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  • sleepingsharks
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    oh my god i almost vomited from cleaning up dinner tonight of spaghetti...

    #kass.txt #disordered eating tw #no cap when i have to clean up spaghetti it makes me literally so so nauseous #the meat smell the texture its...........ugh....... #do i need probably need help for my eating problems??? yeah lmao #dont get me wrong i dont purge or .....calorie count or anyhting.......but i do restrict and have severe awful emotions around food
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  • fallbrookhq
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    character name: Naomi Hargraves age & birthday: 30 & October 27th 1990 gender & pronouns: Cis woman, She/Her place of birth & time in Fallbrook: Born in LA, California & Adopted in Fallbrook and left at the age of 18 only to recently came crawling back home. district: Downtown occupation: Kindergarten Teacher at Fallbrook Elementary faceclaim: Aja Naomi King secret: Was blackmailed by Charlie's parents to end their relationship. His father found out she had been dealing on the side to make some extra money so she could leave after graduation to go find her birth parents.

    CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY TWs: drugs, abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse


    Naomi Coleman became Naomi Hargraves. In the adoption home, Naomi was attached to the hip of young Aurora who was also adopted by the Hargraves. It was a dream come true for the young girl.

    As soon as the two were brought into the house, there were five other children to shower them with an unconditional love that should have been enough.

    As Naomi got older, the one thing that weighed on her was how her parents could have given her up but she also wanted to prove to them that if they didn’t miss her, she wouldn’t miss them so she was the social butterfly in the family.

    She constantly made friends, did well in school and even went above and beyond to help the people around her by teaching them in her off time or even helping them through whatever problems they had.

    At the age of sixteen, Naomi applied to work as a childcare worker at Sunshine Daycare where she learned that her passion was to help children grow and develop.

    At eighteen is when she met Charlie Kane someone who had actually been hanging around her sister at the time but somehow the two of them clicked and Naomi fell before she even realized what was happening.

    For a year, Charlie and Naomi dated, the young woman was thriving in school and the dream of becoming a Kindergarten teacher was in her sights but everything always felt like something was missing.

    After her and Charlie graduated, Naomi told Charlie she wanted to get out of Fallbrook for a while and find out more about her past but he wanted to stay so they broke up and she left Fallbrook with a crack in her heart.

    Naomi went digging into her history, researching everything she could in order to find out who her birth parents were all the while going to college in New York City.

    Through the years, Naomi had been close to giving up because every lead she discovered quickly went as it came. Until when she was twenty-six and found out the name of her birthmother.

    An address fell into her lap and when Naomi followed the lead, the only thing she discovered was that her parents were still together with three new kids of their own.

    Around this time, Naomi met a man who would become her husband, Raymond.

    Raymond had been charming at a time in her life where she was vulnerable and six months into their relationship he proposed and she said yes.

    So, at the age of twenty-six, Naomi was married and for the first time was content with her life.

    Until about three months into their marriage, Raymond began to get controlling, telling her who she could and couldn’t talk to, what she could wear and even would come stand outside her classroom during teacher parent conferences to make sure she was actually at them.

    Naomi had thought maybe it was normal for a relationship to be the way hers had been so she didn’t think twice about it and sometimes when he’d hurt her feelings. She’d call Rori and just cry on the phone.

    It only got worse from there, emotionally and one day it stepped over the line of physically.

    Each phone call to Rori pushed her closer and closer to getting the courage to leave.


    It was a few weeks ago where she called Rori and her sister told her she was sending their brother Flynn down to come help her pack up her stuff.

    When Flynn got there, it was more than obvious things had gotten a little out of hand so he went off on Raymond and told him to stay away from Naomi, helped her pack her things and drove her home.

    For the first time in years, Naomi is starting to feel light but she’s starting to wonder if she needs to look over her shoulder at all times.

    Wanted plots & Headcanons



    Parents of her students


    #FallbrookBios#Naomi Hargraves#abuse tw#drugs tw #physical abuse tw #emotional abuse tw
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  • whump-world
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Idea: caretaker whump

    (Tw: noncon kiss, mild emotional whump)

    Caretaker sighs, throwing his coat on the hanger after a long day at work. But the exhaustion breaks slightly, like sun rays through a cloud, when Whumpee greets him with a silent nod. They grab his bags, always ready to help.

    “Hey, sweetheart. Did you have dinner?”

    Whumpee nods again, glancing at Caretaker before putting the bags away. At once, Caretaker knows they’re upset.

    “Aw, I’m sorry if I worried you.” He checks his wristwatch, feeling worse to see how much time had slipped by. He’d promised to be home three hours ago. At this rate, he isn’t sure if he should be the one taking care of Whumpee. Slipping off his shoes, he’s about to walk into his house, but he turns to find Whumpee right in front of him.

    “Why are you so late?” they ask dolefully.

    Caretaker is glad they’re talking more often, standing straighter and eating more, but the question shoots an arrow into his heart. Everyone seemed to be disappointed with him lately, he doesn’t think he can handle it if Whumpee starts seeing him that way too.

    “Work, Whumpee.” He ruffles their head. “I can’t promise it won’t happen again, especially since I have that conference tomorrow—“

    “Don’t go.”

    “I’d love to skip it, but my boss would kill me,” he jokes, frowning when Whumpee keeps looking at him with those vacant, yet sharp eyes. He moves a step back and as he’d predicted, Whumpee comes closer, backing him into the front door.

    “Promise you won’t leave me.”

    Caretaker’s heart thrums like a skittish humming bird, and though he smears on a smile, his insides churn at Whumpee’s hand on the side of his face. He lets Whumpee push their nose into his neck, their hair tickling his chin. The hands spanning around his waist are familiar, yet Caretaker would rather not have them there at all. It makes Caretaker want to take off, run away from his own house.

    “Are you alright?” he asks Whumpee, rigid even as kisses trail up his throat. He doesn’t want to stop Whumpee, hoping he could be of some comfort in this way at least. And Whumpee needs a lot of comfort. Much more than Caretaker can give sometimes.

    “I love you,” they whisper.

    Caretaker doesn’t get to reply, swallowed by Whumpee’s insistent lips on theirs. The back of his head hits the door by the force of it, a groan slipping out and a tongue slipping in. He doesn’t like how Whumpee is shoving him against the door, their knee pushing his legs apart.

    “Whumpee, can we— can we do this later?”

    “But you’re never home.”

    “How about a shower first?” Caretaker almost whines, flinching away from the hot breath on his ear. He should like this, why can’t he like this? His tries to push Whumpee away, surprise rippling through him as they pin his wrists to his sides. The headache from reading mail after mail at work increases by ten fold, like someone had taken a hammer to his head.

    “Stop it.”

    Whumpee freezes.

    “Get off.” Get off get off get off.

    They immediately remove themselves from Caretaker, eyes wide with hurt. The silent vulnerability leaves them, hands shaking as they wipe their lips.

    “I didn’t—“ Caretaker doesn’t know what to say as they flee to shut themselves in their room. The apologies in his mouth never get to the outside, worming into his heart until it couldn’t take more without bursting. Caretaker messed up. Again.

    #do I love Caretaker whump? yes #sorry not sorry #whumblr#whump caretaker#caretaker#Whumpee#whump community#emotional whump#whump writing #tw noncon kiss
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  • rotinthedark
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    @heartjockey said: The idea they’ve had physical altercations back in high school will keep Alex up at night near tears when they’re married one day just wait 😭 THEIR GROWTH… i rlly should elaborate more on Alex in hs, I’m so sorry seb u deserve happiness CGVHVHVHJB

    I was a little worried bc like, you are absolutely not bound to any of that if it doesn’t fit! I was just hypothesizing. It would definitely depend on how far Alex went with his bullying, though Seb’s anger management was at its worst as a teen. It’d be possible, depending on the trigger. He had/has so much pain and rage pent up inside him.

    He’s passively at least let it go, but it’d be so good for both of them when Sebastian formally forgives him for it. They were angry boys carrying the wounds of their fathers and taking them out on each other. It’s what abuse does. What matters is they’re breaking their respective cycles, apart and together. Alex is trying so hard, more than anyone (besides maybe Maru and Robin) whose hurt him.

    Just very, “A lot of people have hurt me. But you’re the first to say you’re sorry for it.” 

    Alex isn’t Demetrius. Alex isn’t his father. Alex is consciously changing. Surrounded by people who never changed or weren’t there for him enough, that’d mean the world and be so good for both of their healing.

    #ooc#heartjockey #BOY IT'S SURE THAT KINDA NIGHT HUH #abuse tw #THEY'RE SO GOOD UNI #ALEX HONEY NO IT'S OKAY HE'LL UNDERSTAND #emotional abuse tw
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  • enbies-and-felonies
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #tw caps#CONSIDER #CONSIDER THE IMPLICATIONS #THE EMOTIONS#FUCKING HELL #U KNOW HOW JULIE HAS POWER (OF LOVE-) BUT LIKE #UGH!!! THEM!!!!! #no one:#me: UGH #anyways i am right tho it is VERY *UGH* rn <33 #i have an inkling that i love you<3
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  • deathisanartmetzli
    21.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    E -> Metzli Bernal

    E: Thought you could run, did you? Que desgraciada eres, mi linda. That's okay. I can fix that.

    Metzli: Who is this?

    E: Soon.

    Metzli: Eloy?

    E: Master Eloy, mijita. I'll fix that too.

    Metzli: Stay away.

    E: You're scared. Good.

    Metzli: No, I'm not.


    Metzli: I'm not scared of you.


    Metzli: You don't scare me anymore.


    #eloy cadena#metzli bernal #emotional abuse tw
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  • kaleidoscoprwriting
    21.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Height difference

    - Caretaker towers over Whumpee, and that makes them seem really intimidating, but as Whumpee gets to know them they turn out not scary at all

    - Whumper is unusually tall, adding to the already intense fear every time Whumpee sees them

    - Tall Whumpee running from whumper and trying to hide in a crowd, but they're easily found due to their height

    - Tall whumpee kept in a cage far too small for them.. they can barely sit up, let alone stand

    - Whumpee is mocked for their height, and takes a long time of not being hurt for it to accept their body.

    - Tall pet whumpee feels ashamed for their height, as they've been trained to fear taking up space. Pets trained from birth were usually smaller, due to malnutrition, and whumpee is defective & unwanted.

    - Whumpee is shorter due to malnutrition or lack of sleep, and they're angry at the people who raised them for making that happen. It takes them a long time to accept their body, because it could have been different had they been given the kindness that they now know they deserve.

    - Short whumpee and multiple whumpers, mocking them for their height or talking about how weak they are

    - Whumpee wearing heels or changing their posture so whumper can't recognize them by their height. Bonus: Whumper recognizes them anyway, no matter what they do.

    - Whumper punishes whumpee for being taller than them, leaving whumpee afraid of their own body.

    - Violently protective caretaker is way shorter than whumpee, a very short person punching anyone who scares their very tall friend.

    - Pet whumpee's past is hinted at by their short height

    - Unusually tall whumpee is crawling through a cave with a group. The others can easily fit through the narrow passages, but whumpee gets stuck. Maybe whumpee is claustrophobic, or they are going through the cave system to escape from whumper. Their friends then have to leave them alone in the cramped darkness to go get help, and whumpee starts to worry they'll never come back.

    - Short whumpee is chosen to sneak through whumper's ventilation system to break into their base. They're the only one who can fit, but they're still terrified of whumper and can't stand small spaces.

    - Tall whumpee struggling to hide from whumper in a cramped space, like a closet or cabinet

    - Whumpee has been mocked for being tall, so they slouch to seem shorter, which results in back pain.

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  • wishtonotwake
    21.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    My laptop is officially dead i don’t know what else i can do to try to fix it

    My only coherent thought is “I want to die”

    it’s not even that bad tho???

    i really do need therapy huh

    And sure it isn’t bad but it’s just kinda the last straw of everything that has been happening on the past 2 months-ish

    first no electricity for a month i put on tough exterior and powered through it

    My hyper obsession has died down, i’ll find new one no problemo(I CAN’T FIND A NEW ONE(it’s the only thing that helped me stay fucking alive through no electricity month))

    then my laptop keyboard started failing, bought external keyboard no problem

    my drawing tablet dies, well i wasn’t drawing that much anyway ha ha

    many more little things


    i’m fucking idk

    i hate emotions why can’t i stop crying i’m logical person why can’t i logic myself through this why can’t i

    i can’t even talk to anyone about thsi???

    that’s why i’m saying it here???

    #why can’t i focus on my logic #instead of my emotions #tw vent#personal vent #god i’m so tired
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  • jennifersbod
    20.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    these antibiotics are voiding my birth control and now my hormones are like off the chart girl help <\3

    #having emotions#personal #medical stuff tw
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  • whump-all-the-way
    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    As a thank you for 1k I present a post that I’ve been writing in my head for a good three months as a thank you<3

    Interactions I love between…

    Whumpee and Caretaker:

    Whumpee burying their face in the crook of caretakers neck while sleeping

    Alternatively, Whumpee burying their face in caretakers neck when they’re in pain/feverish

    Caretaking humming/talking/singing Whumpee to sleep

    Caretaker fussing around Whumpee- eg, bringing them food and asking if they’ve eaten, checking their temperature/injuries

    Caretaker holding whumpee’s hand in a crowded space to make sure they stay close

    A more distant caretaker filling whumpee’s fridge- bonus points if it’s their favourites foods and Whumpee immediately tucks into the first one they see

    Caretaker wiping tears from whumpees cheeks, “you’re safe now, dear”

    When there’s mutiple caretakers and one whumpee, even better if the whumpee is the youngest but strongest, and they fuss around them nonetheless

    To add to the last one… if the “team” are all villains; they’re ready to stab each other in the back at the drop of a hat but the second anyone lays a hand on whumpee they go berserk

    Small Whumpee borrowing big caretakers clothes (when their shirts come down to their knees and they stumble into the kitchen rubbing the sleep from their eyes… end me)

    “I’m here. Don’t worry whumpee, you’re safe”

    When. Caretaker. Has. Cute. Nicknames. For. Whumpee.

    Caretaker praising whumpee for little things (like finishing a plate of food, being honest, doing something without permission) because it encourages whumpee to keep going

    Whumpee coming home with a (small) pet and caretaker physically can’t deny the two pairs of puppy eyes staring at them from the door

    Alternatively, whumpee coming home with a (huge) pet and caretaker can’t say no when they see Whumpee’s the most relaxed they’ve ever been

    Whumpee and whumper:

    The fleeting look of pure terror in a stoic whumpee’s as whumper brings in their tools

    “You belong to me. Do I make my self clear?”

    Whumpee whimpering as whumper strolls through their cell

    Whumper making Whumpee choose their punishments (bonus if they’re both just as bad and whumper whistles, telling them they should have picked the other one)

    Whumper making Whumpee recite their rules every morning

    Whumper forcing Whumpee to eat rotten food

    To add, whumper conditioning Whumpee to believe that they only deserve food if theyve been hurt first

    Whumper throwing Whumpee into a freezer/freezing environment for days, listening to Whumpee beg to be warm again, only for Whumpee to drag them into a hot/overly heated environment

    Whumper removing all of whumpee’s senses so they have no idea what’s happening to them, they simply have to wait for the pain

    Whumper carving/branding words into whumpee’s skin

    “They don’t care about you Whumpee, I’m the only one that does”

    “What are you? “Y-your mu-mutt” “good dog”

    Whumper making Whumpee believe they deserve everything they get

    Whumper and caretaker:

    Caretaker doing everything to whumper that they did to Whumpee, matching every scar and bruise

    “You’re gonna pay for what you did to them”

    Whumper taunting caretaker by describing, in detail, every time they tortured Whumpee and begged for caretaker to make it stop, for caretaker to save them

    “Tell me, does my precious Whumpee still scream my name in their sleep?”

    Caretaker having to ask for whumper’s help when whumpee goes missing

    Whumper’s murderous look when they hear that someone else dared lay a hand on their Whumpee

    “Where are they!?” “Gone.”

    Whumpee, caretaker and Whumper:

    Caretaker shielding Whumpee from whumpers view

    “Please, please don’t hurt them…”

    Two whumpees, one caretaker, one whumper… caretaker can choose, kill whumper and both whumpees die, save one Whumpee as the other one is tortured, or save the other and the other one dies.

    Caretaker forces to watch as Whumpee is tortured, whumper eventually gagging them after they grow tired of their begging and crying

    “You’re distracting me from my work, caretaker.”

    “Please- caretaker… make it stop. It hurts…”

    Pet Whumpee being “showed off” to caretaker

    Whumper torturing Whumpee and making caretaker hold them as they do (bonus if caretaker has to hold them upright, and if they drop them or lose their grip whumpee is punished)

    Caretaker being forced to torture Whumpee while whumper taunts from behind

    Alternatively, caretaker who used to be a whumper, getting pulled back into their old habits and they don’t stop when whumper tells them to

    “You can stop now caretaker, I think our pet has had enough today… caretaker..? What are you- I said stop!“

    Whumper and caretakers roles being reversed

    #i hope you guys like this #it took me an hour to do #and I’m anxious about posting it shdjdj #but thank you sm for 1k!! #I love you all #whump community#whump blog#whump#whumpblr#good whump#whump comfort#whump tropes#emotional whump#whump prompt#whump ideas#tw conditioning#pet whumpee#pet whump #whumpee and caretaker #hurt caretaker#hurt whump#master whumper #whumpee and whumper #caretaker and whumper #whump dialogue#tw torture#implied kidnapping#team whump#psychological whump
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  • the-fishtank-chronicles
    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I’m sure I’m not the first one to say this, but there needs to be a #MeToo movement specifically for victims of child abuse

    #not just CSA either #emotional abuse#physical abuse#psychological torment #etc. #originals#-Sora #ok to rb #sa mention TW
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  • daughter-of-night
    20.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Bitches see someone going through a similar pain as you and you are so quick to rush to them and tell them exactly what you yourself want to hear and comfort them and then deny themselves the same comfort like hypocrites.

    It’s me. I’m bitches.

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  • a-la-mort
    20.09.2021 - 14 hours ago
    @deathxdefied has come forth:    “  you’re enough. you’re more than enough.  ” - Tis for Alecto. Said through series of moans and grunts. :)

    It was not surprising how the tormentor of passions seemed to be on edge herself. Not in the best of terms with the Lord of the house, and scarcely ever seeing her sisters, for one reason or the other — Megaera surely was unhappy with the way she chose to go about her duties — Alecto seemed to succumb to boredom more than ever, and the little princeling still managed to beat her, each time with more ease.

    What had started as a pastime for her began to give her great frustration. And that much was evident, as a swarm of red bats flew down back into the room, soon forming into the familiar fury. Judging by her clenched teeth, her fangs even protruding out, the tight grip she maintained around her whip was clearly intended for the certain someone that had just left the room… Still, the anger in her eyes slowly subsided as she heard her sister’s voice. 

    Perhaps she heard the commotion, or she was simply there to retake her spot, who knew. The youngest, even bloodied and battered, staggered to turn around to look at her sibling — Unlike the other two, she did not have the privilege to be taken by the river Styx onto the Lord’s manor, her vitality rejuvenated like that.

    Upon making sense of the meaning of the groans, her gaze hardened again, though it moved away from the other.  ❝  Sure. Tell that to Meg. ❞  she spoke in disdain, facing away so she could spit a bit of her own blood. But that action, as brief as it was, gave her some time to think on her words, and soon her eyelids softened, flared eyes calming, staying low. She was by no means good with failure, much less the frustration of doing it repeatedly. The hand holding the whip would shake slightly, fingers relaxing momentarily and flexing again, making the weapon bob up and down in her grasp — a soothing reaction of sorts, or an indicative of her pondering. Frankly, not even she knew.

    ❝ Actually, tell that to everyone else. That opinion will be quickly outnumbered. ❞

    A tsk of her tongue, followed by a last glance around the room. And just like that, she left as quickly as she came, the storm of bats flying off to recover who knows where.

    #deathxdefied #*  ic: tormentor of passions. #*  ANSWERED. #*  v: hades. #(hi when she dies she literally scatters and i think that is neat) #(i take that info and i run) #(anyway i have much to say abt her and i have many emotions........) #tw: blood #(just to be safe)
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  • xthosecemeteryeyesx
    20.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #tw emotional manipulation #tw emotional abuse #ask to tag #not the life that it seems #free gerard #put gerard back #anonymouse
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  • silk-and-rosary
    20.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    why does my brain keep giving me dreams and nightmares about me becoming friendly with my ex-friends? one of them emotionally abused me. another sided with my abusive ex-gf. the others were toxic in one way or another. i truly hate getting dream scenarios where i'm friends with them again or we're hanging out again. dream-me isn't aware that it's a dream but he's aware of what these people did to me and is subsequently very afraid. this sucks.

    #lately my dreams have consisted of this #or nightmares of my mother's emotional and verbal abuse #so. not great #tw abuse#rambles#vent #j.s. #k
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  • demonboyhalo
    20.09.2021 - 16 hours ago


    #caps tw#mcyt#dream smp#ranboo#tommyinnit#dsmp#technoblade#philza#niki nihachu#nihachu#ph1lza#tommy innit #THIS SHOWS HOW HIS CHARACTER HAS DEVELOPED SM #DESPITE THE BETRAYALS AND THE BACK STABS AND THE LIES FROM HIS CLOSEST ALLIES #TECHNO STILL MANAGED TO MAKE EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS AGAIN #HE WENT INTO THE PRSION TRULY BELIEVING THERE WAS A CHANCE HE WOULD DID FOREVER #AHHHH#emerald duo#bedrock bros #peer pressure duo #oh no i don't know niki and technos duo name - NOOO HOW COULD I BETRAY YOU LIKE THIS NIKI NIHACHU T^T
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  • dumbass-extraordinaire
    20.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    why do parents only love you as long as you fit the version of you that lives in their heads?  it’s gotten to the point where i become a whole other person around my mother, the perfect cishet quirky daughter that she wants me to be.

    when she tells me that she loves me and that she’s proud of me, it hurts so fucking bad because the person she loves doesn’t exist and i know if i ever try to show her the real me she’ll act like i’m both victim and murderer of this perfect daughter that never existed to begin with.

    when my dad tells me that i’ll always have a place to come home to, i smile and nod, but on the inside i’m dying because it’ll never be true.  i’m wearing the corpse of the girl my parents believe i am and dancing for their amusement because i know that if the mask slips for even a second their so-called “unconditional love” will vanish instantly.

    it would be so much easier if i didn’t care or want their approval but i do and i know that the only way to get it is to shut off everything that makes me me.  i say i love you but i don’t even know if i mean it anymore because my family loves a false sanitized version of me, their very own frankenstein’s monster.

    i’m just so fucking tired of hiding...

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  • loving-tree-friends
    20.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    🧸💚 Flippy General Headcanons (1) 💚🧸

    CW/TWs: anxiety & panic attacks, emotional triggers


    ♥︎ Flippy uses he/him pronouns. I personally see Flippy as being Demiromantic!

    ♥︎ In my interpretation of HTF, I see Flippy and Fliqpy as being two separate beings from different times (Fliqpy being present-war and Flippy being post-war) I’ll explain about Fliqpy & Flippy in a separate post from this!

    ♥︎ Flippy enjoys quiet places, such as the library or an isolated park. He’s sensitive to loud noises and environments, so he prefers to be alone most of the times. But some days he does enjoy going out with friends and spending time in town! I see him as an ambivert 😊

    ♥︎ Some of his close friends include Handy, Pop, Disco Bear, Russell, and the Mole. He likes Nutty too, but sometimes he’s too hyperactive for him!! :’D

    ♥︎ Flippy loves animals, especially cats. He’s definitely more of a cat person than a dog person; he enjoys their quietness as well as how caring they are.

    ♥︎ He volunteers at the Tree Town’s animal shelter often and enjoys every second of it. From brushing the animal’s fur, cleaning their cages, and playing with them, he’s in HEAVEN! His heart melts at seeing the lil critters happiness & is very passionate about it.

    ♥︎ When “The boys ™︎” go out, they sometimes go get drinks at a local bar. I personally headcanon Flippy to dislike beer as to him it tastes nasty & frankly he’s scared of getting drunk. But if he were to drink, it’d hit him like a brick wall. He’d be very emotional and sappy, crying to whoever’s next to him and rambling about how cute cats are or something 😭 Afterwards, when his friends playfully tease him about it, he’s bright as a tomato. He shamefully hides his face with his beret and meekly apologizes for any ‘inconveniences’ he caused!!

    ♥︎ Flippy definitely knits and crochets not only as a hobby, but as a way to help relieve stress and tension. He’s knitted sweaters for Flaky and crocheted teddy bears for Cub!! His other hobbies include playing baseball with Flaky, drawing/doodling, baking (he learned from Petunia, but only knows how to make cookies) and fishing with Russell

    ♥︎CW: Anxiety, panic attacks & emotional triggers

    Flippy suffers through anxiety & has panic attacks when overwhelmed with certain loud sounds (thunderstorms, traffic, fireworks) and social situations (arguments, large crowds/parties…) Due to this, he copes by escaping alone to a quieter place away from the source of his anxiety, knitting, reading, or spending time with Flaky.

    ♥︎ Him and Flaky are best friends! Although their first meeting wasn’t joyful, they have grown to be very close to one another. Both Flaky and Flippy deal with (social) anxiety and they help one another with their struggles. Flippy taught Flaky proper breathing exercises while Flaky taught Flippy that it’s okay to let out your emotions & cry 💗

    ♥︎ Flippy cares about all his friends dearly and wouldn’t trade them for the world. He’s met so many nice people compared to where he was before. Moving to Tree Town was possibly one of the best decisions he’s ever made. 🥺💖

    #headcanons 🌻🌹#flippy 🧸💚#cw anxiety #cw panic attack #cw emotional triggers #tw anxiety #tw panic attack #tw emotional triggers #happy tree friends #happy tree friends headcanons #htf flippy
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  • the-grimmly-bank
    20.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Okay, i know the "haha he saw his parents do the no-no and he ran away" is funny and all, but im a little annoyed that people are brushing over the fact that is VERY likely Sasha was emotionally neglected by his father, ALSO that losing a parent (his mother) at a very young age would absolutely hurt a person? His trauma might not be as severe as the other psychonauts, and i get that, but it doesn't make it lesser. like, stop fucking. brushing it over people it's actually a little annoying. Sincerly, someone that was emotionally neglected in the same way. (this isn't at anyone in specific at all, i just saw someone joke about it and im a little done.)

    #tw emotional neglect #tw childhood trauma #psychonauts#sasha nein #greedy_ia.exe #please dont downplay his issues im actually going to lose my mind #if i see anyone else make a meme i mgonna implode #I KNOW its a funny imagery but thats NOT ALL THERE IS TO HIS BACKSTORY #tw death #tw familiar death
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  • the-tickly-oreo
    20.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Ok so I'm still at school right now but I'm not gonna have a long of homework so I'm going to work on a fic. So sorry for the long wait. Press read more for explanation it talks heavily about divorce and mental health

    My parents have been going through a divorce(one that I've wanted for a long time) but my dad isn't being nice about it. He has been bulling my mom. My dad is very narcissistic and emotionally abusive and I wouldn't be surprised if he had some serious mental issues. I'm not going to be staying with my dad but I have too for after school and it's hard. He is very transphobic and homophobic which goes against my very being. As you could expect this isn't doing good for my mental health and I'm not gonna lie, im struggling. But I have a wonderful therapist that's helping me. So don't worry about me, I might just not be active as much!

    #tw divorce #tw mental health #tw emotional manipulation
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