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    Amelie: So you are from the future and know me?
    Tiffany: Yes! We know each other! We should meet in the future..I know your story, Amelie. We can help you.

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    George: Have you left Mark yet?
    Amelie: Mark…You know about him too…
    Tiffany: We all know! And about your brother, and about Alan…You won’t believe, Amelie, but now you are safe. Mark no longer threatens you, because we know his future actions. With us you can avoid many unpleasant things.

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    Adwin: Blah blah blah blah! Stop chatting!!

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    Adwin: It’s my turn to talk! You don’t know everything!
    I saved Amelie from the bandits and paid for it with my life! How do you like this turn? She is the culprit of all our problems!

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    Amelie: Wh…what?? The culprit??!
    Adwin: And a wretch!

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    Adwin: Instead of helping and calling an ambulance, you just ran away and left me to die! Wretch!
    Holly: Stop it, Adwin, she still has no idea what you’re talking about.
    Adwin: Am I not convincing enough? Ah, Amelie? Why are you silent? You have no idea what I went through to become like you - an ordinary human. Although no, not like you. I have a heart and you are heartless, since you left your savior to choke with blood. What do you say?

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    Amelie: F…forgive…

    9 pic:

    Amelie: M-me…

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    Глава 1.

    “Я чувствую оцепенение от злобного ощущения любви”.

    #revolver#ts4 legacy #sims 4 legacy #династия симс 4 #династия револьвер
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  • I had this picture in my head
    of all the promises you’ve made
    but you turned them into dust

    #Joon Valentine#sims4 #the sims 4 #ts4 #sims 4 legacy #ts4 legacy
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  • Gabriella: i’m gonna put in a fucking complaint for almost killing me

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  • They were absolutely ready to move to a different area of Britechester. With their uni being almost over, it was time. Jamie is finishing his last semester, Sophia has one more to go. 

    #the sims 4 #sims 4#ts4 #the sims 4 legacy #sims 4 legacy #ts4 legacy #the sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 gameplay #ts4 gameplay #the sims 4 story #sims 4 story #ts4 story#nsb #not so berry challenge #not so berry #gen 4#gen4#generation grey#nsb grey#grey
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  • Jut another angry teen

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  • “Is everything alright??”

    Gia paused to gather her thoughts, deciding against her better judgement to just walk away. She could say it to his face - right here, right now - she had a captive audience. What did she have to lose? Her dignity, perhaps, but oh well. She needed to get it off her chest.

    So she began to tell him how she felt, slowly but surely, stumbling on her words at first but getting more passionate as she spoke.

    She told him how he made her feel like an idiot when he stopped by her produce stand. She explained that it’s hard enough growing her own crops, let alone trying to sell them to people like him who are demanding, uncaring, and looking to take advantage of new sellers such as herself.

    She admitted to having a lot to learn, but that in a way, she was grateful for rude customers like him who help her grow tougher and more resilient.

    She was a bit surprised at herself for being so blunt.

    There was pride swelling in her chest and an undertone of bitterness in her voice. She could feel hot tears forming in her eyes, but who cares if he saw her cry. She didn’t know this guy, nor did she want to.

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  • I took these pictures just for myself, but they turned out so cute I decided to share them.  So here are some cute s’mores pictures of Lindsey and crew.

    #sims#sims 4 #the sims 4 #simblr#TS4#ts4 legacy#ts4 gameplay#ts4mm gameplay#lindsey baron #we set things on fire twice trying to get these pics
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  • totally fine

    #she do be lookin fine wit black hair doe #ts4 gameplay#ts4 legacy#random legacy #random legacy challenge #ts4#roman: one#roman legacy#simblr
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  • Chantel is really digging all of her new curves that came along with the pregnancy.

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  • An old boi

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    starting the 100 baby challenge with Kismet (white) and Jelly (pink) Berri!!

    #ts4 #the sims 4 #ts4 legacy#100bb#ts4 gameplay #100 baby challenge #berry sweet sims #kismet berri#jelly berri
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  • #sims#the sims#sims 4 #sims 4 legacy #sims 4 scenery #sims 4 gameplay #sulani#ts4#ts4 legacy#ts4 gameplay#ts4 scenery #sims 4 island living #kailani#kailani legacy #kailani gen 1 #queued
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  • Bella knew she was different from the moment she became self aware. While she loved her family she always felt disconnected as if they were worlds apart. She had known for a while now that she was adopted, the sting of it never quite leaving her.

    A small part of Bella did want to be like Luna, be the fun partygoer with a guy always on the scene, be social, be popular but her introverted side always won out. She much preferred to be reading a book or working on her science degree. She has dreams to be a world-renowned scientist exploring the newly discovered realm of Sixam. That was her goal and no one was going to stop her.

    Lately she had been visiting a small library in Windenburg, there was something about it that always put her at ease, some magical quality she couldn’t put her finger on. She was always there alone and she liked it that way, until today…

    He breezed through the entrance as if he belonged there, his silver hair glinting in the setting afternoon sun. His eyes were a piercing red, a colour she had never seen before but they only intensified the butterflies in her stomach.

    He gave her a bright smile as she strutted over to the nearest book shelf, taking one down and sitting next to her. Bella felt the colour start to rise in her cheeks and immediately shook herself to rid the feeling and tried to concentrate on the page before her.

    As hard as she tried to filter out his presence, it was all around her. Tugging at the corners of her mind, his smell lingering in her nostrils, should she move away? She was surprised to find she didn’t want to.

    She could feel his eyes on her every few moments and knew he was probably going to try talk to her. She suddenly felt anxious, not trusting her words to do her justice but she barely had time to think as he turned to face her.

    “Hi.” He said.

    “Hi” Bella replied, heat once again rushing into her cheeks.

    “What’s your name?”

    “Bella and you?”

    “I’m Caine, I haven’t seen you before. Do you come here often?”

    “Yes” Bella stammered, unable to look away from him. “I’m here almost every day.”

    “Quite the bookworm I see. Why have I never seen you before?”

    “I don’t know” Bella replied, confused by his question. “I haven’t seen you either.”

    “But surely you’re at Vallerden?”

    “Valler what?”

    Caine paused, his expression confused. It looked like he was trying to work out whether Bella was joking her not. She returned the stare and then decided to keep on reading. Caine recovered and shook his head.

    “I just thought…sorry never mind. What you reading?”

    “I WAS reading about flowers and their remedial qualities until you came along”

    Bella had no idea where the sass had come from but found she quite liked it. She could see Caine was enjoying it too and flashed him a small smile.

    “Ok, Ok” he said. “I get the picture, I’ll leave you then.”

    He got up to leave, Bella’s heart taking a dive, she hadn’t meant it like that, she actually wanted him to stay.

    “So will you be here tomorrow?” he said, turning to face her halfway out the door.

    “Mm-hm” Bella mumbled, trying to keep her face trained on her book.

    “Alright then Miss Bella – see you tomorrow.”

    Bella heart raced double time as she watched him leave.

    “Did that really just happen?” she said to herself.

    Now she understood how Luna felt around Jake, around all those others guys she had dated, but maybe it was more than just infatuation? Bella couldn’t wait to find out.

    Note: This gorgeous lot was downloaded from the Gallery. Original name is Magical Library Tower created by Eeriespooks.

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  • And now to the present pile!

    #sims 4 #sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 legacy #ts4#ts4 legacy#getalifechallenge #gen 1: gardener #gen 1: astronaut
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