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  • I left my sim alone with the neighbor while I went to dinner, I thought “well maybe make a new friend” and now she’s pregnant. 😔🤙🏼

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  • Meanwhile, Camden became a young adult and adopted Flurry! Who managed to catch a sickness in about 2 secs flat.

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  • Lilah and Sawyer: Secretly Wed?!

    Today shocking photos leaked of Lady Lilah Beauchamp and Sawyer Quinn’s intimate wedding ceremony in Bordeaux. The photographs were uploaded by an anonymous account on Simstagram and seem to depict the small chapel attached to the Chateau de Beauchamp, Lady Lilah’s childhood home. It was reportedly invite only and featured close friends and relatives although the Duke of Andale, Sawyer’s father, was overheard calling his son and shouting at him for not telling him anything about this.

    The wedding itself comes as a surprise since an engagement was never even announced, leading to many online wondering about why the two (who are only nineteen years old!) are jumping into marriage so quickly? Commenters are speculating as to whether or not Lady Lilah is pregnant which would explain the Marquis de Beauchamp’s reported urgency in arranging the wedding.

    The Marquis has apparently given the two a small estate in Bordeaux as a wedding gift. The victorian style farmhouse rests on thirty-five acres of land and features a large stable area, a small lake, a vineyard, and a winery. These two will definitely be living in comfort! We have to wonder though, how King Vincent feels about his grandson’s hasty marriage?

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  • Biography of His Majesty King James


    Name: James Henry George


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  • He felt like he was drifting, lost in a sea of murky grey where things looked the same but felt different. He couldn’t shift the drowning, couldn’t shift the aching in every part of him as something tried to bust its way through.

    He was himself, he was Rowan, but some part of him was fundamentally wrong. Every time he tried to dig deeper to figure this small part of himself out, something pushed back rendering him useless. Damning him to that eternal grey fog.

    The only time he experienced moments of life, of what felt like a break in the mist was with her.


    Whenever her dark brown eyes met his own he felt something tug deep down inside of him. As if something was calling to him, he just couldn’t remember what. In days when he felt especially lost, when he felt everything was going to crack and crumble around him, he would just look at her and the darkness would recede ever so slightly.

    His daughter, his little light.

    Maybe she would help him find the way back again. To who he truly was, to help him figure out why he was so lost. He at first thought Valentina could help, was the light he needed, but the darkness seemed to come from her. Every time she was near he spiralled further and further down. He loved her, yes, but he couldn’t remember why.

    There was another who was meant to be in her place. She came to him sometimes in dreams, with eyes so much like his daughter’s but every time he would get close enough to her, she would vanish. Another swirl of mist pulling him further into the darkness. Maybe she held the answers, if only he could just talk to her, maybe even just for a minute – she might be the one to finally set him free.

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  • molly moody; genius, geek, art lover

    brindeton bay’s resident civil designer. daughter of two comedians. thinks andy’s off-the-grid life is charming. 

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  • @elisenewman on Simstagram: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT AHEAD! For those of you who’ve watched the episode now, you know that my time as Leah on Inevitable has come to an end. This has been such an amazing two year journey that I’m so glad I got to be apart of. I want to thank my moms for supporting me and being my biggest cheerleaders throughout all of this craziness. To my on-screen/third mama Natasha, I love you so much and getting to meet you has been one of my favorite parts of working on this show. I’m so glad you’re in my life forever. To Lexi and Cass, my babies, I couldn’t have asked for better co-stars. You two made coming to work feel less like a job and more like coming home to another family. I can’t wait to watch the both of you take on this world. Love you always. And of course a huge thanks to the Divergent Network and David Shepherd for letting me be apart of something amazing. Inevitable has been the best two years of my life and I wish all the cast and crew the very best on the future. Most importantly, thank you to all the fans who’ve been on the ride with me! This door may be closing but I’m looking forward to whatever the future brings me. Xoxox

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  • Charlie’s loving her new office space! She has her fabricator somewhere behind her as well.

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  • She laughed so hard and for such a long time that she had trouble gasping air into her lungs. She doubled over, wheezing.

    Iorie: I’m sorry, that sounded like you said you can protect me? I’ve never heard a bigger exaggerated lie come from your mouth, and I’ve heard a lot.

    He dodged that blow as if it meant nothing to him. Gone was any traces of the weepy, upset mess he had been when Iorie came back from Sulani engaged. Gone were the poor attempts at subterfuge and sabotage, and in its place was a man on a mission.

    Donnell: I know exactly what she’s planning. I can shield you from it, and any other attack she’d ever try to do in the future. I’m the only one who can.

    Iorie: Alright, fine, I’ll bite. What’s the catch? Because there absolutely has to be one. You would never offer up anything like that otherwise.

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  • Morning Star: You never made it to the ruins tonight – you’re still in that shack.

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  • gael aged up!!

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  • got a new apartment!

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  • welcome to willow creek, nora!! 


    Geoffrey (adult)
    Nancy (adult)
    Malcolm (teen; born)
    Nora (child; adopted)
    Nika (family pet; cat)


    Geoffrey: detective
    Nancy: lawyer

    … next post incoming …

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  • May: I think I know what the ruins look like Nana.  If we’re not there then where are we?

    Morning Star: Your favourite place, or at least a version of it.  Consider it a waiting room.  

    May: A waiting room for what?

    Morning Star: I’ve been worried about you.  I left too soon, and now your mother is out of reach and you’ve ended up here…

    May: I still don’t understand where “here” is.  

    Morning Star: We’re not in the same place right now May.  I can only reach you because of the state you’re in.

    May: What do you mean?  If I’m not at the ruins then where am I?

    Morning Star: Oh dear, you really don’t remember do you?  I’m sorry my darling, but something terrible has happened…

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  • Alfie and Terri’s Love Day dinner went well. Makes me feel a bit better about Jax ad Justin being apart right now tbh

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