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    Let me see what you have!!! … NO!!!!

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  • #himiko toga#bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #tw knives#knives tw #himiko toga kin #bnha kin#mha kin #my hero academia kin #boku no hero academia kin #instagram board #kin instagram board #fickin instagram board #fictionkin instagram board #fiction kin instagram board #kin#fickin#fictionkin#fiction kin
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    ✂️🔪You were supposed to love and protect me but you just make me wanna hurt myself more ✂️🔪

    Also on instagram i put a warning first slide, but since in tumblr u can blacklist tags i think it wouldnt be as necessary ?? Also tumblr formats things weirdly sometimes, like if its multiple pics it puts them down or like next to each other so in the second case the warning slide wouldnt work. But if anyone requires a warning slide first please lmk! Also if anyone would like me to tag something specific, dont b afraid to ask!

    Edit: figured out how to add a text warning before the pic! Still lmk if it needs more

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  • Day 13: Knives

    “C’mon and stab me baby you can’t kill me in a way that matters”

    (Hi this is my oc and i love he very much)

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  • “Here we stand on opposing sides. Let’s go to war…”

    “LET’S GO TO WAR!”

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  • Quotes from my dream journal

    ‘My friend texted me, she was also pretty dead’

    ‘Apperently they broke into my house, walked into my room and started talking about their feelings as usual’

    ‘I heard a voice say “what if he woke up before the dream ended?” and then I woke up and I’m pretty salty about that’

    ‘I went up the roof, realised I cant climb roofs and fell off’

    ‘I gave people knifes, as you normally do in your dreams’

    ‘There where people screaming outside, I went and made a sandwich for myself’

    ‘He wanted to blow up the earth, pretty rude if you ask me’

    ‘There was also this kid, he looked angry’

    ‘I won a fight, wich is suprising considering my body is wack’

    ‘I failed my test in my dream, then I failed my test in real life’

    ‘I dont know if the person was actually a horse or a real person’

    ‘My teamates didnt help me, rude’

    ‘Due to a plane crash, we all decided to do cosplay and run away from home’

    ‘I was in heathers, wich was suprising as I dont know what it is about’

    ‘He could also play the guitar, but not very well’

    ‘The snake was very rude to me’

    ‘Idk if it was his own blood in his body’

    ‘Just realized I dont remember shit’

    ‘They again broke in to my room’

    ‘I did not like the science lady’

    ‘Then I baked some bread’

    ‘Space jellybeans where there’

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  • #reverse mafia au #also lol cut pinkies is a punishment/act of remorse for the yakuza hencemy mentioning it all the time! #aizawa shouta#eraserhead#bnha #boku no hero academia #mha#fanart #my hero academia #bnha fanart#tw knives
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  • Mermaid Diego things, because that’s just where my mind is rn

    • He can breathe outside of the water, but he dries up really easily and can get dehydrated after just one hour. So— water bottles.
    • Mermaid wheelchair mermaid wheelchair mermaid wheelchair mermaid wheelchair
    • His likes to chill on the shore but it has led to him falling asleep and drying up many many times. He just keeps a bucket of water next to him now, and asks someone to check on him every few minutes.
    • Making friends with sharks. He has pet sharks, they’re all named. Yes they are mostly named after the batfam, Shut up.
    • He specifically prefers hanging around sharks because they’re big and cool, but if he’s in shallow/sweet waters long enough little colourful fish will start hiding in his hair. They love to feel safe. He doesn’t have the heart to pull them out, so he just has to stay underwater until they leave.
    • Also idk if this goes without saying but he can talk to fish
    • Still throws knives. I don’t have the details of this au fleshed out but even before he got out of the water he’d just steal shells and glass shards and sharpen them and stash them in “secret” pockets all over his clothes.
    • (when I say clothes I mean a bunch of loosely connected belts he wears on his waist exclusively so he can have pockets. Mermaids do not wear clothes.)
    • Still scared of needles, but also super creeped out by hooks. They freak him out.
    • “they’re sinister, I’m telling you”
    • I’m sorry did I say mermaid wheelchair already because mermaid fucking wheelchair for my boy
    • Smells are super disturbing to him, since those don’t exist in the same way underwater.
    • Due to that he ends up filling one of Luther’s space helmets with water and wearing it most of the time.
    • Klaus tapes tiny devil horns to the top.
    #tua Diego#tua au#tua #umbrella academy diego #tua headcanons #???????? #maybe idek what I'm doing by this point #tua shitposts #in case you have that blocked #tw dehydration#tw chocking #implied? #tw knives#sum thots
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    Virgil would 100% own some of these butterfly knives

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  • once I had a dream where bts chased me with knives

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  • Day 16:




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  • Superhero AU where Virgil is a superhero (or vigilante, you decide!) that has butterfly wings (and butterfly knives)

    #sanders sides#virgil sanders#tw knives #butterfly winged!virgil #winged!virgil #wing!virgil #superhero au #hero!virgil
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  • Ivy Munger plays Project Libitina (creepy fic for Halloween for my friend, might be disturbing)

    (part one of two)

    The episode begins with Jukebox herself wrapped cozily in a blanket, which is how all the episodes should start. She was playing a mod for doki doki literature club called Doki Doki: New Horizons on her GBA. She had little else to do what with quarantine and all. Spookbox watched mischievously out the window, silently giggling and rubber her hands together. She slipped through the window and crept into the kitchen, somehow unheard by Jukebox who stayed focused on her game. Spookbox was visibly transparent to the audience the whole time, representing that she is invisible to the characters in TIMS. (the ivy munger show)

    Just then, Trolli and Sakura comes strolling and trolling in. Sakura sits perched atop of Trolli’s shoulders. Trolli leans over to look at Jukebox’s GBA screen. Currently, Jukebox is making Natsuki Island. In the shape of a trans flag, because of the common Natsuki headcanon. Trolli sees it and chuckles. “Hehehehe, a rectangle island Jukebox? I haven’t seen such creative talent since Sakura tied her shoes together. Without laces!”

    “H-Hey… I told you, I didn’t do it! There was an imposter and they sabotaged me!” protested Sakura helplessly. “Sure, Saki. But seriously, a plain rectangle for an island? I know you can do better than that Jukebox. Especially for Natsuki.”

    “It’s in the shape of a trans flag for the trans natsuki headcanon! No need to tease me Trolli.”

    “Ahahahahaa, trans natsuki? I love trans rights as much as you do Jukebox, but natsuki has been proven many times to be cis.” Trolli pointed out.

    “Aren’t trans flags just the same shape as-” Sakura began, but was cut off by YouTube personified marching in and throwing a throw pillow at Trolli. “DEMONITIZED! Slurs are not allowed on this platform.”

    Jukebox sighed and rested her head against her hand. Trolli shot back: “What, cis? Cis isn’t a slur!” only to get another throw pillow thrown at him. “Okay, okay… I won’t say it anymore, happy?”

    “Can I just play my game please? Actually you know what I’m getting a snack. You all need to stop this bizarre drama before a fight breaks out in our comment section.”

    It was too late for that. Already an argument had begun between people saying “cis is a slur” and “cissy lives don’t matter” but that wasn’t the main problem Jukebox would have to worry about…

    She walked into the kitchen, and got an unopened box of cereal out of the cupboard. Jukebox opened up the top, and with a crinkle she opened the plastic bag inside…

    Immediately after it was opened, an arm reached out of the box and grabbed Jukebox by the collar prompting a surprised yelp from her. A second hand reached out too, holding a handgun and pointing it at Jukebox’s face. She struggled but to no avail. “Mwahahaha… I just caught an imposter~” a voice said behind her. Jukebox heard sound of something phasing out of invisibility right afterward. “What the- Who are you?! Let me go! TROLLI! SAKURA! HELP!” She shouted, panicky.

    Trolli and Sakura rushed in. “Oh no! Jukebox! Jukebox? W-Which is the real Jukebox?”

    Behind Jukebox was Spookbox, except she wasn’t wearing her usual demonic makeup and had clothes on that matched Jukebox. She just looked like an eviller Jukebox with her hands behind her back. Of course, her hands were not really behind her back at all, they were coming out of the cereal box. “I caught an imposter trying to steal our cereal!!”

    “What?? Why would you do this imposter–are you the same one who tied my shoes together!? Hmph!” Sakura jumped up and down while asking this. “No! I’m not an imposter! Who is behind me, I can’t see them! Stop being weird and help me! >_<”

    “It’s… You. Is this some kind of prank?” Trolli asked, looking quizzical.

    “For real guys, it’s me.” Said Spookbox. “I think this is M. M stands for Me, so it makes sense that M would take the appearance of Me.”

    “What are you talking about??” Jukebox replied, still panicky. “I’m not M! I don’t even know who M is! What do you WANT?”

    “Hmm…” Sakura looked skeptically at the both of them. “Both of my senpais seem kind of sus… How can we tell?”

    “It’s simple. I’m good at games, so this imposter should have to play a game to prove it!” Spookbox suggested.

    “Which game?”

    “Project Libitina! It’s scary, perfect for a Halloween special! And it fits with our theme, with our DDLC let’s play being one of our flagship series!”

    “Why didn’t you think of that, other Jukebox?”

    “To be honest I wasn’t thinking about my channel’s content at the moment, probably because I have a gun in my face…” Jukebox pointed out.

    “Fair enough.” Snarled Spookbox.

    “So… I just have to play Project Libitina then? That’s good I thought you were gonna take my money or something…”

    “I’m also taking your money. Or should I say, MY money. Since you’re pretending to be me.”

    Trolli and Sakura giggled at that remark.


    “DEMONITIZED!” YouTube shouted from another room.

    Suddenly, the screen went to black and white and froze in place. A rantsona appeared on screen, although it didn’t resemble any real animal. It looked sort of like if you mashed a zubat from pokemon together with a teddy bear, made the resulting fusion really fuzzy and put a green cap with a red star on it. “ACTUALLY!” he said, although his mouth (which took up the whole face) only cut to a frame where it was open instead of having lip syncing. “Spookbox should not have been portrayed as the villain in this episode! She is a working class hero taking DIRECT ACTION against the bougie youtuber who makes millions off of playing video games! She was right to aim for recollecting Jukebox’s wealth as a goal.”

    Sakura spoke up, since she was also a 2D character she could still perceive what was happening. Although she didn’t move at all while speaking. “This is OUR video! Kindly bug off! No one wants to hear your deranged and incorrect-”

    The odd rantsona shook violently for a split second, and the video cut to black.

    Once the video flickered back on, Jukebox was jumping onto the couch, ready to play Project Libitina. “Wow, it feels like this video has been going on for a while! And we haven’t even gotten to the game yet! So I’ll keep it’s introduction brief. Project Libitina was meant to come out in 2018, but Dan Salvado had several delays. Not this was in any way his fault, he claimed that after working on the game his health would rapidly decline and would receive death threats that made him scared to continue work. Eventually though, he was able to finish and now we finally get to play DDLC’s sequel! Or… Prequel if Matpat is right.”

    Jukebox started up the game and watched as the intro played. A warning flickered on the screen, saying that the game was far too disturbing to be played by people without adaquete mental training and preparation.

    “Wow can you imagine having that much motivation. Sick, scared, and he still finished the game? If only certain people could work with that much determination.”

    Jukebox looked indignant. “What, you mean me?”

    “No.” Trolli looked directly into the camera. This made everyone watching uncomfortable.

    Spookbox swatted Trolli. “Cut that out! I’m supposed to be the creepy one.”


    "No fighting, I need to hurry up and film the gameplay segment.” Jukebox interrupted.

    “All right, with that out of the way, the beginning of the game gives you a nice recap on the portrait of Markov. You get to choose between playing as "Mister Jones” or someone just named “Squid”. Squid looks kind of depressing, probably because there was pretty clearly an accident involved with her? I’m pretty sure the researchers tried to give her a powerful tentacle arm, but as you can see… It doesn’t look like it worked very well.“

    "Sure this game isn’t too much for you Jukebox?” Trolli asked, voice hinting towards actual concern. “Maybe the other box should have to play it first since it was her idea…”

    “Nah don’t worry, I’m a brave girl!” Jukebox reassured Trolli.

    “So, we’re playing as Mister Jones. He’s a single father, his wife apparently died but it’s not that important to the game really. He honestly seems over it, as mean as that sounds to say. But you see a lot of his internal dialouge and he doesn’t seem too fazed.”

    “Right now we’re doing an experiment to try and increase control over Libitina. She kept attacking researchers until we gave her a real bedroom. So my task is to watch her through the window until she gets so uncomfortable that she agrees to go back in her sleeping box instead.”

    Jukebox took a deep breath and swallowed.

    “In fact, most of the game seems to be doing experiments on this kid. The catch is that she has mind powers and can mess with you and other characters in all sorts of ways. For example, since she can sense you coming to the window, by the time you look through it she’s already staring at the window. As you can see she’s pretty clearly scared of us, so she’s going to try all sorts of things to get us to stop watching her. But if we can stay firm, she will become so distressed by being spied on that the only way she can feel any privacy is to go into her ventilated steel container we call her sleeping box. The goal is basically to make her wish she never demanded to have a real bedroom like a normal child.”

    Jukebox said this clearly, but her voice quivered a little midway through. “She will try everything to get you to stop watching her like I said. Right now I’m hearing things in my headphones like something is behind me in the game. Like an animal growling, someone breathing in my ear, twigs snapping from being stepped on. It’s tempting to look behind yourself but if you do it reaffirms her power over you and she will get closer to the window when you’re not looking. If she gets emboldened enough to reach you, you get a game over screen. But if you keep your eyes on her, it makes her feel powerless. See? She’s trying to hide under her blanket. If she does that it gives you an opportunity to tap her window for giving her extra fear. Don’t tap her window when she is looking at you though!”

    “What happens then?” Spookbox asked, intrigued.

    “I don’t really want to talk about that, haha. You get a special game over, basically.” Jukebox giggled nervously.

    “Now, since she has the ability to draw nearby threats to you, you need to learn how to tell what noises are just her trying to trick you and what are actually dangerous. She won’t approach the window when things are outside besides just you. So you can shoot whatever’s threatening you. For being a chapter of the game where you just watch Libitina through her bedroom window, it’s surprisingly unsettling for me- AAAA!”

    A ghoulish person wielding a tool so bloody it was hard to tell what it was supposed to be used for yanked Mister Jones around in the game and swung the tool repeatedly at him. It moved with strangely few frames, like a rushed stop motion project. Jukebox was too late in reacting to the attack, and got a game over screen. The game over screen had Squid holding Libitina by her hand and leading her along a road in the middle of nowhere. They both seemed very happy about it.

    “Ohh! Oh my god- that– not going to lie, this game kind of gets to me. But I’m no imposter or a quitter so I’ll just cut until after I find out how to beat this part! And that’s just one of several things that can kill you in this part of the gsme!”

    The camera cut to black just as Trolli started saying something. When it reappeared, Jukebox looked sweaty and Trolli and Spookbox were no longer in the room. “Okay, so, I finally got the win screen. It took a while, but we finally got Libitina to start shaking under her blanket, and at this point she can’t or won’t pull any more psychic nonsense on us. We still have to be careful about wandering enemies but we can freely look away from the window now. Any second now… Ah there we go.”

    A distant alarm went off in the game and a win screen popped up. “Success!” it displayed, over a background of research papers that were heavily scribbled on. A 2D anime style clip played of Libitina begrudgingly asking a researcher to please let her sleep in her sleeping box again instead of a bedroom.

    “Now we can go on to the next task! Our need experiment is optional, and apparently is important to the lore according to literally the one post I could find online about the mechanics of Project Libitina. Seems like only a couple people have played it counting me, weird. The reason it’s optional though is because it’s "the main reason for the warning at the start of the game” but I’m a brave girl so we’re doing it!“

    Text scrolled on the screen as jukebox selected the chapter. "Knife Conditioning: to-”

    Jukebox shuddered and turned off the game. “Yeah, no, not a brave enough girl for this. It’s one thing to see disturbing stuff, another entirely to be the one causing it. I can see why this is a psychological horror game. It’s just too much for me. Right you two?”

    Jukebox turned around, and looked confused. “Trolli? Other Jukebox? Where did everyone go? Wasn’t someone else here too?”

    She shrugged. “Guess they got bored and left. Oh well! I’m Ivy Munger, and thank you all for a wonderful time!” Jukebox thought it over. “Well, maybe not wonderful but thank you for watching! And don’t play Project Libitina unless you are REALLY sure you can handle the darker stuff. Apparently the game has a happy ending and I might get to that later in a future episode but I’m not doing the optional chapters I can tell you that much.”

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  • sometimes my brain acts like a normal person brain and i’ll just wonder “huh why do i have such a high pain tolerance?” as though i didn’t purposefully balance a fresh-from-the-oven sheet of brownies on my forearm for five minutes without even flinching, or i’ll stub my toe and shout “motherFUCKER” and then like a second later i’m just wondering why, because i barely even felt my foot hit the corner of the table at all. i’ve literally been impaled on a sword and i’ve gotten stabbed so many times i feel like both thor and loki, i’ve closed my wounds with a lighter and i pulled a stick from where it was fully stuck in my arm, but sometimes my brain just wonders why i have such a high pain tolerance and then i get to go through all of my injuries again.

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  • Headcanon:

    Piers has almost laughable aim (half of his depth perception being neutered by a wall of hair doesn’t help), and as such refuses to use firearms. His excuse, however, is that it isn’t “The Spikemuth Way.”

    What is The Spikemuth Way is chains, baseball bats with various things driven through them/wrapped around them, knuckles of differing shapes/sizes/pointiness, knives of all kinds, occasionally swords, and improvised explosives. All of these things can be found throughout Piers’s apartment in some fashion (it’s like a level from a beat-’em-up in there), as you might expect.
    This also shows that that one cop that hangs around the Spikemuth Pokemon Center is either REALLY bad at his job, or knows that there’s no way he can actually stop anyone in Spikemuth on his lonesome, so he stands around in that one spot all day to look like he’s the one keeping some semblance of order.

    #TW guns#TW knives #B-Side | OOC #Behind the Music | Headcanons #JustSpikemuthThings
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    Goretober 2020 - Day 13: Knives

    It’s said that Musutafu and all of its residents are under the protection of an urban legend…

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  • One dream included some guy chasing me around with a knife, claiming he needed to cut my palm “for the Satanic ritual.” I, with more knowledge on Satanic rituals than this guy, who I’m pretty sure was on drugs, said no, he didn’t need to, and would not be doing so. There was another girl nearby who also seemed very high and her palm was bloodily crusty. Suddenly things felt more tense. This dude wasn’t just high, chasing me around with a knife at the speed of a zombie. Whereas before I felt “wtf is going on?” I suddenly felt in immense danger. Two more people brought in a toddler. They planned to sacrifice her. I didn’t have time to tell them that was a bullshit stereotype and to let the girl go. I suddenly had a sword and tried to behead the guy. I overestimated my strength and barely made a dent, but it stopped him nonetheless. We were in a church next to a grand marble fireplace with cherubs carved into it. One cherub phased into a living being. Its features grew much sharper than the other cherubs and its eyes were yellow (something I associate with Lucifer for some reason). He gave me a firm nod and spread black wings. He soared around the room and each man fell dead on the floor. Gracefully, like they’d simply passed out. No blood, no wounds. Meanwhile I was still hacking at this dude, making a mess. Lucifer was being clean for the sake of the little girl. He settled back onto the fireplace and phased back into marble. I took the little girl and got her out of there.

    The next dream I had, I don’t remember very well because I didn’t write it down after having it. I was with a former classmate. When he and I were kids, we had that “boys are mean to girls because they have a crush on them” relationship. We were both adults in this dream even though I haven’t seen him since before I dropped out. He and I were running from something in a big house. I took his hand and jumped off of a ceiling beam, invoking the protection of Lucifer. I dove forward and caught the former classmate as we fell. When we got to the ground, I landed gently, and with my arms around him it protected both of us. He said, “Holy shit, I didn’t think that would work!” I sternly said, “And it never will again, so don’t throw yourself off of high places like that.” We kept running until we were outside. I was still invoking the assistance of Lucifer. I warily called his name. This daschund with a rhino horn, elephant tusks, and glowing red eyes approached me. At first I was like jesus christ wtf is that, but then I realized it was a hellhound. I turned in the direction it was looking and saw a very cartoonish vulture, also with glowing red eyes. I presumed those were my safety escorts. That’s all I really remember. Weird.

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