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  • NAGNAG Eyes (TS4)


    • HQ compatible (preview taken with HQ mod)
    • custom thumbnail
    • 64 colours
    • all genders, all ages
    • Facepaint category


    CC blog I Main blog

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  • image

    a silky, elegant blouse.

    15 swatches with 2 different shine intensities
    base game compatible
    new mesh
    all lods
    custom thumbnail
    play tested
    everyday, formal, and party outfit categories
    not allowed for random



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  • City Living dress recolour

    Created for: The Sims 4 by CaptainTamira

    City living dress recolour
    Mesh in game
    21 colours
    City Living needed


    Get featuredhttps://maxismatchccworld.tumblr.com/

    #s4cc#s4mm#ts4cc#ts4mm#maxis match#thesims4 #s4mm female clothes #s4mm female dress #s4mm female everyday #s4mm female party #CaptainTamira
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  • Colorful Streaks BaseGame Recolor!

    Created for: The Sims 4 by lunaria_simmer

    EA recolor

    8 swatches

    Base game compatible!


    Get featuredhttps://maxismatchccworld.tumblr.com/

    #s4cc#s4mm#ts4cc#ts4mm#maxis match#thesims4 #s4mm female hair recolor #s4mm female hair long recolor #lunaria_simmer
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  • Nancy Hair Set

    Created for: The Sims 4 by  Sylviemy

    The set included Nancy Hair and Nancy Hair Recolors


    Get featuredhttps://maxismatchccworld.tumblr.com/

    #s4cc#s4mm#ts4cc#ts4mm#maxis match#thesims4 #s4mm female hair shoulder #s4mm female hair #s4mm female hair recolor #s4mm female hair shoulder recolor #Sylviemy
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  • Jumpsuit V2

    -New Mesh
    - custom thumbnail
    - base game compatible
    - HQ compatible
    -Recolor allowed, but not include my Mesh

    Please don`t:
    - re-upload
    - claim as your own

    Please tag me @gossipgirl-s4 and show me your pictures


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  • image

    Open Shirt (Tank) - Download Here


    Belted High-Rise Jeans - Download Here

    #sims #sims 4 lookbook #sims 4 cas #sims 4 clothes #ts4cc#ts4cas#TS4#ts4 download#simsdownload#sims4cc#customcontent#clothingset#beautiful#darte77 #beautiful custom content #casual#cute#female#belt#high rise#clothing#custom clothing #sims custom clothes #sims clothing set #TSR #the sims resource #island living#tiny living#university #cats and dogs
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    I getting to work over community lot (Municipal Muses Museum). 

    #S4CC#TS4CC#Sims 4 #TS4 Residential House
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  • OOC post. When that sunlight hittin’ right! Sun kissed in San Myshuno

    #ooc post#oocpost#ts4 simmer#theblacksimmer #the black simmer #ts4 screenshots#ts4cc #ts4 custom content #ts4 cc #ts4 custom hair #ts4 custom clothes #simblog#ts4 simblr#simblr#ts4 #the sims 4 #the sim
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  • Looking for playtesters!

    I need some more people helping me playtest the animal shelter lot trait so I can fix problems and tweak it.

    So far implemented:
    - Visitors spawning 3 times a day and interacting with pets
    - Getting donations via the mailbox from time to time (a bunch of different items from cats & dogs)

    What I need feedback on:
    - Does everything work correctly?
    - Do you enjoy the amount of visitors spawning/ donations? Should I tweak them some more and how?
    - What features should I try to include in the future?

    What you need? Just cats & dogs! Just add the lot trait, adopt a bunch of pets and have fun playing! Just send me a PM if you’re interested.

    Pro-Tip: Lock all areas your visitors shouldn’t use to improve autonomy and
    I recently noticed you can even use @littlemssam “spend the weekend with” mod to give pets to other families. Once you travel or switch households the option to get them back is gone so you can transfer between households without having to use the household manager.

    #ts4#sims 4#ts4cc#ts4 cc#ts4 wip #ts4 animal shelter stuff #ts4 animal shelter stuff pack #lot trait #animal shelter lot trait
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  • image

    Rin and Conor are Luna’s friends that she has made whilst living here and if it wasn’t for her these to love birds would of never met, Rin is a shy girl and owns her own vet clinic that her parents helped her get once she finished veterinarian school and Conor is a outgoing boy who inspires to become a footballer one day ever since he was little even though they lived in the same town they had never met before until Luna introduced them and from that moment they realised they liked each other which then led to them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. 🥰💕

    (I’m going to do separate introductions for each of her friends hopefully soon 💕)

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  •                                                       [KANI]

    Kaili little brother, Kala’s boyfriends and one of the stand out teenage sims I ever create thru gameplay, Kani personality is a roller coaster, all I could say is that he is very thoughtful for a teenager.

    Kani is a village boy, he love his brother and very worship him, Kani went to work straight away since he just move in with his brother. He want to be a bartender when he grow up, but he is only a teenager and that’s a very long time to wait guysss… [u gotta be an adult is a requirements in the aspiration..]

    Kani is a very hard worker, he always wake up before his work time, spare enough time to brush teeth and clean himself too, he working very hard and pay attention about things in the house, he behave really well in the house and very easy to play.

    But in school Kani is a tough kid, maybe because he came from a hard-working family and he only had his brother and his girlfriend. That’s quite funny because Kala also from Sulani but since she is pretty she get along with the cool kids right away, she even be friend with Gwen out of the blue [I did not plan for it to happen lol].. 

    Kani did make some enemies when he first attend highschool, and one of them is Gigi - the prettier one of the famous twins. Ideky he became an enemy with Gigi even tho their trait is not opposite, he is good and bro while Gigi is active and music lover, I thought they suppose to get along because Gwen and Kala is quite very close to each other.

    But that’s a mystery I guess, Kani did got bullied in high school and he tense quite a lot, his energy also quite low because he always wake up early to go to work at 5AM in the morning, he doesn’t like to go out and explore Sim World likes Kala, Kani just like to chat on the computer and mix drink in the small Tiki bar that he save enough money to buy.

    Kani had to beautiful voice even he did not want to become somebody famous, he did really well with all the professional singer and praticing music even tho is just a hobby to kill time. He did actually made money from releasing songs in SImSoundCloud lol, he just really good at making money here and there, Kani is the youngest in the household (yeah, he younger than Kala) but he is the one who bring home the most money lol.

    Since I create the family of Kaili-Kani-Kala, I plan to turn Kani into one of the twin future husband but he just not really buy that idea lol, he like Kala (ofc because she so pretty lmao). Kani and Kala has been friend for a long time in their teen-hood. Kala always see Kani as a friend but he always have a huge crush on her. And Kala just really like to talk to Kani whenever she free, but all of her attention is on Kaili because Kaili is like a father figure to her.

    I spent quite a lot of time with Kani and Kala but Kala never pay attention with Kani’s feeling for her, they go to the city to explore all the time as friendo~ but Gwen is actually the one that hook them up at the New Year Teen Party, so now Kala is dating Kani, Kala seem cool with that and enjoy being herself around Kani, but this love story is not heat up like Kaili-Raelynn or Raffael-Gigi, they are very innocent and teen just like their personality (they did not even woohoo for once…), Kani appreciate Gwen a lot because without Gwen he will never get out of that friendzone and become Kala’s bf lmao, he always treat Gwen nicely but really mean with her twin sister Gigi lmaooo =)))))

    In all of the Teen I created, Kani is the most mature one so far, he not interested in looking good (but he actually look really cute in all of his village clothes) but I gave him an makeover that suit him quite a lot cause now he will have to go with Kala to the city more often so she can promote herself as a Kpop trainee, so it’s better to give him a more trendy look.

    Kani new style make he look like a cool fuck boiiiii aaaaa, but his personality is still sweet and quiet, I can tell he have no problem with his new look but he do miss his old look sometimes. Kani want to go to the university and obtain a Degree in Mixologist and I will let that happen, because I’m pretty sure Kala not gonna pursue further education since she now become a part of Simbiz lololol!!!

    Overall this boy is very cute and mellow, I enjoy playing him a lot, I’m still figure out the best way for him to spend his time before he actually enroll to university but we will see.

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  • LookBook  426

    …Y E L L O W   B O O K …

    Toddler Pack of Clothes  by  @afro-sims-for-you


    Baby Bear Shoes by  @redheadsims-cc


    Anti-Wear Kids  by  @anti-wear


    Photo 1

    Geek Girl Outfit  by  @afro-sims-for-you  (Freeshare on patreon)


    Baby Bear Shoes  by  @redheadsims-cc


    Jean Leggings  by  @littletodds

    Curly Hair by  @redheadsims-cc


    Snap Chat Flower Crown by  @ebonixsims


    SaraMoon Rings  by  @simtographies


    Toddler skin No 4  by @thisisthem


      Photo 2, 3. 4 

    Lyric Hair  by  @jaysims0


    Dalia Hair  by  @simpliciaty-cc  (Patreon)


    Anti Kids Toddler Lana & Savanna Dress  by  @anti-wear


    Baby Bear Shoes  by  @redheadsims-cc​


    Frill Socks  by  @giuliettasims


    PEARL Headband  by  @giuliettasims


    Frill Socks  by  @giuliettasims​


    SaraMoon Rings  by  @simtographies​


    Lovely toddler Photo 3 by @qdogsims  See More here  (X)

    Photo 5

    Warm Jumpsuit  by  @afro-sims-for-you  (Freeshare on Patreon)


    Baby Bear Shoes  by  @redheadsims-cc​

    Connie Pohttps://ilovesaramoonkids.tumblr.com/post/614327512904908800/redheadsims-cc-baby-bear-shoes-new-meshny Conversion  by  @dbasiasimbr

    Fluff Puffs Bow by  @leeleesims1


    Snug For September Accessory Top  by  @sims4nexus


    BabyPhatQueen1  Earrings by @sims4nexus


    SaraMoon Rings  by  @simtographies​


    Toddler Skin  by  @kadilenia


    Lovely toddler this photo by @qdogsims​  See More here  (X)

    Disclaimer: The Beautiful CC Featured Here Was Not Created by @ilovesaramoonkids or @ilovesaramoon  All Credit Goes To the Talented Creators.

    More LookBooks Here  (X)

    Adopt my Sims Here  (X)

    Note: I use a lighting Mod (overexposed) plus Reshade.


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  • To Thank you all for 3000 Followers!!! I am going to be answering 10 Random Questions about me!

    1. If you could travel one place in the world where would you travel?

    If I could travel one place in the world it would probably have to be France. Mainly because the history and architecture! I find the people and the setting to be so interesting. To be more specific, I would definitely have to visit the Palace of Versailles! 

    2. What do you do in your free time away from Sims?

    So surprisingly I really enjoy sports.For a while I ran track, however, I’ve really enjoyed playing lacrosse for the last three years. I love to hang out with my friends and lately I’ve been practicing more lacrosse during Quarantine, since our season was cut short this year :(

    3. What other games do you play besides The Sims?

    I play a lot on Ps4… specifically a lot of Red Dead Redemption, Dead by Daylight, Star-dew Valley, and COD.

    4. How tall are you?

    I am one of the taller people in my family, last time I checked I was 5′11 but that was a few months ago, so either I’ve grown or I’ve shrank!

    5. One random interest of yours?

    As you can probably tell, I weirdly enough have a huge interest in historical fashion. I truly believe clothing and how people used to dress tells a variety of different stories. There’s so much history behind it and a lot to get into, but it really does intrigue me!

    6. Current Favorite Bands or Artists?

    Sooooo, I have really been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac lately, I love the smooth rock and roll, and messages in their music. However, for a while I’ve been listening to Lana Del Rey, Post Malone, and The Rolling Stones. 

    7. Something your looking forward to.

    Besides going back to school and getting out of the house. I am super excited to start my senior year in the fall, and finish up high school. I’ve been looking into colleges and hopefully will be able to attend some college tours in July!

    8.Current Favorite Films.

    I am a movie fanatic! The films that I have watched a few times over again lately have been The Wolf of Wall street, Lady Bird, The Witch, and White Bird in a Blizzard. If you can’t tell I love a variety of different genres.

    9. Who is a Historical Icon who has left a impact on your life?

    I’m not sure if Emma Watson counts, however, I love what she has done for the feminist movement and I believe her approach has started to bring awareness and change. And her attitude towards feminism is ideal and allows others to take part in the movement. Oh and out of pure enjoyment, Marie Antoinette. :p

    10. Favorite Series (Book or Movie series) :)

    Okay, listen I’m a extreme Potter head. The series has made me the person I am today. Not to exaggerate either but that book series really helped raise me and taught me so much, and helped me through so much as a child. I still watch the movies to this day, and may or may not be re-reading the series for the fourth time!

    Tags: @potoobirb , @psychoticcoven , @royaltysim , @zeussim , @peebsplays , @historical-simmer , @regencysims4 , @simsfromthepast , @simshistoricalfinds , @linzlu

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  • VIBRANT SUBURBAN • Shell Challenge | NOCC

    This is part of a shell challenge which you can find in the gallery by using the hashtag #IMMOBDAYCHALLENGE! 

    More info about the challenge HERE!

    •  Tray files link and building process on my > channel!
    • No CC!
    • Available in the gallery
    • Origin ID (Gallery): immortalysasims
    • Other creators featured on the video: @narukiisims @xogerardine #bleakroxy #marybby010

    @maxismatchccworld @mmoutfitters

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  • Miss Luna Caridad Ana Villareal is the second child of Jacques Villareal and Valedictorian of Windenburg Prep. Academy. Luna’s accomplishments (aside from valedictorian) this year include: Class President, French Club, creating Windenburg Wanderers*, and being a member of the elite Britechester Brights**. She plans to attend the University of Britechester in the fall to major in Communications. 

    *Windenburg Wanderers are a group of youths aimed at aiding those in need around the city. 

    **Britechester Brights are a group compromised of honor students attending weekend classes at the University of Britechester.

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