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    #talking shit in your native language in a foreign country is the realest experience... and so is getting caught by someone understanding 😂

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    “This is my story, not yours. You must let me finish telling it.”

    421 notes • Posted 2021-01-17 22:47:08 GMT


    TOP 30 SHOWS (according to my followers) 26-27. Black Sails (2014-2017)

    “This is how they survive. You must know this. You're too smart not to know this. They paint the world full of shadows... and then tell their children to stay close to the light. Their light. Their reasons, their judgments. Because in the darkness, there be dragons. But it isn't true. We can prove that it isn't true. In the dark, there is discovery, there is possibility. There is freedom in the dark once someone has illuminated it.”

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    Oh, I must have overlooked this. Sorry.

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    TOP 30 SHOWS (according to my followers) 30. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

    “All the things that I did, you need to understand...” “If I have to hear one more time that you did this for the family...” “I did it for me.”

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    TOP 30 SHOWS (according to my followers) 28-29. The Expanse (2015- )

    “I know. You're trying to save lives. I am too! But we're on the brink right now, because we keep reacting to things we don't understand! We're scared, we're hurt, and we're reaching for violence because we can't figure out what to do. But just this once, can't we try something else?”

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #fine i decided to post it anyway but i deleted the rest of the gifs from the gifsets because that still feels like overkill to me #all i did this year was watch tv shows for the top 30 list and do my daily runaways posts and it shows
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    #it was also just such a good way to contrast against the way we see walker behave in the name of captain america

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #removed the gifs since i did that in a separate post #ONLY 3700 posts? that's not that many #all the michael tags is probably curls related #also lol remember when i filled my queue to the max while tfatws was airing #gooooood times #also i can't believe my longest tag of the year #isn't even rnm related #but thanks tumblr for reminding me how much i dislike john walker
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    #i did a fckin account for a r*ssian t*rrenting site and it didn't even dl and then i just mashed some r*ssian words into google and somehow

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    congratulations to yulimar rojas of venezuela for winning a gold medal in women's triple jump with a 15.67 metres, a new world record, at the tokyo 2020 summer olympics. (1st august 2021)

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    Kateryna Pavlenko of Ukraine's Go_A during the performance of "Shum" at the semi-final 1 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

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    congratulations to tom daley and matty lee of great britain for winning a gold medal in men's synchronised 10m platform final at the tokyo 2020 summer olympics. (26th july 2021)

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #long post #the biggest surprise is that i started making gifs in april (?) and i've made 173 gifsets since then... wildt man
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    #old deuteronomy’s life depends on a walking fire hazard. i hope tugger actually knows what he’s doing and isn’t doing this entirely to get l

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    Warsaw Tugger stealing Munkustrap’s “suitcases” during a platform/train station scene in “Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat”

    ft. Fraszka, Electra and Jemima as backpacks (for Sierściuch, Carbucketty and George respectively), Mungojerrie as a bench (for Rumpleteazer), Quaxo and Menello Bianco as suitcases

    I have no idea what exactly Mistoffelees is doing with Victoria, except that he’s hypnotizing her

    Also, Munk and Skimble do the friendly fist bump thingy, two times actually

    62 notes • Posted 2021-05-05 13:24:32 GMT


    During “The Rum Tum Tugger”

    1998 Munkustrap: *stands on a tire with his arms crossed* Are you done?

    Warsaw Munkustrap: Nope, I'm done, Alonzo, just make sure nobody dies *leaves, probably to lay down somewhere quiet*

    64 notes • Posted 2021-02-13 02:22:59 GMT


    Munkustrap copying the Gumbie Trio dance moves

    68 notes • Posted 2021-03-13 00:02:56 GMT


    If there's anyone interested in Cats Warsaw, you can watch it here

    There are 3 times when the video kinda glitches or smth, don't worry, that's because originally it was in 4 parts

    Also it cuts out in the middle of "the Ad-dressing of Cats"

    95 notes • Posted 2021-02-26 18:14:53 GMT


    Warsaw Alonzo getting hit in the nuts by Bombalurina for the “terrible bore” line

    110 notes • Posted 2021-04-13 08:10:21 GMT

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #I am so not surprised by the top 1 post #I knew it would be that gif #You can't post a gif of one of the more liked characters getting hit in the nuts without people loving it #cats the musical #cats warsaw
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    08.12.2021 - 28 minutes ago
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  • trendingfunnygifs
    08.12.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    I drew this pixel art scene using 4 colors and called it Sápmi [OC]

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    I posted 833 times in 2021

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    #listen astra smiled at berhad 2 secs later and we re supposed to believe they have a thing when not 2 secs before those 2 look at eachother

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    “The woman I love was abducted by aliens last night.              And I just found out that she’s gonna propose to me.                      I will do anything if you can find her.”

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    ♫ Sweetheart, our love is made to last! ♫

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    Avalance trying to kill us with feelings ♥

    →  6x08 - Stressed Western


    731 notes • Posted 2021-06-28 19:30:06 GMT


    Ava’s not so snazzy send-off ...


    818 notes • Posted 2021-07-12 18:29:50 GMT


    Just gals being pals Wives dancing together and enjoying each other’s touch.

    1194 notes • Posted 2021-10-25 16:19:42 GMT

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #I love that all my top posts are Avalance except ... THAT xwp gifset :D #Ok so the post didn't want to work so I had to remove so many gifs but you can find the entire gifsets in each link <3 #I swear to you ughhh
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    08.12.2021 - 58 minutes ago
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    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hunter Schafer at Penn State

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    #this especially gets me when prople are trying to talk about how like '''healthy'''' food isn't expensive those dumb poors just don't get it

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    The Barber-surgeon seems like an asshole who wants my bae dead but they ARE also the only one paying enough attention

    49 notes • Posted 2021-09-01 02:39:39 GMT


    So anyway in Asra's route when Asra first shows up at the palace, it's like:

    1. Portia wakes MC. Faust dashes out of the room and Portia and MC follow.

    2. Everybody makes it to the veranda, where Asra shows up, has emotional hug with MC

    3. Asra asks to take MC out for the day

    4. Asra and MC leave immediately from the veranda and out the palace gates.

    So like.

    There's no point in there when the MC has a chance to get dressed.

    So I can only conclude that all subsequent events in this chapter (& some following?) take place with MC in their sleepy clothes

    86 notes • Posted 2021-08-25 10:44:14 GMT


    Asra Reversed: for normal people

    Nadia Reversed: Monsterfucker Special (sub edition)

    Julian Reversed: Monsterfucker Special (Dom edition)

    Lucio Reversed: Monsterfucker Special (monstersona edition)

    Muriel Reversed: as punishment for spending so much of Muriel's route being thirsty for Devil!Lucio, you now have to be a monster killer. Fuck you! Go to Nopal and kill mothman! Go!

    131 notes • Posted 2021-04-11 10:00:17 GMT


    My question about Portia's upright end is if Pepi can still talk, does that mean Malak and Chandra can still talk??

    Because if Malak can still talk that certainly sounds like it'll be a Time for Julian

    143 notes • Posted 2021-04-19 00:39:35 GMT


    Asra: Then it seems like no one killed Lucio. The ritual just went awry.

    MC: The ritual. The magic ritual.

    Asra: Yeah, that Lucio conducted with less than half of the needed guests.

    MC: You mean the ritual that you conducted for Lucio. With less than half the needed guests.

    Asra: Yes.

    MC: And also that you actively sabotaged.

    Asra: Yeah that one.

    MC: That killed Lucio.

    Asra: It really is funny how, in the end, Lucio wasn't actually killed by anyone!

    MC: ...

    Asra: And it's especially funny how, in light of the whole truth, specifically no one can be held legally culpable for his murder!

    MC: ...funny, that! Funny, that.

    208 notes • Posted 2021-02-09 17:29:33 GMT

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #gif warning #All I do is reblog things on this website and occasionally ramble #Longest tag has a typo in it as is proper #And it really has been an arcana game year huh #I think it's also funny that post number 5 and number 1 are both about Asra killing Lucio
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    #tho you may want to join the server before then otherwise neko's not going to have time to give you permission for certain channels lol

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    Reborn! The Stage June 20, 2021 Fleet: TYL!Mukuro

    187 notes • Posted 2021-06-21 11:31:11 GMT


    Reborn! The Stage June 19, 2021 Fleet: Fran

    200 notes • Posted 2021-06-20 11:30:58 GMT


    Reborn! The Stage July 14, 2021 Fleet:TYL!Guardians

    231 notes • Posted 2021-07-15 11:31:34 GMT


    Reborn! The STAGE -Episode of Future- Cast and Character Visuals Reveal # 4     ♔ TYL!Gokudera Hayato: Harashima Motohisa     ♔ TYL!Yamamoto Takeshi: Yamamoto Ryosuke     ♔ TYL!Sasagawa Ryohei: Uesugi Teru     ♔ TYL!Lambo: KIMERU     ♚ TYL!Hibari Kyoya: Kitamura Kento     ♔ TYL!Chrome Dokuro: Asakura Fuyuna     ♔ TYL!Rokudo Mukuro: Wada Masanari (Video Projection appearance only)  ♔ TYL!Xanxus: Hayashida Kohei       ♔ TYL!S. Squalo: Takasaki Shungo   ♔ TYL!Belphegor: Oomi Shoichiro  ♚ Fran: Kai Chihiro (Mammon’s actress in the previous 3 plays)   ♔ Sasagawa Kyoko: Ito Yui  ♔ Miura Haru: Motonishi Sakiho  ♔ TYL!Dino: Yamada James Takeshi  ♚ Lal: Shimbaru Minami (Played as Oregano & other minor roles in the last 2 plays)

    Ensemble Cast:     ♚ Maekawa Yuu     ♔ Fuji Ayachika (Only for Part I; Bluebell in Part II)     ♔ Naito Buri     ♚ Makino Hiromu     ♚ Kanematsu Seiju     ♚ Furiya Keisuke      

    Note: ♔ = Same actor as the last play            ♚ = New actor and/or character

    236 notes • Posted 2021-04-28 10:42:19 GMT


    Reborn! The Stage July 10-11, 2021 Fleet: Xanxus & Squalo

    285 notes • Posted 2021-07-11 11:30:33 GMT

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #lol #i want to make gifs but eh
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  • psychoticmarvel
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Two passionate people not afraid to say what they think

    Lead to passionate conversation when it's hard to agree

    You know me well, sittin' on the edge of my seat

    Lookin' at life, overanalyzin' everything

    Always depressed, tryna find a better version of me

    Searching for somethin' I know's prolly right in front of my feet

    Stubborn as me? Maybe not, but you're close to it

    Got a lot of issues, I'm tryin' to work through 'em

    Going to therapy for you's somethin' that's worth doin'

    When I know you been there for me through all of my worst moments

    And I know it hurts knowing that I carry this weight on my chest

    Making it difficult for me to open up and connect

    Lot of regrets, I apologize for all of the stress

    That's not what I meant to do, you know I love you to death even if-

    Even if we both break down tonight

    And you say you hate me, and we go to bed angry

    I know everything will be alright

    I'll be here waiting, I promise I'm changing

    I just need


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  • aobawilliams
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Today I wake up and choose violence

    #cro shouts into the void #after all why not #why shouldnt i put it on tumblr as well #people in eeby deeby were surprised i was the one to make the gif
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  • thegirlthatsdancingintherain
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i'm so excited abt giffing no.8 on my top titles list, i took down the timestamps this morning and was already giddy to colour nd crop them later :))

    #love it when giffing is fun :) #i will probably despair in the end over the quality tumblr will make them but lets not think about that now #now i gotta do my lectures but then i'll get to gif hehe #emma talks
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    #you're a modern queen. you sit to the side of the dance floor and drink out of martini glasses a perfect vantage point to look over your cou

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    @mdzsnet  wen yuan / lan sizhui birthday event

    1923 notes • Posted 2021-01-11 18:00:49 GMT


    wangxian coming to ruin someone’s day

    2232 notes • Posted 2021-01-02 18:01:45 GMT


    @mdzsnet​ lan wangji birthday event

    2257 notes • Posted 2021-01-22 18:00:50 GMT


    MDZS Network’s Anniversary Requests : requested ​​

    Lan Wangji being sassy, defending Wei Wuxian

    3294 notes • Posted 2021-07-06 17:00:45 GMT


    protective boyfriends husbands

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #so pleased it fked the layout of my gifs #ty tumblr
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  • luna-ainsworth
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Well, I would be surprised it the result was anything other than The Devil Judge 😂

    I'm not planning to leave anytime soon so, see y'all in the tag next year!

    #tumblr year in review #the devil judge #all in all a very tdj year #the way this drama and gahan cp have become my source of comfort #i love it here and don't wanna leave yet #gahan#lawful husbands #yohan x gaon #kang yo han #kim ga on #kdrama #many of my gifs have ​crappy quality and i'm livid #hope to improve next year
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  • emersonfreepress
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #mess 😂#lovely anon#answered#jay#grown-ups #tumblr did not have a single good 'mad scientist' gif for that post yesterday lol
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    #it's kinda the opposite for marty because like a month post-route there's this moment of ''......are you sprouting horns??'' ''am i wh a t''

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    Active effects: Magic Attack boost ⇈

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    A compilation.

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    The Main 6 sit on a sofa.

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #but trimmed because ouch #...I love how my top 5 are gifs/animations/a friggin video edit AND THEN THERE'S THE SOFA POST
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