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  • dayzeart
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ibs be like "eat these healthy things or suffer the consequences! But not too healthy. No not too leafy or greeny or that's gon give ya gas. Oh not too much protein or yall get diarrhea, but if you lack protein you gon pass the hell out and die."

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  • hopskip
    21.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    rant abt school bathrooms incoming

    gah why is my school like this. i appreciate the gender neutral bathrooms but i have to either go to the clinic which is always closes during lunch or go across the building, down four hallways and a set of stairs and then use a key i needed to sign a contract for to pee. and half my friends havent even been able to get a key bc “theres been an influx of people asking for the gender neutral bathroom keys and we need to make more copies” has been told to them for over a month. AND THERES TWO GENDER NEUTRAL STAFF BATHROOMS NEXT TO ALL THE GENDERED BATHROOMS WHICH ARE OUTSIDE OF EVERY HALL SO THRES LIJE 14 OF THEM WHICH WE ARENT ALLOWED TO USE EVEN THO THEYRE CLOSER AND WE’VE ALREADY BEEN GIVEN SINGLE STALL BATHROOM KEYS AND SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR THEM.

    #IM GONNA SCREAMNAJSJFMF #istg if the devious lick shit manages to somehow close those bathrooms i will just let myself get period blood on the chairs #idc anymore#tw caps #tw swearing in tags #peak.mp4
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  • even-gayer-agenda
    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Why do people think allowing trans ppl into the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity will allow predators into the women’s room.

    Would it not be easier for cis men to pretend to be trans men than trans women? Why couldn’t he just lie and say he’s a post-op trans man to gain access to the women’s room?

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  • brunettebarbie420xo
    20.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    1 year ago today, i was big af.

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  • yureinoyoni
    20.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    “Listen....I dunno about adult stuff...and...and I dunno why that person makes you not wanna talk to em...but...”

    “What I do when I don’t wanna talk to someone, o-or they give me bad brain feelings is...”

    “I tell em I gotta POOP REALLY BAD and then I just walk away!”

    “It works every single time~”

    #from the mouth of absolute tiny doll sized babies #beloved daughter (momoka) #unsanitary tw #??? #bathroom mention #?????? #open
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  • iloveyou3000
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    #miles thots#tw emetophobia #why do little kids th*** ** all the time #i just had to sit in the stairwell for half an hour bc my brother th*** ** #and now i can’t go into the bathroom and i still haven’t brushed my teeth or cleaned my piercing or tattoo #and i can’t go into my room bc id have to go through my brothers room to get there #and he’s in the living room and i can’t be near him rn #so i’m sitting on the floor by the front door #and i need to go to charge my phone and go to sleep
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  • wzard101
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    still in shock i was puking af this morning.. ive only puked once in my life before when i was 9...

    #tw gross lol but #I wasnt like violently puking anything solid cuz i barely ate yesterday but it was like #id feel it in my stomach nd throat nd i was just coughinv up like liquid lol . yellow presumably bc i was drinking hard lemonade ystrdy #I did it in fhe monrjng nd it was like 3-4 times fhen i brushd my teeth like 2x #thinkjng i was xone puking and then got hit w more nausea and i went to bathroom like #Cuz i wasnt abt to puke i just felt like i might and then i did and it was so jorrible and my nose was runny nd i was tearing upLOL #and that one was longer thn the first time #bf came into bathroom while i was puking lol.. cringe #then i went to slep for 2hrs nd delt healed #and then had the best falafel bowl of my life bc i was so hungry. djnner was so good #🦆 #Now i feel better and im swearing offndrinking
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  • caffeinated-cold-handss
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    if i’m gonna be sick can’t it at least be the kind that makes me loose like 10 pounds in a day instead of this fucking headcold bullshit??

    #i hate this #i miss when i felt so shitty and i lost 5 pounds in 2 days from it #not this ‘muhhh i can’t breathe through my nose’ bullshit #i’d deadass rather be trapped in my bathroom sick rn #not pr0 ana #pr0 4n4#4na#th11nspo#weightloss #not pro anything #anorecya #tw ed related #notprojustusehashtags
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  • opalsunstone
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Tummy hurty for seven days moodboard by me

    #so maybe its because of stress but #ive been not feeling well in my tummy #lots of trips to the bathroom #i feel so disgusting rn #i just want to be healthy again #vent#personal#tw unsanitary#tw stomachache
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  • my-skin-and-bonez
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    I don’t know about you guys… but I thoroughly enjoy sitting in the bathrooms and not eating during lunch

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  • wander-over-the-words
    16.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    The funny thing about that story with me overheating and blacking out, only to wake up puking in a bathroom

    is that the closest bathroom to the garden we were all standing in was one of the teachers’ - aka students weren’t allowed in there

    and I distinctly remember the teacher who took me to the bathroom was trying to make me feel better about the whole ‘fainting and puking’ scenario by being like “so you’ve gotten to see inside the teachers’ bathroom! that’s pretty cool huh?!”

    and I remember thinking - even at the age of 7 or 8 or however old I was - ‘how is that??? supposed to make me feel better??? lady I don’t care what your bathrooms look like??’

    #wandering over the words #tw: vomiting#rnrgnrg #she said this literally while I was puking #and like?? bless you for trying ma’am #but I never cared about what your bathrooms looked like #fyi they were literally the same as ours #except the stalls were adult-sized #I would’ve preferred a pat on the back and a ‘there there’ but #again #bless you for trying ma’am
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  • goldendragontears
    15.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    So guess what??? I can't even have a good day on my FUCKING BIRTHDAY.

    #sitting in the bathroom wanting to fucking shoot myself on my fucking birthday #havin a grand ole fuckin time #vent tw#vent
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  • lawrising
    15.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    ( continued from here! // @pseudoneiric )

    there's a sore sensation nestling against the sensitive skin of his wrist -- not rubbed raw, exactly, considering his tie is too silky to achieve such a feat ( and he, desperately, tried to move as little as possible ) but it still stings. a chiding reminder of what he allowed to happen not even minutes ago. yellow wrapped around him, completely bound and helpless ... it was something he can't say he's done before, not like that. he thinks the correct term would be bondage, but was it? gloved hands sinking beneath layers of flesh to expose the fluttering organs beneath, and expose her own in turn. call him crazy, but that's not what he thought bondage was about. but when was anything with lilian it's textbook definition? he can't blame anyone for his display of vulnerability except himself, completely ensnared with the girl the moment they crossed paths. there were times he watered down his attraction, for both their sakes, blaming her allure for his enchantment. yet lies come clean eventually and here he now perches. the edge of his mused bed, chest rising and falling more then it should as he burns with the black markings drifted upon his ivory skin. lipstick marks painting him in a light he's not used to. he's been stripped of all his warm tones and fake boy scout personas ; left in cool colors. green pants and black marks.
    ‘and what are you ... the sun?’ whispered a voice earlier, like every hushed word was a secret reserved between the two of them. mat rolls his shoulders, because he doesn't feel that way anymore. never has, honestly. he wants to be beaming lights with a killer gravitational pull, but he ... isn't. the colors on him now is a striking reminder of that : yet he replays lilian's maddening words and fools himself briefly. it's okay to believe lies when she's the one feeding them! as long as she believes it, why can't he humor it? everything she said had been a warped view, a funhouse mirror at those shifty carnivals -- but it was raw honesty from lilian, and he can't turn away the swell of attention. even if he should, even if mat should waltz into the bathroom where she's currently shrouding herself away and spill out the truth. let her know he isn't some angelic force but rather a mockery of one. how matthew naively hopes he can be hers regardless of his lack of good ... it's dizzying, causing his vision to blur, because it's been a while since he's confronted this about himself. the student doesn't like it. but oh, he loves her -- a burning sensation that lights his veins aflame and races his heart.
    distractingly, he presses the pad of his rough thumb against the mark on the corner of his lips. a replica of a kiss she once bestowed upon him like salvation itself ( hm, what's with the spur of religious imagery today? hah ). trying to prod away the disappointment that rises every time he feels the wishful want of her actual lips there instead. she has to -- she has to feel something for him at this point, right? that can't be an assumption anymore, can it? questions whirl around as his fingers ghost down his ruined skin, tracing over the words left with his own hands like confirmation. like he's silently saying 'yes, property of lilian eyler.' like he's finally allowing himself a love he thought he wouldn't ever have when he traces, ‘mine. mine. mine-’ that ends with him working his way back up, away from the bulge of his stomach and trembling arms -- away from 'poetry, life, religion' and back to his lips. where he's reminded, with a fuzzy feeling balling up in his chest, 'mine.' almost pushing hard enough to slip a finger through his pink lips, plush and ready for ... mat isn't sure. he just wants her to kiss him there. though he knows she won't, least not today. and even if there's this sickening greed that controls him with a talent, he lets her have that. lets her take all her time in the bathroom and tries not to beg for more. how did she elegantly put in, in all her poetic prose that he's seen briefly in the club? a loyal dog? just for you now, only ever for you, lili--
    a shiver rocks his form, startling his hands to the edge of the bed to tear into as he digs his heels into the carpet ( like he once had in the bed, to ground himself, to not buck ). was his pulse racing with the life she declared to adore so much? the man sinks canines into his cheek to hold back from beckoning her out to check. no, no ; he said he'd leave her be. it's a good thing for them both right now. if she had stayed and let the fabric obscuring his view fall from his eyes, he would've reached for her. try to pull them close and he'd ramble like a mad man ... wouldn't he have scared her? some part of him thinks he still has. which wobbles his posture in order to keep his head bowed, like awaiting punishment. almost waiting for pain building in his scalp, because surely she'd card her delicate laced fingers through his hair with a bit more force if she came back out. or was that his gentle throb of arousal wanting that? she got him worked up so easily ; ah, well, at least it's a good exercise for his thinning self control ...
    a sigh, shaky and human, whistles out of parted lips. dry due to the fact he can't lick them thanks to the lipstick, though he can't help but wonder if he did -- would he be licking lilian's lips that way? the material touched them ... realizing how wild he is, a thoroughly teased animal, matthew laughs nervously. jesus christ, there's parts of him strewn all around his bedroom, because there's no way mat is fully put together. his brain feels like soupy liquid dripping from his ears and hissing into his scarlet skin. a puzzle of a man that lilian expertly took apart and left half completed. no matter how hard he tries to reel himself in, chase away all the sweetened morbidness delivered, he can't find all the pieces. surely, the clever girl took some with her to the bathroom. she was ... possessive. mat learned that just now. possessive over him, envious of basic things that matthew almost couldn't believe. she'll never know how comforting it was to see. a feeling now nestled happily within because nobody's been possessive of him before! she mustn't of gotten the memo from former friends, didn't hear how expendable he was to everyone who's known him. people don't get jealous for matthew, they don't care how much he sleeps, they don't care if he isolates away -- and they certainly don't care if his eyes linger on a girl with purple hair.
    because who would find him special? he's an emotional wreck everyone stays weary of, a boy to eye with skepticism. his jealousy, his rawness, his obsessive love and need is wrong and ugly. you're shunned for those things by society. to the world, mat is anything but special, he's wrong ; so wrong and he's relentlessly tried to change that. but lilian ... she thinks otherwise. feels like he feels. sensitive and lovesick. and while he's always tried to hide before, if the girl with inky hair thinks it's beautiful and radiant ... everyone else must be wrong, because lilian eyler never is! as clever as the devil and twice as pretty, so the saying goes. with a rueful smile, too boyish and gentle for his own sharp face, he thinks it's an accurate fit for his favorite person ever. his throbbing molten core of earth, the darkened reflective surface of his beloved moon.
    “im excited about lunch tomorrow, you know?” calls mat, voice as rough as ever ; like he uses it too much. but during this whole date, he fears he hasn't used it enough. “i haven't eaten with another person in a while. i usually just grab an apple and loiter around the library.” did you think i ate with yuri? though the fawn haired male doesn't ask, he quickly kills that assumption if it festered in lilian's mind. “if it goes well, we could ... ah, why don't we eat together from then on? maybe everyday? maybe forever! i think it'd be ... nice.”
    the last part is so quiet he's not sure she hears it, but maybe she hears it die off. senses his shyness that bares him like it's her own. matthew doesn't want to dwell in it, so he tries to push forward. telling himself to keep tearing down the walls until there's nothing left ( the bathroom walls or his own? ). she deserves to hear more then his sputters from their little session, brought on by gutting arousal and his own jittery sparks : she deserves the world on an obsidian platter. to know he does want to be owned by her, to understand he'd be so comfortable displaying that label for all to see. and for lilian to be told, sternly, that he'd choose her out of a line up with certainty most would be scared of. love isn't half way for him, ever, and lilian needs to know that. even if his heart thunders and he wants to hear more of her disarming voice instead.
    “and i want to be yours ; your idea with the whole 'blindly leading me around' wasn't half bad!” heartfelt chuckling makes him feel like he's vibrating out of his skin, her skin now, isn't it? “i'd let you blind me, i'd let you led me even if i was deaf and mute. you could be all my senses, because maybe then i'd trust them more. you don't know how much i wish these words on me were permanent, lilian --” mat twists his mouth, ruins his hair more. “darling, you just ... i've tried so hard to be normal this year, more then any other, yet you make me so helpless! it's ... how do you do that? do you know how special you are, how beautiful? perfect ... well, perhaps not that ; because you're stupid for worrying about not owning me. isn't it obvious you already do? were these reminders for me, or wishes for you?"
    ( eyes flutter to words he can barely read on his bared parts, words overlapping due to frenzy. all true. all true )
    with a tightening throat, emotions rising like waves and god he could just drown, matthew lays back on the mattress. meekly pulling the tie out from under him, only to drag it over his used wrists. picturing only her. wondering if this sight would entice her to keep going when she comes out. and he wants to say lilian, you've won! congratulations on having a lover for life! or, something like : yuri couldn't pry me from your cold dead fingers! but what stumbles out is something foolish that he immediately grimaces over. hopefully she's too shaken to judge him too much.
    “i think you're my soulmate, lilian. i .. really do.” so why would i ever let you go? or deem you unworthy? it's me, im unworthy. not you, never never -- his lashes tickle his skin when he shuts his eyes. breath hitching before evening out. reminding himself to calm down because matthew thinks he'll actually explode otherwise. a bundle of nerves, of her love, is all he really is.
    #» death risen ( thread. ) #lilian♡matty » i understand what love never could . i forgive what love never would ( pseudoneiric ) #v.ddlc ★ and the boy who loves you the wrong way keeps weakening #pseudoneiric#tw suggestive #( okay so. i think this pales in comparison to your amazing answered ask. like pales so hard ) #( but i hope this was a delight to read regardless !! ) #( thought it was time to reply to this. a lil warm up gift for lilian's bday <3 ) #( have some matty being lovestruck and a bpdcore mess for an entire response! ) #( and oh! hope its alright lilian was like. in the bathroom. she seemed shaken from being so open that i thought she'd need a breather ) #( if thats dumb im sorry
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  • atsuvu
    14.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    so my school thought it was a good idea to lock some of the bathrooms?? because people were "trashing them"???? I hate to break it to you but some people menstruate 😒

    edit: okay so apparently someone stole a toilet

    #yeah that started today and I'm going to need a bathroom break at some point #tw menstruation #@* nothings
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  • petalsbloomed
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ( WELP i just had to trek halfway across campus to get another covid test AND MY ERROR WAS THAT I DIDN’T REGISTER IT WHEN I TURNED IN MY SAMPLE LAST WEEK. but like. come on let’s be honest i literally have just this really strong intuitive sense that yes my dumb ass DOES in fact have covid. )

    #noah rambles. (out of character) #tw: covid mention #tw: illness #( also i might take another breather day today cuz walking gave me serious vertigo ) #( like going to the bathroom already makes me feel dizzy but nearly a mile of walking??? ) #( pls )
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  • mayorofdumbytown
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    a girl in front of me just smoked. IN THE FRONT SEAT OF THE FUCKING CLASS

    #smoking tw#tw smoking #??? #how??? what??? hm??? #and then her friend went to the bathroom and smoket too #smoked*
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  • cherry-bomb-ships
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Lmao honestly sometimes I forget that one good reason I'd probably never make it living in Australia is those goddamn terrifying huge as fuck SPIDERS 0-0

    #I KEEP FORGETTING THAT THE SPIDERS THERE ARE MASSIVE AND TERRIFYING GDBXBX 😳😳😳 #i was once late for work by 30 mins because there was a spider in the bathroom and it was a bit bigger than two quarters #so any actual BIG spiders would just make me die on the spot #i know jamie and sniper would promise to protect me tho 🥺🥺🥺 k.ano might be a dick abt it tho 😒 #ruby rambles#spider tw
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  • purbiworl
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hey u know that Pokemon move, call for help?

    Apparently centipedes can do that when they're trapped under paper cups

    #like i caught one... returned to the bathroom l8r n there was a 2nd #hhh #.txt #bugs#bugs tw
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  • 18-toe-beans
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    i had a really rough night last night if anyone would be willing to send money to my donation post (pinned) i would really appreciate it. i’ve got about 20 dollars to last 2-3 people 10 days or more.

    last was full of flashbacks revolving around this recurrent incident from my youth. my doctors office just cancelled my psychology appointment i had set up for next week and i will need to be rescheduled. i don’t have many people to turn to when it comes to processing things like this, my support system is limited.

    i thank the people who have been there for me, to help support me during this time of diagnosis, traumaversaries, and have the patience and understanding to exist alongside me through my journey.

    (CW/TW for tags; details there)

    #signal boost#crowd funding#mutualaid #help out a mutual #mutual aid#mutual aide#DID #dissociative identity disorder #flashbacks#PTSD#CPTSD #CW//TW csa murder suicide #i remembered staying over at Matthew Deyo and Aric Babbitt’s home #i remembered all of the drugs and alcohol #i remembered the first time i became ‘a real gay man’ #i remembered them using me and cleaning me up in their recorded bathroom and then taking me to elementary school #i remembered what was traded for them watching me #and i can’t seem to shake it this morning no matter how hard i try
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