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  • cassafrassxxxx
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Might stream again on twitch :) who’s gonna watch me this time :))

    Twitch is : cassafrassxxx

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  • pretty-little--puppy
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Being drugged and kidnapped. Tied up and gagged at a glory hole with my pussy just available to anyone. Fucked and bred and filled over and over, a plug put in me every time so nothing escapes. Eventually getting sold to someone who liked me enough and forced to live as their breeding pet, living as a true dog and bred like the bitch I am by their stud.

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  • cyancherub
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #to cherub#yangirlyere#thotbank #<- that's my inspiration tag :> <3 #dark content tw #cnc tw#noncon tw
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  • starynights-world
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I always have this fantasy:

    I'm walking down a street past an ally, when someone comes up behind me and places a chloroform cloth over my mouth and drag me into the ally as I pass out.

    When I wake up im in a room in an abandoned warehouse. I'm naked and gagged with lacy material. My panties. There's a man infront of me with a gun pointed at my head. He tells me how much of a naughty slut I've been. How I've been tempting him for days and that he had no choice but to grab me and have me. He grabs hold of my hair with one hand and places the gun to my head. "your going to pleasure me. And if you don't, I'll have no choice but to get rid of you." He digs the barrel into my skull to make a point. He let's go of my hair, pull his cock out and pulls of my gag and proceeds to shove his cock in my mouth. He fucks my face as I gag around him. When he finally comes, he points the gun back at my head and forces me to swallow.

    He drags me out of the door by my hair and standing outside is hundreds of men. He leans down and Whispers in my ear "your going to let these men rape you or I'm going to kill you."and then pushes me into the crowd of men. As I walk past then they grope me and yank at my hair. One man has a marker and proceeds to start writing on my body. The rest of the men get the same and idea and start passing around pens and markers so they could leave their own marks too. They leave words like "cumslut" and "brainless" on my face and forehead. The write "breed me" above my pussy, and cumdump on my back. They write other degrading words on my stomach and arms. By the time in reach the end of the sea of men, I come face to face with a Saint Andrew's cross.

    The man that took me as well as three other men grap be and drag me to the cross and proceed to chain me to it, my legs open wide and my mouth gagged open with a spider gag. The three men pull out their cocks and one by one start to fuck me, coming inside of me and leaving me sloppy for the next one. Eventually some men start to get tired of waiting and proceed forward trying to fuck every part of my body they can get, my feet, my ass, one man even brings a ladder to climb up and fuck my mouth. Everyone continues until someone has the idea to live stream it. This only brings on more and more suitors. By the time more than 100 men have fucked me I pass out, while the men around me laugh at me for being such a weak slut.

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  • topmechokeme
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #blaire anon #thank you for playing with me❤️ #please come back sometimes! whenever you feel like it #tw cnc #maybe? a bit? #dumbification#humiliation#objectification#wlw nsft#asks
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  • good-littleslave
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Fear is a huge turn on for me. I love being scared. We can watch scary movies together and go to haunted houses. Or you could stalk me and force yourself on me while I'm on my walk this evening. Kidnap me and tie me up in your basement so you can teach me not to fight back. Make me regret wearing so little clothing and tempting you like that. Punish me. Teach me to be a good little whore for you.

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  • calypsoxxx
    22.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    my cnc kink is intensifying; i wanna plan out a scene with my daddy but i dont even know where to start😅

    #like theres so much i wanna try #being hunted and chased #drugged and kidnapped #i love somno but #i live with family #so we cant stage a home invasion scene #if anyone has suggestions send me some asks🥲 #my post#tw cnc#cnc
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  • topmechokeme
    22.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #oh god this is SO FUCKING GOOD #this us EXACTLY what i need #it's even better than i could hope for #oh god #i'm gonna rub my pussy thinking about it so many more times after today #tw cnc#whoring out#objectification#fuck yes#humiliation#dumbification#wlw nsft#asks#blaire anon
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  • fairytraumas
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Gaslight me into thinking that your abuse is the only love I’ll ever receive. Make me believe that nobody will ever love me for who I am, and I should be grateful people wanna use me as a fucktoy.

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  • whoreforcnc
    22.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    hi!! if i unfollowed you just know that it isn’t anything personal! It’s mostly just for safety reasons :) I’ll try to be more active on here.

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  • narcissisticdaddy
    21.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Of course you’re dehydrated you stupid bitch. I told you already: drink my spit or keep suffering.

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  • slvtty-baby
    21.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    make me wear something super small n slutty, and position me however you want. make me your cute dumb little doll, ready for you whenever you need. maybe stick a big vibrator in me, so i’m always ready for you~

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  • teeth-farie
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
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  • mxrked
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    the concept of a girl off the street getting groped and gangfucked in a park or down an alley - her giving in to the power imbalance, accepting the indomitable strength of five ruthless men; feeling ruined, humiliated, and ashamedly enjoying it. a girl disgusted with herself for how comfortably she seemed to give up on fighting them off, how quickly she opened her mouth and knelt for them to take turns fucking her throat, how quiet she was when they slapped her and spit in her face. a girl untroubled by her numbness to the pain and cold - being forced down half bare in the gravel and dirt - loving the feel of their tight grip digging into fresh bruises, their self-satisfied smiles and pure moral disengagement. a girl shamefully accepting that she loves letting them violate her tight cunt one after the other, that she’s found herself wishing they would take her home so it could go on forever; if only they knew she welcomed the abuse. there’s nothing more incredible than a woman like that. could waste a whole night dreaming about it

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  • littlewitchbinx
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Last nights dream! Since your nosey I thought I’d share!

    (Excuse the spacing tumblr makes it fucking weird)

    Daddy picked my outfit that morning right down to the cute butt plug he wanted me to wear all day! He dropped me off at work and told me he would pick me up this afternoon once I was finished. We were messaging back and forth during the day I was being a little shit of course and Daddy told me if I didn’t stop I’d really regret it….I didn’t stop obviously. So Daddy gave me the silent treatment for the rest of the day until I messaged and asked if he was still picking me up from work. He apologised and said he had an essay to finish but that he would see me tonight. I told him it was okay I didn’t mind walking since it was actually a nice day. I finished work, put my headphones in and started to walk home. I was lost in my own little world distracted by the music playing and the wriggling of the butt plug. I was thinking about what Daddy had planned since I’d been a brat all day. I was making my self such a little wet mess. I stopped to cross the road when a car pulled up next to me I didn’t think anything of it untill so felt 2 hands on my waist practically picking me up. I was bundled in the car face down on the back seat. I could feel someone pressing down on my back with there knee pulling my hands behind my back and tying them. At 1st I thought it was Daddy then my headphones were yanked off there were 2 voices and neither of them were Daddy. Then the fear kicked in. The car started to move someone sat on my the backs of my legs so I couldn’t move. I tried to turn over but 2 hands pinned me in place by the back of my neck. I was stuck face down I kept trying to move. Getting more panicked. I was scared now. I started to cry, it wasn’t Daddy. It was 2 men I didn’t recognise. I felt a 3rd hand slap my ass hard and I tried not to let out a noise

    “He said she was cute”

    “He was right look at her struggle. I wonder if he will be mad at us for fucking her or her for letting us?”

    “Her! She wants it or she would fight harder!”

    I tried to get free again but I couldn’t, I was trying with every part of me to turn round to get a look at them but it wasn’t happening. The one sitting on my legs was too big and strong. I was crying harder now. Screaming and shouting at them to let me go please. They just laughed and carried on. The car started to slow down after what felt like ages. When it stopped the driver got out of his side and opened the door my head was at. The driver roughly grabbed my hair to quickly lift my head tying a scarf round my face.

    “This is the easy way of doing things, if you want we can tie you down properly and continue that way."

    The thought of being tied up makes me more afraid

    “Fuck you!” I try to get free again.

    “Oh you might be so lucky!” he leans over me and flips me over onto my back, he grabs my tit, it's so soft in his hand. He laughs. I tried to pull away but he is twice my size, he doesn't even budge. I tried to roll away from him, he pinched my nipple so hard I cried out.

    “You really are the perfect little play thing!”

    The other man took one hand and ran it up the inside of my leg. Grabbing my inner thigh I tried to pull away but his hand kept going he ran his fingers over my pussy, his thumb lingering on the plug and my whole body froze. Why was I turned on? The driver grabbed my hair and pulled my head forward wrapping his hand round my neck.

    “Look how well her little neck fits in my hand” He laughed

    “I wonder if she sucks dick as good as he says? Maybe I shouldnt wait find out”

    “He said to wait!”

    I struggled and tried to scream and shout his hand covered my mouth and nose hard and he crouched down.

    “No one can hear you, your wasting your time”

    I tried to throw the other man off my legs but he just laughed

    “He never said she was such a little fighter!”

    I froze. Who said? We’re they talking about Daddy? The panic ran through my body. I felt him move off my legs and I started kicking out. His hands grabbed my ankles and pulled me out of the car. He shoved me onto my knees and held me in place. I tried to get up but he shoved me back down. The gravel ripping my tights.

    “Oh your in trouble now” one of them laughed. I was to scared to move. I heard another car door slam and feet on the gravel. A hand touched my face and ran a thumb across my lips. I pulled my head away but a hand grabbed the back of my head and held it in place and then pulled me up onto my feel. I felt a breath on my cheek and ear

    “Hello Darling” Daddy whispered in my ear. My body wanted to collapse into him. But I couldn’t move “Did Daddy’s friends give you a fright?” I nodded through crying

    “Oh we’re not done yet little one!” His tone was harsh. He slid the scarf off my face it was dark now. I looked at Daddy he reached out and wiped away a tear.

    “I told you to behave, I told you if you didn’t you’d regret it didn’t I” I cried harder more out of relief than anything else. I nodded I couldn’t answer the words wouldn’t come out.

    “Now darling your going to be good for Daddy and your going to show what a perfect little slut you can be, arnt you?!” He watches the panic cross my face as he pushes me onto my knees and his friend is standing next to him. He has his cock out

    “You know what to do little one” I looked up at Daddy and he nodded

    I took the cock in my mouth slowly. Starting to suck as I slid down his shaft. He was so hard and I was getting more turned on. I did the thing Daddy loves and opened my throat and took his friend deeper. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head fucking my throat. I looked up at Daddy not breaking eye contact. The mans cock making me gag and drool. He didn’t let up he held me tighter and fucked my little throat harder. I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let me. I still didn’t break eye contact with Daddy. I wanted him to tell him to stop but he didn’t. I could see how hard he was I wanted Daddy more than anything. The man eased up slightly and I realised he was about to cum. I tried again to pull away but he gripped tighter cumming down my throat. He didn’t let me go until he made sure I’d swallowed every drop. He pulled his cock out and it was instantly replaced by the other friend. His cock was longer and I struggled to take it all. I looked at Daddy he raised his eyebrow. He wasn’t going to stop this. He wanted to watch. I took the cock down my throat the best I could he was rougher with me he held my face against him until I couldn’t breath. I thought I was going to black out when he finally let me go he came hard and pulled his cock out cumming on my face and neck.

    “Such a good girl” Daddy said looking down at me

    “She really is!” One of the men said

    “She’s mine now” Daddy pretty much growled Pulling me up to my feet and untying my hands. I wipe the cum off my face and wipe the tears from my face Daddy was talking to the other 2 men I walked over to his car opened the door and climbed into the back. Daddys friends left and Daddy opened the back door and sat down next to me pulling me into him.

    “Are you going to behave from now on little girl?!”

    “Yes Daddy!”

    “Good girl!” He leaned over and kissed me softly “you really are such a good little fuck toy!”


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