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    closed starter for: @pcrscphcnc​

           He shouldn’t have taken her. A year ago he never would have stooped so low. A year ago he would have been disgusted with himself for taking a girl against her will and locking her up in his room. The person he was a year ago was buried - just like all of his kin. Ekon had payed. Lia’s father would pay as well. Sadly, so would she for her father’s sins. He found her pressed to a corner, without anything she might use as a weapon. He had refrained himself from binding her. There was no need. Any attempt to overpower him would be rendered pointless. “My name is Andreas Rotella.” He wondered if it rung a bell. “Your father pissed me off. Big time.” Not an uncommon occurrence from what he’d been told. “It seems you got the short end of the stick, sweetheart.” He wasn’t sure what he intended to do with her, but his eyes had darkened at the mere sight of it. And it had been a while since he’d last had a female in his bed.

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    having a neko/usagi darling.

    rook hunt, idia shroud, leona kingscholar, jack howl & azul ashengrotto. yandere / hybrid!reader.

    warnings. yandere content, mentioned/implied kidnapping, mentioned violence, slight stalking?. this is not love.

    request. Can I order Yandere! Rook, Idia, Leona, Jack and Azul with a reader being (Nekomimi, or Inumimi, or Usagimimi), please...

    rook hunt — usagi.

    - rook absolutely adores you to no extent, he's obsessed the instant his eyes land on you. very easy to spot in a crowd of people with normal ears, and then there's you, big, floppy bunny ears with a cute tiny fluffball tail. he can't help but get fascinated as he observes you joining the pomefiore dormitory, not aware of the hunter that lurks in its corridors.

    - when rook first converses with you, he's fallen even deeper, not only are you completely exquisite on the outside but the inside as well! his breath is stolen from him as he watches you scurry along to your next lesson, sighing in pleasure as he awaits the next opportunity to speak with you again.

    - once the hunter finally captures his prey, he's never letting you go. you'll be trapped with rook for the foreseeable future, having any spare moment taken up by him. he’ll never get bored of you, no, he’ll always find infatuation with the simplest things you could be doing. you're such a cute bunny, and it's a perfect opportunity to understand more about an animal with ears uncommonly as yours.. maybe even lure in a beastman from savanaclaw with a naive creature like you.

    idia shroud — neko.

    - similar to rook, idia becomes obsessed the second his eyes catch a glimpse of you. an adorable and naive neko girl getting accepted into ignihyde is all he's ever needed and more, a perfect opportunity to finally get a girlfriend. he’ll go through everything he can discover about you, having ortho do multiple scans of your whole self and become closer to you so he can see if you're truly as pure and unbelievable as you seem. and sure enough, you are.

    - when you become close enough to ortho, he might even introduce himself. with his tablet, obviously, but he still tries his hardest to find any way he can get closer to you. even in such a deep infatuation, he's shy and anxious. when you do meet him in person, he’ll have a terribly tough time trying to keep his hands to himself, resisting the impulse to snatch you right then and there. he's patient, though, he knows he can charm you somehow.

    - you’ll presumably end up asking him out, but in the slim chance he is to work up enough courage to ask you to be his, you’ll be with him either way. he’ll immediately have you trapped inside his room, all electronics or way to communicate with the outside world are stolen and destroyed, a sinister grin kept on his face as he watches the joy turn into terror, ortho cheering his big brother on and celebrating the fact he's finally gotten somebody go take home to mom and dad. whether you want that or not doesn't matter anymore, you're trapped.

    leona kingscholar — usagi.

    - if you're a little bunny, it's not gonna taken much to capture leona’s attention, if he's taking part that is. and even if he isn't the second he catches a whiff of a rabbit’s scent in a dorm such as this, he's ordering ruggie to go and capture you and drag you to his room. you really are an herbivore, and to say the least, soon to be his. he’ll tease you so harshly, making fun of how you're helpless prey in a den of vicious predators.

    - leona isn’t good at courting people, and it’s not going to be any better with his darling. he’ll have ruggie bring you to him whenever he orders, and you haven’t the slightest say in what goes. he slowly acts as if he's warmed up to you, treating you with small acts of fake kindness and eventually stealing your heart. even if you aren't to tell him, he’ll easily know with the look on your face whenever he's around.

    - you're excitement makes him smirk when he asks you to be his, knowing how much he’ll ruin you and give you a hellish life. he's never gotten anything without being a bit.. devious, and catching you is not different. you'll be treated roughly and tossed around as if you're worth nothing, only soft moments being times where he uses you as a pillow. predators have never been sweet to prey, have they now?

    jack howl — neko.

    - jack is very intrigued by you. a pure kitty that happened to be sorted into a den of beasts, but of course, he lets those thoughts wither away, you wouldn't be here if you didn't have power. that doesn't have jack finding his unusual feelings disappear, if anything they strengthen, it could possibly be an act.. he never knows!

    - he's very awkward with interactions and greetings, finding it hard to stay somewhat friendly when all he wants to do is pounce on you, test your strengths even when he knows it's wrong. to you, he’ll seem strangely hostile, but in reality, he's trying his hardest to get intimate with you, to bait you into a trap where you can't run off. even when it feels painfully terrible, he can't stop his desire to have you all to himself.

    - when jack finds it in himself to tell you how he feels, you shyly accept and it gives him even more of a rush. his mind runs rampant as he pulls you along back to his room, roughly shoving you in as he locks the door. sealing away your future as he glares at you with predatory eyes, his true feelings getting voiced in that very moment as your eyes show a panic back.

    azul ashengrotto — usagi.

    - oh? a poor, unfortunate soul like you getting roped into a dorm such as octavinelle where only merfolk reside? what a very strange idea that mirror has. though, azul has no complaints about such a charming thing as yourself getting stuck in the octopus’ den. he’ll send the tweets to gather some info on you, and even floyd doesn't have a complaint since you just look so interesting and out of place.

    - god, azul falls so deep in obsession once he gets to know you more. your innocent rabbit self not having the slightest clue what he could have planned for you. he’ll make sure to terrorise any sort of student that could come close to you, making sure that the only one you could come to is himself and maybe jade. you wouldn’t want to hang around floyd even if he had already kidnapped you for himself!

    - once you confess to the octo-merman, he sighs in pleasure, knowing you’re finally meant to be his. he’ll have you sign a contract as ‘proof of your love’ and you only gave a few uncertainties that he instantly makes disappear, to reveal that you’re now imprisoned with him for eternity. the fear on your face graces him a dark smile on his own.

    —thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed..~

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    #chronicasexual #asks! #G R E E N #child death tw #kidnapping tw #child abuse tw #seconds speaks
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  • jinmukangwrites
    18.06.2021 - 15 hours ago
    Day 5 (6-17): Aged-up | Mother and son | Brothers
    Warnings: near death experiences, drowning, canon typical violence, kidnapping
    Note: I felt like I've written a lot of Dick and Damian bonding this week... So I'm switching it out with Jason. I had other things I wanted to write for this prompt, but it got too late at night to write something long. Enjoy this short, hurt/comfort Jason and Damian bonding instead <3


    Damian's only been captured for a few hours... and already he feels more miserable than he has in a long time.

    None other than the Penguin stands before him, sneering cheek to cheek as his associates finish tying the knots around chest and the damp wooden pole his back leans against. The sand underneath him is rocky and sharp; he can already feel the curious laps of the returning tide against his tailbone. His hands are restrained behind the pole as well, while his legs are tied by his ankles. He's sitting, and stuck sitting thanks to the rope around his chest.

    His head aches, which isn't very surprising considering the thing that got him in this situation was a well placed hit to his skull via a brick.

    He didn't mean to get caught. He simply wanted to blow off some steam after getting fed up with Jason while on patrol. Of all people to be paired up with, it had to be Jason. It couldn't have been someone Damian gets along with like Richard, Duke, or Cassandra. It couldn't have been Timothy where they at least know when boundaries are being pushed with their banter. It couldn't have even been Stephanie, where she's at least funny.

    No, the entire family was there, and Damian got paired with the one he doesn't know how to deal with. He got annoyed by the constant, demeaning tone Jason would use on him, and after one too many backhanded insults that only Jason found funny, Damian snapped. He doesn't even remember what exactly was said, he just knows he yelled at Jason to go on without him, and Jason didn't stop him when he turned the other direction.

    Thinking back on it, Damian probably insulted him back, and the reason he let Damian go was because he was just as annoyed as Damian was.

    It doesn't matter now. What matters is that he didn't intend to stumble upon the Penguin and his goons in some warehouse by the coast. He was just going to take down a few classic muggers or something of similar nature and go back to Jason and act like the argument never happened.

    He intended to go back and tell his father about the Penguin's actions, but he didn't notice a pigeon until he almost stepped on it. Startled, it flew up at his face and he fell backwards right through the already broken skylight. He barely managed to slow his fall with his grappling gun, but he still hit the ground pretty hard. Hurt and surprised, he didn't have time to even stand up before the brick was smashed against his skull.

    And now he's here, under Gotham's docks, being tied to a poll while the Penguin laughs to himself.

    "I'll just let the tide kill you for me," he says to himself, yet his idiot goons still cackle. Damian glares at them, but they only laugh harder, sending down their own insults until the ocean water begins to pool up to Damians toes.

    The Penguin makes a remark that it's time to go, and that he doesn't want to get his new dress shoes messy, and then they're gone, leaving Damian to attempt to tug on the ropes holding him against the pole. He tries to reach for the small blades he keeps in the compartments of his gloves, but his fingers come away empty. Curse Gotham's Rogues and their ability to actually use their brains and disarm their captives when they get their hands on them.

    He strains harder on the ropes now, twisting and trying to reach any knots with his fingers, but all he succeeds in doing is cutting off the circulation to his hands and pressing the rope into his chest.

    He relaxes with a frustrated huff and glares at the water that's already risen a few inches to ripple close to his hips. He knows that not long from now, the water will be above his head.

    For now, it's freezing, and once it reaches his fingers, escape will become all the more impossible thanks to numbing appendages.

    He tugs on the ropes, then tugs some more, and he keeps going until he has to stop and let the blood come back to his fingers.

    The water continues to rise, seeping through his suit and into his bones, rising to his fingers, then his arms, then his shoulders... It's when it finally touches his chin when the despair and terror finally settles.

    He can't get out. He can't get out. The ropes feel no more loose than what they were when he began trying to undo them, and his fingers are so numb now they must be turning blue under his gloves. His jaw aches from his chattering teeth, and his nose is beginning to run.

    He pulls desperately on his bonds now, his attempts to escape becoming more and more reckless the longer he sits here. He's hyper-aware of the movement of the water around him, and his panic is making it difficult to breathe.

    Through his terror, he hears something. The motor of a bike. He hears the engine cut out nearby. He can probably shout for help.

    It's his last hope. He can only pray that whoever came to the docks at this hour of night, that they are friendly. He opens his mouth to yell for assistance, but he chokes when sea water enters his mouth. He scrambles his bound feet against the rocky sand, attempting to lift himself up the pole just a little higher, but he doesn't go anywhere. The ropes are too tight.

    He's not sure if the water near his eyes is from him flailing in the water, or if it's because of frightened tears. Either way, he can feel the water tickling his nose, and he only has a split second to suck in one last breath of air before the water rises above any means to breath.

    "Robin?" A deep voice shouts, and Damian could sob at the irony of it. "You here?"

    Someone came looking for him, but they don't know where he is. He's going to drown under the feet of someone who could have saved him if they had come just minutes before.

    The water rises over his head now, and he can no longer hear anything besides the racing of his heart. He can't feel his fingers or toes anymore, and he's sure he will drown with bruises under the ropes on his chest.

    He's going to drown. He's going to die. His lungs hurt, already his oxygen is running out. He's panicking and it's cold and he's going to die-

    He doesn't know how much longer he holds his breath, only that eventually, his mouth opens against his will and sucks in water that may as well be fire going into his lungs.

    Black creeps into his vision... and with the last sight of dark bubbles erupting around him, he loses consciousness.


    He wakes up vomiting. A strong hand wraps around his arm and holds him on his side so he can empty his lungs and stomach of salty sea water. It feels like his insides are being torn apart, but eventually it calms down a little so he can finally suck in a gasp of air.

    The hand on his arm becomes two, snaking around his shoulder blades to sit him up and squeeze him against a broad chest.

    "Holy shit," a familiar voice gasps, "Jesus fuck."

    "J'son..." Damian murmurs, trying to make sense of what's going on. His throat feels abused, and his head pounds like drums. He's so tired, his eyes begin to drop.

    "Nah don't you fucking think of it," Jason growls, pulling him away from his chest and giving him a hard shake. Damian blinks, trying to focus. Jason brings a hand up and brushes his dripping hair from his face.

    Then, it all comes back to him. The tide... The water... He was drowning...

    He thought he died.

    But here he is, untied from the pole and on the docks, looking at Jason's bare and dripping face with his helmet castaway on the ground. He must have given him mouth-to-mouth... And his chest aches like he's taken a beating. Must be the combined bruises of the ropes and from chest compressions.

    He's suddenly overwhelmed with emotions, all of his fear slamming right into him.

    "You came," he croaks, not sure if it's because of his abused respiratory system or if it's because of his rekindled tears.

    Jason's face twists, then he pulls Damian back in to squeeze him tightly once again. The hug is a surprise, and it hurts, but Damian doesn't fight it. He's too relieved and scared and confused and ashamed to fight it.

    "When you didn't answer the comms, I thought you were still mad," Jason explains. The rumble of his voice in his chest against Damian's cheek is oddly relaxing. "But then it started getting late and I didn't feel right, so I asked Babs for your coords and- fuck- I thought I got you killed."

    "How did you know...?" Damian asks, not willing to go further into the sentence and endure the pain of his throat.

    Jason gives a laugh, and it's almost hysterical. "A lucky guess? I don't know, I guess it's just habit to look in the water when something goes wrong at the docks." There's a pause. Then Jason releases Damian once again. "I'm sorry. I said some things I shouldn't have. This wouldn't have happened if I kept my cool."

    Damian shakes his head. It doesn't matter now. "You came."

    Jason's lips twitch. "Of course I did. We're... Brothers. Even if we don't get along all the time, I still don't want anyone beating you up other than me."

    Damian let's out a laugh, though it dissolves into a fit of coughs. Jason rubs his back during all of it, then once he calms down he helps him to his feet.

    "C'mon," he says, "let's get you back home so Alfred can check on you. The sooner we get back, the sooner I can get getting yelled at out of the way for letting you go off on your own."

    He helps Damian up to his feet, and Damian gratefully clutches to his jacket to steady himself. "I am to blame too. Once we tell father you helped save me, he will be less angry."

    Jason snorts. "You think I'm worried about the old man? It's Dick I'm worried about."

    "Ah," Damian grins, all the fear finally ebbing out from his system. "I'm afraid I cannot help you there."

    Jason helps Damian onto the bike and returns his helmet so it's over his head. He holds Damian in front of him with one arm securely around his chest as he drives. He feels safe nestled against Jason like this. It's strong and unyielding. His relationship with the older man has always been strange, considering they weren't always on the same sides when Richard was Batman.

    But this? This is safe. It's warm. Is careful and gentle. Normally he'd be embarrassed to be so vulnerable like this near Jason, but like Jason said... They're brothers.

    He cannot help but feel a little disappointed once they finally make it back to the cave. Yet it seems he's misjudged Jason once again, because after he was rushed to the med-bay and Jason got an earful from Richard... he fell asleep and awoke the next morning with Jason still there.

    Things may not be perfect with Jason, and they argue a lot, but Damians sure things have a chance of becoming better.

    They're brothers, after all.

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    ONE CHICAGO : crime is all that jill knows. with a thief for a father, how could she know anything else? taught all throughout childhood to master the art of breaking and entering, jill rarely felt like there had been another option. with a mother that was rarely around, her father was all she had. when he was sent to prison, however, she found that her life needed to change. she didn’t want to end up like him.
    putting herself on the path of the straight and narrow was extremely difficult and not without fault. with a personality likened to a firecracker, jill would rather fight than listen. over time, her mindset began to change and she forced herself into a route that would give her life meaning.
    a few years into her policing career, jill was kidnapped by a suspect in several cases that she had worked on. to this day, she doesn’t speak of the things she had to endure and, after months of rehab ( both physically and mentally ) she returns to her post, more determined than ever to keep her city safe.
    #*   ⤏   somewhere out there our city is bleeding   »   one chicago . #verses. #kidnapping tw#torture tw #i suck at writing things out disjfof
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    okay so i cant find my vampire tony fic so i just decided to write a new one instead @sibmakesart. tw for blood but that should be expected because this is a vampire AU

    Steve doesn’t know how long they’ve been walking, but he can tell that the journey is starting to take a toll on Tony. He’s shuffling to the side, body moving listlessly and un-coordinated, and Steve knows it won’t be long until Tony collapses entirely, too drained to move any further.

    AIM hadn’t completely starved Tony, allowing him a half pint of blood every six hours - but they also hadn’t given him more than the minimum to keep him alive. The stark loss of blood shows on Tony’s face, cheeks sunk indrawn and bags collecting under his eyes, and in the rest of his body: his hands look gaunt and frail, his chest rattles with each breath, and his skin is pale. 

    Tony looks his age, he looks like he’s 106 and about to kneel over and die, and it’s tearing Steve apart inside.

    “This is ridiculous,” he says for the umpteenth time, because this has been a regular discussion ever since Steve managed to break them out of AIM’s dungeons and they ran for the woods nearby, “You need to feed Tony, otherwise you’re going to die, and that’s not helpful to anyone.”

    Tony shakes his head roughly, and Steve can see the way the movement aches him. “I don’t drink fresh blood Rogers,” he says stubbornly, just like he has the last seventeen times Steve has offered up his wrist and asked Tony to just take a bite, “Besides, we can’t be that far from civilization - and all hospitals will have a reserve of blood.”

    “You won’t make it to civilization,” Steve insists, “Not in the state you are right now. Tony I’m not asking you to drain me, I’m just asking you to take enough to put some colour back on your skin. You need this.”

    Tony shakes his head again, and Steve’s tired of respecting Tony’s boundaries, tired of tiptoeing around his neat little lines while Tony dies. He refuses to let it happen, Tony’s hang ups be damned.

    He grabs the first thing he can see, a jagged piece of a rock, and presses the sharpened edge against his palm, deep until it cuts his skin. Tony’s reaction is instantaneous - the minute the smell of blood hits the air his head snaps up, nostrils flaring and eyes creeping red.

    He starts backing away from Steve, convulsing into himself trying to fight his instincts, but Steve is faster, stronger - and crowds up around him, bringing his injured palm up to Tony’s mouth.

    “I get that you have boundaries,” he says, softer, now that he’s close enough to share the same breath as Tony, “And normally I would respect them, I would. But I can’t watch you die. I won’t. Not when I can help you.”

    Tony’s eyes flick between Steve’s palm and his face, and then back to his palm. Steve presses against the wound, forcing more blood out of the cut until it wells and forms a red dot on his hand, thick and wide.

    “Steve, I can’t,” Tony says, voice wrecked, “I’m ravenous. I haven’t had a proper meal in days, weeks even. The last time I fed on someone when I was like this -”

    He cuts off, “I cant.”

    “You can,” Steve insists, pushing his palm closer until he’s almost covering Tony’s mouth, “You won’t hurt me. You won’t kill me. I’m a supersoldier, I can push you off if I need you. Please Tony, drink.”

    Steve doesn’t know what it is that changes Tony’s mind, but he shifts, too fast for Steve’s eyes to catch, and licks at the drop of blood on Steve’s palm, before tilting his head and sinking his teeth into the veins near Steve’s wrist.

    The loss of blood is so heedy that Steve sways, ever so slightly, but Tony catches him, pulling them to the ground and shifting so that Steve’s head is resting against his shoulder, and his arm is lifted up to Tony’s mouth, as he drinks, and drinks and drinks. 


    #my writing#stevetony#superhusbands#steve/tony #steve x tony #steve rogers/tony stark #steve rogers x tony stark #vampire tony #vampire tony stark #blood tw #blood drinking tw #they were kidnapped by AIM and now theyre escaping #in case that wasnt clear #anyway i dont know what this is or whether i'll continue it but here!! #vampire tony!!
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  • biggest-shigaraki-simp
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Run, Rabbit

    contains: yandere themes, paranoia, nightmares, drugging, kidnapping, use of sharp items to inflict pain

    Quirk: Volcano- you can spew lava from your hands. Drawbacks- dizziness and hot flashes

    Note: I have no idea how to hijack a car or smoke a cigarette. Sorry if I mess those things up.

    "Come on out, little one. I promise I won't hurt you."

    Your feet burned. Bruises and cuts made you grit your teeth but you kept pushing. If you stopped, he would get you. You couldn't stop now. Not after making it this far. Your thin white dress ripped when you past one of the trees and you took another turn. Turn after turn, the forest started to get thinner and street light came into your view.

    You smiled, relieved and your feet beat against the ground faster. The concrete was only a few steps away. You slowed down and your chest heaved and your lungs burned. You gulped and before you could take another step, gloved circled around your wrists and you were pulled back into a cold chest.

    "Let's get home, bunny. This time you'll choose your punishment."

    You shot up out of bed. A thick sheen of sweat covered your forehead and neck and your breath was ragged. You swallowed, pressing a hand to your heart. Swallowing again, you swung your feet of your bed, meeting the cold wood floor. You walked carefully through the small space to the kitchen. You swallowed again and your eyes darted around the space.

    Sighing, you grabbed a cup and filled it with bottled water. You took small sips and took a deep breath. The clock on the wall read 3:47am and you rubbed your temples. Having the same nightmare every night didn't make dealing with it easier, even if you didn't see him. It's his fault anyway. He's the reason you want to rip all your hair out and he's the reason you live in this dingy apartment on the outskirts of a town you didn't know the name of.

    Running a hand through your hair, you took in another breath. Trudging to the couch, you planted yourself in the dusty seat and rested your head on the arm.

    "Little one."

    Your eyes popped open and you backed into the couch. You searched the room for the owner of the voice, but found no one. Now you were convinced. Sleep was a foreign language to you now, might as well you stop trying. You got up and pulled your peach nightdress over your head and pulled on the clothes you wore yesterday. Pulling a beanie on your head and a mask over your face, you left the small space behind and ventured into the night.

    To be brief, you were scared. Scared that he might take you again. Your four months of freedom seemed too easy. He wouldn't let you continue living unless you were under his thumb so, why would he let you escape? You shake your head of the thoughts. Having a panic attack in the middle of the street at the ass crack of dawn wasn't ideal. A bell chimed when you opened the door. The lights of the store were to bright for your liking and the guy working at the counter seemed to follow your every move. You ran your finger over the different bags of chips and walked slowly and calculated to the freezers in the back.

    You looked over the many frozen treats, surprised there was an entire freezer full of your favorites. You grabbed two boxes and went to the register to pay. The man had a cigarette hanging from his lips and scars on his hands. They oddly reminded you of one of your captor's "friends". You swallowed the growing fear in your stomach and put the two boxes on the counter. He rung you up and took a drag of the cigarette.

    "That'll be $3.50, 𝘥𝘰𝘭𝘭."

    Your heart dropped to your toes and you backed away from the counter. He rose from the counter and the cigarette fell to the floor as he chuckled. Cerulean eyes met with yours and you couldn't breathe. You knocked down one of the shelves holding the snacks and ran. On your way out, you grabbed a glass bottle and you went to the back entrance. You whipped your head around and Dabi calmly walked towards you.

    "Door's locked. Just c'mere and make my job easier. Don't wanna have to put you out."

    You banged your shoulder into the door and kept wiggling the knob. He was getting closer and your breath was getting ragged. Thanks to whatever miracle, the door flew open and you bolted. The cold early morning air zipped past you and you clenched your 'weapon' tighter. You looked back and the building was engulfed in blue flames. You gulped and willed yourself to move faster. Your apartment wasn't safe enough. If they found you in this town, they must know were you live. The only option you had was to either hijack a car and step on the gas until it emptied or kill Dabi.

    You gulped at the thought of the second option. You looked around and you saw a pick up truck. You ran to it and heat up your hands burning the door off it's hinges. You hop into the car and get to the wiring. You search for Dabi and a figure walks towards you from the flames.

    "Your bein' a real bitch, Y/N."

    The wires start to spark and the engine revs. You grab the wheel and turn around, pressing the gas harshly. You weave between local streets and buildings, trying to find the highway. From your rearview, you can see the sea of blue flames that scorch almost the entire town. You keep going until you see and exit to the highway. You step harder on the gas, the truck speeds towards the highway. A thud on the top of the car makes you jump and you gulp.

    "Please. Anyone but him. Don't be him. Don't be him"

    Your pleads are for nothing when you suddenly stop. Grey ashes float through the air and the only thing left of the truck is your seat and the steering wheel. Air flows out of your lungs when he comes into view. Wearing all black, save for the red coat and shoes, he stares at you unmoving.

    Tears, prick your eyes and your breath becomes erratic. The deafening silence is broken when he stretches his hand to you.

    "Let's get home, bunny."

    You wipe your tears and stand from your seat. You slowly shimmy a piece of glass from your sleeve into your palm and grasp it. You walk towards him, head hung low and with all the anger you can muster,

    "Over my dead body."

    You swing the shard of glass at him and the hand falls off of his face. An angry red horizontal line stretches from his cheek to his nose bridge. He touches a gloved hand to his nose and laughs. You turn to run but scarred hands grab your waist and a cloth is pressed firmly on your nose. You struggle and try not to breathe. His grips tightens on your body and he presses the cloth further onto your nose.

    "Just breathe, doll."

    The world starts getting blurry and your body falls limp in his arms. Dabi hauls you over his shoulder and lights another cigarette, taking a long drag. He looks back at him and sneers.

    "You owe me."


    You wake up on something soft. You feel a cold draft and turn to cover yourself. Your hand stops midway and you open your eyes. Your throat runs dry and you sit up. Frantically, you whip your head around and the memories of the early morning hit you. The chains on your hands were connected to the bed post and a blinking collar was around your neck.

    You turned your palm backwards and tried to melt your restrains but your hand couldn't heat up enough. You tugged on the chains but it was no use. You sighed and looked down, dejected. You felt like an idiot. How could you possibly think going out at night was a good idea? But, now there was no time to think about all that. Beating yourself up wasn't going to get you out of this, you had to think.

    The door opens and he comes in. You back up into the bed frame and his carmine eyes look over your body.

    "I've missed you so much, little one."

    He walks to the edge of the bed and sits. His belt is gripped tightly in his hands and he sighs.

    "I told you if you came back I wouldn't punish you."

    The word "punish" makes your heart beat quicken and your throat dry.

    "Your four months, one week, four days, ten minutes, and thirty five seconds two late, bunny."

    He touches your clothing and the material turns to grey dust leaving you bare in front of him.

    "Show me that your sorry and I might reconsider."

    Your at a crossroad. If you don't do what he wants, he'll drug you up and beat what his ideals into you but if you do, you'll have to sleep with him. No matter what you choose, you'll never be free. You hang your head and spread your legs apart, revealing yourself to him. You breathe out shakily and tears fall from your eyes.

    "Use me as you'd like, Master."

    He chuckles and kisses your hair.

    "Good girl."

    #shigaraki x reader #shigaraki fanfiction#bnha shigaraki#mha dabi #shigaraki x you #shigaraki x y/n #tw: kidnapping #tw: implied smut #tw: drugs #tw: master/slave themes #mha shigaraki#shigaraki tomura #kitten.writes
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  • lingeringscars
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    @tocomefirst said trace + reverse / pairing: bellamy & rose

    he needed this, and he knows it. the part of him that stopped to look toward the kitchen was enough to satisfy him until he could be with octavia again. she was consumed by making breakfast, and it gave him time to focus on rose and the trauma they had both endured. she helped him this morning with remembering that octavia was home safe, and he had to make sure that rose understood that he was there for her, too. octavia wasn’t the only person he thought he had lost in the past four days, and it wasn’t octavia’s screams he woke up remembering this morning. she might have been the person he looked for first, but it was the butt of a gun hitting rose that he had vivid flashes of. 

    it was her on the ground with it pressed to her skull. it was her, and he can feel his throat closing again with the memories. even with his hand wrapped around hers, he’s afraid that she’ll fall through the cracks and they’ll be back there. he can’t lose her; the pain radiating through his wrists could never compare to what that would do to him. he’d beg for them to trade places every day, wish that she hadn’t come to find him if it meant she got out unscathed. he knew every second he was in there that rose was on her way, and he loves her for it, but god, he wishes it had been simple. he wishes he had been quicker to warn her; he wishes he were a better partner. 

    she never should have been in that situation, but neither should he. he’s trained to take on strigoi; he should have been able to take the barely trained reckless dhampir with ease. it should come as no surprise that he believes he should have been able to do this despite the gas that knocked him and tasha out so that he was incapable of fighting back. his hands were in chains, but he should have been able to tear it out of the concrete and break down the bars to get to rose before denis could pull the trigger. 

    the thoughts threaten to overwhelm him, so he focuses on the best thing he can: her heartbeat. just like he had directed her hand to his the night before to remind her that he was there safe, he presses his own to hers for the same reminder. there’s no better grounding technique than feeling and hearing her heart beating. his hands don’t come off her even as they help each other undress, his hands still around her as they turn the water on, wrapped around her when they finally get in. one remains on her even as he reaches for shampoo and soap. his eyes close when he notices the water going down the drain is tinged with red, and he thinks he should be out of tears by now, yet they come in waves when he thinks about her crumpling. 

    her hands in his hair do little to pull him out of his grief, but he leans into it nonetheless. his automatically rub little circles over where the gun was pressed, thinking that he could send enough love into it to erase the betrayal. he found it difficult to trust, but rose had her heart open for the entire world; he hated when the people around them abused that, and watching her suffer knowing that someone she had trusted turned on her hurt almost as much as the physical strike. he struggles switching from washing her hair to body for this reason, wanting to keep his focus on her head, but he already has marks from where his skin has been rubbed raw. he’s done all he can to wash the blood away, and they’ll spend however long it takes to work on the emotional scars.

    when he does switch to her body, he becomes overwhelmed by another scar. one right over her heart, down the center of her chest. he knows the precise location of her heart because of their training, but he’d be able to find it just because it’s hers. now his eyes remain between her breasts as a sob escapes him. he couldn’t count the number of times he’s randomly been hit by the knowledge that rose died twice before meeting him, and only one of those times was she able to bring herself back. after the events of these last few days, he’s reminded of how fragile life is, and how much it would destroy him to lose her. his hand is shaky as it reaches out to trace the jagged line from where the bullet pierced the ensuing surgery. he finds that his eyes close again as he traces it, committing the lines to his memory as a testament for rose’s strength and will to live. she’ll come back to him, just like he once promised to always come back to her. it does little to stop his own struggling breaths, but he thinks he’s entitled to a few mental breakdowns after being held captive for four days, and even more for the helpless feeling of begging her to look into his eyes in case it was the last thing she saw. she’s alive. she’s here. we survived.

    meme: touching scars meme / status: always accepting

    #answered#they :((( #ask to tag #kidnapping tw#tocomefirst #writing: bellamy blake #a lot can happen in one queue
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  • astermacguffin
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Not to gatekeep on the destiel kidnapping fic but I am gatekeeping it because a lot of you don't seem to get the function of the last chapter and why it was important NOT to end the fic in either dean or cas' perspective but rather from an outside view.

    If the fic ended in their perspective, then it would have read like a "happy" ending instead of the tragic horror that it really is. You're supposed to observe them and their fucked up dynamics from afar, NOT root for them. (Root for them to be healthy and happy, sure. But ideally they should do that while oceans apart from each other. I have read and reread this fic at least 8 times, so I should know.)

    (more fucked up shit below the cut. TW for passing mention and reference to the kidnapping & dubcon/noncon in the fic. None of these tags are explicitly detailed here. Obvious spoiler warning for With Understanding)

    Readers who identify strongly with cas' perspective sometimes describe the first few chapters as "developing Stockholm syndrome together with cas," which shows the obvious danger of ending the fic in cas' perspective.

    Dean, as we know, is just as unreliable as a narrator and should therefore NOT be the POV character for the final chapter.

    Interestingly enough, the final chapter is NOT just some simple PSA that goes "this relationship is BAD and you should not emulate it." Obviously it does go into how unhealthy dean and cas are for each other, but it's also a discourse on the facts of the matter and our memories of it.

    We as readers have access to information that either parties don't have about the others. We know what facts the BAU has wrong and where they hit the bullseye. We know facts about Dean and Cas as well as their blindspots about themselves and each other. It's a psychoanalytic reading on the characters (and by extension, the readers who vicariously went through the same trauma by identifying strongly with the characters).

    This discourse on memory is explicitly grappled by Cas during his therapy. When asked by his therapist if he was truly able to give consent during his captivity, Cas eventually reflects on his (VERY) dubiously consensual encounters with Dean and categorizes them as rape.

    Of course, it's also important to remember that the entire thing an experiment in fiction aimed to explore how love of any kind can even happen when your initial relationship is a toxic, imbalanced power dynamic. (The author explains this in the final notes.) It doesn't have a final, clear-cut answer to everything; it's a thought experiment. An incredibly fucked up one, that's for sure, but an experiment nonetheless.

    There's an interesting question posed in the final chapter: whether or not what Dean and Cas feel for each other is really "love" and if it is, then what does that say about love and humanity in general? It's a haunting thing to ponder about and I think it's supposed to haunt you. Such a question wouldn't be really intriguing if their dynamic was healthy in the first place.

    Anyways, definitely do NOT read With Understanding if you're not in the proper headspace for it. And please stop throwing value judgments on people based on whether they like or hate the fic.

    #with understanding#tw kidnapping#tw rape#minors dni #actually everyone DNI a lot of you are so not well enough to read this or have opinions about it lol
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  • thcsevoices
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    thinking about. Moroha’s kidnapped AU in the verse where she’s a twin
    #do not reblog. #you are your father's daughter‚ stubbornness and pride. || moroha. #moroha || kidnapped au #moroha || twin verse #anime tw #((inu and kagome being even more torn bc they can't just give up searching for one baby but they have another baby to take care of too)) #((and firecracker ends up growing up the shadow of a sister that she never even knew but knows she misses)) #((and when moro finally comes back she sees firecracker as the replacement for her; the one that their parents DIDN'T get rid of)) #((the one they chose to keep instead of her so there's a little resentment on her end while firecracker just wants her sister)) #((sort of parallels of towa and setsuna in some ways))
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  • agrumina
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    When people mentions Helen and Persephone kidnappings relating to Hades!Theseus it’s always a trip because

    ??? They’re not mentioned anywhere! 

    We don’t know if those things ever happened in his case since aside from “He slayed Asterius and left Ariadne on that island” we know NOTHING.

    And heck you know how much I love to explore how Pirithous (you know, the buddy who was involved too) would work in Hades universe but we don’t know if the latter even exists in the game universe. For all we know in this universe he may just straight-up don’t exist/he exists but he and Theseus didn’t do those things.

    Like if you don’t like him because the myths makes you uncomfy that’s valid but don’t treat them as if they’re a canon thing....

    #heck for all we may know he just had the time to become a king and then tripped on a mf rock and died #the other things may have not happened #tw kidnapping #vague hades spoilers
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  • anotherhellchild
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tw: abuse#tw: neglect #this is a very fanon idea btw #pls dont take anything too srsly #bakugu katsuki #ALSO THANK YOU ANON :)) #bakugou mitsuki#bakugu masaru #i coulda probably yeeted the 'katsuki gets kidnapped a lot' hc in there #honestly everybody should just check sifs stuff #her brain is too big #bakugou katsuki headcanons #bnha headcanons #im legitimately not sure if this even makes any sense #im sleepy so
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  • surviable
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    *   ⤏   resident evil 3 prompts. @untwined​​ : gets worse every night.

    a part of jill doesn’t seem to know what sleep is anymore. not since she had been kidnapped. to get through it, she convinced herself that it’s just a part of the job, that if not her someone else would have had to endure it, and she wouldn’t wish that on anyone... not even the asshole that plays club music to four in the morning in her apartment complex. ❛ welcome to club insomniac, ❜ she quips as fingers dance on her to-go cup of coffee. ❛ we’ve got t-shirts and club badges. ❜

    #*   ⤏   you’re looking for something that isn’t real   »   answers . #*   ⤏   untwined   »   leia maverick . #*   ⤏   somewhere out there our city is bleeding   »   one chicago . #kidnapping tw #since that would be her chicago alternative
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  • nanasparadise
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    “The winner takes it all” Yan! Gojo x fem reader x Nanami

    “Uhm Nana, you know this isn’t JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, right?” I know, I thought it would be a great time to switch things up and introduce Jujutsu Kaisen to my blog! I’ve just finished watching the anime and I couldn’t get this idea for this fanfiction out of my head, so I had to write it and post it here. This blog has always been intended to be about multiple fandoms, so expect some different content in the future as well:3 Of course I’ll continue writing for JJBA, just wanted to let you know that JJK has been added to the list now.

    Summary: When your colleague Gojo rejects your confession, you find solace and love in Nanami’s arms. Though suddenly, Gojo doesn’t seem to like the idea of you being with someone else…

    TW: toxic relationship, drugging, kidnapping, love triangle, non-con touching, forced kiss, MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY/MINORS DNI

    I do not condone any yandere behaviour in real life.

    Word count: 3761

     “This isn’t funny, Satoru,” you mutter, face heating up due to shame, “you could at least have the decency to not laugh at my feelings.”

    “I’m sorry sweetheart, this is just too much for me”, Gojo chuckles while wiping away a tear out of the corner of his eye under his shades. The reverberation of his laugh throughout the halls of the academia only serves to fortify your feelings of embarrassment. “I never thought you’d come up to me all bashful and shy and do a love declaration.” The jujutsu sorcerer slowly gets a grip on his giggle, though the smug grin remains on his face. “But I can’t blame you, after all I am the strongest, and the most handsome not to forget, no wonder you’d fall for me.” He pinches your cheek in a demeaning manner, as if you were a little child and not a teacher at the jujutsu school. This action makes your initial affection for your colleague turn into a seething fury.

    “Stop treating me like a student with a silly crush,” you snap at him, pulling yourself away from his touch, “I was mature enough to come clean with my feelings and yet here you are, mocking and belittling me. If anything, you are the child in this situation, and an asshole on top of that.” With these final words, you stomp away from him, blinking away angry tears as you make your way back home.

    Meanwhile, Gojo follows your movement with his eyes, the amused smile never leaving his face. Many women have confessed their feelings to the charming man, yet he would have never guessed you being one of them. You always roll your eyes at his stupid jokes and you’ve given him more than once a lecture about the importance of the students’ safety whenever he sent them to reckless missions. But Gojo can’t say he dislikes your infatuation. It certainly boosts his ego further. “Ah, I guess Y/N won’t stare at me all googly-eyed anymore,” Gojo sighs dramatically, “But who knows? Maybe I can wrap her around my finger again.”

    During the following weeks, you try your best to get over your encounter with Gojo. It isn’t always easy to ignore his teasing and remain professional, but in addition to your own sake, you also do it for your students. You’ve noticed how they sometimes give you strange looks, wondering if something happened. They don’t need to be involved in the mess called your love life, so you swallow your pride every time your colleague utters an inappropriate comment and instead return it with a calm smile. Not that you aren’t hurt by his behaviour anymore. No, unfortunately, the heartbreak is still very much present and it only increases whenever you see Gojo. His constant remarks of him being the best (and thus only deserving the best, which you apparently aren’t to him) already pain you enough, but when he jokes with you without any malice in it, like the two of you used to do before your confession, is the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It reminds you that not only a possible relationship has been turned into dust, but your friendship has died as well. With that thought, you go to bed every night with tears in your eyes and you wake up the next day completely exhausted.

    But recently, things have changed. To your surprise, your other co-worker Nanami has helped you through your heartache. He’s been nothing short of sweet and patient to you,  asking you about your well-being and inviting you over to his place for his delicious home-cooked meals. Nanami told you his reason for his kind actions is that he appreciates how graceful and professional you handle the situation, separating work from personal feelings. And yet, whenever you give the blond a compliment, you can see a tinge of a blush forming on his otherwise stoic face, indicating that there might be a more intimate motive behind his help. However, you embrace his affection. Of course, his tenderness offers you a remedy for your loneliness inflicted by Gojo’s crass reaction, but there’s more to it, as you’ve slowly realised. Nanami represents a polar opposite to Gojo: he’s thoughtful, reserved, calm, a steady rock on whom you can always depend to support you, no matter what. And maybe, for whatever kind of paradox logic, that’s exactly why you’ve steadily fallen for him. Luckily, this time your feelings are reciprocated as the two of you have organically turned into a couple. No confession, no talk, just sweet touches and soft glances that assure you, how much you love each other. Even though Nanami went against his own rule by being in a relationship with his co-worker, you two are happy. So much, a hope blossoms inside of you that now, you can finally build up a healthy friendship with Gojo again.

    In the meantime, the white-haired man doesn’t approve of your relationship a single bit. Normally, Gojo would tease the hell out of Nanami for such a prig to be with you, but for some reason, he doesn’t manage to utter one of his jokes. Instead, an uncharacteristic jealousy boils inside him whenever he catches you together. Why would you want be with him? He thought you like him, that’s what you told him! “Moving on with Nanami, how pathetic,” he mumbles to himself, his face bearing a dark scowl, “You really think he could replace me, the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world? What can he offer you?” Questions like these constantly pester Gojo’s mind, making it hard for him to focus on anything else. He isn’t even sure why he feels that way, after all, he didn’t take you seriously. Is it his bruised ego? Or does he only wish chasing after you, now that you’re not available anymore? Or maybe…? Quickly,  the teacher brushes off his pondering. Instead, he takes a final decision: he will try to show you, you took the wrong man.

    “God, Satoru, stop with this behaviour, you’re embarrassing me”, you groan exasperatedly while massaging your temples to ease the upcoming headache. Your co-worker has been annoying you with his constant flirting ever since he found out about your relationship with Nanami. A few months ago, you would have thought of his behaviour as endearing, relishing the fact that he showed affection towards you (even if said affection are over the top compliments and cheesy pick-up lines). Right now, you just want to slap yourself for ever having wished for his brazen flirtations.

    “Aw sweetheart, do I feel some heat coming from those cute cheeks? It’s alright, you can tell me you enjoy this”, Gojo replies, his usual cocky grin impossibly widening.

    “Why would I enjoy your stupid compliments if I just told you to stop?”, you bark back, already sensing the anger rising inside you.

    “I don’t know, maybe you just play hard to get. You chicks love doing that when you need attention, don’t you?”

    “Please, shut up,” you sigh, tired of his nonsense, “I’m currently in a fulfilling and healthy relationship and you know that. Your teasing and banter are completely inappropriate. Can’t you just behave like an adult for once?”

    “Hm,” Gojo hums while gripping his chin in mock contemplation, “nope, I can’t. After all, you were the one starting this confusion, weren’t you?”

    You’ve never been this close to murdering a person as in this moment. Furiously, you clench your fists until the nails dig deep into your palms. “Look, I’ve made that confession, yes, and I did have feelings for you, but that was back then. Now, I’m very much in love with Kento, so you can quit this attitude so that we finally can be friends and colleagues like we used to.”

    “But what if friendship isn’t enough for me anymore?,” Gojo counters, unclenching one of your fist and taking your hand in his, an untypical soft expression adorning his face behind his sunglasses, “What if I want more?”

    Hastily, you pull away from his touch. “You’ve had your chance, Satoru,” you retort, bitterness coating your voice, “and you chose to make fun out of me. So, you either try to behave normally again or I’ll make sure to reduce our contact to business only.”

    “Ah, so we’re playing that game, huh?”, the white-haired man answers, the smug smile reappearing, “Okay, I get it. Go back to your loving boyfriend, I don’t mind.” He locks his hands behind his neck , looking seemingly laid-back. You’re surprised of his sudden change of heart, but decide to not question it as you instead do exactly as he told you and return to Nanami.

    “But Y/N,” he shouts after you, “you know that both in battle and in love, it’s always the strongest who wins. And you know who I am.” You don’t look back, a shudder running down your spine.

    “He just makes my blood boil!”, you exclaim in between the sips of your drink, “I really don’t know what to do anymore.”

    “Just relax, you’re already doing a great job,” Nanami reassures you while refilling your glass, “If he continues bothering you, I’ll talk to him tête-à-tête.” His hand finds its way to yours, giving it a comforting squeeze.

    “I know, darling, I just don’t want you to get involved, I know how much you hate it when your work gets meddled with your private life…”, you mumble softly. Somehow, you feel guilty for being with your boyfriend, thinking you’d only disrupt his peace. Biting softly on your lower lip, you try to shoo away these negative thoughts in your head.

    Nanami doesn’t miss your reaction and tenderly rubs circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. “You’re right with what you’re saying,” he sighs slowly, “but as my partner, you are my priority, not my work. And if Gojo gives you trouble, then he also has a problem with me, and I’m not going to let that happen.” He proceeds to guide your hand towards his mouth and plants a sweet kiss on your palm. “You are worth more than any job or co-worker ever could be to me. Don’t beat yourself up for his behaviour,” Nanami replies, a soft gaze resting on your face. You cup his cheek with the hand that’s been previously held in his grasp, a small smile appearing on your lips.

    “You don’t know how grateful I am to have such a wonderful man like you by my side, Kento”, you whisper affectionately while leaning forward to kiss him.

    Gojo can’t take it anymore. At first, he thought it’s all fun and games chasing you a bit, but realising now that you really won’t run back to him with another confession, he feels like going mad. Sure, he knew from the beginning that he would need to nudge you into the right direction (meaning into his arms), but he quickly notices that you only retreat further from him with every attempt. And sending Nanami after him to lecture him about boundaries? That was a huge blow to his pride.

    “It’s fine,” Gojo tells himself, “if the soft method isn’t working for you Y/N, there’s always the hard tour we can try. I wanted to play fair, but you don’t leave me much choice.” The jujutsu sorcerer leans back on his couch, eyes closed, while mentally scheming a plan.

    “Just remember I’m a sore loser, so I won’t fail.”

    You’ve been feeling a little woozy all afternoon. Maybe it’s the hot weather today or your tired state, you aren’t sure. What you do know is, that it annoys you very much, your cloudy head not letting you form any coherent thoughts.

    You try to recall the lunch break with Gojo. You ate with your colleague since Nanami has his day off, that much you can still gather. Gojo cracked a few jokes about your eye bags (courtesy of him since he gave you too many things to mull over at night) before his tone shifted into a more serious one. “Look, I’m sorry for being invasive”, he spat out like a schoolboy caught red-handed in a prank. You were ready to acknowledge the fact, that he finally had some insight, however, he cut you off. “But you’re just so cute and I think we’d be a great couple. Actually, I’m not sorry for my behaviour, I’m just sorry for not having reacted earlier when I still had a chance with you.” You remember rolling your eyes at his comment and replying, though the answer remains unclear in your foggy-brained state. The only thing you still can remember is getting up from the table and making your way to your students with whom you’re currently practicing different fighting techniques. As you’re about to demonstrate an attack, you suddenly black out for a moment and drop to the floor.

    A few moments later, you hear your students rushing to your form and calling out your name, though you only perceive the sound as muffled.

    “She isn’t reacting”, you manage to hear Nobara.

    “I’ll get Gojo-sensei!”, Yuuji’s voice follows afterwards.

    You try to open your eyes, but immediately close them again when the light turns out to be too intense for you. You frown as you put an arm in front of your eyes, shielding them from the burning light source.

    “Hey, don’t strain yourself, it’s better to keep your eyes closed for now”, Gojo murmurs softly. You feel the sorcerer scooping you up from the floor and into his arms. “I’ll help you out, just trust me.”

    “Satoru?”, you peep out confusedly.

    “At your service, milady”, he replies teasingly, trying to ease the atmosphere. You can imagine the wide grin on his face.

    “Can you call Kento? He’ll pick me up, just let him know I’m not doing well.”

    Gojo doesn’t answer you. Instead, he moves away from the cacophony consisting of your student’s voices, bringing you towards a different place.

    “Satoru?”, you repeat nervously.

    “Shush, it’s alright, I’ve got everything under control. Just go back to sleep.”

    As if on command, your world turns black again, darkness and unconsciousness taking over your senses.

    Gently, you toss around in the sheets beneath you as you wake up. Did Nanami wash the sheets today or why are they feeling so soft? A quiet yawn escapes your lips while stretching your unusual heavy limbs. How long did you actually sleep? And what has happened before your slumber?

    “Are you finally awake, sleepyhead?”, an amused voice disrupts your pondering. You notice the mattress dipping as an extra weight is added to it. Slowly, a hand brushes affectionately over your exposed arm.

    “Kento?”,  you think, confusion dazing your mind. No, that isn’t his voice, neither does he speak that way to you… Finally, realisation hits you and you immediately open your eyes. The first thing you perceive are bright blue eyes, reminding you of clear summer skies and sparkling stars. Next, you see the big grin smiling down at you from your lying form.

    “Satoru?”, you asked perplexed, “What are you doing here?”

    Gojo laughs at your question, only adding to your confusion.

    “Well, what a question to ask me since I live here, doll.”

    “Oh,” you reply, dumbfounded, “what happened? Why am I in your home?”

    “You don’t remember breaking down?”, the sorcerer retorts, concern swinging in his tone as his smile slowly disappears.

    You make an effort to recall anything of the day, flashes of the sensation of hitting the floor, babble of voices and darkness appearing in your head. “I was teaching the kids and then I just fainted”, you answer, still feeling slightly groggy. “But why am I not at my place? Didn’t you tell Kento?”, you continue asking, anxiety manifesting in your guts as you begin feeling nauseous. “I have to call him, I don’t want him to worry himself sick. What time is it? Where is my phone?” Hastily, you move yourself into a sitting position and check your surroundings for your belongings, yet you can’t find anything.

    “Wow, slow down there princess, you’re still a bit drowsy,” Gojo says while putting his hands on your shoulders and forcing you to lay down in the bed again, “It’s best to continue resting, I’ll call Nanami.”

    “No, I’ll do it”, you counter stubbornly. Something about this whole situation feels very wrong to you, but you can’t pinpoint the exact reason why. Since when does Gojo care so much about anyone besides him? “It’s nice of you for helping me out, I really appreciate it, but I’m fine. I just want to call Kento and go back home, I’ve already burdened you enough.” Maybe if you put it that way, he’ll relent?

    Gojo just stares at you for a moment, expression blank and unreadable, until he draws out a sigh. “You’ve been so peaceful while sleeping, I forgot how bull-headed you actually are”, he mutters as he suddenly lunges towards you. You dodge his attack narrowly while scrambling rashly out of the bed.

    “What the hell, Satoru?!”, you scream at your co-worker.

    Gojo ignores your comment as he prepares his next attack. You manage to evade his advances using your own jujutsu knowledge, though he’s giving you no chance of doing a counter-attack with his speed and precision.

    “Are you trying to fucking kill me?”, you exclaim breathlessly, hopping to the side to avoid the fist of your colleague.

    The white-haired man laughs out loud all while keeping track of the fight. “If I wanted you dead honey, you’d be it by now. I merely want to exhaust you, so that you finally listen to me.”

    Your eyes widen with shock at his words. “I have no clue what kind of game you’re playing here”, you mutter, your leg rising to kick his side, but due to his infinity ability, it never comes to the hit. Instead, he easily grabs your limb and twists it around in a painful angle, threatening to crush your bones and making you drop to the floor. With a sudden burst of cursed energy, you’re able to pry off his hand from your body by pushing him further away from you. “But I’m not playing along. What really happened? Why did I pass out?”

    “You’re literally on the floor having a clear disadvantage against me and you still choose to give me that attitude? Good thing I like it”, Gojo chuckles, the arrogant undertone in his voice not to be missed. He creeps closer to you and crouches down, eyes now on the same level as yours. Immediately, you intend to turn the proximity into your favour, ready to punch the man in front of you square on the nose. The sorcerer has already predicted your move as he easily grabs the fist with his hand, pinning it with your other arm over your head. You squirm in his hold, trying to free yourself, but he simply overpowers you with his strength. Gojo gazes intensely into your eyes, as if he could see the world through them, when suddenly his mouth presses onto yours. You’re too stunned to react properly- the sensation of soft lips exploring yours too overwhelming in this tense moment, leaving you compliant and still. When your brain eventually registers the inappropriate reaction, signalling you to at least try to defend yourself, Gojo has already pulled away from you. His typical smile adorns his face, yet this time, it bears a certain gentleness with it.

    “A sick gentleness”, you think to yourself.

    “See, you can be sweet if you want to”, your colleague snickers, obviously taunting you.

    “Go to hell, you little-“

    “Ah ah Y/N,” he interjects patronisingly, “let’s keep the profanities for another time.” His grin gains on size. “You wanted to know what happened, didn’t you? Let’s talk about that.” When he notices that you don’t resist, he continues. “You know, I might have slipped a little something in your beverage at lunch. Come on, it’s nothing harmful, don’t look at me this way.” Nevertheless, you keep glaring at the man in front of you. He drugged you?

    “Why would you do that?” you spit out, not even trying to hide the venom lacing your voice.

    “What else should I’ve done? I’ve already told you that I want to be with me, but you kept rejecting me,” Gojo answers, his smile vanishing from his face, “At first, I thought your relationship with Nanami was nothing serious. I figured you just wanted to make me a bit jealous, make me realise how I really feel towards you and chase you for a while as an act of revenge. But when you turned me down over and over again, I had to react.”

    “You could have just accepted the fact that I love Kento, like a sane person.”

    “You know I won’t accept a defeat”, he intervenes, choosing to ignore your insult.

    “But I’m not some prize to be won”, you retort, brows furrowed together. You notice how your hands grow limp from his tight hold, the uncomfortable tingle making you wish he’d finally release them.

    “No,” Gojo replies, the twisted tenderness reappearing in his eyes, “you’re much more than that. During the time we’ll spend together, I’ll show you just how much you mean to me, how much I can spoil and treat you. You’ll understand why you couldn’t be with Nanami.”

    As the implication of his words filters through your brain, panic starts to settle in your body, your stomach churning from fear. “You know you can’t keep me here forever, right? The others will notice and search for me.”

    “Don’t you worry your pretty head about that, my sweet,” Gojo mocks you with a saccharine smile on his face, “I’ve got everything covered. Of course we can’t stay here forever, we’re just gonna move then! Any other jujutsu school will gladly accept me as a teacher. No one will mess with me, they know they don’t stand a chance.”

    “Nanami will,” you mumble quietly, scared that his vision will come true, “He’ll look for me. He already knows something’s wrong with you, he won’t let this happen to me.”

    Gojo gives you a pitiful look, his free hand coming up to your face to caress your cheek. “I thought you’d realised by now that there is no escape. I am the strongest, you know that already, my darling.” He moves closer to you, lips brushing your ear shell. “And it’s always the strongest who wins.”

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