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  • sailortaro
    22.09.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    haikyuu x pacific rim au

    // inspired by but for me there is a storm (fic, 18+)

    #my art #def made tsukki too pretty but oh well that's how I roll #haikyuu!! #hq #haikyū!! #hq fanart #pacific rim au #bfmtias #but for me there is a storm #tsukishima kei#tsukkiyama#yamaguchi tadashi#pacific rim#anime art#anime fanart#haikyuu fanart#digital illustration#digital art#authoress #haikyuu x pacific rim
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  • hoshiumiii
    22.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ok im so out of touch w my regression it’s been like over a year n ive given upBUT ANYWAYS probably gonna spam this acc with random haikyuu shit!!! hope that’s ok.

    #also by haikyuu shit i mean autistic ushijima rambles #projects onto ushijima #also my tsukki headphones r coming friday! #i’ve had some haikyuu Thoughts brewing recently n i need somewhere to dump them mwuhahahah
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  • smollcatart
    21.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    This is my other project, a smaller one compared to New Road to Travel by

    This is Lucky Cat; a Second Chance

    And this is when I was still solidifying character designs and such

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  • hisvillainess
    21.09.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #ALSO YOU KILLED ME WITH YOUR TSUKKI THIRST #I swear there’s not enough tsukki content like that out there #sob sobs #🥀;letters to ryu #via: cass
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  • cripplingaddictions
    21.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Hugs with some Haikyuu Boys

    Requested by my bb @school-is-slowly-killing-me: Hello again 😊😊
    Could you pls do headcanons for what you think it’d be like hugging Daichi, Noya, Tsuki and mah bb Tendou? 

    A/N: Yes, of course I can!! Feed me more soft prompts anytime 🤲 Love ya too ❤️


    Lemme just say, he’s beefy 

    So lots of muscles but also incredibly soft somehow?

    He’s the type to hug his friends so he was far from awkward when hugging you

    He knows exactly what to do with his arms, his left is always over your shoulder while his right hooks under your armpit

    He’s always so close to you, no room to wriggle free 

    Smells great too arghh

    Totally engulfs you, but he’s not much of a cuddler 

    So when sleeping with him you have to lie on top

    Don’t worry,, he’s broad enough for anyone

    He’s like 99% chest and shoulders when hugging



    I’m restraining from making this height biased pleaseee

    Freaks out when hugging you the first time if he likes you 

    Once he does it the first time he gets so comfortable with it

    The type to hug you at whatever point of yours that is level with his shoulders

    So if his shoulders are up to your biceps, he’ll pin your arms to your sides and sQUEEZE 

    If his shoulders are level with your head (unlucky but listen), he’d hug your head

    It feels like your brain is about to pop out of the top of your head from the pressure 

    Jumps on you from any direction

    Unashamed little spoon!! 

    If he’s feeling extra playful, he’ll sway with you in his arms then bodyslam you 


    Oh honey good luck getting him to hug you in the first place

    Dating or not, he hates physical affection like that

    You’d have to be the one to hug him, and he’d be as stiff as a board

    Pushes you off him gently after two seconds lol

    Warms up slowly

    Arm around your shoulder is probably the best you’d get for a long while

    On a very special occasion would he hug you properly

    And that’d still be a brief exchange

    More into putting a hand on your back to great you if he wants to display physical affection

    I feel he might even put an arm around your waist when walking you places sometimes

    But that’s because he wants to guide you somewhere, not for affection


    Bestie loves hugs and he’s great at them

    Despite being a bit boney, he’s super warm

    His arms are so long they can wrap fully around you and snake you all the way in

    You can’t escape his hugs, not that you’d want to

    The type to keep you in his arms while he just rambles about whatever

    His chin on your head!! It hurts if he’s talking tho!!

    If not,, it’s so intimate and sweet this baby

    Big squeezer too but never for too long

    Massive cuddle fan, that’s when the length of all his limbs come in handy

    Probably calls hugging you him being the tortilla to your burrito 

    Good way to describe it tbh

    Gosh just hug him back when he hugs you he deserves it

    #haikyuu#hq #hq x reader #haikyuu x reader #tendo headcanons#tendo satori#haikyuu tendo #nishinoya x reader #nishinoya hcs #nishinoya yu x reader #hq nishinoya#tsukishima kei#haikyuu tsukishima#haikyuu tsukki #tsukishima kei x reader #tsukishima x reader #daichi headcanon#daichi #daichi x reader #hq daichi#sawamura daichi
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  • hisvillainess
    21.09.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #you deserve a kith for this #the way to my heart is luci #and sukuna#and tsukki #🥀;letters to ryu #via: shellz
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  • hisgoodpuppy
    21.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    shintember // au week: skateboarder (sk8 the infinity?)

    weekend was chaotic so here i am delivering a late submission on these prompts. either way, i’m having a blast & that’s all that matters!

    on a scale of 1-10, 10 being SPICY SPICY tamale, how hot does shinsou look like this?

    art insta ❀ kofi

    #i’m just not used to drawing hot characters #i make everything cute #also #ITS TSUKKIs BIRTHDAY WEEK #i’m gonnna be soooo busy #shinsou hitoshi#bnha fanart#shintember#small artist #self taught artist #puppy.art🐾 #hitoshi shinsou#shinsou fanart
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  • coveairi
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    me @ Tsukki

    #—remind me; tsukki
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  • shiggyscumrag
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I would like to say that my heart goes out to two men, and two men only.

    Kirishimq Ejirou

    Where do I begin with this man. This big boobied himbo man. I love him. Wjay else can I say. He is just...perfect. chefs kisses.
    He is sweet, kind, caring, compassionate, strong (mentally and physically), funny, encouraging, he is just the total package. He is the embodiment of treat people how ypu wanna be treated. He was genuinely kind and worried about a VILLIAN that he beat up after said villian was trying to KILL HIM!! Who tf would do that other than my man's Ejirou Kirishima. No one, that's who.
    Man's is one and a million. He would do anything for the people he loves and cares for. You're in trouble, he's there. You need help with a simple task, he's there. Need some encouraging words to get you through the day, he's got you man.
    Genuinely one of the best characters ever created. A very well rounded character. Not to mentjon he is absolutely adorable and very hot. Good day.

    Tsukishima Kei

    I love this man so fucking much its a genuine problem- look ypu see he was my first ever genuine crush on a fictional character so I think it's only fair that I have this special attachment to him.
    Not only would I love him with my whole heart, but I would also bully the shit out of him. I would pull shit 24/7. He's never safe. I would call him tsuki even if he told me not too, sorry not sorry goggles.
    Eventually we would earn eachothers respect and become friends because I said so. Then we would become more because soulmates or whatever<3
    We are very similar but very different at the same time so I feel it would work. My friend agreed with me and said that I would bring him out of his shell and I couldn't agree more.
    I just simply love him. I wanted to beat the ever loving shit out of him at the beginning of the series but he slowly grew on me. When he finally shut put ushijima I fell over the cliff and fell madly in love with him. There was no going back.
    Tsuki will forever and always be my first fictional crush, along with my of comfort character. I even have a little braclet that I wear when I'm feeling anxious that my friend made me and it has his name on it. Idk where it is though and I've already broke down twice trying to find it :))
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  • zorostan
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    rewatch haikyuu won't fix any of my problems but i'm still doing it anyway

    #kageyama is so precious i feel like i should appreciate him even more #my boy is always serving: blushing every time hinata does something sweet; smiling like a serial killer; #obsessively stalking kenma; hitting hinata for NO REASON; jealous every time hinata looks at another person; #ready to fight tsukki (the evil) 24/7; drinking his milk like a goos boy #protect him at all costs 😖✋
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  • akimind
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #courier#re: miyakiniku#あきちゃん^ ^ #ごめんねあきちゃん.... there's no comfort.. #maybe tsukki is the fuel i needed for the next one shot or two..
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  • tendous-socks
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    just thinking about tsukki and burnt out reader

    maybe you were both studying at his house with yams, or maybe you were on your way home from volleyball.

    but you had remained uncharacteristically quite in your walk home with the two. oh course they both took notice and just thought you had a rough day.

    though it didn’t seem the case as the next day you didn’t even bother to say “good morning” as you usually do when you walk into the class.

    lunch wasn’t better either. you tried. really tried to laugh and goof off with the rest of your friends as they told stories and jokes. you just couldn’t keep up with the conversation as you usually did.

    it’s like you messed a day of school.

    tsukki noticed this as you grabbed your lunch and packed it away into your backpack. gently zipping as to not make much noise. excusing yourself to the bathroom. you didn’t come back for the rest of the break.

    he was getting tired of it. truly he was. the smile unsure smiles, prominent rings under your eyes, your shallow moves - everything.

    so he did what he did best.

    pisses you off by confrontation.

    to make sure you were okay of course…

    but it quickly turned to a shit show

    “ hey. what the hells up with your? you’re like zombie. did your body finally catch up with your brain?” he smirked as he leaned his elbow on your shoulder, calculating eyes meeting yours.

    “ yeah, i’m fine. just tired is all “

    “ you were tired yesterday and went home from club early. stop lying “

    “ tsukki i’m just tired i promise “

    “ then go to sleep earlier, i don’t see the problem. maybe it’s because you’re to dumb to read a clock that you don’t go to be early. let me help you out. when there’s a single line and then an zero, that’s called-“

    he made the number 10 with his hands to show when you suddenly smacked them away. hard.

    “i know tsukki! god cant you just leave me alone? i said i was fine and so i’m fine. no it’s ors nors butts. just shut the hell ip and pisa off!/ youre pissing me off and i really can’t deal with you right now so fuck off!”

    you, teeth clenched as your eyes glistened. he shouldn’t say anything. he really shouldn’t have. but he did.

    fuck god he did

    “ what the hells your problem? i’m only trying to look out for you?? are you on you’r period or something? huh? “

    a smack echoed across the deserted hallway. his cheek stung as your tears flowed freely down your cherry cheeks.

    “ no tsukki! i’m not on a fucking period- god you’re such and asshole” you shoved him as you continued talking “ no my brain didn’t catch up with my sluggish body, no i didn’t fall and hit my head and no! i’m not spending too much time with hinata and kageyama!”

    his back hit the lockers. eyes blown as you counted shoving him, a soft metallic thumping noise rang throughout the hall ways.

    “ i’m tired tsukki” you begged. hands clutching his uniform. you were trembling.

    “ i’m so exhausted just waking up and going to school. i can barely think let alone help you guys with volleyball. i can barely talk without cutting myself off and i just need to rest. “ you sighed moving closer to him as he stood frozen.

    “tsukki… i’m sorry if i’ve been a drag lately. but i’m just so mentally exhausted with tests and nationals coming up. and home hasn’t really been home lately and i just. need a year off to gather myself and cool off. “

    you rested your head against his chest. soaking his shirt as you nuzzled closer to him. he was stiff as a board. he didn’t know what to do. how to help.

    he looked down the hallway making sure that all students have gone to class. he placed his hand on your head. cradling it as you sniffed more into his embrace. well, you can hardly call it one as his hand just held you head as his other just laid limp awkwardly.

    “ you’re burnt out. “

    “ i know “

    “ you need to take better care of yourself “

    “ it’s hard “

    “ i know “

    “ we have to back to class” he said softly, noting the se ones that ticked by. a soft hum left you as you moved your arms around his waist. a shiver crawled up his spine as you took a step closer.

    “ y/n” he huffed, a red tint painting his cheeks as his limp hand clenched a bit.

    “please tsukki. don’t be an ass for once and comfort me”


    was this self indulgent? yes.

    did i write this while i was at the mall? absolutely

    will i read over and edit. 🙂

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  • lightdraconisofficial
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    “Nihai yem."

    "...o bana pas attığında her bloğu yarıp geçebiliyorum!"

    "Kesinlikle mi? "Gyun"u mu yapıyoruz? Gerçekten mi?"


    "Hinata'nın arka bölgeye geçtiği zamanlarda ise atakları durdurmak benim işim."

    "Bak sen, pardon ya. O kadar küçüksün ki göremedim valla."


    "Dangalak Hinata!"

    "Bugün havamdayım, yeni hücumu yapabilir miyiz?"

    "İlk feykini elini yüzüne bulaştırdın gerçi."


    "Shiratorizawa'yı yerlerde süründüreceğim!"

    "O yüzden pasör olarak kaybetmeyeceğim."

    "...bacaksız velet!"

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  • boombboi
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    My thought process

    > tries to remember what Chuuya called Ango in Dead Apple

    > remembering the word for 'glasses' in Japanese

    > aha moment! "Megumi-chan" (insert Gojo's voice)

    > no that's not it *wheezes the stupidity out*

    > remembers Sis Magne from MHA, it's similar to her name


    > proceeds to remember Kuroo calling Tsukki "Megane-kun"

    #the tale of glasses #i call this thought process #bsd #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#mha #my hero academia #bnha #boku no hero academia #mha magne#jjk gojo#bsd chuuya#bsd ango#hq tsukishima#hq kuroo#hq tsukki#jjk megumi
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  • ohno-otome
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #usually it’s keishin or Oikawa or Tsukki hehe #🍾—ask game#🍻—anon
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  • johnsrevelation
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    why am i suddenly thinking of absolutely pussy drunk, whipped tsukishima, who's obsessed with you and can't stop hoping you'll return his feelings. when you kiss him after the first date he almost explodes, rubs his cock raw that night with whimpers of your name. After date number two you pull your skirt up in the dark halfway of your apartment and beg him to stuff your cunt. You've been wet all through the stupid blockbuster movie, since he gently took your hand. His hard, snarky persona is mauled by your antics, all he can and want to do is obey and make you cum.

    #tsukki x reader #tsukki x you #tsukishima x reader #tsukishima drabbles#tsukishima smut#haikyuu smut
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  • hq-girl-next-door
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Your fave noticing how you're not moving as fast as you usually do. How you're not as uppity as you usually are. How today you just seem a little off. So when you sit on the couch to try and relax- try and get rid of the skull pounding headache you've had all day- your fave sits down next to you without saying a word. Moving their hand to the back of your head while their fingers lightly dance along your scalp. You can't help but close your eyes and relax against their fingertips. Feeling their fingers comb through your hair and gently massage your head. The only thing working to help get rid of your headache and your fave knows exactly what to do.

    #ugh i want Oikawa or Tsukki to play with my hair rn #going on a few days with a terrible headache #stupid weather changes fucks with my head and sinises so bad 😣😤 #stress probably doesn't help either 😪 #anyway... #heres a drabble! lol #rae.writes #fave x reader
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  • haikyuu-incorrectquotes
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Every friend group should include a bimbo,

    a mean bisexual,

    an even meaner lesbian,



    a token straight that’s on thin ice,

    an astrology bitch who has everyone’s brith chart memorised,

    the one who’s obsessed with dinosaurs,

    a confused gay,

    and a short King

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  • littlemisskeigo
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tsukishima: I’m sarcastic, with dry humor. I like volleyball as an afterschool club, I just don’t want to devote my life to it. I am an introvert because I’m not great at trusting people yet.

    Tsukishima: In other words I am a completely normal 15-year-old boy that gets better as I learn and grow. my teammates don’t even mind, always offer to help and I’m perfectly civil with my best friend of like 6 years.

    HQ fans: but he’s a bully that tells everyone to kill themselves 24/7 and is dispassionate and hates volleyball and tells everyone to quit - his music taste is shit and he’d be such a terrible boyfriend how could you like him, yamaguchi deserves better, he’d insult you and cheat - string bean french fry giraffe looking ass🤢🤢🤢

    #kei tsukki#kei tsukishima #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff#haikyu#volleyball#yamaguchi tadashi #the lady speaks #this is only partially a joke
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