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  • jwillowwolf
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Patton and Roman as Wendy Darling and Peter Pan 💙❤

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  • lovelivingmydreams
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Paper Flowers: mending bridges

    The hollidays come and go. And Virgil might have a new years resolution of his own, not related to eye shadow. Can you guess what it is?

    You are laying in your bed scrolling on your phone as the jetlag of staying up late for new year’s still hasn’t fully left your system. Just when you think that nothing short of food is going to get you out of the exact position you are in now, a notification shows up. Thomas is posting on youtube again!!! You klick the link and move to a more comfortable video watching situation. As the video loads you quickly read the title. “Another year of lying to myself. In song!” Oh yes! Thomas singing is always a good thing. You wonder which sides will show up. You can feel Thomas’ excitement about all his accomplishments affecting you. He’s right. The last year was… Not great. But there were tons of things you personally could be grateful for. Then Teach pops up. Well, guess it’s his turn to have a bit of a spotlight. Or so you think. Only a few sentences in Dad shows up. Damn he is snarky. Poor Thomas the both of them bickering can’t be easy to deal with. Especially when they are both right. And isn’t that a mood? And then Prince shows up as well to add to the chaos. And oh boy is it a chaotic mess. And, as if Thomas is trying to give you a heart attack, Anxiety shows up. In his out of nowhere, loud manner. Silencing the crowd. Logic looking actually terrified by the sudden appearance, Morality surprised and nervous and Prince… he kind of looks resigned. “Oh good, my anxiety, right on time,” Thomas says. “What brings you here? I thought you didn’t care for this video?” Prince asks a little challengingly. “All those emotions and thoughts in complete turmoil? How could I not show up at this party?” “Unbelievable. This was totally supposed to be my episode,” Teacher objects. And you have to feel for the guy. “And I would’ve gladly let you have it specs. But then you all had to make a big mess of it,” Anxiety shrugged. “Besides, a video with just you would be way too boring anyway. One of us would’ve had to show up to make people not fall asleep,” he added with a smirk. “Burn,” Prince whispered as Thomas and Morality winced at that remark. “What burn? There is no fire,” Logic pointed out impatiently. “Yeah, we’re not even going to start with that,” Anxiety drawled. “This whole conversation is just so amusing. You are getting so worked up about this whole thing. What you need to start doing and stop doing and in a month, probably less, it’s all going to be for nothing, you’ll stop trying and all this,” he gestured to the room in general, with a little extra indication to himself. “Will be for nothing.” Prince was ready to support Thomas on this, but Morality and Logic were there with a reality check, much to Anxiety’s satisfaction. “Ugh, I hate it when you are right,” Prince sighed dramatically. And then… The catchiest song ever starts playing. You have to agree with anxiety. That will be stuck in your head all day. You do wonder if you should be worried about his hurt expression when Thomas sang back at him. Or about Logic’s need to take the spotlight. You have to chuckle at the end card. And you can’t be the only one who thought ‘Emo Nightmare’ was said with just a touch off fondness. You open your note app on your phone and start to write down a few ideas of things you can manage to accomplish this year.

    Virgil was humming the song Princey wrote under his breath as he took down his Christmas decorations. They were all nightmare before Christmas themed, of course. “Virgil?” Janus’ voice, accompanied by a swift knock startled him out of his thoughts. He looked up and saw that his door was still closed. Well, who would have thought? Janus actually learned from his mistakes and made an effort. A genuine Christmas miracle. Being in something of a post-holiday spirit he decided to be accommodating. “Come in!” he called as he untangled a Zero ornament from one of his spider webs. He should replace them one of these days. They were getting dirty and lumpy. “May I assist?” Janus asked as he stepped into the room and saw what Virgil was doing, his tone tense. Virgil looked down. “Sure, can you get the streamers?” Janus nodded and got to work. They stayed like that in comfortable silence for a bit. “We missed you at Christmas,” Janus said after a while. Virgil paused his battle with a string of fairy lights, flinching as he realized how that must’ve come across after the fight and the script Roman had written with him. “I wasn’t feeling up to being jolly with anyone. The others didn’t see me either. I just… Felt more comfortable in my room… It was nothing personal,” he assured Janus softly. “I did get you all presents,” he added, nodding towards the color coded boxes standing next to the staircase. “I just haven’t worked up the nerve to give them yet,” he admitted a little sheepishly. “Ah… I see…” Janus said, Virgil cringed. Had he said that the wrong way? “Well I would absolutely hate to be the deliverer of such colorful packages to the darkest parts of the mind,” Janus said, laying on the sarcasm thick to make sure that Virgil would know that he actually didn’t mind at all. “Thanks,” Virgil said, hating how awkwardly this conversation was. They worked on in silence for a little bit longer. “I won’t apologize for caring or for protecting you. But… I will apologize for underestimating you. You’ve been doing well, better than I anticipated, under the circumstances. And so… I’ll try not to meddle with your… Friendship with Prince Roman,” Janus said slowly, sounding like that last part physically hurt to say. Virgil appreciated the sentiment. “Thanks,” he said calmly, still not looking back. “But… You will still be coming over, right?” Janus asked, trying to sound like he didn’t care that much but there was the slightest tremble in his voice, one you wouldn’t hear if you weren’t listening for it. Luckily Virgil was on high alert right now for any cues. “Of course… How about a movie night tomorrow?” he suggested. He already had plans with Roman this afternoon and if he managed to get himself to family dinner upstairs afterwards he’d be drained for the day. “Oh that sounds like a horrific idea,” Janus drawled, Virgil looked back to see a warm smile tug at the human corner of his mouth. He smiled back. “Well too bad. I’m coming over and you better have the movie ready,” he teases as he gets of the lader and looks around. All decoration is down, his room is back to regular gloomy. “Thanks for the help. See you tomorrow then?” he asked carefully. Janus nodded. “Yes. We’ll see you then,” he said, picking up the presents and sinking towards the lower commons. “Snakey! What’s that!!?” Remus screeched excitedly. “Moving boxes, I am kicking you two out,” Janus said sarcastically as he handed Remus and his other housemate their boxes. He got a noncommentary grunt and a slammed door from the latter. Well at least he took the present with him. Remus tore in his box and cackled. “Ooooh! Cards against humanity!!!!” he cackled and rushed off, probably to play in the imagination with what to him was essentially a deck of writing prompts. Janus shook his head and opened his package. It was a book on Nixon. He chuckled and went to sit down  to read it, only to find a folded piece of paper tucked within. He opened it, it was a letter. J. I’m writing I wanna talk about Look I know it’s really weird of me to write a letter when we are literally within shouting distance. We probably just talked and stuff, but I told Princey a bit about what’s been happening and he suggested writing my crap down so I don’t mess it up. I’m paraphrasing. He said it all fancy like. He used the words ‘get carried away,’ instead of ‘mess it up’ but Anyway. So. About how things have been going. The point is that I still care about you guys. And that the others aren’t hurting me. Can’t both be true? That’s the gist of what I’m struggling with I guess. Can’t I be feeling kind of okay where I’m at without losing all of you? I know I haven’t been around a lot. I’ll admit the others are a little draining to be around sometimes, but so were you guys. I just… I’m splitting the time I can spend around others on a daily basis between all of you right now and I know I’m not around any of you as much as you’d like. Princey would love to drag me through the imagination like once a week at least. But I’m not doing that either. I can’t. Not if I want to function you know? And he seems to understand. So, what I’m asking is. Can you? Happy holidays and see you around. V.

    Janus folded the letter and put it back. That… Is a lot to think about. But he’ll have to have an answer soon. He has the idea that his friendship with Virgil might depend on it. And if he wanted him to stick around and not choose to spend all his spare time around the upstairs sides or on quests with the Prince, he’d have to come to terms with that friendship… Before he did that though, he’d have to check a few things. Just to be safe.


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    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    and hair does gooooood

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  • eggslovemetoo
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Roman, blasting Nyan Cat: I’VE BEEN AWAKE SINCE 6:36 AM.




    Virgil: You suck.

    Roman: thank you

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  • really-awkward-pics-of-roman
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    the awkward smile that no-one can trust. What is this prince gonna do? Is he planning to riot the throne from someone else? What kind of stories are behind those twinkly eyes.

    I feel like there is drama going to happen.

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  • really-awkward-pics-of-roman
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    confused prince in the house

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  • yiqiangmina
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Roman: It's the same thing every time! Kid gets a fairy Godmother and what do they wish for? You get a pony and YOU get a pony. Everyone. Gets. A. Damn. PONY!

    Patton: ...well, maybe next time you should say "neigh"

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  • delimeful
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    down that desolate road (3)

    warnings: PTSD, unreality, unhealthy coping mechanisms, panic, arguing, remus saying remus things

    Chapter 1:  Set Right What Once Went Wrong


    Virgil fought his first Shade only two days after their jump to the past.

    It had been a surprise, but not one that he was unprepared for.

    After all, Anxiety was always thinking of the worst case scenarios, and so the moment he emerged from the Subconscious and stepped back into the Dragonwitch’s caves, his mind was flooded with ways it all could go wrong.

    He needed to know anything and everything about the Shades; what they wanted, where they frequented, and most importantly, how to destroy them. Liv had been bemused but obliging of his sudden interrogation, mentioning dryly that she’d planned to tell him all this before their jump, had he not been so single-mindedly fixated on undoing that future.

    Virgil had rolled his eyes, carefully not bringing up the way that his very being had fragmented more and more with every minute that he’d spent knowing that the others were gone and he hadn’t done a damned thing about it. He didn’t need to dwell on that. They’d fixed the future— were in the process of fixing it for good— and surely, once it set in that this was real, that little problem would fix itself too.

    And if he occasionally lost himself in memories, forgot that the others were still warm and alive and unharmed, well. That unbearable, agonizing pressure always let up when he drifted the halls at night, walking a path from door to door until he was satisfied once again that they lived and breathed.

    Liv wasn’t happy about it, a nervous furrow in her brow whenever he abruptly stood and left to check, but she hadn’t asked him to stop.

    (He wasn’t sure what would happen to those stress fractures inside him if he did stop. He didn’t want to find out.)

    She had become quite the ruthless tutor, though, even bedridden. Every fact, every trait or pattern these creatures had displayed, she recounted it all to him and expected him to memorize it accordingly.

    He wasn’t great at it the way Logan would’ve been, but it kept his mind off things, particularly when he spotted flashes of familiar limp forms out of the corner of his eye while traveling through tunnels that seemed a little too familiar.

    He’d created a weapon, too, a scythe half-summoned from essence and half-constructed from the shattered remains of that obsidian glass that the pendant was made of. Even if the Shades developed an immunity to him or his abilities, they’d always been vulnerable to the Barrier, as Liv called it. It was their Kryptonite.

    Virgil had always been more of a Batman fan, honestly.

    “It’s almost lucky,” Liv had said, propped upright in bed and watching him get used to the weight of his new weapon. “Fight or flight. You’re the perfect choice for this.”

    He’d snorted, swinging the blade sharply. “Yeah, right. If it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.”

    Liv had gone quiet, apparently unable to come up with a retort or reassurance, and Virgil had shoved away his disappointment and hurt, because she was right. He hadn’t done the one thing that everyone needed him to do, and everything he had to deal with now was fair punishment. He deserved it.

    Hours later, the first Shade made its presence known by lunging for his throat.

    All their preparations, and he still hadn’t understood the reality of facing one.

    Physically, he’d done fine. A scrape here, a bruise there, but just as Liv had said, they weren’t nearly as fast or clever or numerous as the mob from the future.

    Mentally, he’d stepped back— forwards?— in time the moment its non-euclidean form appeared before him. He was then, his back to his fallen friends, fighting alone for a purpose that was already defunct. It’s body dissolved into nothing and he whirled around, prepared for the next, and the next, and the next--

    But there was no swarm awaiting him, no blood drying on his arms. There was only Liv, who had been talking this entire time, voice dulled by the blood rushing in his ears. Liv, because he wasn’t then, he was doing everything in his power to stop it from ever happening.

    Virgil waited for his body to relax, for some sort of relief, but instead, doubt flooded him.

    He didn’t have eyes on any of the others, didn’t know if there were more, if they were being attacked just out of his sight—

    It was daylight. He couldn’t appear in front of the others, couldn’t check on them. He would feel it if they were afraid, if they were being hurt, wouldn’t he? He’d felt it before— then— now?

    He dropped into the subconscious, and it was hours before it managed to dampen the fullness of his panic.

    Liv had been waiting for him when he returned, and she gestured at the pendant around his neck immediately. Virgil pulled it free, holding it between them with a hand that shook until Liv carefully grasped his wrist to steady it.

    A fluttering black pulse was visible past the glass, amorphous in shape, and Liv sighed in relief. “You did it.”

    “One down,” Virgil agreed. The subconscious’s effect was wearing off, and his body was shifting towards the direction of the Commons as though he was the needle of a compass. “I need to go check.”

    Liv’s grip on his wrist tightened, and then relaxed.

    “Don’t spend too long there,” she warned. “Now that you’ve defeated one, the rest are sure to take note. Don’t lead them right to what we’re trying to protect.”

    His function thrummed in agreement, and he nodded sharply. “Right.”

    Two more days passed, and another Shade attacked him, this one quicker, keener, and most importantly, outside the tunnels. His heart raced for ages after it was defeated, but it was still a triumph: he hadn’t lost track of when he was again.

    Unfortunately, less time spent checking in on the others meant more time aimlessly pacing, struggling not to get caught up in a panicked spiral. It was a lot harder to soothe them on his own.

    Liv eventually grew tired of his ‘moping’ and encouraged him to go run patrols through her third of the Imagination if he needed something to do.

    He’d been leery of wandering around in the daylight after all the warnings Liv had impressed upon him about remaining discreet, but the patrols worked. He won against his third and fourth Shade while wandering, and the unfamiliar setting kept him grounded against all but the briefest of flashbacks.

    Sure, the fights were hard, but he was built to fight, and with so much on the line, he’d sooner die than lose. So he won. And with each new addition to the pendant, he felt a little more reassured that they could actually fix things.

    Unfortunately, he could only spend so much time wandering the varied landscapes of the Imagination before the realm itself betrayed his presence to the Sides that actually belonged there.

    “Halt, you mysterious malfeasant!”

    The voice pulled at him like a magnet, and he made the mistake of turning around to face it instead of bolting away.

    Roman stood there under the shadow of the canopy, hands on his hips and hair perfectly coiffed, and Virgil’s heart seemed to stutter as he took in the slash of red across him.

    Sash, he told himself firmly, not blood.

    It was true: the other Side was hale and hearty, and he was also giving Virgil a speculative and somewhat suspicious look. He resisted the urge to reach up and tug at the edges of his cloak, thankful that Liv had gotten him in the habit of wearing the hood up.

    “Well? Have you anything to say for yourself?” Roman asked with all the impetuousness of scorned royalty.

    It should have been irritating, but it was so Roman that he felt a swell of fondness instead.

    “You’re the one who stopped me,” he pointed out, working hard to keep his words dry and monotone.

    “Your voice!” Roman jolted as though he’d been shocked, and for a moment Virgil’s heart seemed to rise in his throat, hope and terror tangling in his lungs. “You’re not the Dragonwitch at all!”

    Oh. Virgil swallowed down his disappointment at the utter lack of recognition in Roman’s eyes. Of course, he’d been wandering Liv’s territory wearing Liv’s cloak, it only made sense that Ro had assumed.

    “No shit,” he replied anyway, casting his gaze up to try and recall what backstory they’d planned for this exact scenario. Liv’s absence had been what had prompted the beginning of that awful future, after all; they didn’t need any more Sides tromping into her caverns for a repeat. “Not very astute of you, your highness.”

    Roman huffed, a classic Princey noise of offense. “Well, with an attitude like that, you’re certainly not one of my constructs.”

    “Two for two,” Virgil raised his eyebrows, mock-impressed. “Any other obvious facts you’d like to share with the class?”

    Rather than snipe back, Roman’s face dropped into a sharp frown, his hand falling to the hilt of his sword. Virgil hid a grimace, struck by the painful reminder that this wasn’t his Roman, the one he could aggressively banter with for hours on end with neither of them worse for wear.

    The leaves above rustled slightly, the noise different from the rest of the orchard.

    His senses prickled, already on high alert, and he skipped back a few paces, just in time for Remus to come crashing down from the trees above.

    There was a nauseating splat as he hit the ground, but the sound effect was clearly overdone compared to the relatively minor fall. Virgil forced himself not to come forward and check him over anyhow, reminding himself that this was Remus, who bounced back from every self-inflicted injury with glee.

    (Except for-- That didn’t count.)

    Still, his heart only eased up once Remus was back on his feet, dusting himself off and dislodging errant clumps of mud with the motion.

    “What, you don’t wanna catch me? I’m hurt,” Remus lamented, as though he hadn’t absolutely been trying to land feet first on Virgil’s spine. “I made extra sure I didn’t have cooties or dysentery before coming to meet you, you know!”

    “Luckily for everyone, being insanely annoying isn’t catching,” Roman added, rolling his eyes theatrically.

    “Nope, that’s all me,” Remus announced proudly. “I came into the world as a blood-covered, screaming nuisance, and that’s exactly how I’ll go out.”

    Virgil felt a surge of dizzying affection, entirely overwhelmed. It was as though he’d been exposed to the sun after weeks underground.

    He wasn’t ready to face them both. He probably wasn’t even ready to face one of them, going by the way his mind was spinning and his body was flashing hot and cold, like he was watching them die in those caverns all over again.

    There was a pause, and he realized that he’d missed his cue to speak, both twins staring at him expectantly.

    His throat closed up, and he knew that if he spoke now, it would come out much more emotional than he wanted. He crossed his arms instead, cocking his head slightly.

    “Can’t be one of yours, either,” Roman picked up the dialogue, elbowing Remus. “I don’t think you’ve ever created anything this quiet.”

    “You clearly haven’t found what I left in your closet!” Remus retorted, casting a manic grin Virgil’s way.

    “I haven’t been in the closet in years,” Roman shot back on automatic, and then paled. “That was a joke, right, Remus? Right?”

    Remhs leaned forwards, ignoring Roman’s increasingly panicked queries. “So, Tall, Dark, and Hopefully-A-Rotting-Skeleton, if you didn't crawl out of my neck of the woods, and you didn’t flounce out of Ro-Bro’s, you’ve gotta be a gift from the Witch!”

    Virgil snorted, the lump in his throat softening as he watched their ridiculous banter. He’d make a pretty shitty gift. Congrats, you got Anxiety!

    “I’m—,” he coughed, clearing his throat. They may have come up with a plausible backstory, but he wasn’t exactly an actor. “I’m not from the Witch. I usurped her.”

    Both halves of Creativity stared at him, stumped. His heart rate ticked up.

    “Huh,” Roman finally said, drawing closer. “I suppose it was about time Thomas’s mind let go of the monster under the bed. What are you supposed to represent, the fear of becoming a social recluse? Is that going to be a theme now?”

    “Oh, maybe they’re the omnipresent figure of Death that looms over Thomas each and every moment, the knowledge that death will strike randomly and without regard haunting his waking hours?” Remus asked excitedly, as though he’d just been offered a trip to Disneyland.

    “Neither of those. I’m— uh, I’m still figuring it out,” Virgil offered weakly. Liv had said the twins would do most of the ‘worldbuilding work’ for him, but letting them dub him the Grim Reaper was a little much.

    They could never be allowed to see his super cool scythe.

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend, generally, but narratively you’ve been set up differently,” Roman mused, chin in hand. “Perhaps you’re the greater antagonist behind it all, crushing the previous villain as a sign to the audience of the difference in power between the two of you?”

    He began to circle Virgil inquisitively, looking him up and down as though assessing him.

    “Uh… yeah,” Virgil agreed, voice bland. “Exactly.”

    “Ooh, how’d you get rid of her?” Remus chimed in brightly, moving counterclockwise so that he couldn’t watch both of them at once. “Is she in a horrible dungeon somewhere, facing torment like no other?” He paused. “Or a fun dungeon somewh—!”

    Roman cut off his brother’s eyebrow waggling pointedly, shooting him an irritated look. “I assume this means you’ve inherited her power over this third of the realm?”

    Virgil kept his shoulders slouched as the two of them circled him like sharks. It was a maneuver designed to keep an opponent on their toes, but also to see which one he turned to face, which one registered as more of a threat to him.

    It was a trick question, an ineffective one for someone who knew them as well as he did. A moot point, because how could he ever see them as threats when they were exactly what he was striving to protect?

    Virgil shook himself, digging his nails into his arms hard enough to bruise. Focus. He intentionally didn’t shift towards either twin, only flicking his eyes in the direction of whoever was currently speaking.

    “You could say that,” he answered evasively. He had been helping Liv with maintaining her portion of the realm while she was bedridden, so he certainly held some power. Probably more than a non-Creativity Side should, honestly.

    “Anyways, my plots are on hold until I’ve consolidated more power over the Dragonwitch’s former subjects,” he continued, trying not to sound as though he was reciting from memory. “I figure the ceasefire still holds even without her in command, so don’t mind me. When I make my move, you’ll know.”

    He was no actor, but when it came to ominous vague threats, he had plenty of experience.

    It was a little bit hilarious, watching the two of them perk up simultaneously at the promise of future battles like a pair of puppies. Roman was scowling theatrically at him without any real anger behind it, but Remus looked flat-out delighted.

    “She was always the one breaking the ceasefires without warning, not us,” Roman grumbled, but his hand had strayed from where it had previously rested on the handle of his sword. “I suppose introductions are in order, then. I am the fabulous Prince Roman, it’s an honor, I know. The miscreant next to me with the not-as-handsome face is Duke Remus.”

    “My hobbies include long walks on shattered glass and showing R-rated films to the elderly!” Remus batted his eyelashes at Virgil exaggeratedly. “Be less boring with your backstabbing than DW, won’t you?”

    These idiots. Virgil was overcome with a surge of exasperated fondness so strong that for a moment he couldn’t quite manage words. They might not remember him, but they were still the Sides he knew. He swallowed the lump in his throat and said, “Call me Vendetta.”

    He knew that this was a different situation with a different meaning behind it, and he knew that he wasn’t actually sharing his name with them the way he had before. It was only a placeholder, the first thing Liv had come up with after his lackluster suggestion of just going with ‘V’, he knew that, but...

    Giving the others his name had been a big deal for him before, and even now, this was close enough to that same nerve-wracking vulnerability that he didn’t want to wait around for their reactions.

    Moving quickly, he threw up a smokescreen of shadows that would cloud their senses and keep them occupied for at least a few moments, and hurried back to the security of Liv’s home, feeling the loss of their presence with each step away until he was shaking with it.

    … Shit.

    This was going to be more difficult than anticipated.

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    Okay so I might not have found the song I need but I still got some new songs for my Roman playlist so that's still a win

    #I'm not even disappointed #any new addition to my roman playlist is to be celebrated #especially if it's angst #logan rambles#ts roman #ts roman angst
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  • we-all-horny-here
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Finding a song with a very specific vibe is so hard but I can't start a new art project without it I feel like I'm gonna cry smh

    #yes it's Roman angst #what else #Roman stans lend me your strenght #and song recommendations #logan rambles#ts roman #ts roman angst
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  • loser-with-a-desktop
    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Headcannon #2

    Virgil and Roman paint their nails

    After Virgil and Roman began dating, the two started to paint their nails more often but it is the other’s color.

    Virgil is now sporting bright red nails and Roman is sporting dark purple nails. It’s their way of saying that they are dating without really saying that they are dating.

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    23.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #logince #on my blog? #it's more likely than you think! #ts Logan#ts Roman#Roman sanders#Logan sanders #sides in dresses #ts au#tss au #steven universe au #sanders sides #I was supposed to draw rociet #but Logan hijacked the ship again #at least we didn't end up with lociet again /lh
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  • entity9silvergen
    23.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Patton: screams

    Roman: runs in with sword What is it?

    Patton: Spider!

    Virgil: Don’t hurt Susan!

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  • romancore
    23.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Virgil: I want to kiss you.

    Roman, not paying attention: What?

    Virgil: I said if you die, I won’t miss you.

    #prinxiety saturday #Virgil is actually a romantic sap but wants to keep his edgy persona #romancore#ts roman#prinxiety#ts prinxiety#sanders sides#roman sanders#ts virgil#virgil sanders #tss incorrect quotes #sanders sides incorrect quotes
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  • romancore
    23.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Virgil: Valentine’s day is just a consumerist holiday that holds no real value other than drive people insane buying heart shaped chocolates for their significant others and pos-

    Roman: I wrote you a poem.

    Virgil, already crying: You did?

    #prinxiety saturday#ts roman #Virgil hates all consumerism holidays unless his bf makes it romantic #romancore#sanders sides#roman sanders#ts virgil#virgil sanders#prinxiety#ts prinxiety #tss incorrect quotes #sanders sides incorrect quotes
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  • velvet-sky-story
    23.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    “Can you feel the mischief in the air?”


    (enlarge the image for a better view) a little too early for halloween? maybe xD

    #Roman#Remus#Sanders Sides#Creativitwins #TS Sky AU #ThatSkyGame #Sky Children of the Light
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