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  • crimscngeneral
    20.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Tag Dump

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  • getvalentined
    11.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    A friend asked what my new tumblr icon was from and I realized I never posted this here. I didn’t post the updated version anywhere, actually, but I didn’t even post the rough here.

    Like Tseng, I owe no explanation for this pairing.

    #tseng#grimoire valentine#FF7 #final fantasy 7 #FF7R#grimtseng #okay actually the explanation is #this is from a postcanon AU RP #tseng has a type #reeve is taken #grim was recently deposited in #from an alternate timeline #tseng had no chance #tbh #this grim is 44 #tseng is 38 at this point #they're good for each other #this pairing doesn't exist #outside this AU #and it CAN'T #but here we are! #ship ship ship #art tag
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  • shttrdstars
    18.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    @inanisvitae | plotted starter.

    His whole body hurt, though it was nothing new to Tseng as it’d quickly become the new normal for him in the past few weeks? Months? He wasn’t sure anymore, it was incredibly difficult to keep track of time given how erratic a scientist’s schedule was and Hojo’s checked all the boxes in the category. Ate at odd times, barely slept, was always working on some project when he wasn’t focusing on Tseng, and he rarely left the lab, just vanish into some other part of it; all of which made it difficult to track the passage of time.

    The pain that Tseng was feeling told him that he’d been forced to change as it was Hojo’s favorite pass time, to observe the changes. The last thing he really remembered was being strapped in place and that awful needle full of a substance he assumed was Mako being pushed into his arm, the pain had quickly followed and that’s all he could recall. It was after a few seconds of laying still as the rest of his senses returned that it registered to Tseng that the ground beneath him felt different along with the smells. It wasn’t the purely antiseptic smell of the lab, there was dirt, oil and like something was burning mixed in. He was also pretty certain there was a rock pressing uncomfortably against his hipbone.

    His limbs felt heavy as he forced himself up on his elbows, his out of control long hair spilled over his shoulders and pooled on the floor. Vaguely he thought it looked like liquid ebony before promptly thinking that his brain must’ve gotten scrambled worse than usual if he was trying to be artistic about his own hair. It’s when he heard someone say his name that he froze, he felt a prickle of fear shoot through him as his metaphorical hackles rose and sharply turned his head towards the source, through the black curtain of hair his eyes glowed eerily still from whatever it was Hojo had done to him before it died back down to warm brown at the sight of the tall figure.

              “....S-Seph?” He winced at how awful he sounded while pushing himself up further so his weight was mostly on his hands. Tseng knew that it was from the screaming he had most likely done. Still, he had to be hallucinating or something if he was indeed seeing Sephiroth a few feet from him. “Is that...really you?”

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  • elenatherookie
    04.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    My brain likes the AU idea too much where Tseng is the lord of a country in wutai and Elena is still a Turk.

    Someone interested in rp?

    #srsly i need more tselena in my life #elena of the turks #ff7turks#tselena #tseng of the turks #ff7 rp#ff7 roleplay
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  • elenatherookie
    19.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    I realized I forgot to share my new arts. This is Tseng from our midgar/ghost of tsushima au. Tseng is a young lord which father passed away and he is not sure who he can trust so he convinces Elena to work for him instead for shinra because he heard that she is a really good Assassine. So scary, that the people in wutai call her rasetsu-nyo(demon with pretty face)

    #ff7 #elena of the turks #ff7 fanart #ff7 the turks #tseng of the turks #ff7 rp
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  • day-dreamerx
    22.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    Looking for a roleplay Partner for Final Fantasy

    Specifically Final Fantasy Vii or XV ( open to Xiii but I'm fairly new to that one )

    Looking more so for canons, I can play some canons and OC's. I'm semi lit to Literate ( can do Novella but it takes me longer )

    Final fantasy roleplay blogs feel free to reblog this as if theirs interest I'll make a roleplaying blog with my muses.

    If your interested leave a like or message me. Thank you ❤️

    #ffvii tseng #final fantasy vii #tseng #final fantasy xv #final fantasy #final fantasy xiii #ffvii#ffxiii#ffxv#ffrp#ffvii rp#ff rp #ff xiii rp #ffxiii rp#ffxv roleplay
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  • clandestine-shadow
    05.08.2020 - 9 monts ago

    The start of something shady.

    I’ve been requested by R&D to begin keeping memos. Something about it being positive for moral. Either way, welcome to the Turks. Feel free to ask questions, make requests or otherwise.

    #clandestine shadow#tseng #tseng of the turks #tseng rp #welcome to the new blog everyone! #final fantasy vii #ffvii #final fantasy vii rp
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  • elenatherookie
    04.08.2020 - 9 monts ago

    They turned you into a weapon

    And told you to find peace.

    About Tseng and Elena

    #elena of the turks #ff7#ff7turks #ff7 the turks #tselena#ff7 rp #tseng of the turks #ff7 roleplay
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  • greatxgospel
    03.06.2020 - 11 monts ago
    @dxgmygrxve​ said: Pushes over Tseng, who currently has a flower in his hair.

    Aerith couldn’t help but chuckle PROUDLY when she saw Tseng with a flower in his hair. She had never thought she would see him like this someday, but she was glad. Actually, he really should learn to have fun; he was too serious most of the time, and it almost made her feel sad for him.

    “You know, it suits you.” She assured, keeping a playful smile on her features before she quickly pressed her lips against Tseng’s cheek. “To thank you. For making me laugh today.” She explained, chuckling a bit once again. 

    #it was for that meme right ? :P #otherwise tseng still got a smooch LOL #rp#dxgmygrxve #v: the planets crisis
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  • silentwutai
    26.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    @elenatherookie, Cont. from here:

    At the mention of the Temple of the Ancients, Tseng looked away with a soft sigh. He felt terrible for making Elena deal with that. Sure, it was he who almost died, but Elena had been the one with his blood on her hands. She'd taken care of him, if not directly. The fact that she had been there, even if not in the room, meant the world.

    While she was right that he was meant to be at home, resting, there wasn't an opportunity to do so. Work had to be done, and Tseng felt that he was the only one who could do it.

    "Elena, please, no need to worry. Don't worry about anything. That's my job." He set a firm hand on her shoulder; maybe it was too firm, but he didn't mean for it to be rough. He meant for it to be comforting, but being a fairly cold person, he felt that his gesture didn't seem as it was supposed to. "I enjoy hearing your voice. I only have a problem with your talking when you divulge confidential information to our opposition."

    "I can handle it from here, thank you."

    Tseng held out her briefcase with a chuckle. Her attitude was, to him, hilarious. Very spunky and independant, and very much a reflection of her days at the academy and of her fast rise from cadet to fully-fledged Turk.

    He held her briefcase out in silence, fondling his keys in his left hand, as she fumbled to climb into her car. It was a Friday, and he was more than eager to get home, although he very much enjoyed watching her squirm while in his presence. She always had, and he wasn't sure if she'd ever adjust. Not to say that he was entirely unaware of her attraction to him.

    "Well, Elena. Drive safe." He nodded to her, then turned on his heel and begun to walk away, stopping himself after a few steps. Maybe he could have fun with this. After all, he had two days to himself over the weekend, a rare occurence in itself. Slowly, he turned back to her and crossed his arms over his chest, serious as ever.

    "... Elena, would you like to join me for dinner?" He could swear that he saw panic in her eyes, and he very nearly felt her heart stop. She looked like a deer in headlights. Maybe he felt bad, sure, but he loved to tease her. "Short notice, I know. But consider it a celebration of a good working week."

    #elenatherookie#silentwutai #tseng of the turks #elena of the turks #continued rp #sorry its so long and took so long to write
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  • silentwutai
    16.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Closed starter for @elenatherookie .


    Another long, busy, godlessly boring day had passed. The sun had almost set, and when he had stepped outside after work, Tseng found that a cool breeze had blown in, much to his surprised. Midgar, being heavy in air pollution, usually had a musty humidity to it, no matter the season. However, it seemed that the wind was blowing just right, and had brought a pleasant sea breeze in.

    Pulling his keys from his pocket and adjusting his grip on his briefcase, he made his way to the carpark, more than ready to go home and eat dinner. He hadn't had the leisure of a lunch break, so he was more than starving. Just as he unlocked his car, a flash of blonde appeared in his peripheral vision. Turning, he raised an eyebrow at Elena, who was clumsily trying to open her car door. Quietly, he walked over to her and held out a hand.

    "Elena, give me your briefcase. I'll hold it for you, so you can get in your car."

    #elenatherookie#silentwutai#closed starter #tseng of the turks #elena of the turks #rp#ffvii#ohoho #sorry this took so long to write!
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  • sadistic-second
    14.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    To all the new followers that have made the conscious decision of following me within the last week, thank you.

    And I’m sorry.

    #This is a srs rp blg #And yet you'd never know that #Because all you've seen is weird ass asks #And Tseng turning me into a frog #Because I tried to flirt with him to get out of trouble #That wasn't even my fault in the first place
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  • turkaholic
    03.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Lord of the Ham: The Fellowship of the Ham

    The character I've made for this Play by Post, special Quarantine Editiontm of Dungeons and Dragons is better than I expected her to be. Admittedly I took a bit of inspiration from Reno, and I find that I enjoy playing the morally grey side of things a little too much, but meh, if I'm typecast in my RP, I'm typecast.  My Thief happens to also be a noble with a title on the run from her father's debtors/murderers. She is selfish and decietful and lazy and entitled... but like Reno she has a soft spot underneath it all. She had a sucky adolescence and is bitter about it, that's all.  The great thing about D&D though is that among all the angst and adventure and stabbiness is that due to some incredibly bad dice rolls our party have ended up in an in-party brawl over a stolen ham. My character stole it, obviously - she is the party thief! But the gloriousness of those crappy dice rolls means that the party who are meant to be hunting a cult of demon worshippers have instead started beating each other senseless over a hunk of ham. It's perfect, it's insane and I love it.  If you've never played D&D before I really really suggest you try it out sometime... maybe on RPoL.net or Roll20. If you love character building, fantasy, RP or whatever it is well worth taking a peep.  I wish they would make a modded version for FF, though I don't know enough people IRL who would want to play. I'm tired today anyway. Some damn foxes decided it would be fun to have wild, screaming sex on our front porch at 2am, right underneath my window. They didn't seem happy when I opened the front door and told them to shush. Still, on the bright side we might get some cubs this year. I love foxes, they're my favourite animal. I do wish they would keep their smexy time to themselves, though. Oh, everyone was on their doorsteps at 8 last night, clapping for the NHS. It was really very lovely to see all the neighbours standing outside, getting a chance to see real people and hear the whole town making noise for a few minutes. Apparently this is now a thing until the pandemic is over, which is great. I think it gives us a chance to show some community spirit in spite of the distance. I'm replaying Final Fantasy 7 among all this real world madness. I'm in the middle of Cosmo Canyon on disc 1 (though now that it's on XB1 there's no more discs, which is weird). Somehow I've managed to get to level 50 before I'm even half way through. I don't know how that happened. Maybe the game has been dumbed down for the remaster? Shrug. In any case I'm glad I'm getting a chance to replay it. I know that Midgar is the bad side of Hell's Butthole but somehow I love it anyway.

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  • silentwutai
    25.02.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • elenatherookie
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey im still in search for a Tseng for my tselena ship heart. I'm somehow a little bit hurt of reaching out and loosing rp partners so if you are a Tseng rp account and you want to play something for this ship so just write me or hit the heart you are very very welcome ❤️

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  • animus-inspire
    13.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #ofgeneticperfection#mun asks #and long post is looooong #thank you my lovely
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  • azure-steel
    27.01.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #ask meme#answered #all the nice things #lifedxbt #{what do you want? - asks} #long post
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  • fraxcxccl
    01.01.2020 - 4 monts ago

    in addition to a re-structure, i’m also going to disassociate my professional handle from my rp blogs. i’m not going to elaborate but needless to say... i want people to follow me b/c they want to write with my muses. and not for any ulterior motives. i’m tired, people. and upset & disappointed. this is not aimed at anyone still following here or on tseng. it’s just a heads up when you see a different name signed on my blogs. Numi xxx

    #―★☆ 𝓃𝓊𝓂𝒾 𝓈𝓅𝑒𝒶𝓀𝓈. ★ ⟨ ᵒᵒᶜ ⟩
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  • lifedxbt
    30.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    |  Questions Often Left Unanswered: Mun Edition | @oflockhearted​ asked | 7, 8, & 13! |
    7. List three honest flaws your favorite character has and talk about how those flaws make them problematic.

    //Tseng isn’t my favourite character but I will just do him? This is a weird phrased question it really should be muse focused--

    1. Anger Issues  Tseng is a very angry character, at least in how I write him. He’s extremely spiteful and holds grudges to hell and back. He also absolutely directs anger in the wrong way (an example being how much he hates Roche - purely bc he hates everything that Genesis and Angeal and the deserters did and Roche gets to be a scapegoat years after the fact bc hes just not fucking calmed down) and its just not pretty.  2. He’s still with ShinRa I very very much know that Tseng is essentially a hostage - or his Turks are hostages or however you want to phrase it. But that doesn’t take away from what he does. Turks are decent people, they’ve got good hearts - that will never excuse the horrible things they do and have done.  3. Platefall I’ll separate this from above because it’s far beyond what Tseng has done in the past (though not beyond the general scope of Turk bullshit, its just not something Tseng had done before). As I said, Turks are decent people -- but Tseng didn’t deal with things well. He had his orders but surely there was more that could have been done to lessen the blow. He also should not have let Reno and Rude handle it, he should have done far better afterwards with the two of them. 

    8. Out of the really popular pairings in your fandom, what’s your nOTP?

    //None of the popular ones? I know this fandom is known for ship wars but I am a multishipping bastard man. I ship Cloud with everyone? I love most Zack ships? Let the main party be a big polyam group of losers? I guess my least favourite of the ‘popular’ ships is probably Cid and Vincent? cause i just dont really gel with Cid

    13. Who is your least favorite character in the fandom you RP in? List three admirable traits about them.

    //Icb you’re gonna make me say nice things about Hojo. Uhhh... He’s the reason Sephiroth exists so thats good. I enjoy that he truly doesn’t give a fuck about ShinRa. His existence is probably partially the reason for Verstael Besithia who I adore? thats not a character trait i just cant give him a third good thing

    #Ah. There he is. That motherfucker. What a tool. [OOC] #I don't make threats but I do keep promises. [Answer] #oflockhearted
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  • lifedxbt
    30.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    |  Questions Often Left Unanswered: Mun Edition | Anon asked | 2, 6 and 10 | 
    2. Are there any plot tropes you are sick of/refuse to RP? If so, what are they and why?

    //Not with Tseng I don’t think? I don’t usually dislike tropes - though if I’m a bit tired of one I just take a break. I generally don’t dislike tropes because I think they’re like ingredients - tropes are everything that makes up any form of storytelling but you have to know how to use them right and you also have to know how you like them presented (because something can be well written and still not interest someone)

    6. Is there a character that the rest of your fandom adores that you just don’t like/are indifferent to? Who is the character and why?

    //Again not really? I really do love most of the characters in 7 and I think the characters I don’t like are pretty well disliked. I guess Cait Sith? I dont dislike him I just dont particularly like him And wider final fantasy-- I dont like Moogles they make me uncomfortable 

    10. What’s something you really hate seeing on your dash that seems to be popular with almost everyone else?

    //I wrote out two paragraphs and then deleted them bc i sounded really mean so uhhh Overly softening villains

    #Ah. There he is. That motherfucker. What a tool. [OOC] #I don't make threats but I do keep promises. [Answer]
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