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    Dan: Tsu, can you do me a favor?

    Tsunade: I would literally cover up a murder you committed, plant my DNA at the crime scene and take the blame for you.

    Dan: Cool I guess ? Can you do the dishes please?

    Tsunade: No.

    #I know it's rare I post TsunaDan BUT TELL ME THIS ISN'T THEM #it's them#tsunade#dan#tsunadan#dantsuna#sannin#naruto
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    11. Тонкости эксперимента, Длительная миссия — фанфик по фэндому «Naruto»

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    i've been getting into naruto lately, i might start contributing to the fandom 🤔


    #mitsvyaswife #new content probably??? #nobody really cares tho #naruto#rock lee #rock lee is the loml #so is sakura and temari and kiba and shikamaru and ino and #and kurenai #kurenai is the loml #have i said i loved kiba #and also shino #have i mentioned hinata yet #NEJIIIIIIII#TENTEN 😍⁉️ #JIRAIYA'S 50 LMFAOOAOA???? #sy.interacts & posts #i love sakura <3 #WAIT ISNT TSUNADE 50 AS WELL OMG #orochimaru.......... #no #dont. #FEMALE OROCHIMARU #LMAO! #female orochimaru #KABUTO AS WELL IM SORRY #have i said hayate #yes hayate #idc what you anti-sakura's say
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    Fixing My Mistakes

    Words: 4064

    For: @apricitobio who asked for Mafia au with Lee, Tsunade, Kakashi and Pakkun and got....ya...I'm sorry for everything.

    Move. Don’t stop moving, no matter what.

    His head spun violently, making it impossible for him to see what way he was going. All he knew was forward, but it was impossible to tell where ‘forward’ was when nothing would sit still.

    Find Tsunade. She’ll help.

    Tsunade. That was the only thing he could properly focus on at the moment. The name of a woman he had never met. This would all be so much easier if Kakashi had stayed with him. If he had at least gone in with him to help find the woman.

    Alone, he was lost.

    “How-” something grabbed his pant leg suddenly, tugging him in the opposite direction. “What?” His words are greeted by a low growl. A sound he’s only familiar with because of the time he had spent around Kakashi. One of the hounds was with him.

    He wasn’t alone.

    “Where do I, ahh,” pain flared through his arm, running up his biceps and stopping at his shoulder. It felt like his limb was on fire. As if he had combusted on the spot, fire licking at his skin and burning him alive inch by inch.

    He wasn’t on fire though, he knew that much. The pain was from the bullet wound he had sustained, and the only reason it wasn’t more prominent was because of the hit he had taken to the head directly after. His head couldn’t focus on any one injury, so each of them sprang up randomly. Hitting him all over again, as if he had just been struck by a bullet or smacked across the face by a bat.

    The pull-on his leg continued, dragging him in a direction he couldn’t even see. At this point, with the world spinning around him so violently, the only option he had was to trust whichever dog had been left at his side. He could only hope they knew where they were going.

    His steps were awkward, his feet tripping over themselves while he tried to keep himself upright. Awake and alert, when all his body wanted to do was collapse where he was. The distant sound of an automatic door opening broke through the confusion, but it didn’t clarify anything for him.

    All he knew was he was being led somewhere.

    He just hoped that ‘somewhere’ was safe.

    “Pakkun!” The name caught his attention, though he couldn’t quite figure out why. It was familiar, but his mind just couldn’t seem to place where he knew it from. “What-” suddenly his body was being tugged in another direction while orders were thrown around. None of the words made sense, but when his feet suddenly lifted off of the ground and the soft padding of a mattress hit his back, he knew Pakkun had brought him to the correct place. It was the only explanation.

    As he began to drift off, the pull of exhaustion finally claiming victory in their argument, he could only hope that he had arrived on time. That the person Kakashi had entrusted his life to was someone who could handle the mess of injured he had sustained in a fight he barely remembered.

    “Shot…concussion…surgery…” the words swam around in his head, screaming urgency as his body begged for rest. Sleep was the last thing he should be seeking out at this moment, that was something he knew. A fact that had been trained into him from day one.

    If you’re injured and losing blood, stay conscious. Force yourself to keep those eyes open. Refuse to succumb to that desperate need for sleep. If you sleep, you die.

    Gai’s words led him through every mission. Pushed him forward no matter what happened, and today was no different. Sleep, no matter how enticing, was something he could not risk right now. It was going to have to wait, and for the first time since he joined the Nara gang, Lee was glad Kakashi had made a habit of forcing all recruits to go two days without sleep every month to prepare them for any situation that might demand it.

    “Hold on kid,” the words cut through his jumbled throughs, followed by a weight on his shoulder. “I’ll get you through this.”

    Everything had gone wrong.

    From the moment Kakashi and Lee had arrived at the meeting location, Kakashi had a terrible feeling in his gut screaming at him to grab Lee and run for it. To get out of there as fast as he could. He was kicking himself for not listening. Risking himself, and most importantly Lee, like that was stupid of him. There was no reason for it.

    He had gotten Lee out of the fry though. Delivered him to the hospital, and made sure Pakkun was there to get him to Tsunade for help. Usually, he would have gone in with the kid to make sure he survived, but today he had a score to settle.

    There were still people standing when he dragged Lee out of that warehouse and he had every intention of rectifying that little issue. Teaching them a lesson.

    Thankfully, not one person had left the scene by the time he returned. Every single car was still sitting outside, waiting for its owners to return to them. Too bad.

    It seemed such a waste of good cars.

    “On the count of three,” he instructed the hounds as he grabbed the handle to the large warehouse door, keeping his voice low so the people cheering and congratulating themselves inside couldn’t hear him. “One, two, three!”

    Hauling the door open, he watched as the hounds dashed inside. Each of them chooses their target from the group and goes in for the kill. Bisuke jumped onto the table where the deal had been going down and aimed himself for one man standing right behind it, latching onto his neck and tearing out like the guts of a squeaky toy.

    Bull barrelled through the group, aiming for anyone who dared to grab a gun and swiftly removing their hands without remorse.

    The rest of the hounds took their time. Picking apart their targets piece by piece while their screams filled the air. Leaving only one person standing out of the twelve that had dared to attack him and Lee.

    That last one wasn’t to be touched. The hounds knew that.

    Stepping into the room, he examined the carnage. Making sure to take time to pat each of the hounds on the head as he passed them, and slowly closed in on the last man standing. A coward, that’s what he would call him. A man so afraid for his own life he had forsaken his comrades in the middle of the hounds’ blood bath and run off cowering behind some crates.

    Likely praying that the hounds wouldn’t seek him out.

    That he would not be forced to join the others in whatever special little box of hell was waiting for them.

    “Get up,” Kakashi ordered, coming to a stop just in front of the crate. “Or I’ll shoot you right now.” Doing as he was told, the man clambered to his feet. His hands hovering above his head, visible to Kakashi so he knew he wasn’t holding any weapons. As if that meant anything. Kakashi knew better than most that a weapon was always nearby. Easily accessible at the smallest sign of vulnerability. “I have a message. You’ll be able to deliver it, right?”

    “Y-yes,” the man whispered, cringing when he saw the bloody floors and the carnage that the hounds had created. “What is it?”

    “Tell whoever sent you idiots, that they had better have some damn good bodyguards,” Anger laced his words. A wave of cool, collected anger that he had been told was far more terrifying than the outbursts of emotion so many others would show in this situation. “Unless of course, they want to be the hounds next meal.” At the mention of a meal, Akino barked. Always the dramatic dog willing to add a sprinkle of terror into his handler’s words.

    It worked perfectly. The poor bastard practically crawled out of his skin when he heard Akino speak up, and immediately bolted for the door. No doubt hoping against all odds that Kakashi didn’t just shoot him in the back of the head or set the dogs on him last minute.

    That went against his plans though.

    Revenge wouldn’t be half as fun if the slimy bastard that planned all of this wasn’t peering over his shoulders terrified of what was coming.

    First though…

    “I have to make a call,” he informed the hounds, making his way towards the door to keep an eye out for any more unwelcomed guests. “Take care of what you can.”

    With the order given, the hounds dug in. Taking care of every little scrap that they could while Kakashi dialled the phone. The meat wasn’t a problem for the hounds, but blood was something better-taken care of by others. He just hoped Shibi would answer the phone.

    The hospital buzzed with noise. Every word the nurses whispered to each other, the orders she threw around, the steady beep of the heart monitor drumming in her ears. A constant reminder of what she was trying to do.

    It was a busy night in the hospital, just as it always was. Yet, even with her hands already so full of the sick and needy here she was. Elbows deep inside of a kid who couldn’t be older than twenty, hoping against all odds he had shown up in times. That Sakumo’s idiot kid hadn’t taken too long getting him here.

    “Idiot” she scolded the man she had come to know so well over the years. A man who was just as reckless, and just as selfless as his own father. Always putting himself into danger without thought of the consequences. A particular trait Tsunade had always hated, but allowed to slide because it was only ever himself that he harmed. “So, stupid…”

    “Dr. Senju?” One of the nurses called out to her, stepping back when she lifted her eyes away from the patient to glare at him. “I- sorry. Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine,” she snapped, knowing that it was a lie. A terrible, horrible lie she told herself every time she was in one of these rooms with another patient’s blood staining her glovers. Whenever she found herself back in this same surgery room, working desperately to save another life.

    To keep another name off of the growing list of people she had failed to save.

    “Idiot,” she whispered to herself once more, this time a bit more carefully. Ensuring that the nurses surrounding her didn’t hear. “When I see you again…”

    I had better see you again.

    She left the last words unspoken. There was no time to think of those ‘what if’ scenario’s that terrified her so much. She had a patient who needed her attention. Dwelling on what she couldn’t control would only make things worse.

    Cold Wind cut through his jacket, sending shivers down his spine. Still, he stood dutifully by the doors of the warehouse while the Hounds finished their work. Off in the distance, he saw headlights in the distance, his back tensing up with fear as all of the possibilities ran through his mind.

    It could be the police, who have been known to interrupt clean-up jobs before and catch people in the act of taking care of business. Almost every gang had lost good people to those fleeting moments of police interference, and Kakashi refused to be one of them. No matter what he had to do to get out safe and alive.

    Another gang. It wasn’t uncommon for backup to be sent in after an attack. If another fight was in the books, he would just have to find another way to take care of the bodies. The hounds already had their fill, and he wasn’t about to force them to take care of more mess because someone else decided to pick a fight.

    Shibi. His body relaxed when the lights flashed with their code, letting him know that the driver was the man he had called in. Someone he was expecting to arrive.

    Keeping his position, he watched as the car pulled up beside his and the familiar black-haired man stepped out with his sunglasses sitting over his face just as they always did. Even though it was two in the morning and pitch black outside.

    “You’re getting yourself into trouble again,” those were the first words Kakashi was greeted with, and he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Getting himself into trouble was fun. It came with adventure and calculated danger. There was nothing fun about the situation he had found himself in tonight. “How much damage?”

    “Ten dead,” this was the easiest part of the night. Filling Shibi in on all of the details. Not having to worry about shooting anyone, or dragging anyone to the hospital. Just the familiar calm of a debriefing. A moment to breathe. “The hounds should be finished doing their part soon.”

    “Mmm,” coming to a stop in front of Kakashi, Shibi did a quick once over. “You’re covered in blood.”

    “Not mine,” a miracle really, given how many injuries Lee had sustained in the fight. “I’ve double-checked so don’t worry about me.”

    “You know better than to tell me that,” Shibi scolded him. “I don’t worry.”

    “Right, sorry,” taking a step back, he watched as Shibi headed in to examine the damage. “I have a change of clothes in my car if that’s what you’re concerned about.” no response follows. Unsurprising, given that Shibi was a man that liked to focus when he was accessing the job being handed off to him. A quick change before he left, and a nice fire somewhere far away from home would take care of any unwanted evidence that could lead the cops back to him for this mess. Kakashi was a lot of things, but sloppy was not one of them.

    Returning from the warehouse, Shibi took his spot by Kakashi’s side. A clear indication that the hounds were not quite done with their work. “Injuries?”

    “Lee,” the only thing Kakashi had been able to do was send Gai a text. Encrypted, but with all the information he needed. Hopefully, by the time he made it to the hospital, Gai would already be there waiting to give him the news on Lee’s condition. “It was his first job. I knew something was up but…”

    Lee had been so excited when Shikaku had paired them for the meeting. Ready to prove himself as a valuable member of the gang and ensure they got out of there with the goods they had come for. Instead, he had ended up being thrown over Kakashi’s shoulder and carried out of a fight that was way over his head.

    His first mission, and possibly his last.

    “You’re blaming yourself,” Shibi scolded. “You know better than to do that.”

    “How can I not?” it was rare for him to be placed on jobs with newbies. Usually, Gai would take the job and ensure everything went fine. He was better suited to helping people who were still new to the job. Lee had more training than others, sure, but he was still a newbie.

    Someone needed to watch out for him and clearly that someone was not Kakashi.

    “You got him out of danger, right?” Kakashi nodded his head, thinking back to the moment he had pulled up at the hospital and shoved Lee out of the front seat. Pakkun had jumped out to ensure he got to where he was going, but hanging around wasn’t an option for Kakashi. There was too much risk in being seen by someone who would try to pick a fight with him, or a cop who would see all of the injuries and use it as an excuse to throw some cuffs on his wrists. There was also the fact that he had to come back.

    That there were people in this warehouse who had thought they had won the day. Chased the ‘Scarcrow’ off without repercussions. It was his job to deal with them before word got around and people started to get ideas. His reputation protected him, and he couldn’t let that reputation be damaged for any reason. If it was…there were too many people under his protection for him to risk that.

    A hand settled in his hair, forcing him to focus on the present once more. Glaring at the older man, he huffed when he was greeted with a knowing look. The same look Shibi always gave him when he had some important knowledge to pass down to him as if he was the same sixteen-year-old he had saved from nearly dying at the hands of a hired gun far more experienced and deadly than he was at the time.

    “Once your hounds are done, leave,” he ordered, forgoing advice for the time being. “It has been a long enough night for you. I’ll take care of the rest.”

    Not dumb enough to argue with Shibi, Kakashi simply nodded his head. Even at his age, he knew better than to try and dig his heels into the ground. With anyone else that may work, but Shibi wasn’t other people. When he told someone what to do it was because he had complete confidence in his ability to complete the job.

    Kakashi wasn’t going to be the one to argue with that confidence. There were other things for him to do before the morning. Getting rid of any evidence on him was first priority, and then visiting Lee in the hospital to make sure he was alright. Somewhere between those two things, he would also have to call Gai to fill him in so he could get himself to the hospital, and he’d have to make a stop along the way to pick up some Sake for Tsunade.

    She always got mad at him when he threw another job at her and failed to provide the sake afterwards.

    Three hours later, Kakashi finally made his way into the hospital through the back door. With a quick check to his phone, he turned down the hallway towards the doctor’s offices.

    According to Gai, Lee was out of surgery and in recovery. With a broken bone and major concussion the kid wouldn’t be seeing work for a little while, but he was alive. That was more than some people could hope for after the injuries he had sustained.

    You got eyes on him?

    It was a dumb question, but Kakashi had to double-check. If Gai needed him at his side right now he would go without question. If he could spare a few minutes to sneak away, though, he would take the opportunity to pop in and give Tsunade the Sake she had earned for putting up with him and the random medical emergencies he always threw at her.

    I’ll keep an eye on him. Come down here when you can. Room: 345

    Reading the last text, Kakashi shoved his phone into his pocket while making a mental note of the room number. Within five minutes the text would be gone. Destroyed by the encryption system Shikamaru had installed into their cellphones.

    He wouldn’t be too long. Just a quick stop into Tsunade’s office and then down to check in on Lee. Gai would want him to fill him in on everything that happened, but that would have to wait until they were far away from anyone who might overhear them.

    Coming to a stop in front of Tsunade’s office, he knocked on the door and waited for a response.

    “Come in,” her voice sounded distant, but Kakashi ignored all of the warning signs going off in his mind and opened the door. When he saw her slumped over her desk, a half-empty bottle of Sake clutched in her hand, he knew he was too late.

    “That bad?” he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, making sure to lock the door so that they weren’t interrupted.

    Lifting her head off of the desk, she glared at him. A look that could kill most others in their spot, but which only caused Kakashi to stop in his tracks. “You,” she growled, settling the bottle down on the desk and standing up. “How many times do I have to tell you-”

    “I didn’t have much of a choice,” he defended himself, holding his hands up in front of his face in a defensive posture and waving the bottle of Sake he had brought in with him. “I brought Sake, but I see I’m a little late for that.”

    “A little,” flopping back into her chair she huffed. “You’re worse than your father.” An insult he had heard more times than he could count in his life. Surprising, given his father was the Chief of Police and he was…well, not.

    Taking a few cautious steps forward, he placed the new bottle of Sake on the desk. “How many more hours do you have on the clock?”

    “Five minutes,” she assured him with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I’m not stupid, Kakashi. Not even my job would be safe if I was caught drinking in the middle of my shift.”

    “I just wanted to make sure,” he assured her. “Well, thank you.”

    “Tell me, Kakashi,” leaning forward she clasped her hands together and propped her elbows up on the desk. “Since when do you take kids into such dangerous situations?”

    “He’s not…” he was though. Even if he was officially an adult now, Lee was still a kid in so many ways. It was only now that Kakashi finally understood why the adults in his life had been so damned overbearing at times. “It wasn’t supposed to be a firefight.”

    “But it was. There’s always that chance it will be,” Tsunade argued. “And you still took a kid into it. You still chose to risk his life like that.”

    “I’m sorry…” usually he would argue. Defend Shikaku and himself from whatever judgement Tsunade had to reign down on them. He didn’t have the energy to do that tonight though. Not when his slow reactions had almost cost Lee his life. “I tried to protect him.”

    “Trying and doing are two very different things,” Tsunade whispered. “Next time, you might not be so lucky.”

    Next time.

    He didn’t even want to think about ‘next time’. There were so many things that could go wrong. So much danger he was putting Lee and the others his age into by training them into a job that could get them killed.

    Of course, any job could get them killed. That was a fact he would always stand by. A Mafia goon and a police officer both had the same chances of getting killed. It was the funeral they got afterwards that was different.

    “I hope for your sake, Kakashi, I’m still around next time,” Tsunade sighed, holding out a hand for the bottle of Sake he was still holding. “Now hand over the Sake. I’m not nearly drunk enough to listen to the story you’re about to tell me.”

    Doing as he was told, Kakashi watched as she dug out two glasses from her top desk drawer and began to open the bottle. “I can stay for one drink and a story,” he informed her. “I still have to fill Gai in on everything, and make sure he’s still standing.”

    “I wouldn’t expect you to hang around long anyways,” waving a hand towards the seat on the other side of her desk, Tsunade waited patiently. “I’m sure he’ll get the more detailed version as well.”

    A smart woman, just as his father had always told him she was when he was still young. Quick-witted with a love for alcohol and gambling that was just as strong as her desire to save people. She knew better than anyone not to ask too many questions.

    That didn’t mean he would leave her with no answers though. She was the one risking her job working on random people he sent her way with no idea what had happened. The least he could do was give her a little bit of background. Even if it was heavily redacted.

    #Hatake Kakashi#Rock Lee#tsunade senju#Pakkun#shibi aburame#Mafia Au#Blood#Blood Mention#Blood TW#Gore #The Hounds are effective #I have no idea how to tag this #but #lots of blood and gore
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    “Mnmnmnmnm.... 5 more minutes please....”

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    #Slugs of Healing [ Tsunade ] #Married In The Flames [ Takashi ] #[ historias-multorum ] #theres something incredibly funny to me about the idea that takashi is like 'hm. i feel good. something is wrong then.'
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    #naruto#kabuto#kabuto yakushi#mangacap#chapter 165 #search for tsunade #everykabuto #AND YOU'RE RAPIDLY BLEEDING OUT #ok I assumed this panel meant he was back in control of the fight. like he had the upper hand again #but in the anime he says he's back in control of his body. like his nerves aren't scrambled anymore #i prefer my interpretation. we already established that kabuto can still fight after being hit by that jutsu #i don't see why they need to also mention 'oh the effect ended he can move normally again' #i think he could have kept fighting with his nerves scrambled. i believe in him #so anyway I like to think he just meant he has the upper hand in the fight again #unsure how it was worded in the original japanese though
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    tfw you check your interest checker and the latest entry is outright asking for one of your notps

    anyway, I've better clarified in capitals that one section is intended strictly for ROMANTIC INTERACTIONS and ONLY ROMANTIC INTERACTIONS. Like, it's obnoxiously stated just in case people forget to, well, read.

    at this point if you can't figure it out then that's not my fault. lmao.

    #// ooc. || psa . #// ooc. || venting . #i'm not gonna r/b this across my blogs cause the person who did that got blocked anyway #but it's just a reminder to read CAREFULLY when you're filling stuff out #like the section is TITLED romantic stuff #it's one thing when it's a ship i don't vibe w/ or am kinda meh on but isn't weirdly illegal #like this person is. old enough to be her parent. older even actually. ugh. #and like it's one thing when you have characters that are like. ageless or immortal #ex. characters like eizen.... i mean then again magilou's like hundreds of years old too so it's like--they're both ageless characters #or a character like my salem where--again she's ageless but i'm sticking to muses that are canonically absolutely adults like strq/ironwood #but stuff like sakura/tsunade or tenten/tsunade or sakura/jiraiya or sakura/shisui or sakura/itachi or tenten/gai or dear god weiss/james #just like--no. stop. no. i said no massive age gaps. it is NOT my thing. it may be someone else's and that's fine #this is the internet you do you but DON'T ASK ME WHEN I PLASTER 'THE ANSWER IS NO' ALL OVER MY CARRD.
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    Heacanon for Rock Lee:

    (warning, no good english in coming)

    From the Time skip through Post-war, Rock Lee became one of Tsunade apprentice and became a Medic (with civilian and Shinobi license). He's the guy you go to for physical terapy and nutricion.

    When Metal enter in the picture, he became the guy to go for child developement advice.

    #rock lee #rock lee as a Medic #he is Tsunade's favorite #mostly because she had to adapt to teach without using chakra #and that help her with several medical discoveries and changes in the way medicine is tough in Konoha
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    Summon's Chat

    Characters: Hatake Kakashi, Senju Tsunade, Haruno Sakura, Pakkun, Tenzo Yamato

    Words: 2031

    The hallway leading to Tsunade-sama’s office was surprisingly empty. Devoid of the usual hustle and bustle of Shinobi running about in every direction handing off paperwork and talking about the mission they had just received, or the one they had returned home from. There were a select few people scattered around the place, but not enough to hide the chakra signature hidden away in the wall.

    Coming to a stop just outside the door, he scanned the hallway. Looking for Shizune, Genma or anyone else he would usually find in the area. There was nothing.


    Standing upon his shoulder, the pug sniffed the air. “Tsunade is in the office,” he confirmed. “I can also smell Sakura,” Unsurprising. Sakura was training under the Hokage so it only made sense that there were times she would be around her. Although Kakashi hadn’t seen much of his student in the last year, the one place he was most likely to run into her was this office.

    That still left one question unanswered.

    Staring at the wall to the left of the office doors, he waited patiently for the hidden Anbu operative to make himself visible. When he didn’t take the hint, Kakashi sighed. “Tenzo…”

    The wall shifted, forming slowly into the outline of a human with an Anbu’s Cat mask over their face. “When are you going to stop calling me ‘Tenzo’, Senpai?” the man asked, disregarding the exhausted look Kakashi gave him. “Tsunade-sama isn’t busy at the moment, but you might want to just walk away and avoid the office for a bit.”

    Interesting. There were many reasons to avoid the Hokage’s office but rarely did he ever hear someone tell him to just vanish. It was tempting to do. The mission briefing could wait until tomorrow and that would leave him with enough time to get some groceries before the market closed. Now that the offer was on the table though there was a little voice in the back of his head telling him to go in.

    To see just what it was that had cleared out the Hokage’s residence to a skeleton crew.

    “You’re going in, aren’t you?” Tenzo sighed, all too familiar with his Senpai’s personality. Once his mind was made up on something it was hopeless to try and talk him out of it. No matter how stupid or dangerous it was. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” With that, Tenzo disappeared back into the wall.

    “Well?” glancing to his side, he chuckled when Pakkun rolled his eyes. “You think I should make a run for it?”

    “It would be the smart thing to do. Then of course, for a genius you’re pretty set on never doing the smart thing.” truer words had never been spoken, and as he took a step towards the door and grabbed the door handle he made a mental note to give the pug extra treats before he went back home. Not the best way to dissuade someone from insulting him, but then Kakashi never did try to stop them. It was too much fun hearing what kind of insults people could come up with for him that weren’t just cruel. A nice change from the cruel words he had heard tossed around behind his back since he was a kid.

    Turning the doorknob, he shoved the door open carefully and was immediately greeted by one of the most confusing sights he had ever experienced in his life.

    Tsunade-sama and Sakura side by side behind the Hokage’s desk leaned over a small book. Their conversation was whispered, which didn’t surprise Kakashi. If the two had been yelling he would have heard it outside the door, and he wouldn’t have had to ask Tenzo why the hallways were empty.

    He also would not have dared walk into the room. Not a single soul in Konoha was stupid enough to walk into a room where Tsunade-Sama was screaming at someone. Throw Sakura into the mix and he’s been surprised if anyone risked their lives by staying in the village.

    “So that’s what the frogs do,” Sakura nodded, soaking up whatever information she was being taught. “There are other summons though, right? Lord Third had monkeys if I remember the textbooks at the Acadamy correctly, and then there’s The Aburame’s beetle summons, and- oh!” Catching a glimpse of her Sensei standing at the door, Sakura straightened herself up. “Perfect.”

    It was touching to hear his student say that when she first spotted him. Some days Kakashi felt like he wasn’t needed, or even wanted by the people of his village. There were a select few he knew for sure who wanted him around, but everyone else seemed like they were better off without him.

    Like their lives would be easier if he just disappeared. To know that Sakura had missed him though. That she was excited to see him again. He couldn’t help but smile a little at the thought.

    “I have a question,” watching as she darted around the desk, Kakashi prepared himself for a variety of questions. Something regarding her genjutsu, or Chakra natures. There was also the distinct possibility that there would be questions about summons, given the bit of conversation he had just overheard. “How many summoners do you have? Are there any attributes attributed to you and the other hounds that other summons don’t have?”

    Feelings of love and acceptance came crashing down on his head. The harsh reality of his position in the world weighing heavily on his shoulders. Why he had even thought Sakura would be excited to see him was beyond him now that he put some thought into it. Her favourite pass time was teasing him and calling him ‘An old lazy perv’ after all.

    “Only one summoner,” Nudging Kakashi’s chin with his head, Pakkun huffed when the Jonin dared to look away from him. “As stupid and stubborn as he is, he’s our pup. First priority.”

    At least someone cared about him.

    “But you had to have had other summoners before,” Sakura insisted. “What were they like? Were you always hanging around on their shoulders like you do with Kakashi-sensei?”

    “Kakashi’s father, and his grandmother before that. We hounds have a history of attaching ourselves to one family. We only branch out if that family line is ending, or we have a falling out with them,” Kakashi could remember some of the stories Pakkun had told him growing up. The summoners who had lost the Hounds loyalty. How they had searched the world for a new family, and finally found themselves with the Hatake’s. “As for how I am with the pup, that’s just him. Every hound summoner has a deeper connection with a different hound. Kakashi’s grandmother was closest to bull, while his father was closest to Akino.”

    “That’s, a lot to take in,” Sakura grumbled, rushing back to the desk and snatching up a notebook and pen. “Let me write that all down.”

    “What exactly is going on here?” directing his question to Tsunade-sama, Kakashi cocked his head to the left. “I came here to fill you in on my mission, and my summon is being berated with questions?”

    “You’re just jealous I’m getting all of the attention,” Pakkun grumbled. “You should be used to that. I am cuter than you after all,” Whatever treats he was planning to give Pakkun after this meeting was now going to all of the other hounds. “Come on, pup. It’s not that bad. Just because I’m cuter doesn’t mean you’re not adorable.” As if making a point, Pakkun pressed a paw against his cheek. Squishing his face slightly while Sakura stood in front of them furiously taking notes.

    “What’s happening here,” Tsunade-sama wheezed between fits of laughter, clearly enjoying the situation Kakashi had found himself in. “Is I was- teaching Sakura -about summons,” An important thing to learn, but that didn’t explain why everyone had deserted the Hokage’s residence or why Tenzo had warned him against entering the office. “Sakura has met Enma, Sensei’s summon.”

    “Asuma-sensei summoned him for me,” Sakura beamed. “Though, he was rather rude. Not as kind and fun as Lady Katsuyu and he didn’t seem to have the same sort of bond as Pakkun does with you, Sensei.”

    That made sense. Enma was a more straightforward no-bullshit summon. It fit Lord Third best, and while the personality seemed to sometimes clash with Asuma he still got along rather well with the Monkey king.

    “Shibi-san’s beetle summon was the most interesting so far though,” Sakura noted. “Though, I think he might have scared everyone off. They had to leave through the window because according to Shibi-san ‘people don’t take kindly to a giant beetle roaming the hallways’”

    That explained a lot. People in Konoha were fine with summons because this was a shinobi village, but everyone had animals or insects they didn’t like. A giant beetle was one summon that was likely to get a rather negative reaction from people.

    “Oh, Sensei,” lifting her notebook, Sakura’s smile grew. “Tell me about the hounds. I want to learn all about the various summons. It’s not something we got to learn about a lot at the Acadamy.”

    An opportunity to talk about the hounds was something Kakashi would never pass up, but if he did that right now he was likely to end up in the office for far longer than he wanted to be. “How about a compromise,” he offered. “I have some intel to hand over to Tsunade-sama. You let me do that and I’ll meet you at Ichiraku ramen after. We’ll talk about the hounds over some food,” Maybe he’d invite Gai along if he was in the village. If Sakura was asking about summons, she would no doubt want to meet Ningame. “Deal?”

    Sakura’s eyes widened. “Deal!” Snapping her book shut, she turned towards the Hokage. “Tsunade-sama, thank you for talking to me about all of the summons. If it’s alright with you I’ll return to my studies until Kakashi-sensei is finished giving you his report.”

    “Ya, go on,” Tsunade-sama waved her away. “We’ll continue your training tomorrow at the regular time,” Wasting no time, Sakura bolted out the door and down the hallway, leaving both Tsunade and Kakashi standing there chuckling. “When you told me about her, you failed to mention how much she loved to learn, Kakashi.”

    “Ya,” placing a hand in his hair, he continued to laugh. “I guess I did. Sorry about that.”

    “Nothing to be sorry about,” waving a hand towards the space in front of her desk, Tsunade-sama flopped back into her seat with a groan. “It’s exhausting at times, but it’s good. A shinobi who keeps their mind sharp will learn easily. It’s no surprise to me that Sensei assigned her to your team.”

    That was a surprising comment. Most people wondered why Kakashi got the students he did, or even why he had been made a Jonin Sensei at all. Few knew about the efor4ts Gai, Asuma and Kurenai had put in to have him removed from Anbu and given a Genin team, so they all wondered why Lord Third had decided Konoha’s best killing machine would make a good Sensei for impressionable kids.

    “Don’t give me that look, Kakashi,” propping her elbows up on the desk, she folded her hands together and propped her chin upon them. “I remember when you were a kid. Just four years old and always so full of questions. I don’t think your father ever got a break. At least, not while you were awake.”

    Embarrassing, but true. As a child, he had been full of questions and demands. Desperate to learn as much as he could from his father. Almost as if he knew his time with the older man was limited.

    “He’s still full of questions,” hoping off of his shoulder, Pakkun landed on the desk in front of Tsunade and bumped his head against her arm. Silently demanding some pets from his father’s old friend. “That hasn’t changed at all.”

    “Of course it hasn’t,” Tsunade-sama chuckled, lowering her left hand down on top of Pakkun’s head. “Now, what did you learn on your mission, Kakashi?”

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    chasing whales

    Summary: Kakuzu reels in a big fish.

    Prompt: KakuTsuna, try your luck, for @awintersrose


    Tsunade tapped the felt table with a blood red nail. Brash. Bold. Impatient.

    “All in,” she haughtily declared, shoving a small tower of poker chips towards Kakuzu.

    “You’re sure,” he huffed, face hidden under a black cloth.

    “Damn sure.” Tsunade smirked at him, cracking a knuckle “You scared?”

    Kakuzu snorted. “Hardly.”

    Slowly, she leaned towards him, a sleeve slipping down her shoulder. Their eyes locked.

    “Hah?” Tsunade held his gaze, cheeks flushed, and licked the lipstick off her teeth. “Try me.”

    It was a distraction. A bluff. Overconfident. Nervous. A very obvious tell from a very horrible gambler.

    Kakuzu counted out an equal amount of chips into two short stacks. Then, after some consideration, he added one extra, just for the hell of it.

    The more she owed him, the better.

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