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  • spotsofruby
    21.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    @mythosisms for a plotted starter || Prison Break

    " This is horseshit! " Words ( not the first since her capture ) were directed to none in particular, padded walls quick to dampen the sound as they ripped free from the small woman in a snarl. " I didn't do anything wrong! " Partial Truth. Morally, Ruby HADN'T done anything wrong when she'd interfered with a patient transfer, or that's what it was on paper; the hospital was legally obligated to contact authorities when pathogens for lycanthropy were found in a person's blood, as the disease was highly infectious to humans.

    The reality of the situation was of a much darker variety, where instead of being treated at a state run facility, they were captured and contained. Shackled in silver, which negated all preternatural powers acquired with the shift and in most cases, stopped the shift itself. Used as test subjects in a variety of experiments. Everyone feared such facilities, stories told in a similar fashion as the boogeyman that lurked around every corner, though a clear warning was found within; do not get caught, as there is no escape.

    And Ruby now found herself contained within such a place, all because her body had acted before her mind could process who the people were that she assaulted. Had scented fear and the subtle musk of wolf as she approached the entrance to the hospital, watched as armed guards escorted a stretcher towards an ambulance, and took off without a second thought to her own safety. Barreled into one guard, caused him to topple over as small fingers were swift to disarm him; utilized the butt of the gun in hand to smash upwards into the chin of the other, where a leg then kicked out to break a kneecap. Oblivious that the first guard had pulled a tranq dart from a pocket, only reacting to smash him in the face with a foot as it was stabbed into her upper thigh.

    Whatever cocktail of drugs used was effective -- almost immediately did blackness begin to invade her consciousness, caused limbs to tingle as they lost feeling. Teeth had grit in a refusal to give in, desperate as a sluggish body moved towards the stretcher, tugged at various straps and buckles until they fell away from the other shifter. A soft plea of RUN uttered moments before she collapsed fully to the ground, vaguely aware as her small frame was restrained and silver shackles placed on her person.

    Initially upon waking, they'd had the leopardess in what could be compared to a regular prison cell; encased by brick walls and silver bars, the floor beneath bare feet cement. Ruby had been stripped down to nothing, the only item on her person was a collar that encased the slender of a throat. It, too, was silver and wired to send electric shocks to the barer should they get out of hand. The feline had learned that quick enough, as rage poured from the small of her person, let out in feral screams and the force of her person thrown against unmovable bars. Over and over, and over again, no matter how many times she fell in between as electric currents caused muscles to seize.

    They thought she would go quietly; would succumb to the knowledge that there would be no escape. But in the days - had it been days? - since her capture, the woman proved herself every bit the alpha that she was. To the point where she'd become a danger to herself, as Ruby would not allow anyone else to decide whether she lived another day.

    It was shortly after that she was moved to the padded room, extra shackles placed on her person in an effort to reign in the beast. And there she would stay, until they were ready to use her in their next phase of testing for the cure.

    " Let me OUT! "

    #|| -- there's only one thing that i wanna feel right now; cyrus #( cyrus. ) #( prison break. ) #mythosisms#tw: imprisonment#tw: torture
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  • malachaibennetts
    21.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    bonkai fanon 2/?

    Kai: Elena, you of all people should be able to look past the questionable things I’ve done to see that there’s good somewhere in me. You did it with Damon.
    Kai: Think of it like Elena in reverse. You know, she was human, pure, dating the good Salvatore. Then she became an undead blood vacuum, stopped caring about right and wrong, and started dating the bad one.
    Elena: That's not how it happened.
    Kai: Hmm. I'm sure I missed a detail or two, but I'm just paraphrasing what Damon told me in the prison world. 
    #bonkai fanon#bonkai edit#bonkai#kai parker #ok i haven't actually seen this fan theory (which surprised me?) so i guess this is just me #but like...why did he choose elena to torture? #for what reason. to upset damon? #maybe. to draw jo out? i'm not sure he knew that was what would happen #and we're to assume from this that he eavesdropped on pretty much every bamon conversation in the 1994 prison world #we don't know exactly what those entailed; of course ; but this would suggest.... #violence tw #also i wasn't able to fit screencaps of kai fucking damon up but we know that happened #and that he doubled ; probably hoping damon was going to accidentally harm elena. which he does #blood tw
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  • themology
    21.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    On this day in 1972, then-president Ferdinand Marcos signed Proclamation 1081, declaring Martial Law in the Philippines. Thousands of Filipinos were imprisoned, tortured, and killed as the Marcos family amassed power, wealth, and control.


    Martial Law, the dark chapter in Philippine history


    source: rappler

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  • obliviscii
    21.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    The negative effects of the Ultimate Weapon are scars that were left on Yveltal, physically, emotionally, and mentally. To this day, the effects of it can still rise up within him without warning.

    Being put into the weapon directly was like Yveltal’s soul had been torn from his body, and dipped into the most horrible agony imaginable. The pain was mind numbing; he had never experienced anything so horrific in his life up until that point. He could hear the thousands of souls, used to power the weapon during the Kalos war, and those who were used to power it in current time as well, screaming out in a cacophony of agony.

    The amount of energy it took from him was critical, and if he wasn’t saved when he was, his body forcibly would have reverted to his cocoon and he would have hibernated. While the death toll in Geosenge was already massive, if Yveltal would have hibernated, all those in eastern Kalos would have had their life forces absorbed by him. The hibernation likely wouldn’t be able to make up for the loss in energy either, and he could have died permanently from it. Thankfully he was rescued in time, but it took him up until current time to regain the energy he lost. 

    There are times where Yveltal does feel a phantom pain snake across his body, causing him to break out in a cold sweat and go numb. Everything sounds far away, as if he were submerged in water. The only thing that can really be done is wait for it to subside. Sometimes, it takes several minutes, and other times (in rare instances) it can last for an hour.

    #💀 headcanon. #torture tw#violence tw#death tw #idk how to tag this so uhhhh #but yeah :( not a fun time for my poor boy..... #yveltal hearing all of the souls screaming: oh :')
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  • farewellmongrels
    21.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago
    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀( @kingcountys — RICK GRIMES. )
    " i told you, i don't FUCKING KNOW. "
    deacon's words rasp against the harsh quiet of the small, dark room, exhausted from the hours ( it had to have been hours by now ) of brutal INTERROGATION he'd been unfortunate enough to endure. his muscles ache from the way they're bound across the back of an old chair, and his wrists are bloody and raw from the zip ties digging into them.
    he'd been jumped countless times before, but THIS is a situation he's unaccustomed to. usually people are just after his supplies, but THIS MAN . . . he's after information.
    information that deacon doesn't HAVE.
    right from the start, he's been CONFUSED. hell, he doesn't even know where he is. a settlement, probably ; he's not familiar with the area, and hadn't been planning on getting familiar, either. but, here he is, sitting here helplessly as some CRAZY son of a bitch paces back and forth, DEMANDING to know a bunch of shit that deacon's only just learning about today.
    something about a SANCTUARY and SAVIORS and some asshole named NEGAN. as far as deacon's gathered, these people think he's part of some GANG that's been giving them trouble or some shit like that. he doesn't really CARE.
    he fixes his gaze on the wide-eyed, frenzied man before him, and snaps, " look, i STILL don't know what you're going on about, and getting louder isn't going to suddenly make me know whatever the FUCK kinda answers you're trying to get. "
    the biker grunts as he tries to shift his posture in an attempt to relieve some of the cramps and aches in his back. he scoffs, and shakes his head, turning his eyes down to the cold, concrete floor. " i'm not even FROM here . . . "
    he has a feeling that this explanation ( repeated for the hundredth time ) won't do much to appease this son of a BITCH.
    #;; starter // riding nomad #;; ic // son of a preacher man #;; character // officer friendly #;; relation // come back with a warrant #tw blood#tw torture #<- not explicitly yet but it's going to happen w plot purposes
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  • clementineblake
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ☽ [ erin moriarty, she/her, cis-female ] ☾ [ clementine & blake] has lived in [ main st appts ] for [ most of her life ] now. the [ 29 ] year old  [ witch] makes an honest earning as a [ candy maker ] for [ skulls sweetland ]. truthfully, they remind me of [ steady hands making measured movements; warm, sun filled hugs with a dad joke at the ready; a lioness’ roar, scarred fingers curled into a fist ]. while they typically keep their head out of gang business, [ clementine ] can’t help but side with [ neither ]. to tune it all out though, they blast [sun by sleeping at last ] on full volume.

    tw: mention of death, rape, torture

    Full Name: Clementine Blake Nickname: Clem Gender: Female Orientation: Demiromantic Bisexual Age: 29 Birthday: March 29, 1992 Zodiac: Aries Species: Witch Powers: Divination & Pain Infliction Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Blonde Skin Tone: Light Height: 5'5 Languages: English & Spanish + a beginner’s grasp of Latin Scent: warm sugar & burning embers & sharp mint

    Clem is the eldest of three, with a younger sister and younger brother. She comes from a long line of witches and wizards so it was no surprise when she began to manifest her powers. Her dad was especially proud when successfully divined the gender of her baby brother - divination was especially strong on his side of the family. 

    For her seventh birthday, he gave her a weathered pack of tarot cards that had been passed down through his family for ages and promised he would teach her how to use them and what each card meant. 

    He never got the chance. 

    After her dad’s passing, Clementine took on more responsibility than a seven year old should. With Indy still a baby, Clem helped look after the apartment - teaching herself how to do the laundry while her mom slept, cooking meals (see mac ‘n cheese and peanut butter sandwiches) for her sister, and trying her best to keep the rooms clean. 

    Their mom did what she could for her children and as Indy and her sister grew up, Clem was left behind, stuck between the wants and needs of a child and the responsibilities of an adult. 

    By the time she turned thirteen, Clem had earned herself a reputation amongst the local kids. She may have looked small and sweet but she had a viscous side that had no problem fighting dirty when faced with a tough opponent. 

    She took every opportunity she saw to start something - if someone looked at Indy wrong, or brushed up against her sister, Clementine was three inches from their face with both fists balled and ready to swing. 

    And life continued on. 

    Clem’s grades weren’t great but they were enough to keep her passing and she never shirked her responsibilities at home. With her mom managing the store, Clem would make sure Indy and her sister had supper and started on their homework, happy to help if they ever had a problem. And then, as soon as the store would close and the night would wind down, Clementine would slip out while her mom was in the shower and take off into the dark. 

    The Crowbar saw a lot of Clem as she grew through her late teens. At first she was just there to watch but as the months wore on, she started to throw her name in the ring. She wasn’t very good and came home many nights covered in bruises and cuts. Whenever her mom tried to talk to her about them, Clementine would shrug her off and go to her room, the door slamming behind her. 

    She slowly got better, began to land a few hits on her opponents and learnt how to dodge properly. She won her first match when she was seventeen. Her second win was two weeks later. Clementine never managed a long winning streak but her losing streak definitely shrunk. 

    One night, when she was in her early twenties, Clem and a couple of her friends went out to the Waterhole. A old classmate was having a bonfire and Clementine was never one to turn down a good time. Drunk on cheap vodka and tequila, the group danced the night away as the fire danced in front of them. 

    The fire was dying down, low flames flickering as the group started to settle into their plastic chairs and play truth or dare. One minute Clem was sitting on the lap of a guy she’d just met, making out with the intensity of a voracious teenager and the next her back was ramrod straight as a chill ran right down her spine. 

    Something bad was going to happen. 

    Clem’s head cleared momentarily as she glanced around, trying to find the source of her unease. A soft cry from behind one of the trailers caught her attention and she started to make her way over, the guy completely forgotten. 

    As she rounded the corner, Clem saw one of her friends curled up on the ground, skirt torn and makeup smeared across her face.

    A fury unlike anything before rose within Clem’s chest and she felt her face warm as she crouched low next to her friend. It took a couple tries but Clem finally understood where the guy went and, as she made her way back to the fire, she could feel her body beginning to shake with anger. 

    He was sitting with his friends, laughing as if nothing had happened, a half drank beer hanging loosely from his fingers. 

    Striding across the grass, Clem didn’t give him time to get a word out before her fist swung and knocked him to the ground. The screams from around the campfire faded as she moved to straddle his waist, striking him again as he tried to get up. 

    As the heat rose within her, Clem couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, couldn’t do anything but scream as her hands wrapped around his throat. Years of pent up rage and anger and sadness poured out of her and into the night air. And from her hands, a darkness began to spread across his skin, seeping into his veins and muscles. His scream matched Clem’s and together they shrieked into the night, fear and anger and pain all melding together into a horrific song. 

    It took three men to pull Clem off of the guy and she still managed to sock one of them, the same darkness transferring over to him for a second before it seeped away. Once they managed to subdue her, she turned white as shock set in. The sudden burst of unexpected magic and emotion and violence had caught up with her and she turned away from the men, spilling the contents of her stomach on the grass. 

    That night was a turning point for Clementine. She stopped going to the Crowbar for fear of hurting someone like that again (someone who didn’t deserve it) and, through her two hundred hours of community service, began to make peace with herself. 

    She started to work at the shop once her community service was done - the guy (she later learned his name was Carl) still bore marks of that night, the veins in his neck more of an indigo blue. 

    Clementine didn’t regret her actions that night - in fact, she would do it again in a heartbeat. But the look of fear on her friends face that night, the way she flinched away from Clem, that’s what cut so deep. She never wanted to see that expression directed at her, ever again. 

    #skullaz:intro#tw death#tw rape#tw torture #if any of these are triggers and you want a brief summary #let me know!!
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  • creatorofclay
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #// answered asks #ic://the trickster god//elijah #c://killer!elijah #v://i’ll see you on the other side of the war//alt killer au #corvus://might I have your company in hell to torture with my bitter tongue?//creationischaos #blood tw
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    I don't make time for holy rollers, there's only you I need

    #MY AMV#spn amv#dean winchester#indienatural#spnamvarchive#artist: spoon #song: inside out #creator: carverera#creativecaviar#rambleoncas#supernatural#spn vid#tw torture#captioned #literally you guys I want you to know this is my magnum opus and I need you all to appreciate it #flashing#Youtube
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    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #VERSE. ( the enemy of my enemy. ) ( blog canon. ) #BIO. #torture tw
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  • harminuya
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
    Azerbaijani guards entered our cells and demanded us to shout ‘Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’ Whether we were compliant or not, we were subjected to brutal beatings, both in Military Police and in the State Security. There were other captives with me in the cell; three of them were tortured during interrogations using electroshock.

    Armenian POWS testify to the torture they witnessed in az capivity.

    #torture tw#armenianblog#armenian#articles#news #free armenian pows #until they are home #freearmenianpows #azeri war crimes #armenophobia
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  • rexater
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    (cont’d ;; @feanors-daughter)

    She had not slept at all that night, instead sitting in the corner of her cell as she focused all of her energy into attempting to reach her husband across the vast distance between them and their bond. But it was too far, and she could only sense his presence, the warmth of life of his fëa, across their bond. She was alone here, and no one was going to come for her.
    Pointed ears flicked at the sound of footsteps, and she reluctantly lifted her head to see the Maia enter her cell. Blue eyes fell to the knife, the glint of its blade in the firelight. But she did not react. The pain would come whether she fought him or not, and she would endure it.
    “I am Oathbound,” she sighed. “Do as you will to me, I am at your command and disposal.”

    In the end, Mairon had come to the conclusion that killing her simply wasn’t worth it. At least, not yet. He was well aware of how death was often the better option compared to staying in his dungeons and he felt like it was an appropriate price to pay for finding out his secret and having nearly endangered his plans.

    “It’s not as fun if you don’t struggle,” he said, sounding almost disappointed as he knelt close to her and used the knife to rip the fabric of her trousers so as to expose her thigh. “Alas, beggars can’t be choosers.”

    He began to cut. He could have done it way faster, but decided to be slow just to sate his sadistic desires. He looked almost enthralled by the blood that immediately started to pour out of the fresh wound.

    “I wonder what your dear husband would say if he were to lay with you and see my name carved on your flesh,” he said, looking up at her and smirking deviously.

    #( master of shadows ;; v1. ) #feanors-daughter #tw blood mention #tw torture
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  • amive2567
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Ingredients:Shouto Todoroki x gn!Reader

    Reader Information: Your quirk is healing, you have a faster ability to heal your own wounds, and you can heal others. (but the second part is not very important for the story)

    Contains: angst to fluff, torture (like burning), kidnapping, hurt/comfort (?), arguments, not proof-read, (If i missed something pls tell me!)

    Type of order: coffee (Angst), a small hot chocolate (a hint of fluff), a cupcake (Oneshot), a shot of pumpkin spice latte (a bit of reverse comfort)

    Summary: After an argument with you and your husband you leave your apartment. Unfortunately the league of villains catches you and hides you. Will Todoroki be able to save you on time? What will happen to you and him?

    Count of words: 2850

    Pastry chef notes: I started this writing some months ago so getting back into it was a bit difficult, but I did it. Besides, I am finally breaking free from writer’s block.

    Playlist (is comming soon, i need to find some more songs)


    "Why can't you understand? I am just saying that you should slow down a bit" you yelled at the heterochromatic boy. He nodded and said calmly "I understand, but I want to rescue people which is a full-time business. Therefore I can't slow down." "I need you more." you screamed and crossed your arms in front of your chest. "Now you're acting selfishly." Todoroki pointed out, you rolled your eyes. "Does that mean you don't love me anymore?" "That was not what I meant." he calmly added and you exploded. "It just was what you meant." "I love you Y/N." he slowly spoke and wanted to take your hand, but you turned your back on him. You didn't see the sad glimmer in his eyes. "If you would love me then you would make time for me. If you love me, you would be punctual to our dates. I would enjoy it if we could do more together, at least I thought so. Your work is more important than I am." Sadly you make your way towards the hallway. Your vision got clouded by the tears that were shimmering in your eyes. Because of that, you could hardly put your shoes on. "Where are you going?" he asked behind you as you opened the door. "I am going out for a walk." you answered harshly. With a last glance at his figure, you closed the door behind you and made your way to the park.

    Your gut feeling told you that somebody was following you. As you turned around the corner you looked back over your shoulder only to find that nobody was there. Relaxed, your tensed shoulders fell. You kept walking, but this didn't last long as you bumped into someone. The surprising impact caused you to lose your balance, so you landed on the ground. "Oh, I am so sorry." You apologized swiftly and got up. "No problem, most girls fall for me." a raspy voice laughed. Your eyes looked up into two turquoise eyes which had a mischievous glint. Under his eyes were burn marks which got held together by medical staples. You wanted to give a snarky remark, but you were knocked on the head and passed out.

    "Did I hit them too hard?" a deep voice asked. "I don't think so, Magne. Look, they are moving." a quirky voice answered. You opened your eyes slowly, the light of the room caused you a headache. You attempted to move, but your ankles got tied up. "I am sorry, this is just a precaution to prevent you from doing irrational things." A blue-haired man said as he scratched his neck. Your hands got held together with quirk reducing handcuffs. "What do you want?" You spat out. "Don't you think that the second-best hero arranges to find his little lover?" the blue-haired man asked. The red eyes gleamed with joy, at the thought that he could get rid of more heroes. "Now what do we do while we wait?" he asked. "We could taste their blood." suggested the blond-haired girl while she flipped her knife lazily in her right hand. "Don't be ridiculous Toga." hissed the guy with the staples. "You are such a spoilsport." she whined and put her knife back into her pocket. "I think we should do something to remind little Shoto of his mistakes." the black-haired suggested. Your eyes widened with terror as he slowly came nearer.

    Todoroki paced through your whole apartment to find something that could distract him from the slight panic that arose in his chest. You were now gone for more than three hours, he knew that you needed your time, but that was unlike you. The sun had set off for a couple of hours now, and normally you would be home by now. He nearly crushed his phone with his hands as he called you. The phone chimed as it dialled your number, but when he was already hoping that you would pick up the mailbox answered. "Hello, at the moment I am not available please try it again in five minutes. If I am still not picking up then I may do some important stuff. See you around bye.'' The short beep ended your cheery voice and Shoto dialled your number, again, and again, but nothing happened; it was just the mailbox. Something was off, he felt it in his gut feeling. After seconds of staring against the wall, he dialled another number. The person on the other line accepted the call and Todoroki didn't even let the person speak. "Midoriya my spouse went missing.'' He came directly to the term and Midoriya on the other line just breathed in surprise. "Are you sure they aren't just out for too long? Maybe they met someone and talked to them." Midoriya recommended. "Can´t be we had a fight and she ran out. After she cleared her head, she wanted to come back, but that was two hours ago. Her walks usually take about thirty minutes to one hour." he told his best friend. "Alright, I am coming." he hung up and Shoto was greeted by the uneasy silence of the apartment. Somehow the once so warm and peaceful flat felt cold and unpleasant without you. He shook his head to get rid of the horrible thoughts that tried to form inside his mind. They are fine, they have to be fine, he said to himself as he paced inpatient back and forth, in front of the door. His thoughts were racing with possible villains that could use you as a trap. If they got him out of the way, they could destroy the current number one hero and with him the new peace sign of Japan. They could never kidnap Uraraka that easily without getting caught, but with you, as a civilian, it was a whole other story. Your healing quirk could not fight against a bunch of vicious criminals. His thoughts got interrupted by a knock on the door. "Shoto, I am here." shouted Midoriya from the other side of the door. Todoroki opened the door and Midoriya slid in. "Do you know where they possibly went?" The green-haired boy asked right away as he took off his shoes and slipped inside the slippers. Todoroki closed the door behind the green-haired man. "Most of the time we walk in a park near our flat. Maybe we will find something there." Shoto proposed as he changed into his shoes. Faster as Izuku could blink, Shoto stormed out of the apartment. "Wait Shoto." Midoriya shouted as he ran behind the red and white-haired man.

    "They had to be here. Do you see these footprints?" Todoroki said with an earnest expression. "We need to inform the police, they can help us." advised Midoriya. "It would take to long. We need to find them soon, they won't hesitate to kill them. We need to find them. We need to." Todorokis voices shook as he kneeled to examine the footprint. "I know, but we also need to make sure that we rescue them safely. We two could do nothing, we need some help." commented Midoriya as he bent next to his best friend. He put his hand and his shoulder and gave him a reassuring squeeze. "I know." he sighed and stood up again. "I will call Tsukauchi." mumbled Izuku as he phoned the number of the police detective. Todoroki inspected the surrounding but nothing odd caught his heterochromatic eyes. His thoughts raced inside of his mind and he couldn't suspect anyone. "Tsukauchi and some others will come and investigate the place." Izuku informed the dual haired man. Shoto nodded and they both waited in silence for the police to arrive. "Do you want to talk about what happened before?" Izuku asked him after a while and Shoto lowered his head briefly on his chest, exhaled and began to report. "We fought. In the last months, I had to work a lot and they thought that I didn't love them anymore. They said they needed some time to cool down and ran out. If I hadn't worked that hard and kept them safe everything would be fine. I just can't keep the people that I love safe." Shoto clenched his fist and looked Izuku with pure sadness in the eyes. "You are not at fault Shoto. You couldn't know that something like this would happen. We and our loved ones are always in danger. Every day something like this could happen. Don't blame yourself. We will find them." spoke the green-haired boy. For a short moment, it was quiet between the two. The only sound was of the cars that passed by. "There is no point in worrying. We need to act." The heterochromatic man broke the silent determinedly. Midoriya nodded in agreement. After a while of waiting the sound of sirens echoed in the dark and the police arrived.

    "Please stop it." you whined as a blue flame burned a line in your left thigh. "That would be boring." the black-haired man whispered in your ear. "I've got an idea. Why don't we give our little Shoto a look behind the scenes?" he said with a horrifying grin. The salty tears run down your cheek and collect on your chin to then drip onto your tied hands. "Please don't." you begged, but the villain just adjusted the camera to you. "Now will you please smile for your little loved one?" The short click of the camera signalled that it began to record. "I believe you want her back little Shoto, you just need to be fast enough or else she might never come back to you." the villain said and as a demonstration, he produced a blue flame with his fingertips and let them burn your delicate skin. Your screams echoed in the small room. You could feel how the body of the villain relaxed at your screams. "What music in my ears." he groaned. He let go of you for a short moment to turn off the camera. "You could be an actor." he suggested. He connected the camera with his computer. "Now we just need to post this online and we are done for today, you did great." he said and uploaded the piece of work on social media. "Now we need to wait." he said lazily. "Well then have a decent night. Toga is watching you, so don't do stupid things we still need you." with those words he walked out the dimmed room and shut the door behind him. Your head sank weakened on your chest. The physical exhaustion dragged you to sleep.

    "We need to check the security cameras." ordered a police officer. Todoroki explained Tsukaushi the current situation. "Alright we will find them." he kindly promised and patted Todorokis shoulder. A chime of Shotos phone got his attention, he opened the message fast only to see that Dabi of the League of Villains tortured you. His jaw clenched at the view and his stomach filled with pure rage. "I know who has them." he hissed and shoved his phone back in his pocket. His dual coloured eyes gleamed with wrath. "Who?" asked Midoryia. "The League of Villains." Shoto snarled. "We got their last hideout documented. We can only hope that they haven't change it." ensured Tsukauchi. He ordered his co-workers back. "Where is it?" Todoroki asked immediately. Tsukauchi hesitated before he showed him the place on his map. "There it is." Without any further ado, Todoroki sprinted to the hiding place. "We need support. Inform some heroes." Midoryia shouted as he followed his best friend.

    You slowly woke up to loud sounds. The roaring of flames and the cracking of ice were distant, but slowly coming nearer to the room where you were held captive. The door got kicked down and Shoto stormed in. A weak smile formed on your face. Faster than you could blink he freed you from your tie-ups. He had several cuts on his arms and in his face. Your hand comes trembling to his face, you begin to heal him. But since your too weak you fell into unconsciousness. His grip tightened around your limp figure and he got you fast out of the building. In front of it, the police arrested some members of the League of Villians. Without paying attention to the loud complaints of them he hurried to the ambulance. He laid your injured body on the gurney in the ambulance. While the doctors run around you to treat your injuries. Todoroki sat next to you and held your hand. '`Mister Todoroki are you fine?" a doctor asked. Your fiance nodded with a blank face. "Alright, what happened?" "Dabi burned them and tortured them." he growled with repressed anger. The doctor nodded and documented the information in the computer. Everybody worked silently and slowly the realisation hit Todoroki like a wave. He came too late. “No worries, we will do everything to save them.” Shouto didn’t even listen to them. In his opinion he was too late, these burns will always remind you of his failure and your kidnapping. Like Dabi tortured and hurt you. “Patient is stable. Drive off.” Said the doctor to the driver and with loud sounds of the sirens echoed into the night. He didn't even notice them, his thoughts took away all of the reality he was able to hold onto. What will happen when you wake up? Will you hate him for not being there for you? Are you going to leave him because he was the real reason for your abduction and your burn scars? His worries and questions piled up immeasurably, so that he didn't even notice how you reached the hospital.

    Without knowing where he followed the paramedics. He followed you until a doctor stopped him. His lips were moving, but not a single word reached Todoroki’s ears. In his trance-like state, he didn't even notice his best friend calling his name. “Todoroki-kun....Todoroki-kun…Todoroki-kun.” Izuku’s shouting got louder and clearer. As the green-haired shaked his body, Todoroki finally snapped out of his tunnel of thoughts. The sound of his surroundings reached his ears. The lament of the patients, the shouting of the doctors and Izuku’s words. “Todoroki-kun, let us sit in the waiting area. Y/N is strong, they will handle it.” Gentle he jogged him in the waiting area. “What is with Dabi?” Shouto’s voice was hoarse. Izuku handed him a water bottle and while Shouto was drinking he told him everything.”He will stay in Tartarus for a long time. They punish him for his deeds.” Assured Izuku. “Great, this bastard is supposed to rot in this hell.”

    The boys waited quietly for the doctors to tell them about your state. Nervously Shouto’s leg was bouncing up and down. The door opened and a doctor stepped into the waiting room. “Todoroki Shouto.” Without hesitation the heteroromantic haired man jumped up. “Yes? Are they alright?” “We could fully heal their burns, and there won’t be any scars, thanks to her own healing ability. They are awake and wait for you. We will keep them here for some days, to ensure that there won’t be any infections” explained the doctor. “In which room?” asked Todoroki. His heart was pounding and he could barely breathe. “156.” With that the man rushed to your room. Izuku stayed in the waiting area to give you some space, the witness interview could wait.

    Before Shouto stormed into your room he took a deep breath and knocked on the door. “Come in.” He could hear your lovely voice, that was like music in his ears. It was quieter and weaker than usual, but he was relieved to hear it. With that he opened the door. Your body was covered in bandages. You couldn't even thank him because he had already wrapped his arms around you and cried into the crook of your shoulder. Gently you stroked his hair. “I am safe my love, everything turned out fine. Thanks to your fast thinking and acting.” “I was still too late. He shouldn’t even have been able to hurt you. If I hadn’t even argued with you...If I hadn’t worked for so long, you could have been safe and now one would have been able to hurt you.” he sniffed. “No one would have known that something like this could happen. Our fight had nothing to do with this. It was just a series of unfortunate events. Without your quick saving something worse could've happened. You did everything perfectly, my hero” You comforted him. “I don't know what I would have done if he killed you.” “He didn't, you don’t have to think about this. Come and lay down next to me, you must be exhausted.” Carefully without hurting yourself you scooched over. Shouto laid his head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat. The lullaby of your beating heart lulled him to sleep. “I love you, my hero.” you whispered before the both of you could sleep in. “I love you more.”

    #ami writes#mha#bnha#mha angst#bnha angst #my hero academia #shoto todoroki x reader #shoto angst #pro hero shouto #shouto todoroki #todoroki x reader #shoto todoroki angst #shoto #todoroki shoto x reader #todoroki x gn!reader #gn!reader #todoroki comfort#reverse comfort #tw!torture #tw!kidnapping #tw!arguments #dabi #league of villains #hurt#comfort#toga himiko
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    Blinding Kaleidoscope

    Rating: Mature

    Summary: There was a loud slam before his ears managed to catch a pressurised hiss of air over the pounding in his head. He barely noticed the air shifting from blood to acid before the silhouettes morphed into a more solid shape. Of a grin, two wild green eyes hovering just above it. He scrambled back, eyes darting around to see the hazy sight of a warehouse.

    Warnings: Torture, Blood, Fear Toxin, Hurt No Comfort, Pain Without Plot

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  • mugglxbornmary
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

                                           I N T R O D U C T I O N

              – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ϟ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    P.S.D ━ ϟ

    ϟ ━ was that MǍ LÌ ‘MARY’ MACDONALD around the leaky cauldron ? SHE/THEY disapparated before i could approach them ! what a pity, for they are RESILIENT and COMPASSIONATE, but maybe it’s best to keep my distance because they are also RETICENT and OVERPROTECTIVE. i remember that they were a GRYFFINDOR back in school but have since made a name for themselves as a HEALER - SPECIALISING IN CURSES AND DARK MAGIC. if this alleged war came knocking on their door, it is supposed that they would FIGHT FOR DUMBLEDORE. ( cis female & she/they / jessie mei li / 24 / muggleborn ). ━ ϟ

    THE APP ( cut down ) ━ ϟ

    name / alias : cat age : 26 timezone : gmt preferred pronouns : she/her

    ─ please expand on how committed your character is to their current cause. this section may also be expanded on in the headcanon portion if you prefer.

    i’m assuming current cause means FIGHT FOR DUMBLEDORE or FIGHT FOR THE DARKLORD, depending on the character your playing and their allegiance? ( because my first thought was her job – healer specialising in dark magic and curses and they’re incredibly commited to that. as a sufferer of a dark curse, they knows the turmoil and pain their patients go through, and she knows who she has to be to get them through it. just as the healers who tended to her did also. and the magic and healing involved is hard and intricate and specific, and mary loves that. they’ve always liked to be challenged. ) mary has total commitment to fighting for dumbledore, because, well, what’s the alternative? sit on the sideline and let their friends fight for people like her and get hurt? she certainly can’t join the other side ( nor would they ) because she stands for everything they’re fighting against. diversity, muggleborn wixen. they’re a prime example of the types they don’t want. 
    no. she fights for dumbledore because they fight for themself and others like them and she fights with their friends. they’d sooner perish then let any of them die for her, and not show them she’s just as dedicated and entirely grateful for their love and good nature.
    plus, their skills are needed. she had some medi-witch training ( from a module during their healer training ) and is qualified to heal the exact tricky curses and dark magic that is hurled at them. they may not be as sharp or adept with their dueling as some of their friends ( although she can certainly hold her own ) but she isn’t useless. she isn’t unhelpful. and she isn’t helpless. not anymore. not by any means.

    ─ as we are interested in character development, please tell us one storyline you’d like to see in play, in group that involves your character.

    i would love to explore the past where mary was attacked by mulciber, but more so, the now of it. her finally admitting what truly happened to her to her friends, and letting themself move past from it. they’re currently balling it up still, trying to convince themself that they’ve moved past. ( if you don’t address it, it just goes away right? wrong mary ) and in some ways she has. the attack, although it frightened her to her core. althought it shook them and made them sink into themself for a while. it also lit a fire under her. no one was ever going to mark her skin again. make her feel like she was being turned inside out. no one was ever going to make them feel so small again. not even mulciber. even though mulcibers name still makes their hair stand on end and the scar running down their back tingle. – she hasn’t shown anyone her scar, she hasn’t told anyone the details of her attack. not because they don’t trust them, they do, with everything of theirselves. but because they can’t deal with the sadness and anger they’ll have. they already expressed it when she’d been hospitalised. so a mulciber to stir things and make her face the past and truly put it to bed would be amazing.



    lán nà zhang, who came to london on a student visa to study, met magnus macdonald ( born and raised on the isle of skye, scotland ) whilst he was on placement in a hospital in London, whilst studying to become a doctor. ( she’d twisted her ankle whilst exploring london and the closest medical centre to her had happened to be the hospital he worked at ). they courted soon after meeting and fell in love quickly. when magnus’ placement ended and he was due to go back to scotland, lán nà moved back with him. they were married just after his graduation, and moved back to the isle of skye where magnus was due to start as a doctor at the hospital in broadford. a year into their marriage they welcomed mary’s older brother feng ( who they call finn affectionately ), and two years after that, little mǎ lì was born. mary and finn grew up running across the open land of the Iile of skye, exploring every cave, castle ruin and unknown area they found. they hunted for ‘faeries’ and wadded waist deep in ponds to catch tadpoles, which finn affectionately named baby dragons. they were free to explore their island, their world and themselves. as long as they were safe, their parents were happy. when finn started school, mary spent the first week looking out of the window for the first three hours of the day waiting for him to come home so they could pick wildflowers, or collect cool looking rocks. she felt lonely without him. however, their mother got them to help with the work she had. lán nà was a talented seamstress ( having studied it at university in london ) and along with patching up the clothes that finn and mary had torn holes in, she also made and repaired clothes for others on the island and main land scotland. she taught mary how to sew, and for the most part got them to darn socks ( so she was busy but didn’t ruin any of the important garments ).
    perhaps it was because finn was a teenager, when mary got her letter to hogwarts from the hand of a bumbling man who told her about the magical world, but he didn’t speak to her for a week. and it was only when he bashed on his bedroom door in a fit of tears that he finally let them know what was going on in his head. nothing’s going to be the same, mare. they hadn’t realised how different this made their brother’s life, let alone theirs. they were a pair, as thick as thieves, and now one of them was leaving 80% of the year to live in a school for witches and wizards. despite his reservations, the whole family went to diagon alley to get mary’s things for her first year.
    it’s incredibly hard to describe what seeing and experiencing hogwarts is like for a muggleborn witch. with nothing in her life ever the same, mary was quite literally overwhelmed by the castle and magic. so much so, their hands shook in their lap and their upper lip sweat. that was until the hand of a redhaired witch, sat beside her, was placed upon hers in support. you’re not alone. she’d assured Mary. and from the moment, mary really was never alone again ( at least not until seventh year when they were sent to st. mungo’s by the wand of mulciber ). they spent the first term and half of the second behind on all of their subjects due to their slow adjustment to this new environment. mary was so busy looking around every corner and wanting to explore every room she came across; watching every spell performed that she forgot to just stop and get her head in the zone.

    mary enjoyed transfiguration, defense against the dark arts and charms. anything that required thought and decision and precision. but their heart was always with herbology; it reminded them of pulling wild flowers and running through long grass with their brother. and with her growing knowledge, she would send sketches of magical plants to her brother and tell him to see if there were any of skye ( but search with caution, of course ). they blossomed with confidence as they grew thanks to their friends, professors and studies. although they’d never been a timid girl, they were quieter than some of their friends, despite their thick accent and a voice that carried itself through a room. it was this quietness that perhaps made people think she was an easily target than others. this was certainly the case with mulciber.
it was dusk when it had happened. somehow she hadn’t noticed anyone following her. and it was only when they felt the hard tip of a wand in the small of their back that they knew anyone was behind them. she felt the derogatory and prejudice words ( said with malice ) slide down the back of her neck, settling in the space between her collarbones, heavy in their delivery and settlement. with a push forward, they stumbled. stumbling into a darker, quieter place where the two of them surely wouldn’t be happened upon. a strong hand grasped the back of their neck, steering them in whatever way it wished, not letting them turn. and then, there was silence. it sat thick in the air, pushing her anxiety upwards. she tried to speak but as the words began to leave her mouth, the spell was cast. crucio. searing, eye-rolling, hot pain rang along their spine. they felt as if they was being torn in half and knitted back together over and over. they gasped for air, they screamed and writhed on the floor, unable to focus on much else than breathing and the dirty shoes of their attacker. somehow, and she’d never be able to tell you how, she managed to grasp a hold of her wand, and shoot a powerful ball of light into the air, with it emitting a loud and obnoxious sound. bitch she remembered her attacked utter in disappointed panic. they were found twenty minutes later by a professor and quickly transferred to st. mungos when it became obvious they couldn’t be treated in the school medical wing. her attack happened in october of her seventh year, and it wasn’t until she was back at school in the new year and she saw the same dirty shoes that she knew who had hurt her.
    mary had been happy to leave school in the end, the place feeling entirely too dangerous for them. but also because they wanted to start their new path. they were desperate to start their healer training. ( a deep and meaning conversation with professor mcgonagall and the head healer at hogwarts had assured them of them strength and capabilities ). it took them by surprise when they opted to specialise in dark magic and curses, but really, they couldn’t see herself doing anything else. they’d always been protective of others, but often protected by their friends. now, they could protect those who came into their care.


    mary’s name is both rooted in scotland and china which is reflective of their duel nature; her scottish father and chinese mother. mǎ lì came from mary’s mother and was a way of honoring their chinese heritage. mary was to grow up a scottish girl, far away from china, and theirparents wished to give her something of ownership to her dual nature. 
    if there was anyone that mary could confide in completely and wholeheartedly, it would be lily and mar. no holds barred, complete truth. they are very protective of each other, and the girls looks after mary despite her telling them that she’s completely capable of looking after herself. in many ways, they are her strength when she cannot find her own. and mary likes to think that is reciprocated. in fact, she knows it’s reciprocated. mary is strong and focused and gentle and a force of nature. despite the seriousness of their lives and families, the three always seem to keep one another laughing. mary feels comfort in this. and the girls are always on hand with caffeine for mary which is an important good quality in their mind. with a bottle of liquor in their hands and laughter on the lips, nothing can get between the girls when they’re together and determined to have a good time. marlene and lily honestly relax mary. they’re who mary goes too when they needs to unwind, decompress. they’re people mary cannot see their life without them. 
    the crack of a pencil’s lead, shh-ing in a library, the grinding of teeth, the low hum of worry in a quiet room. mary is the colours of a sunrise and sunset. they are lightening, they are thunderstorms, a gentle breeze, sun shining through a window to warm you up. she is warm sweaters, fluffy socks and hot, hot cups of coffee. leather jackets and a tiny dress. mary is nostalgia and a breath of fresh air. she is waking nightmares and silent sobbing. she’s a straight razor sharpened just enough, and the embrace you wish for when you have nothing else left. they are never giving up, unwelcome insomnia, clever humour and silly puns. the seduction of biting your lip, laughing so much your stomach aches, spiced rum on the rocks, a rich red wine. they are the frown you get when someone acts unjustly and the smile you get when you haven’t seen someone is such a long time. secret trouble making, a curse splintering plaster on a wall, murmured comments, pent-up emotional outbursts, stubborn but not beyond belief, a tempest, an awkward smile. mary is piano keys hit with passion, the snare of a drum. mary loves puns but hates thoughtless humour. she has a secret love for mud, a secret hatred for mint, a not so secret hatred for muggle transport.
    #principium.intro #intro#aboutmary#introducingmary #[ life is tough my darling but so are you | mary ] #tw: physical assault #tw: torture #tw: graphic language
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    Torn - Part 3

    Parts 1 and 2


    Detailed death threat, swearing, name calling, Vivisection mention, smug whumpee breaking, infection, graphic infection, fever, delirium, panic, scared whumpee, sick whumpee, begging, crying, restraints, panic attack, wound cleaning, needles, tylenol, scared of revenge.

    Taglist: @whumpwillow, @equestrianwritingsstuff, @befuddled-calico-whump, and @brutal-nemesis

    Pandora sat next to her ex nemesis, lost in thought.

    His reaction hadn’t been at all what she’d expected, and somehow, that was worse.

    She’d been expecting hatred, threats, and instead got tears and begging. Of course, she supposed, after all he’d been through, she could hardly question his response.

    After he’d passed out, she’d decided to re-stitch the wound, rather than just tape it. She hoped that would make it easier for the wound to heal.

    Tentatively, she touched his forehead, wincing at the scorching heat coming off the man.

    He shuddered, turning his head away. 

    “M’sorry.” He mumbled. “Plea...se…”

    “Sssssshhhhh, it’s okay.” Pandora murmured, withdrawing her hand. “I’m not here to hurt you.”

    It was disconcerting to see Strife so helpless. He truly was completely at her mercy.


    Damian woke up in a cold sweat. His torso felt as if it was being burned, but the rest of him was freezing.

    Glory was still there, sitting cross legged beside him. Damian tried to curl away from her, but the sickening pain in his abdomen stopped him.

    He felt Glory’s hand on his shoulder, and immediately panicked.

    “No, nononononononono, don’t hurt me. Please!” He yelped.


    Damian whimpered, shaking his head. “I-I… Please, I can’t do this again. Don’t cut me again. Please, I’m sorry.” 

    Glory shifted slightly, and he sobbed, ducking his head in anticipation of her striking him.

    But she didn’t. Instead, she gently brushed his damp hair out of his face, her violet eyes full of sympathy.

    “I’m the one who’s sorry.” The girl said quietly. Then she took a deep breath. “I need to check the wound-”

    “No…” Damian whined, fear tightening in his chest. Surely nothing good could come from Glory inspecting his wound. She’d use it to hurt him… She’d redo all the damage that had already been done. Of course she would, she hated him.

    “Strife… you have a bad infection. I need to make sure it’s not getting any worse.”

    Damian shuddered as she pulled the blankets back, picking up a small knife.

    “No!” He cried. “No, no-”

    “Sssshhhh, Strife. I’m just cutting the bandages. Okay? I figured it was easier than making you sit up for now.” Then, she carefully began to cut the bandages around his middle. Feverish and weak, he could only lay there, and hope that she didn’t decide to use the knife on him. Trembling, he looked up at her.

    “You’re really burning up.” She said, sounding concerned.

    Why would she be concerned for me?

    He went tense, tears streaming down his face as he tried to brace himself for the agony that was sure to follow as she exposed the massive wound on his stomach.

    Glory looked pained.

    After a long pause, she began to gently probe at the angry red flesh around the stitched up slash in his abdomen.

    Damian sobbed, trying to curl up.

    “I know it hurts. I know, sweetheart. I’m so sorry.” Again, Damian found himself wondering why she would call him ‘sweetheart’.

    After a moment, she offered him her hand.

    “I need you to sit up for me, so that I can re-dress this.”

    Damian stifled a groan as Glory pulled him upright, and began to redress the wound with fresh bandages, holding him up so she could wrap them around his torso.

    Too sick to resist, Damian sniffled, his head dropping to her shoulder. He felt her muscles tense.

    Pain flared in his stomach, and he gasped, gripping her collar without thinking.

    She jerked back as if he’d burned her, her violet eyes wild. Then she went still, and let out a shaky breath.

    “Sorry. You startled me.” She said softly, and Damian tensed. She’d hurt him for that, surely. He tried to turn away, but the sharp pain in his stomach stopped him. He whimpered, hugging his torso protectively.

    “I’m sorry.” He sniffled. “Please don’t… Don’t hurt me… I’m sorry.”

    “What? Why are you sorry?” Glory seemed genuinely confused. It seemed to dawn on her. “Because you startled me?” She asked, and he nodded weakly, swallowing hard.


    Pandora sighed, seeing the terror in Strife’s blue eyes, even as she finished wrapping his torso in bandages. When he’d put his hand on her collar, she’d thought, for a brief moment, that he was trying to grab her neck.

    ‘I’ll fucking strangle you.’ The words replayed in her head, deepening her unease. Part of her wanted to get up and move out of his reach.

    Knock it off. He’s scared, and in pain. He wasn’t trying to choke you. She told herself.

    Yet. Added the insufferable little anxious part of her mind.

    “I’m sorry.” He mumbled again, snapping Pandora out of her thoughts.

    “No, sweetheart, it’s fine. I just wasn’t paying attention.” She lied. “And I’m not going to hurt you. I promise.”

    She was about to say more when he collapsed against her, shivering violently.

    Pandora gently laid the shaking man back on the bed, gently cupping his cheek in her hand.

    He nuzzled into the touch with a soft whine.

    “Why are you h-helping me?” He choked out, his voice hoarse. “D-don’t you h-hate me?”

    “No. I don’t hate you.” Not anymore, at least. “And I’m not going to hurt you. No one is going to hurt you. You’re safe here. I promise.”

    “Earlier… y-you said you’re s-sorry. Why are y-you sorry?”

    Pandora sighed. “I’m sorry that they hurt you. I had no idea they’d torture you. I thought… you’d just go to prison.”

    “I th-thought you’d want this.”

    “I could never want something like this.”

    “Don’t you want revenge?” He asked, voice shaking.

    “No. I wanted you to go to prison. Not get…” Vivisected.

    She couldn’t bring herself to say it.

    “Not get tortured.” She said instead. “I wanted justice. This isn’t justice. It’s horrific. And I’ll make sure that those bastards pay for it. I never wanted this to happen to you.”

    “So why am I here?” His teeth were chattering now.

    “To get better. I’ve told you. I don’t want to hurt you.”

    “What’s in it for y-you?”

    “Nothing. It’s just what I do.”

    He uttered a choked groan, a violent shudder running through his body.

    “Strife…” Pandora murmured, concerned.

    “Damian.” He rasped, his chest heaving. “My name… is… Damian.” With that, he went limp on the mattress.

    Pandora gently covered him up, and looked down at his handsome face.

    “Damian.” She murmured. “That’s a nice name.”

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    #torture tw#vampire whump #Adam Nightley is a monster #Yves of Blackthorne Hall #Blackthorne Hall
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  • flypaw
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    Thinking about c!Dream apologists screaming about how there's a difference between abuse and torture and they cant be used interchangeably when it came to calling Exile torture... thinking about the same c!Dream apologists calling c!Quackity c!Dream's Abuser, never once using the word "Torturer". Is there a difference or not?

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  • katanamasako
    20.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #ic#kat #tw: torture mention
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  • baka-monarch
    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Do you ever think about like- if c!Quackity ever gets the revival book he can just kill c!Dream as many times as he wants

    Quackity can just kill Dream and leave him in limbo until he feels like reviving him for the sake of doing whatever he wants to Dream- and there wouldn't be much Dream could do

    Imagine being stuck going back and forth between limbo and torture, it's an endless nightmare and you have no idea what memories are from being dead and which are from being alive as they all blend together

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    The letter opener hisses quietly as it heats up, held in the lantern's flame.

    "Trust me. You don't want my captain to be the one to ask this.

    You've tried to hide your goods from us. As a fellow quartermaster, I can respect that.

    But it's not that simple, Garlean.

    Tell me where you hid the rest of the goods, and where they were bound.

    If you do, you can call us a... Bookkeeping error. We'll sail off. You won't see us again. Nobody's died yet and damage has been minimal.

    Otherwise, I'm afraid I'm going to have to get quite desperate.

    And if even that fails to work, well.

    Captain Rex is quite a fiend.

    So what do you say, tinman?"

    Looking down at the bound, armour-clad quartermaster, Nahla touches the heated knife in her hand to the stack of papers on the Garlean quartermaster's desk, watching them ignite from the heat.

    The imperial visibly swallows.


    Hours later, back on the Scorpio Siren, Nahla diligently records the outcome of their attack in her own ledger.

    Tinctures and potions, various; seven crates.

    Ceruleum, refined; two barrels.

    Scorpio Siren crewmembers lost, two; deckhand, cook.

    Enemy casualties, one; quartermaster.

    Failed to learn where supplies were bound.

    #tw: implied violence #tw: implied torture #nahla the quartermaster #ffxiv
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