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  • healingafterabuse
    23.01.2022 - 6 hours ago


    I saw a TikTok that had the 'God is a bit of a Freak' song as it's audio. It said that the audio wasn't trending, you just have religious trauma. At first I denied it but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I do have a bit of trauma surrounding the church. Then again, having someone personally tell you that just because you like women that means you're going to tortured for all eternity no matter how good of a person you are tends to do that. Also, being peer pressured to tell a cafeteria full of people that you're giving your soul to a God that you were just told won't accept you and having them all praise you for it doesn't help. I know that this isn't the worst religious trauma but it really fucked me up.

    On a related note, I'm getting soooo tired of uncovering trauma. This is exhausting.

    #tw: religious trauma #tw: homophobia
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  • loveland-col
    23.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    "please update me - your tumblr app" do i have permission to take this as homophobia. every time tumblr updates it gets worse

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  • just-antithings
    23.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I....have so many questions.

    #submission #death threat tw #just anti things #homophobia tw
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  • tic-tac-kit-kat
    23.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I just finished watching "Joe Bell" and it was a great movie, but it reminded me of an incident that happened to my friends and I almost 6 months ago.

    TW: violent homophobia, racism, harassment, assault

    This is the only photo I have from the night that changed everything, September 3rd, 2021.

    It was one of my really close friend's birthday and we decided to go to a roller rink that we all used to go to when we were little, just for old times sake. None of us had been there in several years, but we had so many great memories there that we thought it'd be fun.

    When we used to go as kids, this roller rink seemed like it had a lot of amazing people there that were really nice and accepting and no-shit type of people. That's not at all how it was that night, though.

    On the way to the rink, we all put on glow sticks and we had a few small pride flags that some of us had tied up in our hair. Pretty much as soon as we walked in the door, we were bombarded with people trying to rip the flags from our hair, and the glow sticks from our arms and necks.

    As the night went on, it progressively felt more and more dangerous for us to stay there alone. There was at least three kids proudly wearing Maga shirts and hats, along with at least 40 others repeatedly harassing us, assaulting us, and calling us slurs. The staff were no help either. Everytime we said something to one of them, they cussed us out and called us slurs.

    At one point my friend and I were standing on the side of the rink, watching another one of our friends play a game on the rink, and someone skated behind us, ripped the flag from my friends hair, along with a few strands of her hair, then knocked us both down and called us the f slur and told us "there's no room for your fucking skittles gang here"

    Later, the same friend was skating and I was sitting at a table with three other friends. The friend on the rink skated up to us to talk for a second and an employee came over, screaming at her, telling her to take off her glow sticks and glasses, because, according to her, they were dangerous and she could get hurt. Literally every other person there had glow sticks on. She was being targeted specifically and she just so happened to be one of only three people of color in the entire rink, all three of which happened to be my friends.

    At another point, two of my friends went to get their phones out of our locker to text our parents that we were unsafe (literally what is happening in the pic above) and someone skated over, trying to take their phones and calling them slurs.

    I cannot even explain the amount of terror we all felt that night, nor how many literal death threats we got. This wasn't even half of everything that happened and throughout the night, every single one of us made sure to always have a buddy with us, just incase something bad happened.

    If it weren't for the maybe 5 other LGBT people there that found us immediately and told us how unsafe they felt, we might not have made it out safe that night. It was because we had a somewhat large group (about 13 of us vs like 40 of them), that we made it out safe. But that's not always what happens.

    My friends and I were lucky that night. Even though we were terrified to be alone and wouldn't leave the building without one of our parents to make sure we got to our cars safely, we were still lucky. We were lucky that we made it out without being beaten or killed. We were lucky that the worst that happened to us was that we got pushed over, got some hair ripped out, and got a few bruises.

    Others aren't that lucky. There are far too many cases of LGBT people (and specifically LGBT poc) who are targeted and harassed, assaulted, beaten, and even killed. Just for existing.

    This is the reality. The reality that we face every. Single. Fucking. Day. It's not fair. It's not fair that people get killed for existing and it's not fair that my friends and I can't go for a birthday party at our favorite childhood hangout without fear that we might not leave alive. I've been lucky enough to live in a place where my friends and I are fairly accepted, and I've been able to somewhat forget that homophobia is still as prevalent as it is. But that night reminded me just how sick people can be. Never in my life have I been scared to walk to my car, where my mom was waiting for me, without an adult that I trusted with me, but that night I was. I waited until my best friend's dad came in and asked him to walk me to my car because I was so terrified of being alone.

    We as a society need to do better. We as a society need to learn and educate ourselves and each other. No kid should be shaking with fear that they or one of their friends wouldn't make it home from a birthday party at a roller rink. Yet here we are. This is our reality. And it's fucking disgusting.

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  • bpdstevenuniverse
    23.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    actually yeah my parents ARE very straight. now that i think of it, my brother hasn’t even come out to them. my brother has literally never EVER said out loud that he’s not straight. i’ve implied it a couple times thinking they knew it, but my brother is always very visibly uncomfortable when they frown at him and so he just passively changes the subject. ofc i’ve tried not to do it again bc i would never force anyone to come out.

    i think my dad has changed his opinion better bc he’s a professor so he’s been more open to the lgbt dictionary - he actually showed me an article on demisexuality once. my dad still unfortunately makes homophobic jokes but out of my family i think he’s a lot more open than everyone else, definitely more open than my mom who boasts she has gay friends but like she’s super fucking straight, she’s a straight conservative white woman. they’ve always forced my brother to be an athletic straight guy when rlly my brother is like one of these things. they don’t even know he’s just a guy. he might not even be cis, who knows. i’ve been id as a demigirl, but i would never talk about this to my parents, they were already iffy about my asexuality, i doubt they’d let me hear the end of it if i told them about my gender

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  • bpdstevenuniverse
    23.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    my parents are so straight it hurts. never have they accepted my sexuality. i came out to them as ace when i was 13 and they thought that it was just a phase. that i “hadn’t met the right person yet”.

    nowadays they’re kinda cool about me talking about gay crushes at least, but if i start to really talk about a gay crush of mine, they’ll question “okay but you’ve never kissed girls how do you know if you like it????” they might see that the girl is pretty or smth but they don’t think my sexuality is real either way

    they say they support lgbt rights but i’m 100% sure that if i came home with a gf or anyone not cishet they’d probably be uncomfortable; my mom would most definitely not like it. my other relatives then it’s best not even to think about.

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  • bpdstevenuniverse
    23.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    i actually realize how funny it is that in a lot of media especially lgbt media, bad but “good” parents are almost always “mom is sweet vs. dad is a conservative dickhead”, usually the mom starts out conservative and homophobic too but she’s more willing to change her mind and accept their child’s identity while the dad takes more time or he might not actually change his mind at all

    it’s funny bc irl my mom is actually the more conservative one out of my parents, in fact political-party speaking my dad is a full on communist even if he’s an authoritarian misogynistic, homophobic and fatphobic piece of shit. my mom genuinely believes meritocracy is right, no she actually thinks this is the logic behind covid-19, that ppl die of covid-19 because it was “meant to be”. i always question her “so racism exists for a reason? poverty exists for a reason?”. ofc my mom doesn’t care

    it’s so fucking ironic bc my parents are usually seen by others as “sweet mom vs authoritarian dad”, which on some way is true my dad is definitely more strict but he’s... a lot more caring than my mom is. i think a lot of my political views come from my dad. i’m serious, my mom genuinely didn’t care if we were wearing seatbelts while my dad was seen as the “paranoid” one for defending basic safety. tbh i think my mom could very well be a anti-vaxxer in hiding, bc sometimes she legitimately doesn’t want to take our dog to the vet bc “oh vets are always fake and want our money” like my dog doesn’t have any health problems at all

    my dad is more accepting of me being lgbt or any other “unconventional” identity than my mom is. and honestly that’s just really goddamn sad. i hate that my dad in a lot of ways is more caring and attentive than my mom, and this is the guy who didn’t even blink at his own daughter crying on her knees begging him to stop emotionally torturing her

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  • resignedseraph
    23.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    This isn’t prompted by anything in particular but Christians stop comparing queerphobia to religious discrimination (specifically for being Christian) challenge

    #“But *I* know that it’s obnoxious to wear a shirt studded with the Jesus fish and a verse reference (therefore it’s obnoxious for you to #show pride)” okay and?? Us queers didn’t commit genocide on the basis of cisheterophobia you fuck #“Christians were persecuted in-” We are in the u s of a!! Shut the fuck up! #Esrah talks#homophobia tw#transphobia tw#ex christian#lgbtq
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  • ricecrispbees
    22.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    real talk how do proshitters see “right wingers use ‘protecting kids’ as an excuse to push their bigotry and intentionally extort the fact that kids are incredibly vulnerable members of society to get people on their side, and this is NOT a good thing”

    and get ‘my csem art of middle schoolers should be legal and if u say otherwise ur a big meanie homie phobe 🥺🥺🥺👉👈’ out of it

    #eden.txt #disk horse#proship tw #like genuinely it says a lot abt you as a person if u see homophobia and transphobia being marketed as the norm #and your IMMEDIATE response is ‘OH NO MY PORNZ’
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  • thehyrulehistor1an
    22.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Let’s look at that profile picture

    Something suspicious. Let’s look at their most recent uploaded selfie

    There we go….that makes more sense

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  • shydreamyechoes
    22.01.2022 - 17 hours ago
    #tw internalized homophobia #tw body image issues #my ocs#storyteller saturday#writerblr#oc asks#my wips #I used the emojis for fun #but if you send in those emojis for asks I'll know what characters you mean #Quince#Lemons 🍋#Bradi#Presley#Laurent#Ronell#Terrance#Dipili#Krishna#romance asks#long post
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  • lotusthewriter
    22.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    What Have I Done to Deserve This?

    Fandom: Love, Victor
    Rating: G
    Relationships: Romantic Victor/Felix, Victor & Simon
    Characters: Victor Salazar, Felix Weston, Simon Spier
    Summary: Victor is usually the one who talks first on the walkie-talkie, so he's surprised that the opposite happens at 2:00 AM.
    Word count: 2.413

    A/N: And here I go violently shipping a pairing that will never EVER be canon. I know the endgame pairings btw. But I’ve been an avid Velix shipper since episode one. I’m honestly surprised Victor and Felix didn’t have SOMETHING, even a hint Felix might be LGBT himself. That kid is definitely not straight.

    Anyway, this is... mostly canon as of Victor coming out to Felix. This is pretty loose though, so just take this as harmless fanfiction. Maybe it was a way of projecting myself onto Felix. This poor baby

    Title is a nod to Pet Shop Boys. Kudos to Love, Victor playing a PSB song in the gay club. PSB is absolutely gay culture.

    TRIGGER WARNINGS - bullying and implied homophobia

    Hate comments will be deleted. No I especially do not want anyone saying “but they’re better as friends-”, shut up. Let me have this.


    He’s usually the one activating the walkie-talkie, and always gets a response no matter the time.

    After a… particularly good day today, Victor wasn’t quite expecting Felix’s voice coming from the old-fashioned device at 2:00 AM.

    “… Victor? Are you there?” Felix adds, “Over.”

    Yawning, he takes the walkie-talkie. “Yeah?”

    “S- Sorry for waking you up.”

    “It’s alright, man. What’s up?”

    Felix is not quite a silent character, so hearing it personally concerns him. If he’s quiet, then there’s definitely something off.

    “Could you, um… meet me up at that weird old tree we go to?” Felix requests. “I-I mean, you don’t have to—”

    “No, no, don’t worry. I’m coming.” Victor is already coming out of his bed for this reason, as he puts Simon’s jacket over his pajamas, and tiptoes to the window. You never knew if Pilar was on the night watch-out, so he’d have to be extra careful.

    In less than five minutes Victor is in front of the famous tree, a dried out, old specimen filled with probably century-old carvings. Some are initials of couples that Victor will probably never hear from. The fruits of the tree are something unknown even to Felix who’s apparently lived here his whole life. Who knows if that fruit is even edible?

    Felix rushes himself to the tree, his hair looking wilder than ever, like he’s been grabbing it every other five minutes. Unbeknownst to him, the streetlight reflecting on his face gives away silent tear stains, at which Victor is shocked.

    “Hey,” he says instinctively, meeting up with Felix on the way. “What happened? You okay?”

    Felix isn’t looking at him; he shakes his head while staring at their socked feet.


    Unsure what it was meant to answer, Victor guides him to the lonely bench by the old tree, like it’s its own historical attraction in this neighborhood. He’s seen a few Creekwood couples taking pictures here, but overall, it seems untouched.

    “Well, something is definitely bothering you,” Victor states the obvious. “You… wanna talk about it?”

    Felix has his arms crossed, still refusing to look at Victor in the eye. His lips are hidden, pressing teeth over one another.

    “… there’s… a lot you don’t know about me. Even if it doesn’t look like it,” Felix admits in a low voice. “I don’t think I have the gut to tell you yet. Or ever. D-Don’t take it personally.”

    “I won’t.”

    Felix sighs, biting his lip.

    “I’m always sad, really… I’ve had my fair share of sleepless crying nights over the years. At this point I don’t think anyone bothers to check on me, because it’s never going away. I think I can at least… swallow that up and move on.”

    Victor nods, seeing there’s more.

    “I’m trying to be- y’know, proud of myself, despite everything else telling me the opposite. At least I like to think I’m not pretending to say witty things just to be weird. But maybe I’m too stupid to admit the truth.” Felix’s voice breaks in the last words, somehow reduced to a whisper that could easily be blown away by the cold chill.

    “I wish I was someone you’d be proud of. Not just as in the best friend way – ‘cause everyone knows I’m your best friend and I’m definitely proud of being your friend –, I mean in… the ordinary boyfriend way. In the way someone is willing to hold my hand or give me a little peck on the cheek or a good luck kiss before a game. In the way someone wants to call me on a date and not cover me with a dark cap and a baggy disguise like I’m in a Marvel movie. I wish I could actually be Clark Kent, and not Superman for a change. Or Peter Parker in this case.”

    Although Felix’s references might be too… specific or weirdly used, this time it makes the more sense Victor has heard. Especially as he’s wearing Simon’s jacket, still smelling much like the food and basketball of New York.

    “I’ll never be an ordinary boyfriend. It’s like I’m wearing a colorful diaper over my pants the entire time. I guess the Lone Stone truly is… lonesome.” Felix sniffs. “And that’s the superhero destiny the world has forced upon me.”

    He’s not crying right now but he sounds like he’s about to break down. Victor puts an arm around his shoulders, just to remind Felix he’s not alone right now.

    “Felix,” Victor speaks, “you’d be the perfect ordinary boyfriend.”

    The other boy simply shakes his head.

    “I’m not lying to you,” Victor reassures, “I, I know I’m not good with the truth, but… I think you’re the only person I’ve never lied to. Not even my mom or my sister or- or my girlfriend knows I’m…” he gulps. “What I’m saying is, you’re not someone to be embarrassed of. You weren’t born to be lonely. The world might think that way, but believe me, it’s not true.”

    Felix’s eyes finally meet his eyes, though for the first time they’re completely doubtful. Felix is usually the one who reassures Victor he’s not alone in this entirely elitist world, so the role swap is certainly interesting – but not bad.

    “I know I can only speak as your friend who’s not been around for too long, but I… I wouldn’t be ashamed if you were my boyfriend. I think I’d be pretty lucky.” Victor grins. “You inspire me to be a better person.”

    Felix smirks and then laughs. “You’re exaggerating.”

    “No, I’m not!” Victor exclaims but not angrily, as he’s smiling too. “You get out of your bed every single day even when you have every reason not to come out. You come by earlier than 7:00 AM to take me to school, never once breaking that promise you don’t have to keep up. You’ve been my friend the moment I stepped here, you always answer the walkie-talkie whenever I need someone to talk to, you’ve never once left me even when I was being unreasonable – and for that I’m sorry because you don’t deserve to be treated like trash. You deserve every credit for still standing. You deserve someone who loves you the same way you love them. You deserve to be fought for.”

    This entire time, Felix is smiling, crying tears of relief. Victor squeezes him in the half-hug, certainly he’ll wrap both arms around Felix, but for now they need to share the eye contact.

    “You deserve to just be Clark Kent or Peter Parker or… every ordinary guy out there. There’s nothing bad about wanting to be ordinary,” Victor tells him. “And it’s okay if today you’re not smiling. You’re as valid when you’re unhappy. You’re valid all the time.”

    Felix snorts, failing to clean his nose with his sleeve. “I-I’m glad my p-pep talks have gotten into you.”

    “See? I learn from the best.”

    Finally, Felix crashes in his arms, and Victor takes a hold of him without a problem. Felix doesn’t cry loudly; he doesn’t sob like his life depends on it. In spite of his flamboyant personality, his suffering is quiet, unseen, ignored. It shouldn’t count less for not being “apparent”.

    Victor definitely knows what he’s talking about.

    Felix stops trembling at least, the cold wind isn’t coming off too strong. The bench is admittedly freezing, but they’re able to get through it together.

    Some of the remaining fruits fall off though, as least you can tell with Felix’s pained interjection. Victor can’t help snickering.

    “Alas, poor Lone Stone,” he quotes. “I can’t even be vulnerable without a tree telling me to shut up.”

    “I’ll protect you.”

    “That’s cute.”

    Victor indeed does take his jacket off and puts it over Felix’s head.

    “… Oookay, I didn’t think you’d be serious.”

    “It matters, Felix. You matter to me.”

    They smile in quietude. The streetlights seem to make Felix brighter than he already is.

    “It’s… warm,” Felix mumbles, cozying in the denim jacket. Victor automatically reaches out a finger to a sticking tear drop on the other’s cheek that won’t leave his face alone.

    Felix doesn’t flinch away, though he instantly looks his way with surprise. Victor takes it away almost immediately.

    “S-Sorry, sorry.”

    “Uhm… t-that was nice, actually,” Felix laughs nervously. “Uh, that sounds like I never have maternal affection at all. I mean… Okay, I’ll stop talking.”

    Although he has second thoughts, Victor does touch Felix’s cheek again, cleaning the not dried tear stains. Felix might melt at the gestures.

    “I’m acting like a child, aren’t I,” Felix fears. Victor shakes his head.

    “I p-probably should…” he finally stops. “I don’t want to- c-complicate everything more than I have. You especially don’t deserve it.”

    Felix shrugs, “I know you’ll figure things out and be honest with yourself. You have my whole support. Nothing’s gonna change our friendship.”

    Licking his own dry lip, Victor scoots closer, their smoky breaths overlapping. Saying like this probably sounds grosser than it should, but Victor at this point doesn’t care anymore. Their hands even touch like in a romantic movie.

    “If… If it does change…” he wonders, “would that be a good change?”

    They’re close enough to touch each other’s lips. Felix smells like… books, those old books no one bothers reading despite having the most unique and outstanding covers. Only a few will take it out of the stand, and fewer might bring it home with them.

    “I… hope so,” Felix whispers, his brown eyes drawn to Victor’s dry lips.

    The chemistry between them has always been there. Staring at them, asking them each time, “Well, are you gonna do it? When are you gonna do it?”

    And well, they do it.

    Quite too fast for his likening, but Felix is the one that advances.

    “So maybe I’ve wanted to kiss your pretty face for a while now,” Felix laughs.

    Victor blinks and falls in laughter too.

    “Yeah, I mean, you’re blushing.”

    Felix’s eyes widen comically, “I am?”

    Victor snorts, “Oh, you totally are.”

    “Oh jeez. I’m too white.”

    “Like Snow White.”

    Felix grins, “Maybe I’ve finally found the prince to awaken me from eternal sleep.”

    Victor can tell he’s blushing too.

    “Just, um… be honest to Mia. To yourself. You’re honest to me, but I want you to be true to yourself. Okay?” Felix advises.


    Felix sighs deeply, clapping and rubbing his hands together. “Guess we should go back to bed. It’s getting nasty cold out here.” They stand up. “Believe me, you don’t want to see me sick.”

    “I wouldn’t mind.”

    “You say that, but you’ll change your mind when you realize I’m the touchiest thing to exist. I wouldn’t leave you out of my bed the entire day.”

    “Really, I wouldn’t mind that.”

    “Even if you got sick, too?”

    “Even then. It’d be worth it.”

    Felix’s blush reddens even more somehow; Victor guesses the streetlight only makes him look paler and redder.

    Before they part their ways in the same building, they squeeze each other’s hands for a quick second. And before going to bed, Victor texts Mia they need to talk – in person, obviously. He hopes he can finally solve this without hurting anyone else anymore.

    The day after his difficult talk with Mia – which goes… quite too well, or so he hopes –, is (thankfully) not a school day, so when Victor wakes up at 7:00 AM, his parents and his siblings are still soundly asleep. Hence why only Victor comes to the doorstep to meet Felix, and the two walk out in the upcoming winter. They hold hands the entire time, looking out for one another in this cloudy sunrise, this chilly and scary but beautiful fog.

    They’re not too certain what’s ahead of them, but at least they’ve got each other. As corny as it might sound.


    Dear Simon,

    Today I learned that sometimes life does turn out like in a lot of romantic movies: the love you’ve been seeking might be right next door. Felix is not really seen as the dreamy guy everyone fantasizes about, like Benji or Andrew, but he’s definitely too good to be true.

    I guess the tension between us has always been there, but I didn’t want to admit it. And I think he was also a little scared considering all the bullying he went through for so long. But this morning we went on a walk together, holding hands. It felt really good. Is it really this good when you hold Bram’s hand?

    Talking to Mia wasn’t easy, of course, but I actually talked to her instead of building false hopes up. I don’t expect her to forgive me. I know didn’t do right by her. So, I hope I’m good for Felix, because he also deserves someone who loves him for who he is. He deserves to be himself and not be a joke.

    Thank you for everything, Simon.

    Love, Victor.


    Dear Victor,

    Did you know that’s exactly how I knew Bram was my other half? At school he’d ask me for fries and Oreos, and it flew completely over my head that he was Blue the whole time. I did suspect it at first though, but like you said, Bram was… too good to be true.

    Is it weird to admit that I already suspected about you and Felix? The way you write about him is particularly telling. But don’t feel stupid. At the moment things are never obvious until they finally come back to you, even years later.

    Yes, holding hands is a pretty darn good feeling. Every time I hold Bram’s hand it always feels like the first time. I should probably get over it, but actually, we should be proud we can even hold hands. We have the right to be cheesy and romantic. That shouldn’t be inappropriate at all.

    I’m sorry about Mia, I’m sure you really do like her. I’m glad you told her the truth, though. She deserves better and so do you. I hope she’s okay. Maybe you two will be friends again, but maybe not. Everything is possible, so try to be ready for anything.

    I’m very happy you and Felix found each other. If things go the way we want them to, we could meet up at New York and have a double date. I’m pretty excited to meet Felix, if you’d want. He’d get along well with our roommates.

    Wish you and Felix the best life you can have.

    Love, Simon.

    #love victor#victor salazar#felix weston#velix#love simon#fanfiction #homophobia mention tw #bullying tw#long post #idk why i keep doing this to myself #WHY do i always fall for the impossible but possible ships ;A;
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  • sapphic-loser16
    22.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    The Westboro Baptist Church website is simultaneously the most hilarious and the most depressing thing ever

    #i cant stop laughing #although I can’t tell if it’s because these people are just so stupid #or if it makes me sad and im trying to cope #who knows#lgbtq#lgbt rights#tw homophobia #westboro baptist church
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  • inkthesans
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    my mom legit said “wtf? there’s no difference between gay and transgender”

    when i tried to explain that trans is trans and gay is gay she screamed “OK OK I DON’T CARE”


    and earlier she said she really wouldn’t give a fuck if i were gay

    i am “omnisexual” and “non-binary”

    oh my god mom

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  • the-sappho-of-lesbos
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I just got an add on Instagram for Mardi Gras and I’m like ehhhhhh it’s that time of year again huh

    I’m happy for the people that find community and visibility during these time. But it always makes me feel so horrible oh my gosh. It just makes me feel broken and isolated and and different. It’s like having everything I don’t fit into right up in my face. I just so often feel like a misfit lesbian that has no place in the greater lgbt scene , especially with people in my generation. It leads to a lot of spirals and fun ocd episodes. Which I’m not looking forward to. I try to keep as much distance I can, but it seems to pop up everywhere. And I keep thinking maybe I should go again (if covid allows it) maybe I’ll find some people like me. But also I hate crowds. It’s just a messy time for me.

    #what a weird and broken lesbian I am #lol#tw homophobia #tw interlised homophobia #tw Mardi Gras #personal
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  • rookvonhunt
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wow ok so someone rlly just said they'd come off as homophobic and transphobically as possible in the main tag huh.

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  • lightupthematches
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I don't usually say things even remotely political, but in light of Colleyville, I have to say this:

    Christians in America are not oppressed, and not shunned for their beliefs. I'm tired of hearing that, especially from protestants and evangelicals. You don't ever have to go to worship services worrying about your safety or the safety of others in your place of worship. You don't have to worry about being harassed in the streets and told you'll go to hell.

    I say this as a Jew and as a lesbian.

    I love my faith, the peace in my synagogue's sanctuary, and the peace and relief of shabbat. But on this shabbat, I have to say something.

    If Christians in America honestly believe in 'love thy neighbour' then they need to remember that includes people who don't share their beliefs and don't want them imposed on them. That goes double for the LGBTQIA+ community. Furthermore, I should remind them, too, that their saviour was also Jewish. We don't want conflict. We want to be allowed to have our beliefs, our services, our holidays just like you do.

    Anti-semitism is absolutely disgusting, and knowing there are Christians in this country who think they are being hunted, killed, or whatever for their beliefs is not only insulting and hurtful, but dangerous. Simply put: you cannot be oppressed if you're the majority, and you are.

    No one's life is more important than anyone else's.

    Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community is not a crime, nor is it hurting or oppressing anyone.

    Being part of the Jewish community is not a crime, nor is it hurting or oppressing anyone.

    And that needs to be not only recognised, but fucking supported. Our rights are human rights.

    #tw: antisemitism#tw: homophobia#tw: transphobia#tw: violence#jewish life#respect jews #respect lgbtqia peoples #lgbtqia+ and all minority rights are human rights #jewish rights are human rights #human rights
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  • redcrvette
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    one thing about me is that i carry everything with me forever and i never let it go. as a child i wasn’t allowed to play with “boy” toys and i was greatly discouraged from watching “boy” stuff and now, probably out of pure subconscious spite, i love so many things that were intended to have a male audience. being into spider-man is sort of healing my inner child right now, i’ll be honest. little me only got to watch that because of my brother and now big me gets to watch whatever hell i want, and i don’t have to be afraid that it’ll turn me gay bc i already am ❤️

    #misc. #my mom used to be so weird abt that stuff when i was little #she’s a bit different now when it comes that stuff but when i was kid she was insane #homophobia tw
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