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  • snoooze
    25.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago
    #thai actress icons #thai actor icons #f4 thailand#thai drama #f4 thailand icons #boys over flowers #tu tontawan#bright vachirawit#dew jirawat#win metawin#nani hirunkit#first kanaphan
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  • this-is-youniverse
    24.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Yes Thyme, I would also wait for her in the rain for hours...

    #she is gorgeous #Gorya <3#f4 Thailand #boys over flowers #tu tontawan#thai drama#lakorn
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  • larentsaloud
    24.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Thyme’s dating evolution

    Oh boi.

    I am unsurprisingly churning out another post about F4. Why you ask? I know like I don't do it every six minutes we now have to scroll past another post. LMFAO. Don’t worry I have self- awareness, I am actually annoying myself, but once I am obsessed and a slut at the same time it's like the worst combo, because I will bash on about the subject until I can never talk about again. 

    Pretty much how I was mentally and emotionally dependant on Lee Min Ho, or Louis Tomlinson, then eventually fizzled out like a coke and you will not catch me reblog anything about either, there was a time I was obsessed with Louis feet--but we needn’t do that here. 

    It’s like Thyme lacks experience, so quite naturally he doesn't comprehend dating whatsoever, but coupled with his alpha stance socially, he is Dom until he meets Gorya and then we realise that boi actually screams to be tamed LOL.

    But the fact his first idea to replicate a meet-cute was................to hire a bus,,,


    I’m wheezing. 

    But the way she squished a guy his size don’t tell me he ain’t a sub.


    Everyone is all about oh Christian Grey until you see Thyme act all puppy and like the fox from Little Prince and then we know which team we are on. Am I right?

    Lord he is peak comedy. 

    His second attempt to create a good impression is..............wait FOR IT.


    Ask her on a date in front of the whole school via the internets. 

    To top it all of, he asks her to be his girlfriend while she’s sleeping. You would have thought he learnt something about that earlier that day when Hana spiked his drink, but Thyme decided lemme fake it till we make it and asks her while she’s sleeping. Whipped. 😭😭😭

    My boi does have some serous rejection issues, like won't take NO for an answer, and is 100 hundred percent blind to facts, because HE NEEDS HER SO BAD. PLS.

    Thyme is better than me lol, when I have a crush (that I was at war with like three seasons ago) I would 100% not act upon it. Maybe like snog them, sure. But not actually say anything, so he is still more brave than me. Kuddos. 


    He even shows up announced. Totally classic. 

    I respect his hustle. 

    Pretty thrilled to find out what outrageous over the top escapade he will plan to get his Gorya smiling like this 🥺🥺

    BONUS shit he abducted her. How quickly I forget!
    #F4#F4 Thailand #thymes bat shit date ideas #boys over flowers #Thai drama #thyme x gorya #again i love bright and the way hes killing this role #bright vachirawit#tu tontawan
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  • ayushie-m
    24.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Thyme x Gorya | Running in Circles.

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  • dreamingsnowflake2013
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Gorya would rather fight until her last breath than to give up. And just before all her strength leaves her, Thyme comes for her and fights for her when she no longer can, catching the hand that’s about to hurt her and becoming her strength! All fierce protectiveness and fury, utterly desperate and drenched in sweat (beads of sweat literally running down his face, neck and chest) because he has chased after her once again, speeding across Bangkok in his Aston Martin most likely, probably breaking every speed limit at place, and then running with all his might as if his life depended on it - scared he might come too late. For the first time in his life, he finally uses all that power and intensity to protect someone, to save what is dear to him and not to hurt and bully or impose control or superiority over anyone.

    Thyme used to miss his chances, always coming too late with Ren being there first - he was too late to help Gorya from the mean girls at the party and too slow to stop his little power play at the stadium before Ren appeared. Love depends a lot on timing and Thyme was firmly at the losing side. But now, he is there, he is always there for Gorya, whether she needs him or not, becoming a constant in her life.

    When Thyme appears and starts beating everyone up (interestingly, he obviously tries to keep everyone away from Gorya so they wouldn’t even come near her, basically acting as her shield,) Gorya sees him all fuzzy as her focus fails because she is barely conscious and about to faint any moment. The almost documentary camera gives it a surreal and out-of-the-body feel, like Gorya can’t quite believe Thyme really came. Everything feels more heightened that way.

    And when Gorya’s legs give away, Thyme is there again - catching her when she falls and rising her up again, sweeping her into his arms! Excuse me while I hyperventilate! It’s truly a swoonworthy moment in every sense of the word.

    I adore the silent and emotionally charged moment they share before Thyme begins to apologize, seeing each other for the first time since he walked away from her after refusing to trust in her. She finally believes he is there with her - tangible and real - and both bask in each other’s presence for a moment.

    Thyme, who rarely apologizes, gives the most heartfelt and earnest apology. He entreats Gorya to forgive him for failing her, for not being there when she needed him and for being the reason why she got hurt in the first place with so much urgency and sincerity, pouring all the regret and guilt into his plea. It sounds more like a prayer and supplication, really, because Thyme doesn’t know what he would do if she couldn’t forgive him.

    After hearing his plea, for the first time since the very beginning when she confrontedThyme, Gorya completely falls apart - something she hasn’t allowed herself before no matter how much he or others bullied her, not when they burned the motorbike or beat her blue and bloody. 

    And yet, Thyme makes her feel safe and she allows herself to become openly vulnerable with him - his presence, honesty, steadfastness and trust in her against all odds and when no one else does not trust her gradually getting through to her. How can it be him, but then again, how can it be anyone but him?

    She clings to Thyme as if he were her anchor, the only light in the darkness that has been the miserable day she’s had, while he holds her close, cocooning her gently in his embrace to protect her from the whole world.

    It tears him apart to see Gorya this way - in agony and pain and on brink of defeat - the woman who so bravely fought against him. It makes him suffer and it’s his punishment and atonement for everything he has done. 

    Now, Thyme fully comprehends and realises the full extent of his crimes and transgressions - that it’s been all his fault because the vicious circle of abuse he created, his own invention, got out of control and turned against the girl he loves. It’s his epiphany and reminder that his actions have consequences and collateral damages (and it’s not only Hana who he helped turn into a monster) and every person he has ever hurt is someone’s Gorya. If he was the one being hurt he could take it, but because it’s Gorya getting hurt in his stead it makes it hurt even more.

    Thyme is the real source of all this evil since he encouraged his schoolmates to be like this and even drew pleasure and satisfaction from it. 

    He sees now how twisted and awful his little kingdom has always been and how toxic it is for Gorya - it’s the moment it begins to crumble and Thyme fully sets on a path of redemption because he doesn’t want to be the person he’s been until now as that person can bring Gorya only pain and, as he has found out, it’s the one thing he can’t bear.

    #f4 thailand#bright vachiwarit#tu tontawan #f4 thailand: boys over flowers #thyme x gorya #analysis
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  • dreamingsnowflake2013
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Does it ever drive you crazy how fast the night changes?

    #f4 thailand#bright vachiwarit #thyme x gorya #tu tontawan #f4 thailand: boys over flowers #boys over flowers
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  • kateknowsdramas
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I believe in her. In the end, the girl I choose is Gorya. ~F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Episode 5 ~

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  • mostlyfate
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Don’t give it any more thoughts. It's been a long day for you. Let’s eat. I have more if you want.

    F4 THAILAND: BOYS OVER FLOWERS (2021 - 2022)

    #f4 thailand #f4 thailand: boys over flowers #tu tontawan#prim chanikarn#lakornedit#lakorn#thai drama #gorya x kaning #f4 thailand: 1.05 #.gif #them! #not related but havent been feeling like being on tumblr or making edits this past month... #i have been coming on to keep jdramasource running but if it wasnt for that i think i would of stayed off 🙃
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  • filmmyheart
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    G o r y a . . .
    #f4 thailand #aww baby ❤ #thyme x gorya #boys over flowers #bright vachirawit#tu tontawan#ggif #hana yori dango
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  • loveisactivated
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • filmmyheart
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    I'm mad that he didn't listen to me. But you know...
    The moment I looked into his eyes, it hurt.
    #f4 thailand #thyme x gorya #boys over flowers #bright vachirawit#tu tontawan #hana yori dango #f4 thailand: boys over flowers
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  • dreamingsnowflake2013
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Thyme even uses the way Gorya asked him to cancel the red card as an inspiration how to ask her to date him! He must still be a baby! He resembles a little duckling mimicking his mother’s movements and behaviour to learn about the world and relying on her to teach him how to do the most essential stuff.

    Frankly, he is so desperate and needy for Gorya that he pretty much pleads with her all the time and uses adorable subterfuges, the sorts a little boy would use, to make her his girlfriend. 

    It’s not the most conventional or kosher way but Thyme is so unthreatening and transparent about it it’s hard to resist him.

    #f4 thailand #thyme x gorya #bright vachiwarit #f4 thailand: boys over flowers #tu tontawan#analysis #boys over flowers
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  • dreamingsnowflake2013
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Can we talk about the heart-wrenching fact that everything Thyme knows about tenderness, loving care and affection he's learned from Gorya! Every time he touches her, his hands tremble and he is mirroring her touch from the time she nursed him. The whole moment is an echo of their first night together - this is their second night, once again they find themselves detached from everyone else in a little world of their own, but with their roles and positions completely reversed.

    Thyme has never nursed or even touched lovingly anyone until now. It’s impossibly sweet and endearing how he tries to figure out how to be gentle with her - how to touch her, where to place his hands, how to place her head and how to not fuck it all up - and manoeuvring another person without hurting them. His only clue - Gorya’s touch, revealing how deeply he imprinted himself on her. He even tries to remember how she put him on her lap, even though his technique and style are visibly more tender.

    The way Thyme hides her whole face in his palms! I live for the size kink difference and the way he barely noticeably caress her cheeks with his long fingers.

    While Gorya’s touches on the staircase were practical and effective, Thyme’s resemble caresses filled with aching softness and tenderness which feel almost reverent. He touches her like she is something fragile and impossibly precious and dear to him, handling her with such care.

    He literally holds himself back from touching her to avoid touching her in any way she wouldn’t want, fidgeting the whole time and playing with his hands restlessly. 

    Still Thyme can’t deny the featherlike gesture of removing her hair which fell into her face. He is smiling like a fool the whole time because even this little stolen moment means the world to him.

    And you can literally can watch live the whole moment and process as Gorya gradually begins falling for him the way he fell was falling for her on that staircase. How her heart turns away from Ren in that instance and goes to him.

    #f4 thailand#bright vachiwarit#tu tontawan #f4 thailand: boys over flowers #analysis #boys over flowers
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  • its-chelisey-stuff
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    wow he really said it

    you can’t say you felt nothing hearing those words girl, your emotions are written all over your face

    My references for the story are the korean version (that I watched many years ago), clips and bits I’ve read about the japanese one, some clips from the 2018 chinese one and a summary of the entire story of the Hana Yori Dango manga but it gets blurry, of course. So was he supposed to be this self-aware about his feelings already? I mean, Thyme has been that from the start (and surprisingly deep at times) but I guess I really wasn’t expecting this kind of confession so early on.

    Ugh. ONE, just one magnificent episode more of Gorya and Thyme’s evolving dynamic, being all cute and bickering and Ren being back in Thailand wouldn’t worry me in the slightest. But yeah... I know how the story goes.

    #f4 thailand#bright vachirawit#tu tontawan#thai drama #let's prepare for heartbreak #i'm not ready to see him suffer #i wasn't before this confession and I am even less now #i can't take it
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  • larentsaloud
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Femme Fatale Act (and why it doesn't work on Thyme)

    Right, so you remember when Thyme decided to dress Gorya up like a doll because he thought that's what she would want?

    Major disappointment for Thyme when my girl refused, cue in for their bickering and that’s when I knew I was a slut for this series. 

    Fast forward to episode 5 and sexy biatch Hana appears, carrying her padded ass towards my broken boi, while her footsteps crush broken pieces of glass. Yeah. The metaphors on this are strong. 

    She’s walking the path of wreckage, while being the chief orchestrator of said trust demise. 

    I hate her ok. Do you? OK. Good. 

    But as soon as she launches operation lemme destroy Gorya, and then I will get into bed with my new unconscious boyfie...umm girl...you are fucking crazy-- what she doesn't expect (and you have to ask yourself why? like surely you would plan for option B i.e. someone who is in love with person A ain’t gonna drop their feelings just cos some moderately cute looking slut appears in a red dress and happens to drug said person) deep breath, my-little-victim-cry-baby plastic-surgery-psycho-grand-master-plan in pipeline for a decade...DID NOT THINK HE MIGHT SAY NO??


    And the writers cut a scene to my innocent baby Gorya who’s getting some TLC from her bestie as she should and I am literally screaming at the multiple screen devices.

    Thyme sobers up and also grows up about decade himself to come out with the single best line of the episode in his convo with Hana. 

    You should hate me. 

    Legit. No, boi she oughtta, but trouble is you cute AF and your mixture of innocence, indifference and cockiness is just right up her perverted cocktail alley and may I add most of the fem pop. Sorry female empowerment. I am a slut of redemption arc of a bad boi who changes for love. My life a testament to this. I feel caught in 4K. 

    OK sluts, that’s enough about Hana. I already said I HATE the vindictive female role, because my boi AKA puppy Thyme literally deserved all of this, but not for one snide comment LOL. If only I masterplanned for every guy who hurt my fragile ego, we would be in world war ten by now. OK she drives the plot. Ya-da. Ya-da. 

    What Hana does is open up his eyes to why the femme fatale act ain’t gonna work for him. 


    He has two at home, mommy and sister. My boi couldn't care less about how you look, he wants your integrity. 

    That's fuckingggg sexy y’all. 

    Because my boi figured his girl doesn’t need classy shoes or made up hair. His girl just needs a good heart. And I am in puddle of tears.

    The closet scene?

    ✨Earth moved ✨

    OK imma dip for now so that I can turn out more like this. 

    Bye Fellow F4 addicts. 

    This whole scene has me spinning in my rocking chair high on serotonin.

    Lord I’ll be back.

    #f4 thai#thyme f4 #f4 thailand boys over flowers #thyme x gorya #f4 thailand #again i love bright and the way hes killing this role #bright vachirawit#tu tontawan
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  • its-chelisey-stuff
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    So... this girl was really gonna lick his tailor-made shoes from Paris lol and she was probably gonna enjoy it, did I get that right?? Because OH MY GOD, a decade of therapy for this girl wouldn’t be enough...

    I know she suffered but I have no empathy for her. For Gorya, on the other hand, I have every bit of it. She really stood up to Thyme and to his little sick game for nothing. NADA. Even with all that’s happened after, and how her relationship with F4 and especially with Thyme has evolved, I think it’s nothing but sad that it all started the way it did and that she had to go through so much shit. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was already unfair and awful as it was before, but now I simply have no words to describe the injustice of it all.

    Should have stayed silent till graduation. But then Thyme would’ve only gotten worse...

    #f4 thailand#bright vachirawit#tu tontawan#thai drama #in a twisted way of seeing this #hana's plan really triggered the beginning of Thyme's redemption #in all versions really and I feel so conflicted about it hahaha
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