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    (UL) True Nature

    Word count: 3236 words

    Warnings: MAJOR SPOILERS SKIP PAST THIS FOR NO SPOILERS: halfsize vore, violence, implied fatal vore, dead humans, gore, graphic digestion, implied major character death, gore

    UL Masterpost

    Warren hated his prosthetic. It barely cooperated with him, and it didn't feel like his leg. On top of all of the pain from the where his leg used to be, he was barely given a couple weeks to get used to his missing leg before he was thrown into action and intended to hunt down a rogue giant. The same giant he was meant to kill on his first UL mission.

    Warren was only given the night to prepare. Skinner said that Eli might have something planned at dawn, when the twelve supposed hours of the ice would run out. It had been a lie, since the Legion hadn't invented such a thing, though it worked as a reassurance that Eli would return. Apparently, that hadn't been enough.

    Warren was silent most of the car ride to the location. He had barely slept last night. He didn't want to see Eli like this. Rebeka didn't want him to go. Olivia had insisted it would be fine, and it would all be okay after all this. Her optimism felt out of place, but he would take it nonetheless.

    They stopped a few miles away from the school just at the break of dawn. There was no sign of Eli, but the stains of blood and the scattered remains of bones and organs laid out on the pavement. Warren felt a wave of nausea. This was real. Eli had really done it. What had happened to make Eli break his streak?

    Skinner and Olivia loaded out of the car, and Warren eventually stumbled outside, using the side of the Jeep to stabilize himself and get his footing.

    "We'll return in 24 hours, if you've managed to catch or kill the giant, you'll need to be here by then. If not, all of the other people who trusted Eli will be banished the next morning."

    Warren's eyes widened, but he clenched his jaw in determination and nodded. Skinner handed him a bag, which had been prior loaded with his hunting knife, his handgun, some duck tape, and single piece of alchemic purification ice.

    Olivia stepped forward, taking a vial of a clear liquid out of her bag. She popped off the lid and held it out to Warren with a simple instruction.

    "Smell it."

    Warren gave her a look of confusion, but leaned closer, taking a sniff of the liquid. He immediately gagged at the foul smell. It reeked of rotten eggs and decomposing corpses. "What the heck was that for?"

    "Look," Olivia gestured to the ground where the blood laid. He could smell a strong scent, the air itself seeming to form the ghostly image of giant footprints leaving the area. The scent from the bottle lingered in his nostrils, but not overwhelmingly. He could smell everything so much more clearly now, distinguish every scent apart from each other with unparalleled clarity.

    "Hound's sense," Skinner observed with interest. "That's not an easy concoction to make,"

    "Warren can use all the help he can get," Olivia stated, returning the vial to her bag.

    "Whoa," he said, looking back at Olivia. "Thank you... this will help." He took a step back, steadying his bag on his shoulder. A swell of emotion overcame him. The fear that this was really happening, and he might not make it out of this alive. He cleared his throat, summoning his voice. "T-Take care of my sisters... Please..."

    Olivia sighed, putting a hand on his shoulder. It was the only comforting gesture she had ever given. Even though her expression as void of emotion as always, the feeling was there. "They will be fine. And you will return."

    Warren didn't feel any less worried, but nodded. With one last nervous look at Skinner, he turned and left, following the now visual scent trail of Eli's footprints. He looked over his shoulder in time to watch Skinner and Olivia get into the Jeep and drive away. 

    Olivia looked out the window curiously as they drove. She could see a plume of smoke up ahead. Her tired eyes narrowed by a hair. 

    "Drop me off along the road. I will return to the spot in 24 hours when you come to pick up Warren." Olivia said. 

    Skinner looked back at her in surprise. "Are you sure? There's every monster in hell out there, and we can't waste an alchemist's talent such as yours."

    Olivia raised a brow. "If I have an alchemist's talent at all, you shouldn't feel worried about my survival, Skillet."

    Skinner sighed, then slowed the Jeep to a stop on the side of the road. "24 hours, Heartstrong. Don't let me down." 

    Olivia collected her bag and stepped outside. She offered a simple nod, then Skinner drove off. She watched as the car faded out of sight, then sighed tiredly, wiping her eyes beneath her glasses, then headed off in the opposite direction Warren had gone, towards the smoke.


    Warren was left alone.

    He took in a nervous breath and continued through the forest, following Eli's footprints. The trail winded through the forest, taking Warren hours following after them.

    He found the wrong luck in the forest. Past noon, when he had reached the higher parts of the mountain, he could detect other scents begin to cross Eli's own scent trail, though he wasn't able to distinguish what exactly caused them.

    Reaching the edge of a mountain cliff, he could see plumes of smoke coming from a forest clearing far below. His blood froze when he saw who stood over the fire. The familiar white-haired Elder giant who had nearly killed him before stood over the fire next to some other elders. A big black cauldron sat atop the flames. There was a wooden rack beside them, where strips of leather were hanging. Rhyka used a long hooked rod to draw another leather band out of the boiling pot and set it onto the rack to dry. 

    Warren watched with confusion and intrigue. What were they doing? Is this how Bands were made? But they weren't normal leather. Whatever they were dipping the Bands in, it smelled like alchemy. But what kind, he wasn't sure.

    He suddenly tensed as a familiar scent came to range with the shift of the wind. He turned around with a fearful gasp.

    A giant's golden eyes could be seen leering down at him through the gaps of the tree foliage. Warren took a step back. His foot slipped at the edge of the cliff and he flailed, nearly toppling over. The sounds of rocks skittering down the cliff face echoed down the mountainside. A clawed hand suddenly lashed out, gripping him around the scruff of his shirt, hoisting him just in time, dangling him above the cliff's edge. He grabbed onto the hand desperately, breathing fast.

    Eli loomed over him. Pupils expanded to blacken almost the entire iris. His teeth were bared in a dark grin. Blood stains splattered all over his clothing. From the scent, the blood didn't belong to him. And it was everywhere, even the dried blood staining his skin around his mouth and throat.

    "E-Eli—" Warren panted.

    The giant didn't put him down, instead tearing the bag off his shoulder carelessly. "You should've used your ice when you had the chance," Eli growled. His voice was disjointed, on edge, feral. It barely sounded like the Eli Warren knew.

    Warren shivered. "Eli, put me down, p-please."

    The giant cocked his head with a sadistic grin. "Begging... Pathetic little Warren," He licked his lips and lifted Warren higher, closer to his face. Warren's breath hitched and he squirmed in Eli's grip. A fatal fall awaited him below, but ahead... he didn't want to meet the same fate as those Legion members.

    The giant leaned in closer and opened his jaws, dragging his tongue across Warren's face. He squeezed his eyes shut with a shudder and squirmed more frantically. "N-no. Eli— Eli you're not in your right mind. P-please don't do this!"

    Eli ignored his pleas, beginning to ease the terrified human inside.

    Warren's heart raced. His hands left Eli's and he drew out his knife. The cold blade slashed across the giant's face. The giant snarled in pain, dropping Warren as blood poured into his eyes. Warren nearly skidded down the mountain cliff, but managed to grab hold of a tree root and pulled himself to his feet.

    Eli had wiped the blood away from his eyes, and glared at Warren with unbridled rage. Warren broke into a run into the tree line. He could hear the giant's swift pounding feet behind him. Warren could barely walk with his prosthetic, and running was more like a pathetic hobble.

    He was only able to take a few steps before long claws tore through his back and he was knocked on his face. He quickly rolled to his back to try to crawl away but his legs were grabbed and pinned to the rough earth and the giant's looming face growled above him. He swung his knife at Eli's face again, but was met by his claws slashing the knife out of his hands, and sliced through his face. He let out a scream of pain, and looked up at the giant, powerless, and bleeding. He didn't realize he was crying until he could feel the salty tears burn through the cuts on his face.

    "Eli- Eli it's me!" He cried. "Y-you saved my life. You s-saved my sisters. W-we survived so much together— j-just snap out of it, for god's sake!"

    Eli studied Warren with an unwavering grin. His jaws were salivating. He looked like nothing more than a rabid animal.

    He leaned closer, licking the sweet taste of blood off of the whimpering human's face. A growling purr sounded in his throat. Warren grimaced, breathing faster. "E-Eli— Eli n-no— please."

    The giant's jaws widened. His jaws unhinged. Warren could only let out a stifled yelp before his face was engulfed into Eli's mouth.

    It was rougher than the past times he remembered. Eli's teeth scraped against him as he was pulled in deeper. Each swallow squeezed around him painfully, suffocatingly. He felt like he would pass out from the sheer pressure of it.

    Eventually, he passed through a tight ring of muscle, and into a slightly more open space. He gasped for air. His lungs burned with the now familiar scalding air. The rest of him gradually followed. Though he immediately noticed a difference as his back was jabbed by something solid and pointy. He winced, pushing it out of the way, then closed his hand around it. He couldn't see in the darkness. It took him a second to realize. His heard dropped and he bit back bile rising up his throat. It was a bone. Long and thin and solid. It must have been a femur. He could feel in the darkness that there were more. So many more. The stench of death, blood, and meat was suffocating.

    From the stinging sensation of the slush he was sitting in, he realized, the acids were no longer dormant from their previous meal, even while the giant was awake. 

    Everything was so tight and uncomfortable, trapped in a prison with half-digested human remains. Like the past times, he was positioned upside-down from being swallowed head first. He could feel disorienting movement from outside as Eli began to move. The rough swaying motions were dizzying. He squirmed to try to get himself upright. The heat was exhausting and made each attempt take ten times more effort to execute. 

    Even through his exhaustion and the pain, he knew that passing out here meant death. The main thing keeping him awake now was the sheer pain and adrenaline. Eli's claws had cut deep into his back, digging deep past all the layers of skin and muscle. He was bleeding out fast. Frighteningly fast.

    "Eli... Please... Don't do this." Warren cried, pushing against the walls to implore for the giant's attention. He shivered as he could feel the giant's hand brush back against him. He hated how small he felt in here. How helpless. 

    "It's only natural." The giant's deep voice washed over him, shaking Warren to his core. "I... missed this so much. I don't feel fake anymore. This is who I am."

    Warren's eyes widened in the darkness. He was shaking violently, hugging himself as sobs broke out in his chest. "What am I then? J-just food?" He grit his teeth, feeling the overwhelming emotion wash over him. It was even more agonizing than the pain around him. "I- I trusted you Eli. I c-could have never given you that antidote those months ago." 

    He hugged himself tighter, trying to speak, trying to breathe through the sobs. He was hyperventilating. "B-back when we met... The Unseen Legion wanted me to k-kill you as my first hunt. I-I couldn't do it because I saw— I saw you were a person too. I- I hoped if I treated you like that, y-you'd treat me the same."

    He unraveled his hand from himself and pressed it against where he could feel Eli's hand. He took a deep breathe. He felt so tired. "A-and you did. Y-you saved me. You s-saved Rebeka and Liss... You proved me right, and you proved the Legion wrong. Whatever you're going through... y-you can fight it. Because it's good that you're different. A-and everything we've been through meant something."

    The burning was growing worse, digging deep into his open wounds and searing through his exposed skin. He had to squeeze his eyes tight to protect from them, but even then, the acids were burning though his eyelids. He could feel a deep breath billow above him. The drumming heartbeat reverberate around him. The slick sounds of the stomach walls knead and rub against him, drenching him with fluids and the slush of human remains and bones. 

    Eli didn't immediately speak. The movements from outside continued as the giant walked to some unknown location, then there was a drastic shift of gravity and Warren's position shifted, causing the mess to come splashing on top of him. He coughed, squirming to right himself and hastily pushed some of the splintered bones off of him. The giant must have laid down. He could feel the larger hand rubbing idly at him again. 

    "Everything we've been through has been a delusion, tiny," Eli finally spoke, his voice was a searing jeer. Still disjointed, inhuman. "Sure, I enjoyed some of it..." His voice grew foggy, and distant from reflecting on it, before coming back into focus. "But I was stupid to forget your place in this. What you are. What I am. You're just my prey. I've been toying with you for too long."

    Warren didn't respond. He couldn't find the words if he wanted to. He could hear the giant yawn around him, then gravity shifted again, causing Warren to tumble on his side and the fluids and bones to slosh on top of him. He rasped, squirming again. A firm hand squished him in place, running over him. It pinned him uncomfortably close to the bones atop him.

    "Just give up. I've eaten hundreds of humans. None of them escaped. You’re no different."

    Warren went still. A shakiness rattled in his chest. The realization dawned on him with an icy clarity. He was dying. He was dying here. Eli didn't care. The horrors of his situation almost felt distant and numb. The looming fact that everything he did here didn't matter. His fate was set in stone. With any hope of survival, he would've fought harder, hurt himself more. But here. He knew it was worthless now.

    He felt lightheaded. All of his bones felt heavy. The blood loss and heat was really getting to him. The pain burning through every fiber seemed to be growing more distant. All he had to do was fall asleep, and it would all be over.

    You'll be unconscious by the time you get digested. Slow and painless. 

    Eli said those same words what felt like years ago. Had it only been months? It didn't matter. It was a lie. This was anything but painless. 

    He should have been worried about himself. Where would he go when he died? He didn't know. But that wasn't on his mind. He could only think about his sisters. How much they had lost. And how much more would they have to endure? Would they survive the apocalypse without him? He would never know.

    He could hear the giant's breaths deepen and slow to a relaxed pace. The giant's innards grew progressively louder and more active. Dread settled in the pit of Warren's stomach. The giant was asleep. Warren wasn't ready. He wasn't ready to die. 

    He could recall that one pressure point along the spine. It had worked on Rhyka in the past, though it had taken so many attempts to get it right. He could at least try. Try to live.

    He began to feel around the walls, pushing against them, trying to find that pressure point. He was dizzy. The blood loss was weakening. He could barely find the strength to move. When he tried, the walls suddenly squeezed much tighter around him. He let out a strangled cry of pain. It was enough to nearly crush his bones, and he feared that his ribs cracked under the pressure. 

    The walls loosened for just a moment, before clenching again around him. Acids poured from the walls, rubbing deep into his skin. Deep into his open wounds. His skin was on fire. Tears poured from his cheeks and he curled around himself to protect his eyes and the rest of his face from the pain, but it was pointless. There was no escape. 

    He let out a whimper in his throat and pushed against the walls, trying to find the opening to the esophagus. It was sealed off tight, restricting the air flow. Another clench and the level of fluids rose higher. Being positioned how he was, not fully up right, the acids were up to his chin. Every clench from the muscular walls threatened to drown him. 

    Another clench brought his head under the acids. His skin was coming off in flakes, mixing with the churning fluids. In these moments swimming through agony, fear, regret, and memories, he could remember voices. 

    Rebeka imploring him not to go. 

    Liss assuring Warren that he would be okay, and Eli wouldn't hurt him. 

    Olivia reassuring him, "They'll be alright. And you will return."  What a lie that was...

    Skinner's leering voice warning him his sisters would be banished if he failed.

    God, his lungs burned. He needed air. 

    He wished Olivia would take care of his sisters at least. He knew she would.

    The slow pounding heartbeat of the giant was overwhelming, like death's drum thundering in his ears. He couldn't hold his breath any longer. 

    His mouth suddenly gaped open for a strangled gasp. Acids flowed down his windpipe, drowning out a gargling cry of pain. His heartbeat fluttered sporadically like a failing bird. Far faster than the slow rhythm of the giant's. The acid within his rib cage shocked his system like a heatwave. And then he went still.

    #v/ore #v.ore #implied vore#soft vore#halfsize vore #tw fatal vore #tw implied fatal vore #aaaaaa I’ve been planning this for so long and couldn’t wait to post it!! #and I have much more planned as well >:3c
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    i lied i don’t want sleep i want more ppl to take advantage of me

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    Dream team first meet time Tw vore

    Naga Dream having a nap while the tinies that he found are warming up and resting as well in his storage stomach :) you can read it here
    My first time drawing nagas :')
    #g/t#g/t drawing #naga!dream #human size naga Dream #borrower!sapnap #borrower!george #tw vore#safe vore#soft vore#mcyt vore#mcyt g/t
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    erens titan can vore me

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    Apparently a bunch of US states and a couple Canadian provinces are banning vore content and putting it under the same caliber as illegal videos because it encouraged a group of people online into cannibalism

    … only some of the states they’re doing this in have laws already that allow “consensual cannibalism” so that just makes this ban fucking weirder??

    Is this some serial killer stuff going on or did lawmakers finally go off the deep end

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    Surprise! I have a part three of Shipwrecked!!!

    I've actually had this mostly finished for months. I just kind of forgot about it haha. Found this part and cleaned it up/finished it.

    Part one is here, and part two is here if you missed either of those.

    NSFW do not interact. You will be blocked.

    CW: soft, safe vore; accidental fearplay; panic


    No Problem


    Wilbur didn't mind storms.

    He didn't usually go up to the surface to enjoy them, like Phil did, but he found the sound relaxing. Wilbur did, however, have a problem with how storms could affect his friends.

    Ranboo in particular hated storms. None of them, Ranboo included, knew why. Wilbur privately thought it had something to do with his unusual discoloration, but it was just a hunch. Usually, he and Techno would keep the younger mer distracted during storms, but Techno and Ranboo were both on a trip.

    Instead, Wilbur decided to visit Niki. She wasn't a huge fan of storms either. She'd been found by Puffy during a storm, so that wasn't too surprising. However, they didn't affect her as badly as Ranboo, and she could rarely hear them from the cave she lived in.

    She was glad to see him, and they talked for several hours. Eventually the storm died out, and a couple of hours later he decided to head home. Phil was likely already back, or was on his way. He told Niki goodbye and began to swim back home.

    When he got home, Phil was already there. He was hovering near the open air area, one hand on his chest. He looked worried, but his expression melted into relief once he saw Wilbur.

    "Phil? What happened?" Wilbur asked, swimming close and checking his dad for injuries. He looked fine, and Wilbur relaxed a little.

    "There was a shipwreck tonight," Phil said grimly. Wilbur's face fell.

    "I'm guessing you couldn't stop it?" He asked. Phil gave the mer equivalent of a headshake no.

    "It was already nearly a mile down when I saw it. Sinking pretty slowly too. But Wil," he said quickly, almost frantic. "There was a survivor."

    Phil tapped his chest, and Wilbur suddenly realized he was gesturing at his pouch. His eyes widened.

    "A survivor? Were you able to- oh god, they must be so scared-" Wilbur cut himself off at the miserable look on his dad's face.

    "He's still a kid, I think. Is Niki with you?"

    Wilbur shook his head with a grimace.

    "Fuck," Phil muttered. "I'm pretty sure he was speaking English but-"

    "But Niki would be the best in this situation," Wilbur finished. He gestured to the cave surface, and both he and Phil went up.

    "He's still pretty freaked," Phil warned before he brought the human out. His throat bobbed, and a second later he was gently spitting a shaking teenager into his hands.

    The teen looked around frantically, first spotting Phil, then Wilbur. Phil lowered his hands, holding the kid out to Wilbur. The human seemed to some to some sort of conclusion, because he scrambled back, looking up at Wilbur with tear-filled eyes.

    He looked absolutely terrified. He stuttered out a small, "p-please don't-" in English. Thank god he really was speaking English, and not a language Wilbur didn't know.

    He scooped the human up from Phil's hands, gently shushing him when he whimpered. He pressed the kid cupped in his hand against his chest and started to whisper reassurances in the same language.

    "Shhh, You're ok. You're safe, I promise. You're going to be just fine. I won't hurt you."

    He could feel the teen's rapid heartbeat under his fingers, and was careful not to let his claws so much as touch him. The human was frozen at first, rigid with tension. After a couple of moments, he slumped in Wilbur's hand, shaking slightly.

    "Please, please just let me go," he said, and he sounded so scared and so defeated it made Wilbur's stomach twist. And he felt another twist when he realized he wouldn't be able to do what the human was asking.

    "We're in the middle of the ocean," he said as gently he could. "It would take at least a week to swim to the closest shore. There's nowhere to go."

    The human went very quiet for a few seconds. Then there was a tiny hiccuping sob. Wilbur looked up, and saw the same guilt he felt reflected on his father's face. Hell, Phil probably felt worse than he did; he'd been the one that had to swallow the terrified kid after all.

    "I'll go get Niki," Phil said in mer. He felt the human flinching at the sound of Phil's voice. Wilbur nodded instead of replying in mer, unsure if it was the language or just the sound of Phil's voice that freaked him out. Phil dove back below the water and swam off, leaving him alone with the still shaking human.

    "So am I stuck here forever?" The human asked in a tense voice. Wilbur's heart jumped in alarm. Oh god, he'd managed to make the human even more scared hadn't he?

    "Shit! No, no, that's not what I meant at all," he said quickly. The human didn't reply, and Wilbur paused.

    How did he explain this in a way that wouldn't freak out the kid even more? He really wished Niki was here; she'd be able to explain things in a way that wasn't terrifying to a human.

    First he needed to figure out the human's name. He couldn't keep calling him "the kid" or "the human" in his head; it seemed too dehumanizing.

    "What's your name?" He asked. The human didn't respond, and Wilbur was scared for a moment he wouldn't reply at all. But then he took a shaky breath.

    "Why should I tell you, bitch," the human said in a tiny voice, startling a laugh out of Wilbur. The mer could still feel his little heart beating a mile a minute. Even while terrified, the human was sassing him.

    "I guess I could just call you child," Wilbur said lightly, hoping he was choosing the right thing by teasing back. He was scared to go too far, so he added gently, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

    The human, or the Child if Wilbur was serious about that nickname, wasn't shaking as much now. Wilbur kept talking, hoping to convince the kid he meant no harm.

    "My name is Wilbur. That's the English translation at least." He said.

    "How do you know English?" The Child asked. He didn't sound very curious. Wilbur winced, hoping he wasn't just asking out of some sort of fear that Wilbur would get mad if he didn't.

    "My friend Niki taught me," he said. "She's very cool, fluent in three languages. Oh!" Wilbur had almost forgotten the most important part. "She's human as well. Phil's going to get her now; we thought you'd probably be more comfortable talking to another human."

    "...Phil?" The teen asked cautiously. Wilbur couldn't read his tone, and he fought the urge to look down and see his expression. The human was relatively calm, and Wilbur didn't want to ruin it by moving too quickly or reminding the kid how big he was.

    "Phil's the one who brought you here," he answered carefully. The kid tensed in his hand, and he could feel his heartbeat speeding up again.

    "He didn't mean to scare you," Wilbur began. The kid cut him off.

    "He fucking ate me!" He snapped, voice wobbly. Wilbur winced.

    "He didn't mean to scare you," Wilbur repeated. "You were safe, I promise. That wasn't his stomach. Mers have what's called a nesting pouch. We keep our children in them until their gills work. It's safe for humans."

    "Well, how the fuck was I supposed to know that?" The Child asked weakly, although his heartbeat wasn't quite as rapid.

    "You didn't know, that isn't your fault. And Phil only knows mer, so he couldn't tell you. He wouldn't have done that if there were a better option. He feels really bad for scaring you. And I do as well. We're both sorry we've scared you." Wilbur suddenly noticed the gentle circles he'd been rubbing into the kid's back. He almost stopped, but the teenager was leaning into the touch slightly, and Wilbur could feel his pulse slowing minutely.

    "I… I just want to go home," the little human said quietly.

    "We'll get you back home, Child," Wilbur promised. He heard an annoyed huff that he assumed was from the nickname. There was a pause, like the kid was deciding something.

    "T-tommy," he said, managing to sound snarky despite the shake in his voice. "My name is Tommy, prick."

    "Alright, Tommy," Wilbur said, not bothering to hide the smile in his voice. "I'll get you home."


    There was so much vulnerability in Tommy's voice. Wilbur wished desperately to pull him into a warm hug, but that wasn't possible. Instead he pressed the little human as close as possible.

    "I promise."


    The stomach- pouch- whatever it was had been disturbingly comfortable. Warm, soft, cozy while not being too claustrophobic.

    Tommy thought he was going to die at first. All he could do was curl up and cry, hoping it wouldn't hurt too badly. But five minutes, maybe ten minutes passed and he was still breathing, still completely unharmed. He realized he was somehow safe, inside the stomach of a man-eater.

    He was still terrified. The mer was probably just saving him for later; maybe even bringing him to a bunch of baby mers. Did the mers have nests like birds? Who knew. Nobody had ever seen a baby mer before.

    He was still going to die. But knowing he had a little more time at least meant he could be pissed off at how comfortable the stomach was. It was a little too slippery to stand, but whether he was sitting or laying down, it was weirdly nice.

    As he calmed down a little, he started to notice other details. Like the way he could hear the mer's heart beating steadily above him. Like the way the inside of the stomach, if that's what it was, was glowing a soft green. When he looked for the source of the light, he realized there were luminous scales scattered around him.

    If it hadn't been so terrifying, it might be nice.

    That was what he'd thought while trapped in the stomach-pouch-thing, and it's what he thought now.

    Held in a surprisingly soft hand, pressed to the chest of yet another mer, he was comfortable but scared.

    Wilbur had said he wouldn't hurt him. He'd even promised to take Tommy back home… somehow. But that didn't mean he was telling the truth, or that he wouldn't change his mind. Hell, even if he did keep his promises, Wilbur might hurt him by accident. Those razor sharp claws were half Tommy's height. All it would take was one slip.

    He really shouldn't have called the mer a bitch. He was already in the most dangerous situation of his fucking life. The last thing he needed to be doing was antagonize the beings who held his life in their hands… literally.

    The mer had laughed, but it was only a matter of time before Tommy went too far. He could never tell where the line was; crossing it now could mean death. He had to be careful.

    He could do that. No problem.

    Tommy could watch his mouth, and pray that that would be enough to keep him breathing.

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    Not the 3 am doodle page! Anyways click/tap on the image for better quality and enjoy me messin around with different stuff >:]

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    #ask#tw vore#cyncerity #tw vore mention #giant foster au #have i ever mentioned that i look up to you a lot and that your art and writing is really good. #and i cant really believe it when you leave a comment or drawing *fanart* for my au's- it jsut makes me really happy a lot and i really #+ appreciate it. thank you :] #ah sorry i got serious for a sec #back to key-smashes ig #skjdhlfbrgktn /pos
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    So, we decided before we wrote the requests, we wanted to finish the promise that we made in writing the little Naga idea that Roman, @baka-monarch, said we could write for.

    Sorry if it's a little short. :')

    We hope you enjoy!

    Not So Little Anymore

    Warning: The story below contains swearing and soft, safe vore. If you don't like, don't read. :D

    The sun was bright. Fluffy clouds and trees dusted the ground in shade. Animals shuffled about as they went about their day. The rivers and streams running their beds, full of serenity. A slight twinkle past the trees illuminates.

    A Naga, green scales and sandy blond hair. Perfect to blend into his environment. Philza, is his name. And currently? He was hunting. There were hungry mouths to feed at home, and he was perfect for the job. Being their father and all.

    The Naga stopped, taking a sniff at the air and ground. Searching, tracking. It was in due time that he caught the scent of prey and he was on his way. Scales slithering past large tufts of grass and patches of flowers as he traveled through the underbrush. When the scent gave sign to the prey being near, he slowed down, not wanting to scare the prey away. He crouched low, slithering, clawing at the ground as he moved.

    Eventually, he stopped. A small clearing, inhabited by some holes in the ground. He smirked. Too easy. He slithered his way over and placed himself in the center. He readied himself before reaching over to one of the holes and launching a hand down it. Something fuzzy pressed against his fingers. He latched onto it and yanked it out.

    A large rabbit was left in his grasp. He smiled. This would surely be a good feast for his twins. He clamped the squeaking rabbit's mouth shut before moving over to another hole.

    He'd spent the next few minutes, grabbing and luring out rabbits. Eventually he had four rabbits within his grasp. He had already eaten at least three, so he didn't have to worry about carrying anything for himself. With that in mind, he took off. The rabbits in his arms having gone quiet as he traversed back through the vegetation.

    He hummed as he slithered along, full and content, happy to see his boys again and see them get excited over their upcoming meal.

    Though his travel came to a sudden stop.

    He looked down at an old tree. Within its roots, he saw a den. And within that den, he could sense it. He tightened his grasp on the rabbits before leaning forwards and peeking inside. His eyes widened.

    There it was.

    A red egg.

    It was a bit smaller than usual, but he could tell. He could smell it. That was a Naga egg. He stuffed the rabbits in one arm before reaching in with his empty hand, gently grabbing the egg and lifting it out. He brought it up to his face and sniffed at it.

    It hadn't been visited in a while. Phil took a look around and saw no disturbance amongst the foliage. His eyes narrowed. Perhaps more than a while. He sniffed it once more before sighing and lifting it up once more, popping the small ovoid into his jaws before swallowing it whole.

    He hummed softly as he felt it drop into his brooding pouch. And with that, he headed home, eager to show his twins their new sibling.

    Phil knew that when the egg hatched, the baby would have been small. But he hadn't known it would be this small. A small baby Naga laid within his arms. It was sleeping soundly as it wrapped its tail around his wrist. The twins, Techno and Wilbur, had fallen asleep as well, their tails intertwined and heads laid on their father's tail.

    The man coiled his tail more, pulling the twins even closer. He smiled softly as he watched them hold onto each other more. Phil looked down at the baby in his arms. He had a tuft of blond hair, and from what he had seen earlier when the baby was awake, bright blue eyes. He kind of looked like Phil. And didn't that just make his heart swell.

    He pulled the baby close, kissing the top of his head.

    He had a feeling that he would fit right into their little family just fine.

    The first two years went by and there were things that Phil took notice of.

    The baby Naga, which Techno named Theseus and Wilbur nicknamed Tommy, had changed immensely since he was born. Phil took notice of it the day Tommy had turned one. He was a bit bigger than the average Naga baby, but Phil didn't put any negativity towards it. It just meant that his youngest was most likely going to be just like his older brothers, as they too had been a bit bigger than the average Naga when they were young. Of course, it wasn't when they were this young, but Phil paid it no mind.

    Perhaps he maybe should have paid it a bit of mind.

    Tommy had just turned six and he was already bigger than his older brothers.

    It had been quite the shock, when the three older Nagas had taken the realization to heart. Their youngest had become the tallest and yet he was nowhere near even being an adult. They had trouble fitting in the nest nowadays, but Phil made a mental note to add more bedding to it. If his baby got bigger, he would just need to make the nest bigger as well.

    "Dad! Dad, help!"

    Phil looked up from the nest. Straw and extra pelts in hand as he had been adding to the nest. Tommy recently had a sudden growth spurt and he needed to make the nest even larger. He didn't mind in slightest though.

    He chuckled at the sight before him. Wilbur and Techno had their tails within Tommy's grasp. Wilbur had his arm crossed, pouting angrily. Techno had just seemed to accept his current location and had wrapped himself more securely to the larger blond. Tommy, who was now approximately around 30 or so feet, had grinned at his father, sharp fangs glinting in the light.

    "Hi, dad!" Tommy smiled brightly as he slithered closer to stand in front of Phil. "I caught dinner!" Wilbur hissed as he lashed around, trying to escape.

    "Dad! Tell him to let us go! Techno! Tell Dad!" Wilbur glanced at his twin for back up. The pinkette merely looked at him and shrugged. "Traitor! This is a betrayal! I can't believe you would fucking do this to me! After all we've been through together! Techno, you bastard!" There was no malice behind the words, everyone knew that. Phil let out a loud laugh as he watched Wilbur continue to spew curses and unserious insults at his brothers.

    "Alright, alright. Tommy, let your brothers go. The sun's about to set and I've almost finished up the nest." Tommy gave a pout before bending down and gently releasing his brothers. They slithered from his grasp before all three helped their father finish setting the nest up.

    Once everything was in order and the sun had fully set, Tommy coiled his tail around his family. He held them close, hissing gently in affection. The three each gave him a pet to the nose, though Wilbur's was more of a playful smack. Tommy retaliated by licking the brunette. The older screeched in disgust, the other two laughing at his predicament.

    All was well within the happy little family.

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    This is part of a roleplay.

    Angat has not swallowed someone for a long time xD. is my second drawing of this type I think I will start to publish my drawings vore here or Twitter aa.

    I already exposed myself

    * the universe changes *

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