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  • “Kapalı bir mahzende sızan bir ışık parçası,yıkık bir duvarın taşları arasında açmış sıska bir çiçek,her şeye rağmen bir varlık,bir tesellidir.”

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    The Idiot - Elif Batuman

    Selin is attending her first year at Harvard, and she is struggling with life. How can you make friends and find love? What is the purpose of life? What is man? Who is she? 

    She falls hopelessly in love with Ivan, who has a girlfriend but is also definitely leading her on. Meanwhile, she is searching for the meaning of life in language. 

    I think it’s safe to say that I have a love-hate relationship with this book. It’s good and written so amazingly, but also gave me an occasional headache, so I’m not quite sure what I thought of it. But it’s nonetheless a very interesting book to read, and I really liked the psychological side of it. 

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  • Neden her güzel şeyin bi sonu yada zararı var?

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    Hangi umudun içine baksam,

    önce (“yaşamak”) çıkıyor karşıma

    öyle alelade değil-kanarcasına!.✒ 🍁👌❣️

    “Senin atmaya cesaret edemediğin adımları atanlar- Senin hayal ettigin hayatı yaşar-lar!.


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  • Some great Turkish singers, bands and song channels

    We all know that listening a song in your target language and translating them are great ways to improve it. So here are the ones I love and also famous ones that are loved countrywide.


    Anatolian Rock Revival Project: They are a group ,as I know, who shares old Anatolian rock where it was in its prime. You can find songs fron 60s’, 70s’, 80s’ etc.They are in good audio quality and almost all of them have translations.

    Netd: Netd is like a general channel where almost all of the music is shared. You can find many songs from many different genres from 2000s to nowadays.

    Koff Animations: This channel is not a music channel. But it’s really an cool animation channel that made videos about legendary music figures in Turkish history such as Zeki Müren,Müzeyyen Senar and Müslüm Gürses.


    Mor ve Ötesi: This group is one of the most famous rock groups in Turkey.They are also very famous for their political lyrics.They wrote iconic songs like “Araf(purgatory),Bir Derdim Var(I have a trouble), Deli(Mad),Cambaz(acrobat)”.Their solist Harun Tekin is known for his really nice tenor voice.

    MaNga: MaNga is the famous rock group you’ve probably heard from 2010 eurovisions.(Many people including myself are very salty about that so yeah shh) MaNga is known to have a similar style with Linkin Park which led them to be called “Turkish Linkin Park”.They wrote the iconic songs like “Bir Kadın Çizeceksin(You’ll draw a woman), We Could Be The Same, Beni Benimle Bırak(Leave me to myself), Fly To Stay Alive” and many more.Fun fact,the clip of Beni Benimle Bırak is the reason why many ten year olds scared shitless that year.❤

    Athena: Athena is the group who attended 2004 Eurovisions.The founding members of group are Gökhan and Hakan twins.They are acknowledged as one of the best rock bands in the country.They made the famous songs like “Ben Böyleyim(This is what I am),For Real, Arsız Gönül(Shameless Heart)”

    Duman: Duman is one of the places you can go when you’re exteremely sad.Their songs have so much melancholy in them.Some of them also have political references.They also didn’t launch an album for a real long time so we’re always listening the old songs and cry.We can only hope to cry with the new songs.Anyways they sang famous songs like “Senden Daha Güzel(More beautiful than you),Eski Köprünün Altında(Under The Old Bridge),Haberin Yok Ben Ölüyorum(You don’t know, I’m dying),Bal(Honey),Kırmış Kalbini[(the one) had broken your heart]”

    Model: Model is one of the rock groups that made amazing songs.As I understood from the clips they do not have a significant style other than the certain darkness they focus on. The lyrics are generally really dark but music can be really movey,you got what i mean. They wrote songs like “Pembe Mezarlık(Pink Graveyard),Buzdan Şato(Ice Chateau),Sarı Kurdele(Yellow Ribbon),” Model is not together anymore.

    Kolpa:Kolpa is a rock group who generally wrote about love.Yes,in a melancholic way again.We love melancholic-emotional songs more as a country I guess.They wrote songs like “Yatağın Soğuk Tarafı(The Cold Side Of The Bed),Rüyalarda Buluşuruz(We Will Meet In Dreams),Nasıl Öğrendin Unutmayı(How Did You Learn To Forget)

    Kurtalan Ekspresi: This group was founded by Barış Manço in 1972 and worked with him and several artists till his death. Then they worked with Cem Karaca. And oh boy they have sooo many songs they worked in.

    Hardal:Hardal is not a well known group and I want them to be discovered. So go check them even though they seperated a looong time ago. They have cool songs like "Gece Vakti(Night time), Nasıl Ne Zaman Geçti(How and When did it pass)”

    Üç Hürel:Group is founded by three brothers.Onur,Haldun and Feridun Hürel.“Üç” meaning three.Their songs have amazing solos in them.The guitar is great,bass is great,drums are great,lyrics and vocals are good… What can you ask for more?Long story short,they are really good.They made songs such as “Bir Sevmek Bin defa Ölmek Demekmiş(Loving for one time had meant dying for thousand times),Sevenler Ağlarmış(Lovers Would Cry),Ve Ölüm(And death)”

    Minor Empire: This group makes covers of traditional songs in their own unique way and present them compeletely by a spiritual perspective.They also have their own songs such as “Yurtsuz(Obe without a home) and Dünya(World)”

    Son Feci Bisiklet:They are a new group which is very loved by country’s youth I can say.They play in alternative style.And their songs are really cool.“Bikinisinde Astronomi(Astronomy on Her Bikini),Pazar ve Ertesi(Sunday and next day),Rahatsız Vals(Disturbed Waltz)” And no, Bikinisinde Astronomi is not a sexual song. It tells a story of a drowned woman by the perspective of the sea.

    MFÖ:Lastly, and probably most famous. MFÖ is a group that named after its 3 member’s first letters of their name.Mazhar,Fuat and Özkan. They are known for their style that mixed traditional style with rock n’ roll as the many artist of their age.They composed Yunus Emre poems,they sang in tunes that reminded the songs of Anatolia. They are still active today one pf the members,Özkan,dealing with cancer nowadays.I hope he can beat it again.🙏 some of the great songs from them “Sarı Laleler(Yellow Tulips),Adımız Miskindir Bizim("Miskin” is the name of us),Ali Desidero,Ele Güne Karşı(Against All The Strangers)“


    Erkin Koray: This man is known as "Rock ‘n Roll’s father” in Turkey. He and Orhan Gencebay invented electro bağlama in 60s’. He is one of the figures who revolutionized the Turkish Music.Some of his songs are “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki[As the time goes by(?)],Fesuphanallah, Krallar(The Kings),Çöpçüler(Garbagemen)”

    Barış Manço: Barış Manço is a loved figure by almost everyone in country and I’m coming for the people who don’t like him,be prepared.He is a singer made anatolian rock songs,children songs, türkü(traditional anoymous turkish music) covers.He also had a friendly singing contest for kids on tv at the 90s.I suppose he is also known in Japan because of his famous Japan concert.He sang songs like “Karasevda[black love(meaning intense love in Turkish)],Gülpembe(Rosepink)Dağlar Dağlar(Mountains Mountains),Halhal(Anklet)”

    Cem Karaca:Cem Karaca is an important figure in anatolian rock both for his unique husky voice and his political ideas.His songs are almost theatrical.You can imagine every small theory of the story thst the song tells you.He sang composed poems,türkü and his own songs such as “Ceviz Ağacı(Walnut Tree),Avşar Elleri(Avşar People),Tamirci Çırağı(Repaiman apprentice),Bugün sen çok gençsin(Today you'te so young)”

    Müzeyyen Senar:Also known as “Diva Of The Republic”, was born in 1918 and saw how new country was founded.She started to sing with her Mother and at those years she caught stuttery.She overcame it by singing.She performed for Atatürk(founder of Turkey) and her voice was praised by him.She sang songs like “Kimseye Etmem Şikayet(I don’t complain to anyone),Telgrafın Tellerine Kuşlar Mı Konar?(Do the birds perch on the wires of telegraph?),Sevmekten Kim Usanır?(Who Gets Tired of Loving?)”

    Zeki Müren: Also known as “The Sun of The Art” or “Pasha” was the first person who got the first “Golden Record Award”.He became a state singer at 1991.He made over 600 records at his life and composed ocer 300 songs such as “Gitme,Sana muhtacım(Don’t go, I need you),Ah, Bu Şarkıların Gözü Kör Olsun[Ah,May these songs become blind(An idiom we use in Turkish for mostly expressing grief)],Gözlerin Doğuyor Gecelerime(Your Eyes Shine upon My Nights)”

    Aşık Veysel:Real name,Veysel Şatıroğlu was a türkü singer.He became blind due to smallpox at the age of 7 and then started to play bağlama,a Turkish stringed instrument.He was an Aşık, meaning the singer of people’s music in Turkish.He made very well known songs such as “Gündüz Gece(Day and Night),Kara Toprak(Black Earth),Derdimi Anlatamam Dertsiz İnsana(Can’t tell my trouble to a person with no troubles)”

    Neşet Ertaş: Neşet Ertaş is also an Türkü singer which has a place in many people’s heart.He sang songs such as “Neredesin Sen(Where are you),Cahildim Dünya'nın Rengine Kandım(I was ignorant,fooled by the colours of the world)”

    Hümeyra:Hümeyra is a singer who is known for her famous cover for “Sessiz Gemi”(Silent Ship).A masterpiece of a poem of a very perfectionist poet,Yahya Kemal.She recently took part in a film called “Unutursam Fısılda”(Whisper If I Forget) as a older version of a singer who caught alzheimers.

    Şebnem Ferah:Also referred as “The Queen of Rock” in Turkey.She has 4 octave voice. She generally makes songs that revolve around melancholy.She has a powerful enough voice to make a person cry their hearts out.She sang songs such as “Eski(Old),Hoşçakal(Farewell),Sigara(Cigarette),Sil Baştan(Erase from the start),Ünzile”

    Teoman:Teoman is a rock singer who also makes melancholic songs but he ,personally, really has a calming voice.He sang things such as “İstanbul'da Sonbahar(Autumn In İstanbul),Paramparça(In pieces),Kupa Kızı ve Sinek Valesi(Hearts Queen and Jack of Clubs)”

    Sertap Erener: Mrs.Sertap was the singer who brought Turkey the first championship from Eurovision song contest in 2003 with the song “Everyway that I can”.And it’s a bop tbh.She has an amazing voşce and also an amazing control on it.Years ago she made a song called “Rengarenk” meaning “Colourful”. Song was sampled by an Indian song. And it was one of the first song that defended LGBTQ rights on TV.Yeah and I realized that so much later,I felt enlightened okay?Anyway she sang songs like “Aşk(Love),Olsun(May it become),Aç Sesini(Open Your Voice)”

    Candan Erçetin:Candan Erçetin is a famous singer that generally makes covers of traditional songs but she also has many many songs of her own.She graduated from Galatasaray highschool which is the highest degree school of Turkey.She also was a music teacher in Galatasaray Highchool for a till 2008.Since she also has Balcan roots she used many Balcan tunes in her songs and also sang in French and Greek. Some of her songs are “Kırık Kalpler Durağı(Broken Hearts Stop),Git(Go away),Annem(My mother)”

    Ceza:Ceza is probably one of the best known rappers in Turkey.Since I don’t know much about rap music I will not comment on technicality but his songs sure sound nice.Some of his lyrics are highly political. Here are some of them “Sus(Be quiet),Türk Marşı(Turkish March,yes he made a rap out of Turkish march),Fark Var(There’s a difference)” His sistsr Ayben is also a rapper.

    Hope that was helpful. My grammar may be slightly off so sorry if there is a thing you couldn’t get. You can ask them and if you have anything to add feel free to mention.

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    Night in Nemrut


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    TIKKO (Workers’ Liberation Army of Turkey)

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