breaking out into giggles. “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

    Logan couldn’t stop himself from chuckling a little. “It’s alright. Go on.”

    They took a few moments to calm down, before continuing. “Well, I think I could do well serving customers, be it bringing their orders to their tables or by giving it to them directly from the counter. As you can see on my resumé, I worked as a barista at a coffee shop for two years before I moved out of my hometown for college, and I worked as a waiter when I actually started college, so I’m experienced with this kind of thing. In addition, I can help with any menial work, such as cleaning up in the kitchen and wiping down tables.”

    Logan was impressed. “Alright. Next question. Hmmm… tell me about a time you made a mistake in the workplace, and how you fixed it.”

    “One time, when I was working at the coffee shop in high school, I accidentally dropped someone’s order. I was terrified, because my boss at the time was really strict, but I made the order again, gave it to the customer, and then went back to clean it up.”

    Logan gave a nod of approval. “One more question. What hours work the best for you?”

    “I’m available on weekends, and after school at around two-thirty.”

    “I think that’s all I needed to hear. I’m sorry for keeping you, you can go home now. I’ll have to talk it over with Janus, but if he agrees— and I’m sure he will— I think you have a good chance of getting hired.”

    Patton grinned. “Thank you so much, Logan. I don’t know how I could ever repay you for this.”

    He shook his head. “There’s no need. It’s the least I can do.”

    “Can I hug you?”

    Logan took a moment to consider the request. “No, thank you. It’s nothing personal, I just… I like my personal space.”

    “No worries! I understand. That’s why I asked.” Patton stood, gathering their things and putting them away. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

    “You will.”

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  • does-this-look-logicality-to-you
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Lawson Brothers' Bakery | Chapter Four: Second Cookie

    words: 831 characters: Logan, Janus, Patton pairings: platonic/familial Loceit; pre-romantic Logicality, implied background Roceit warnings: food a/n: hey, wait a minute, didn’t i already write this chapter? you may recognize it as a one-shot request i wrote toward the end of last year. in fact, that fic actually inspired this entire story. i had to alter it a little, of course, to fit the ongoing storyline in this fic, but it’s pretty much the same. i promise, this is the only chapter you guys will recognize. everything else is completely new and original.

    previous | first | next

    “Logan, your favorite’s here.”

    Logan rolled his eyes at his brother’s teasing remark, but he glanced out the window anyway to see if he was right. Sure enough, like clockwork, Patton Morris was once again making their way toward the bakery, the way they had every day for the past few months. They had gained more popularity since the day they had first come in, but Patton hadn’t missed a single day. Logan knew their routine by heart: Patton would walk in, give Cheesecake a pat on the head, come to the counter, greet the brothers, order a chocolate-chip cookie for themselves, sit at their regular table, and do work on their laptop for a few hours. The brothers had gotten so used to this that Logan always had a fresh batch ready for them.

    “Good afternoon,” Logan greeted them when the door opened, the way he always did. Patton gave him a smile, but it wasn’t like their usual cheerful grin. It was much less genuine— almost forced, in fact. Patton came up to the counter, their pace a bit slower than normal and their feet dragging on the floor as if too heavy to lift.

    “What can we get for you?” Logan asked them. He was sure he knew what the reply would be, but instead Patton surprised him.

    “Two chocolate-chip cookies, please.”

    This set off an alarm in Logan’s head. Why do they want two, instead of one? He examined Patton’s expression, and the puzzle pieces clicked into place. Patton always seemed so cheerful whenever they came into the shop to order, but this time their happiness seemed almost artificial. Why would they fake that? The answer was simple for Logan: Patton was having a bad day. It made perfect sense to him. Whenever he was in a crummy mood— no pun intended— he usually felt much better after treating himself to a pastry. Patton’s situation seemed to follow the same logic, and while Logan wasn’t particularly fond of the cookies— he personally preferred the brownies— it made sense that they would have a similar effect on him. If this was true, then Patton would probably want to have two cookies instead of one if they were having a less-than-good day.

    Janus stepped into the back and emerged a moment later with their order. Patton reached into their pocket for their wallet, but Logan shook his head. “It’s on the house today,” he told Patton.

    “Oh, it’s really no problem…”

    “No, it’s okay. I insist.”

    “Well… okay.” Patton smiled a real smile, the familiar sweet kind of smile Logan was used to. “Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.”

    “Of course.” Logan paused for a moment before adding, “And… if you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here. So is Janus.”

    “Really? I don’t want to be a bother…”

    “You aren’t. In fact… Janus, can you get me a pen?”

    “Sure,” he responded, taking an off-brand Sharpie marker from his apron pocket and handing it to him. Logan took the pen, removed the lid, and jotted down his name and phone number on the paper bag that contained the cookies. He handed Patton the bag.

    “You can text me if you need to,” Logan told him. “In case you need to talk.” His heart gave a flutter as the other grinned at him.

    “Thank you. Again. Really, I don’t know how to make this up to you.”

    “There is no need. It’s what friends do.”

    With one last smile, Patton sat down at their regular table, put down their backpack, and removed their laptop, the same way they had done for the past few months.

    Janus waved Logan into the back room. “What was that about?” he whispered.

    “They were having a bad day,” Logan replied simply.

    “How did you know?”

    “Was it not obvious?”

    Janus shook his head. “No. What told you that?”

    “Their smile was forced when they walked in, and they dragged their feet when they walked up to the counter. Besides, they never order two cookies unless they’re upset. How could you not tell?”

    Janus sighed. “You’re such a simp.”

    “I am not a ‘simp’!” He did finger quotes on the last word. “I have simply picked up on the habits of our most frequent customers and acted accordingly!”

    “You don’t do that when Roman comes in.”

    “That’s because you do it.”


    Logan rolled his eyes. He loved his brother dearly, but he could be quite the hypocrite. He went back to the counter. Patton, seeing the movement out of the corner of their eye, turned their head and gave Logan another one of their dazzling smiles. Logan couldn’t help but return it, something he rarely did. Patton’s smile widened and Logan felt his heart skip a beat.

    Should I have given away merchandise free of charge? He had never done this for any other customer, and it was not something he had ever planned on doing. What was the point, when the cookies were inexpensive in the first place?

    Still, he reflected. Seeing them smile like that is more than worth it.

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  • does-this-look-logicality-to-you
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Lawson Brothers' Bakery | Chapter Three: First Visitor

    words: 836 characters: Logan, Janus, Patton pairings: familial/brotherly Loceit, pre-romantic Logicality warnings: food mention a/n: sorry for the random hiatus! I’ve had this fic written up to chapter five for several months but i kept forgetting to post. anyway, patton has finally entered the picture! i always enjoy writing this goofy dad, and i hope you guys like this fic’s interpretation of him— or, should i say, them? yeah, in this fic, patton is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. originally they used he/they, but it was too confusing and hard to keep track of. he/they is still a valid set of pronouns though— in fact, i use he/they myself.

    previous | first | next

    For the next three hours, the bakery received no new customers. Logan entertained himself by stroking Cheesecake, who was perched on the counter nearby. Still, time seemed to inch by as they waited for a customer, just one single person willing to give them a chance. Was this all a mistake? Logan wondered. Should we have invested all this money and time into something more people would care about? Was this all a mistake?


    Logan was abruptly thrust out of his thoughts when he heard the cheerful chime of the bell above the door. Standing there was a single young person. The first thing Logan noticed about them was their eyes. They were warm and dark, like twin pools of melted dark chocolate, and they shimmered under the light of the lighting fixtures that hung in the bakery. The rest of the person was just as friendly-looking as their eyes. They were tall, though not quite as tall as Logan, and they wore a large pair of glasses. Their dark brown hair was fluffy and unkempt, but in a charming sort of way. They wore a sky-blue t-shirt with a white cat face printed on it, a gray flannel jacket accented with buttons, and a light gray skirt. Logan noted that one of the buttons on their flannel had “they/them” printed on it, so he could only assume that those were the visitor’s pronouns.

    Cheesecake leaped off the counter and charged toward the visitor, who beamed and reached down to pat her head. “Hey there, little kitty cat! Awww, you must smell Buck on me, eh?” they cooed as Cheesecake rubbed up against their legs. They looked up at Logan. “Does this lil cutie have a name?”

    “Her name is Cheesecake,” he replied simply.

    “Hi, Cheesecake!” they giggled. “My gosh, you’re so cute!” They looked back at Logan. “My name’s Patton, by the way. They/them pronouns.”

    “Logan. Logan Lawson. He/him.”

    “Don’t mind him, he doesn’t talk all that much,” Janus told Patton. “My name’s Janus. I use he/him as well. I’m his brother. What can we get for you?”

    Patton stood up and approached the counter to examine the menu that hung above it. “Oh gosh, so many options! Hmm… one chocolate chip cookie, please.”

    Janus gave a nod of approval. “Ah, a classic. Lucky for you, Logan here just made a fresh batch. I’ll be right back.”

    Janus headed into the kitchen, and Logan and Patton were left alone. Logan shuffled his feet awkwardly, not knowing what to say. Lucky for him, Patton spoke first.

    “So, you guys just opened up, right?”

    “We did.”

    “How’s business so far?”

    “Not the best,” Logan admitted. “You’re our first customer.” It wasn’t technically true, but he was the first customer they had who wasn’t related to the brothers in any way.

    “Oh wow, am I? Well, this place looks great. I love what you’ve done with it. Y’know, I pass by here every day on my way home from work, so I’ve kinda watched your progress from a distance.”

    Before Logan could respond, Janus came out of the kitchen. “Here you are!“ He set the plate on the counter in front of Patton, who beamed at them.

    “Thank you so much!” They took the cookie. “Do you mind if I stay here for a bit? I have some work to get done.”

    “Oh, not at all!” Janus replied cheerfully. “What kind of work?”

    “I’ve got some papers to grade.”

    “Oh, what do you teach?”

    “World history!”

    “Oh! Logan loves world history! Don’t you, Lo-Lo?”

    Logan did his best to hide his irritation as Janus jabbed his ribs playfully. “I do.”

    “He actually majored in history in college. He’s kind of an expert on that kind of thing.”

    Logan wanted badly to scold his brother for exposing his personal information like that, but he could save that for later.

    “That’s so cool!” Patton exclaimed. “I should have you come into my class sometime as a special guest!”

    “No, that’s alright. I’m no professional.”

    “I could find some kind of excuse.” They gave Logan a goofy, lopsided grin before reaching into their pocket and taking out a worn leather wallet. “How much do I owe ya?” they asked.

    “Five dollars.”

    He fished out a five-dollar bill and handed it to him, taking the cookie. “Thank you so much!” They gave the brothers a friendly grin before seating themselves at a nearby table. They set down their bag and took out a laptop, plugging it into a nearby outlet and turning it on. Logan found himself watching Patton intently as they took a bite of the cookie. Instantly, Patton’s face lit up at the taste. They turned to Logan with yet another one of their sweet smiles. “This is delicious!”

    “Thank you.”

    “No, thank you! I think this may be the best cookie I’ve ever had!”

    Logan raised his eyebrows in surprise. “I’m flattered. That’s quite the compliment.”

    “Well, it’s true. I’ll definitely have to come back soon.”

    Logan couldn’t keep a small smile from spreading across his features. “Please do.”

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  • viviarts-c
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Prompt from Instagram: Titanic Logicality? Pat as Rose, Lo as Jack

    Might turn this into a fully fledged AU? Still deciding between Logicality, Logince and Roceit for the main ship

    (This is referenced from the scene where Jack is going to freeze in the ocean and Rose is on that floaty chunk of door)

    #sanders sides#logan sanders#patton sanders#thomas sanders#logicality#ts sides#my art #AU ship? open for debate--I have different storylines planned out for each #I have received the prompts here and they are giving me so many ideas! I love them #logicality titanic au
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  • entity9silvergen
    01.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Roman: *flicks paint at Remus*

    Virgil: *flicks paint Janus*


    Logan: Not the necktie.

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  • kryzaybop
    01.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    Patton: *kisses Logan*

    Logan: What is this?

    Patton: It's affection :D

    Logan: Disgusting.

    Logan: . . .

    Logan: Do it again.

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  • morgan-leaf
    01.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    hey besties!

    i need help finding a fic


    okok so basically it’s where virgil is a single dad and patton is his kid. literally the only thing i remember is that there’s some prinxiety thrown into the mix and at the very end (like the epilogue) patton is a lot older and is married to logan with a kid and the kid is crying and virgil steps in and calms the baby down and patton is like “howd u know how to do that?” and virgil is all “i had some practice with u lmao”. obviously that’s not the actual dialogue but u catch my drift. anyways i don’t remember the name of it but i would like to find it again:)


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  • purplestarrystars
    30.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    Parent - Teacher Conference

    Patton as a parent, Logan as a teacher

    requested by @xandriagreat

    tw: talk of anxiety and parental guilt


    Patton put on his oven mitts and grabbed the sliver tray from the oven, Virgil's favorite after school snack. As the last cookie was placed on the cooling tray the phone rang, "Hello? Is this Patton, the father of Virgil Sanders?" The line spoke, nervous about the mention of his son's name Patton answered, "Yes, this is Patton. Is everything alright?" The voice on the other end of the line spoke once more, "Yes, this is Virgil's Teacher. I would like to schedule a parent conference for this afternoon, that is if you are available." Patton's heart sank, "Yes, I can stay after pickup. Oh goodness, is everything alright?" The teacher spoke, "Yes, everything is alright I jut have a few concerns I would like to go over." Patton answered back, "Okay, thank you. Goodbye."

    The rest of the afternoon was tedious for the father, what was going on with his kid? After what felt like days 2:30 arrived, after a 15 minute drive, Patton arrived at the school. He walked in and was greeted by a nice man, "Hello, are you Patton? Virgil's father?" Patton smiled, "Yes, that's me." "Well, I am Mr. Pierce or Logan as you may call me. Come with me, Virgil is playing in the classroom.

    The two walked down the hallway and into a kindergarten classroom, Logan was not a kindergarten teacher, however due to a medical emergency the school needed a new temporary kindergarten teacher. Logan is an elementary and high school science teacher, chemistry to be exact. As Logan sat down as his desk Virgil ran up to his dad, "Hey there kiddo, did you miss me?" Virgil did nothing but hug his father's leg, Logan pulled up a chair for Patton and the two adults began to talk.

    "I have a few concerns about Virgil and you may correct me if I overstep however he is a very anti-social child, not partaking in group activities, keeping himself physically distanced from other students, and I've been teaching his class for two weeks and have yet to hear him speak. I believe he has anxiety or something going on. I would like to have him interact with our guidance counselor, Mrs. Jewel or Juliette. Now there is a chance he is just anti-social however if there is a problem we would like to address it as soon as we can."

    Patton looked down at Virgil, the little boy smiling at his father. Patton looked up back to Mr. Pierce, "Yes, please. I give you permission to send him to the guidance counselor, if there is a problem I would like it addressed." Patton was saddened by this, parental guilt set in, "Is there anything I can do at home to help him?" Logan, sensing Patton's upset tone, smiled at him, "Patton, you are a wonderful father. Virgil may be anti-social but he is a very happy child, he smiles the brightest when you pick him up and he frowns the biggest when you leave him. You are his safe person and that is a wonderful connection to have with your child. If there is a problem it is not your fault, these types of things some children are born with and others develop. You have nothing to be guilty about." During his speech Logan grabbed Patton's hand, the two not noticing until Virgil giggled and pointed at their hands, the small boy put his hand onto the adults and smiled his two front teeth missing smile, "Daddies!" he smiled.

    Patton was blushing hard, yes Logan was hot but he is Virgil's teacher, probably straight, and most likely married. Logan blushed as well, "This may be completely inappropriate and a shot in the dark as a few may say but would you like to get together for coffee one day?" Patton smiled brightly at the man's offer, "Are you asking me on a date?"

    "Do you want to go on a date with me?"


    "Then yes I am."

    "The end." Patton stated, he looked down at a sleeping 10 year old Virgil. Patton and Logan's meeting story is still the only one that can put Virgil to sleep. As Patton closed the to his son's room, his loving husband was ready for a hug, "Come on dear, time for bed." Patton smiled and kissed Logan's cheek, "I love you." Logan, returning the favor on Patton's cheek, smiled, " I love you too, darling."

    "I love you too daddies!" the thought to be sleeping 10 year old shouted, " We love you too Virgil." the parents replied. Logan, Patton, and Virgil Sanders was a house filled with love.

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  • incorrect-sanders-sides
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Logan: You can’t solve every problem with a STUPID SONG! Patton: I can, I have, and I will

    #i believe this is mildly #unsympathetic logan #u!logan #incorrect sanders sides quotes #incorrect sanders sides #sanders sides#incorrect quotes#ts logan#logan sanders #incorrect logan sanders #ts patton#patton sanders #incorrect patton sanders #i suppose i should label this as #sympathetic patton #god that wounds me #antagonistic logicality
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  • viviarts-c
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    My first ever animation! This is inspired by Golden Slumbers , written by @my-happy-little-bean and @solemn-vow

    This fic has been my emotional support fic for so long and I got so emotional when it was completed, I love it

    I imagine this as after the epilogue, and he's helping Logan watering their garden(in front of the home they live together).

    stills in better quality under the cut

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    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Harley Quinn is so good!! I thought I didn’t like superhero stuff but I guess I just don’t like marvel :/ anyway @averykedavra​ and I were talking the other day and they proposed the Excellent idea of logicality with patton as harley and logan as ivy. My pencil was in my hand before I even finished reading the message ;-;

    Patton deserves to commit acts of violence and Logan deserves to commit ecoterrorism and together they are... scourges <33

    (Reblogs are appreciated!!)

    (Also, if u like my art, I’ve got a funky little Ko-Fi)

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    i like how we all say that logicality is like the “married couple” ship when roman and virgil’s whole dynamic is that they can’t go two minutes without bickering over something. prinxiety is the old married couple we all know the truth

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