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  • Person of Interest’s whumps’ list

    (referred to main characterJohn Reese, portrayed by Jim Caviezel)

    Season 1

    .01: attacked by several thugs and fought, fought, hand tied to the headboard of the bed and struggled, hand bloody and upset, dressed hand, attacked and knocked out, bruises on his face, hands tied, car accident, into a gunfight, bruised wrists.

    .02:cut on his hand, dressed hand, manhandled, rough fight, thrown through a window, bruises on his face.

    .03: into a bank robbery and under gunpoint, infiltrated into the gang, under gunfire.

    .04: fought, knocked out, tied up to a chair, punched several times, fought again, bloody cut on his cheekbone.

    .05: fought, shot and collapsed, flesh wound at his shoulder, dressed wound by himself, fought and panting, under gunfire twice.

    .06: under gunfire, under gunpoint, captured and handcuffed to a chair, punched, fought twice.

    .07: fought, hit in the gut and panting, under gunfire, fought, under gunpoint, hands tied, upset (plus Elias’ whump).

    .08: under gunpoint, fought, knocked out and tied up to a chair, gagged and tortured, gun pointed at his head, saved at the very last second.

    .09: worried, fought, pose as SWAT agents and into a gunfight.

    .10: worried, under gunpoint, fought, under gunfire twice, fought, shot twice, much bleeding and panting and sweating, in need of help to walk, rescued.

    .11: aftermath of the shooting, bleeding and sweating, semi-conscious on a gurney, treated on the field, on a wheelchair, restless, rough fight with crutches, walking using crutches.

    .12: rough fight while still recovering from previous episodes, sore and heavily panting, dressed hand, fought again.

    .13: rough fight and panting, fought, under gunfire, rough fight, bruised nuckles and area around his eyebrown.

    .14: fought, into a gunfight.

    .15: undercover, into a gunfight, fought, hit with a crowbar and knocked out, tied up to a chair and interrogated, bruised face, punched several times, coughing and slightly trembling in pain, hit in the gut with a crowbar,many grunting, shot and passed out, unconscious in a trunk of a burning car, coughing and barely escaped, heavily panting, bruised face, into a gunfight.

    .16: briefly involved into a bar fight, almost killed into a staged car accident, fought, under gunfire, emotional moment.

    .17: into a gunfight, under gunfire and fought, upset and angry, fought twice, manhandled and hooded, into a gunfight, under gunpoint, blackmailed, handcuffed into a refrigerated truck and locked into, bruised wrists, freezing and grimacing, upset (plus Szymanski’s and Finch’s whumps).

    .18: attacked, fought and under gunpoint, under gunpoint again and fought (plus Harold’s whump).

    .19: into a gunfight and shot in the vest, worried and angry, into a gunfight and fought.

    .20: into a car accident, high-pitched ringing and semi-conscious, under gunfire, shot in the vest and collapsed to the ground, passed out, slowly recovering consciousness in the ER, removed the IV himself and slowly sit up, helped to walk, bruised rib and cut skin, upset and angry, large patch on his rear shoulder and slowly redressing himself, under gunpoint, fought, under gunpoint again, hands and feet tied, hit in the face twice, rescued, flashback from the past: shot point-blank, trembling in pain, blood on his hand and holding his torso.

    .21: flashback from the past: bloody shirt and received upsetting news, very upset; argued with Finch and angry, under gunpoint, angry and fought, argued with Finch again and hung up on him, fought.

    .22: rough fight, under heavy gunfire, targeted and into a car accident, unconscious on the wheel with a bruise on his forehead on a burning car, rough fight.

    .23: into a gunfight, bloody wound on his forearm, treated himself on the field, chased by assassins and FBI, under heavy gunfire, saved at the last moment, upset.

    Season 2

    .01: upset and worried for Finch’s abduction, into a (gun)fight, manhandled and hit, under gunfire twice, chased, rough fight and almost defeated, wound at his temple (plus Finch’s and Fusco’s whump).

    .02: still upset and worried for Finch’s abduction, still bruise on his temple from previous episode, into a bar fight, fought (plus Finch’s whump).

    .03: worried for Finch’s possible PTSD, fought, into a bar fight and panting.

    .04: manhandled, briefly fought, shot point-blank in the vest and collapsed on the ground, groaning, fought twice, into a gunfight.

    .05: fought, under gunfire, under gunpoint, hands tied, repeatedly punched and bloody bruise on his cheek, fallen to the ground.

    .06: fought.

    .07: fought, under gunpoint, attacked and fought, fought, under gunpoint, fought again.

    .08: handling a bomb, attacked and fought, fought again (plus Fusco’s minor whump).

    .09: under heavy gunfire,fought against multiple opponents twice.

    .10: fought, under gunfire, surrounded by FBI, arrested and handcuffed.

    .11: still arrested and handcuffed from previous episode, locked into a cell.

    .12: interrogated in prison and handcuffed, threatened, (in the past) punched and manhandled, beaten, bruised forehead, under gunpoint and handcuffed, into a car accident and bloody wound at his head, drugged and fallen unconscious.

    .13: bruised forehead from previous episode, unconscious, wired with a bomb vest and repeatedly threatened, under gunfire, fought against Snow, under gunpoint, bomb armed, hit at his neck and fallen to the ground, bomb disarmed at the very last moment.

    .14: under gunfire, fought.

    .15: under gunfire, gun pointed at his head, manhandled, hit at his neck and fallen to the ground, rough fight.

    .16: shot multiple times in the vest, under gunpoint.

    .17: under gunpoint, fought twice, hit and knocked out, feet tied and dragged, fought.

    .18: fought, under gunpoint, punched and knocked out, bruised cheekbone and tied up to a chair, under gunpoint, fought.

    .19: under gunpoint, under gunfire twice, under gunpoint again.

    .20: sad.

    .21: under gunpoint, surrounded and arrested by police, under gunfire, upset, into a gunfight, fought.

    .22: into multiple gunfights, worried, chased by police, into a car accident, under gunpoint.

    Season 3

    .01: into (a gunfight and) a car accident, hit at his back and fallen to the ground, wrist leveraged, under gunpoint, under heavy gunfire.

    .02: under gunpoint, shot at his back and collapsed, protected by the vest, broken rib and sore.

    .03: into a gunfight.

    .04: none.

    .05: fought, under gunfire, rough fight.

    .06: attacked and fallen to the ground, wobbly, under gunfire.

    .07: into a gunfight, brief fights.

    .08: worried, into a gunfight, put a bounty on his head.

    .09: put a bounty on his head from previous episode and hunted down by corrupt cops and gangs, (fought with thugs), under gunfire, showing an old scar on his shoulder, talking about the time he was thinking about committing suicide, surrounded, used himself as bait, shot at his shoulder, holding his arm, handcuffed and arrested, shot twice and fallen to the ground, bloody and crying in despair.

    .10: seriously wounded from previous episode, unconscious on a bed with IV, mad with grief and on a revenge warpath, bloody and ghostly pale for life-threatening injuries, grunting in pain, fought, bloody shirt and hands, sweating, on the edge of tears, collapsed, exhausted and needing help to walk, unconscious on the backseat, unconscious on a bed with IV again.

    .11: distraught and grieving, roughly puched to the ground, rough fight against Lionel.

    .12: arrested in the previous episode and into a cell, laying asleep, bruised face and knuckles, distraught and dispirited.

    .13: upset and angry, rough fight, stabbed with a fork, fought, upset, rough fights twice, bruise over his eyebrow, on the edge of tears.

    .14: fought multiple opponents, manhandled, handcuffed, fought, thoughtful.

    .15: (fought,) into a gunfight, defuse a bomb at the very last second.

    .16: in the past, as CIA op: under gunpoint, fought, under gunfire.

    .17: fought, angry, into a gunfight.

    .18: fallen off a building through a window and onto a car’s rooftop, under gunpoint, fought.

    .19: hit by explosion blast and roughly fallen againstwindshield, moaning, slapped in the face repeatedly, rough fight and panting, under heavy gunfire.

    .20: fought twice, into a gunfight repeatedly, conflicted, under gunfire.

    .21: fought, into a car accident, wobbly, into a gunfight and bloody wound on his forehead, fought, bruised eyebrow, worried.

    .22: worried, under gunfire.

    .23: worried, into a gunfight, under gunfire, into a gunfight (plus Finch’s whump).

    Season 4

    .01: under gunpoint, fought, roughly fallen from a running car, under gunpoint and fought, hit at his neck and knocked out, groaning in pain regaining consciousness, fought twice.

    .02: fought twice.

    .03: into a gunfight and fought.

    .04: into a gunfight and under gunpoint, surrendered himself and kidnapped, under gunpoint.

    .05: under gunpoint, under IA investigation, emotional distress.

    .06: rough fight and grunting, under gunfire and into a gunfight, into a gunfight and shot in the arm, dressed wound on the field by himself and grunting in pain, into a furious gunfight, tackled down, arm in a sling.

    .07: into a gunfight.

    .08: hit with paintball during training, under gunfire, fought, into a gunfight.

    .09: under gunpoint, hunted and under gunfire, under heavy gunfire, under gunpoint, into a gunfight (plus Anthony’s whumps).

    .10: restless.

    .11: under heavy gunfire, into a gunfight, under gunpoint in the first simulation; under heavy gunfire, into a gunfight shot several times and collapsed to the floor, bloody mouth and dying on the floor in the second simulation; under heavy gunfire, into a gunfight in the third simulation; into a furious gunfight, shot in the back and collapsed, grunting in pain, helped walking and settled to the floor (plus Finch’s whump).

    .12: still injured from previous episode and bloody shirt, rough fight, helped walking and sitting into the car, asleep and pale.

    .13: upset, almost shot.

    .14: emotional distress, rough fight.

    .15: fought twice.

    .16: into a gunfight, hit at his back and on his knees, fought twice.

    .17: conflicted, thoughtful.

    .18: fought and panting, emotionally hurt, bruised cheek and eye, into a gunfight, hit at his neck and knocked out, unconscious on the ground and handcuffed, rough fight, handcuffed again, under gunfire and into a furious gunfight (plus Finch’s whump).

    .19: fought, into a car accident and crawling outside, bloody forehead, under gunfire.

    .20: emotional distress, shot in the back, collapsed and hissing ears, passed out, dragged outside, bloody and freezing to death, hallucinations, slowly crawling in the snow and panting,weak and pale, hypothermia symptoms and freezing to death, confused, painful memories and crying.

    .21: still pale from previous episode injury, under gunpoint twice, captured and tied up to a chair, wound bleeding again through the shirt, pale and sweating, tortured with a screwdriverturned round into his wound (plus Elias’ and Fusco’s whumps).

    .22: still tied and injured and bloody shirt from previous episode, fought, under heavy gunfire, into a furious gunfight twice (plus Elias’ and Fusco’s whumps).

    Season 5

    .01: blood dripping along his hand and blood on his shirt too, bruised face and blood on his collar, fought, chased and under gunfire, rough fight.

    .02: hunted and into multiple gunfights.

    .03: fought, upset, into a gunfight, under gunpoint, hit at his neck and knocked out, captured and hands tied, fought and into a car accident, bruised chin, sad.

    .04: into a gunfight, shot and collapsed on the ground, heavy bleeding and moaning(into a virtual simulation).

    .05: into a gunfight, attacked and knocked out, kidnapped, manhandled and pushed to the ground, under gunpoint and fought (plus Elias’ whumps).

    .06: fought twice, under gunpoint.

    .07: worried, fought, argued (plus Fusco’s whumps).

    .08: fought and under gunpoint, brief fight, fought, upsetand argued (plus Fusco’s whumps).

    .09: into a room with a bomb, into a gunfight twice, under gunpoint. bruised cheek (plus Fusco’s whumps).

    .10: into a gunfight twice, sad, worried sick, upset (plus Elias’ whump).

    .11: grieving, worried, under heavy gunfire, under gunpoint and on his knees, fought, under gunpoint again.

    .12: into a gunfight, rough fight (plus Finch’s and Fusco’s whumps).

    .13: under gunpoint twice, fought, surrounded and under gunpoint, arrested and handcuffed, under gunpoint and almost executed, into a gunfight, rough fight and cut at his forearm, upset and locked into a caveau, into a furious gunfight and shot multiple times, collapsed to the ground, grimacing in pain and bleeding, building hit by a missile strike, fate unknown but most likely dead (plus Finch’s and Fusco’s whumps).


    A Hard Place, by Wuchel1 [original];
    All in a Day’s Work, by Lovejoypeas [ref. ep. 1.15 “Blue Code”];
    Arrowed, by Arches67 [original];
    Breaking Point, by Wuchel1 [original];
    Contingency Plan, by McMoni [ref. ep. 1.10-11];
    Evil Wears A Mask, by Wuchel1 [original];
    In The End, by JennyLB [original];
    Occupational Hazard, by McMoni [original];
    Questionable Judgment, by RadioShack84 [ref. ep. 1.05 “Judgement”];
    Stand-down, by RadioShack84 [ref. ep. 1.08 “Foe”];
    Terra Incognita Continuatio, by Wuchel1 [ref. ep. 4.20 “Terra Incognita”];
    The Season To Be Jolly, by McMoni [original];
    Stitch Him Up, by Aragarna [ref. ep. 1.10-11];
    Woe to the Vanquished, by Wuchel1 [original].

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  • I haven’t wrote for a long time and thinking of a fresh start (nothing I’ve done so far has been too popular anyways 😂) but I want to make sure I start again in the best place. Thanks to anyone who answers

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    from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans https://ift.tt/34iM9dq
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  • You can watch the interview here too. I just uploaded it.

    #Rupert Grint #Nell Tiger Free #servant#interview #Rupert Grint 2019 #video#TV show#Beats1 #apple music news
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  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2019)

    This is my alternative poster for the great TV Series. Huge fan.

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  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S1E15 Yes Men Reaction and Review

    Lady Sif aids the team in taking down the mischievous Lorelei in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

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  • Friends (Season 4)

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  • Okay but the real question is, if the kids from It and the kids from Stranger Things switched places, would Richie stay in Derry, and Mike stay in Hawkins?

    #finn wolfhard #would anything change tho?? #it 2017 #it: chapter one #stranger things#movies#tv show#mike wheeler#vs#richie tozier #the losers club #just wondering
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  • This may not seem like a huge achievement to some of you, but to me it feels like I’ve accomplished everything.

    I wrote my first work for Detroit: Become Human (and the fandom is on a bit of a decline at the moment due to the game initially releasing over a year ago) and I’m so happy that it reached 200 hits! I’m glad that people found it interesting enough to check out, even if a whole zombie apocalypse idea isn’t the most creative thing. I hope that my future works for this fandom will have the same amount of support.

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  • image

    the way he’s looking ughhh.. [ep. 23]

    (and yeah it’s been months since my last post..)

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  • 3 Great Netflix Series to Watch If You Like Mysteries

    Lately I’ve been watching numerous TV shows on Netflix about mysteries like disappearances, murderers and uncommon situations. It might look a bit creepy but if you really like this kind of TV Series that makes you think and need desperately to know what happens in the end, here’s my Top 3 recommendations:

    1. The Sinner

    One thing I LOVE about The Sinner is that every season so far is a different story with no connection with the previous one (just like Black Mirror) but the only character that stays is the detective Harry Ambrose. In both seasons, we can see he has a gift and a good instinct about cases that would be forgotten instead of being properly investigated.


    The “Cora” season talks about this women that is spending the weekend with her son and husband in the lake, and out of nowhere in a impulse after seeing a couple kissing and listening to music, she stabbed the guy a lot of times in front of everybody. After this, she totally blacked out and she lost her memory about committing the crime and the reason why she did it. Detective Umbrose takes care of the case and starts investigating the mysterious causes of Cora’s actions by trying to get her memory back.



    In the “Julian” season, Ambrose needs to return to his hometown and this time, except facing the Julian case itself, he has to relive the incident of his childhood that made him leave his town in the first place. This season was very interesting for me because I could understand the reasons why he normally get so deep in the cases and more about his personality.

    Anyway, getting back to the plot, Ambrose take the pieces together and starts to investigate the case of a 13 years old boy who grown in a utopian community in the middle of the forest called Mosswood Grove, and that confessed to poison his parents in their trip to Niagara Falls.


    2. Dark

    Dark it’s a German TV show released in 2019 and it is situated in the city of Winden - fictional city in Germany - showing the relations between 4 families: the Kahnwald, the Nielsen, the Doppler and the Tiedemann. Everything seemed to start in 2019 when a couple of children disappear from Winden realizing some family secrets and realizing a mystery that changes everything.


    All of this is connected with a cave which is connected with the city’s nuclear power plant, which turns very important soon. My favorite part -but also the most complicated- is that there are 3 important years in the time-line (1953, 1986 and 2019) where we can understand better the beginning of these families and see the younger versions of all the characters. It’s totally worth it to exercise the brain like this, trust me.


    3. Mindhunter

    Think about a very well directed TV show. That’s Mindhunter. Not only the plot will make your heart beat faster but also the way they can record it in a way that you can feel you are imside the show, with them, interviewing serial killers. That’s the story by the way! The agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench from FBI get together with the psychiatrist Wendy Carr in a operation for the FBI’s Behavioral Science, interviewing serial killers to build a behavior cause or by just understanding how each of them think to maybe solve future cases. Most of the characters (agents and serial killers) are real like David Berkowitz, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, and Edmund Kemper.


    I hope you’ve enjoyed the recommendations and I will see you in the next post!

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  • Rupert Grint and Nell Tiger Free interview about the show Servant. (Dec 2019)

    #Rupert Grint #Nell Tiger Free #servant#interview #Rupert Grint 2019 #video#TV show
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  • The Mandalorian

    Season 1, “Chapter 2: The Child“

    Director: Rick Famuyiwa

    DoP: Baz Idoine

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