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  • brightlotusmoon
    16.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #TMNT#ninja turtles#yay #sir these are my emotional support characters #i have been in the tmnt fandom since it started #fandom elder#tmnt 2023#seth rogan
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  • atlantart
    16.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    I had so much fun sketching this scene, I made a gif out of it.

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  • atlantart
    16.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    #TurtleQuest: “Blast from the Past” is a knockout episode with two key strengths: 1. It’s an episode about Splinter 2. It’s a Season 1 flashback episode! I was so thrilled at the chance to go back and sketch Season 1, though, that most of my focus went to that. Any other time, I would’ve been thrilled with the Splinter-centric main story, but with the flashback scenes (’cause Splinter loses his memory), it just hit me how good the series was in its infancy, and how different it could’ve been had they stuck to the tone that the first season had. In fact, I enjoyed myself so much that there will be a separate post for all the cross-Season 1 stuff I drew.

    #turtlequest #teenage mutant ninja turtles #tmnt#art#fanart#fan art#my sketches#rocksteady#splinter#anthro #blast from the past
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  • fractallogic
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    OKAY I have had an ACTIVE day and I need to do just one more thing and that one more thing is to clean the turtle tank because it’s going to rain for like a week straight and I just need to get it done because it’s real murky in there

    Self, I will get you a burrito if you clean the turtle tank and take a shower. Pls. Just do the water and the filter. Put down the towels. Put the cat away. Get the hose from the front yard to the backyard. Dump some buckets, fill up some buckets, be done in like an hour. Then you can shower and idk take a nap or something and then… burrito.

    #I biked like 8-10 miles today lolololol #I had to stop myself and go buddy no you gotta save some energy for the turtle tank #but it was nice. v good to be in the sun. #only almost got run over twice. #figured out how to get the right way on the bike path to the park #just as the rains start in I’m confident enough to maybe bike to campus #¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • ao3feed-tmnt2k12
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Devil's Cross

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3vk0DJ4

    by KawaiiNinja

    You'd think that a cross would protect you from evil, but what if it had the opposite effect?

    Mikey and his bros enter a church during midnight, but this appears to be no normal church. After such appearance, Mikey is no longer the same.

    Words: 1257, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV 2012)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Michelangelo (TMNT), Leonardo (TMNT), Donatello (TMNT), Raphael (TMNT), Leatherhead (TMNT), Baxter Stockboy (TMNT), Mondo Gecko (TMNT), April O'Neil (TMNT), Casey Jones (TMNT)

    Additional Tags: Character Death, Death, Murder, Demonic Possession, Deception, Cursed, Killing, Body Horror, Psychological Horror, Horror, Betrayal, Blood and Gore, Blood and Injury, Blood and Torture, Suicide, Sad Ending, Demon Blood, Demon, Inspired off Midnight Mass, midnight mass, Vampires, Blood Drinking

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3vk0DJ4

    #IFTTT#ao3feed#fanfic#tmnt#tmnt 2012 #teenage mutant ninja turtles
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  • incorrect-tmnt2012-quotes
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Leo: If you found out you only had one day left to live, what would you do with it?

    Mikey: Say goodbye and mend my relationships.

    Raph: Something illegal.

    Donnie: Accept my fate.

    Casey: I would message 10 people saying that if they didn't forward the message to 10 other people, I would die tomorrow.

    Leo: ...What?

    Raph: That's fucking awesome! Can I change my answer?

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  • disc-misc-02
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I finally updated my FanFiction today, and Chapter 2 is available ! I appreciate the attention it's gotten so far and I hope that it'll gain even more attention in the future ! I also apologize on how slow I am to update this fanfiction, as I've stated before that I prioritize my art more,, I appreciate those who have beared with me ! ♥️✨

    #casey#casey jones#donnie#donatello#jonatello#tmnt#tmnt 2012 #teenage mutant ninja turtles #teenage mutant ninja turtles 2012 #fanfiction
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  • greeter1987
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Going through a TMNT phase and a Hamilton phase at the same time is a not a good idea.

    #I keep on finding ways to apply Hamilton songs to the turtles #And then start sobbing #Someone help-#Tmnt 2012#Alexander Hamilton
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  • art0lies
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Dressuptober Day 11: Snapper Lookin' Snappy

    #snapping turtle#dressuptober#drawloween 2021#UnknownSpy #it's turtle time #please ignore the pose #i know they can't stand up like this #we'll just pretend for the sake of fashion #so many references #learned that the protective belly pannel is called a plastron #did not know that before #nice
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  • retrowar
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The third Lockheed P2V-1 Neptune (BuNo. 89082), named the "TRUCULENT TURTLE", was stripped down, fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks plus an extended nose, and set an unrefueled long distance flight record 1946. The aircraft took off from Perth (Australia) on 29 Sep 1946 and landed in Columbus (Ohio, USA) on 1 Oct 1946 . It flew with a crew of four U.S. Navy officers and a young kangaroo, covering 18,089.3 kilometers (11,235.6 miles) in 55 hours 18 minutes.

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  • farm-paws
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “It’s fuckin’ raining Dad….”

    #she hates rain so much but she loves walks #she discovered a turtle and hated it #also recalled off a bunch of wallabies im so proud of her #Molly dog#1 year#dogblr#farm time#farmblr#australia #Australian working kelpie #working kelpie#kelpie#kelpie x#kelpie mix#kelpie dog #kelpie x bc x acd
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  • monstersandmaw
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #anon ask
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  • thefox-and-thespindle
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    HOORAY! FREE SHIPPING is back! Something to come out of your shell about :) Shop Today -> www.etsy.com/shop/thefoxandthespindle

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  • ask-the-purple-knight
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #rise donnie#ask blog #ask the purple knight #ask me anything #asks open #rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles #ask rise donnie
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  • incorrect-tmnt2012-quotes
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Mikey: Hey guys! Watch me do “The Grouchy Donnie”!

    Donnie: Stop naming moves after me!

    Mikey, imitating Donnie: Everyone’s an idiot except for me!

    Donnie: Well, it’s true!

    #incorrect tmnt quotes #source: spongebob squarepants #tmnt 2012#tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #michelangelo#donatello
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  • mothraeve
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Nature Day (by: Garden of Eve)

    So last week I found a turtle and was wondering how it got onto my patio. It had to pass my stream, pond and bridge. I helped it move back into the woods.

    Well, today I shut my water off to clean the pond and found him under the water. Who knew… I bet he was pissed he had to walk all the way back.

    When I went to my filter, I was greeted by 2 snakes under the rock covering it. I also had to grab a goldfish that was living upstream in a little shallow spot. I threw him back over to the deeper area with his buddies. I guess he thought he was a salmon.

    Also it’s frogs galore in my pond. They are quiet and no problem at all. It’s a nice fun ecosystem.


    #garden of eve #my garden#flower garden#flowers#gardens #gardens on tumblr #gardening#nature #photographers on tumblr #water garden#ecosystem#turtle#frog
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  • sampsonknighttmnt
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Halloween Pumpkin - Raph

    Here is Raph's version, will be doing all four brothers! Any one have a suggestion on what carving Leo would do on a pumpkin? 2k3 he never cut one yet the others did...

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  • grownups-are-the-real-monsters
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Sins of a Family: Chapter 1

    Summary: Eddie clearly wanted the pressure to burst, to get his brother to address his obvious anger at him but Jake fared a likeness more to Roland. Jake knew why he was mad at Eddie, obviously, and that could be good enough for him. Because Jake believed what he believed, stood where he stood, and didn’t give half a damn about convincing others.

    Word Count: 5,849

    Ships: Roland/Cuthbert, Jake/Benny, Eddie/Susannah 

    “Roland opened the door at the top of the Dark Tower. He saw and understood at once, the knowledge falling upon him in a hammerblow, hot as the sun of the desert that was the apotheosis of all deserts. How many times had he climbed these stairs only to find himself peeled back, curved back, turned back? Not to the beginning (when things might have been changed & times curse lifted), but to the moment in the Mohaine desert when he finally understood that his thoughtless, questionless quest would ultimately succeed? How many times had he traveled a loop like the one in the clip that had once pinched off his navel, his own tet-ka can Gan? How many times would he travel it?”

    [ Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’]


    Roland was struck by a momentary dizziness, a kind of yawing sensation that made the entire world seem ethereal, almost a thing that can be looked through. It passed just as soon as it began. Gone with grace, the man continued up the walkway to the modest home. It cast a Victorian shadow upon Roland just as soon as he hit the first crack in the pavement, the same one his young son caught with his bike and toppled over the handlebars. The incident put a sour taste of fear in Roland’s swollen throat but the memory of time spent easing the kid with ice-cream from the Drive-in was well worth it. 

    With all the strength and speed of a retired, humble turtle, Roland hunkered down for a brief sit on his porch steps. He took off his hat to let the limited light of the sunset warm the cracks in his face. Those minor wrinkles were beginning to feel as ‘soft’ as the grainest beach which swarmed with traces of lukewarm water. He swiped the pad of his thumb down a line on his forehead, the first permanent display of his age and enjoyed the moment of peace. 


    Gorgeous as ever, Roland turned just in time to watch his husband slink past the doorway. The oldest dish towel they owned threaded through his long fingers as he sat his bones next to him. Joints cracked just to illustrate wear & tear but Cuthbert Allgood-Deschain seemed perpetually young. Like an old child’s doll, there were bumps and bruises but always that youthful twinkle. “Hey.” Roland swiftly pressed a kiss to his partner's temple. 

    “Suzie and Eddie are cooking tonight...as a thank you.” He  nudged Roland’s arm lightly. “Told them they could stay forever if they kept that up.” 

    “Of course you did.” Roland rolled his eyes as if he wasn’t warmed to the bone with contentment. His eldest boy, home again and with Susannah, their newest daughter. The whole family under one roof...at least until the couple’s house search ended. Silently both parents hoped their family landed somewhere close by. “Is it any good?” he asked, turning and briefly admiring the man he loved as he sat on the porch they’d owned for many years now.

    Bert smirked with something of a shrug rolling off his shoulders. “Kid fancies himself a chief now. Saw him seasoning the meat with pepper this high-” He raised his hand to the sky with a folded elbow. Roland smiled softly. “I’m making the drinks.” 

    Roland responded only with a quick pat on Bert’s faded jeans. Always a devil to total silence, Bert began to whistle a funny tune to accompany the passing afternoon. 

    It occurred to Roland around the time poor Leroy Brown laid his eyes on Doris, that he’d always leaned more towards ‘You Don’t Mess Around with Jim’. Two sides of the same coin they were. He took another glance of his husband; glad that whatever gears that were shifting in the world had allowed them to grow up together. Pressing another quick kiss to his temple, Roland guided them up towards their door. 

    The noise of  hearty laughter was clear as the door swung open, revealing the family moving harmoniously through the kitchen. “-No one could make that Ram, scram, he kept button’ that dam!” Eddie, oldest in years, sang in an exaggerated tone which he’d yet to grow past. 

    He was followed by a strong take of the chorus from Jake and Susannah, setting the table. “Cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes. He had high-apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes!” Cuthbert gave a round of applause, startling the hell out of Eddie. 

    “I was trying to remember that song you used to play for me all the time, pops-” Jake smiled kindly at Roland, lifting the tiniest bit of tension between them which the family had sadly gotten used to. 

    The trouble with Jake began his Senior year of high school or the year of lying. The boy had always been adventurous but with a clear idea of a future for himself, his parents who were very familiar with such a mindset, beamed with pride right up until the rug got pulled from beneath their feet. 

    “I made chilli.” Eddie smiled. 

    Jake hadn’t been applying to colleges, in fact he’d filled out those forms just to ease his parents and proceeded to shove them under his bed...the most prestigious kind of hiding place. “Smells great and only took you like four hours.” Jake teased his brother with an earnest little voice. 

    Jake Deschain’s grand plan was to move in with his boyfriend, a year older and actually in college. Jake wanted to work and travel...Roland spent hours thinking he was an understanding Father who could’ve worked something out if only Jake hadn’t waited until the very last minute to reveal all of his plan and explain to his family that he’d been blatantly lying for a whole year. 

    The shock of it all, enraged and devastated Roland, who in many ways never expected such defiance from his youngest. Feeling as if he’d stumbled on what the supposed truth of their relationship was. What had driven such a wedge between father and son that Jake had felt his only option had been to hide his plans? They’d tried to stop their son but off he went...isolating himself and Benny for nearly three years. He’d been pissed. Cuthbert saw his son’s guilt...he was obviously apologetic for the lies and shouldered the blame. But Bert also saw his child give them chances to get to know Benny Slightman better, a kid they’d known previously as Jake’s childhood friend, only to be avoided. 

    Roland and Cuthbert had liked Benny ok though Roland’s dislike of Mr. Slightman clouded over any fair shot of a great impression for him. Then after the whole situation went down...Roland couldn’t help but hold a grudge against him and couldn’t make much of an effort considering Jake’s isolation. Cuthbert tried to be understanding. He was supposed to be the ‘easy-going’ parent...but when it all went down, Bert found himself in the middle of a parent-child argument that didn’t even seem to include him most of the time. The fight had turned into something personal between Jake & Roland. 

    Jake’s usual companion, Eddie, had gone off to college when Jake was twelve and the distance had affected them greatly. The usually social older brother had seemingly dropped off the map right after finishing his Freshman year. He’d only checked in a few times, always a phone call too and never for Jake. In some ways, Jake had yet to forgive his big brother for that. 

    “I’m glad you’re home, Jake.” Cuthbert admired the bit of growth in his boy that he’d been forced to miss...maybe he’d yet to work-out his own anger in that situation.

    “Me too.” He smiled wearily. “Benny should be down here in two or three days provided his publisher’s happy with the work.” Jake’s expression beamed with pride, knowing his boyfriend was going to be happy. He’d always been a little too psychic for his own good, that’s what Cuthbert always said. 

    “What’s the book about?” Susannah asked after a spoonful of Eddie’s handiwork. She’d been the one to orchestrate Jake’s return once she knew they’d be staying with Eddie’s parents. 

    Jake’s smile grew impossibly wide for his young face, it seemed to knock his head off balance and into a tilt. Roland hadn’t seen such an expression from his son in the long passage of time they’d been away from each other. “It’s a fantasy kind of thing.” He shoved some chilli into his mouth, giving his brother a quick thumbs up. “I helped him a bit with the western elements he wanted.”  

    “Train robbery’s, huh?” Eddie teased. 

    Jake flicked food at him. “That joke shows signs of serious age, old man. I haven’t been scared of trains since I was like eleven.” He shook his head, knowing full well he was still absolutely terrified of them. 

    Eddie smirked. “Not my fault that your mere existence seriously dates me. Most people think I’m twenty-one.” 

    Suzie snorted with the look of someone not trying to hide it. 

    “You could pass for thirty/thirty-one.” Cuthbert slapped his son’s back on his way back from a second helping of chilli. 

    “I’m not that old and you know it, asshole. You sent that ridiculously annoying barbershop quartet to our apartment on my birthday. They rhymed ‘twenty-seven’ with ‘a year closer to heaven’.” He chuckled over another hot spoonful of food. 

    “Watch how you speak to your old father, Ed.” 

    Eddie completely ignored him. 

    “If I didn’t know better, I’d say Cuthbert birthed you himself, Eddie.” Suzie pushed his shoulder and shared an amused look with him. 

    “Please, I got more class in my pinky than Dad ever had in any drop that ran down his leg-”

    “You’re disgusting, Eddie.” Jake and Roland exclaimed at the same moment. There was a second of silence before they laughed. The dinner continued in much the same vein. Laughing and plenty of catching up. 


    “You should talk to him.” Cuthbert whispered in his secretly ticklish husband’s ear as they watched Jake wash the dishes, Oy at his feet for company. Eddie was too busy pulling out the old Wii to help. He’d sworn he could now beat his younger brother at Wii bowling despite young Jake being a trophy winner in the true sport. 

    “I will in time.” Roland sighed, ignoring Bert’s eye-rolling. “If we try too soon, the aggravation could last the rest of his stay home. I don’t want to lose this time.” 

    “Me neither.” Cuthbert laid a gentle hand over his. “But if you do it now, you could clear the air and have the rest of his stay to be happy.” He pinched him, only slightly. But Roland only hummed, a sign that Cuthbert’s idea was good but not to be admitted. 

    “Come on, you fuckin’ hamster!” Eddie plugged in the old machine but if Jake didn’t get in quick he was liable to fish out the old Wii-Fit™ board. 

    Roland couldn’t hold back his laughter especially with his husband’s loud snort filling the space between them. Jake rattled out of the kitchen with Oy dancing around his legs but the kid never had to watch a single step. “I’m right here, doofus.” 

    Suzie wheeled in after Jake, watching her 27 year old husband-to-be fling the remote towards the TV before the game had even begun. It spun from his poor grip and bumped the picture frame just to the right.

    “Nice goin’, kid.” Roland ruffled his child’s hair as he went to collect the cracked family memory. His fingers coiled around the wood which had been housing a photo of Jake and Roland at Eddie’s most successful baseball game. Something in the air, with the will of a close rain, had been on the kid’s side that day. The home-run sealed a promise of fame that all boys of twelve dreamed of. The crack of the ball had sent Cuthbert into loud sportsmen-like yells which alluded Roland...he preferred the simple cupped clap or maybe a whistle. 

    Six year old Jake, resting on his pop’s knee, was still baby-faced enough to absolutely idolize his big brother. He’d been waving his too-big hat in the air when young Ms. Delgado snapped a quick photo. 

    “The height of my sport’s career, you should have been there to see it, Suzie.” Eddie peered at the picture. The room, still with silence, made it far too easy for the phantom baseball to swing from Ed’s memory and whizz past his Dads. 

    “2006 Susannah had more important things to do.” She joked, taking her fiance’s hand and swinging it just a little. “But the little man there...he’s got that look about him.” She pointed carefully at ‘baby’ Jake. 

    “Yeah, he used to make a weird face when he ‘went’ in his pants-”

    “He’s three years past that stage in this, Eddie.” Cuthbert gently smacked the back of his head. 

    “I meant, admiration.” Susannah shook her head and spared a quick look to Jake but the boy was seemingly off in his own train of thought. 

    “Oh well, that was back when Jake worshipped the ground I walked on.” He chuckled, not seeing the strain that comment brought to Susannah’s face. 

    The little brother looked up from his quick peek of the photo. The absent-minded smile of his faded almost instantly. “Bet you miss that, huh?” The tone shifted, making the comment stale and brittle. 

    Eddie rolled his lips together, pretending that slight wasn’t meant to hurt him. However, his eyes spoke of the pain to Susannah very clearly. Her chest tugged slightly at the thought of her family in such obvious strain. 

    “Feels like just yesterday.” Cuthbert ignored or possibly missed the tension as he wistfully stared at the photo. 

    Roland frowned. “Feels like ages ago to me.” He scratched his ear with a look of a man needing to grip harder in order to avoid the past slipping through his fingers. 

    “Fuck, I’m getting old.” Bert smiled but his husband recognized the unreadable tone that only he could. He shoved the crushed frame away and curled his fingers around his partner’s arm. “You kids play your game. Pop’s and I are gonna show our age by reading the paper in bed or whatever stupid shit old people do.” Cuthbert made a mock-scowl and dragged Roland up the stairs behind him. 

    Eddie looked about ready to pick up the controller and go for it but Jake drifted in the direction of his old bedroom. “You know what, I should call Benny actually…” He pursed his lips but didn’t make off just yet. Jake wasn’t into confrontations or pressure, he wanted a sort of permission to go. But there was only a small chance, considering Eddie suddenly seemed set on spending time together. Maybe due to the phantom sensation of guilt both boys knew Eddie was harboring. 

    “Yeah sure, better give him a heads-up, huh? Family’s being real assholes, wanting to spend time with you and shit.” Eddie scoffed, slamming the controller back down on the TV stand. Much like Cuthbert, Eddie almost enjoyed fighting. The pair of regular fools got some sort of kick outta it which fueled many arguments...that and their inability to walk away from someone until their opponent was convinced of their point. 

    Eddie clearly wanted the pressure to burst, to get his brother to address his obvious anger at him but Jake fared a likeness more to Roland. Jake knew why he was mad at Eddie, obviously, and that could be good enough for him. Because Jake believed what he believed, stood where he stood, and didn’t give half a damn about convincing others. “It’s getting close to eight-thirty and I forgot I said that I’d call him at eight, that’s all.” 

    Susannah shook her head silently, instilling some waves of guilt in Jake. “Let the boy go, Eddie.” She wheeled closer and gave said boy a hard look of disappointment. “His boyfriend’s waiting. You can play the game tomorrow or play with me now?” She winked happily at her man. 

    Jake wandered from the scene feeling dissatisfied and a bit ashamed of himself. 


    “-Can you hand me the remote?” Bert craned his neck from his position on the carpet, miscellaneous junk from under their bed between his legs. 

    Roland simply continued his work on the laundry. He kept the freshly warm bath towels against his stomach with each fold, using his chin to keep hold. 

    Several years ago, Cuthbert would've thought domestic life with Roland to be impossible. For Cuthbert was exceedingly helpless to his vibrant personality and Roland, though a true romantic, was a constant victim of hard determination. And both men carried the hearts of travelers...plus the Joker up Bert’s sleeve. 

    But here was Roland, lost in his own domestic bubble. “Losin’ your hearing now, old man?” 

    Roland finally broke his casual concentration and raised a brow but Bert only held out his hand, clueing his husband on what he’d wanted. The remote was slapped right into the middle of his palm. Cuthbert held his stare, watching his strange husband pair socks together until he finally gave in. 

    “Something on your mind, Bert?” He asked, throwing a pink fuzzy sock into the basket.

    “Always.” Cuthbert grinned. “I just want to know what’s on yours.” He hopped to the end of the bed, leaning backward to steal a pillow for his lap. Roland gave a half-amused smile as he reached his hand back into the warm load of clothes. 

    Bert allowed the quiet for a surprising second or two, taking the time to plop another fluffy pillow into Roland’s lap. 

    “Talk or I swear, I’ll fish the words from your throat myself.” His hands mocked the gesture of a winding pole. The jest was clear in his tone but deep in his chest, a fire burnt. An undeniable hellish worry. 

    “It’s the boys that worry me.” His voice masked by a tough and husky sigh. Folding an old sweatshirt of his, Roland shook his head. 

    “Not surprising.” Bert whistled, that neutral smile of his had always been mischievous and strange but watching it fall was outright painful. “I want them to be little again.” He twiddled his fingers, pained and longing, his eyes found his partner again. 

    “-Oh, no you don’t.” Roland chuckled, scrunching the sweatshirt in his hands instead of folding. 

    “Yes I do.”

    “Sure you do. Until you recall Eddie’s old habit of sucking on pebbles like they were damn pacifiers.” Roland dropped the neck hole in a perfect ring around Bert’s head. 

    Cuthbert cackled, muffled through the fabric until his partner curled his thick, weathered fingers under the shirt to pull it down, releasing a more staticky version of Cuthbert. Gracefully their lips met for a quick kiss. Roland could nearly feel the electric crackle radiating off the thin strands of Cuthbert’s hair which nestled between their lips. 

    Roland pushed Bert fully into his sweatshirt, the color of the rust which slowly clouded their bikes each rainy season. “I wish for them to be more than the kind of siblings who have to be forced to see each other.” 

    His husband pulled aimlessly at his sleeves. “Our boys need to get their shit together and you need to get your ducks in a row with Jake.” Bert shifted backwards, resting his hands on Roland’s shoulders. It only took one soft touch of his husband--his true best friend’s--for Roland’s knots to relieve pressure. 

    Roland heaved a sigh, removing one of Bert’s hands and pressing a kiss between the blue veins. “You’ll keep us in check.”

    “Damn right I will.” He returned the affectionate gesture with a kiss behind Roland’s ear. “Susannah too. Thank Thor for that.” He giggled. 

    “You really liked that movie, huh?” 

    Cuthbert leaned his full body-weight onto Roland. “Hell yeah, some of my favorite memories with Jake were made in that theater.” A distant look was missed by his partner. “What year did that come out?” 

    Roland raised a brow, pondering for a minute. “Twenty-Seventeen?” He shrugged and scratched behind his hair. “Perhaps our boy remembers.” 


    “Remind me again, please.” Jake whispered, digging his chin into his palm. 

    “I love you, you absolute demon.” Benny Slightman chuckled, a tide of water in his eyes fought hard for the freedom of rolling down his cheeks. Not from emotion, no. Just the long hours spent working and re-writing without much of a break. Until now. He could beat the glassy eyes if it meant seeing Jake’s face through the laptop screen. 

    Jake licked his lips, stricken with a sad sense of longing. Oy napped silently under the desk, between his feet. The sensation of home was almost unbearable yet the nostalgia just wasn’t the same. Something was off, like a song he knew for years being played through an empty wood. Muffled and distantly unsettling. Jake ran his hand from his hair down to his chin again and again. “I miss you.”

    The screen flickered. “I miss you too--” Benny leaned down, Jake was certain he’d dropped his pen. “Give your family the chance to settle. It’ll all work out.”

    Jake frowned. “How can you be so easy on them? They’ve been nothing but rude to you for years.” He blinked, remembering those rare days he spent consoling Benny when he couldn’t spin it into one of his ‘cup half-full’ situations. “I mean--” Jake sat up straight and swallowed. “That day of the huge storm--”

    Benny backed up slightly on his wheely chair. “I don’t want to talk about that, Jake. Leave that behind us.” He pursed his lips, clearly a bit frustrated at the memory--and with his partner for bringing it up. “Susannah reached out and I’m thankful she pushed for us to come down here so the whole family could be together.” He punctuated his point by waving his pen straight into the camera. 


    Benny raised a brow. “What?” 

    Jake shrugged. “You said ‘here’ but you’re not really ‘Here’ yet--” He leaned back on his chair. “You’re ‘There’, you know?” 

    Benny paused, in thought. His expression turned weary and half-annoyed. Which was incredibly rare when talking to Jake. “I’ll be there soon, Bug.” The endearing, genuine tone was hard to resist. 

    Per usual, the old nickname blossomed a blush onto Jake’s face. The man tilted his chin in embarrassment. “Yeah and I’ll be there to meet you at the door--” His lip twitched. “I really do love you, y'know that right?” 

    Benny’s face lit up. “I’ve been clued in, yes.” He chuckled. “I’ve liked you since the minute we met, Bug.” A sincere half-grin personified the emotion he felt perfectly. To Jake, Benny Slightman was a vision who just happened to be a visionary too. “Have that door opened before I even pull up, yeah?” 

    Jake flushed with joy and celebrated with Oy, whom he gently petted with his socked foot. “No need to ask.” He smiled.


    Susannah sat by, observing Eddie’s melodic movements. Hiding away the old video games and waiting for the timer to ding on their hot chocolate. As he moped around the living room, she took it upon herself to check on the mugs. Two minutes & Seventeen seconds.

    She wheeled back to the doorway, stricken with concern. “Eddie, sugar, don’t get lost in your own head.” 

    The man looked mighty self-pitying from where Susannah sat. “Jake’s just never gonna hear me out--”

    Susannah couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “What exactly is there to hear when you’re not talking, Eddie?” 

    “I’ve told you...I’m not ready to talk to them about that.” 

    Suzie sighed with understanding. “I know this, I get it Eddie.” She came over to pat his knee with love. “But you can’t complain about Jake giving you the cold shoulder. He’s probably been thinking, for a few years, that he must’ve done something to drive you away.”

    Eddie swallowed what felt like clumps of rock in his tight throat. “I’ve really fucked up, Suzie.” The sigh nearly got caught inside of him. 

    She rolled her shoulders back. “You’ve made some mistakes, Eddie.” Her fine kiss was a gift to his sweaty temple. “But you’ve never let accountability slip through your fingers. What you did took strength.” She took a minor pause, zoning out for a half-second.

    “I’m glad to be here--” 

    Surprising Susannah, Eddie gently stole her wrist. “Are you feelin’ ok, Susannah?” 

    “I’m fine, why?” 

    “You reached down to scratch your leg.” He gestured towards her. And Susannah took a second to look at where her legs stopped just at her knees. “I know that happens sometimes but you looked really wigged out, baby.” Eddie snuffed out his nervous chuckle with a strained cough. “Do you think it’ll keep you up?” 

    The nights spent in itching agony had become fewer and far between. She used to sleep-walk but these days it was more of a dreamwalk. “I’ll be just fine.” She waved her hand in dismissal. 

    Eddie frowned. “I’ll believe it when I see it, Suze.” He followed her lead towards their bedroom. 

    Susannah smiled with fevered joy. “So let’s pack the day away and go to bed.” 


    The TV buzzed in a way that made it unbearable in silence but fell more towards ambiance when in company. “What is Cavalier Magazine?” Cuthbert answered Trebek without hesitation. 

    The covers sat at their hips as Roland waited for his husband’s  proud smile. “You’re good, Bert.” He shook his head. 

    “Thank you.” The grin was earnest and sweet. “I’ve decided it’s going to be my old man' skill.” He bumped their elbows together. 

    Roland turned his head, shifting in the bed they’d bought years ago. Bert was sure the town had been Derry. But the store-front was completely blank apart from the resale shop, Secondhand Rose, Secondhand Clothes, across the street. “You’re what?” 

    “You know, every old guy has that 1 thing they’re really good at? Takes up half their personality.” Cuthbert waved his hands around. “Gotta pick yours soon, honey.” He teased.

    Roland hummed. “How about getting Arthritis?” His voice, thick with sarcasm, followed a flick of his weathered wrist. 

    Cuthbert huffed. “You’re gonna be fun to deal with tonight, huh?” His arms crossed just above the crinkled blanket. “Come on, there’s gotta be something you’re great at doing...besides me.” 

    Roland reached over to playfully push his head. “You’re so horny that it’s giving me a headache.” 

    Cuthbert practically howled with laughter. “You know--” He looked dismissively at his fingernails. “If you don’t want to admit that you’re--” He sat up, folding his legs underneath him and squeezing Roland’s thigh. “Phenomenal at sex...I could just...do it myself.” A mischievous glimmer strolled from one eye to the other. 

    Roland’s stomach burned, as if starving for his own husband. In a flash, he rolled on top of Cuthbert and pinned down his wrists. His partner groaned happily, brushing their noses together. “You’re unbelievable.” He leaned down, sliding his hands slowly down from Cuthbert’s wrists to cradle his chin. “And I love you.” The next kiss was achingly soft. 

    Cuthbert smirked against his lips. “You’re such a romantic.” He giggled. “Oh, and you always have been.” He sighed, astonished by just how happy he was, and kissed Roland with full emotion. 

    The smile reserved just for Cuthbert, crossed over Roland’s face. “I’ve had the best time having you as my best friend…” He paused, caressing Bert’s face and rubbing his thumb in circles against his cheek. “And when I started falling in love with you, many years ago, I never would have thought we’d end up here.” Roland’s eyes glazed over, a distant expression of contemplation sent uneasy feelings of love in his husband.

    “Stay with me, huh Ro?” Cuthbert gently shook his hand.   

    Roland seemed to pick himself up from the low-level daze, smiling down at his husband. 


    Benny tapped his pen against his chin, feeling alone--unbearably so--without Jake’s company. He shifted on the chair, feeling the staticky strain of pins-and-needles on his legs. The man was indeed gone but Jake’s presence echoed throughout each room of their apartment. 

    Oddities, such found in an antique store's basement--decorated any inch of free space. Benny had to admit that he did not mourn those blank spots. His home would never be complete without strange fake birds flying down from the ceiling, stuffed bears with missing limbs, vintage hares who’d passed many a Easter and fake fish motorizing in a living-room tank. 

    Looking at them now tightened his stomach with a longing for his partner, who’d been more than rattled as of late. Benny took a second pause from his work for the day to prepare the loneliest dinner in the world. Otherwise known as the official meal of a college student. 

    He collected the minimal supplies and stared down at a tiny pea as it rolled across the hard noodle base.

    He began to sing Wham’s ‘Bad Boys’ unintelligibly.

    “--Woo, woo…” Benny set the timer down and stared off into the cozy abyss that was their home. At this moment, he dwelled on the book. The mammoth of literature foolery only seemed to eat at him now. Benny briefly wished to be a children’s author who could simply write of a talking fucking train. 

    But Jake liked the book.

    Jake adored it, even. And he believed it to be good for Benny. Which was more than enough to continue when Benny condemned it to be dribble... 

    “You look as if you had a fight, Where were you last night--FUCK!” Benny remembered his noodles a little bit too late. Running over to the microwave, he pulled out the Styrofoam and swallowed some pride. Steam rose from the crevices of his browning dinner. He really missed Jake. He’d last slept peacefully in his arms just a few days ago but it felt like much longer. 

    Benny licked the spoon and dug in, not even moving to sit down. Instead he hunched over the counter to eat straight from the hot pile inside the cup. “Mmmmmm this suuuucks.” He mumbled as a noodle sipped down his throat. Even his estranged Father made better food than this shit. The same Father who fucked-up Benny’s entire childhood. That guy made outstanding pasta every once in a while. He wondered if the man still did, though it was rather pointless. It was a reflection coming from a mirror long since broken. 

    Swallowing another chewed up mouthful, Benny stared at an upstanding fork caught in the sink. Looking much like a still metal hand, wanting a shake maybe? The long silence filled Benny’s chest like a balloon, poisoning him with dread from the inside out. 

    If he were to be lonely any longer...perhaps he’d have to face the horrifying realization that he still loved his Dad. 


    Susannah woke in the Deschain-Allgood household at around three a.m., roughly pulled from her sweet dreams. Her stomach rumbled, undoubtedly craving food. A late arriving midnight snack, she supposed. Her chair sat next to the bed in a perfect position for her to carefully climb into it, in case of such longings as this one. 

    Once successfully in place, Suzie made her way towards the kitchen as the dreams further loosened themselves from her consciousness. The hour of the early morning weighed down her eye-lids as she opened one of those shiny packets containing her husband's Pop-tarts. 

    Stuffing a full sugary cookie in her mouth, a flash of heated pain shot once more across her belly and sat in her chest. “Pardon me? But are you finished?” She mumbled and swallowed a chunk of the half-gross snack. Her eyes couldn’t help but roll at the next rumble. “What, pray tell, is your goal here?” 

    The clock over the refrigerator blinked fragments of green into her eyes, Two Thirty-seven a.m.  

    “It’s too early for this--SHIT!” Suzie dropped the Pop-tart from her mouth, slapping it down onto her lap. 

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Jake chuckled lightly and continued his path to the pantry with a smile. 

    “What are you doing up?” She raised her brow. 

    Jake blindly dragged his hand around the cabinet with a quick shrug. “Not really sure. Just kept waking up.” His eyes briefly clouded in thought as if trying to recover a memory or perhaps dream. Breaking off, Jake eyed Suzie’s fallen haul. “If you came looking for a snack, I believe I still have--” The boy turned, sticking his whole limb into the pantry. 

    Susannah watched him with a questioning yet eager expression. 

    “Aha!” Jake gently tossed over a bright box. 

    “Girl scout cookies?” Suzie chuckled. Pleasantly surprised as she picked at the cardboard tab. “How old are these, Jake?” 

    “A few days--” He closed the small doors, moving closer to lean over the counter. “Went to Walgreens to pick up my prescription--” 

    Susannah nodded, noting that information but no prying. She did not know Jake to be on any medication, currently, and her brother-in-law was usually open about that stuff with her. 

    “They asked us to pitch in so they could win like a bike or something? Benny just can’t resist shit like that.” Jake’s eyes brightened. “He bought twelve boxes.” He laughed, looking unbelievably satisfied. “I took some with me.” 

    “That guy of yours is a good man, Jake.” She pointed and never for a moment did she doubt that statement. 

    He hummed. “If only everyone in this house recognized it.” His fingers clutched the edge of the island as he rolled his eyes. A tide of silence rolled over the pair...Jake pursed his lips. “I’m living on a fault line with my dad and it’s been that way since Senior Year of high-school.” A hand went through his hair and dragged down his face. “It feels like shit, Suzie.”  

    “We’re gonna remedy that.” Susannah could see how deeply the boy felt things from the minute she was introduced to him. 

    “Roland’s stubborn as hell--”

    “We all are.” She freed one cookie and wasted no time snacking on it. They were silent for a long moment. Just hearing a few bumps in the night. 

    “You know, channel 91 plays reruns of ‘Growing Pains’ at this hour.” Jake floated towards the living room. He watched Susannah huff into laughter and felt an enormous wave of gratitude for her. 

    “Take Oy to bed, Jake.”

    He turned down, spotting the suspiciously somber dog curled in a ball on the carpet. “Hey boy--” He kneeled down, bones cracking from the sudden stretch. “Didn’t know you followed me…” Jake’s voice was affection at it’s finest. 

    Without word, Susannah ripped a piece of the harmless Pop-tart that she'd forgotten all about and handed it over. “Does he know any tricks?” 

    “Just one.” The young man grinned, dangling the treat over his now excited dog. “Oy, speak!” For just a second, Oy just tipped his head but Jake did not look doubtful. 


    With that, Oy chewed his Pop-tart all the way to his room as Jake & Susannah went their separate ways to bed. 


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