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  • lacharcutiere
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    pregame songs (like for drinking, not games lol)

    tings // alcohol consumption obvs, also sum wannabe fuckboys that are actually j losers 🤩 // listen to these songs, they’re GAS <3 i WOULD totally do a version of what songs they like to work out to but tbh a lot of my workout playlist is also my pregame playlist
    also obvi they’re all aged up/timeskip lol

    ✯haikyū!! masterlist✯


    everywhere i go - hollywood undead

    TERUSHIMA • HEAR ME OUT, iwaizumi • suna • SEMI lmao he does not hold back • HANAMAKI • kenma • SUGA, especially if he’s drunk • tendō

    new workout plan - kanye

    KUROO • OIKAWA • BOKUTO • ATSUMU • TERUSHIMA • ushijima • iwaizumi • kageyama • suga actually

    the first five probably have, like, specific dance moves they do at that one part that’s like “it’s been a week without me n she feel week without me” pls it’s GAS

    be like me - lil pump & lil wayne

    ATSUMU • kita • DAISHŌ • KUROO (mostly just knows the song bc he and daishō will yell it in each other’s faces if it’s ever played while they’re in the same room) • oikawa • kenma • tsukishima

    nice for what - drake

    asahi (he will SCREAM the lyrics when he’s drunk) • kageyama • tsukishima • hear me out, aone • YAMAGUCHI he actually loves drake, knows every word to this song

    waka/fefe (or anything 6ix9ine tbh)

    terushima • SUGA • SUNA • matsukawa • sakusa, shockingly • iwaizumi (says he only listens to 6ix9ine ironically but he goes a little too hard for that to be believable) • ATSUMU • tendō, i can totally see him listening to 6ix9ine

    world is spinning - dmad

    OSAMU • akaashi • sakusa • ushijima • DAICHI • SUGA • kageyama, he only knows that one line that’s like “homie u can’t be us, whatchu talkin about?” but he screams it every time

    body - tion wayne, russ millions, fivio foreign (& whoever else is on it lol)

    TENDŌ • hear me out, yamaguchi • NISHINOYA • TANAKA • OIKAWA, for some reason only knows the lyrics when he’s drunk • TERUSHIMA & SUNA because you fucking know they both spend all their time on tiktok • kenma • kuroo (kenma showed him the song and now he randomly goes “ave you seen the state of ‘er boday” in a shitty british accent at all hours) • HINATA

    kingpin - rl grime & big sean

    DAICHI • IWAIZUMI • ushijima • hinata (doesn’t know the words but tries to look like he does and just says gibberish) • sakusa • lev (same as hinata)

    i love it - kanye & lil pump

    ARAN lmao he goes hard to this song • KAGEYAMA • MEIAN oh my god • futakuchi • kunimi • probably kuroo tbh

    anything mc virgins

    honestly pretty much all of them depending on how drunk they are, but especially: KUROO • terushima • SUGA • oikawa • both miyas • iwa actually • AND ASAHI, he knows all the words to like every song bruh • mattsun omg • KENMA he totally listens to them religiously, drunk or not • NOYA • TANAKA

    pokémon trap remix

    all of them, at varying levels of inebriation

    i got bitches - sugga black


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  • chaotic-trash-can
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Since people liked my Asahi being Tsukishima’s favorite senpai headcanon, here’s an expansion on it

    Tagging: @luri-isa @bobsie and @asahipleaseloveme who left particularly nice comments I was definitely not expecting but thank you so much

    For context: this post (I recommend you at least look at the last part since that’s the context of it)

    Anyway back to headcanons

    -Tsukishima and Asahi like to just sit together in the storage space of the gym, especially after hard days or practices. Its dark, which means safe, quiet, and there’s someone else there, so its lonely but not, ya know?

    -Tsukishima’s very blunt in what he says, right? Which I hc helps Asahi with his anxiety (because I am totally not projecting onto him, no /s) because it just helps when someone says something straight up that you know is the truth and can trust it

    -Asahi talks fashion with Tsukishima

    -Tsukishima, in turn, discusses dinosaurs, which is a topic not many breach with him (the number being able to be counted on someone’s hand)

    -They go to Museums together once they grow more comfortable as like a bonding time because they’re both interested in it but nobody else really wants to so they go together

    #psa: this is not me shipping them #this is purely platonic #but #I have so many thoughts on their dymankc #*dymanic #but its late #so here have Chaos’s rambles #but thank you guys so much for the support on my other post! #chaos screams into the void #asahi azumane#tsukishima kei#haikyuu #I hope you don’t mind me tagging you!
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  • babalynn
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Safe with me

    Kei is the type of boyfriend that will try and do anything to help you feel okay
    So when he finds out you want to get out of your toxic house, he’s immediately walking round to yours
    Late night walks!
    You guys have a little place, it’s under a tree near a little pond
    He will sit with you and brush your hair and give you forehead kisses
    He doesn’t like leaving until you know that despite your family life you are always loved by him

    Once he got your call he was quick to put on his shoes and walk fast to your house. As soon as he arrived he helped you escape out your bedroom window before you both started to run from the house towards your shred space.

    “Thank you Kei” he smiled at you while brushing your tears off your cheek. He placed a dozen kisses all over your face until you giggled showing him a little smile.

    “I’ll do anything to see that smile” he said before placing a kiss on your lips “I wish I could take you away so you just stay with me”

    You him while wrapping your arms around him soaking in his warmth “I never want to leave you Kei”

    With a final kiss “don’t worry you never will”

    Ahhhhh I’m really in my feels right now and want to run away but lol I got caught not even out the door 🙄 but here’s my comfort character and what I believe he would do

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  • mystiqueallure
    02.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Note: The reblogged continuations looked weird on phone format, so here’s a cleaner one with a link for Part 1. Link for Part 3 will be updated here tomorrow!

    ⚠️: Reader’s discretion is advised. This chapter contains forms of dubious consent and explores the theme of sex being used as self-harm.

    They sat together in comforting silence, thinking of nothing but the serenity of having each other by their sides.

    “Hey, Tsukki.”


    “Just message me next time you feel like sleeping around.”

    Contemplating silence. Maybe what he said was stupid, or Tsukki had fallen asleep, or he’ll be met with another cold—


    Suna blinked, taken back by surprise. “What?”

    “I said okay.”


    “What do you mean ‘oh’?”

    “No, I just—I thought you’d be opposed to it.”

    “They’re not as … good … as you,” Tsukki mumbled.

    Suna grabs his face tilting it up.


    “Say that again.”

    “No!” Tsukki shakes his head out of his hand, so that he could turn around and face him properly. “Just because I’m sleeping with you doesn’t mean I like you, okay? Pleasure. We’re only using each other for pleasure, okay?”

    Suna knows.

    “I know. But I couldn’t quite catch what you said before, you put water in my ears.”

    “I said, they’re not as good as you.”

    “Not as good as me in—?” He baited Tsukki to fill in the blank.

    “Oh, for fuck’s sake!”

    “Say it, or I’ll drown you,” Suna said over Tsukki’s voice.

    “They’re—” Tsukki’s ears were turning red again, “they’re not … they’re not as good as you in bed! There I said it!”

    Suna burst out laughing. Tsukki kept splashing him to calm him down, but he was having too much fun poking at Tsukki after he had admitted how good Suna was compared to the other guys.

    They finished up their bath in silence, Tsukki fell asleep while they were in the tub, so Suna finished cleaning him up first. After dressing Tsukki in clean clothes and putting him to bed in the spare bedroom, he went back to the bathroom to finish his bath with a quick shower.

    Finally alone, he let out a loud sigh. “Fuck,” he mutterd under his breath.

    Suna knows. He knows what he’s in denial of, he knows that Tsukki likes Kuroo, he knows that Tsukki would never choose him, that he’s just a rebound to pass time as Tsukki gets his shit together. I know, I know, I know I know I know I know I know. I. Know. But this relationship was better than nothing. He didn’t care what he had to sacrifice, as long as it kept Tsukki from spiraling out of control. And if it costs him to break a relationship to make Tsukki happy, he’d do it in a heartbeat, because that’s all he wanted Tsukki to be. To be happy.

    “Oi, Suna!”

    Tsukki waved his hand over his face. “What are you dozing off for?”

    “Nothing, just thinking about what to have for dinner later on.”

    “Hinata, Kenma and Atsumu are trying to invite us for korean bbq tonight. You coming?”

    “Sure, I’m free.”

    A couple of weeks have passed since he dropped by Kenma’s place to hand Atsumu a package Osamu needed to get to him urgently. He had planned to give it to Tsumu as soon as he saw him, but everytime he did, the package wasn’t with him in person. Osamu kept reminding him to the point of pestering paranoia that he ended up at Kenma’s place in the middle of the night, so that he could finally sleep in peace and not have nightmares of Osamu killing him for not delivering the package in a timely manner. Thank God Kenma allowed him to stay over. According to Atsumu, the package wasn’t even a big deal as Osamu made it out to be. Again, Suna got caught in the twins’ antics and bickering over the phone. The package in question wasn’t physically that big (looking at it from the outside), but when he caught Atsumu opening it and holding it in his hand the physical appearance didn’t matter anymore. Suna had delivered an engagement ring to Atsumu on behalf of Osamu, not knowing the story behind it and not caring to know it. Not a big deal my ass.

    Once Suna’s paranoia disappeared, he was finally able to resume back to his daily life routines. Except, this day also wasn’t part of his routine.

    “Where are you taking us?” he questioned Tsukki to remind him again.

    “Shopping for new shoes.”

    “Couldn’t you do that alone?”

    “Yeah, but then I won’t have an excuse to get out of conversations with fans that I bump into. I’ve been bumping into them almost everyday thanks to Kenma’s Portugal vlog with Hinata, and his fans have been asking me to do another one with Kenma too.”

    Tsukki grimaced, while looking at the maps app on his phone, leading the way to the store he wanted to checkout.

    It’s true Kenma’s fans go overboard about wanting to know what goes on with everyone that appears in his videos, but as long as they don’t force themselves onto them, then it’s fine.

    “Hey, could you guys be Tsukishima Kei and Suna Rintarou? Volleyball players, right?” A cheery woman walked up to them, coupled by two of her friends waiting close by to confirm their curiosity.

    “Yeah, you watch our games?” Suna replied with a smile, covering for Tsukki. “Sorry, he’s a bit shy.”

    “Oh that’s okay, we didn’t mean to take up your time,” she clarified hurriedly, “we just wanted to know if it was okay to get a picture with you guys?” She timidly asked, perked with anticipation.

    “We don’t mind,” Suna kicked Tsukki’s foot, still keeping his facade on. “We have a bit of time to spare for you guys, right Tsukki?”

    A harmless response, yet calculative in a polite way to let their fans know that they’re only free for the picture and nothing more.

    Tsukki fidgets behind Suna then reluctantly steps out, properly greeting his fans.

    One of the girls tried holding the phone in an angle that could get them all together, but Tsukki and Suna were too tall.

    “Here, how ‘bout I hold it for us,” Suna offered, winking at the woman, which sent her into a flustered expression. “Okay! Ready, one, two—”

    “Three!” They ended the chant in unison.

    Once they confirmed their satisfaction with the picture, they bowed their goodbyes to each other.

    “What’d you do to make her friend blush like that?”

    “Fan service.”

    “Not scared that you could’ve turned her into a stalker?”

    “Don’t need to be scared. Stalkers start their day stalking, she started the day with her friends not knowing they’d bump into us.”

    “That’s some deduction.”

    “I’ve dealt with a few stalkers before, so it’s only natural to know so I could avoid it in the future.”


    “Is it around here?” Suna looked around for the shoe store Tsukki had on his phone, swiftly changing a conversation he didn’t want to get into details about.

    The thought of it sent a shiver down his spine.

    “Ah, over—here.”


    “You guys are here too?”

    Just as they spotted the store, Suna and Tsukki bumped into Hinata, Kageyama and the woman Suna saw in the gossip articles, Kuroo’s girlfriend.

    “Tsukishima, Suna … what the hell?” Kageyama narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

    “I could ask you the same thing.”

    “Kageyama wanted to improve his foreign language skills with her, but we also planned to buy shoes afterwards, so we met at Kuroo’s place and now we’re finishing the day off with shoes.” Hinata rambled, explaining their day to Tsukki.

    “No, I wasn’t—I didn’t mean it literally.”

    “Dumbass,” Kageyama snickered.

    “Huh? But you asked.”

    “That’s,” Tsukki sighed in defeat, “nevermind.” He shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Oh, by the way, this is Kuroo’s girlfriend.” He introduced you to Suna.

    “Hello,” Suna bowed.

    You bowed in return.

    For someone who’s usually sneering at almost everyone, Tsukki was composed, unable to look anyone in the eye.

    “We can come back later on if you want,” Suna spoke to him in a low voice.

    “Why? We’re already here.”

    Suna and Tsukki followed behind the trio into the store.

    What Suna could tell from Tsukki wasn’t anger, jealousy or sadness, he was uncomfortable and awkward—withdrawn—maybe because everyone else seemed to get along with her and Tsukki didn’t know how. The one thing they had in common was their feelings towards Kuroo, from what Suna can presume.

    “Are you gonna shop for shoes too?” You asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

    “Nah, I only came ‘cause of Tsukki.”

    Out of the five of them, you and Suna stood by waiting for the three to pick their shoes as they made snarky remarks at each other.

    “Are you finding the stay okay?” Suna picked the conversation up.

    “Yeah, it’s okay,” your feet fidget. “I’m finally able to take a well needed vacation after working non-stop for a year.”

    “What do you work as?”

    A question not asked out of curiosity, only to keep the conversation from dying in awkward silence.

    “Artist, specifically a painter.”

    “Nice. I never thought of Kuroo as the artsy type, so how’d you guys meet?”

    “Through Kenma,” your eyes softened. “We were able to meet thanks to him.”

    Kenma? “Oh, you knew Kenma first?”

    “Yeah, although I only met Kuroo in person after a few years of being friends with Kenma,” you nervously laughed.

    A few years? Suna thought back to what he knew from the articles, but he never thought about the extent of your relationship with Kenma. Your connection with him only surfaced when the rumours between you and Kuroo were making headlines. You also never appeared in any of his videos, nor were you ever mentioned by Kenma himself. So who were you to Kenma?

    “Did you meet Kenma as a fan?”

    “No, I actually didn’t know he was a pro gamer until afterwards.”


    “We met at E3, and I guess Kenma came as a shareholder instead of what he’s known for.”

    “So you game at the side too.”

    “No, not as seriously as Kenma. I went as a shareholder as well.”

    “Hey! You guys wanna head to the bbq place now?” Hinata interrupted.

    Kageyama and Tsukki trailed behind him, looking satisfied with their new purchases.

    “Oh, I’m heading back for the day. I still haven’t prepared Kuroo’s dinner and he’s working overtime today,” you politely declined.

    “Aw, boo,” Hinata pouted.

    “Sorry, maybe another time. I still have a few more months before I leave.”

    Hinata continued making excuses for Kuroo to starve, so that you could join them for the bbq, but you seemed to purposefully be avoiding hanging out with them.

    “Do you not like us?!”

    “That’s not what I’m saying!” You yelled back at Hinata. “I’m saying that I’ll look like a whore if I’m the only girl there!”

    “Then I’ll be a whore with you!”

    “That’s not how it works!”

    “Oi, if she said no it’s no! And that’s Kuroo’s girlfriend you’re trying to ask out!” Kageyama smacked him upside the head.

    After Tsukki broke the fight off, they decided to drop you off at the station. Suna felt disappointed at the thought of not getting to know you better, there were still questions he wanted to ask, but at least he got to see how the others were around you. Although, Tsukki had different reasons for being the way he was.

    Hinata and Kageyama didn’t even talk about you behind your back, once you were gone. Kageyama was excitedly going over his new phrases and vocabulary with Hinata, and talked about how easy it was to learn from you, like a kindergartener talking about their first day of school. On the other hand, Hinata was still annoyed that you weren’t able to come, but he was already planning where and whom to hangout with next. Their excitement expressed how comfortable and happy they are to be around you, except for Tsukki.

    Tsukki neither expressed his like or dislike of you, not that Suna knew anything about you, yet. He barely got to know you, except for the fleeting, but daunting, mention of Kenma. A thought he’ll overthink before he sleeps in the nights to come.

    They arrived at the korean bbq place and found Kenma and Atsumu at their reserved table at the back corner of the restaurant, right by the washroom.

    “Took you guys long enough,” Atsumu scooted over, making room for the rest.

    “Hinata was begging her to join us and wouldn’t let go until we dropped her off at the station,” Kageyama exasperated.

    Kenma turned to Hinata, putting his phone in his pocket. “Someone’s attached.”

    “But she’s fun to be around and it’s not like she’ll be here for long,” Hinata sulked.

    “You can see her another time. It’s not like she’s gone forever.”

    “You can see her any time. I don’t have that much money like you to be saying it that easily.”

    It’s true. Out of everyone seated at the table, Kenma was the only one rich enough to say he could travel easily, despite them being pro athletes. Must be nice to be that free.

    Time flew by fast as they got lost in their conversations and topics, blissfully filling their stomachs with good food and light beer.

    Suna couldn’t help but overthink about the way your name sounded coming from Kenma’s mouth, but they had suddenly stopped mentioning you after a quick change of topic, thanks to Atsumu. There was no mention about the ring Osamu had been pestering Suna to give to him, so he had assumed that it could be fake, although the conversation the twins had over the phone sounded serious.

    Tsukki was seated across from him, intently listening in to Atsumu and Hinata rambling on about their sponsorships and what to do in their upcoming fans meeting, while scrolling through his phone. Placid as usual, but nothing out of the ordinary … though he can feel Tsukki brushing his foot up his ankle under the table in a discreet manner. He glances up to Tsukki, nonchalantly keeping a poker face, blending in with the right reactions to the conversation. Suna knows he was the one who proposed this type of relationship first, but his intentions weren’t the same as what Tsukki is probably thinking of.

    Suna gets up from the table, naturally Atsumu and Kageyama adjust themselves to make room for Suna to get out with ease. “I’ll be back,” he tells them.

    He takes a trip to the washroom and heads out the back door of the restaurant for a smoke. And of course, after a while, Tsukki followed him outside.

    “You free tonight?” Tsukki asked in a mellow tone, lightly tapping Suna’s feet with his.


    “So you’re not free?”

    Everything clicked in Suna’s head. It all made sense now, and he was right to keep Tsukki close to him by proposing this type of relationship. Whenever Suna turned him down to fuck, it’s not that Tsukki agreed with his answer, he just found another way to get what he wanted by calling someone else. The options Tsukki keeps in his phone is just his last resort, if things didn’t go the way he wanted them to. The only time Tsukki wants to fuck is when something related to Kuroo comes up; the point where he wants to forget the most. How could Suna not notice after all this time they spent together? Tsukki never talked about how he really felt about anything. This whole time Suna thought that Tsukki was getting better, but he had actually gotten worse. Maybe this relationship wasn’t a good idea in the first place, but Suna didn’t want to risk going back to how it was in the past, especially with how their relationship is now.


    #minors dni #haikyuu!! #suna rinatro#tsukishima kei #haikyuu!! fic #suna fic#tsukishima fic#suna angst#tsukishima angst #suna x tsukishima #suna rintaro x tsukishima kei #suna rintaro angst #hq tsukishima#hq suna#hq fic#haikyuu suna#haikyuu tsukishima #suna x tsukki #hq tsukki#haikyuu tsukki #haikyuu time skip #suna time skip #tsukishima time skip #suna rintarō
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  • aizawas-dryeye
    02.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ➭karasuno music headcanons

    content: just my shitty music taste lmao
    words: 744

    so ive gone through my music and picked five songs that i feel like the boys would vibe with or that jus reminded me of them

    i apologize if the links are fucky , idek if people are interested in any of these songs but if so i wanted to make it easier to listen to lol


    ❊ Daichi Sawamura

    Here Comes Your Man - Pixies

    American Pie - Don Mclean

    Take On Me - a-ha

    Uptown Girl - Billy Joel

    Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

    Daichi def listens to obscure dad music LOL. No 2000's music for him please, only the oldies! He's such a soccer dad, I can just imagine him grilling outside while singing along to The Beatles or some shit like that.

    ❊ Koushi Sugawara

    Juicy - Doja Cat

    Passionfruit - Benny Sings

    Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

    Chocolate - The 1975

    Get Into It (Yuh) - Doja Cat

    I think Suga listens to a lot of pop, or just lighthearted music in general. I just know he's a Doja Cat stan and no one can ever change my mind. The thought of him singing and dancing along to pop music on the way to school is jus so fucking cute to me.

    ❊ Asahi Azumane

    Starlight - Muse 

    Lover Boy - Phum Viphurit

    Duvet - bôa

    The Book of Love - The Magnetic Fields

    Undergrowth - Caligula's Horse

    Soft boy likes soft music. I can also see him liking lo-fi type music too like he def listens to it while working on new designs. He’s also a sucker for acoustic and knows a couple songs on the guitar (he totally sings too but will Never let anyone know in case they ask him to sing for them because how embarrassing is that?).

    ❊ Yuu Nishinoya

    All I Wanna Do - Jay Park

    Jealous - Nick Jonas  

    Jackie Chan - Tiësto

    Psycho - Post Malone 

    Butter - BTS

    It's my personal headcanon that Noya likes to dance so I bet he likes to listen to a lot of hip-hop/dance music. He’ll honestly listen to whatever is on the radio though, like he’s not too picky. If it makes him wanna dance it’s good enough!! He's also def a BTS stan.

    ❊ Ryunosuke Tanaka

    My Own Worst Enemy - Lit

    Riot - Three Days Grace

    The Sharpest Lives - My Chemical Romance

    Devil In a Midnight Mass - Billy Talent

    Ruby Soho - Rancid 

    Tanaka was the easiest to pick for because there's a lot of alt/punk(ish) music on my phone. He likes the kind of music that makes you wanna get in a fight LMAO, but he'll be doing the most mundane tasks while listening to it. He's the type of person to learn Every Single Song he likes on bass because he read somewhere that girls like musicians. He has also definitely been in a mosh pit.

    ❊ Tobio Kageyama

    Don't You Dare Forget the Sun - Get Scared

    There's a Class For This - Cute Is What We Aim For

    I'm So Sick - Flyleaf

    We Don't Have to Dance - Andy Black

    Voices - Saosin

    Another easy one! Kags gives me MySpace, emo, scene kid vibes so I can see him listening to a lot alt music lmao. I don’t necessarily think he has a favorite artist, but he likes certain songs and is always listening to something while practicing or working out.

    ❊ Shoyo Hinata

    What's My Age Again? - blink-182

    Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind  

    I Can Feel It - Hey Violet

    Shooting Star - Owl City

    Some Nights - Fun.

    Hinata loves feel good music!! Idk why but pop rock is his fave genre lol, it had the perfect amount of energy to bust a fuckin move (think early 2000s coming of age movie soundtrack lol) Even though he can’t dance that well, it doesn’t stop him from trying lol. I feel like Hinata is the type of person to always be singing under his breath, or he’ll sing one part of a song out loud over and over and over because it’s stuck in his head.

    ❊ Kei Tsukishima

    do re mi - blackbear

    Endlessly, She Said - AFI

    Paralyzer - Finger Eleven

    E-Pill - Bass Santana

    Baby, It's Fact - Hellogoodbye

    I apologize for the amalgamation of genres here lmaoooo. Tsukki likes to listen to a lot of edge lord music and pretend to be all hard, but he also Loves Hellogoodbye and will take that to the grave. The only person who knows is Yams because he got Tsukki into the band.

    ❊ Tadashi Yamaguchi

    Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

    Hannah - Freelance Whales

    I Wouldn't Mind - He Is We

    We're Going to Be Friends - The White Stripes

    A-Punk - Vampire Weekend

    Yams likes very bubbly, soft music if that makes Any Sense. He is always allowed the aux, even if no one likes what he picks because Tsukki makes sure Yams can listen to his lil songs lmao. Immaculate vibes all around.

    taglist: @ryanamajiki (if u wanna be apart of my taglist jus message me 💕)
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  • sleepyshinso04
    02.08.2021 - 4 hours ago


    For haikyuu I ship you with tsuki!!

    Head cannons:

    Listen I know tsuki may sound cold and uncaring but really he's not, he's just not good at showing his emotions well.

    Tsuki would love to spend as much time with you as he can and he'll also go on late night drives with you.

    First date:

    Tsuki would take you to a drive in theater for your first date.

    Music playlist:

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  • sxtooru
    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    hq boys when you tuck a flower behind their ear;

    ˖◛⁺⑅♡ owlishly blinks at you at first, but a second after he is already looking for a flower to do the same with you. when he does find one suitable enough for your beauty, he carefully puts it behind your ear and pecks you on the cheek, a grin wide on his face:

    bokuto, sugawara, hinata, lev, nishinoya, tanaka.

    ˖◛⁺⑅♡ his smile turns unbelievably soft and saccharine sweet as he watches you get closer to him from under his lashes, letting you do your thing, but as soon as you are done he tackles you down, planting wet kisses all over your face and telling you how you are the prettiest thing he's ever seen:

    kuroo, iwaizumi, osamu, daichi.

    ˖◛⁺⑅♡ his brain short circuits for a moment, but as soon as he sees your eyes filled with adoration directed at him, he pulls you in for an unexpected hug and a kiss soon after, because he is a total softie for you:

    wakatoshi, kita, asahi.

    ˖◛⁺⑅♡ pulls you in for a kiss while his hand takes the flower off to tuck it behind your ear, fingers smoothly running through your hair. when he separates from you the mischevious glint in his eyes and the absense of the bud tell you a lot, and all you can do is give him the sweetest of your smiles in return as he takes a picture of you:

    suna, oikawa, tendou, atsumu.

    ˖◛⁺⑅♡ red dusts over his cheeks immediately as he tries not to give away how the little gesture made his heartbeat race faster. he waves his fingers through yours, enjoying the sight of your glimmering eyes and beaming smile, and lands a small kiss on your chin, drinking in your giggles:

    akaashi, yamaguchi, yaku.

    ˖◛⁺⑅♡ comments on propably how there are bugs in the bud, earning a small pout from you, but nonetheless lets you do what you intend to do, planting an affectionate kiss on your forehead after that to show his appreciation:

    sakusa, tsukishima, kenma, shirabu.

    masterlist; about requesting.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff #kuroo tetsurou x reader #tsukishima kei x reader #miya atsumu x reader #daichi sawamura x reader #sugawara koshi x reader #suna rintaro x reader #tendou satori x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x reader #yamaguchi tadashi x reader #sakusa kiyoomi x reader #miya osamu x reader #kita shinsuke x reader #bokuto koutarou x reader #hinata shoyo x reader #kozume kenma x reader #kageyama tobio x reader #kuroo fluff#hq fluff #tsukishima kei fluff #asahi azumane x reader #oikawa tooru x you #iwaizumi hajime x reader
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    we know oikawa

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  • taeyamayang
    02.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    hq boys and soulmates

    daichi, tsukishima, oikawa

    PAIRING: tsukishima kei x reader

    GENRE: fluff!

    a/n: welcome to a brand new one shot series featuring soulmates. my first one shot series is about hq boys and their reaction to their s/o confessing so if you missed that one just click the link above. anyhow, here we go~


    you have been standing in front of your senior with your hands on your waist for a whole solid fifteen minutes as you listen to her ramble about her reasons for not running the errand herself. she is, in short, asking you to bring the papers to the volleyball gym and let the members sign it because she has thousands of reasons why she can't. but you know better than that. you know the real reason why she's asking you to do it.

    it has to be the the blonde boy.

    "you don't believe me." she says as she scrunitizes your body language.

    "glad you figured." you let out a scoff before crossing your arms over your chest as you look at her provocatively.

    "i swear," she, despite being your senior, lets out a nervous laughter. you are known for your sharp eyes and straight forward attitude so even though you are only in your freshmen year nobody dares to lie through their teeth in front of you. especially when it comes to you interacting with him. she continues. "it's not about tsukishima kei." she waves her hand out in defense.

    you hum in reply as your fingers scratch your bottom chin. your eyes held nowhere near amusement as you narrow your gaze at her. you know she's lying because anyone who says "it's not about you and tsukishima" is always about you and karasuno's middle blocker.

    "okay, maybe part of it, yes." she instantly takes it back knowing that this conversation won't end unless she admits it. you roll your eyes at her. everyone, specifically the whole student body, romantically pairs you with tsukishima kei. everyone assumes that you two are meant for each other.

    it's has been an on going thing ever since day one, literally, when you two sat next to each other during entrance test. tsukishima held examinee number 107 while you had 106. you two were famed as the examinees who bickered alot before and after the test. he was being a jerk and you won't back down easily.

    once you both got in, both of you were assigned to the same class. unfortunately, your adviser fancies randomized sitting arrangements. so, lo and behold, he became your seatmate. the story goes on, in the batch standing your names would always come out together. your scores have always been tied and like what everyone would say, "like a married couple" because your last names occupied the same spot everytimeㅡmuch like couples signing legal papers. and what drives people crazier is the fact that a number of coincidences is also an indicator of your soulmate. you have crossed paths with him enough to safely assume that you two are indeed soulmates. at least that's what everyone, except you, presumes. for you coincidences are subjective. there is a much greater indicator of a person's soulmate but you vowed to yourself not to test it out with him.

    you vowed to never meet with his eyes.

    "okay, but hear me out. you going to the gym and meeting with tsukishima is a bonus thing, for me at least. honestly, it's not just me. it's everyone! besides, no one here is available to run this errand. we are need to be in a meeting in a short while." she gestures to the girl sat next to her. the other girl nods in agreement. "how about this. if you do this favor ill scratch your name off the errand list for next week."

    your right eyebroy arches and your fingers leave your chin. now, that's convincing, you thought. you. honestly, this is an easy task. after you explain to them the about the upcoming sports event you can let kiyoko do the job of asking for their signatures. you don't get to interact with them individually and you get a chance to load off next week. you smile to yourself.

    "okay, ill do it." you snatch the clipboard from the other girl's grip. you hear your senior mutter a "yes" triumphly. your eyes scan through the page. it lingers longer when it lands on the familiar name.

    tsukishima kei, im about to meet you. again.

    your knuckles rap loud knocks against the wooden door frame of the gym as your head appears by the doorway. the loud thumps from the balls muffled your knocks so you decided to go with plan B.

    kiyoko or yachi.

    your eyes search the gym for a dark haired enchantress or a small blonde with a hairclip on. they're not here. thank god they're too busy with practice to notice you there. you were about to pull your head back and retrieve when someone called you from a distance.

    "y/n!" daichi shouts. you wave at him before pointing at the clipboard secured around your chest. well, at least it isn't suga or worse hinata. he jogs to you. you step out and meet with him halfway.

    "where is kiyoko and yachi?" you question him.

    "kiyoko and yachi are with takeda-sensei. they are talking about something related to management." your face crumples in discomfort as soon as he answers your question. you have to do everything by yourself.

    "why?" daichi recognizes your troubled expression. you keep your mouth shut, unable to think of coherent words to describe your discomfort. so, instead you look up to him with deepened creases around your face.

    "i get it." he lets out a series of laughter. "ill help you manage their behavior. ill stand next to you." his reassuring smile is enough for you to get by. again, thank god it's daichi who spotted you.

    "everyone, gather up." his commanding voice blares inside the gym. he clapped his hands twice for attention. everyone's gaze falls to you. some held a genuine smile while others had a smirk on their faces. they sauntered to your direction.

    "woah, y/n you're here." asahi says and you nod at him in greeting. suga giggles next to him with one hand covering his lips. you made up your mind to speak first before anyone decides to open their mouths.

    "i have here is a letter from the administration. it's about the upcoming sports event. this is specifically about the official members of the volleyball team. so, i need everyone's signature here." you flip the page and turn the clipboard to face them. your forefinger points at the space next to their names. "we need it for the main event which you all have to walk down the aisle while your names are being announced over the microphone so please check the spelling as well." you eyes walk through their faces one by one but stops when the blonde boy in specs appears in your peripheral vision.

    "any questions?" you say after pulling your eyes back to the center. hinata raises his hand. "yes, hinata?"

    "why do insist on not meeting eyes with tsukki?" he questions.

    "okay, anyone who still have questions other than hinata?" you ignore the orange boy's question. nishinoya raises his hand. your eyes narrow at him in suspicion.

    "that is not related to me and tsukki?" nishinoya lowers his hand but your statement caused murmurs within the group. then it hits you. shit, you called him 'tsukki'. his nickname must have stucked in your head when hinata mentioned it.

    "t-tsukki?" yamaguchi stutters in disbelief.

    "they called him tsukki." suga says.

    "yes, i heard it too!" tanaka exclaims.

    "same." kegeyama butts in.

    "guys, guys, we need to calm down." asahi tries to pull the group together when he sees daichi's infuriated look. daichi was about to speak when he was cut off by two voices saying two words at the same time.

    "stop it!" instinctively, your eyes glanced at him making you momentarily locking eyes with him. your body jolts in surprise as a train of uncalled and unfamiliar emotions take over. you immediately pull your eyes back to the gushing boys. you feel your cheeks grow warm. albeit, you step back trying to hide a quarter of your bearing behind daichi as the captain takes the lead.

    "enough of the childish acts and line up to sign the paper." the players instantly follow his orders and begin lining up in front of you.

    the first one is to sign is kageyama. this man isn't much of a talker so at least that saves you and your burning cheeks. followed by him is ennoshita then suga. you swallow saliva when suga takes the clipboard and pen. he pauses before handing you the document. you look up to him to see his face.

    "your face is as red as a tomato." he says before walking out on you. your jaw uncleches and your mouth is left ajar.

    "suga!" daichi barks at him.

    "just kidding." suga winks at you. his one leg is folded up while he shoots you finger guns in a cutely manner. you scowl at him before turning your head back to focus on the next person.


    "shoyo." you warn as you push the clipboard to him. you are both on a first name basis not only because both of you are first years but also because you're friends with him. actually, you are friends with most of them while the rest that doesn't exactly fall into that category are definitely more than a stranger to you.

    "what?" he glances up briefly before squinting his eyes back to the paper as his finger run through each names. "it only takes three seconds to know if you two are soulmates; just three seconds to hold his gaze. don't you want to know how golden his eyes are?" he feuled your curiosity with the way he chose the word 'golden' to describe his eyes. are his eyes really golden?

    "and what's wrong with trying?" he scribbles in the last loops of his signature before looking at you. "ill show you." he hands you back the clipboard. he turns his head. "kageyama! do you want to lock eyes with me?" kageyama whips his head uo as soon as the smaller called him.

    "no!" kageyama snaps at him. you find this as a chance to get back at him.

    "see? he just rejected you." you chaff, laughing at his failed attempt to convince you.

    "no, he didn't. that's his love language. he gets shy." hinata confidently remarks before turning his back. he leaves you trailing for words to retort. when did this two get so close to know each other's love languages? or maybe hinata is being sarcastic. you will never know.

    "tsukki isn't as mean as you think he is." a soft voice says making you switch your attention back to the boy who gently took the clipboard away from your grip. you never thought of him as mean. the whole thing isn't about him like how everyone assumed it to be.

    "it's not about that, yams." your eyes softens for the latter. it's your fear of knowing the truth. whether he's the one for you or not. you are not certain of how you should feel because your whole life you're comfortable with the numbness inside you but ever since he came you start to feel emotions you are not accustomed to. your coincidences make your stomach turn into knots and your heart racing. you are walking on an unfamiliar path and you feel lost.

    "good." he pulls a smile before walking away.

    once your eyes dettached from yamaguchi, you give the clipboard to asahi who's patiently waiting for his turn. balls hitting the concrete floor breaks the silence as some of the players get back to practicing. the sound it makes echoes your unsettled thoughts. yamaguchi did a great job in stirring up your peaceful mind.

    "y/n! watch out!" asahi's alarmed voice wakens your senses. you turn your head to the side and see a ball coming in your direction. your relfexes are quick to dodge the ball as you step back but not enough to refrain you from a collision behind you. a hand creep to your elbow as a support.

    "im sorry i didnt know you-" your eyes widen when it meets with a golden pair. you wanted to pull you head down and turn away from him but his grip on your arm tightens.

    "i heard what you said to hinata." tsukishima speaks. his tone is stern. your eyes rally from one eye to the other. "are you afraid ill reject you if you offer to test it out with me?"

    "tsukishima." your voice came out in a whimper still not believing who your eyes are feasting on.

    "i won't reject you." he remarks. he pulls you gently so your whole body faces him. his eyes are assertive making you cower under his gaze. "let's test it out. look at me." you obey his request as you keep your eyes fixed to him. you open mouth to explain.

    "i promise it's not about you it's about the overwhelming emotions i feel when im with you. i don't kno-" your words are left hanging when his eyes burned bright amber almost like your staring straight at the sun. it glimmers for a quick second before it dims back to it's original hue. tsukishima's fingers uncoil against your skin and you both step back in surprise. a tingling sound from a pen hitting the floor fills in the silence.

    "i saw it." asahi says from behind. "i saw it! tsukishima's eyes gleamed! it was so bright for a moment. oh, god. so, that's how it looks like when you find your other half!" his voice heightens in excitement.

    "i don't know how to handle my feelings." you continue your sentence in a whisper. your eyes still lost in his gaze.

    "me too." the corner of his lips pulls up. his smile, you've only witnessed his smile just now. "let's figure it out together."

    tag: @tendousthoughts

    a/n: in a world where soulmates are determined by locking eyes id definitely lock eyes with everyone in the team (even if theyre far drom being my soulmate 🥴) oops. ill proofread when i wake up! as always thanks for reading! likes and rbs are very much appreciated.

    Masterlist | accepting requests for this series

    #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #hq headcanons#hq oneshots#hq characters#karasuno#tsukishima oneshot #tsukishima x reader #tsukishima x female reader #tsukishima kei #pea.writes #hq boy and soulmates #fluff#haikyuu tsukishima#sports anime
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  • tylanamikaze
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Silence (Sugawara Koshi)

    Silence could be the best conversation

    Sugawara watched as Y/n and Dachi talked to one another a smile on their faces. He could only frown as he longed for that to be him. The vice captain liked the second year for a while now but was always too afraid to speak up. He huffed turning away not wanting to see much more. As the setter was walking away a hand stopped him. When he looked up he saw Asahi looking at him with knowing eyes.

    "You should talk to her Koshi." He said lowly so only they could hear. The wing spiker knew that Sugawara was madly in love with Y/n.

    "And say what Asahi! I know you are dating my best friend but I really like you." Koshi rolled his eyes but quickly apologized for his rude outburst.

    "It's okay you're going through a lot right now. I just think you shouldn't assume that they are dating." Asahi said grabbing a volleyball spiking it at Nishinoya.

    "They just talk all the time and one time I saw her kiss his cheek." Koshi said his frowning deepening as he remembered. He wanted to punch Dachi but logic took over stopping him.

    "It was a huge win for us that game so she could've just got excited. I still think you should talk to her."

    "I don't know Asahi what if she rejects me." Suga said his face falling as he thought of the girl he's been longing for rejects him.

    "Well here's your chance to find out." Before the grey headed male could ask him what he meant he heard her voice.

    "Sugawara-san!" He turned around to see a smiling h/c coming his way. He smiled back giving her a small wave. When she finally made her way to him she gave him a hug.

    "Have you been avoiding me Sugawara?" She ask sadness in her e/c eyes. Koshi quickly shook his hand giving a nervous chuckle.

    "Of course not! I've been quite busy with school and so focused on volleyball. I apologize for giving you that impression." He said swiftly giving her a slight bow. Y/n shook her head a smile gracing her lips once more.

    " I've been meaning to talk to you about something and I couldn't hold it in anymore." She says twiddling her thumbs in front her. The young manger couldn't help but look down unable to look into his hazel-brown eyes anymore.

    "What is it Y/n-chan?" He ask nervously his lips forced into a small smile.

    "I really like someone and I don't know how to tell them." Koshi's heart seemed to shatter as he heard those words. He hoped that she would confess but she only needed advice. He knew his suspicions weren't too far off.

    "I believe you should just tell them how you feel. It's better for them to know then you break yourself down keeping it in. You are a pretty girl and anyone would be lucky to call you their girlfriend." He said through a tight throat. God he wished he could take his own advice but, he knew the heartbreak would be more than he could handle.

    "Okay well - Sugawara I really like you and would like to go out with you sometime!" She rushes out her hands twiddling faster as her eyes looked around the gym. All eyes were on them and that made the pressure increase.

    Koshi looked wide eyed at the confess not sure he heard her correctly. When he searched her face and saw that she was serious he picked her up spinning her around.

    "I take that as a yes?" She says laughing loudly as he finally set her down on the wooden floor.

    "Yes I would be honored." He said kissing her lips gently. Blushes fell upon both their cheeks as yells were heard around the gym.

    "Took them long enough." Asahi said to a smiling Daichi.

    "Convincing her was hard she though he hated her."  Daichi said rubbing his temples happy that the two are finally together.

    " And he thought that you and her were dating."

    "Why would I date my cousin?"

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  • tobi-momo
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago


    PAIRINGS: Kuroo Tetsurou x GN!Reader | Azumane Asahi x GN!Reader | Tsukishima Kei x GN!Reader

    GENRE: Comfort | Established Relationship

    WARNINGS: reader insecure about stretch marks (yall are so beautiful!!)

    A/N: this is for my baby shinsou @/shinsousliya i really hope you like it darling and i will forever cry ab your drabble for me

    TETSUROU — "You know, these are beautiful." His fingertips brush over the surface of the purple, white, and blue striae of your thighs, his lips hovering right above with his calm breaths making your skin sticky. He has a light smile dressing his features, like he's enjoying the feeling of the scarred skin. "I love them so much. They look really pretty on you," he takes a quick glance at your embarrassed face before he dips his head down, making you watch him press his mouth against the streaks on your skin, your eyes chasing his lips back to where they started. Your thigh pooled with warmth, now. It was weird—how could he appreciate something so much? Especially something like...that? Your stomach tingled, and you couldn't tell if it was nervousness, embarrassment, or butterflies. "You do?" You whisper, only the perk of his lips letting you know he heard it. "Yeah. I do. I really do." His thumb grazes against your skin again, like he was addicted, or something. "And one day," he inhales, "you're gonna look at them the way I do." A teary chuckle left your lips. Did he mean it? And with another push of his lips on the marks that run through your leg, hot droplets stream down your cheeks.

    AZUMANE — His soft, large hands never left your hips, his fingers continuing to run across the red and purple scars as he rested his chin on your shoulder and hummed with delight. He knew what your face looked like right now: surprised, refusing to believe the affection you're receiving is real. He needed to do whatever he had to so you knew that it is. It's real. He didn't know what words to fill the dreading silence you sat in. But as your shaky hands fiddle with each other, he decides to. "You're gorgeous, you know," he whispers against your neck, his fingertips continuing to rub against your wonderful skin. "I hope you see that one day." You sniffle over his words, his lips bringing you sweet consolation when he presses them against your jaw, pecking all the way down to your collarbone. His hands slide up to your waist, gliding around your middle to wrap you in his arms. "I love you. All of you, y/n. Remember that for me? Yeah?" "Yeah," you breathe, nodding.

    KEI — He genuinely didn't understand. This may have been the first time you have left Tsukishima Kei, confused. He had too much pride to admit that you were the most breathtaking person he has ever laid eyes on, but right now, as you lay in your bed, your body bundled up with blankets, head not even bothering to peek out from them, he knew he could swallow it, just for a little while. He took a cautious step towards the bed, "what are you doing?" He asks gently. You don't make a noise, only shuffle around to face away from him. Probably embarrassed. He picked the blanket up with his forefinger and thumb, peeling it away from your body and slowly easing himself under with you. Your back leaned into his chest, his added warmth overwhelming, but comforting nonetheless, and his hands only hesitated a little bit when flowing up and down your arm. "I'm here," he uttered onto your neck before letting his head rest and his hands stick to you for the night. You didn't have to tell him, it didn't matter. His presence was all that you needed for now.


    reblogs are VERY appreciated <3

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  • r0hans-cafe
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    gifting them sloppy mini cakes | karasuno

    oomf & i made lunchbox cakes yesterday and 💀 good lord did they end up crumbly and tilted but it’s alright cause we came up with these to make ourselves feel better KSKDKDK

    pairing(s): daichi sawamura X reader, kōshi sugawara X reader, asahi azumane X reader, yū nishinoya X reader, ryūnosuke tanaka X reader, tobio kageyama X reader, shōyō hinata X reader, kei tsukishima X reader, tadashi yamaguchi X reader, keishin ukai X reader, ittetsu takeda X reader, kiyoko shimizu X reader, hitoka yachi X reader.

    warning(s): none :)

    — daichi : *insert speech about how things dont have to be perfect* but really he’s happy to get it from you !! he enjoys how thoughtful you can be and finds it cute that you put effort into a gift for him.

    ✰ his ideal cake would have light pink icing with red hearts on it (and possibly a white shell border along the bottom) also bonus points if you shape it like a heart or star.

    — suga : he’s so thankful towards you and makes sure to tell you how much it means to him that you’d make him a cake. he doesn’t mention the appearance since he knows you tried and that’s all that matters to him; a true gentleman really.

    ✰ his ideal cake would have white icing with flowers on it, but specifically sunflowers. and it doesn’t matter if they’re sugar, candy, or icing flowers, he loves them all.

    — asahi : he’s on the verge of tears, he’s never had anyone make him a cake before !! what does he do? he tries to say thank you but, rather, he says, “are you sure this is for me?”

    ✰ his ideal cake would have pastel yellow icing with piped on smily faces (his favorite are the ones that have their eyes connected; he says they look like they have cool sunglasses on).

    — noya : makes sure you understand he LOVES IT,,, like A WHOLE LOT, (y/n). it also looks like something he would make, and he’d love to get something he made so you making something like that makes him mega happy !!

    ✰ his ideal cake would have light orange icing with NOYA written on the top, preferably in your hand writing but if you’d rather put sugar letters, that’s fine too; just make sure to make them different colors.

    — tanaka : his exact words are, “IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I WANNA SHOVE IT IN MY FACE,,, but maybe try harder next time.” he’s just pulling your leg, of course he loves it. it’s better than anything he could do, and he knows that, he just likes giving you a hard time.

    ✰ his ideal cake would have pale red icing and a droplet border along with top. you would probably make him go into a love-enduced coma if you wrote something like ‘go #5!’ on it too.

    — kageyama : is,,, confused as to why you’re giving him cake. and,,, why does it look like that? wait, did you design it after his favorite type of milk boxes? maybe you’re not so bad after all.

    ✰ his ideal cake would have white & black cow print with a sky blue pleaded or ribbon border along the base, clearly designed after the milk boxes he loves. you’ll have tobio’s heart if you write something like ‘for kageyama :)’ on it as well !!

    — hinata : it’s absolutely lovely, (y/n) !! he’s beamijg with joy when you give it to him, making sure you don’t feel too bad about it looking sloppy and that he likes it cause you made it.

    ✰ his ideal cake would have lavender colored icing and piped on daisies (but if you’d rather use candy or sugar flowers that’s okay too), they’re simple yet beautiful to him !! he likes looking at them almost as much as he enjoys looking at you.

    — tsukki : the little shit would probably tell you he could do better without his glasses -_- but we all know deep down he loves it since you tried to make it look like a dinosaur; let alone making it his favorite shades of green.

    ✰ his ideal cake would have mint green icing with dark green dollops to imitate the back plates of a stegosaurus. his heart will absolutely MELT if you make the dino have a lopsided smile (that’s clearly an accident) but he won’t tell you that.

    — yams : he’s constantly thanking you, clearly over his original state of shock. he’s like hinata because he’s smiling from ear to ear. he’s so happy that you would go out of your way to do something like this all for him !!

    ✰ his ideal cake would have a little bit of a brighter orange than noya’s cake with rainbow sprinkles on the sides of it, and he’d love it if you put a swirl border on the top with even more sprinkles (he likes sprinkles okay).

    — ukai : would straight up tell you he hates cake and prefers brownies or cookies, but really he loves cake. he acts unaffected, but on the inside he’s freaking out and that’s why he blurts out the fact he doesn’t eat cake.

    ✰ his ideal cake would have chocolate icing and a swirl border with cookie crumbles tossed on the top since it reminds him of his childhood. he especially likes it when there’s pieces of cookie in the border icing since it gives it texture, according to him.

    — takeda : he’s so grateful !! “i love it, thank you ! w-would you like to share it?” please say yes, he’d love you a million times more (if that’s even possible).

    ✰ his ideal cake would be a common carrot cake, but it’s all over if you pipe a tiny carrot on the top; are you just trying to kill him from cuteness? he adores it so so much, especially since it’s obvious you out effort into it.

    — kiyoko : unsure what to do since no one’s ever given her a cake. she’s more awkward about it than yamaguchi or asahi, but still gives you a heartwarming smile; she likes that you willingly put in effort, it’s attractive to her.

    ✰ her ideal cake would have classic whipped icing and dollops of icing as the top border topped with cherries on each one. if you put a pair of cherries at the base of the cake, whether it be for decoration or to cover a mistake you made, she’d giggle and find it cute.

    — yachi : woahh, it’s so cool !! but, maybe next time call her over to your house so she can help you decorate since she loves doing that type of stuff.

    ✰ her ideal cake would have strawberry icing, white ribbon borders on the top with rainbow sprinkles on the inside circle, and swoop/banner-type decorations on the sides. if one or two just so happen to not connect, it’s alright, you’ll still get a kiss on the cheek and an A for effort.

    other haikyu!! works.

    r0hans-cafe © 2021 all rights reserved.

    #🏐. haikyu!! #haikyu!! #haikyuu!! #haikyu x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyu imagines#haikyuu imagines#daichi sawamura #daichi x reader #koshi sugawara #suga x reader #asahi azumane #asahi x reader #yu nishinoya #noya x reader #ryunosuke tanaka #tanaka x reader #kei tsukishima #tsukishima x reader #tadashi yamaguchi #yamaguchi x reader #keishin ukai #ukai x reader #ittetsu takeda #takeda x reader #kiyoko shimizu #kiyoko x reader #hitoka yachi #yachi x reader
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  • kirishwima
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    ok yknow what. im gonna start working on that Tsukishima fic

    #im hyped to rn so ill check the chapters plan and start writing #i rly wanna make another smau but i have no ideas currently orz #burrito talks#tsukishima kei
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  • perfectgalaxybouquetuniverse
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    so we all know punk!yamaguchi is a thing but can we consider punk!yachi? imagine

    i have been listening to no more friends - olivia o’brien ft. oli sykes & bring me the horizon and imagine:

    yamaguchi, kenma, ennoshita, and yachi heartbroken while tanaka and kiyoko are dating and tsukki and kuro are dating but there’s added drama

    someone please make art or a story out of this but also give credit

    #my only hc for this au that i can think of rn is that everyone is pan #and i also want rarepairs to happen #please i need content #perfect’s post #haikyuu!! #haikyuu#yamayachi#tsukkiyama#tsukiyama#kiyoyachi#perfect’s thoughts#tsukishima kei#shimizu kiyoko#yamaguchi tadashi#hitoka yachi#karasuno
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    Tsukishima: I would 100% risk my life during a match and do everything so we’ll be able to win a game, but I will never text them back.

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  • aikobi
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    Do you actually love me?

    ⇢ Tsukishima x male reader

    ⇢ Warnings : swearing

    ⇢ Notes : Tsukishima called you at 3am to tell you something.

    You were laying on your bed trying to sleep. You closed your eyes, and you hugged your pillow. You were about to sleep until you heard your phone ringing. “Who would be calling at this late,” you groaned. You grabbed your phone and looked at the number who was calling you. Tsukishima was calling you but at first you hesitated to answer.

    You answered the call.

    “Uh hello…” you said, “why are you calling me at….3 in the morning.”

    “Can you meet me at the park?” Tsukishima asked, “like right now.”

    It took you a few seconds to realize what he was saying. “Uh sure,” you said, “but why?”

    “Just come and meet me,” Tsukishima said.

    “Fine.” You said.

    You stretched and grabbed a jacket. You walked quietly to your front door trying to not wake anyone. You went outside and started to walk to the park where Tsukishima wanted to meet up.

    You finally made it to the park to see Tsukishima sitting on a bench waiting for you. You approached Tsukishima and he stood up from the bench. There was an uncomfortable silence so you decided to say something.

    “Uh, what do you want to talk about?” You asked. Tsukishima took a deep breath and asked, “do you actually love?”

    You were speechless and you looked at Tsukishima to see him looking at the floor. “Of course I do!” You exclaimed, “I am your boyfriend and I was the one who confessed to you.” “Why would you ask that?” You asked.

    “Well,” Tsukishima hesitated to answer your question. “It something stupid you don’t need to worry about.” Tsukishima answered. “Now I am more worried!” You exclaimed. “Is there something wrong?” You asked, looking at Tsukishima. “Well,” Tsukishima said, “Tanaka said he saw a girl confessing to you..”

    “He told me you rejected her confession,” Tsukishima mumbled, “but then he told me that if I don’t stop teasing you.” Tsukishima took a deep breath, “that you might break up with me.”

    “I was scared that you might break up with me, or don’t love me,” Tsukishima said, “because of my salty or rude attitude…” You only stared at Tsukishima dumbfounded at what he said.

    Tsukishima waited for you to say something. It was silent until you grabbed his hand. “I love you,” you said, “I confessed to you, and why would I break up with you for being salty.” "If I didn't like your salty attitude or you teasing why would I confessed in the first place." You said.

    Tsukishima put his chin on top of your head and hugged you. You hugged him back and both of you stayed in the same position for a few minutes. You were enjoying his warmth nuzzling your face into his chest.

    “I love you,” Tsukishima said.

    He was waiting for your response.

    “I love myself too,” you said. Tsukishima scoffed and stopped hugging you. “Hey, wait!” You yelled before he can walk away you grabbed his hand.

    “I love you too”

    #haikyuu x male reader #tsukishima x male reader #tsukishima kei x male reader #tsukishima kei #haikyuu!! #oneshot#haikyuu fluff#male reader #anime x male reader #hq x male reader
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    🏡 — chapter one: kagehina’s housing troubles

    you were about to put down your phone when it suddenly rang, tsukishima kei’s name flashing on your screen. you picked up his call and greeted him with your signature “it’s-too-tiring-to-pick-up-the-phone-but-i-still-did-because-you’re-my-friend” groan.

    “so you let them live with you.” he said, not even saying so much as a hello.

    “hello to you too, pretty boy.” you giggled, shifting on your bed to a more comfortable position. “are you mad?”

    “no. i just saw your tweet. didn’t think they’d be really serious about living with you, though.”

    “mm. maybe you’re jealous?”

    he scoffed. “you wish. i’m just concerned.”

    “oh? concerned about what?”

    “concerned about them.” you can feel him smirking from the other line. “because they’re living with a lunatic like you.”

    you rolled your eyes, despite him not being able to see your reaction. “shut the fuck up, kei.” the two of you were silent for a few seconds before you spoke again in a hushed tone. “i’m really excited, though.”

    “why so?”

    you smiled. “because i’m going to be living with my best friends.”

    he chuckled. “yeah, that sounds like fun.”

    “why can’t you just move to tokyo? i heard tadashi’s quitting his job to move here, too.”

    “it’s not that easy, y/n.” he sighed. “had an offer here in miyagi to work in the museum. i can’t let that pass.”

    you sat up. “but there’s museums here in tokyo, too!”

    “rent’s expensive.”

    “you can live with me?”


    silence enveloped the two of you once more. it had been common knowledge that tsukishima kei had no intention of leaving miyagi ever since the six of you started talking about the future, what’s going to happen after high school, etcetera. the ideal situation was all of you in the same city, in the same place, meeting up almost everyday as if nothing had changed. of course, not everything goes to plan.

    you knew kageyama tobio and hinata shoyo would pursue volleyball. after all, during your and yachi hitoka’s time as karasuno volleyball team’s managers, they were the most obvious candidates of student athletes going pro. what you didn’t expect was shoyo moving to another country for four whole years, but he did come back afterwards. yamaguchi tadashi was an office worker in miyagi as well, but had recently set his sights in improving his career in tokyo. yachi hitoka pursued design (obviously), while you went on to become a game developer.

    “it’s better if you were here, though.” you whispered, breaking the silence.

    kei let out a soft laugh. “you miss me too much.”

    “i do not.”

    “you do.”

    “i absolutely don’t.”

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