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  • xplrsworld
    26.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    y'all I'm anxious af, today my country votes a new government and a new chancellor. i did my part and voted but my generation only makes up like 20%. so our boomers really decide over our future and i know they will fuck us over like always. i know i'll be dissapointed either way tonight let's just hope our far right party will lose more than last time, i can't stand looking at their ads anymore. and hopefully our conservative party will be in the opposition after 16 years

    #thank god i still have some alcohol left here i might need it #tw politics #sandra says stuff
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  • tay-hill
    26.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    ↳ @𝘁𝗮𝘆𝗹𝗼𝗿𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝘂𝗽𝗹𝗼𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗼 𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺 Dreaming about buying more rugs…. or tequila. Either are a safe bet. ↳ ♥447k likes ✎1.2k comments

    #❝  ―   ◦∗♕ ⋆ *:・゚ ~  ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ ᴛᴀɢ  ➝   ❞ #.cause tumblr decided to fuck up my format first time #tw: alcohol
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  • melsie-sims
    26.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    ⚠ Caution, this post contains alcohol use. ⚠

    It’s time for a PARTY! 

    I didn’t get to catch Arnie’s reaction on camera... because obviously that’s not actually a thing in this game... So let’s just go ahead and assume he was very surprised when he came in from his chores to find that everyone was gathered around to celebrate his birthday.  

    Now who’s ready for some beer pong?

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  • anarchyraised
    26.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    camden  lahey  would  be  the  first  to  admit  he  is  a  terrible  person  and  an  even  worse  friend.  he  is  trying  to  do  better,  and  he  is  for  the  mostpart.  he's  sober,  building  bridges  with  isaac,  getting  some  much  needed  therapy  and  focusing  on  his  place  in  the  pack.

    there  are  two  instances  that  make  him  believe  he's  a  terrible  person  and  they're  the  same  two  instances  he  hasn't  yet  been  able  to  talk  about  in  the  years  he's  been  going  to  therapy.  the  first  is  what  happened  with  matt  daehler  and  the  second  is  something  that  happened  with  derek  hale.  

    with  matt,  it  was  a  case  of  camden  being  drunk  and  stupid  and  thinking  it  would  be  funny  to  throw  someone  into  the  pool.  matt  was  in  the  wrong  place  at  the  wrong  time  and  he  didn't  know  the  kid  couldn't  swim.  he  didn't  exactly  think  to  ask  either.  it  could  just  as  easily  have  been  anyone  else  that  had  been  at  the  party  that  was  close  enough  for  him  to  grab  and  throw  into  the  pool,  or  even  isaac,  but  it  was  unfortunate  matt  was  the  one  kid  that  couldn't  swim.  the  incident  is  something  that  was  swept  under  the  rug  and  buried  for  years  until  he  was  told  about  the  kanima  and  everything  that  happened  there,  and  later,  some  information  he  came  across  when  going  through  the  lockup  containing  his  father's  personal  items  after  the  foreclosure  of  the  lahey  house.  

    with  derek,  he  thinks  the  situation  was  way  worse  than  anything  that  happened  with  matt  or  any  other  fuck  up  he  made  growing  up.  the  consequences  of  his  failure  to  be  a  good  friend  resulted  in  eleven  people  dying.

    there  had  been  an  ocassion  when  derek  had  had  a  rare  moment  of  clarity,  had  sobered  up  and  knew  what  he  was  doing  with  kate  was  wrong  but  he  was  already  in  her  apartment  with  no  idea  of  how  to  get  out  of  there  without  ending  up  with  a  bullet  between  the  eyes.  he  knew  he  couldn't   call  laura  because  she'd  kill  him.  so  would  everyone  else  in  his  family,  so  he'd  called  camden  instead  and  begged  him  to  come  pick  him  up.  camden  was  still  human  back  then  so  it  seemed  the  safer  option  in  the  long  run.  so  he'd  gotten  the  call  and  he  went  to  the  apartment  to  get  derek,  except,  instead  of  being  a  good  friend  and  getting  him  away  from  the  heavily  armed  psychopath  that  was  at  least  seven  years  older  than  derek,  he  got  a  sniff  of  the  alcohol  in  the  place  and  ended  up  talking  derek  down,  getting  drunk  with  them  and  having  a  threesome.  

    camden  is  an  alcoholic,  an  addict  that  was  offered  his  poison  on  a  plate  and  he  thinks  if  he'd  been  strong  enough  to  resist  it,  he  could  have  grabbed  derek  and  gotten  them  both  the  fuck  out  of  there,  told  the  hale  family  what  was  going  on  (  or  at  the  very  least,  told  laura  what  was  going  on  )  so  some  kind  of  intervention  could  be  held  and  if  the  threat  was  made  known,  then  maybe  the  fire  wouldn't  have  happened,  or  there'd  been  a  higher  chance  of  survival  when  it  did.  instead,  he  was  complacent  and  honestly,  he  doesn't  think  he'll  ever  forgive  himself  for  it  all.  

    he  and  derek  have  never  spoken  about  it,  and  honestly,  derek  was  off  his  tits  on  wolfsbane  -  laced  heroin  for  over  two  years  so  i'm  reasonably  certain  he  doesn't  actually  remember  calling  camden  at  all.  

    #✧  ⌜  camden lahey. ⌟  →  headcanon. #✧  ⌜  derek hale. ⌟  →  headcanon. #drowning tw#alcohol tw#drugs tw#grooming tw #long post / #if he ever did talk to derek abt the second point #derek would just be like 'it wasnt ur job to babysit me'
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  • a-lil-perspective
    26.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    I love Crosshair’s independence. I love the idea that he lives his life unapologetically, that he goes out and crafts experiences for himself and absorbs the world around him and gets a taste for the finer things, things his brothers could never understand. I love that he would be a bit stingy in sharing that with them. I love that he discovers a sense of identity and allows himself to indulge in things a sense of duty otherwise prohibits. I love the idea that all of these luxuries and delusions of grandeur are quintessential to his disposition and play such a profound role in him honing his craft. He develops an appetite for self-care and a wide palate for life and I love that it would further fuel his superiority complex. I love that he would differentiate between a civilian’s life and a soldier’s. I love the idea that a part of him wants more than either.

    I love the idea that in-between missions he’s gone most of the time; he’s not in the least bit sanctioned to do so but he’s going to anyway, and he’s not going to let anyone tell him he can’t. If he wants to go to a barber’s shop or buy the finest wine on the market or go gambling then he’s gonna do it. Crosshair’s gonna do what he fucking wants to do and honestly good for him.

    #lol idk I’m rambling #I just think it’s such a neat concept #this is why Vigilante!Crosshair is my jam becuz it gives me (and him) so much leeway to explore #tw gambling#tw alcohol#tw swearing #soft sniper sunday #vigilante!crosshair #dom!crosshair #domestic!crosshair #clone trooper crosshair #crosshair #bad batch headcanons #lil rambles #it’s a lil thing
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  • haydenisms
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    avan jogia , bisexual , male + he/him ― hey look , it’s hayden modi ! they’re twenty four years old , they’ve lived in shrike heights for three months , and they’re currently working at julio’s bar . i heard they’re pretty nonchalant , but i think they’re so open minded at the same time . can they make it out alive ?

    ! tws for drug abuse and addiction , pregnancy and child death , proceed with caution !

    basic info

    ☆ full name : hayden rajat modi ☆ nicknames : usually just goes by hayden , claims he’s too ‘ unoriginal ’ for nicknames ☆ birthday / zodiac : december 20 , sagittarius sun ( sagittarius - capricorn cusp , or the ‘ cusp of prophecy ’ ) , aries moon , capricorn rising ☆ right handed or left handed : ambidextrous ☆ height : 5 ‘ 11 ☆ three things he likes : getting high , the beatles , any harley davidson motorcycle  ☆ three things he dislikes : when the party ends , being alone with his thoughts , the mere idea that nothing is really forever ☆ eye color : brown ☆ hair color : black ☆ place of birth : montreal , canada ☆ languages spoken : canadian french , english , very basic conversational gujarati  ☆ five aesthetics : pictures of hayley , drowning out your sorrows through narcotics , eating at denny’s at ungodly hours drunk off your ass , dried up tears , being the actual life of the party 

    background story and headcanons

    hayden was the fourth born child of rajat and kimmy modi , out of eight other brothers and sisters , being the ultimate middle child

    despite having so many kids , his parents payed attention to each and every one of them , never leaving a kid out like some parents with multiple children did . this had it’s ups and downs , but mostly downs ( in hayden’s opinion ) . his parents were super strict and very old school , close minded people , which is something that drove hayden insane

    now , they weren’t bad parents per say , but hayden thought they were overbearing . they had rules he found really dumb like no skirts below the knee for girls , everyone had a curfew at nine pm , they weren’t allowed to date until after they moved out of the house , no people over until they’ve met their parents , their parents had to approve of all the clothes they wore , no tattoos , piercings or dying your hair , and one that hayden really hated in particular ? him and his brothers were always forced to keep their hair as short as they could , as his parents didn’t allow them to have longer hair 

    these were just some of the rules they had , because there were plenty more , each one more ridiculous and strict than the last . hayden grew up being that friend that couldn’t go out unless his parents met your parents , wasn’t allowed out on school days at all , pretty much had all these rules he had to follow which he hated . like , he was that friend that you could never really hang out with outside of school because it was either one , too hard to do so , or two , he simply wasn’t allowed 

    it was overbearing , and while he understood that his parents did all of this because they cared , it actually made hayden resent them , because he felt like he had no actual free will around them . they wanted to control everything , know every little detail , and he couldn’t stand it 

    so , if you guessed it , he started acting out at an early age , but .... secretly , of course . he always kept everything he knew they wouldn’t approve of a secret , which was hard to do with the amount of siblings he had and how much his parents were on his ass , but he managed to do so . honestly , his parents’ rules did nothing to help keep him in place . if anything , being guarded so much and restricted like that made him want to do all the wild things his parents were so afraid of him doing , so , that’s just what he did 

    while he was smart enough to keep his grades up , his social life was mostly kept a secret because his parents would never approve . hayden started wilding out , no lie , the second he became a teenager . thirteen was basically his year !

    this is the first time he tried alcohol and cigarettes , his first kiss , the first time he snuck out , all the things his parents didn’t want him doing , he began doing at this age , of course , all secretly , but he still did them

    his little escapades only became more and more intense as he got older . cigarettes became joints , kisses turned into sex , and well .... you get the idea 

    by the time he’s sixteen , he meets a girl he would soon fall head over heels in love with . her name was hanna . hanna was basically everything his parents wanted him not to be , everything they hated , and even with their ‘ no dating ’ rule , hayden fell for her , and hard 

    he was breaking their rules secretly already before she showed up , but hanna encouraged him to break even more . she had hippie parents who told her to follow her desires , basically everything hayden could want really . he found it very difficult to say no to her . he had only tried weed and beer up until he met her , but she got him to try just about everything in the book , eventually getting him hooked on coke 

    she was toxic , and it was only a matter of time before her influence on him really began to show . he had always been so good at hiding everything from his parents , his siblings , but he started to slip with her . fast forward a year later and his mother finds an empty coke bag in his sock drawer . this of course , leads to the ultimate argument with his parents

    everything comes to light right then and there . the argument is so terrible , his crying mother becomes so angry , she slaps him ( which is huge for hayden , because neither one of his parents had ever laid a hand on him or one of his siblings ) . they basically kick him out and surprisingly ? hayden is so filled with rage , he’s perfectly okay with that , doesn’t even bother to use the thirty minutes they give him to ‘ pack your bags and get the fuck out of here ’ either , legit just leaves , and the first person he goes to ? hanna . he honestly hasn’t seen his parents or siblings since that day 

    they pretty much runaway with a couple of her hippie friends and start road tripping the states together , spend hanna’s eighteenth birthday in las vegas , which was absolutely crazy , and that’s saying little . eventually , hayden and hanna settle down in some trailer homes in denver

    after a night filled with too many beers and lines , they find out hanna is expecting three months later , right when they’re finally getting settled in . despite the fast lifestyle they both live , they decide to keep it . ‘ it ’ turns out to be a girl , and they name her hayley 

    hayden never wanted to be a father , but as cheesy as it sounds , his daughter really changed him . like , he really wanted to be a better man for her even though he was barely eighteen and didn’t know what the fuck he was doing , literally never felt a love so pure , just wanted to protect her and be a good dad 

    however , the same can’t be said for hanna . she tells him she’s going to get the baby formula one day and never comes back , leaving hayden a single father when his daughter is only four months old . he’s alone and scared , doesn’t have a single clue what to do , but he somehow makes it work

    stops doing drugs , gets his shit together even though it’s hard . like he’s stressed 24/7 but for once , he’s trying to do things the right way . he’s nothing like his parents at all , but he understands what it’s like to care for someone so much , you don’t want anything bad to happen to them , he doesn’t agree with what his parents did but after becoming a dad , he gets where they’re coming from . he becomes a better person , all thanks to hayley

    fast forward five years later however , and hayley becomes really sick with leukemia . hayden starts spending his time in the hospital more than anything . unfortunately , after a little over a year of struggling , she ends up passing away when she’s six years old 

    it was one of those cases where hayden never really thought that would be the outcome, you know ? like he knew it was bad , but he was positive they would get through it . the amount of times he thought ‘ no , she’s too young . no , not my daughter . she’ll be fine ’ was a lot . he’s seen cases of parents going through that but he never in his entire life thought that would be his case as well , until he actually went through it 

    it doesn’t take a genius to guess how upset the situation makes him . hayden becomes very , very depressed , basically drowning himself in his work to try and ignore just how awful he felt . he never thought it would hurt as much as it does . he doesn’t think he could put it into words just how painful it is , not in french , not in english , not in any language 

    he has a mental breakdown so bad , he impulsively goes into his bathroom and shaves his entire head and eyebrows . i’m not even talking like a buzzcut , no , straight up just bald and no eyebrows . not a look on him , but he’s in such a bad place , he doesn’t care . after being clean for more than half a decade , he breaks his sobriety , literally .... becomes a mess

    eventually , his hair and eyebrows grow back , but he’s really never the same person again . this is how he ends up in shrike really  –  living in denver with all those memories is just too painful for him , legit goes to a small town where no one knows a thing about him or his story

    he’s back to his old habits because he really doesn’t give a fuck anymore . like , he genuinely feels like he has nothing left to live for even though he’s so young . he feels tired and worn out and really , really sad , but he never shows this side of himself

    instead , he’s dwelled on becoming the party animal guy . he’s that friend you call up to drink , smoke , or just get high with . he’s back to his fast paced lifestyle and he couldn’t care less . it’s gotten to a point where he doesn’t care if he takes it too far . like .... he just doesn’t give a single flying fuck anymore watch him drinking at the job ( even though he’s a bartender so it’s gucci but ) 

    his existence has become rather empty . getting high and getting drunk , barely sleeping , doing chaotic shit that could get him arrested . again , he just feels like he has nothing to live for ,desperately needs therapy even though he’ll probably never go bless him

    he hates being alone ! not even because it scares him or anything , but because he thinks too much when he is . he hates being alone with his own thoughts , dead ass always wants to be with someone or high on something because he just hates thinking

    has the name ‘ hayley ’ tattooed on his wrist , with a little angel underneath . will probably tell you it was a drunk tattoo if asked even though it obviously wasn’t 

    hayden doesn’t really do relationships after what happened in his last one . he would like one , but doesn’t like putting in all the effort , huge on hookups and meaningless sex because it’s become his life

    he loves taking pictures ! has a polaroid camera which was literally the only thing he took from his house when he left . he’ll take pictures wherever he goes as he claims pictures are the perfect way to ‘ capture life’s moments ’ . he has a ton of pictures of his daughter

    got his aa , but never furthered his education 

    i’m going to end this here because this is getting long , but below is his birth chart ! i’m still figuring him out so i might edit this later on ? who knows tbh

    wanted connections

    apartment complex buds : these two live in the same apartment complex and have become friends through there , probably party together and get into all sorts of shenanigans , huge ride or die energy here

    strawberry fields forever : give me someone he did acid with . it wasn’t hayden’s first time dropping acid , but it was your muses’ first time , so this could be a pretty fun connection depending on their reaction !

    my ghost , where’d you go ? : fwbs that ghosted each other 😀 maybe they thought things were becoming too real and dipped ? could be a fun connection to work out 

    why’d you only call me when you’re high ? : fwbs that only hook up when they’re under the influence . hayden will call them up at three am like ‘ where are you ? ’ . big dumb energy in this connection right here

    coming down : someone who tries to be a good influence on him . they could be there for him whenever he comes down , but this person’s efforts are probably are for nothing because he’s fucked up 💜

    young gods : a muse maybe ? someone he takes pictures of ? he’s all ‘ wait don’t move ’ *snaps pic*

    or we can brainstorm !

    #shrikeintro#woooo #this took me forever #n it sucks rip #pregnancy tw #child death tw #death tw #cancer mention tw #drug abuse tw #alcohol abuse tw #drug addiction tw #pls read this w caution if u do <3
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  • howaboutalittlehelpneos
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Atticus: What's the name of that magazine in the Sir Mix-a-Lot song? I know he says Cosmo but like what does it stand for?

    Zane: Cosmopolitan?

    Atticus: Isn't that alcohol?

    Tyranno: I thought it was cosmetology

    Jaden: Isn't that art or something?Chazz: No it's makeup!



    Atticus: I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!


    Atticus: FINE I WILL!

    [Seconds later]

    Atticus: Okay so maybe you were right

    Zane: Mhm. "Maybe."

    Atticus: I'm sorry I thought you were just an alcoholic :(

    Zane: Well, I am, but that's beside the point.

    #a short story brought to you by my one brain cell struggling to have a thought before 9 am #this is just what its like inside my head at any given moment and i thought this would be funny #i shall not think on it any further just take it #atticus rhodes#fubuki tenjoin#zane truesdale#ryo marufuji#tyranno hassleberry#tyranno kenzan#jaden yuki#judai yuki#chazz princeton#jun manjoume #this is too long to feel like an incorrect quote thing but idk what to call it #oh well #tw alcohol mention
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  • hollowbonedangel
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    New safe food just dropped! Vodka and Monster at 4pm on a Monday ♡

    #tw ed stuff #tw alcohol #girl please eat a solid its calorically the same
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  • georqenotfound
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #thank u anon i appreciate you!! #answered#anon#alcohol tw
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  • heavenbxrred
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “hey. i asked you a question. what are you pissed about?” (faye & will)

    Faye turned on her heels, arms crossed tightly against her chest. “What the hell do you care? Both times I’ve seen you, you’ve smelt more like a distillery than anything.” She choked out. And she didn’t want to keep dealing with it. The people in this world were insane. They were drunk and fighting and... the missing bio mother she had always wanted. And the fact that someone with HER face had hurt someone who had become a very good friend. A friend who she wanted around more than anything. “What can I NOT be pissed about?” Faye finally asked, turning around to the face the man. “My own birth mother doesn’t want me, one of my good friends looks at me and only sees his ex-wife who killed him. The only PERSON I have here is my father, and even then I feel like I’ve pushed him away.” She choked out. “I just wish things had gone back to normal and I would have stayed in New York.” She continued, unsure of why she was bearing all to this man.


    #( i dreamed of you || faye moulin ) #tw; alcohol
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #I do know what you meant but I personally don't drink.... #tw: alcohol#clo writes #you asked i answered
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  • headcanonsandmore
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I really like the idea of there being a university of sorts in whatever afterlife they may (or may not) be...

    Everyone takes JRR Tolkien's class, but regrets it almost immediately because -despite being a literal Oxford professor when he was alive- Tolkien spends most of the class mumbling into the blackboard. Also, be prepared for a lot of discussion involving linguistics.

    People are divided over CS Lewis’s class. On the one hand, he is a good teacher, but also he is a Christian and you will be very aware of it. He also gets into arguments about Susan Pevensie a lot.

    Ursula K Le Guin is considered to be one of the coolest teachers, because duh.

    William Shakespeare still doesn’t understand why he has a class, and spends most of the time just telling rude jokes and getting tipsy. 

    Sappho keeps blushing because all the wlw keeping flirting with her when she’s trying to help them write poetry. 

    Jane Austen spends half her time getting swamped with questions about the ‘Pride and Prejudice’ movie adaptations, and is a little tired of it, to be honest. 

    Terry Pratchett (who is still a little baffled about the theological implications of him being there) has a packed class every year. Each lesson feels like he’s telling you a story over a pint in a cosy pub, and there always seems to be a log fire crackling away in the background. 

    (Feel free to add more)

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  • beelas-bees
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Today's dnd stream was... eventful

    We had a fight with bandits and sanders and amelia almost died, sanders did kill the guy who knocked down amelia tho :)

    Mirage took down the last bandit and he warned her with his dying breath that the place the party was heading to was a deathtrap

    Dolmond tended to their wounds and mirage gave amelia money and sanders booze when they woke up

    Sanders got drunk and had a gender identity crisis and everyone else had to calm him down

    The stream ended with amelia and mirage going out to hunt for food

    Get more exposition from watching our vod on our yt, the stupid gang :)

    #tw blood#tw death#jic#dnd doodles #art that isnt good enough for the art blog :p #was a very fun but short stream!!!! #alcohol #not me forgetting that amelia has gloves until the last picture
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  • boobberries
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ended up walking around looking for parties for a total of 3 1/2 hours. the one i ended up at was shit. there was no alcohol. i did not get laid


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  • usermoreid
    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    why did u guys let me sit drinking rum straight from the bottle like it was water. why did u let me do that.

    #do Not make me take responsibility for my actions rn i will die #tw alcohol
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  • maddigan
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Not to be problematic but markiplier hot

    #maddigan psa #stares at his oxygen not included playlist #also ive started to stop catering to my friend and its caused an obvious rift in our relationship #i dont give up what im actively doing so he can do it to keep him happy #ive stopped offering things because i need to #its made our friendship very awkward and obviously strained but im tired of giving up my joys to keep him happy #salem this is not about you this is about noah #i love you both but im tired of acting like a parent to him #i am drunk and unapologetic right now #i deserve to seek my own happiness withput giving it up to cater to others #this was a thought i was thinking before i started drinking today #this is taking so long to write out because i have to heavily correct every third word my god #alcohol tw#alcohol mention #uggh the typossssss #too*
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  • snailsgoingdowntown
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Out of Character | yan Xiao

    Yandere Xiao! x afab! Reader.

    No pronouns are used, but the body of the reader is female. I can’t write nsfw for gender neutral readers at all. It just doesn’t flow right I hope this is okay –

    This is inspired by the Xiaowo concept/au of @merakiui

    Sorry if this version of Xiao is out of character...

    Warnings: general yandere themes, toxic relationship, toxic behavior, obsessive behavior, unhealthy mindset, drugging, manipulation, victim blaming, mention of alcohol.

    Not sfw warnings: unprotected sex, somnophilia, blowjob, fingering, vaginal sex, non-con, dubcon, cowgirl, biting.

    If I missed any warnings, please tell me.

    Disclaimer: I do NOT condone the actions or behaviors that take place in this piece of fiction. None of this should be considered romantic or even normal as it extremely toxic and dangerous. This is NOT a healthy relationship.

    Unedited. Like. I gave up editing this before I even tried. Its over 7k man, my brain does not want to edit this at all, not even 24 hours from now. And no pronouns should be used, but if did use some by accident, please tell me where they are so I can take them out. 

    Wordcount: 7959k



     i. Sleep tight

    In hindsight, this plan should have been easy to carry out. All he had to do was drug your drink, mix the liquid with your tea. It’s an easy step, too easy, and yet here he is, running out of time as his hand trembles above the cup. You’re in the restroom, and he’s running out of time. He takes in a deep breath, trying to harden his resolve – he pours it the moment he hears the toilet flush.

    It would have been a waste of money if he didn’t use it. It’s only reasonable, yes. That’s what he tells himself when the guilt starts to set in, resting deep in his bones. It’s something he’s been wanting for a while, and well, he’s not sure if you would ever give yourself to him. And Xiao can only be so patient for so long – it was bound to happen, one day. He was bound to crack and lose composure in one way or another.

    And today just happened to be the day.

    No, it was the day when he bought this drug online from a shady seller. He even waited a week before deciding when to use it, making sure that the cops won’t be called on him. After all, who would buy this date-rape drug online?

    He manages to calm down by the time you get back, placing your cup on the coffee table. His own cup is on the other side, drug free, and hides his excitement when you sit down. “Did I make you wait long? I know this project is due soon, and well, while I was in the restroom you were probably working your ass off…”

    “No, it’s fine. You were only in there for a minute, no need too fret.” He takes a sip from his drink before gesturing to yours. “It’s leftover tea from earlier. I heated it up in the microwave… probably not the best idea, now that I think about it. It’s currently the only thing I have now. I need to go shopping.”

    He even got rid of the other drinks beforehand and kicked Venti out of the dorm room for the entire day and night. And knowing him, he’ll be hung over at a friend’s the next day. Everything should go according to plan if he keeps playing his cards right.

    “Oh, thank you. I was kinds thirsty,” and without giving it a thought, you drank it. He watches you gulp the drink down and set oy back on the table. He hides his smile behind the sleeve of his turtleneck, coughing into it. Oh, how naïve you were, going into a guy’s room alone and even drinking something you didn’t see him pour. Didn’t your parents teach you to be weary of men?

    Or rather, get to know someone before trusting them.

    It doesn’t kick in right away, helping with the essay part of the project, typing away on his computer. You were making the model, applying the glue to certain parts. His heart beats harshly as each second go by, eyeing you to see any type of reaction. That drug… it was the real deal, right? His typing slows down a bit at the thought.

    Another minute passes by before you show signs of anything. The only sound in the room is typing and your yawns. It would have been peaceful, nice even, if he hadn’t had… other intentions. Intentions that involve devious thoughts, thoughts he’s held back on for so long now. He wanted a taste of you, just a little taste… he promises to himself he won’t stick his dick in you. Yet.

    Because if this plan works, he has another one in mind. One that could be considered worse than this, due to a different aspect of it. But you’ll want it then, you’ll want him.

    It took half an hour to effect you in the way he wanted. Half an hour of waiting, sweating as his glasses would fog up and passing it for the warmth of the room. Half an hour of trying to stay calm and keep his composure, shifting in place every few seconds. Half an hour of worrying that it was a fake and a waste of money.

    He’s excited when it starts to work.

    “Mmh… I’m getting a bit… tired…” your words are slurred and hard to understand at first. He loves the way your eyes are droopy, how you can barely keep them open. Without thinking, he offers you his bed, gently taking your hand to help you stand. His face is flushed red as your body presses against his. He hopes you can’t feel or hear his heartbeat, but then again, you don’t seem to notice anything. You’re already half passed out by the time he lays you on the bed.

    “Sorry… for…”

    You can’t even finish the sentence, eyes closing as your breathing slows down. The effects of this drug can be rather… deadly if he gives the wrong dose. Doses of every medicine requires the weight of the one who takes it. And he managed to get to talk about little details without raising any red flags; things about your health and medical history that come off as curiosity as he shares his. You should have really thought things through before telling him.

    But you didn’t, and that was your downfall. He tries his best not to rush things the moment you knocked out, simply looking at your sleeping body. You look like an angel, so innocent… and so easy to taint. White is the color of innocence as red is the color of lust, which he is filled with. He inhales when his knuckles graze against the skin of your cheek gently, wanting to treat you nicely. But it’s getting hard to, when your lips are parted like that.

    “I’m the one who should be apologizing… I just tricked and drugged you, and now I’m going to my way with you. it’s not like you’re going to remember anything of this, really. So, it should be fine.” He mumbles to himself, looking over every inch of your body. The bed dips and creaks under his weight, legs on either side of you. This is a dream come true.

    He starts off slow, simply lifting your shirt above your chest to show off your breasts – to his irritation they’re hidden by a bra. He huffs, simply pushing the article of clothing upwards, resulting in your breasts bouncing free from them. Once again, his face turns red, your breasts so round and nipples perky from the cold air. He tries to shove the guilt away to the back of his head.

    He’s waited too long for this. Every flirtation he managed to cough up the courage for was seen as friendliness from you. Every date invitation was met by a smile, and saying it was a good plan for the project. His advances were turned down unknowingly, and due to his shyness, was unable to persist with it. But now? Now you were asleep and ready for the taking.

    His to take.

    His glasses slip down the bridge of his nose a bit, quickly fixing them before they fell on you. His hand trembles as he lowers it to grope you; it shakes even more when he stops right above your chest. He knows this is wrong, it’s extremely fucked up and you would hate him for it. But it’s not like you would find out, really, the drug will last from anywhere for 3 to 6 hours. Enough time to do what he pleases with you, and you will be none the wiser.

    The guilt refuses to go away still. He takes in another deep breath, hardening his resolve – it would have been a waste of money. That’s the final straw, finally groping your breast a little too lightly, nipple rubbing against his palm. It’s softer than he expected, squishier too, he gropes a bit harder. He watches your face, looking for any signs that you might wake up.

    When there are none, he goes harder, mind a mess as he feels you up. His eye catches your other breast and with his free hand, he pinches your nibble. He rubs his thumb against it next, the bud perky. He tries his hardest to be gentle with you – it’s the least he can do. It’s something he tells himself to make himself feel better. Because a good person wouldn’t drug their obsession the love of their live and proceed to sexually assault and rape them.

    He’s a horrible person.

    But even so, he can’t stop his actions, can’t stop his hands from squeezing and pinching, happy that you’re finally under him. When you let out a soft moan after a rather hard pinch, his body freezes. For a second, everything stops. He can’t even breath, and he’s sure that his heart stopped for a bit. But your eyes don’t open, they stay closed, and he repeats the action to see if your body will react in the same manner.

    It does, and once again, your eyes remain closed. He lets out a sigh of relieve, finally able to breathe again. He likes the sounds you make – they’re so cute, so lewd. It would have been better if you were awake, if you wanted this, but Xiao’s not delusional and he knows you don’t… crave for him. But he’ll make you crave for him, after this.

    “I didn’t think… I didn’t think it would be this lewd. It’s amazing, how soft your body is so far. I wonder if your stomach will be this soft. And your thighs… your stockings hug them nicely; I want to bite them. Can I? Can I bite them, please?”

    It’s laughable, how needy he is right now. He continues to ask over and over, despite knowing you’re not able to answer. With each one he lowers his head and body more and more hands leave your breast to lift your legs up a bit. His head is right between your legs, eye to eye with your panties – stripped ones. It’s so perverted, the way his erection strains against his pants and tongue craves your taste.

    He gently bites your inner thigh, enjoying the way your leg jolts. He sinks his teeth into it more, keeping in mind not to leave any marks. That will be for another day, today is just for learning about your body. About what makes you moan and scream in your sleep, if possible, what makes you wet. It’s for practice. Today is all about practice.

    He doesn’t remove your stockings, knowing he won’t bother to put them back on once he’s done. Once’s he’s had his fill of that, he switches to your leg, biting and licking your inner thigh, mouth getting closer to your cunt with each movement. He takes in a breath before backing away, sitting up on his knees as he gives your body a look over. His hands stroke your legs before moving up to your stomach.

    The guilt builds up more each time he stops to think about what to do next. He’s sure that he won’t ever recover from this, he won’t be able to go back and pretend he didn’t have wet dreams about you. It’s too late to turn back now, anyway.

    “I promise to make you feel good… really good,” he slides your panties off, hands shaking the entire tine. This will be the first time he’ll see a pretty pussy in real life. This will be the first time he’ll see your pretty pussy in general. He gulps once the fabric is completely off and throws it to some random corner. He’ll have to remember to put them back on before you wake up.

    He just stares at it for a while, your bare lips out on display for his eyes. And only for him. His glasses almost fall off again when bends his head down too much. Reaching down, he places thumb where he thinks your clit is. He rubs the area until he can feel the little bundle of nerves, and when he touches it, your body jolts again. His eyes zoom in on where his hand is, thumb rubbing circles into your clit, making you whine in your sleep.

    Xiao takes his other hand to play with your chest again, squeezing and pinching all over again. It leaves in awe just how soft your body is. He can play with all day, but sadly, he has a time limit. And he needs to be done before then to hide the evidence of what took place on his bed today. No hint of him taking advantage of your body shall remain.

    The clock ticks in the background as his thumb abuses your clit. He’s not sure if he’s being too rough at this point, but your body is just reacting so nicely… how can he resist going a bit rougher?

    “Fuck, you’re so cute and sexy… I really want to fuck you right now, stick my dick in and just cum inside of you. Fuck, I just want to do that so bad… but it’s not the right time. Not yet. Soon, if I can work up the courage once more… you’ll be begging for me then. Hopefully…”

    Xiao slides his hand down from your clit to the entrance of your hole. Your cunt is wet by now, not dripping wet, but wet enough for him to slide a finger in. Which is what he does with his middle finger, sliding it carefully as he palms his erection with his other hand. Your walls are just so soft, so greedy, sucking his finger in like that. He didn’t think a vagina would be so squishy. Not that he was complaining.

    He was just surprised.

    The lens of his glasses fogged up once more, amber eyes looking at how well you’re taking him. You’re moaning too, how cute – your lips are parted, and he wants to kiss them, but at the same time he wants to see your greedy cunt take his finger in. It’s a sight he’ll never get tired of, and in the end, he decided to kiss your lips, adding a second finger, and curling them. He swallows your whimpers and moans, trying to keep some of his composure. He can’t afford to lose complete control right now.

    He mumbles into the one-sided kiss, “I love you I love you so much. You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting this… gods, I wish you were awake right now. I wish that you would wake up and kiss me back, saying that you love me too. But I know you don’t… but, at the very least, I can make you start to like me a bit. Sex induces positive emotions, right?” He can only hope that will be the case for the second part of his plan.

    The kiss is messy, his saliva coating your lips as he shoves his tongue into your mouth. It plays with yours, his fingers thrusting in and out of your cunt faster, rougher, wanting to draw out more of your cute noises. Your body is reacting nicely, twitching as your legs close in on his hand. Your cunt is dripping wet now, and he can feel your walls tightening around his digits. Are you close? Are you about to cum all over his fingers and make a mess? He wonders if you’re a squirter.

    And sure enough, with more thrusts and curls of his fingers, you cum on his fingers, making a mess. You’re not a squirter, right now at least. Panting, he pulls back, saliva trailing behind. Your lips look bruised, and he hopes it’ll go away by the time you wake up. And with that, there is one more thing left for today. A blowjob.

    Xiao’s body shivers as he fixes your bodies, positioning them to the way he wants. He straddles your chest, careful not to put all his weight on you. His cock is leaking precum by the time he pulls it from his pants, lifting his turtleneck sweater and shirt underneath up. It’s twitching, ready to feel the warmth of your mouth. With a shaky intake of breath, he opens your mouth a bid wider with one hand, the other one guiding his excited cock to it. And when he moves it into it, he thinks he can cum just from that.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck… it’s so good. Thank God, I drugged you today, thank God you were wearing a skirt so I could finger you easily today. Thank God you were naïve enough to trust me… I’m sorry for tricking you, though. It’s… ah… it’s your fault, though…” he bites his lip, trying to focus on how good your mouth feels. It’s a sinner’s heaven, a sinner’s lust.

    His hips buck wild, and he forgot all about being nice and gentle with you. His mind is in a fog, too hazy to notice anything other than his cock in your mouth. He pretends that you would enjoy this while awake, that you would forgive him for doing this to you. That you would wrap your tongue around his length as you suck it, doing your best to pleasure him. That you would bat your pretty eyes at him as he fucks your face – but none of that happens as you remain asleep. Unaware of the horrible things he’s doing to your body.

    Precum stains your tongue as his tip twitches more and more with each thrust. His balls are tightening, and he feels that familiar pressure in his gut – he’s getting close. His panting is getting rougher along with his movements. He starts to imagine your reaction if you woke up during this. Would you cry? Scream? Or would you like it, begging him to cum inside your mouth so you could swallow it?

    He groans at the thought and gets closer to climax. It’s gross, what he’s doing. It’s horrible, really, yet in the middle of all the pleasure, he can’t find it in him to care. The guilt that will come with his actions will come once they are done. Right now, he just wants to use your mouth like a fleshlight.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck, (name), fuck…” with a moan of your name, he pulls out barely in time to cum all over your face. White ropes of cum stains your pretty face, and he huffs once he’s done. It’s such a pretty sight, seeing you covered in his cum. He wants to remember this moment forever and never forget it. And he takes out his phone, opening the camera – it flashes, and your, cum covered face is now saved forever.

    He stays like that for a while, simply soaking in the bliss aftermath. It felt amazing. And next time, he’ll make sure that you both will be awake for it… he just has to find that other drug. And with that said… he has some cleaning up to do.

    ii. Don’t let the bed-bugs bite

    You don’t remember anything that had taken place that day. As a matter of fact, it was all foggy to you, only remember going to his dorm for the project, and passing out. You had complained that your body felt a bit sore, and you had this weird taste in your mouth. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but it was just… odd.

    His heart almost burst through his chest when you brought that up. He was scared, extremely scared and worried that somehow, you found out. But you didn’t, and simply laughed it off. Said something about it being morning breath, probably. And you even apologized to him, saying sorry for passing out like that. He felt bad, but nit bad enough to stop his next plan.

    His current plan.

    Which led to now – you’re in his room again, Venti thrown out to his own devices. It was just the two of you once more, and just like last time, you were distracted as he poured the drinks. This time it was a different type of drug. It’s supposed to make you rather… horny, unable to hold your urges in kind of horny. When he hears the door click open, he hides his excitement.

    “Sorry about that, my mom wanted to have a… private conversation. About family and all… did I take too long?”

    “No, not all. And it’s fine. I made us drinks, and I’m almost done with the report now. Just have to look over it and edit. After that, we’ll be free from the project, since you’re almost done with the model, right?”

    “Yeah, I’m almost done. If anything, we should finish around the same time.” you grin, happy that the project is almost done and over with – something that was once heavy on your shoulders feels as light as a feather now. And the same can be said for xiao. Just for different reasons. Horrible reasons that will make you hate him if he doesn’t play his cards right.

    And so, he waits, trying his best to stay still once you take a sip of the drink. He does the same, so you won’t get suspicious of him. And even though you had started to doubt what happened that say, you just can’t say no to pure, innocent Xiao. He’s the shy one in class, after all. Always wearing thar turtleneck sweater, and those glasses that make him look so nerdy.

    He knows this, and it honestly only works in his favor for this day. Because you think of him as an innocent, shy young man, you can’t make yourself think he would drug you. it just would be so out of character for him. But in reality, it is very in character for him. Because in reality, Xiao is a very disgusting person who thinks about fucking his cute classmate every single day. Sure, he has nice thoughts about you, acting like a normal couple and such.

    But to actually act on these feelings of lust without your consent is… horrible. Even so, he just can’t hold himself back, anymore. He’s been playing nice, very nice, actually. He wanted to be a gentleman, really. But you kept being really dense… really… hard to get. It was only a matter of when he was going to snap, not ‘if’. The guilt still doesn’t go away once he tells himself that.

    Like the drug from before, it doesn’t kick in right away. It takes a while, a few minutes, where the room is filled with your chatter. It eases his worries, and for a second, he forgot what he even did. Everything was peaceful, everything just seemed right. For a second, he forgot how horrible of a person he was, drugging your drink like that. It all comes crashing down when you look a bit hot under the collar.

    He watches in glee as you shift in your place every few seconds, trying to distract yourself from the wetness between your legs. You had worn a skirt again today, and from the looks of it, it was soaking wet. You keep messing with the hem, making sure it was flat as you sat on your knees. Your eyes are also hazy-looking, gaze never staying in one stop.

    You even went quiet, eyes unable to meet his.

    “Are you alright? You seem a bit off there.” He hopes that his voice didn’t crack. He hopes that he’s not being too needy, with the way he gets up and goes to you. He hopes he’s not being needy when his own cheeks flush as he sees you look at him warmly. The room is getting hot – or maybe it’s just him. And when you look at him like that, how can he keep holding back?

    “Xiao… I think I… I should go home. I don’t feel… right.” His heart drops once you say that, and watches in disbelief as you get up and gather your things. This… wasn’t going according to plan. He didn’t factor in the fact, that well, you weren’t the type to hold back. Or maybe you just didn’t find attractive, like that. Whatever it was, he couldn’t just let you walk away like that.

    “Wait, I think it’s best you –,” he reaches out, grabbing your upper arm, and the back of his free hand presses against your forehead. It’s warm, really warm, and he shivers when you let out a moan upon contact. Once realization had hit you, your eyes widened, horrified. He notices how your body stiffens but doesn’t attempt to pull away. He gulps.

    “You’re burning up. I think you should rest. I’ll set up the bed for you.” There’s a crack in his voice, and his heart is beating so loud he thinks you can hear it. You look at the floor, considering his suggestion. The gears are turning in your head as he holds his breath. You have to say yes – you just have to. Your knuckles turn white after grabbing the hem of your skirt too tightly. He quietly wonders just how wet you are.

    “I… I don’t know if that’s a good… idea…,” your voice trembles and is barely above a whisper. And when he slides his hand down to gently cup your cheek, you whimper. He tries his best to hold back, really, but he can’t help the way his face leans in, lips hovering right above your lips.

    “Are you sure? You seem a bit… needy,” his eyes are half lidded, “I don’t mind… helping.” Your breath hitches, and you’re one to close the gap. It was just a quick peck on the lips, and your lusty haze is blown away once you pull back. He doesn’t let you go when you pull away, instead placing the hand on your cheek on the back of your head, holding you close as he kisses you again.

    It’s sloppy and rushed, tongues clashing as his lips never leaves yours. The hand on your upper arms trails down, latching onto your hip instead. When he does pull back, you’re left in a daze, body craving more but mind conflicted. “It’ll… It’ll be fine. I promise; let me help you through this.”

    He’s glad that you were a bit out of it, otherwise you would have questioned his behavior. He was never this pushy, this bold and direct. He’s never laid his hands on you either, shying away every time he had the chance. You should have, but you didn’t, and takes advantage of that. You don’t shake or nod your head yes, just stare at him in a daze. He knows it’s not an answer, but he can’t hold back anymore.

    Not when you’re in his arms, ready for the taking.

    “But…,” you try to argue, fight back, but your actions speak louder than words. He sees the confusion in your eyes after the daze fades away into the background. He shushes you before lowering his head to bite and suck at your neck. His bites leave indents as his hands stay on your hips to keep you in place. “Xiao, um… we aren’t even…”

    Despite your words, you lean into his touch, whimpering when you feel his erection pressed against your front. He likes the way your body shudders when he gets closer to the base of your neck. Your hands aren’t even trying to push him away, instead holding him close even though you’re still protesting. You’re so cute, like this. All needy yet confused. Unable to align your actions with your words, so it’s hard for a third party to know what you wanted.

    He hears you draw in a sharp intake of air when his erection rubs against your thigh. He can’t take it anymore, but at the very least, he wants you to be comfortable while he takes you. He easily picks you up bridal style, you squeaked in surprise. He just looked so…

    “Weak? You’re thinking that, aren’t you?”

    “I-I… you just don’t seem like the type of guy to um… workout.”

    He hears the confusion in your voice, and he bets it’s because he’s so out of character right now. The Xiao that you know would never be this direct. He would never touch you like this. And he wouldn’t kiss you, either, instead choosing to hide behind his glasses as they fog up whenever you made a flirty remark in all good fun. You should have known better to do that. It’s not like you can take it back, anyway. He won’t let you.

    “I think the bed would be better for this type of stuff… I don’t want you to hurt yourself on the floor.”

    “B-bed? Xiao, I’m not sure if I – I want this.”

    “But you’re not trying to push me away.”

    You go quiet after that, most likely trying to refute his statement. He doesn’t let you though, gently placing you on the bed, mounting you right away. There’s another squeal, his hand cupping your breast. This is better than that other time because you’re wide awake. And no matter how much you protest, our actions make it seem like you want this. You were the one who kissed him. So, you started this. You wanted this.

    “They’re really soft. Is the rest of your body this soft?” he knows the answer already but asks to make you more embarrassed. You stutter, physically wanting his touch but at the same time, not sure if you should. He’s not going to give you a choice, and while he finds your protesting cute, he just wants you to accept your fate already. Just listen to your body – it’s hot and needy, right? Don’t you want to have his dick in you as you cum on it over and over?

    “I-I, um, wait, even if it is, or even if I do want this, I’m not sure if we should – oh!” your legs spread out once his other hand reaches down and rubs circles into your panty covered clit. Your blabbering stops for a bit once his fingers start to play with your heat. The cotton is soaked with your arousal, and he smiles into your neck as you squeal. The drug made your body really sensitive… it’s cute.

    “If you didn’t want this, then you wouldn’t be wet, right? And you wouldn’t be bucking your hips into my hand.”

    “W-when did you become so… confident? Bold, even?”

    He licks a stripe up your neck, hand groping your breast harder. His fingers rub your slit up and down through your underwear. He whispers into your ear, “Because I can’t hold back anymore. You’re really cute.” His face feels like it’s on fire and his mind is all over the place. There are so many things he wants to do to you, with you. He knows this won’t be love making, but he’s too far gone to even care.

    You whine, fingers digging into his shoulder blades as your hips buck into his hand. He rubs harder, your cunt greedy and needy. He pushes your underwear to the side, and you throw your head back when he inserts his middle finger. “You’re really wet. It slipped in so easily.”

    You’re a moaning mess under him, legs trembling as he finger-fucks you. He wanted to start off gently, really, but you’re just so wet there wasn’t a need to. It’s not long before he adds a second and a third, teasing you about it. “You just keep taking my fingers in so nicely. Are you sure you didn’t want this?”

    “I’m – I’m not sure, I’m not sure anymore -!” your words are slurred, climax building up. Your walls are tightening around his digits, they’re so soft and he wants to stick his dick in already. But he wants you to be the one to sink down on it – making you even more confused to if you want this or not. And also, because it’s what he imagines whenever he jacks himself off on lonely nights; you, riding his cock like your life depended on it, his glasses on the bridge of your nose and his turtleneck sweater covering your otherwise naked body.

    He’s going to make that dream a reality today.

    “Are you close?” he sounds excited. He curls his fingers in your hole, hitting your g-spot over and over, abusing it. He’s going to abuse your pussy with his dick in a bit. This is a… sample of that. Practice.

    “Y-Yeah! Oh! Don’t stop – wait, hold on –,”

    You cum with a squeal, making a mess all over his hand. You’re panting under him, and his cock twitches in his slacks. He can’t hold back much longer, but he lets you recover from your orgasm. He wants to be at least a little nice to you. He has to be a good future boyfriend.

    If he played his cards right, maybe, just maybe, you’ll consider going out with him. You’ll see him in a romantic light, hopefully. If not, at least, well hopefully, you’ll want to have sex with him again. And with sex comes positive emotions, right? If you make the other person, feel good, they’ll think good of you, right?

    He likes the way you look after you cum. Your eyes are glazed over, mouth slightly parted as you catch your breath. Your hair sticks to your forehead, and chest is heaving. He lifts your shift up, exposing your bra clad chest before lifting that up to. Your breasts bounce with the action, and without wasting a second, he latches onto one of your nipples, sucking as his other hand pinches the other one. He doesn’t let you catch a break, wanting to hear more of your noises and working you up all over again.

    “W-wait, you’re being too r-rough-!”

    Your words don’t slow him down or anything, the male too caught up in a lust filled haze. When he pulls back, your eyes are filled with tears.

    “Does it hurt?”

    “A-a bit… you… you’re done yet, are you, Xiao?” he tilts his head at your question. You’re meeker now, and your legs are still trembling. He’s not done yet you should know that – his erection is pressing against you. And when he grounds his hips into yours, a delicious moan reaches his ears. He wants more. He wants more of your cute noises, he wants more than you.

    “Can you do something for me?” he slips his fingers inside your heat again, causing you to yelp. You look at him in a daze, body craving for him.

    “F-favor? What type of favor… oh…,” your mouth slacks open when he curled his fingers. When your eyes close in pleasure, he peppers your eyelids with kisses. He wants to pretend that this is a romantic love-making session, that you’re his pretty little lover. That you wanted this, wanted to be fingered and want his cock so bad you’re begging for it. But reality is rarely as sweet as dreams.

    “Yeah. A small favor… I remember once you asked about my sweater, and if it was comfortable… why don’t you try it on now? With nothing on underneath, that is… along with my glasses. I really like the way you look with them on.”

    He asks in such a gentle and loving tones, wiping away the sweat and hair stuck to your forehead. You look conflicted again – probably still unsure about the entire situation. Probably asking yourself if you should do what he asks, or if you should keep protesting. He waits for an answer, trying his best to stay patient.

    “I… I’m not sure… um… maybe… maybe I can wear it outside of well, this?” you gesture to your bodies and how close they were, your arousal staining the bedsheets. He raises an eyebrow, and huffs in annoyance. You’re caught off guard by this – the Xiao you knew, well you thought you did, would never react like that to something like that. But his sexual urges and neediness are making him more direct, it seems.

    You’re a bit scared to say no directly, but also don’t want to say yes.

    “It’ll be fine… I promise. Just let me take care of everything, okay?” he doesn’t even let you nod your head yes, quickly stripping off your skirt and panties, your bra and shirt going through the same faith. He throws them into a random corner, not really caring what happens to them. Your breasts and cunt are    out in the open, for his eyes only. He thinks it’s cute, the way you try to hide yourself using your arms and hands.

    It’s futile, though.

    “Hey, don’t hide,” he gently takes your wrists to move your arms. He pins them above your head before deciding to let go, taking off his glasses and placing them aside on the nightstand. He then takes off his sweater and pulls you up to put it on you. Your arms shake as you raise them, body getting warmer once the sweater is on. You look embarrassed when he takes his glasses and places them on you.

    You’re a bit blurry, but he can still make out the general details. He blinks.

    “Maybe I should put my contacts on… so I can see clearly…,” he mumbles, digging in the drawer of the nightstand, and getting the container. He thinks you’re looking at him in confusion, wondering why he doesn’t wear them. He ignores it, instead going to the bathroom to wash his hands and put them in.

    Your body is too weak to even think about escaping.

    By the time he comes back, the drug is still in full effect, and with Xiao being away for a bit, it become needier. But your mind, on the other hand, says to wait. To stop, but from how wet your hole is, he’s sure you won’t protest as much. You were always suborned like that. It’s cute, though.

    “Sorry about the wait… let’s get started, shall we?” he gets on the bed again, but lifts you up to where he’s the one on his back and you’re the one straddling him. You gasp when his erection rubs against your care cunt, your arousal staining the fabric. Your eyes are watery.

    “Hey, it’ll be fine. It’ll feel good for the both of us,” he leans up, gently cupping your cheek. The gesture seems to calm you down a bit, leaning into his touch. He smiles at that before kissing your forehead. After that, he lays back down, happily looking at the sight before him. It’s amazing, how much work a drug can do. How easy it makes everything.

    “Um… but… even if I… it’s going to be raw, isn’t it…?”

    “I’ll pull out in time.”

    Condoms. Right. He forgot to factor that part in, and he doesn’t trust the ones Venti gave him – they didn’t come in a box. They were all loose condoms, and he’s worried if he poked a hole in the packaging. And besides, he’d rather feel your walls on his bare cock. It should feel better that way, right? That’s what everyone says.

    “I’m sure neither of us has anything – I’m a… virgin…” his face turns red from embarrassment once the words leave his mouth. He’s sure that you’ll mock him for this, that you’ll laugh at him. But it’s okay – he’s about to lose it to you right here and right now. Xiao sees you take in a breath.

    “I only did it with my ex… we always used condoms. But even if you’re a virgin, that doesn’t mean anything, you know…”

    “I’m pretty sure the doctors would have said something once they got my blood results back. Remember, how we had to get our blood drawn that one time?”

    You nod your head, fingers messing with the hem of his sweater. You’re nervous and it’s adorable. Without saying another word, his hips thrust up into yours. You gasp, your body moving on its own – it wants more friction. You’re starting to blabber again, about how you need to think about this. But your worries fall on deaf ears as he undoes his pants and pulls them enough for his cock to spring out. It’s already leaking precum.

    “O-oh… you’re, um, you’re bigger than I would have thought –,” you throw your head back when he rubs the tip against your clit, his hand guiding his cock to your warm hole. But he doesn’t put it in, instead wanting you to be the one to do that. Your hips are going crazy, rubbing up and down his length. He lets out a groan here and there, your slick covering his dick. If only you would hurry up and slide down on it, sinking on it as you adjust to having his dick in you.

    Can’t you hurry up?

    “You’re rubbing on me like crazy… it sure does look like you want this, (name).” he teases, one hand reaching out to grope your breast. The action makes you whimper, your skin hot and sweaty. It looks like you were begging for this, and maybe at this point, you were. Not that you would be able to deny him. He won’t let you, not with the way your pussy was rubbing up and down on the length of his cock, hearts in your eyes.

    “I’m not – I’m not sure, Xiao -,” your breath hitches the more you grind against him. Your gaze meets his, and he holds himself back from pushing you back and taking you. “But, if we do it, there won’t be turning back –,”

    “Are you saying you would regret having sex with me?”

    It makes you go quiet and part of him is genuinely hurt – he’s been in love with you for so long now. Would having sex with him be that bad? Is the mere thought of it horrifying to you? He doesn’t know what your response will be, but his heart beats painfully in his chest. He sees the guilt in your eyes, but they’re also filled with suspicion. But soon it goes away the more you think, and he has you in the palm of his hand.

    Guilt-tripped sex wasn’t what he had on his mind. But it’s okay regardless of the situation, as long as you’re the one who starts the act of sexual intercourse. Despite how direct he’s being right now, he’s nervous on the inside. He’s not sure if he’s doing all the right things, or if he’s acting natural at all when it comes to sex. Xiao watches as you gulp, legs shaking, and you attempt to get up. Are you trying to leave again? Or trying to sink down on his cock?

    “I’m not saying I would regret having sex with you, but this situation is a bit… it doesn’t feel right…” your hips lower themselves, where your welcoming hole is place right above his twitching cock – almost there. Just a little bit more. “But I…”

    With every word, you slowly sink down, whimpering when his cock stretches your hole out. Xiao groans the more you sink down, and when you took all of him, he places his hands on your hips. He doesn’t move, trying to calm down before he cums on the spot. It’s hard to stay still, when your eyes are glazed over, and warm hole so wet you didn’t need lube. He hopes you don’t attempt to move just yet.

    “Ah… you did it… look, we’re connected now,” one of his hands leaves your hips to rub at your clit, “we’re one now. No turning back now, right?” You merely nodded your head, and maybe his dick being in you has something to do with you. Lust does crazy things to people, makes their judgement cloudy. Even with how much you protested, you ended up listening to your body in the end.

    “A-ah… mmh…” you rotate your hips, and you’re clearly having a good time. It makes his heart swell. “H-hey, are you sure t-this is a good i-i-idea?” you keep slurring your words, hips never staying still. By the time you finished your sentence, he starts to thrust his hips into you, trying his best to stay quiet – it’s embarrassing to let out such lewd noises. Besides, he’d rather hear yours.

    “If… if it wasn’t. then, fuck, then we wouldn’t be in this situation – ah! – right?” he’s left breathless by the sight of you riding his cock like your life depended on it, hair swaying with your actions. He wants more and more, and your moans are only fueling his cravings. “You’re clearly – so good – enjoying yourself.” You whine loudly, throwing your head back, his words reaching deaf ears. h

    While your mind loses itself on his cock, his is scarily clear – he’s completely focused on you. The pleasure goes hand in hand with the sight of you, and he’s in complete bliss. If heaven exists, then this would be it. Having you ride him like this, it’s a literal dream come true. He never wants this to end.

    He wants to take his time, but Xiao’s losing himself in you. His hips just won’t stop thrusting up into you, your wetness making a mess. Your moans are a nice touch, and his fingers slip under the hem of his turtleneck to touch your burning skin.      

    His grip is tight, not wanting to let go. It’s almost romantic, almost consensual. “It’s like we’re a couple.” It doesn’t make you react, your eyes shut tightly as you let out moan after moan. Your hands rest on his chest, bouncing up and down on him. His glasses are all fogged up, but it’s not like you needed them to see anyway. One hand reaches up to push them back when they’re about to fall off the bridge of your nose.

    “It – fuck – feels good, right?”

    “m-mmh, y-yeah – OH! – r-really good-!”

    Xiao smiles at that, happy you’re enjoying yourself. And well, even if you weren’t… he’s not sure if he would have stopped. He probably wouldn’t, considering he did drug your drink and all. He can lie to himself all he wants, but deep down, he knows your consent is not a major priority. But feeling your walls on his cock is.

    Your pleasure is just an added bonus.

    A pressure builds up in him, his climax nearing. He wonders if you’re also close, but words won’t leave his mouth. Instead, he leans up, kissing you, teeth nibbling on your lip. When you gasp, he slips his tongue in, and all you is whine in response. His grip on your hips tightens.

    Xiao can feel your walls clamp down on him, and your movements get rougher, sloppier. It seems like you’re close as well, grinding against him as you ride him. When you cum, it’s with a scream, the drug in your system making you hypersensitive, and you squirt all over him. You’re making a mess all over him. How adorable.

    Xiao barely remembers to pull out when he cums, spurts of while landing on his sweater. He’ll have to wash it later.

    Neither of you talk, your bodies slumping over on the bed. The room is filled with heavy panting, and he adores the way your head is on his shoulder. He places a hand on your head, stroking your hair in the aftermath of your climax. This is pure bliss.

    He can tell you don’t know how to answer his question.

    It’s just so out of character of him.

    “Why don’t we become a couple?”

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    A small wave of dread hits Angel when she sees Andy, so why is she walking towards him? Maybe it’s to get this interaction out of the way while she still has a grasp on sobriety for the evening, something she hopes will soon be gone. Trying to see if he still has any sort of respect for her as a member when it feels like tensions post warehouse incident are starting to rise again between the MC and former Bastards, she figures being drunk and/or ideally high out of her mind while talking to Andy wouldn’t be the most ideal course of action. Dread or not, this is better than the alternative. “I clean up pretty okay, huh?” Angel teases as she approaches, though everything about her look tonight is in thanks to Adrian and Bowie. Much like Cinderella, when the clock strikes 12, all the glitz and glamour will fade away, and she’ll be back to herself sooner rather than later. That way, Andy can get back to his usual ammunition. “I already made the ‘reliving your glory days’, old joke on Jeremiah, so you’re being spared,” She sighs, playfully regretful as she shakes her head.

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    Getting Angel to agree to going to disco night at Skateland was a lot like pulling teeth. She’d brought out every excuse she could think of not to go, preferring to hang back at Finn and Adrian’s house instead - away from all the ways in which she could absolutely embarrass herself at the roller rink. But whatever words she strung together to justify her absence from the event were invalidated and promptly shut down until, finally, she gave a reluctant and defeated okay. And that okay turned into consenting to becoming a human mannequin for Adrian and Bowie to play dress up with. In their excited transformation of her, Angel’s not sure she’s ever felt more safe or loved, which then sets the tone for her entire night.

    With Adrian skating at her side, she shouts along to the familiar disco song playing in the rink, not caring who bothers to look her way as she sort of waves her arms around. Laughing, she looks over at Adrian with a wide, genuine smile. “Thank you for making me come to this!” Angel shouts over the music, the air of laughter slipping in between her words. Now that she’s having the time of her fucking life, she can’t imagine why she would be so reluctant to go to the 70s party. Sure, she’s crossfaded like a motherfucker right now, the alcohol and weed and a bump or two working in tandem, but for her? She isn’t overdoing it. This is perfect for her. And for the first time in a very, very long time, Angel feels like herself again.  “Really like I’m having so much fucking fun.”

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