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  • dandylion240
    14.05.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    “It’s not your fault. Master would eventually bore himself of you, as he did of me, and then he’d find a new favourite to obsess about. I just came in handy at the right time for some underling to get off the hook for failing. That is not your fault…”

    Brushing his cheek he added. “We will escape, I trust in you, I trust you will find a way, and the master won’t look for you, or me, or any of us, once we find an escape. The same way you promise me freedom, I promise you safety. I won’t let him hurt you.”

    No, he had decided that once Jonah’s efforts had led his family to them and freed them, he’d show his master the dragon he had in chains, and he was going to hurt him. He was going to hurt his master as he had hurt all of them, and make sure that even if he wanted, he’d never be capable of taking or harming anyone ever again. He told Jonah one thing for sure, dragons were prideful, but they were even more resentful and quite loyal.

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  • rosewreathgoldenstar
    14.05.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    ugh i take it back im never having kids the only way i can break the cycle of matrilineal abuse is to not have kids i need to stop living in this fantasy world where i’ll be a great mom and save my kids from the abuse i went through

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  • dandylion240
    14.05.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    He stroked Cecil’s hair “I’m glad your parents did not give up on you. You are worth more than ten perfect dragon’s put together. You see more than most people do who have two good eyes.”

    Holding the dragon close “you are priceless and if anything good has come from being here it’s that I got a chance to meet you. To know you. You have given me so much. I’ve given you so little. I promise if it’s the last thing I do you’ll walk out of here a free dragon. I’ll make sure that when they come for me we won’t leave without you.”

    Cecil held tight to Jonah, closing his eyes, he buried his face on his shoulder. He took in his words, never had he thought of himself like this. Priceless, it sounded nice, to feel worth something beyond being a toy. He didn’t answer back and with a deep sigh he pulled back, holding Jonah’s hands in his own.

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  • dandylion240
    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    He pulled his knees into his chest “I’m sorry … for all of this.” How many times has the master told him he had searched far and wide for him. The toy he most wanted.

    “Even if we escape here, the master will still look for me,” he shivered “I’ll never be free of him. He’ll always be out there looking to bring me back here.” How many more innocents like Cecil would be brought here?

    Swallowing the bile that rose inside him. He didn’t want to stay here but if it would save someone else from being taken … no that didn’t make sense. He shivered, the master had several toys he used to entertain his guests. Shoving the unsettling thoughts aside to focus on something more important.

    Inhaling deeply he pulled Cecil into his arms “no matter what you’re not alone, not anymore. You have me. I am your family.”

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  • third-of-finwe
    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #tw animal abuse #baby :(#Anonymous
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  • wingedfanficillustrationnerd
    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okay, one Thing that still lives in my mind Rent free Like three months after we learned it is that one Case of a Dude sueing Red Bull and why it wouldn't Work in Germany.

    You See, our teacher brought this Up as an exersice bc we were doing that field of law in class. If you don't know the TL Dr of the Case is man sues Red Bull for saying They give you Wings when They obviously don't, and wins. Now in Germany this wouldn't Work because of one specivic law, which is esentially called 'the Common Sense law'. Because of course a Drink wouldn't give you Wings. And the German law system Knows that, and it Knows that you know that. So They Put in a law so you can't sue anyone for Something that falls under commen Knowlage. Like Putting your Cat in the Microwave (also a real Case from the USA I believe, but I can't remeber how it Ended).

    TL DR German law system doesn't let you sue someone If the Thing your sueing about is obvius and I think that's incredibly funny.

    #law #german law is so interesting #and weird #tw animal abuse #for like the last scentence
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  • dandylion240
    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    He lifted his hands. “I was not aware when I became alone. I only know that at a point, it was only me in there. I think when they believed I was old enough to take care of myself, they just left without a word. Dragons are… prideful beings. Very prideful, and, as a society we pride ourselves in being perfect. Any defect, disability, unsavory thing is to be either hidden or rid of.”

    “When I said you were someone I meant it. No one is looking for me… I have no family, no friends, the only humans I took for friends only wanted me to turn human so they could sell me to master, so they could make up for that one toy that got away. They thought, if they sold the master an exotic dragon, he’d be happy.”

    Jonah gasped sitting up “you’re here because of me. I’m the toy that got away.”

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  • twistedseart
    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Siempre te tendré a ti

    #tw // alcohol #tw // alcohol abuse #personal art#original art#my ocs#abigail#my art
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  • one-time-i-dreamt
    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    not a dream, reddit

    Some of you know that I'm an avid redditor and I wanted to share a few communities on there which I think are really important.

    1) Trace An Object

    The saddest reddit I'm a part of, but the most important of them all, Trace An Object deals with a really dark topic - child abuse - so if you find that to be too triggering, which is completely understandable, please don't click on the link and put yourself through that. There, people from around the world help to identify cropped objects taken from the most horrible photos in the world, photos of child abuse, in hopes of finding the location in which the photo was taken and possibly saving a child, arresting perpetrators, and so on.

    2) Hollywood Receipts

    List of allegations made against celebrities. Very useful for people who want to inform themselves on people they might stan or even come across in life. I never want to support predators and I want to help protect innocent people from falling into their trap, so I like checking the subreddit out through a critical eye.

    3) MUAontheCheap

    A more lighthearted topic and a community full of kind people. Redditors post information and links about sales and deals on beauty products, so you don't have to break your bank to get good quality makeup. Codes are regularly shared and even better, people give you advice on how the products are from personal experience, and everyone I came across on that subreddit is so nice, it's incredible.

    I've managed to try products that you can't even buy in my country (and if they were imported here, I'd have to pay them much more than I did) on giant sales so even with shipping it ended up costing me less than the original price. I've also discovered Juvia's Place on that subreddit and their palettes are the bomb dot com and if you want to support a black-owned business, don't look any further! In fact, they have some amazing sales going on right now if you want to check them out.

    4) Subreddit Drama

    Kind of like Tumblr heritage post but with reddit beef. This subreddit collects big dramas that happen in other subreddits. Sometimes it's really hilarious to read through it, while other times it can get pretty scary when you discover how many people have bad takes that they're willing to defend to the grave. Most of the time it's funny, though.

    #not a dream #child abuse tw #abuse tw#sa tw #child sa tw #violence tw
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  • dandylion240
    14.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “You are a good friend to me,” he reached for Cecil’s hand kissing the fingers before saying “I would very much like to hear your story if you want to share it with me.”

    “I know it may be painful for you,” he shivered wondering what it would be like to be blind and living inside a cave.

    He smiles at Jonah’s kind action and takes a deep breath, eyes cast to the ceiling. That was the one thing he could “see”, so to say. The stars, he was aware of them, where they were, what they looked like, why they were.

    “I was born blind,” he explained. “It is not common among my kind. But I was born blind. When a dragon is born blind, he is to be killed at hatching. But… like you… my parents didn’t want to give up on me. So they did the other thing they were forced to when a dragon is born blind. They raised me inside a cave for me to never leave.”

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  • wandazhang
    14.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’ve been thinking about MCU ScarletVision/ WandaVision and it really bothers me that more people don’t post about the abuse Vision was put through. Like if Wanda brought back a memory of Vision why didn’t Vision have his memories? Is it because she would only leave the good ones? (like the cooking scene, him getting distracted by her, when they ran away together) If Wanda only left the good ones Vision would ask about the bad ones causing Wanda to tell him the truth. Vision was dead. Wanda would have to go back to reality and she didn’t want to go back; no matter if it hurt Vision. That Halloween episode was also filled with what Vision was going through. First, Wanda only left one thing in his closet to wear and she looked upset when he called her out. But he suddenly smiled and made a joke. Does this mean Wanda “fixed” him to her liking? I would say so, she did create him. I think the reason she didn’t full on control him to forget about what is outside Westview is because Wanda would think someone would notice how Vision took the “ perfect husband “ too seriously. Or she would feel guilt and if she felt guilt her world would fall apart. Second, Vison was willing to die. He was straight up dying and all he cared about were the people; because he noticed how much the people were in pain. Wanda gaslighting Vision hurts because in the MCU Vision is kind, smart, and caring. He didn’t deserve to be brought “back” to be abuse material and then it viewed as cute. While he did look happy as soon as he wanted to know who he was it was shut down like the memory that Wanda had of Vision was just a serving to the side of her perfect life. I know it would of been hard, but Wanda should of realized that Vision not knowing who he was and what they did just made them distance; made them fake. Wanda really set herself to be yelled at; like I smiled when Vision yelled at her. She isn’t a hero. Vision is a hero.

    #wandavison#anti wandavison#scarletvision#anti scarletvision#mcu#marvel#wanda maximoff#vision#mcu vision #anti wanda maximoff #anti mcu wanda #anti mcu scarlet witch #tw abuse #tw talk about abuse #Wandavision wasn't as good as we think #vision deserved better #can't wait for the divorce #white vision might snap ngl #rant#fandom rant
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  • sedehaven
    14.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Some December Evening

    He burned like molten steel in the

    snowfield of my body. Popped hips out

    like a Christmas goose, and ripped.

    He carved himself in my kindergarten bones.


    Blood on the snowy white, body-warm

    crusting. Fairy lights in the window

    blinking carols of pain. The ghost of him,

    written in a scar to be read, later, in x-rays.


    -- S. E. De Haven

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  • clla
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    (AMBER MIDTHUNDER, 20, SHE/HER) We have been waiting for a while, but CALLA CHUMANI was finally spotted in the village today. People heard whispers that they are a PSYCHIC/MEDIUM that is hellbent on [ staying away from ] the veils. Will they succeed? Only time can tell. Until then we will keep a close eye on them as they listen to KISS ME MORE by DOJA CAT FT. SZA.

    -- so i am just reposting her bio, and seeing as i’ve been gone for awhile i’m just going to have her be like a sim being left unattended lmao. so nothing should be weird about her presence or anything. the only thing is that she’s been super busy with work so she probably is out of the loop with a lot of stuff --

    Being born into a family of people who are different was nothing new to the Chumani family, but with Calla’s birth came a new, scary, premonition. She was the first psychic who seemed to have mediumship in over 500 years. The last having been a horrible, evil, person who thrived off the pain and the suffering of others. And because of this, she was instantly hated by her family.

    Growing up distanced, she had to learn how to fend for herself, and even leaned on the kindness of spirits who helped her out while she grew older. She suffered both mental and physical abuse but didn’t let that stop her from looking at the positives of life, knowing that there had to be a reason for all of this happening to her.

    But by the age of 16, she had finally had enough of it, and with the help of a ghost who had become like a sibling figure to her, she managed to sneak out in the middle of the night and run off. She’s been wandering since, again on her own, and has decided to make this town her temporary home. She knows she probably won’t fit in but hopes she can at least try to make a few friends while here

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  • datleggy
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Spoilers for 911 LS S2 ep 12 bc I need to rant

    I loved the episode bc like aaah the DRAMA of it all, u know?

    But it's been like two days and my bitch ass is still stuck on that scene between tk and Carlos where tk laid his hands on him???

    I really hope they address that again and don't just sweep it under the rug??

    I know some ppl were like eh it's not like tk HIT Carlos, he just shoved him away which like ya, true, but that's STILL not ok. Like, if ur significant other and u are in a heated ass argument and they push u like that, that's taking it to a physical level and I just hope everyone knows that's fucked up and shit like that can escalate if u don't stop to address it after the first time and if that person doesn't wanna talk about it or apologize then u gotta GO and get ur ass outta that relationship.

    But also I am glad that tk tried to apologize bc he KNEW what he did went too far. I'm just sad Carlos was like nope we were both in the wrong don't worry about it. Like nooo baby boy--who HURT YOU in the past that u think that???? 😭😭😭

    #911 lone star spoilers #tarlos#tw abuse #I'm about to write a coda to this ep just to address this and give Carlos the proper apology my baby boy deserves 😩😩😩
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  • brightbolts
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    weird thing about realizing you were abused is realizing just how much pull a lot of behaviors had/have on you even if your abuser isn’t in your life anymore. like hearing someone speak in a certain tone of voice or act a certain way, having absurdly good intuition when people behave in a different way than normal, being terrified of every change because you don’t know if it’ll be good or hurt you more

    #personal#tw abuse#vent #ok to rb #abuse mention#anyway 🤪 #had a dream about her last night and almost had a panic attack. inside the dream? #so that was exciting
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  • bring-out-the-dead
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Gonna be real with you guys: Pro-shippers did more for starting the conversation about CSA and abuse in fandom spaces than antis did. How so? By simply posting degenerate content of people's favorite characters to the point where they couldn't ignore it anymore. It is disappointing to see these talks come up because people care more about fictional characters than actual children, but it's a start.

    I don't agree with proshippers for the most part, and think there should be some restriction as to where they can and can't post their content, but I have to give credit where credit is due.

    #tw child abuse #tw csa mention #proship discourse
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  • whump-tr0pes
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Honor Bound 6 - 1

    Honor Bound 6 - 1 (Never Be Hurt Again) - @badthingshappenbingo​

    Requested by anon. (I hope this is what you were looking for!)

    Red is for posted, white is for requested. Feel free to request more!

    This is a sequel to Honor Bound, Honor Bound 2, Honor Bound 3, Honor Bound 4, Honor Bound 5, and the prequel Vera.



    Content warning: PTSD, mentioned blood and death by monster, not being sure of reality (it’s really strong in this one, please avoid if you have trouble with that, I’ve been using the ‘unreality tw’ tag), past drug whump, past needle use, imagined abuse from family members, past hallucinations, scars, heavy angst, past death


    Gavin clutched the blanket around his shoulders and shivered like he was freezing to death. The car bounced down the one-lane road to Laporte, Vera and the others driving in the car right behind them. They were on their way to their new home. He could feel the breeze coming in the open window of the car, ruffling his hair that was still stiff with dried sweat, chilling his skin. Isaac’s arms tightened around him, holding him steady where he sat in his lap. Goosebumps stood out on Gavin’s skin.

    He didn’t want to ask Isaac to roll the window up. The wind felt so good.

    Every heartbeat throbbed in Gavin’s skull. His skin ached against the empty air, and each touch felt like a bruise. The car around him, and the people in it, felt like he was watching them through the wrong end of a telescope. His throat was raw with thirst, and from screaming. He swallowed hard and thought he tasted blood.

    His stomach roiled with the taste in the back of his throat. His heart sped up and he braced, waiting for the pain, the punch of agony through his chest as his father bled out on the floor next to him. He waited for the dark-eyed monster that would slink out of the shadows and feast on his flesh, drink his blood, as he shuddered and screamed—

    He shivered and leaned harder against Isaac’s chest.

    Finn sat curled in the back seat against the door of the car, with Gavin’s feet tucked under their thigh for warmth. He had socks on, now. He wasn’t sure when that happened. Ellis slumped in the front passenger seat, reaching one hand back for Finn. Gray’s shoulders had slowly dropped as they put more miles between them and Crayton, between them and the place where Gavin had been kept, had been held—

    It felt like it was so far away – but he could still almost feel the icy press of the cement floor against his skin. He wondered when this hallucination would twist into a nightmare. It always did. This one just seemed to be lasting for longer than usual.

    He bit down hard on his lip. When he looked down, he could see a knife sheathed at Isaac’s hip, strapped to the leather belt with the handle wrapped in paracord pressing into the seat. That knife would probably be the one to hurt him, when the pain started. He wondered who would be the one to wield it.

    Would it be Finn? Would they laugh as they cut him open? Or Ellis? They wanted to hurt Gavin even when he wasn’t drugged, helpless, lost in the seething darkness that crawled down his throat when Schiester slid the needle into his vein. The sun warming his skin seemed so, so real. There was no darkness around him now. He couldn’t explain it.

    Would Gray be the one to hurt him? Would they spit hate at him as they hurt him, tell him he deserved it, that he wasn’t their family anymore?

    Count yourself lucky.

    Would it be Isaac?

    His mind was a swirling mess, but Gavin couldn’t remember there being a time when Isaac had hurt him in Schiester’s basement. Some of the others had; Gray came often to tell him he was poison, a blight on the family’s memory. Vera had torn out his throat as a monster with sharp teeth that sometimes wore Schiester’s face. But not Isaac.

    No, not Isaac. In the hallucinations, Schiester chained Isaac and broke him with his fists, with his knife, with his whip, drawing his blood until Gavin’s throat went hoarse with screaming. But Isaac had never come to Gavin’s cell to hurt him.

    He would have deserved it. He had earned that punishment, a hundred times over.


    He jolted upright in Isaac’s arms. Isaac cupped his face, stroked his thumbs against the tears that Gavin hadn’t realized were running down his cheeks. Finn was staring at them, their hand half-outstretched towards him. He could feel Ellis’s and Gray’s eyes on him, too.

    “I’m… s-sorry,” Gavin whispered. “I…” His throat tightened painfully. The air smelled like the trees that swayed in the wind, and the sun glistened on the hood of the car. The blanket was warm around him, and he could feel Isaac’s heart thudding in his ribs as Gavin leaned against his chest. The sting along the inside of his elbow had faded to a mere memory.

    And there was no specter with blue eyes waiting on the edges of his vision, watching his pain. He was outside, in the sun, safe.


    For now.

    “It’s alright,” Isaac murmured, cradling Gavin’s chin. “It’s… it’s alright. Were you…?”

    “D-dreaming,” Gavin muttered, and shifted his eyes down. No need to tell Isaac that he knew this was the dream, and soon he would wake in the dark and cold of Schiester’s basement to be punished all over again. No need to tell Isaac that when he was looking around the car, he was waiting for the walls of the car to start melting from the drug that he knew was pounding through his veins – was waiting for the telltale lurch in his stomach that told him something was coming, something worse than the death he begged Schiester for almost every day.

    He could hold onto this dream. And take the pain, when it came. He couldn’t let himself believe that it was real. It would kill him, to lose this then.

    He had let himself believe, when the family left the house. He had, for the briefest moment, allowed himself to look around and see his family, and not the hallucination of a broken syndicate prisoner. He had shoved down the pain, the dizziness, and let himself be held. Just for a moment, while he had it. He hadn’t felt this good in… so, so long.

    He raised his gaze and realized Isaac was still looking at him, his eyebrows pulled together, his mouth twisted. Gavin’s eyes welled with tears. He wondered what Schiester had done to the concoction this time to make it seem so real.

    It always felt real. It was only ever after, when Gavin realized that it had all been a fucked-up hallucination. Then Schiester would hurt him, humiliate him, drug him, and it would start all over again.

    Isaac’s lips parted, and his eyes shifted between Gavin’s. His hands gently holding Gavin’s face felt so real, and Gavin could almost – almost – pretend that it was, that he was in Isaac’s arms again, that he was safe.

    “This is real,” Isaac murmured softly. “This is… is h-happening.”

    “Wh-why do you keep saying that?” came Ellis’s shaking voice from the front seat.

    Gavin drew in a deep, trembling breath and let it out, reaching up to wrap his hands around Isaac’s wrists. Isaac’s palms were warm and dry against his cheeks. The warm brown of Isaac’s eyes seemed so familiar, it was like home.

    No harm in telling them. They’re not real anyway.

    “Sch-Schiester’s been… drugging me,” he croaked.

    Ellis shuddered. Isaac forced down a whimper, and he wrapped his arms around Gavin and held him tight.

    “Drugging you?” Ellis said, leaning towards him. “With… with what? Why?”

    “I don’t remember what it was,” Gavin mumbled, his eyes sliding closed at Isaac’s warm embrace. “But it… m-made me… see… things.”

    Ellis sucked in a breath. “Um… shit,” they breathed. “Like… like what?”

    Tears welled in Gavin’s eyes and spilled onto Isaac’s shirt. “Like… my father,” he rasped. Isaac took in a sharp inhale. Gavin forced himself to open his eyes. “Telling me… t-terrible things. Or, um… G-Gray.”

    Gray sat up straighter and glanced at him in the rearview. “What?”

    Gavin ground his teeth together. “Um… telling me you… y-you don’t… want me, anymore.”

    Gray pressed their hand against their mouth and stifled a sob.

    “Or you,” Gavin whispered, raising his hand to gently brush Isaac’s jaw. His beard was longer than he remembered it. “Getting… hurt.” He wondered if the real Isaac was still growing his beard out, or if he’d shaved once Gavin had been taken.

    “But I’m not hurt,” Isaac said, and turned his head to kiss Gavin’s knuckles. “I’m… I’m alright. We all are. We’re safe. You’re…” His breath came rushing out of him and he crushed Gavin to his chest. “You’re safe.”

    For now.

    Gavin bit his lip as he returned Isaac’s gaze. Tears stung his eyes. He couldn’t stand to tell even the hallucination of Isaac that he wasn’t real. He was so beautiful, staring at Gavin with his warm brown eyes, holding Gavin with his strong, callused hands, keeping him safe with his warm embrace. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen Isaac when Isaac hadn’t been bleeding, screaming, as Gavin begged Schiester for mercy. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen Isaac like this, full of love, and hope, and peace.

    No, he thought as the tears spilled over. I haven’t seen him when he’s not hurting… since I said goodbye to him the night I was taken.

    Please, Isaac, wherever you are, please be happy. Please find a way to move on and forget what it felt like to be with me.

    Isaac’s brow furrowed, and his eyes seemed to burn into Gavin’s. “Gavin… you… know this is real, right?”

    Gavin opened his mouth to reply. I wish it was, Isaac, fuck, I wish it was… There was a beat. Gavin’s voice died in his throat.

    Isaac whined softly and pulled him into a tighter embrace. “Gavin,” he sobbed, and pressed a kiss into his hair. “I…” Gavin shuddered and wound his fingers into Isaac’s shirt. “G-Gray, I… wh-what do I do…?”

    “I don’t know,” Gray bit out through clenched teeth.

    “I’m sorry,” Gavin whispered, and pressed his face to Isaac’s neck. “I’m sorry, Isaac, please…” I can’t stand to hurt you even in a hallucination. Please don’t let this end. Please just keep holding me so I can pretend it will last forever. “I… I-It’s real, Isaac, please…”

    Isaac could barely draw breath. He huffed out a weak sob and pressed his lips to Gavin’s hair, tears wetting the strands. He kissed down to Gavin’s forehead and pressed his lips to the scar that had been carved even deeper across the bridge of his nose, then his cheek, then his eye. Nose, cheek, eye, just like he had done so many times before. The warm press of his lips felt so real, the chapped skin, the warmth of Isaac’s breath against his face. Gavin stifled a sob himself and clutched him tighter.

    “I… I c-can’t,” he whimpered. “Isaac, I… I-I’m sorry, but… when it… ends, when he starts hurting me… I can’t lose this, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

    “It won’t,” Isaac croaked, his voice tight with tears. “It won’t end, Gavin. I killed him. He’s dead. I g-got you out, and… I got you out… you’re mine…”

    “I want to be,” Gavin said weakly. “I w-want to be. But Isaac… he’s watching me, h-he’s going to hurt me, and I…” He pulled back, his fingers twisting in Isaac’s shirt, terrified if he let go for even a moment, Isaac would fall away and he’d find himself back in the cell again, under the mercy of Schiester’s needle, Schiester’s knife. “I c-can’t…”

    “What do you mean, he’s watching you?” Finn said in a thin voice. “Now? D-do you see him now?”

    Gavin bit his lip and looked around the car. His gaze moved over the landscape, too, sliding over the houses that now lined the road on both sides. His swallowed hard. His throat felt like sandpaper. “N-no…” he murmured.

    “And is that… Was he always watching?” Finn said, and Gavin finally looked at them. They were pale, their auburn hair standing out starkly against the almost-green tinge of their skin. “Is it normal for you not to see him?”

    Gavin’s heart thudded in his chest. “N-no,” he croaked. “No, he… he’s always there, when I’m hallucinating. Always w-watching me. He’s…” Gavin trailed off and looked around again, panic crawling up his throat, choking him. “Wh-where…” His voice dropped to a whisper. “Where are you?”

    “D-dead,” Isaac said with a new edge to his voice. “He’s… he’s dead, Gavin. You watched me kill him. You watched me shoot him.”

    Gavin wet his lips. A headache pounded behind his left eye. “I… d-don’t…”

    Gray slowed and took a right turn down a residential street. Pine trees flanked the street, casting shadows even with the sun at its highest point in the sky. Vera’s car kept going.

    Isaac stiffened and looked after Vera’s car. “Gray?” he rasped. “What…?”

    “I asked for multiple houses for us this time,” Gray said. Their voice wobbled. “I thought it would be good for us to all, um… have some room to spread out, start families…” They cast a glance at Ellis. “And in some cases, find some space. Vera and Ellis will live in a duplex with Edrissa. Sam and Zachariah are still deciding whether they want to live together or not, but they have options. Finn and Ellis have a house on this street. And we…” They cleared their throat uneasily. “I th-thought it would be good if… if you both lived with me for a while. I thought you might both need some… support.”

    “Thank you, Gray,” Isaac murmured.

    “And… one-sixteen, here we are,” Gray said, and the car rolled to a stop in front of a red brick house with the gutters nearly falling off, peeling white paint marking the frames of the windows. They turned the car off and climbed out.

    Gavin’s throat tightened as he stared at the run-down house. He felt Isaac shift beneath him, and groaned as he bent his legs to ease himself out of Isaac’s lap. Isaac climbed out of the car, and Gavin stumbled behind him, his socks brushing the gravel on the pavement. He winced as the grit pricked into the bottoms of his feet. Isaac drew him close and tucked him under his arm.

    Finn got out on their side and went to the driver’s seat. Gray walked to the trunk and pulled out a large canvas bag from the mess of boxes and beat-up suitcases.

    “I figured we could unpack the rest later,” they said softly, taking a step towards Gavin. Gavin’s stomach dropped, and he froze against Isaac’s side. “For now, I figured we could let you get some rest.”

    Gavin collapsed against Isaac’s side at the thought of sleep. He wanted his cot, desperately missed his blankets that he’d earned with his confessions to Schiester. His eyelids drooped and he sagged.

    Gray leaned towards the open passenger window and looked at Finn and Ellis in turn. “We’ll meet everyone for dinner, if that works,” they said softly. Ellis nodded. Their eyes were fixed on Gavin, and they looked like they were about to vomit. Finn blinked back tears and started the car. Gray watched them as they drove further down the street.

    The world seemed to blur in front of Gavin as he staggered towards the house. Isaac kept him from falling with an arm tight around his waist. He followed Gray up the cracked front steps and stumbled through the front door that Gray had held open for him.

    “Apparently a younger couple lived here before we did,” Gray said gently, closing the door behind them. “They moved out a few months ago. When I called last night, the people who organize for the refugees set up some beds and put a few things in the fridge. It’s not quite livable yet, but I figured that might not matter for a—”

    “Yeah,” Gavin rasped, looking around for his cot. “S-sounds good.”

    Gray pressed their lips together. “Let’s get you into bed,” they murmured, and lead Isaac and Gavin to the bedroom just beside the kitchen.

    Gavin’s vision was fading, the world dimming, each sound rippling through him like a jolt. He wet his cracked lips and lifted his head as Isaac guided him through the doorway. His forehead wrinkled in confusion when, instead of his cot, he found a large bed, already made up with gray sheets and a black comforter. Tears sprang to his eyes as he fell onto it, still fully clothed.

    Without a word Isaac climbed onto the bed beside him, pulling the blankets out from under him and easing a pillow under his head. Gavin sighed as the warm blanket settled over him. He blinked his eyes open for a moment so he could clutch at Isaac and drag him forward, settling his head in the hollow of Isaac’s throat. The bedroom door clicked closed. The room swirled around Gavin and he wondered, just before he slipped into unconsciousness, if this is when the pain would begin.

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  • minikate--24-05
    14.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    some moms be like: why doesn’t my daughter willingly participate in my beautiful mother-daughter moments? why does she seem so angry with me? maybe if I snap again she’ll understand, once and for all, that we’re a family :)

    #maybe if I knock her food container over she'll love me #maybe if I slam doors shut she'll wanna be with me #:) #this is not related to my actual life at all #for reasons#parents#me #tw emotional abuse #eldest daughter
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  • namelesscoward1
    14.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #abuse tw #Fr tho I have like... pages upon pages of backstory stuff for the 2 of them. Probably idk I don't keep track #Ik it's a lot tho #They just live in my brain... #Not rent free tho. They pay their rent w/ seratonin or whatever the happy chemical is
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  • myweirddreamz
    14.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    May 13th 2021

    I had an Avatar the last airbender dream. It was pretty short, but in this dream, Zuko still spoke out against his father, and I think he was going to be banished, but his father hadn't burned him publically.

    Azula was in Zuko's room checking on him (and she was actually worried), when Ozai came in. This was the point where he was going to burn Zuko, in his sleep.

    Azula actually found back against Ozai, and because she is a prodigy, she was able to hold him off for a few minutes, but because she is still a child, she knew she couldn't for long.

    So instead she formed a new plan. She rushed to Zuko's bed and used her nails to carve characters down the middle of his forehead. (I think they were Japanese characters and not Chinese since I know Japanese.)

    Somehow Zuko doesn't wake up for this. What Azula wrote basically called him the Sun Lord. The characters claimed Zuko as heir, so that Ozai couldn't banish and disown him.

    The last step was making sure it would scar so that everyone would see it and Ozai couldn't hide it, so while Ozai was swooping in to grab her, Azula carefully burned the characters into Zuko's face.

    So in this dream, Zuko still got horrifically scarred, but as protection by Azula.

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