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  • systemsideblog
    14.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Sysmeds be like:*points to the most derranged person ever who just so happens to be an endo inclusionist* clearly this means all inclusionists are like this

    This is literally the same shit acephobes/transmeds/ etc pull, point to one(1) post of some dude saying kissing in public is acephobic and act like all aces are like that

    “This ONE system (who didn’t even say if they were endo or not) tweeted the creator to ask if it was ok to have a fictive! Look at how stupid all the inclusionists are!”

    There are going to be weird people with weird opinions no matter where you go your perfect little community is not any better

    Ok rant over

    [Image ID: blue text that says “Anti-endos will be blocked on sight” with the sparkle emoji on each end. End ID]

    #☁️#syscourse tw#syscourse#endogenic inclusive #I need to stop looking at sysmed blogs #AND the whole syscourse shit is stupid #you think singlets care about what your origins are #if their system-phobic or whatever they are going to hate you no matter what #your just attacking people who are on your side #also we aren’t endo before anyone tries to pull that card #rant over for real this time
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  • system-of-a-feather
    13.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I know (hope) this is not the majority, but the amount of disregard for boundaries and how much enmeshment and just uncomfortable stan behavior going on in the #systems4dsmp is just something I really find very uncomfortable.

    Its all good for people to promote themselves for streaming and all but scrolling down though it and seeing people go “I am LITERALLY ___” and “We have almost everyone in the MCYT” and just complete lack of awareness for boundaries and respect for REAL people is just really uncomfortable

    I understand that introjects can’t control their source. I understand that as an introject it can be really hard to not identify with / genuinely see yourself as literally your source. I understand that, but in the realm of dealing with real people - some of which are MINORS - your behavior can still be harmful and crossing boundaries.

    On a private blog, a private twitter, whatever it is, fine, talk as you like because that is your space and your experience, but to put it on a trending thing that you are >literally< them or trying to blur the lines between the content creator and the introject and assuming relationships as a result is just *not okay*

    Please be careful with your parasocial relationships. Behaviors based on them are not always - and arguably usually not - innocent.

    To people using the tag to promote themselves, you are fine.

    To people with MCYT introjects that understand boundaries and try to respect the real living people they are based on, you are fine.

    Please watch your parasocial relationships.

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  • fireflier
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #@🌕 #catboy-on-main#tw syscourse #aa might have to make a rule against discoursey stuff at some point bc it always makes me anxious /nm
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  • fireflier
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • mental--healthawareness
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Deleted my recent post about plurality outside of DID and OSDD because I'm mentally exhausted of certain types of messages, but thank you so much to the people who responded and for sharing your experiences! 🌼

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  • longe-boye
    09.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Contemplating if I should put anti-endo in my bio because some endos on twitter are making me angry lol

    #syscourse#syscourse cw#syscourse tw #please don't bring syscourse into my asks. this is more a vent.
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  • nido-emojis
    09.06.2021 - 4 days ago
    #this isn't meant as an angry rant btw! just an explanation as to why we use the term sysmed ^^ #not emotes#mod 5355#tw transmeds#tw syscourse#tw medical
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  • cozy-corner-system
    08.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    TL;DR We’re all people, and people are complex - let people explore who they are, come to their own conclusions, but also don’t be afraid to point out ableism when it happens.

    Alright, a little more rambly, but only because we’re a little tired on this.

    Endogenic Systems are, by nature, definition and name, not caused by trauma. They are reportedly just naturally occurring - something that just happened. Depending on the person, they can also claim that they made themself into an Endogenic System, whether it’s through meditation, (day)dreaming, manifesting, or what have you.

    Now to preface this:

    As long as this is done in good faith and practice, and is not used as a means to harm others or excuse the actions of oneself, sure; go ahead. Just please keep in mind what you say may hurt and perhaps even downright trigger others - specifically dissociative Systems.

    To us, a System means having your brain run extremely differently to everyone else’s - specifically in regards to the idea of The Self. Singlets are a singular, solid Self - that’s why they are called Singlets. Systems, on the other hand, are multiple slivers, fragments, and shards of the Self. This is because, typically, a grand amount of trauma came around and prevented the brain from forming into a far more solid, singular Self. Think of a mosaic painting slowly coming together to form one grand painting, only for a stampede of bulls to come and shatter it. That is often how Systems are formed. Each alter is their own shard to this once greater piece of art, but now everything is far too damaged to properly be put back together at this moment.

    Now, by going with this idea of The Self being a mosaic - glass - painting, this is how we see Endogenic and other ‘naturally’ occurring Systems: A person who is one whole, finished painting - a Singular, Solid Self. Then, one day, this person hears about these shattered paintings and how each shard is their own piece to the painting. The person then proceeds to find a way to shatter themself. At least, they think they do. Because really, all they’ve done is create a shard completely separate to their own painting. They are still a whole Self with an extra shard that is completely unrelated to their whole Self.

    Some may claim that it is a shard from their whole Self, and sometimes they are right. Except, the thing is that this was a shard made by the painting itself. The Self - the painting - took on the role of the bull and shattered a section of themself. Meanwhile, the painting that was shattered by an actual herd of bulls is still trying to get itself back together, or at least find a way to function. They never wanted to be shattered - they never wanted to be crushed beneath the weight, or experience the pain, scars, and torment that came after it. They didn’t ask to have all these shards of a once nearly whole Self, but the other painting did. It wanted to have the shards, but didn’t have anyone around to shatter it - so it did that by itself. No pain, no scars, no torment, no lost nights of sleep - nothing.

    Do both of these paintings still have shards? Yes. Do they have shards for the same purpose or reason? No.

    Are they the same? Not really, no.

    Now, imagine a painting that is shattered - a painting that has been broken apart into shards by some outside force. Imagine this painting then going around and saying “oh, no, I haven’t been shattered by anyone! I’m just naturally shattered like this” to all the other paintings around; shattered or otherwise. This painting claims to have naturally been shattered like this, but many, many other shattered paintings know. They know what truly happened to the other shattered painting to cause all of its shards to take form.

    What’s important is to recognize that not all paintings - not all Systems - will know they are dissociative. We aren’t meant to know about our Systems or our disorders, because that can create the risk of also knowing about the trauma so dutifully hidden away. Sure, there are some Systems who were purposefully made, whatever. But there are also many Systems who believe themselves to be natural, or purposefully made, when clearly they just have very strong amnesiac barriers between themself and some, most, or all their Alters.

    I guess the point of this post is to just further exemplify that it’s okay to be dissociative, and, to an extent, it’s okay to be scared at the possibility there is trauma you don’t remember. That’s the point of being a dissociative System in the first place - to protect you, the Host, from taking the brunt of most trauma you experience. You don’t deserve to be screamed at over the internet, or made fun of, or harassed, or anything; especially if you are trying to come to terms with being dissociative a.k.a traumagenic.

    It’s okay to not be ready to face your trauma - whatever it may be. It’s okay to not want to discuss what trauma you might even have. It’s okay to take your time and explore on your time and with what feels right to you. Let me tell, it is especially okay to do this if you are a minor. Being a kid, or even a teen, is hard and it sucks a lot, so I can’t blame any Systems out there who are young, confused, and maybe even scared - so they latch onto the Endo label. You don’t need the stress of general teenage stuff, school, the maze of puzzles and riddles that is teenage socializing, the blossoming self awareness of yourself and the world around you and the probable fact you have repressed memories of trauma and that you aren’t as whole of a painting you once thought yourself to be because of that. If The Host is ND in another way, as well (say, autistic, ADHD, or something else of the sort), and they have a lot of introjects based on characters from media they like and take part in, then they just might even think themself even more of an Endo than a dissociative System.

    And, again, that’s fine. Let people come to their own conclusions. Trauma is a tough thing - those of us who are aware of the trauma we’ve faced, and also the fact we’re Systems because of it, also have to realize that we have a lot of shit to unpack, fix up, and handle. And it’s stressful. It’s tough. It really fucking sucks. Not everyone is capable of handling trauma, or even think they might have it.

    We’re all paintings that are shattered or have shards in some way. It’s okay to be dissociative, and it’s okay to not be ready to fully face that yet. It’s not okay for anyone to be yelling at each other, sending each other threats, spreading misinformation, or heaven-forbid being ableist and inconsiderate. Just. Let people explore and figure themselves out. Don’t pressure them into one box or the other. We’re all people.

    #Pesky and Co #tw syscourse#kind of #i don't know we're just ramblin #and tired #wanna support others but some of the shi they say #kinda makes us kneejerk into thinkin of them as ableist #or heavily misinformed #or scared #lol its a courtroom up in this innerworld
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  • nido-emojis
    07.06.2021 - 6 days ago
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  • matkarico
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    for context theres a tiktok of some person complaining about the way child alters speak (???)

    its such a non issue, there are actual issues to worry about but "i dont like how child alters talk :(" isnt one

    like what are we gonna do tell every child alter ever to not ??? talk ??? in a certain way? ok

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  • fireflier
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • morphocollective
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #⚔️.txt #I hope this makes sense? #there’s a lotta blogs that talk more about this #send another ask if u want recommendations I guess #tw: syscourse#askbox
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  • morbid-little-mindset
    31.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Technically I probably count as a system, but I don't think I'd ever be open about it bc we formed in a really weird way and I don't want to have to deal with the discourse and persecution from sysmeds.

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  • choicepunk
    27.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Hey, if you’re a system blog, you might wanna block the user anti--endo (two dashes)

    Regardless of your stance on syscourse, they’re going around and jumping onto positivity posts with threats/sui baiting (ex: “get hit by a bus”, “get hit in the face with a brick”) and just really rude/awful comments in general, mainly for the sake of trying to start discourse, including on recovery/positivity blogs.

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  • changelingsystem
    22.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    thanks, syscourse assholes. you made one of our trauma holders so upset she deleted her blog, because the pointed out syscourse was a trigger and you still decided her take was bad enough to harass her about.

    for a group so focused on trauma and trauma healing, you sure dont seem to take “hey this triggers me please stop” very well.

    this site makes it really easy to block people you don’t like, but really hard to not see all the responses on a post you don’t want to see anymore. just block people you don’t want to see takes from. and stop harassing people for having a different opinion than you do.

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  • extranth
    22.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #racism tw#syscourse tw #dont clown on this post btw or ill eat your knees #also if peoples experiences arent really enough to you #youre probably not going to get along with a lot of systems in general #an entire community and their safety and experiences >>> whether or not they have a study yet
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