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  • froggycove
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sometimes I think about this doctor show where a man was r*ping his basically brain dead wife to get her pregnant and the doctor who reported him for his actions was seen as the bad guy :/

    #rape mention #tw rape mention
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  • katsukissy
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #;love letters; #— pretty boy hitoshi. #damn i-#wowqwww#rape tw#tw rape #rape mention tw
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  • touch1ngfeel1ng
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    [tw r*pe]

    Ummm when u watch a show from the early 2000s and then they just pull out the literal rape mention out of nowhere

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  • bi-leigh-bi
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Genuinely I am disturbed by the amount of people who want to write about rape. I mean objectively it’s... it is what it is. But it truly turns my stomach in ways I don’t want to and maybe can’t get into detail about. Like every story I come across with detailed mentions or actual scenes of Bucky being raped make me feel ill. But so many people seem to want to write this? I don’t know this post has no purpose, I’m just feeling a kind of way.

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  • marlikesmuffins
    15.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • a-cowboy-needs-a-hat
    15.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    high school history class is insane its like shhshshsh there are Bad Words in this audiobook (shit x3 fuck x1) but dont repeat them. anyway good morning its 9am a third of todays lesson is going to be about rape and this is the first time youre hearing about this. lets get started

    #i mean. history is dark. history is important to learn. i get that for sure #saying 'shit' is also a part of history ! #why arent high schoolers allowed to swear? am i an idiot? whats the problem w/ swear words. what even is swearing. what makes these words #so special. #im putting off my two month old history hw thats due in 6 hours ok bye. #tw rape#rape ment #ask 2 tag #cowboy posts
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  • vancityalex
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • captbenscn
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    15x06 Dissonant Voices

    Okay, but I need to talk about this therapy session! 

    Peter (Therapist): You say things have been crazy at work.

    Olivia: This case that I’ve been working on...

    Peter: With those young boys? I saw your name in the paper.

    Olivia: You know, sometimes I... I feel like I’m playing whac-a mole, you know? You just knock one down and then three pop up, and it’s just over and over and over and, you know, but then I think... even if I save one...

    Peter: Is that how you think of yourself, as a savior?

    Olivia: Someone has to protect them.

    This is such an important session for Olivia. All of them are, really, and I love seeing her in therapy, getting help. Not only are we learning about her but she is learning about herself and I LOVE this therapist. He truly cares about her and he LISTENS. He listens and he helps and he never pressures her into saying anything, but he’s always so open and ready to hear what she has to say and he just... pays attention. To what she says, to how she says it. And god, he’s been such a huge help to her.

    But man, Liv definitely has a hero complex. But it’s not out of... arrogance or the strive for popularity or anything like that, it’s just... wanting to help people. Wanting to save them. Wanting to give voice to those that don’t have it or are afraid to speak. She has this need to protect them because who else will? Especially those that are either alone or have been abandoned, like she has. And I do think it comes from the need of wanting to be helped herself, wanting to be saved, and wanting to be... loved. Despite being so independent and afraid to be taken care of. And the therapist gets into that below.

    Peter: Yes, but does it always have to be you?

    Olivia: It’s my job.

    Peter: You ever wondered why? 

    Olivia: Just say what you’re thinking.

    Peter: You’ve spent so much of your life taking care of others, yet this last week I found myself thinking, all these sessions you’ve never mentioned your parents. But I couldn’t help but wonder, when you were a little girl, did someone take care of you?

    And there it is. He brings up her parents and it all goes back to them and her childhood. All of her life she’s spent it taking care of others like he said. Including her alcoholic mother. And taking care of herself, too. Because her mother rarely did. And yes, they had good days, their relationship wasn’t ALL bad, but it definitely wasn’t ALL good either. And we learn that in so many episodes. Such as the mental abuse, the arguments, seeing Olivia as a mistake or a reminder of her rape and reason for alcoholism, (which Olivia grows to understand and doesn’t always fault her for), and the fights that did turn physical. One that we learned about in the show. And it’s so... heartbreaking. This therapist really delves deep into Olivia’s mind - into her life - and he puts so much together and he gets her thinking, too. 

    And then this look on her face: 

    She’s about to break because he’s right. He’s figured it out and he’s right. And it’s not just a look of ache and agony in her eyes, it’s also one of appreciation, I think. Appreciation for this man in front of her, listening to her, and caring about her, and just... figuring things out. Things that help her.  I don’t know how else to explain it, but damn, I just love Peter and what he’s done for her and I know Olivia feels the same way and I LOVE that he sticks around for a long time. 

    Also, his “did someone take care of you?” is a great parallel to a future episode where Garland tells Olivia (after a hostage situation) to “let someone take care of you.” And it’s a great call back to this moment, but also sad because in the show, when Garland tells that to her, she’s... alone. She doesn’t exactly have someone to take care of her (although Elliot IS back, so) but yeah... 

    This session is so good, but so sad, too. And I will forever love Peter and how much he helped Olivia.

    #shar watches SVU #olivia benson #although in my main verse she does have someone to take care of her #and she lets them and it's so important and so good #and i'm so happy #and so is she #tw; rape
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  • panlight
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Submission: Embry's father

    I’ve thought about this quite a lot, even though Smeyer hasn’t, and I think Embry’s father is Billy Black. Now hear me out! Smeyer is big on punishment. Examples are Rosalie and Leah Clearwater. Leah strikes me as more obvious. She was engaged to Sam. I get the impression she and Sam were “intimate.” Oh, no! Premarital sex! Leah is punished by her fiancé dumping her. Then she’s punished by having her best friend/cousin taken away. Next, she phases, her father has a heart attack and dies, and then she’s punished by being an outcast in the only group she can be a part of anymore. The wolf boys treat her like crap. And THEN what’s the worst thing that can happen to her? She can’t have babies. It’s the end of the F-ing world.

    Rosalie. Beautiful, sought after. Men noticed her when she was TWELVE, for crying out loud. She knew she was beautiful and all she wanted was the house, the servants, and babies of her own to love. Her parents throw her at Royce. Whirlwind romance. Vain, shallow Rosalie is in love with love. Caught herself a wealthy young man. She’s a little jealous of her friend Vera. Does a dumb thing by walking home alone at night. Is gang raped. Oh, shit. What happens? Rosalie is cursed for eternity because she was blonde, and pretty, and wanted by all the men, was de-virginized horrifically, and what’s even worse? SHE CAN NEVER HAVE BABIES OF HER OWN!

    Seems I recall Smeyer saying something about not liking blonde females so much.

    Then there’s Billy Black. He did *something* bad. His wife was killed, leaving him with three children to raise. His daughters left him and didn’t look back. (He couldn’t control his female children and keep them in the fold). His son is “cursed” by turning into a wolf. He ends up in a wheel chair. He never remarried. He did something bad to get all that bad karma raining down on him.

     Might be kind of simplistic, but that’s where I’m coming from.

    Very interesting theory! It would have never occurred to me to see a parallel between Billy, Rosalie, and Leah's storylines. I also like the theme with Billy about the Past coming back and haunting him in the present. Arguably he would deserve karma more than Leah and Rosalie? It would be a compelling narrative.

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  • dobbys-simp
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i wanna be the kind of person that touches a lot of people's hearts, and make it something to remember me by. like ted bundy. he touched a bunch of people, a bunch of times, in a bunch of places.

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  • comicalwenger
    15.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i hate when commentators call r*naldo "classy" like he is literally a rapist

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  • fariestale
    15.06.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #tw rape#zutara #tw rape mention #you don't see how fucked up it is to use someone's trauma #rapists rape for no reason karen #t
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  • maneaterpersonified
    15.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    (Terfs i stg dont reblog this I'm trans i will eat you alive)

    The way some of you get mad at women(just afab people in general) for not liking men or just wanting nothing to do with them is a direct reflection of your opinion on poc not liking white people, or queer/trans people not like cis/straight people. Minorities DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING. The only reason misandry exists is because of misogyny. I cannot stress this enough: you cannot oppress the oppressor. Oh women don't like men, boo fucking hoo. Men still get away with raping women in broad day light, still get away with domestic abuse. Their opinions are still held over women's.

    It's the same thing as, and yes I will make this comparison, you coming up to me and telling me that it's wrong that I don't like most white people. That I'm sTereOtyPinG white people. Because white people will SAY that they're a ally, but then I say something they don't like, and they suddenly think they have the right to argue with me, a black person, on what is racism and what is not. It's not anybody's issue but yours if I don't trust you because you're white. Stop being such a big fucking baby and suck it up. Not my problem if you're getting your fweelings hwurt. Just like it's not a woman's fault if a man gets butthurt over us not trusting him because he's a man.

    #(cis) men do not comment #locust buzzing#misandry#tw rape#domestic abuse#cursing #and no i won't be nicer about it #im a person on the internet not ur mommy #racism
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