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  • killemwithkawaii
    25.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Goretober 2021 Day 25: Bites

    I asked K.E.W.K. this morning if they would join me for a romantic dinner, and they enthusiastically agreed. Now that the knock-off has been put away, Mitchie and I could finally have some quality time to ourselves, and I was determined to restart us off on the right foot. I got to work in the kitchen right away, keeping Mitch chained up in the bedroom so that the surprise wouldn't be spoiled. I'm sure they could hear me hammering and chopping away, and were looking forward to the meal I was working so hard on, just for them. I brought a full, covered tray into the bedroom a little after nightfall. They were curled up on the bed, waiting patiently. K.E.W.K.: Why can't I hear Sal anymore? He was screaming all morning, but I haven't heard anything from him for hours.... Where did you take him? Please, please let me see him!! D.S.: Oh, your Chatty Cathy was helping me with dinner and it tuckered itself out, that's all. It's still in the living room. K.E.W.K.: Is he alive? If you killed him, I swear to fucking god, I'll- D.S.: Tsk, tsk, Mitchie. Still so sentimental over that thing... but yes, it's still very much alive. I promise! :) 💙 K.E.W.K.: .... Okay.... [sighs] ...What are we having for dinner, then? D.S.: [chuckling] Oh, do I have I got a treat for you, Mitchie~ I made you a three-course meal, each one better than the first! The knock-off could never do ANYTHING this fancy for you- the extra few thousand years of practice under my belt can guarantee it! Aren't you excited? :) 💙 K.E.W.K.: ....


    D.S.: Alright! Let's dig in, then...~

    I revealed the mouth-watering dishes to them order, impeccably plated and begging for them to sink their teeth into: Deep-fried, deboned and denailed pinkie toes with a dijon mustard dipping sauce for the appetizer. Slow-simmered tongue with a mushroom and onion cream sauce for the main dish. And last but not least, a candied eyeball with a strawberry reduction for dessert. (The blue iris really complimented the red-pink color of the sauce.) They were speechless, then suddenly started insisting that they were still full from the pancakes the other day and asked to play with their toy again. I knew they were just intimidated. A home-cooked, fine-dining experience served in bed isn't something they get every day, after all! I expected them to be a little nervous to try something so new. D.S.: Oh Mitchie, it's not really that fancy! It's just some stuff we had lying around that I whipped together, no big deal. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll love it! ...Please...? K.E.W.K.: No!! There's no fucking way I'm eating that! How could you... oh god, I'm gonna be sick...! D.S.: Ouch... but, I was working on this all day! You're gonna hurt my feelings if you don't at least taste them... :( I'll tell you what, if you give them all an honest try and still don't end up liking it, I'd be more than happy to make you something else! K.E.W.K.: No! Listen to me: I want to see Sal. MY Sal. Please, I'm fucking begging you, just let me see that he’s still alive...!! D.S.: [laughing] Oh, you want to pick out our next meal yourself? I think I know exactly what you're going to choose... but, I wanna save those real prime cuts for closer to the 31st, so you’ll just have to be patient~ For now, I can always saw off a shank and get a stew started for us. How does that sound? It’s no problem, you know I can never say no to you... 💙💙💙 In true K.E.W.K. fashion, they didn't want to cause me any more trouble when I'd already gone through so much already, so they ended up wolfing down every last bite of the dinner I made them! They kept denying it, but I could tell that they absolutely loved it- No matter how long I hugged them, I couldn't get them to stop crying and saying my name after they'd finished off their dessert. [Whispering] See? I told you guys I was an amazing cook...~ ;) 💙

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  • thechatteringshrike
    25.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Was feeling anxious and needed to introspect. Lit a candle to watch the flame and a moth flew too close. It fell onto the table, ran in a single panicked circle, and then died.

    Not feeling too good :(.

    #chattering #tw animal injury #tw animal death #delete later
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  • gamingshots
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Last of Us Part II (Neil Druckmann, Anthony Newman & Kurt Margenau. Naughty Dog. 2020.)

    “We gotta get out of here before the whole town’s on top of us. You’re done.” “You want what I want, right?” “End it. Now.”
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  • avephelis
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    so... that halloween stream sure was... something. arginnit? argbur?? i am losing my mind.

    figured i'd ramble about what i noticed, because god knows this won't be leaving my brain for a good while.


    (i feel i should mention, the reason it seems likely to be an ARG or Halloween event, as opposed to just some bit, is that it carried on for far too long and far too consistently than a bit would. in combination with it being the spooky season, and Wilbur talking about starting a new ARG in October/November, everything lines up just. a little too well.)

    "Tommy quotes are in quotations" "Wilbur quotes are bold" "Everyone else is italic"
    chellepop's transcript of the Wilbur call from twitter (godsend)
    This is in reference to Tubbo's "HALLOWEEN STREAM w/ Tommy Ranboo Aimsey Badlinu & Billzo" [YOUTUBE and TWITCH vod links]

    Theories below cut!

    Tommy is acting... off, even during the apple bobbing. On his second attempt for a minute it seems like he's trying to drown himself, and even for Tommy the level of his struggle seemed a little ridiculous

    Theres a couple of comments about the cold (a la argbur), but i dunno how much that counts considering it's autumn over there and water generally does that to you. though, it is notable considering Tommy continues to keep piling on more warm layers, even when inside...

    Tommy says he's had a "premonition", and Ranboo asks if they're going to die. It was definitely in reference to the apple bobbing vote, and probably a bit, but still notable

    This interaction; "How was it drowning?" "Well it was uh- You know, I'll- I'll- I'll- I'll- ahh- I'll um be honest-" "I think you should've stayed for longer" "I saw-" [interjection] "I- I saw- I kinda saw my life flash before my eyes, I thought about all my memories, and then I thought, 'I haven't done enough, this sucks!' uhh- and then i got transcended back to the real world" - (again, probably a bit, but notable)

    Throughout the stream, it's questioned as to why Tommy is even there. It's difficult to tell whether that's just teasing, or another indicator.

    And then. ah yes. Wilbah phone call. Very spooky very cool (Tommy's acting is so enjoyable to watch). Just a couple notes because no way in hell am I breaking all of that down.

    Wilbur sounds.... definitely off. Almost like an announcer/stereotypical horror movie antagonist (considering his history of using different voices and tones for different characters, this seems another indicator of an ARG)

    Even considering the fact that Tommy is acting off, his single-minded focus on getting Wilbur to the camera/microphone is strange, but he seems almost skittish about the others being involved in the conversation

    There are several references from Tommy about being forced to "do weird shit", "saying things [he doesn't] wanna say". Does this imply coercion? Possession?

    Tommy and Wilbur's focus on "beating the hell out of Williams" was maybe a little bit suspicious... (y'know, with Will/Wilbur being derivative of William and all, especially given Billzo's frequent denial of of the name)

    What the fuck is this Lamborghini shit

    Obviously theres the part where Wilbur seems to be instructing Tommy to fight/harm/possibly kill one of his friends, sizing them up, trying to determine what weapons Tommy has experience with.

    "The knives are out right now" "A knife's not gonna tear into it" "a knife's not gonna penetrate anyone" Probably talking about a human body, possibly talking about something... else (if this is going to involve spooky stuff like possession n shit, it could involve the paranormal)

    "Can they get out, by the way, can they-" "No, no, they can't." "Okay, good, good" is... yeah. It's also interesting when considering that Tommy later seems to panic at the suggestion of being let back in/having doors unlocked when he's outside

    Tommy seems very willing to put himself in harm's way, especially at Wilbur's suggestion (the drowning, threats of fighting, collapsing as soon as Wilbur says "Collapse down there.", etc.)

    "The collapse went-" "It looks like it's on your friend, Will" "I can't anyway, I'm pinned down from the fall" ....???

    Why did Wilbur want Tommy to unplug things/switch them off so badly? What happened during the blackout?

    Why aren't you having a good Halloween Wimbly Scoot? What's going on? Huh?

    And then there's the whole part where Tommy goes outside.

    The first time, when he's outside the window, apart from being... generally weird, the whole breathing bit seems very off. Not sure whether there's something to decode there or just Tommy Shenanigans

    When Tommy goes out a second time, there's a whole struggle with doors being locked and keys and whatnot

    When Tubbo suggests to let Tommy in, he starts panicking immediately, yelling out protests, aggressively finger-pointing and banging on the window, running his hands through his hair, etc. Is it because he wants to keep them in, or keep something else out?

    Tommy then disappears for about 6 minutes, in which Aimsey can't find him, before returning, covered in mud and leaves, and acting dissociated, disturbed, and near-catatonic.

    I've seen loads of people saying the mud is possibly from digging a grave (which does seem like a likely scenario), but it is curious that Tommy has leaves in his hair, and looks otherwise dishevelled. Could this be a sign of a struggle? A scuffle? Can't be sure.

    And a last couple of notes

    I've seen several people talking about a point at which Tommy's blinks create the Morse Code for "stop", but I'm not sure which point it is, and am not familiar enough with morse to check it, unfortunately

    The theory of Tommy/arginnit being controlled or possessed by Wilbur/argbur seems likely. Obviously, Tommy is acting off, Wilbur is commanding him, etc, but also in the sense that Tommy seems to be attempting to fight back, somehow? Between letting everyone hear the call, the "stop" blinking, and his panic at being let inside, at least. Perhaps the leaves and dirt, attempted drowning, and so on, weren't just instructions from Wilbur, but perhaps some rather violent/extreme attempts to stop himself/whoever it is from hurting everyone else...

    If Tommy's resisting Wilbur somehow, it could also explain why Wilbur's Halloween don't seem to be going so great.

    obviously this is all speculation, i don't claim to own anything lol, and it's too early to know anything for sure. but goddamn.

    all tommyinnit and wilbur soot know is make personas, traumatise teenagers, eat hot chip and lie 😔

    #this stuff is soo cool #arginnit#argbur #this probly needs cw's #tw drowning #tw referenced self harm #tw self harm #tw possession #tw possible death #tw death#tw murder#tw injury#tw violence #possibly but better to be safe than sorry #is there a tw for like. being trapped #tw trapped #? #tommyinnit#wilbur soot#tubbo#aimsey#billzo#badlinu#ranboo#cricket crew #we are calling them that #theory#ramblings#mcyt #woo thats a lotta tags
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  • deiaiko
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    Blood trickles steadily onto the ground. Khun grimaces, trying to sit up. He flinches when arms wrap around him, but Bam only helps him into a sitting position, before drawing back. His shirt and pants were dark from the start, but his skin is still completely black as well, the ends of his hair and nails lit with a molten glow. The jacket that was tied around his waist from the start is still there, surprisingly. He watches Khun clutch his torn arm tightly, trying to put pressure on the bleeding despite the intensifying pain.
    Bam’s hands hover over him nervously, close but not touching. Whatever monster was in him just moments ago seems to be gone now.
    Khun swears he can feel the vines growing from the stump. Glowing eyes trail across the vines around his body, following until they reach the missing point of his arm. They flicker somewhere to the side, before he sits back, looking stricken.
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  • stormkrigeren
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Whumptober Day 24!

    Link to the Ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34210837/chapters/86424658

    Title: Broken Bones - Lois

    Prompt: No. 24 ‘One Down, Two To Go’ - self-induced injuries to escape, flashbacks, revenge

    Trigger Warnings: broken bones

    Word Count: 862

    Author’s Note: I’m sorry, it’s honestly not my best work, hopefully tomorrow will be better - enjoy!

    Lois would admit that it was her fault she had, from what she could tell, broken her arm in three different places. Or at least it was mostly her fault - if her most recent interviewee hadn’t pulled a gun on her and forced her to get into the waiting car, she wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

    Hostage situations were relatively common in Lois’ line of work - investigative reporters tended to get into all sorts of trouble with their findings, but were also considerably valuable. This wasn’t the first time Lois had been shoved into a car with no explanation of where she was being taken or why, but she had a bad feeling about the whole situation. Best to get out of it quickly, and the quickest way out was through the passenger door when the car had slowed to a stop at a red light.

    The dumbass should've hired a driver who could actually remember to turn the child lock on.

    Lois was already in a full sprint before her would-be interviewee even had the chance to shout in surprise, and she had managed to cross the road just as the light turned green and the car pulled away with the man still yelling from the backseat to chase after ‘that damned reporter’. She wasn’t taking any chances, so quickly slipped into a narrow alley between two buildings where the car certainly couldn’t follow, keeping pace down the block and out onto another side street when a sharp turn and a bit of wet grass sneaking it’s way over the sidewalk sent her tumbling. She swore she felt her left arm twist and possibly even snap as she landed on her side, but Lois wasted no time wondering what the hell she had broken as she was back on her feet and searching the area for a place to hide and phone the police before her captor could catch up.

    Ten seconds later, she was hiding behind a dumpster and doing her utmost best to quiet her hard breathing and racing heart. It took Lois a solid minute to calm down enough to notice two things: (a) she had left her goddamned purse in that idiot’s getaway car, and (b) her left arm was hanging at a bit of a weird angle against her side. The amount of adrenaline pumping through her veins would dull the pain for a little bit, but there was no doubt in her mind that it was going to start hurting soon - she knew from experience that broken bones tended to hurt, and they hurt even more when you had two… no, three of them.

    Well, shit. What a wonderful way to end an interview with yet another corrupt CEO on their blatant embezzlement and money laundering.

    Her blouse certainly couldn’t be saved after a tumble like that but maybe her arm could, and it would certainly hurt a lot less once she could get all the bones set back where they belonged.

    Okay, she told herself. Okay. Her work-bag had been left in the car, and her phone along with it, so she couldn’t call the police or Perry to come pick her up and take her to get her arm checked, but that wasn’t to say Lois couldn’t do so herself.

    Breathing slowly to calm her nerves, she gingerly squeezed her wrist and winced at the bolt of pain that shot up her arm at the pressure but was able to note with some satisfaction that the bones weren’t too badly broken, perhaps only sprained. Better to wait for a doctor to take a look at it rather than try to set a semi-broken wrist herself.

    One glance at her forearm and she knew that it was much worse off - the skin was already beginning to bruise, not to mention that it both looked and felt like the bones inside had been snapped neatly in half like glow sticks. Careful not to apply too much pressure, Lois felt along her arm until she came across the very clear compound break near her elbow and swore under her breath - this wasn’t going to be comfortable.

    Ignoring her screaming muscles and the unsettling sensation of the two broken bone-ends grinding against each other inside her arm, Lois positioned her hand to put pressure on one side of the break while holding the other half of the bone in place. She would have vastly preferred for an actual doctor to set the broken bones, but she also had about zero ounces of patience in her system at the moment and just wanted to get this over with. Gritting her teeth, Lois pushed.

    It took everything in her not to yelp when the break rubbed against itself and back into place with a sickening pop, but luckily it did not require a second attempt to set it - she would just have to be careful not to jostle it too much on her way to the hospital. Unfortunately, Lois was still left with two more broken bones also vying for her agonized attention.

    “One down, Lo,” she muttered to herself, “One down, two to go.”

    #whumptober2021 #no.24 #broken bones #self-induced injuries to escape #DCEU#Lois Lane#fic #broken bones tw #Red Capes
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  • dehydratedpanda
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Either action/drama movies are lying about peeling off nails as a torture technique or I have a really high pain tolerance

    (This post is brought to you by the society of dumbasses who get avoidable huge splinters under their fingernails when carving wood)

    #maybe it's something about the nail beds being exposed to the air? #idk#gore tw#injury tw
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  • snowe-zolynn-rogers
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Pairings: None

    Word Count: 1,837 Words

    Summary: Basically the title. Just a collection of stories where Ranpo has an ability during the events of Dead Apple.

    Chapter Summary: Ranpo's ability comes after him during the fog, leaving him without his defenses.

    Warnings: Death Mention, Fighting Mention, Injury Mention, Burn Mention, Shooting Mention, Gun Mention, Blood Mention, Near Death Mention, let me know if I should tag anything else.

    Notes: The Golden Mask ability allows a user to create a gold aura around themselves, the gold of which can be turned into solid or liquid gold weapons (like armor, bow and arrow, bullets, whips, shields, ect). The gold can of the aura can only be controlled six feet around the user and new gold will be generated during each activation of the ability.

    Dead Apple But Ranpo Has An Ability: Chapter 2: The Golden Mask

    "What are you doing, Ranpo. You're acting weird."

    "That's my little secret." He knew he shouldn't ignore poor Kenji, but he couldn't deal with this. He didn't want to have to explain to his friends why the smartest detective in the agency might be dead come morning. He certainly didn't want to tell them in a case meeting.

    He was afraid, even whilst Yosano was droning on about powers, Kunikida continuing the lecture, Fukuzawa talking. He couldn't bring himself to care, truly. He was sent home, he didn't want to go home. He didn't want to be alone, because he knew it was only a matter of time before he was attacked by his own ability but he didn't get to tell anyone.

    Before long, he heard it, after the fog rolled in in its poisonous waves. He had to face The Golden Mask soon. The sound of tiny bits of metal knocked his front door open and he knew it was over, he couldn't run now, it was here.

    He felt hot, thick metal over his wrist, burning and he threw his arm, throwing it back at the Ranpo Edogawa that stood in his doorway with no emotion. He had to stay away, that's all he had to do. But the fiery pain in his left wrist now made that hard to do.

    He evaded well enough, though his ability destroyed the majority of his house with the golden aura around his double being used like a molten whip and bullets as The Golden Mask chased him both upstairs and down.

    It looked like a warzone and he was scared of his own ability, the thing that was supposed to protect him, the thing built to protect him like nobody and nothing else could. Even if he kept it a secret, it had protected him his whole life.

    It had actually saved his life on a number of occasions, one being when his parents got in their car accident where they died, his ability had protected him until the firemen came.

    Even when he was burned out mentally and ready to give up, he always had The Golden Mask to fall back to in belief that it would save him, especially on dangerous cases where he got shot at and everyone was worried about his lack of a real ability, he could protect himself in secret and shuck off their worries about him.

    Atsushi was still impressed by the time he'd stopped him from getting shot a month ago by blocking the shot with his hand and, afterward, he'd had to make a reinforced gold glove on that hand so Atsushi would believe him still a non-gifted.

    He managed to escape his house and his ability was still looking for him. He realized it lacked his intelligence, his mind was a self-made gift of its own, not an ability, but a gift nonetheless. That thing didn't have that.

    He began heading to the agency. They had weapons, his gun was in his desk. He only got cornered once, earning him more burn marks from his ability and a few golden bullets for measure and accountability. But he got away, thankfully.

    He stumbled into the destroyed offices and he grabbed his gun, waiting. he knew it would undoubtedly come after him, he needed to just wait. He didn't know what would come first, the defeat of the fog or The Golden Mask.

    As his unfortunate luck would have it, it was The Golden Mask who came for him first. He waited for it, sitting at his desk.

    "You fucking shot me, Golden Mask." He told the ability, angry that he had been made weaker by the thing made to protect him. It simply threw some metal at him and he coughed the blood up that the new round of bullets in him made coagulate in his mouth.

    "You're a bad aim, you know. Picking quantity over accuracy." He insulted from his place ducked behind his desk, not expecting The Golden Mask to simply throw the desk out of its way. He gasped, he was trapped here with his ability chasing him forever if that fog wasn't defeated.

    He wasn't nearly strong enough alone to defeat it. He had the mind, it had his strength. He was afraid of it, his own ability was scaring him. He didn't want it to, he didn't want to be scared of it when he'd once been so proud he almost told the agency of it just last week.

    He felt The Golden Mask pin him to the floor, gazing at him like it was wondering what would happen if it killed him. He couldn't tell exactly what the emotionless double was thinking as it didn't burn him this time, just looked confused, as if seeing him was a shock.

    "Our parents would be disappointed if we made it this far to die like this, Golden Mask." He alerted the double. Its eyes became full of rage. "Mom and Dad didn't purposely make me, have a powerful child for science and die for it, for me to be taken out by my own ability. I won't stand for it." He growled lowly at the being.

    It growled back, like it was mirroring him. He wasn't scared anymore. This was his ability, his gift to take back from this fog, to show off and protect his friends, to save himself again, to protect himself again. He deserved to flaunt his powerful ability like he'd never been able to before.

    "I don't care what it takes." He forced it off of him, turned them over so he was on top of his ability, gun pointed at its red crystal, the fog's control. He felt something go straight through him, a golden hand.

    "You made a mistake, I'm still aiming." He didn't falter, just pulled the trigger to get rid of that thing. The hand in his torso disappeared and he immediately was on the floor with his ability back.

    With the golden hand gone, his blood was spilling on the floor in puddles and his burns and bullet wounds not helping the rather annoying level of pain he was in. Just moving to get the first aid kit from Yosano's desk was painful.

    He dressed the burns first, then his bullet wounds, he wasn't sure how to fix the hole in his stomach. But then he got an idea and used the Golden Mask to act as both an internal and external patch, keeping the blood from continuing to spill from his torso and keeping his blood flowing through golden veins that replaced his broken ones.

    Though it didn't permanently fix him and he was so out of it that he was dizzy, he felt safe again. He was half-conscious and waiting when Fukuzawa came back in the morning, followed by the rest of the team, who were probably all wondering about the gold in the walls and the broken parts of the building.

    "Hi, guys." He was so out of it, he smiled and leaned forward for them, only ending with him throwing up on the ground at the movement and the room spinning around him.

    "Ranpo! What happened!?" Yosano asked.

    "I didn't have my gun so I had to come get it. Sorry, I guess I kind of destroyed the place." He leaned against her as she knelt at his side.

    "What happened to you? You have like dozens of gunshots. The walls are melted and shot in places, Ranpo." Yosano asked.

    "My ability responded to the fog. It showed up when I was at home. It destroyed my house too, but I needed something distanced to shoot it."

    "Your...Your ability? Super-Deduction came after you? Made this much damage?" Atsushi asked.

    "No, The Golden Mask." He showed Atsushi his hand, letting the golden aura extend itself into a glove, the same one that protected Atsushi a month ago.

    "You are a gifted. I knew it!" Jun'ichiro exclaimed. He coughed blood onto the floor at the movement of the gold keeping his torso together.

    "Yosano, I'm still losing blood." He warned her.

    "Think you're about half dead?" Yosano asked.

    "I will be if I let the patch on my stomach go. I had a hand go through me, I'm still surprised I'm not paralyzed." He told her.

    "Alright, keep dying, I guess." He snickered, letting the golden patch on his torso go and blood pooled again on the floor and he choked on his laugh.

    "Hey, if Poe comes in tell him I'm perfectly golden." He giggled, out of it.

    "Alright, Ranpo." Yosano cracked a laugh, letting him bleed himself out until her ability worked as she kept on holding his hand.

    "Now, you need to go home and take a shower and lay down. You, of everyone, got the most injured by their ability." Yosano ordered him.

    "I'd love to see it in action one day. It looks powerful." Dazai commented as he took Ranpo home.

    "My house isn't in good shape. The Golden Mask kinda destroyed there too." Ranpo warned him.

    "Yeah, I get that." Dazai told him, leading him into the house and laughing at the door with bullets still in it. "Question, do you have to recollect the gold?" Dazai asked.

    "No, I create it when I activate it. It's out of range, it's just random gold. I create new every time I use my ability."

    "You have a range?" Dazai asked.

    "Never been able to test it but probably about six feet around me." He groaned upon seeing his bed, wishing he could go to sleep but he'd been ordered to shower as well.

    "Need any heeeelp?" Dazai teased.

    "Stay in case I fall or something. I'll nail you to a wall if you come in there and I didn't call for you." He warned.

    "I'd never!" Dazai whined and flopped on his bed, which made Ranpo scowl at his coworker in jealousy.

    He begrudgingly took a shower and got redressed from his closet, stomach throbbing pain and he fell trying to grab his sleep shirt from the bottom drawer, cursing that he made it that way.

    "You okay, Ranpo?" Dazai asked.

    "Help me up." He admitted.

    "Are you decent?" Dazai asked.

    "Yeah." He felt Dazai help him up, surprisingly gentle and he let Dazai help him into his sleep shirt.

    "Better. Now, off to bed with you. Doctor's orders." Dazai smiled, far too brightly, leading him to bed. His blessed bed. He was nearly out when he hit the bed, not even bothering with the covers.

    "Get some sleep, Ranpo." Dazai was laughing, he noticed, as he put the blanket on him. He never wanted to be separated from his bed again.

    He would be using his ability to defend his coworkers just the next week with a golden, bulletproof barrier and getting praised for it by Fukuzawa the next day. But nobody had to know that now that everything was finally calm again after the fog.

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  • katkalis-draws-fanart
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #i told her shes tough partially since she walks often #meanwhile my grandpa is basically bedridden until he's in his special zoomy chair #she does lots of work and i swear its helped her be healthier ish #just talking#story time #tw blood mention #tw injury #tw graphic description of an injury #ask answered
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  • through-the-eyes-of-december
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    starting to look like these teeth that have been fucked up since our last dentist visit several months ago would be better off getting removed.

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  • isolctions
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    @cordiibus​ asked: “  hold still— you’ve got blood on your face.  ” ( red & apple ! )

    blood >:)

    she doesn’t hurt herself very often — at least, not physically, anyway. she normally has old magic to thank for that, something like a sensory override that all fae who have gone corporeal in the past carried with them. and like she had in the past, apple relied on said old magic to do its’ job and shield her from just about anything, from life threatening and otherworldly to mundane and simply idiotic. unluckily for her, old magic decided it felt like being a bitch today. hence, the rather dangerous fall from the roof of her nursery. in front of red.

    “ — i’m okay!” she squeaks from a bed of flowers, shortly before realizing a few vital things: that she isn’t dead and squashed like a grape the way humans do when they die (again, thanks a lot fire elves for scaring her shitless!), that she shrunk herself to a light orb as soon as she collided with the ground thankfully, and that old magic really did mean it when they nagged about her walking against the roof like a tight rope. huh. “i’m okay, i swear, i’m not even a grape like those elves said i would be if i died, and — huh?” she knew she felt something lingering on her eyebrow and figured that it was a loose petal or residue light or something — not her fricking blood splattered against her forehead, all liquid and not dusting itself like it should have. that was new. “...is that bad? did i die? the elves said i would die.”

    #me: wow what the fuck would she be doing that would actually make her BLEED #apple's dumb ass: pretty leaf on the roof! :) #conjured beauty from things left behind — apple #apple — meme#cordiibus#injury tw
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  • vialdovi-trashart
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    goretober prompts i missed last week 

    19-happy pills

    20-it was an accident i swear 

    21-all´s fair in love and war 

    22-partners in crime 

    23-ripped to pieces 

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  • rottinggbrain
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    the sound of a brand new razor tearing my skin is the prettiest thing ive heard in a while

    #tw self harm #tw sh mention #tw cutting #tw self injury #vent blog#traumacore#ventcore
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  • meekbrvcry
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #xlittleprinccss #// memes :: answered // #// interactions :: ic // #// thread :: closed // #blood tw#injury tw #// no fancy mobile tag //
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  • hisoknen
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    pairing: rindou haitani x fem!reader x ran haitani warnings: noncon, baton fucking, blood, rough body treatment, dacryphilia, dislocation, sadism, pain, mindfuck, unprotected sex, creampie wc: 1.8k

    a/n: this started off as a sexy thought in a discord channel and sorta spiraled very violently so sorry reader. ty @aoyukai​​ for thirsting the idea with me! 

    It’s not like they were pining after you, attracted to the way you carried yourself or saw you around town the night before and wanted to toy with you. The brothers had just finished a job and saw some poor helpless little thing walking alone in the wrong city way too late for her own good and wanted to show her some hospitality.

    Just thinking about Rindou holding you down in a dark alley with a lone street lamp illuminating Ran who’s lazily grinning and squatting above you with his baton shoved so deep inside your cunt that it prods at your cervix.

    His wrists move back and forth languidly as though he’s bored already, elbow perched on his knee, tilting his cheek into an open palm. His other hand plays at the ends of his braids as his gaze flickers back and forth between your fragile beaten frame and his brother's body beneath you.

    He tries not to focus on the tent forming in his pants as he watches the shallow strained rise and fall of your chest and the quiver of your lips as you will oxygen to fill your strangled lungs. He’s torn between overwhelming you and taking his time to keep you playing with them for just a bit longer.

    The others never fought back. 

    At least not this long, and even with your body shaking from the adrenaline slowly withering away, your eyes still flicker with the desire to fight. He molds the flesh of your breasts into his hands like clay, thinking about the beautiful squeals you’d make if he put his cigarette out on you. 

    Would you let out another pretty scream? Breathless and pained. Or would a sob wrack through you as you crumbled beneath his touch?

    Dirt cakes beneath your nails from the vain attempts to grab ahold of the cracks in the cement, shrinking away from the filthy hands groping at your chest. Trying to find something to hold onto as you cry out, thrashing your legs to get yourself out of Rindou’s vice grip. You feel groggy but frantic, head pounding and ears still ringing from the crack of the baton to your temple that landed you on the ground.

    “Can you get her legs?” The voice above you sounds unbothered by your shrill screams, tongue dipping out to wet his lips as he reaches down to swat at your bruised thighs.

    Legs quickly intertwine between yours holding them taut and spread open. No matter how much you beg and plead or struggle you’re stuck in place, unable to do anything to stop the brutal assault from both ends. Yet you can’t find it in yourself to stop fighting despite each breath and buck of your hips sucking away your energy and will to push on.

    Your eyes fill to the brim with tears and you can barely make out the hazy figure crouching between your thighs. You choke on the crimson fluid pooling in your mouth at the feeling of the damp fabric rubbing against you, hips rutting desperately against your ass and the icy fingers groping at your chest, leaving behind pebbled bruises.

    The sway of the light reflects off the eyes of the figure above you, his mouth turned down. When a tear falls from your eyes you’re met with eyes that hold no remorse as he flicks his wrist mercilessly, a searing pain that twists in your stomach following his movements. 

    When you try to cower away from it, you’re met by a hard cock pressing into your side. A low moan erupts from Rindou’s chest, his body shifting and cranking your arm further. You can barely inhale, each ragged attempt contorting your body in a way that feels a  breath away from snapping. 

    Your nails rake down his forearm, leaving bloodied lines in their wake and something akin to a moan leaves his throat. Bile rises in your throat at the sickly sound of pleasure, your head turning to the side in disgust and trepidation. 

    “Did you forget about me, sweetheart? How cruel.” The condescending voice drawls and your body goes limp as the baton shoved tightly against your womb eases out of you, the cold metal slicked with a tinged pink mix of your arousal covering it. 

    Your chest heaves against the iron grip, feeling steady breaths wisp against the base of your neck. When you gasp, you choke on the mix of tears and snot running down your face, throat ragged from your cries in vain that someone, anyone will hear you. Ran takes the baton into his gloved hand, smoothing over the arousal covering it. He hums, following your gaze before turning back to you with a soft chuckle. 

    The moment of solace and stillness is torn away when the shadow of the baton rises and falls just as quickly, a hot flash of pain reverberating through your inner thigh. The swelling of your flesh blooms in an instant, blood rushing to the surface. 

    Your arms try to move down to comfort the spot in agony, Rindou’s pressure on your limbs cracking down as he pulls your chest into him. Your leg juts out awkwardly before a loud pop rings through the empty alleyway.

    You only register the sound before a shriek falls from your bloodied lips, the limb no longer obeying your mind's desire for it to move. You break out into a sweat, shaking violently. The once sharp pain dulls as it radiates up your body, a numbness and wave of nausea following suit. Only the sound remains, playing back on a loop in your mind, chest seizing up when you no longer feel the pain, head clouded with panicked adrenaline and endorphins.

    “Fuck she sounds so pretty,” the low voice drawls out from behind you. If the circumstances were any different your legs might have pulled together to relieve the ache the raspy voice left behind. But things weren’t different. Instead you shake in the arms entrapping you, stomach swirling in disgust at the heat flooding your gut at the praise. A slur of pathetic pleas for them to let you go, that you swear you won’t tell anyone, leaving your mouth and being swallowed by nothing but the darkness around you. 

    “Ple— ” you sputter out blood, choking on your words.

    If gods were real, surely they would save you from this cruel fate? Someone would emerge from the shadows and sweep you off your feet. They would take you far away from this place, mend your mangled body and soothe your heaving chest. Tell you that everything would be okay, that it was just a dream and wake you.

    Yet nothing ever came. 

    A single drop from above falls onto your shoulder before more follow. The low rumble of the sky weeping along with you being the only thing there to lend you any comfort.

    “I told you she’d be fun.” Heavy breathing sinks through your ear drums and drowns out the red hot pain emanating through your leg and the familiar cold metal makes its way back down to your swollen cunt. 

    The eyes above you are glazed over in wonder, head tilted with faux concern, and a small smile painted on thin lips. The baton flicks over your swollen bud, tearing a pained whimper from you. 

    “You did. She’s lovely.” A gloved hand makes its way over to your tender flesh, eyes squeezing shut on instinct only to let out a small noise when it gently smooths over the raised skin. Small figure eights seep into your skin, your mind buzzing from the warmth flooding into your gut. 

    Ran wanted to see how much more you could take. Relishing in the delicious sounds of despair you let out at each passing moment, the small ticks of your body finally responding honestly to each touch. This mix always seemed to work well enough, the tenderness drawing out the violence​​, the highs and lows ebbing together and forming the perfect harmony. Offering a moment of silence, drinking in eyes filled with hope and promise that the storm was finally over before the waves crashed back down against the rocks without mercy.

    The cold metal ghosts over your cunt once more, dragging up your slit to gather the arousal spilling out. When it plunges back in you no longer let out a cry, but a low moan as slender fingers gently swirl against your clit. 

    Your body can no longer protest, only reacting to their desires as they take what they please. Your ears ring from the screams that have died out in the empty alleyway and hands snake around you as the baton pulls out. Cool air rushes past the cracks of your lips as thick fingers plunge into your cunt and curl.

    “You’ll forgive us, won’t you?” The honeyed voice above you asks, words rolling off of the tongue of a snake like a prayer and you obey. Lolling your head back in hopes that it resembles something of a yes, a desperate last plea to make it out of this alive. 

    “What a good girl,” the distorted voice bends into your ears. Dances through the shattered landscape of your mind and offers solace. Your thoughts swim, and you shiver, a slur of incoherent garbles flooding from your lips as calloused fingers work you open, gliding across your fluttering walls and coaxing at the spot that makes your hips jerk forward. 

    You let out a muffled sob when the soft head of a cock brushes across your entrance, the hips below you flexing up into you as it slowly sinks inside. The burn is comforting, something you can hold onto after all this time. Each vein forking along Rindou’s cock imprints against your walls as he bottoms out, fingers still spinning your clit in sloppy circles. When his hands pull away to grab at your legs, they are replaced by slender fingers.

    With each pump of the heavy cock, the slapping of hips colliding reverberates. The squelch of your cunt resounds through the empty space, rolling in tandem with the pathetic mewls sipping past your lips.  All thoughts of escape are drowned out as the heat comes in waves, twisting and tangling in your gut. The cool ground collides with your back as the weight beneath you is torn away, a heavy shadow hanging above you as the snapping of hips picks up. The pads of rough fingers glide past your collarbone, wrapping around your throat to hold you in place as he releases thick ropes of cum inside of you with a guttural moan.

    The hollow of your stomach pulses then releases, bringing with it a numbness that envelops you. Breathless moans escape you, body shuddering and stars aligning your vision before blinking out leaving emptiness behind closed lids. 

    The flick of a lighter and the smell of menthol fills the dark empty space, your swollen eyes squeeze closed willing everything to stop spinning and your skull to stop thumping. You can feel yourself being lifted into the air, pulled against something warm and sturdy, strands of hair falling onto your bare shoulder before your consciousness drifts away with a smile. 

    This must be it. Your savior had finally come to save you.

    #tw noncon#tw blood#tw beating#tw violence#tw sadism#tw pain#tw dacryphilia #tw trauma injury #ran haitani x reader smut #ran x reader smut #ran smut #rindou x reader smut #rindou smut #rindou haitani x reader smut
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  • nixotinix
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I have a gnarly blister on my left pointer finger from learning Feel Good Inc on my acoustic guitar rip me

    #injury mention tw #guitar problems #string burn is serious man #be careful out there when youre a guitarist
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  • innosen
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    confrontation time / accepting

    @enmoni​​ said: “ i don’t know if you think you’re being strong or protecting me,  but i don’t need you to keep painting on smiles when you’re clearly upset. ” // from mr river dragon spirit haku himself :)

    RIGHT    THERE    AND    THEN,    figure    freezes    up    at    the    sudden    remark    from    behind    her.    back    immediately    straightened    as    palms    HALTED    from    wringing    out    the    dampened    wash    cloth.    so    he    noticed    it,    huh    ?    A    SIGH.    

    it’ll    be    okay    ,    it’ll    be    okay,    it’ll    be    okay    – words    she    had    told    the    river    dragon    spirit    prior    to    his    FULL    CONSCIOUSNESS    STIRRING.    these    were    constantly    repeated    with    a    forced    small    smile    ,    of    course;    AN    ATTEMPT    to    make    him    believe    that    IT    WILL    BE    OKAY    (    or    was    it    more    for    HER    comfort    if    anything?    )    looks    like    she    played    herself.

    the    moment    her    bearings    have    returned,    tiny    fingers    continued    to    twist    on    the    cloth,    discarding    the    remaining    liquid    left    in    it    before    turning    around    and    nearing    the    injured    apprentice    once    more.    in    all    honesty    though,    how    could    she    NOT    be    upset    when    he    was    hurting    and    bleeding    ALL    OVER    ?!    furthermore,    if    the    seal    that    he    got    wasn’t    returned    to    its    rightful    owner,    what    would    happen    to    him?    

    there    was    no    doubt    about    how    she    desperately    WANTED    TO    CRY    HER    HEART    OUT    that    very    minute.    fear    definitely    gripped    the    entirety    of    her    soul    and    while    his    words    did    permit    her    to    be    upset    ;    to    weep    as    much    as    she    can    –    SEN    DECIDED    AGAINST    IT.        to    cry    to    her    heart’s    content?    that    was    exactly    what    her    former    self    would    have    done.    NOT    THIS    TIME    AROUND    THOUGH.        her    promise    to    him    was    FAR    STRONGER    than    that!    and    so    instead,    she    settled    for    a    saddened    smile    as    she    placed    the    cool    cloth    upon    his    forehead.    

    ❛    hey,    i    told    you    i’d    be    braver,    didn’t    i    ?    that    i    wouldn’t    cry    any    more    over    such    silly    things...    ❜    don’t    worry    about    me,    haku.    i’m    ….    okay.    i’ll    get    to    zeniba.    i’ll    return    the    seal    and    then....you’ll    be    better.    (    and    then    i    wouldn’t    be    upset    anymore.    )

    #mayhaps an au where ha.ku was conscious before sen went to see zeni.ba and they got to talk a lil bit first ??? 👀  HEHEHHE #here's one ask for mr river spirit dragon himself hot off the plate ! WAHUUU #sen: promises ha.ku she would be brave and wouldn't cry any more #also sen when she's @ zeniba's: ha.ku 😭 could 😭 be 😭 dead 😭 already 😭 and 😭 im 😭 just 😭 sitting 😭 here 😭 doing 😭 nothing 😭 #AAAAAA SKSKSK #*:・゚✧ ( IC ) ↳ ᶤ ᵗʰᶤᶰᵏ ᶤ ᶜᵃᶰ ʰᵃᶰᵈˡᵉ ᶤᵗ #*:・゚✧ ( ANSWERED ) ↳ ˢʰᵉ ᶰᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵈᶤᵈ ˡᵒᵒᵏ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ #enmoni#long post#injury tw#blood tw#jic ehee
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    #that’s how i get kisses from hyakuzawa <3 #well p much all the chars over 6ft #…..all the chars over like 5’5 #fkdhjdkfkf#miki replies#tw injury
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  • stevosaurus
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    We all are living in a dream, and everything's a mess

    What's this, Stev? Posting to tumblr despite the fact you only post to twitter now? Look. This fic has me in a cold hard grasp right now and op of it is on tumblr so this once, my art can go on tumblr

    Anywho! Fanart kinda for @duchezss' fic, 'the forever blue horizon'!

    #tw blood#Kenji kon#Jwcc #Jurassic world camp cretaceous #My art #The forever blue horizon #Fanart #Hell yeah! Hell yeah!! #tw injury#tw scars #also your cliffhangers are mean as hell. How dare you /j #I can NEVER draw Kenji's hair down but miraculously this attempt worked out #Camp cretaceous
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