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    Riot Kings, page 62


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    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    9-1-1 + Scooby Doo quotes (3/?)

    Danger-Prone Daphne Buckley for @ghost-in--the-room

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    05.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #Gun Atthaphan#lakornet#flashing tw#mint magazine#photoshoot #*sam.gifs #ok last one #i dont really love off and yinwar enough to gif their parts
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    #television#911 fox#buddie#evan buckley#eddie diaz #911 season 4 #4x13#my fanvid#4x13 edit#amber run#i found#tw gsw#tw blood#tw injury#tw gun #i thought i'd made this edit but i couldn't find it anywhere so maybe i just saw it somewhere else 🤷🏽‍♀️ #but anyway this song is peak tragic buddie so !! #op
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    05.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    good morning metal family fandom

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    #not a headcanon #mod 5 volt #/j btw#tw guns
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    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    oh yeah, earlier i saw a police officer/guard with A MACHINE GUN casually on patrol at the mall like wtf

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  • normal-with-adhd-is-a-joke
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Not Cristine Simplynailogical using psychotic as an insult 😬 I corrected her on it but she probably won't see it.

    #ableism tw #this isn't me trying to 'cancel' her or anything #ik that acceptance for psychosis hasn't reached as far as it should of yet #it's just disappointing #guns tw
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    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago
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    #gun tw #this is very messy but it’s also a joke post so
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    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    DREW THIS LITTLE SHIT AGAINNN I literally have no information about him but he looks cool and he kills ppl and he’s sweaty and gross

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    12 Days of Whumpmas 2021 Four Calling Birds: Muzzled | Memories/Flashbacks | Favorite Holiday Memories

    12 Days of Whumpmas 2021 Masterlist / Of Vampires and Men Masterlist

    Takes place about three and a half years after Parting Is Such Cruel Sorrow

    CW: Vampires, war, guns, prisoners of war, unnamed character deaths, execution of POWs, restraints, threatened teeth whump, muzzle, creepy whumper, vampire whumpees, vampire whumpers, team whump

    This battle was going to fucking hell. Micah was pinned down with his platoon. They were almost out of ammunition, and the Lucians were approaching from their flank. They had ten dead and another five wounded. There was no way they were going to make it.

    “What are we going to do, sir?” Dimitri asked quietly. He was the newest member of the platoon, had only been out of basic training for a couple months. He was still a kid, only eighteen. Micah closed his eyes. Gods he didn’t want to make this decision. He flinched at the sound of a bullet whizzed overhead. The Lucians were close. When Micah opened his eyes, his soldiers were looking at him. Or at least the twenty that were still alive. He took a deep breath.

    “We’re going to surrender,” he said with finality. Dimitri’s face went white.

    “But sir… haven’t you heard the stories of how the Lucians treat their prisoners?”

    Micah swallowed. “Yes. But if we continue to fight we’ll be massacred. At least this way we might have a chance at survival.” He was throwing his life and those of his men at the Lucian’s feet and praying that they would be shown mercy. There wasn’t any guarantee that that would happen.

    Micah tied a cloth to the end of his bayonet, and struck his flint to get a spark. He lit the cloth on fire and raised the bayonet high into the air, the international sign of surrender. The shooting stopped and he let out a sigh of relief.

    The sound of marching feet grew nearer. “Everybody, put down your weapons. We don’t want to give them a reason to hurt us,” Micah said shortly. Gods, he had never gambled in his life and this felt like the worst way to start. The stakes were so high.

    The Lucians stopped about twenty yards away. “Who is the commanding officer?”

    “That would be me. Lieutenant Micah Byrnes,” Micah said, stepping forward. He was proud that his voice didn’t shake.

    “On your knees, hands on your head,” the Lucian said. Micah’s stomach dropped but he complied. Water soaked through the knees of his trousers. “All of you,” the Lucian spat. Micah heard his men get to their knees behind him. The Lucians spread out, surrounding them.

    The vampire who had spoken stepped up, striding forward so he towered over Micah. “I am Captain Ulrich Weisman of the 34th Division. You are all now prisoners of the Lucian army. Trying to escape or fight back will be punished by death. As commanding officer, you are in charge of the behavior of your men. I expect you to keep them in line. Do you understand?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Make sure they all are disarmed,” Weisman said. The Lucians started moving among Micah’s men, searching them for weapons. Weisman crouched down in front of Micah.

    “Let me be very clear. I don’t care if you and your men live or die. If you care, you better make sure to stay on my good side.”

    Micah nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

    “They’re clear, sir,” a Lucian said. Weisman nodded standing up.

    “Prisoners, single file,” he said. Micah stood up, his men falling into line behind him.

    Micah spoke up.“Sir, we have wounded. They won’t be able to walk, but we can carry them.”

    Weisman turned back to him. “I have no use for wounded soldiers. Ansel, Heinrich, kill them.”

    Micah’s heart skipped a beat. No, this wasn’t what was supposed to happen.

    “Wait, no…,” Micah began. That got him a slap across the face, so powerful that he was knocked to the ground. Then Weisman was grabbing his hair, pulling him upright. Micah gasped, tears in his eyes.

    “My word is law, Lieutenant. Be grateful that I’m granting them a quick death.” He heard his soldiers begging before the sound of pistols firing split the air. Then all was silent.

    “Move out,” Weisman said, walking away. Micah shakily got to his feet, following the Lucian. The rest of the enemy soldiers surrounded them. Micah had the sinking feeling that he had made a very big mistake.

    It was starting to drizzle, cool water soaking the prisoners to the bone as they followed the Lucians towards the enemy camp. Lucians were bustling around and stopped what they were doing as Micah and his men were led through camp. They stopped somewhere in the middle, near the command tent, and were ordered to their knees again. The Lucians started fastening their hands behind their backs with shackles. “Tomorrow you’ll be transferred to the POW camp at Fort Norris. Lucky for you, I’m one of the wardens there.”

    Micah closed his eyes. Fort Norris was way behind enemy lines, in Lucian territory. The likelihood of them being rescued was falling. Micah whipped his head around at the sound of a slap. Dimitri was on the ground, hunching over to protect his face as a Lucian kicked him.

    “Hey! Leave him alone!” Micah shouted.

    The Lucian turned towards Weisman, snarling. “The little shit spit at me. That’s a punishable offense. Can I kill him, Captain?”

    Weisman seemed to consider this. Then a smile spread across his face. “Let’s see what the Lieutenant thinks. Your soldier showed disrespect, which is punishable by death. But I’m feeling in a merciful mood. Either I’ll kill him or punish you. You decide.”

    “Punish me. Please,” Micah said, choking on the words as he locked eyes with Dimitri. He couldn’t break down in front of his men, but they had been prisoners for less than an hour and already five of his men were dead and one on the cusp of execution. He felt tears come to his eyes.

    Weisman grinned. “That’s what I thought you would say. Bring me a muzzle.”

    A soldier approached, handing Weisman a contraption of leather and metal. Weisman approached and Micah flinched back in spite of himself.

    Weisman tsked. “Flinching isn’t allowed, Lieutenant. Now don’t you dare bite me when I put this on you. Open up.”

    Micah gritted his teeth before opening his mouth. Weisman slid the metal bit in behind his teeth. “You have such pretty fangs, Lieutenant. If you’re lucky I might just let you keep them.” Micah’s face paled at that. Weisman tightened the leather straps behind Micah’s head. The muzzle was tight and dug painfully into the sides of his face. He couldn’t open his mouth and the metal pressed down on his tongue uncomfortably.

    “I like you better like this,” Weisman said, running a hand through Micah’s hair. Micah closed his eyes as tears started to fall. “What, you’re already crying? Oh you’re going to be fun to break.” Weisman said. He then gave Micah a kick to the gut which sent him to the ground, wheezing.

    “Anybody else show my soldiers disrespect and your leader will be hurt some more. Why you follow such a weakling is beyond me,” Weisman said before stalking away. The Lucians finished restraining the prisoners before leaving them in the rain. Micah laid on the ground, tears running down his face. He didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, but whatever it was it would probably be painful.

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    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Not sure if I want to be Minato or VALSHE in this photoset

    #Like the aesthetics 😍 #guns tw#knife tw
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  • oh-no-our-johnny-its-brocken
    05.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Reminder that in case of a school shooting NEVER answer the door. Even if it's a drill.

    The right people will have a key to unlock it and come in.

    You can also use belts to lock the door if it doesn't have a lock and masks to put in bullet wounds to stop the bleeding.

    If someone comes to the door saying things like "you can unlock it *bro*" get down. I highly doubt a police officer would use "bro" in that situation.

    Avoid standing in front of windows and doors and if a drill starts when you are in the hallway drop your bag and run to the nearest shelter. A classroom might not let you in when the drill has been going on for more than a couple minutes so either get to a classroom or supply closet. The last resort should be a bathroom as some bathrooms don't have locks on them and even with the stall doors being locked and closed the shooter can still climb over or under them.

    Once you are in a safe space call 911 (or your countries version) quietly. Say the name of your school before anything else. Ex. "I go to *your school* and there is an active shooter. My name is _____." If you can, send a brief text to your family.

    Feel free to add onto this

    #tw school shooting #school shooting #school shooting tw #shooting tw#tw shooting#shooting #gun violence tw #tw gun violence
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  • themadauthorshatter
    05.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    It's been a while since I posted anything Henry Stickmin related, but I hope you guys like this one:

    Dad!Charles X Toppat!Henry!!!

    Just a bit of context, btw: Dad!Charles came from a bunch of headcanons inspired by the single dad Charles post by @bambidoodles and Toppat!Henry was just my take on Toppat!Henry, because everyone else was doing it😅, so I just thought I'd combine the two because, why not??

    So a little alterations: Charles is in his early thirties, but Cameron is a little older, around 14-15. Henry is around 34-ish(?). Galeforce is alive and still his metal, badass self, and the gang from Toppat!Henry is here with the addition of Victoria Grit, who, in the story, was just pulled into Charles's and the gang's shenanigans and became something of a mother to Cameron.

    We began more subtly at a heist as it occurs. Henry is stealing a pearl and succeeds, much to the anger of the government, but the pearl isn't in their hands for long as a pesky pilot shoots at Henry from his helicopter and makes him drop the pearl in the ocean, in shallow waters.

    Henry and Charles glare at each other, though Henry smirks at him, even as Henry is 'beamed' back the the orbital station. On Earth, Charles takes it as incentive to tell the museum staff to hide the park somewhere and swap it out for one made of something like wood or simple carved stone; they won't be able to tell the difference, if they paint it right.

    The staff agree and just as Charles leaves Henry reveals to have fooled Charles, as he is currently leaning against the museum wall outside.

    Charles draws his gun to shoot him, but Henry also draws a gun, smirking at him.

    "Been a little while, Charles. How've you been? You look good."

    Charles asks what Henry wants, as he already lost the pearl, and will be arrested if anyone sees him. Henry shrugs and admits that he isn't worried as he lowers his own gun and approaches Charles, stating that he knows the pilot won't do anything because there's still a part of him deep down that still thought making friends with a criminal, and that part WANTS Henry to stay around or to be by his side for a change.

    Btw, as he says this, Henry approaches Charles and murmurs into his ear with one hand on the side of his face while the other somewhat disarms him, lowering Charles's gun to make sure he isn't shot.

    Charles doesn't move, instead trying to raise his gun so he can shoot Henry for realsies.

    Henry chuckles at pinches Charles on the cheek as he tells him to not play with guns, because he could hurt himself. Charles actually tries to shoot him for that, but Henry jumps back before he gets a bullet in the foot.

    He tips his hat, bids Charles a farewell, and is actually beamed away, leaving Charles shaky and annoyed, and a little unnerved because he should've shot Henry, but didn't because of what he said.

    Charles seats himself in the helicopter and groans right as he gets a call from his child, much to his relief.

    Cameron is currently finished with school and is on their way to book club and they're just calling to see if their dad is okay, even apologizing if now is a bad time. Charles waves it off, as he just finished stopping a heist and will explain more when he picks them up. Cameron asks Charles to include all the details before they say goodbye and hang up, Charles flying back to the base and reporting what happened to Galeforce, who's glad the master was solved, but is passed to know that the Toppats are being very active.

    Charles mutters about how he had a small run in with Henry and Galeforce asks how times many it's been that Henry ran into Charles.

    12, counting today's.

    Galeforce sighs and tells Charles to stay alert, he may have a kid of his own, but he's STILL Galeforce's kid. It gets a chuckle out of Charles and he sighs that he's not afraid of taking on Henry, as he can handle himself.

    Galeforce would politely disagree, but there's more to worry about: Dimitri and some workers on The Wall are coming to the base in a couple of days and want to discuss what's happening with the Toppat Clan.

    Charles's mood falls, as he hates dealing with The Wall. Good news, though: Matteo Gurtchev will be coming as well, so there's one thing to look forward to.

    One more thing that bugs Charles: Cameron gets off school in less than a week. They CAN stay on their own, but they have some seperation anxiety and it's rubbed off on him.

    Galeforce calls him soft and simply tells him that if he HAS to bring Cameron to the base, they cannot be seen by anyone from The Wall, so basically leave them in the twins' care, since they're probably not going to be noticed by anyone on The Wall.

    Charles agrees and takes his leave, Galeforce asking ine more favor of him: Tell Cameron their grandfather said hi and is looking forward to teaching them how to shoot a gun for real.

    Charles objects and the two laugh before Charles leaves to go pick up Cameron from school, still mulling over the fact that he and Henry keep running into each other and he has a problem of not taking him out when he should.

    Charles is not the only one dealing with this as we catch up with Henry in the Orbital station. He's reading through Charles's file, including some updated bits and sulks over how it's been a while and Charles, even after knowing about the morally grey area between black and white, still holds his beliefs and stays with the government.

    He's interrupted from his thoughts by Ellie as she struts in and asks if he's going to mope again or if he's going to think of a way to get the pearl or some other treasure.

    Henry chuckles and admits that he's thinking about the latter, but isn't fully on board with the idea of sending himelf and a dew toppats into a mine where the caves can collapse and they can all die. That's something Ellie can agree with because she's not keen on ot either.

    She then looks over Henry's shoulder and asks if he ran into Charles again.

    Henry stands up and admits that he did and it went the same as every other time: the two almost shot each other, Henry called out Charles for not killing him, joining him, or knowing better than to trust him, and also on the fact that he hasn't really changed, and then left so Charles could think and reflect on his life.

    Ellie sighs and asks what his obsession is with Charles, as the pilot is something he can never NOT think about. Henry, honestly, isn't sure, but he knows he likes being around Charles and getting under his skin. And, besides, Henry rules the Toppat Clan and is a theif. It's in his nature to want things and then get them, eventually.

    Ellie laughs, as Henry hasn't changed. He asks if it bothers her and Ellie admits that she'd rather be around so Henry doesn't bite off more than he can chew. The two laugh and Ellie leaves, Henry looking back at Earth from space and thinking about Charles.

    Speaking of Charles, he's outside of Cameron's school as his child talks with their friends and decides to screw with them a little bit by honking the horn and waving at them.

    Cameron is mortified, but gets the hint amd says goodbye to their friends before running over to Charles's car.

    The two hug, Cameron buckles up, and they drive hime, Charles asking how Cameron's day went.

    They had a relatively good day. They didn't do well on an English quiz, but it was a quiz, so they're not too worried, as those aren't worth a lot of points, but did get to mess around with bottle rockets in science, to show laws of physics.

    Charles is admittedly not too glad with the quiz results, but is glad they had a good day.

    Cameron's turn to ask, and they ask if Charles arrested anyone in the Toppat Clan. He asks how they know and we get something of an outsider's perspective as Cameorn reveals the Toppat Clan is a pretty hot topic at their school, even to the point where some kids are wondering how to join up because a few of the members are attractive(the other students' words, not Cameron's).

    Charles is appalled and hopes Cameron doesn't share those sentiments, because they're grounded if they do. Cameron indeed doesn't, as the only thing they want is for the clan to be taken down.

    Charles sighs and gives an almost melancholic, "Me, too," which Cameron notices because they know their dad, and changes gears to a more light hearted subject: he invited uncle Rupert, Calvin, and Konrad over for dinner and, when the three are gone, the two of them, Charles and Cameron, need to check out this recipe for deep fried chocolate chip cookies, because sugar and cavities. Best part: Grandpa is not allowed, though he does say 'hi.'

    Cameron agrees and they head home, though Charles watches Cameron whenever there's a stop light, like he sees them staring out the window or checking their phone really quick or messes around with the radio to find a good channel.

    HE DOES NOT DO THIS TO BE A CREEP. Charles is just seeing Cameron being calm, relaxed, and happy and that makes him calm, relaxed, and happy, which he needs after his encounter with Henry. It's also because he knows what he has to lose if he messes up with arresting Henry, or rather DOESN'T arrest Henry.

    Cameron eventually catches him and asks him why he's staring.

    Charles, when they stop home, pulls Cameron close, hugging them and just admitting that he loves them, always has, always will. Cameron hugs him back, reciprocating the sentiment as they don't know where'd they'd be if Charles hadn't found them.

    The two stay hugging for a little while before pulling away and getting out of the car, Charles asking if Cameron didn't bring up homework because they either didn't have any of it assigned or just don't want him to see. They did it all before book club. He asks about who they were talking to, as he doesn't recognize the student, then proceeds to tease Cameron about having a boy/girlfriend. Cameron is once again mortified and threatens to tell Galeforce.

    The two laugh and go inside to prepare for dinner and for when Ruper and the twins arrive.

    We close on Charles as he remembers his encounter with Henry and fights the urge to throw up, because he knows he doesn't want to join the clan. It slightly has to do with the fact that it feels wrong, but most of the answer lies in the fact that he knows what it's like to be without a parent and would never, EVER put Caneron through that.

    #henry stickmim collection #henry stickmin#charles calvin #toppat!henry #dad!charles #au crossover#long post#gun tw#slight oc #dad!charles being a dad #ellie rose#hubert galeforce #unwanted touching tw #slight stickvin #honestly it's more like Henry pining for Charles #still doesn't make it okay
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    05.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    " Wouldn't you like to know. "

    Goro moodboard for @crow-hearted-detective || sources: 🖤 🚫 🎱 / 🚫 🖤 🎱 / 🖤 🚫 🎱
    #📈 OOC. #{drums on my desk} #{this was fun to make hope u enjoyyyy C: } #crow-hearted-detective#guns tw
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    Common attire consists of only a few things, Gemma owns very little. This is due to her usually having to pick up and leave relatively quickly. But her common attire is usually a simple black t-shirt, no prints. Due to that usually giving her away if she is on the run because people can describe the t-shirt. But if someone says black t-shirt many people own those. On other days she will wear a black long-sleeved shirt, once again no graphics/prints for the same reason. When needed she has a black jacket, with the same motif, no graphics. For pants, it's just black jeans with nothing that could identify her, minus the small rips and tears that come with the job. Though once it has become far too big she will ditch it. Shoes, however, can and usually change. Sometimes she will wear black heeled shoes (though usually think heels and not high. Just enough to give her a few inches.) But on other days they are your average black combat boots. Then for her hair, Gemma usually keeps it up in a low ponytail. But if needed she will turn it into a bun so the person she has engaged will not have a chance to grab her hair.


    While in the DELTA force, Gemma was granted, much like the other operators, enormous flexibility and autonomy. Because of this they were able to rarely wear a uniform and would usually wear civilian clothing both on and off duty. However, if needed they would wear basic military camo. Usually showing no rank, names, badges, or allegiances. This usually was because if they were caught behind enemy lines they were on their own and the United States would not claim them. After leaving Gemma took the same teachings and did the same for her battle attire. Normally Gemma will wear her everyday attire, this usually will help her getaway. But in cases where she has to go in loud or she knows that it's going to get loud, she will usually wear; black camo cargo pants, black combat boots, no graphic black t-shirt, a black tactical vest, black fingerless gloves (though this might differ on missions where she will be touching the target) and lastly her hair will be in a tight bun. However, she will try to avoid wearing this attire at all costs. This is because if she is seen in public with this she can be identified or described easily, and if caught then she might be exposed to not only SHIELD but DELTA (which she went AWOL from.)

    #013. ᴄᴏɴꜰɪᴅᴇɴᴛɪᴀʟ ɪɴꜰᴏʀᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ║Headcanons║ #tw: weapons#tw: guns
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    H&K G11


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