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  • sonic-colours
    18.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    trip balls in hell with him

    #symmetry brush my beloved #sonic.exe #green hover#blood tw #ask to tag
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  • mollydoesstuff
    18.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Big bear go onnom

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  • kojikens
    18.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I literally eren to headbutt me and give me a nosebleed and to lick the blood from my lips.

    #i really need this god this is so hot #tw blood
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  • sunniewrites
    18.09.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    being sick AND on your period sucks.

    #sunnie's talk room #now from like personal experience but like #..... #I HATE THIS SO MUCH!! #every fucking time i sneeze blood comes #tw periods#cw periods #tw sick mention #cw sick mention #caps in tags #swearing in tags
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  • bunnybokuto
    18.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    give me a pen, or i’ll write it in blood.

    —warnings: angst. completely sfw. character analysis (no reader). death, funerals, mourning, touya and enji’s abusive relationship, childhood trauma, being burned and scarred, emotional and physical pain, touya blaming and being jealous of shoto, repression of feelings and memories, guilt, self-sabotage that can be interpreted as self harm, blood, violence, murder. 
    —word count: 750.
    —note: to me, this is heavy. it is a sliver of my analysis on the differences between touya and dabi, but also where they overlap. he is a villain, but he is also a man, who is also someone’s son. 
    please read with caution. feedback is appreciated. please let me know if i need to tag and/or warn for anything else.

    dabi wonders what the true value of an apology is.

    he wonders who they really benefit-- the person who did something unforgivable or the victim of the act-- because in his mind, apologies are only given to absolve someone of guilt. apologies are to make their pain go away, although his-- the victim’s pain never will. 

    it lurks in the shadows of the trees, waiting for the moon’s light to be insufficient, and it laughs when the victim is left without a flashlight.

    and when it’s late, far too late to be up-- when he’s drank himself delirious, halfway between giggling and feeling his eyes work double time to make charred ducts flow with tears-- the memories come back. usually he can keep them at bay. he’s good at keeping them hidden, folded, and tucked away where they’re quieter. even if they’re quieter, they’re never silent.

    they’re always speaking to him, kissing and licking at his ears with false promises of childhood nostalgia, false promises of a reminder of “the good old days” before it all began. they’re packed haphazardly into boxes where he can only remember what happened if he looks directly, if he goes searching for things he doesn’t want to remember as a form of self sabotage.

    touya isn’t sure why, but he always seems to give in, and it’s unclear whether or not he even cares what he’s doing or if he notices how peeling back the tape makes his fingers bleed and his heart meet a pace of danger.

    in truth, he knows what he’s doing, knows he’s a fraud and a liar, but it’s what he does to survive. it’s easier to pretend and simpler for it to all be an act and for touya to stay home, hidden away and untouchable. 

    he swore he’d never be like his father, but just like enji, it’s easier for dabi to put touya in a box than to look himself in the face. touya todoroki’s funeral was exactly that, enji slamming the lid on the coffin and taking shoto by the hand. dressed in a suit he stole from natsuo, dabi watched from the back of the room, watching touya mourned over and listening to his own eulogy. he had always wondered what it would be like to be dead, but now he supposes that he knows.

    time passes. he lies beneath a blanket, legs restless and mind burning with unanswered questions and a deep, painful rage.

    this time, he remembers hearing enji’s words over the crackly speaker of the league’s television, probably clogged with spilled soda and dust.

    endeavor, flames flying high, was speaking to the press about “the criminal who calls himself dabi”. in that moment, touya wasn’t sure if it made him sick or joyful to hear the name come from his father’s mouth, but either way, he wishes he had choked on it.

    endeavor spoke to the world, rather than the criminal who so clearly resembled his eldest son. endeavor hadn’t even bothered to locate dabi— hadn’t even bothered to see his face even though he swore up and down he’d do anything to find him and stop these heinous crimes— even when touya, (or is it dabi doing this?) made it so easy.

    touya wanted to be found, and endeavor chose to ignore his desperate pleas.

    touya thinks that it’s probably hard to look a monster in the eyes and call him by his name, especially when that name is your son’s. dabi doesn’t care to know.

    “you know where to find me,” touya wrote in blood, right onto enji’s first floor window, but enji never came knocking. it’s easier to pretend for him, too, touya supposes. it must be simpler for him to mourn the loss of his son rather than face him as he is: scarred, beaten, broken, battered, but still his son regardless.

    it’s easier for touya’s portrait to hang in a dead man’s shrine, surrounded by candles, flowers, and sorrow, than for dabi to walk through the front door. 

    and when the blue flames crackle from his palms, searing his mangled flesh, dabi thinks he’s fine with that. if being the world’s hero is what enji wants, then dabi sees it as his duty to make his father’s job easier by giving him something to fight for. or against, maybe. against is a better word for it.

    if enji wants to be the world’s great endeavor, then touya will be the world’s great dabi, as any good son would do.

    #touya todoroki#dabi #theres no reader what the fuck do I tag this as #nothing <3 #bnha character analysis #mha character analysis #cw death#cw funeral #cw childhood trauma #tw childhood trauma #cw blood#tw blood#cw violence#tw violence#cw murder#tw murder#cw abuse#tw abuse#cw burning#tw burning#cw pain#tw pain#cw angst#tw angst #mha x reader #bnha x reader #dabi x reader #touya todoroki x reader
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  • rye-edits
    18.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Lab coats make you feel so smart

    #and I got a random cut on my finger #but idk how I got hurt #anyways there was blood on my lab coat #not that it rly mattered #also I got closer with my lab group !!! #untoasted rye #women in stem #+ #men in uniforms #= me in a lab coat #😎👍 #tw blood mention
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  • crywolf-ads
    18.09.2021 - 45 minutes ago


    There are 12 students at Massachusetts’ elite Henrietta University that all share the same secret: they may have created a serial killer. It started out as a game they played in the library, a way to destress and pass the time. But now, two people are dead, and an urban legend is haunting the shadowy woods outside of town. Rumors abound, but nobody is sure who to believe when they’re seeing monsters around every corner. Can you tell the difference between real danger and myth? Or will you be accused of simply crying wolf?


    CRYWOLF is a brand new skeleton college RP set in the early 2000s at a fake version of Harvard University. The crux of the roleplay will be college life, with added mystery/horror elements that are optional for players to interact with. Acceptances occurring on a daily rolling basis.
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  • ajadedflame
    18.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    @leaderawakened asked:

    031. — Slam my muse against a wall. ( Alt!Markus )


    Tonight became a living nightmare. When it was supposed to be just a normal night out. Finally getting some time to have fun, be somewhere and not have to walk on eggshells. She thought it would be perfect. Easy to get out without much fuss but she is wrong again. Always so wrong about this life and marriage she's stuck in now.

    Stuck. Never in her life could she imagine that word to describe him. Stuck and afraid. Now Jade regretted it completely.

    Her head struck before her back did. At least she thought so. Everything went fuzzy. Banging so hard into the wall she gasped for the breath that left her lungs. An immediate ache crippled her, sliding down as she lost footing; Jade's palm slid back to the wall. Partly a brace, partly to keep herself grounded to reality.

    Her reality is grim. Full of the things she used to tell her friends not to get involved with. If they did she'd be so upset with them. Now look. It's her life isn't it?

    Her breath shuddered through her lips. Uneven. Ragged. Afraid.

    Jade slid fingers to the back of her head and winced. She turned to look up from where she slumped down. The wall was no longer white in that spot she hit. A little bit of red. Blood.

    All she did was mention going out with friends. One of them just happened to be Landon. Markus wasn't fond of hearing Natalie's name but he just went berserk when she said Landon too.

    ".....get away from me."

    #Jaded Talk || Asks Answered #leaderawakened#tw: blood
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  • catboy-on-main
    18.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago
    rin yamaoka/the spirit stimboard for me

    with glass, swords, and blood!

    🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 . 🖤

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  • shrikemall
    18.09.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘     WELCOME     TO     SHRIKE    MALL    !!

                               ── ✧₊∘ shrike heights, colorado, u.s.a.  ─ 1987.

    less than two weeks after the malls long-awaited opening, a girl is found dead outside of her place of employment, along with a victim who survived just long enough to give a description of the attacker to the local law enforcement. what the townspeople of shrike heights hadn't expected, was that this wouldn't be an isolated incident. nor is the killer working alone. shrikehq is a mature, horror, oc rp set in 1987 in the fictional town of shrike heights, colorado. based primarily in the newly constructed shrike mall, employees attempt to continue working there and living in the small town while it’s plagued with mysterious, seemingly invulnerable killers. we attempt to keep writers captivated with consistent plot drops involving our muses and the killers, and we aim to create an inclusive, diverse environment for writers’ to focus on character development and relationship building amongst the chaos in shrike heights.

                                accepting applications + open for interactions !

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  • venusanatomica
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    love this scene love to see him scream, moan, cry, and throw up ❤️

    #i’m trying to say i love seeing him vulnerable but it came out weird so take it #did a rewatch to grab some screenshots for a costume analysis but i may be ranting about other things i noticed 👀 #tw blood#bo sinclair #house of wax #horror tag
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  • mxsecarnival
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    @chopperpirate​ sent:  Standing over Queen's downed body, Chopper stared ahead with a blank look in his eyes, his legs wobbling as his own bloody body struggled to stay up. With Nobu's help, he did it. The cost was great, but they did it. "Thank you..." He coughed up a bit of blood between words, though he kept a small smile. "You really used that opening I made."

         It was no easy task, nor was a simple one. Taking on one of the Beast Pirates’ most highest ranking members like this, and fighting tooth and nail for survival to bring him down... it was a struggle that felt like it took forever, and advantages would shift between both sides. Nobunaga showed quite  some wear and tear from that intense battle herself, sustaining some injuries, blood staining portions of her black uniform and running down her face.

         But it was over. It was a hard fought victory. One of the Disasters has been felled, and Nobuanga and Chopper, who were certainly smaller, took down a titan. A titan with incredible power, considering his abilities, strength, and enhancements...

         The Demon King could only smile. She was still shaking herself. She had to really reach down deep to see just how far her Gun Gun Fruit powers could carry her... thank god it was enough.

         “Were it not for you, this battle... would not have reached a conclusion ruled in our favor, Little Reindeer.” She said between heavy breaths, as she fell back onto her butt, propping herself with her arms. “I can see why the Straw Hat Pirates are so incredibly powerful... for such a little guy... you hold such tremendous potential. I... am very impressed.      ...I think... we’ve both... earned a rest... don’t you...?”

    #chopperpirate #[ Oda Nobunaga ] #( One Piece verse ) #tw: blood#tw: injury
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  • journalbye
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    last commission~ of @jokerteeth beautiful oc <3

    ( my kofi / my ig )

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  • scythlyven-art
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    First piece of the semester for my Illustration class! 

    **Please click on it for better quality**

    #scy shares#my art#digital art#campaign#campaign poster#depopulation#tw blood #its a campaign poster (without the words) for depopulation #fun subject #i picked it of course
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  • iblamemyselfzz
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Made a vent art wall, what do we think

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  • sins-of-the-sea
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "It's Spooky Season and we haven't gotten our list of movies to binge through yet!"

    "There are plenty of movies we haven't gotten through and it's a goddamn shame. We keep saying we'd go through them and then we end up not."

    "Then let's make it a goal to at least accomplish some of that list! What's on it?"

    "Uh.... guys...."

    "Ohh! Ohh! There are John Carpenter movies we haven't finished yet! There is Prince of Darkness, They Live, and In the Mouth of Darkness!"


    "Or David Cronenberg! We saw the Fly, but we haven't checked out Scanners, Videodrome, or Dead Zone!"


    "Aren't there franchises we haven't even touched yet? Not just Halloween or Friday the 13th, but also Saw and Predator and..."


    #STOP TELLING ME THE 10 IMAGE LIMIT YOU ASSHOLE SITE #blood tw#gore tw #body horror tw #[Sinfulween] #TIME TO DUST OFF THE DEATH COUNTER #[Wang Ruixiong]#[Guy Duchamp]#[Abena Frascona]#[Rashid al-Qadar]#[Phoebus Duchamp] #[Captain Josep Frascona] #[Sinfulween: Sinfully Xenomorphing]
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  • teethhoarder
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i saw her in a dream. her name is bambi. her and her bunnies chase you down and pin you so she can eat ur guts. in the dream she was near constantly eating them. anyway here she is.

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  • killemwithkawaii
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Announcement: October Event! 🎃🍁🍬🔪

    Hello, my darling kouhai~

    I hope all of you are doing well and looking forward to the upcoming spooky season. I know I post a lot of fluff and spice on this blog, but I think it's time all the fresh new kouhai are made aware that I don’t call myself “Killemwithkawaii’ for nothing~ October gives me an excuse to change things up a little, so I will once again be participating in Goretober this year. This is your official heads-up about the change in content: 

    The majority of content posted during October will feature my S/Is, OCs, SF characters, and/or [Y/N] in graphic, violent, disturbing and/or grotesque situations- and you, the audience, will have some major say in what those situations are! Please feel free to send in prompts for gore/horror you’d like to see me depict, since I won’t be using a specific prompt list for goretober. Instead, I’ll be referencing multiple lists, as well as your suggestions, and drawing whatever strikes my fancy each day. Please read my ask box and writing rules before submitting your requests.

    (If you'd like to see the art and to get up to speed on all the shenanigans from last year, you can check out the masterlist here.)

    For any of my followers who may become concerned for my mental health or physical safety during this time, please rest assured that i am in no way a danger to myself or others and am not encouraging the actions depicted. The events that will take place on this blog during October 2021 are all in good fun, so please rest assured that your Senpai is safe and sound! ^^

    I won’t be posting any screamers or jump-scares, but only very long posts will be put under a ‘read-more,’ so please look through the blog at your own discretion. I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED IF YOU UNFOLLOW OR EVEN BLOCK ME TO AVOID TRIGGERING CONTENT!! I know many of you follow my blog to find a distraction, and I completely understand if you need to skip all of this stuff for your own mental well-being.

    The following is a list of trigger warnings (in alphabetical order) for things i might be posting about during this event, though triggering content not included on this list may appear and tags will be added accordingly. All of my goretober prompt art will be tagged as #goretober2021. Please block any of these tags that may trigger you, and let me know if you see I’ve missed a tag or if you would like to request a tag to be added to the list. (all tags will begin with 'tw'):


    -Body horror



    -Death (including homicide, suicide, accidents, natural death, etc)



    -Drug use (including tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, sedatives, psychedelics and hard drugs, implied or explicitly used)

    -Eye trauma



    -Injury (major and minor)



    -Religious sacrilege




    -Surgery (major and minor)

    -Torture (Physical, emotional and mental)

    -Unreality (feeling you are unreal or doubting the truth of reality, trouble with memories, mentions of multiple realities or universes, etc.)

    -Unsanitary (bodily fluids, unwashed hands, dirty environments and generally not-clean things… just anything that might be considered kind of gross)

    -Weapon (including knives, guns, improvised weapons, etc.)

    -Yandere (Generally unhealthy behavior toward a love-interest. These posts may contain dubcon and other more extreme yandere themes I don’t usually post about)

    —- The vibe of the blog will be back to normal starting in November. I won’t be posting for general ficlet prompts or taking on new commissions during October, but will continue working on those that I’ve already accepted and will be (planning on) opening a few new commission slots on November 1st.

    If you would like to treat me to a little somethign during the event, you can support my redbubble shop or buy me a ko-fi here c:

    Thank you so much for reading! I hope you're forward to having some 'killin' with your 'kawaii' very, very soon~

    #K.E.W.K. speaks #goretober#goretober2021#tw blood#tw weapon#tw unsanitary#tw yandere #IM GETTING SO HYPED AAHHHHH
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