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  • skeletorishot
    28.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    someone comfort me I just spilled a whole ass cup of black coffee on my bed and behind my bed and all over my shit ;-;

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  • deathwxtch
    28.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    “  Ok.  First  of,  good  to  know.  Second  of  WHAT  THE  FUCK  ??  “
    #tw caps lock #tw swearing #{ hjfdshjfds good luck being poached big worm } #☾ Rot and Decay (Ic) #☾ (Reply) #☾ Harbinger of Death (Maxime)
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  • deathwxtch
    28.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago
    Anonymous said:  Only $100? Bro the person who sold you got scammed. Do you know how much human organs are worth?
    “  Dude,  I’m  a  fucking witch,  AND  a  harbinger  of  death  at  that  !  If  memories  serve  me  right,  the  woman  who  bought  me  did  so  for  my  blood,  which  implies  in  times  of  Eld,  witch’s  blood  held  magical  properties.  I  WAS  WORTH  MORE  THAN  100  GILS  COME  ON  THAT’S  DUMB.  “
    #{ max vc: Side note don't you people ever try to sell me again I /will/ go feral } #☾ Rot and Decay (Ic) #☾ (Reply) #☾ On the Wings of Ravens (Ask) #☾ Whispers in the Night (Anon) #☾ Harbinger of Death (Maxime) #tw swearing #tw caps lock #tw slavery
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  • rebelliousrochelle
    28.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Carpe the fucking diem bitch get out of your daydreams. If he wanted you to stay he would've shown

    Me to myself:

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  • butterflyinthewell
    28.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Holy crap, I’m fiddling with my Hannibal fic right now and writing Hannibal with Alzheimer’s is actually really sad.

    Midway through the disease, he has lucid moments where he’s aware he has it and many more where he doesn’t.

    He reacts to disordered spaces with terror. A messy room scares him because it looks like his crumbling Memory Palace, and he can’t tell if he’s inside himself or looking at the outside world.

    Will takes him shopping at a supermarket and he freaks out because it’s being stocked and there’s chaos everywhere. Basically anything that would be a nightmare to an autistic person like me would be one for someone with Alzheimer’s too.

    Let’s just say Hannibal acts out in ways he would be mortified about if he was lucid.

    Will handles it, but holy shit I’m crying.

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  • coldkidhairdodragon
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hey today Austin Police officers responded to a call in the Circle C area, this area in Austin is extremely white suburban. They called the police because a person, who is mentally ill, did not have their lawn mowed. The police showed up to this man’s home and started mowing it without warning. The homeowner shot at police, and eventually started a fire in his house. No one went inside to save him. Not even the firefighters who later came to stop the burn. The homeowner didn’t die in his but later in the hospital. I don’t know if it was from the gunshot wound he received from the officers as he came out of his burning home or from smoke inhalation. The only help the police have was trying to coax him out of the house as it was burning.

    Now that I’m done with info dump I can be pissed. Not just at the police but at the white suburban people too. A man fucking died because his lawn wasn’t fucking mowed. HE DIED BECAUSE THEIR UGLY ASS STREET DIDN’T LOOK UNIFORMED.

    They found the most convenient excuse to tried to get rid of him. Because they are so bigoted against mentally ill people. THIS WHOLE COMMUNITY KILLED A PERSON. THEY WERE GOING TO LET HIM BURN ALIVE.

    White middle class suburban people are never on our side. They are on the side of the police. The police work for them and they help fund, and elect those who will fund police.

    Fuck the police and fuck white middle class suburbia.


    Write to community leaders and your elective officials.

    If you can vote here in Austin vote against Prop A. Don’t let them take funding away from our libraries and parks to give to these murderous pigs.

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  • warioware-gen
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #not a headcanon #negative tw#swearing cw
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  • luvjoyed
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ┃ mental affliction

    summary ━━ you swore you saw him every turn you took, but it couldn’t be, right?

    pairing ━━ ghost!tommy & gn!reader

    warnings ━━ ghosts, swearing, mentions of death, spirals of questions, chapped lips (not descriptive, just mentioned)

    word count ━━ 1,196

    a/n ━━ if tommy were never revived! i liked the idea of ghostinnit so i wrote a little something i suppose :) i hope you enjoy this idea/interpretation of mine. should i mayhaps write headcanons for ghostinnit?

    you remember the day you were hit with the unfortunate news. tubbo and ranboo had arrived back to your snowchester home, giving the words that you never wished to hear. the person who made up your friend group was dead, the person who meant most to each of you — dead. how ironic you remembered that day and nothing about him? quite selfish, isn’t it?

    you remember the day you were hit with the unfortunate news. tubbo and ranboo had arrived back to your snowchester home, giving the words that you never wished to hear. the person who made up your friend group was dead, the person who meant most to each of you — dead. how ironic you remembered that day and nothing about him? quite selfish, isn’t it?

    after time had passed, he started to become a distant memory, a ghost of what was and what used to be. his name stuck to the tip of your tongue. there but never to be remembered, just as he was. the tang in your mouth when he crossed your mind was overbearing. you could vomit simply thinking of it, let alone have it sit in the back of your throat. some days you imagined what it would have been like if you had gone with him that day. what would have happened if you died too to dream’s hands? would he be more okay with that - not being alone? or would he have rather him than you, or tubbo, or ranboo?

    you liked to daydream about the what ifs if he were still alive. you couldn’t deny that you didn’t miss him. you knew ranboo and tubbo did too. it was impossible to not. as annoying as he could be sometimes, you three loved him all the same. he was your friend by blood, you considered him family for as long as any of you could remember. what would he think of you now? would he treat you differently now after he’s been… dead? does he think of you too perhaps?

    too many questions that could go forever unanswered. it leaves your brain in a whirlwind.

    your ears and eyes played tricks on you sometimes. your brain made things up to make it easier. you would swear you’d hear his accent again or see the blond of his hair in the corner of your eye, glimpses long enough to burn. it was all impossible, or so you thought. ghostbur had come around, right? could he do the same? could he be a ghost too, watching over you from afar?

    it couldn’t be.

    thinking of it again caused your imagination to spark up and see yet another wisp of his blond hair. your “imagination” until he spoke to you this time. “what’s up, y/n?” tommy asked you as if he had saw you the day before, his head cocked to the side.

    you came close to fainting at the sight of his ghostly figure standing before you. “hello…” you shortly paused to try and remember his name, then having it come to you all on once in a headache, “…tommy.” a shiver ran down your spine, goosebumps apparent at the top of your skin. why hadn’t he spoke to you before? why had he only chose now?

    “you’ve made me think i’d gone crazy, i’ve been seeing you. i hope you know you aren’t as sneaky as you think,” you giggle to yourself, eyeing his disapproving look.

    a sigh pushes past his lips, coming closer to you. “fuck off,” he jokes. his smile was enough to prove it. you go to shove his shoulder, but your hand pushes through his body.


    a small frown adorns your lips. you catch eyes with him and you see his smile falter. you knew deep down he missed you too and had watched for any chance to speak without frightening you.

    in a quiet voice you pushed out the words you had wished to say to him for years now. “i miss you, tommy.” he looks away for a moment, not being able to bear seeing the tears that formed in your eyes.

    in a swift motion, he had his arms around your shoulder and his face pressed to your neck. he wrapped you into a bone- chilling hug with wet tears clinging to the skin of your neck from his own cheeks. you had never once saw him cry before… before…

    “hey, it’s okay. you’re here now, right? isn’t that what matters?” he weakly nods and angerily wipes the tears from his face. “but i left you,” he spits back in anger at not you or anyone else, but rather himself.

    you start to feel angry that he could blame this on himself. you wanted nothing more than to shake the nonsense right out of his mouth. “i left you here all alone while i–,” he cuts himself off, not wanting to say aloud the next words to come, “…i died to that bastard’s hands in that goddamned prison. and i haven’t spoken to you for years!”

    one look up to you was all it took to be said that you didn’t blame him at all, and that it definitely was not his fault. “i missed you too,” his voice small and frayed at the ends. he didn’t want to admit it because that made it real. he missed you just as much, if not more, as you had missed him.

    it was your turn to cry. the guilt and grief you’d felt in the time from when he was gone washed away all in the instant he said he missed you. it couldn’t to have been to blame that your best friend was the cure of your deep-rooted hurt. you forced yourself to joke, “you don’t mean that, do you?” a smile forced itself to your chapped lips. earning an eye roll, you laugh.

    “you’re here to stay, hm?” you ask him. “only if you’re allowing me to stay with you again.” you see, he hadn’t lived in his own house nearly as much as your own. the two of you could have been considered roommates. right after the exile, he ran until he came to your doorstep. he’d been the first person he saw since leaving. your home was his too.

    you nod. “of course. anything for you, big man.” his grin grows as wide as his face allowed, looking to you with a glint of glee inside his blue eyes. that’s the color you promised to remember and were reminded of again.

    for months to come, the blond refused to leave your side. he had become more attached to you than ever. he followed your every footstep and had actually created a nickname for you because of his favorite flower. allium. “my allium”, supposedly due to the fact you brought him comfort same as the purple colored flower.

    the thought of him being a ghost almost — almost — had left your mind. it left your mind in a place of anguish. what would happen if he want back to limbo? would he be forever gone then? what if you never got to see him again? would today be the last day?

    #luvjoyed#tw: ghosts#cw: swearing #tw: mentions of death #tw: spirals of questions #tw: mention of chapped lips #tommyinnit#tommyinnit mcyt#tommy mcyt#tommyinnit dsmp #tommyinnit & reader #tommyinnit & you #gn!reader #tommyinnit imagine#angst#imagine#oneshot#dream smp#dsmp#mcyt fanfiction#mcyt fandom
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  • deathwxtch
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    “  You  people  buy  fake  bones  for  Samhain  ??  What  kind  of  whimpy-ass  spirits  are  you  scaring  off  with  those  ??  Get  naturaly-sourced,  100%  natural  skeletons  for  Samhain,  come  on.  “
    #{ pov max judges u for your dinky plastic skeleton decorations } #tw swearing #☾ Harbinger of Death (Maxime) #☾ You May Proceed (Open Starter) #☾ High on A Feeling... And Psychedelics (Crack) #☾ Rot and Decay (Ic)
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  • worm-tired
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


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  • grcycosmcs
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    @lifecherished​ traded a  💬 for a personalized starter
            for years , janae had been one to mostly keep to herself. even before her best friend died , she had never really minded moments where she was left alone. or at least , she’d convinced herself that’s the case. it’s a bit more difficult now though , being that solitude urged her to reach for her phone even more often in attempts to quiet her thoughts a bit with distractions. however , despite some time having gone by , she’s still worried that yet another message will flash across her screen one day , threatening to reveal her secrets. instead of a notification when she grabs her phone now though , she’s met with a black screen. “  you got to be joking ,  ” she mutters to herself before turning to the woman nearby. “  hey , do you got a charger by chance  ?  my phone’s battery is apparently shit.  ”

    - ko mun yeong.

    #janae.oouil #janae.interactions #lifecherished #with.komunyeong #swearing tw #ooc : lemme know if this doesn't work for you !
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  • my-humble-abode
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    how to make pesto go further in one easy step: add approximately one metric shit-ton of olive oil

    #yes this is now a cooking blog #also shout out to @randomgreenchair for helping me to figure out how to spell shit-ton #which by the way no longer looks like a word #food tw#swearing tw#o
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  • gaypeople-inmyphone
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    putain de merde salope trou du cul


    #post #poste mais en français #tw swearing
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  • balls-deep-in-deez-nuts
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    my insane arch

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  • witchitzy
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    #elena.txt #tw: negative#feeling: irritated #so the job that i quit two weeks ago? i quit on a payday . but i didn't get paid for That day #well today was the next payday #and my ex-coworker texts me (who quit right after i did) #and instead of idk ? MAILING our fucking checks to us? our old boss says we have to come IN to pick it up. #and we have to bring our shirts back . like our old uniform . we have to bring the shirts back #babygirl i was gonna burn those??? fuck you #fuck you . #im so angry #she's being incredibly petty rn and i swear to god #i've never despised a human more than i despised that woman #i still do tbfh. for reasons like this #i just want my check and never to talk to this woman again #god. #that job was like an abusive relationship it was fucking awful #i always was like 'oh why dont ppl in abusive or toxic situations just leave' and then i worked there and now i understand #its not that easy bro #it took me like four months to get the courage to leave and i was sobbing the whole time #(the whole time i quit)
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  • little-bi-biscuit
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i could have gone to bed at 8 or 9 and god knows i need the sleep but nooo here i am at 10 still up bc i’m a dumb bitch

    anyways this is my gn post

    #good i hate myself this is like the third time i’m pulled shit like this #toad talks#tw swearing
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  • fandom-smoothie
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    vent under the cut sjjdjdjxj

    yk that moment when it’s been 3 years but tr*uma hits you like a truck n makes you spiral? yeah

    #i swear the vent is Funny #not really#eh#trauma tw
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  • catto-ohno
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    #i am crying tears of joy #fuck yes #m talks pokemon #2 HOURS!!!! #oh my GOD #tw caps #tw all caps #tw swearing
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  • mubthemoff
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    When the fuck did it become october 27th where the fuck did all those days go WHAT THE FUCK

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  • cal-kingofwhatever
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    If people could stop talking shit about stuff/fandoms I'm into that'd be fucking great

    #tw vent#tw swearing #every time i see something saying something bad about like a Youtuber/TV show i like i lose 10 years off of my life #it kills me #and i dont even know why #but everytime i see something like that it kills my mood for the rest of the day
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