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    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    FUCK! I got pulled back into my fnaf phase and now I want to write Monty vore fml....

    #G/t security breach #safe vore#soft vore#pred#g/t vore#giant#v/ore#tw vore#v0re#mouthplay #security breach v/ore #fnaf v/ore #Montgomery gator v/ore
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    11.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    11/11 — luka didn’t even bother eating the pocky 😢

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    10.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#zeetle ask#tw mouthplay #I’m sorry this is a 2 am answer so it probably makes no sense #enjoy I guess #I’m sorry for this #little streamer au #fluff #g!wilbur #t!tommy
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    09.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #ask#anon #giant foster au #tw vore#tw mouthplay #a dash of fluff in these angsty times #giant foster au fluff
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    08.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Karlnapity noms

    (I'll probably going to change the title when I find a way to call this)

    Warnings: Tw vore, safe vore, slight fearplay? injuries, deshumanization mention.

    Don't like it, Don't read it. Enjoy.


    Sapnap was lying on his bed doing nothing. Soon he got a video call from Karl and Quackity. "Hey Big Q, Karl." He said waving to the camera. "Good morning pandas, how are you?" Karl asked. Sapnap gave a small yawn. "Hmm ... I'm fine, maybe still a little sleepy." Quackity chuckled. "We see it, hehe."

    They talked for a few hours until Karl decided to ask a question. "Hey Sap." "Tell me Karl." "What do you think about humans? How do you see them? " Sapnap thought for a moment before answering. “You could say I like them, even though I haven't interacted with one yet. I know most of them are scared of giants and god, I don't blame them, I'd be scared too if there was someone so much bigger than me. On the other hand, I think that both humans and giants are people who deserve the same rights. I hate how some giants treat humans as objects, pets, or even as snacks. " He ran his hand through his hair before turning his attention back to his fiancés.

    "May I ask the cause of this question?" Quackity giggled in response. “We just wanted to see if we shared the same opinion. And I'm glad you do. " "By the way, Sapnap, Quackity and I have talked and… Would you like us to meet in person?" Karl added smiling as Sapnap smiled widely. "Really? Can we really finally meet in person? " "Sure pandas" Karl replied. “See you in two hours, then I'll send you the address. See you later, we love you mi amor. " The call ended leaving a smiling Sapnap lying on his bed. He would finally meet his fiancés in person. Getting up, he went to prepare for the meeting with his boyfriends.

    An hour and a half later, as Karl and Quackity got ready, Karl asked. "Where are we going to meet Sapnap?" "I had a place in mind, but you're not going to like it." He replied while continuing to browse the internet while he waited for Karl to finish preparing. "Do you remember that park where we met?" Karl, having finished preparing himself, crossed his arms. "Yes, why? Quackity, we're not meeting Sapnap in that park. " He watched as guilt washed over his boyfriend's face. "Quackity, what have you done?" Quackity scratched his head as he replied. "Perhaps I have sent that location to Sapnap to meet him?"

    Karl's jaw dropped. “You have done WHAT ?! Quackity! The majority of giants that go to that park, eat humans! " He placed his hands on Quackity's shoulders. "Can you send him another location?" Quackity shook his head. "Sapnap said he's on his way ..." Karl sighed softly. "Then let's hope nothing happens ..."

    Half an hour later they reached the park. “Quackity… I think this is a bad idea. A very bad idea. " Karl said, walking on Quackity's arm. "Easy Karl, Sapnap will be here soon, we just have to wait here for a moment until he arrives." He answered as they leaned against a tree, hidden by roots and grass, in the morning sunlight.

    A while passed and Karl began to get nervous when Sapnap didn't show up. “Quackity, what if Sapnap doesn't come? What if he forgot? What if a giant sees us?- "" Karl. " Quackity interrupted, putting his hands on Karl's shoulders. “He will come, okay? Nothing will happen to us while we are hidden here. " A shadow suddenly appeared above them followed by a deep voice. "I don't think the same small snacks." said a giant as he reached for Karl and Quackity who were hugging each other in shock. 'Shit. Sapnap, please hurry up, we need you. '

    Sapnap arrived at the agreed place. He looked around, expecting to see the black haired boy in the blue beanie with the same blue hoodie and the brunette in the varicolored hoodie. He didn't find them. He was thinking of leaving, until he saw a man in the distance squatting in front of a tree with two humans in his hands.

    He approached the man little by little, he needed to save those humans. If he left now, he couldn't live with the guilt of knowing that he could have saved them but instead let them die. As he approached, he could hear one of the humans yell at the man in a familiar voice. It almost sounded like Quackity.

    His doubts were confirmed by hearing him swear in Spanish, letting him know that the other human was Karl. He finally reached the man and he turned to look at Sapnap. "What? What are you looking at, huh?" The man said without realizing that he loosened his grip on the humans.

    Sapnap took the opportunity to snatch them and run away. "Hey! Those humans are mine, I found them first! " he heard the man screaming in the distance as he chased after him. Taking advantage of the distance between him and the man, he stopped for a moment to look at his little fiancés. With a guilty look, he shoved the humans into his mouth, as it was too difficult to run with them in his hand.

    He could hear Quackity's screams and pleas and Karl's sobs. At one point, he felt a metallic taste seep on his tongue realizing that one of his fiancés had been injured. Not wanting them to hurt any more, he pushed his tongue into the back of his throat, swallowing them gently before running back from the man who had nearly caught up with him. He felt them huddle up in his storage. He gave a little sigh as he kept running, he would explain everything to them when he got home.

    Quackity and Karl were glad to see Sapnap, but that changed when they saw the guilt on his face. Before they could ask him what was wrong with him, they were shoved into his mouth. Quackity squirmed trying to free himself from the sucking tongue, coating him in saliva.

    "Sapnap! Please! Let us go! Don't eat us! " he screamed in panic. Karl was sobbing trying not to slide down his tongue trying to grab something. On one of his attempts, he grabbed one of Sapnap's fangs, accidentally cutting the palm of his hand.

    Karl hissed, releasing the white canine, earning a worried cry from Quackity. He tried to reach him before the tongue beneath them pushed them down his throat and swallowed them quickly. They squirmed as the muscles clenched and pushed down. They soon found themselves in a more open space. "SAPNAP!" Quackity yelled hugging Karl, who kept sobbing until he passed out from exhaustion. 'He has eaten us. He HAS EATEN US. But, we are his fiancés… He will let us out, right? ' Quackity thought, holding Karl close to him.

    Sapnap hurried home, he didn't want his fiancés to be in his stomach any more than they should be. Plus they are probably terrified right now.

    He closed the door, taking off his shoes immediately to head to the kitchen for a clean rag. He went to the living room and placed the cloth on the table, ready to take out his little boyfriends.

    Quackity felt Sapnap’s stomach begin to contract and shortly after, he and Karl were pushed upward, pressed back into their fiancé's throat. It didn't take long for them to reach the mouth, which began to open once they reached it. They were taken out of the wet mouth, being carefully placed on a cloth.

    He looked at Sapnap, who towered over them. "H-Hey Quackity ... I'm sorry about that, I didn't want to resort to that but I couldn't run with you two in my hands ..." Quackity nodded, he had been nervous at first but now he knew that at all times it had been safe . "Quackity, what happened to Karl in the hand? Did I bite him or- ”Quackity cut him off quickly. “Oh no, no… Sap, calm down. It was a bad move by Karl, he grabbed your fang and accidentally cut himself. " Sapnap nodded softly. "Come on big baby! No problem! You have saved us! " Quackity said, getting to his feet and arms outstretched. "Now go get the first aid kit to bandage Karl's hand, while I dry myself off and try to dry him too." Sapnap nodded, heading for the medicine cabinet while Quackity dried himself off.

    When he returned, he couldn't help but laugh at Quackity trying to dry Karl off to no avail. He put the first aid kit on the table and reached for Karl to dry him off. Once again he left him lying on the table letting Quackity take care to treat the wound.

    "Hey Sap, how did you know it was us?" Quackity asked, looking away from the TV. "Well, your voice was just very familiar when I heard it, especially when you started cursing in Spanish." "I'm still glad that you saved us, even if it was in such a peculiar way." Sapnap chuckled, giving Quackity and a sleeping Karl a kiss on the head. "I love you." "We love you too, Sap."

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    08.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #ask#anon#phyre anon #giant foster au #tw mouthplay#tw vore #also if anyone has some fluffy headcanons pls share #i have a hard time coming up with fluff #90% of the time if you send headcanons they become canon anyway lmfao skhdjdjd #giant foster au fluff
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  • oh-i-need-a-name
    08.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • oh-i-need-a-name
    08.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #ask#anon #giant foster au #tw vore #? #tw mouthplay #tysm!! i lvoe this idea so much aa
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  • corysmiles
    07.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    No thoughts just little streamer Wilbur having the constant urge to squeeze/bite tommy because he’s just so tiny and he loves him so much

    #corydrabbles#mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #t!tommy #tw mouthplay #?? #I mean Wilbur actually does this
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  • afraidparade
    21.10.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #faust is a lil scared of teeth #but he's near/in luka's mouth so much he's kinda desensitized to being near them ~w~ #ask#doodles#g/t#g/t art#g/t drawing#g/t ocs#oc: faust#oc: luka#giant/tiny#mouthplay#vore tw#lufa
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    An Awkward Meeting Part 2

    Part one

    Warnings: Safe vore, soft vore, mouth play? angst? Injury mention

    Don't like it, don't read it. Enjoy.


    Dream continued on his way to Bad's house. He could feel Sapnap sleeping against the front wall of his stomach.

    Soon after, he arrived at Bad's house. He knocked on the door to be greeted by a concerned Bad. "Pass Dream" "Bad, are you okay?" "Yeah, just… I'm a little worried about my son. He said he'd be back in two hours, which is almost past and he's not back…" he replied as he rubbed his arm.

    "Take it easy, you know how we young people are, he may arrive at the right time, since there are still 15 minutes to two hours, or probably he may be 10 minutes late." Dream said, putting his hand on Bad's shoulder in support mode.

    Bad smiled softly. Thank you, Dream. By the way, you told me you had a 'little' problem. Is the little one okay? " “Yes, he’s okay, he's in my storage. I found him in an alley under a cat's paw. He has a cut across his chest. " Dream said heading to the kitchen. "Can you get me a towel and the first aid kit while I grab a bowl of warm water and wake him up?" He added reaching for a bowl from the cabinet to fill it with water. "I'm going." Bad replied heading to the bathroom.

    Dream gently pressed where Sapnap was. "Hey Sapnap, wake up." he said softly. Sapnap moved as he woke up. "W-what?" "I'm going to get you out in a bit, wake up." Dream replied as he returned to the living room, sitting in front of the table.

    Shortly after, Bad appeared with a towel and the first aid kit. "Okay, I'm going to get him out." Bad nodded, placing the bowl closer to Dream. Sapnap felt the walls of his stomach begin to push against him.

    "D-Dream? Is it normal for this to happen? He said a little worried, but that worry disappeared when he heard a soft 'mmhp' and was quickly pushed up, being in a few seconds out of the throat back into Dream's mouth.

    He leaned his head forward, placing his lips flush with the water. Sapnap felt Dream's mouth tilt forward and he began to nudge him gently with his tongue.

    He did it with such care that Sapnap wondered 'How can he be so gentle with such a small body?' He noticed how he gently opened his mouth and saw that there was water underneath, which he was grateful for since that way he could clean all the saliva that was on top of him.

    Shortly after he fell with a 'plop' into the warm water. Dream stepped away giving Sapnap space and not being so close to him. "Finally! Now I just have to get the saliva off of me… ”He said as he pushed his hair away from his face.

    "Sap ... nap ...?" Sapnap froze at the familiar voice and looked up at it. "Dad?" He said looking at his father who was sitting next to Dream. "Wait, is that your son?" He asked. “Why didn't you tell me that he was a borrower? Don't you trust me because I'm a pred?” he continued sadly.

    “No, no, no… It's not that Dream, it's just… I didn't feel comfortable. I know you are very careful and all that with them but… ”he sighed. "Sorry Dream." “Hey, it's ok Bad. I understand you. Now we are going to bandage up Sapnap."

    They turned their gaze to Sapnap who was looking at them with his arms slightly crossed. “I was already thinking that you had forgotten about me. Can you help me out? "

    Dream chuckled as he reached for Sapnap by pulling him out of the water and placing him on the towel beside him. He helped him dry himself a bit, being careful not to touch the wound.

    "Well, in order to treat your wound we need you to take off your shirt." Dream said, putting the towel aside. Sapnap took a nervous gulp and nodded as he began to remove his shirt.

    Dream and Bad gave a worried gasp. "I'm sorry dad… I wasn't as careful as you told me to be." "Sappy ... That ... We can't bandage it to you ..." Dream nodded in agreement. "The cut is deeper than I expected ... Bad, I'm going to get a needle and thread ..." he replied leaving the room.

    “What do you mean, needle and thread? Dad? What are you going to do?" he asked looking at Bad who looked at him sadly. "Sappy… We're going to have to sew your chest up…"

    When those words left his mouth, Sapnap's eyes widened. "W-what? No, no, no, you're kidding, right? " The look in Bad's eyes told him otherwise. "A-are you really go-going to ...?"

    Sapnap started to take steps back, turning to run, but Bad reacted earlier, catching his son in a soft fist. "N-NO! Please! DAD! L-let me go! " he screamed as he writhed in his father's hand. "I’m sorry Sappy." he said as he watched Dream return to the living room.

    "Hey Sapnap, can you drink this?" Dream said holding a little bottle.

    He stopped squirming and looked at him for a moment before answering. "If I drink it, will you let me go?" Dream looked for a moment at Bad, who shortly after gave a small nod. "Okay, if you drink this, we'll let you go."

    He looked at them doubtfully for a moment before shrugging. "How much do I have to drink?" he asked as Bad placed him on the table and Dream tilted the bottle at him to make it easier for him to drink.

    "Five swallows is enough." "Luckily the bottle is full to the brim because otherwise I wouldn't be able to drink." Sapnap said, walking over and starting to drink from the bottle that was almost his size.

    "And what did I just drink?" he asked before beginning to feel himself unconscious. "Sorry Sapnap." It was the last thing he heard before he fell into unconsciousness.

    Several hours later, Sapnap woke up in bed in his room. He looked at his chest, which was completely bandaged. 'In the end… did they sew him up?' The pain he felt when he tried to get up confirmed it.

    His chest had been sewn up ... "DAD!" he called, trying to get his father to hear him. He was still tired but he didn't want to be alone.

    Shortly after, Bad appeared in the room. "Sapnap, are you okay?" he asked as he approached him. “Yes, I'm fine… Dad, can I sleep with you? I don't want to be alone… ”

    Bad smiled softly. "Sure, Sappy." He scooped Sapnap into his hands, lay down on his bed, which was on the other side of the room, and gently placed Sapnap on his chest. "Good night dad." he said, closing his eyes. "Good night, Sappy."

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  • gt-preys
    17.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Comfort food

    Tiny reader, giant Hoseok

    (Y/N) slumps down onto the marble counter top, feeling the cool surface against her sore muscles. She's exhausted from constantly being on her feet all day, running about. The only reason she's not currently in bed is because she likes to let her roommates know that she has returned home safe and sound.

    The teen lives in a human/tiny sector of the city and had struck luck when befriending another student in the hall a week into the college year, as they talked about their lives he asked where she was living. At the time she had been barely getting by, living in a cramped tiny apartment a train ride away from the college grounds. The two had gotten along so well that the other had invited her to stay with him and his roommates at their house. She had jumped at the opportunity and that was how she had befriended Hoseok and his six roommates.

    Admittedly her new found friend was a bit, taller than her. And by a bit she means thirty feet taller than her. Tinies had a tendency to stay away from their human counterparts, usually just sticking to being civil with one another. But Hoseok was just such a sweet and caring giant, she couldn't reject his friendship.

    The sound of slippers shuffling across the laminate floor alerts her to the fact that someone much larger than herself had entered the room, the presence pauses for a second, most likely having noticed the limp borrower on the counter. The being shuffles closer, this time the noise is accompanied by a soft rustling as the person crouched. A warm puff of air encompasses her body as the giant leans in closer.

    "(Y/N), you doing okay?" There's a soft nudge to her calf, the tiny moving her face to the side so she can observe her friend quietly. The pink lips before her are pulled into a grimaces, wide brown eyes stare down at her full of gentle concern. (Y/N) reaches a hand up to her face, rubbing at her eyes tiredly. "Yeah. I'm fine, just exhausted"

    Hoseok's expression softens ever so slightly, the corner of his lip lifting into a small smile. "Long day?" (Y/N) allows herself to be scooped up into the giant palms, carefully rolling her onto her back so that he can see her better. "You have no idea" she hums leaning into the soft caress as a single digit brushes hair from her face.

    "Wanna talk about it?" The tiny bites her lip thinking for a moment. Hoseok had always been a good listener, always there ready to let her vent her anger, worries and fears. (Y/N) takes a breath trying to collect her thoughts as Hoseok watches her, waiting patiently. "No ones pulling their weight in class anymore" She huffs "everyone just expects me to do everything and then they take the credit for themselves" she mumbles frustrated.

    Hoseok nods listening to her as she rambles on about the individuals in class, the stress slowly melting out of her at the gentle look in his eyes. Completely focused on her, giving her hair a soft stroke every now and then with the pad of his thumb. And once everything she wants to say is out she flops over, laying face down in his palm, arms and legs spread out like a starfish earning a soft chuckle from the giant.

    There is a warm puff of air on her back before he's placing a platonic peck to her, his lips completely covering the whole of her torso.

    "Want me to eat them for you? Teach them a lesson" the giant jokes as he pulls back a bit. (Y/N) laughs rolling onto her back as she shakes her head "nah, you'd have to be a mean giant to do that and we both know you dont have a mean bone in your body" she smiles which he returns "so what I'm hearing is get Yoongi to do it instead?" He hums causing the tiny to break into laughter at the thought of sicking Yoongi on her classmates "yeah, he might be able to pull it off" the two giggle "bribe him with coffee" the two let there laughter fade off till they're just sat in comfortable silence.

    Trust Hoseok to cheer her up after a bad day.

    The giant practically radiated sunshine and happiness.

    She's always found it hard to stay in a mood around him.

    Hoseok's tone is even softer when he murmurs a couple words into the calm air a few minutes later. "We're all feeling pretty lazy right now, probably gonna just order in. You good with that?" He questions turning to lean his lower back against the marble counter behind them. (Y/N) makes a none committal sound in the back of her throat "I'm not really hungry right now" she mumbles with a quiet yawn following her words.

    "No worries, I'll save you some for later when your appetite is back" the soft sweet words whispered against her make her melt. Has she ever told Hoseok how much she values their friendship? Probably plenty of times. She hums a soft thank you to him feeling on the brink of sleep.

    "Hoseok..." (Y/N) starts softly, a sudden shyness creeping up her spine. The sunny giant makes a noise confirming he'd heard her as he traces his nose along her stomach. Offering her gentle affection in her tired state.

    (Y/N) purses her lips, avoiding his eyes as he looks for her to continue her sentence. "Could you...would it be okay to ask you to...to..." the tiny squirms shyly under his gaze.

    "What do you want?" There's a slight lift to the corner of his lip, the giant finding her sudden shyness endearing. "You can ask me anything, you know that"

    And she does.

    She really does, but even so she can't help feeling embarrassed about the request she wants to ask of her friend.

    After all they were both still so new to that aspect of their friendship.

    "Um can you.." she takes a deep breath, looking up into his eyes as he waits patiently for her to find her words. "Last time when I was stressed and couldn't sleep... you swallowed me...it was comfy..." Hoseok's eyes light up as he puts the pieces together.

    He feels his heart squeeze at her shy words.

    Knowing she has that kind of trust for him really warms the giant up.

    They hadn't spoken of that night, she hadn't brought it back up and Hoseok didn't want to remind her off it in case she saw it as a bad memory.

    He'd rather not bring up potentially scary memories.

    Before Hoseok can voice his thoughts she's speaking again "It felt...really nice and warm" he hums against her, the vibrations buzzing through her.

    Hoseok pulls back to look the tiny over, she shifts a little under his gaze. It's a nervous movement but she doesn't seem scared of him. He strokes a single finger down her face watching her lean into the affectionate gesture. Definitely not scared of him.

    He's so incredibly endeared by the courage (Y/N) has around him.

    Hoseok moves his head back so he can lightly press his lips against her torso "is that what you want?" He mumbles into her "to be safe and cozy again" (Y/N)'s hands are so small where they rest on his face, sinking ever so lightly into his warm tanned skin.

    "Yes, please" she mumbles ducking her head gently against the skin of his cupid bow.

    Namjoon's her favourite his ass. For all the bragging the younger did he knew this was something only they had.

    A bone deep trust that the giant would never harm his friend.

    He huffs a small laugh against her, blowing her hair back with the small puff of minty breath. "Okay then. I'll be gentle" he says moving his hand so his lips now brush her shins, his warm brown eyes staying on her as he moves as if gauging her reaction, ready to stop at the slightest hint of regret.

    But instead she offers him a smile and a small "I  know" before shying away from his gaze and turning her head to the side to look out the kitchen window.

    Hoseok feels his smile widen at her words.

    Opening his mouth he eases (Y/N)'s legs into his mouth, being careful to avoid his teeth. He can't help but hum at her flavour, the bare skin of her legs touching his tongue tastes amazing. So sweet and light, like a fruity mousse of some kinda. So soft and decadent.

    Feeling Hoseok's lips close around her knees the tiny looks up finding the giant with his eyes closed as he tastes her legs. A content smile on his lips as he does so.

    It feels so insane to ask for something like this from a friend but in reality it's not entirely so odd. Hoseok is a pred, (Y/N)'s a borrower natural prey for the larger of the two. However preds stopped devouring her kind long ago, instead settling to coexist in relative peace. So as far as those who were brave enough to befriend a pred it wasn't unusual to every now and then end up being stored away safe and sound inside of the giant friend.

    Preds had a knack for wanting to keep their small vulnerable friends safe and close to heart and you can't get much closer than the inside of another's stomach.

    It'd spooked her when he had first stored her. The pred had come home drunk after celebrating passing an assignment with his fellow music orientated roommates. It wasn't unusual for Hoseok to be clingy and even more so affectionate when inebriated but that night he had gone from platonic kisses and nuzzles to placing the young borrower in his mouth and tasting her. The whole ordeal had only lasted a few minutes barely giving her time to register the fact that her best friend had in fact swallowed her whole and alive.

    Thankfully it hadn't ruined their relationship which had been Hoseok's biggest fear at the time, well that and the idea that he could have possibly made (Y/N) afraid of all pred and thus also ruined her friendship with the rest of his roommates.

    As awkward as it had been for the following week the two eventually managed to move on from the experience, deciding to ignore the incident in favour of preserving their friendship.

    Except that (Y/N) hadn't stopped thinking about it since Hoseok had explained that she was safe when he woke up the next day, startled to find his best friend hidden away and shaking with fear inside of him. In the time it had taken him to sneak through the flat to the bathroom she had slowly calmed down and realised that it wasn't as unpleasant as it had been now that she knew she was safe.

    In fact she it to be relaxing in an odd way, tucked away from the outside world and peering eyes she felt safe. Of course she had been to shy to say these things to her giant companion at the time and had let months go by pretending she wasn't thinking about how it might feel to be stored away willingly.

    Averting her eyes at dinner when the eight roommates would sit together in the dining room, talking and eating casually. But now and again she would catch herself watching Hoseok take a large bite of chicken almost her size, chew it while nodding along to Jungkook as he talks animatedly about his day. Bashfully watching as he swallows, a lump appearing and then quickly disappearing in his throat.

    Why was it that she wanted to be treated like food?

    It was insane?

    (Y/N) doesn't realise she's been staring at the pred's blissful expression until his eyes slowly open, hazily focusing on her as a small smile starts to grow on his lips. Shyly the tiny manages to return the look, Hoseok hums in a questioning tone as he opens his mouth slipping a little more of her legs into his mouth and she quickly catches onto his unsaid query.

    "I'm okay, you can keep going" Hoseok hums around her again, the sound reverberating through her body making her giggle at the unusual feeling. Hoseok's smile splits into a grin giving a small chuckle of his own.

    The pred takes his times tasting each new piece of skin to enter his mouth, slowly moving up her body to her waist. She squirms a little at the ticklish feeling, Hoseok huffing a few laughs at her squeals.

    He closes his eyes again, thoroughly indulging in his prey's unique taste and sweet noises.

    After Hoseok's seemingly had his fill of tasting the tiny he brings his free hand up to brush his thumb and forefinger along her hair. (Y/N) leans into his ministrations, Hoseok watches her smile and relax even further at his affection.

    It's safe to say he's blown away by how brave she is, even waist deep in a hungry maw she still keeps her cool.

    It's not like he hadn't dreamt of this situation but it still feels surreal having his friend willingly allow themself to be swallowed whole.

    Hoseok uses his finger to gently push (Y/N) further into his mouth, that is until he meets resistance. The pred pauses, gazing down at the small hands that grip his chin, a prick of worry sparking in his stomach. He's about to pull her out by the hood of her jacket when she speaks up "thank you for listening to my vent earlier, Hoseok" she glances up at her friend, running her hands along his cupid's bow. "And thanks for doing this for me" she finishes by patting his top lip and then dropping her hands.

    Hoseok frowns unable to talk with her sticking out of his mouth and settles for giving her an appreciative smile while stroking her face. He then ever so gently pushes the rest of her body into his mouth being mindful of his teeth as they shut behind her, sealing her in.

    (Y/N) rolls over onto her stomach, arms splayed out before her as she watches the light from the kitchen disappear from her view. The muscle beneath her begins moving and prodding her, drenching her clothes and skin in saliva. The tiny runs her hands along his tongue earning a deep hum from him. "Ready when you are" she calls out laying still, wanting to make the experience as pleasant as she can for her friend.

    And just like that Hoseok tilts his head back, touching the palm of his hand to his neck as he swallows. The pred closes his eyes as he feels (Y/N)'s feet catch in his throat, pulling her in up to her waist. Giving her a second to get comfortable, Hoseok then takes a second gulp sending (Y/N) down. Her body making a lump against his hand as she passes by, Hoseok follows her descent past his collarbone and down into his chest. Eventually landing his hand on his abdomen as he feels (Y/N) slip into the spacious chamber.

    Placing his other hand against the counter as he leans back, running his tongue over his lips as he let's the weight settle in his middle.

    "Hey, you okay in there?" He questions rubbing his thumb back and forth over where he can feel her leaning against him.

    (Y/N) blinks uselessly in the dark confines of the stomach. She flinches when Hoseok's voice rumbles through the walls around her. "Oh! Yeah I'm good, thank you" she smiles patting the wall behind her, her giant counterpart returning the gesture with his own little smile.

    "Good, rest up. I'll let you out later to get some dinner" he murmurs rubbing his stomach. (Y/N) hums "okay. Thanks Hoseok, I'll see you later" the tiny huddles up with a small yawn.

    With his little friend safely tucked away within him, Hoseok's ready to set off back to his room when Tae stumbles into the kitchen looking fresh out of bed. He mumbles a good morning to which Hoseok corrects that it's the afternoon.

    The two make small talk as the younger makes himself a coffee, Hoseok slipping in a little white lie that their tiny roommate had headed to bed early and probably wouldn't eat until late. Which isnt a complete lie, she is in fact sleeping, just not in her bed. Tae nods and invites Hoseok to a gaming marathon in the living room to which the older accepts.

    Hoseok goes about his day as normal, albeit with a hand over his stomach the entire time.

    Content with the little life getting some much needed rest within him.

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