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  • milkshakeworm
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    yesterday, i witnessed something horrible. I came out the metro and saw red smoke, followed by screaming and singing. A neonazi protest was taking place in the very downtown of Madrid, in callao. I almost get run over by a police truck trying to get out, i saw armed police scolting the protesters, i saw no violence towards them. I heard them yell "no queremos maricones sidosos en nuestro Madrid", that translates to "we dont want any fags with aids in our Madrid" they moved out of there and nothing happened to either my friend or me but, they walked to Chueca. Chueca is the gay district on Madrid, Chueca its our place and they walked there. They abused and hitted and insulted countless lgbtq ppl, mostly trans women. Trans women were seriously ingured yesterday, and police were scolting the protestors. They didnt do anything, they saw the peotestors walk to chueca and they knew the reason they were walking there for and they didnt stop them.

    there was a protest, months ago, for the death of a gay teenager that was beaten in the streets after been called a "maricon" (fag) i remember police beating people in that protest but none of the peotestors were hurt yesterday. I was scared to go get my coffee, my straigh friend who lives in Chueca was scared to go into his house, yesterday was a bad day and none does anything.

    this are some of the pics ive found of other people because i could only take one video and i deleted it

    yesterday i saved myself, but who knows tomorrow.


    #lgbtq#tw homophobia#tw transphobes#tw violence #lgbtq lives matter #gay lives matter #lesbian lives matter #trans lives matter #madridcentro#chueca#tw nazism#trending
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  • smoothwhiskey-micah
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Black out

    Micah was finishing cleaning the up the bar. It was a busy night, which kept Micah busy. But he was also tired and ready to curl up in bed with Heath. He sent a quick text off to Heath, letting his boyfriend know he would be home soon. A small smile found it’s way onto his lips. Heath had agreed to move in with him, and he also told Micah he also loved him. Something Micah wasn’t expect.

    Micah was cleaning down the counter when he heard the door open. “Sorry, guys. But we are close.” Micah said as he looked up and saw two men walking into the bar. “No, I don’t think so.” One male said, his voice rough as his yellow eyes fixed on Micah. Micah stood up straighter as he watched two men walk towards him. “You need to leave, we have closed.” Micah said as he folded his arms over his chest. The other male, jumped over the bar. His red hair, falling into his eyes. He reached past Micah, to grab a bottle of whiskey, but Micah reached out and grabbed his arm. “I’m not going to tell you again.” Micah growled out.

    The two men laughed as they watched Micah, before the red headed male grabbed Micah’s arm and twisted it, snapping it. Micah winced at the pain, but kept his eyes fixed on the man in front of him. “Oh yeah, and what is lowly half wolf going to do about it?” He asked as he dropped Micah’s arm. Micah glanced down at his arm, before he looked back to the male. He felt the other male, behind him. “I’m surprised you are even still alive. What is the point of you existing?” The other male asked, Micah glanced over behind him and watched as the first male, with his dark hair sticking up in places stalked towards him.  “Jack is right, you aren’t worth much.” The red head spoke again as he moved, stepping closer to Micah. He reached out and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. The man behind, Jack laughed softly as he moved his leg and kicked Micah in the back of his right knee. Causing Micah to fall on to one of his knees. “You should know your place. Down on your knees, serving us.” Jack twisted his hand into Micah’s hair and tugged his head back harshly. Micah closed his eyes, as he tried to pulled away from the man.  “Look at him Charlie, too weak to even fight back.” Jack laughed as he watched Micah. Micah moved his free hand and reached around and grabbed Jack’s arm, pulling out of his hair. Before he stood up and punched Jack in the face. “You better, back off before I really hurt you.” Micah growled out as he went to punch Jack again, but instead felt a hand gripping his arm. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” Charlie growled out as he pulled Micah’s arm back and twisted it and pulled it up Micah’s back. Micah groaned at the pain, that ran through his arm. Jack moved forward and punched Micah squarely in the jaw.

    Micah let his head fall forward, as he felt blood running down his jaw. “You shouldn’t even be alive, whoever turned you was stupid and you are just a waste of space.” Charlie leaned forward and hovered over Micah’s neck. “Maybe we should just finish what that wolf started.” Charlie said as ran his fangs over Micah’s neck. Micah shivered at the touch, as he struggled to get away. “Get off me.” Micah said as he tried to pull away. Jack moved forward and punched Micah in the stomach, sucking the breath out of Micah. Micah panted as he tried to regain his breathing as Jack moved again and punched Micah in the jaw again. Micah looked up at Jack, as he spat the blood out on the floor, before he whipped his head back, head butting Charlie in the face before he pulled away from him completely. Micah moved around Jack, before he kicked the dark hair male in the back of the leg. Micah got around the bar, before he was stopped again by Charlie. 

    “You stupid bitch.” Charlie growled as he moved towards Micah fast, he wrapped his hand around Micah’s throat and squeezed, tightly. Micah gasped as he tried to breath, but instead he found his vison was starting to blur. He could make out the sounds of bottles being broken nearby but couldn’t pinpoint where they are coming from. Charlie moved his hand off Micah’s throat. Micah let out a gasp as he tried to regain some air. Before he felt himself being picked up. Before Micah had time to figure out what had happened, he found himself flying though the air before his body hit the shelf behind the bar. Micah fell to the ground, glass falling around him.  “Are you done?” One of the men asked, Micah couldn’t figure out who. “Yeah.” They other responded. Micah pulled himself up, and tried to crawl towards the end of the bar, but his body was giving up, it had hand enough. Micah collapsed, near the entrance to bar, he watched as one of the wolves pulled something to pocket before he tossed it on the ground before they walked out. Micah could smell the smoke, more than see the flames. His vison was starting to black out again as the fire started to consume the building.

    @islandofmuses @swccthearts

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  • castled-bird
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Thorn Among The Roses

    “Casseopia” is a very lovely constellation. The myth says she was the loveliest dragon to roam Pyrrhia, but her tribe is never specified. Seawing or Skywing? Sandwing or Nightwing. Even Icewing or Mudwing, she was a mystery; and just as much it could be considered a mystery how she was immortalized in stars.
    Immortalized in a different world that is. “Casseopia” is alive and well in another.

    Overseer stared at the ornate mirror in their claws, the small budding roses at the edges indicating the time was arriving soon…

    •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

    The Nightwing had found the mirror ages ago, if you asked them where they had found it, they wouldn’t have an answer. They had always clutched this hand-mirror close, kept it hidden with them in their grotto home in the rainforest.

    It was an animus-enchanted object after all, how could Overseer not keep it close?

    And it had been just their luck how this mirror allowed them their isolationist lifestyle, the glass showing them whatever they desired to see. From past events like that of the Royal Seawing Massacre to even what some random Rainwing was up to in the nearby village. Overseer could oversee those around them and with enough time owning the mirror, realized another thing it could do…

    Removing the small gem at the bottom and holding it… it would allow the dragon holding the gem to cast a spell as if they were an animus themselves. But only one enchantment; It could be specific and long-winded or short as a sentence but all as long as it was one.

    Overseer would admit, they hadn’t realized this caveat at first. They had squandered their first spell rather vindictively, under the impression it wouldn’t be limited spells and the roses lining the mirror were merely decor. No… these roses were the enchantment timer.

    And right now? Finally, fifty long years later the roses were budding and on the cusp of blooming once more. Overseer knew just what to do this time, how to use their spell. This time, there would be no wasting it on cursing anyone but themselves. The them of fifty years ago was a moron, but now Overseer was wiser.

    Before the nightwing’s eyes, the mirror’s rose buds opened into full bloom. The thorn-vines weaving between them and along the rim a mere afterthought as Overseer grabbed the small gemstone at the bottom of the mirror’s handle and twisted it out of its confines. The quartz crystal growths holding the enchanted stone snapping and breaking off easily against the force of their claws.

    It all would’ve gone perfectly, they would’ve wished for their own lack of mortality and thus be able to get as many enchantments as they should please.

    But Overseer didn’t account for her to still linger and re-find them.

    The nightwing held still, as elongated rainwing-like claws rested threateningly on their throat. The dark claws tapping along a beat on their windpipe but still too close to their arteries.

    They held still as a clawed talon snaked its way to their own and plucked the mirror’s small gemstone from it, a wing’s starry underside covering their other talon that still clutched the enchanted mirror.

    The hybrid atop them hummed as she examined the gem in her claws, steadily gripping Overseer’s throat tighter as she used their body as her perch… the dragoness notably younger than them but much stronger. She looked like she hadn’t aged a day since they cursed her, but that wasn’t right. They had seen her through that glass at the edge of death, and had been so sure she died. Yet here she was, digging her claws into their throat and easily having the upperhand.

    Luster spoke in her ever soothing voice, though her voice now only made Overseer’s scales prickle with unease. “My, what a precious stone you have here. A really special little thing, such a powerful little thing. Too bad you couldn’t use it right though, Over-dear. You nightwings, always needing to be poetic. Never watching your words.”

    The hybrid watched their ex-partner’s reactions closely, watched how the old and powerless nightwing tried to threaten her. She tightened her grip on their throat and constricted her tail around their torso, firmly latched to them.

    “What? Do you not enjoy this monologue? You seemed very fond of making your own the first time fifty years ago. Such a bore, but I caught your mistake in your curse. Poor Overseer, not used to animus magic nor its capriciousness. Should’ve been clear what you asked for, Over-dear. Now watch me as I do this cursing business right.”

    The rainwing-nightwing leveraged herself to stand straighter and clutched the gemstone in her talon. “I enchant myself, Luster, to not just need to feed off the affections of other dragons but also be able to sustain myself off their blood and flesh indefinitely and from that blood and flesh to change into any dragon or form that I please.”

    The hybrid looked at the gemstone, took her wing off Overseer’s arm and watched the mirror’s roses wilt and die in an instant. She looked at the horrified nightwing below her. And they spoke as if they were speaking to death (which in a sense, now they were). “Why… you could’ve undone your own curse, why did you build off it.”

    Luster rolled her eyes, “Why ever would I have undone it? You gave me eternal life, your curse’s only specification was that to survive, someone else would have to love me. You didn’t consider that ‘the love has to be mutual’ or that love can be more than just romantic. But that is your oversight, however I am now more interested in seeing how my new modified curse works.”

    The dragoness bared her new fangs, the canines visibly larger and sturdier than just ordinary rainwing fangs. “Thank you for everything.”

    Overseer’s last moments were feeling those elongated rainwing-like claws finally rip into and pull apart the flesh and scales of their throat, as Luster’s maw opened wide and tore the rest apart.

    •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

    Luster licked the last streaks of red off her claws, checking over and over for any sign of blood lingering on her still. She could see none.

    The dragoness reached out with her newly cleaned talons and picked up the mirror, pressing the gemstone she’d used back into its handle and watched it reattach.

    It had been—in her eyes—Overseer’s mistake to have done this clearly before her. It was like they were giving her a tutorial really on how to use it and what it could be used for.

    The hybrid looked at her reflection in the glass, seeing herself. And then seeing her rainwing attributes melt away to show her her new form. A lovely nightwing looking back at her.

    She spoke out loud, heard only by the mirror, herself, and the maimed corpse of her ex-lover. “Oh yes, this will be a very good thing. I think I shall name this me… Beguile. Beguile suits just fine.”

    #tw cannibalism#tw violence #tw implied gore #tw death#tw murder#tw vampire #<— yep- we are done with being coy and fluffy- time to show why friends tell me to be kinder to my ocs #wings of fire #wings of fire oc #hybrid oc#nightwing oc#rainwing-nightwing oc#animus cursed#writing#castled-writes#Timeline B #Luster my beloved (derogatory)
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  • xiiiwayfinders
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Xion: I’ve never seen this side of you, Larxene! It’s so sweet.

    Larxene: Well, if you ever tell anybody, I’ll kill you.

    *both laugh*

    Larxene: I’m serious. I will kill you. I will rip out your beating heart and eat it. All of it. Every last bit.


    Larxene: Well, sweet dreams.

    #i just really love the idea of larx being a big sister to xion #kingdom hearts#larxene#xion #big sister larxene #source: american dad #incorrect quotes #incorrect kingdom hearts quotes #kingdom hearts incorrect quotes #incorrect kh quotes #tw violence
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  • just-a-smol-spoon
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #tw strangling#tw violence #short vibes and platforms wearing himbo jojo🗝 #jo is a fruity little shit🗝
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  • southxparkxafterxdark
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    @all-my-friends-were-glorious - Firkle - Continued from here

    - Michael -

    He’d came back down to find Firkle laying on the couch where he’d left him; opting to go ahead and bring him to his room.

    Michael nearly froze in place as he picked him up; the whine almost making him think he’d unduly hurt him.

    Oh... He was upset he still had his skin? “You know I love you no matter what you have on, right?”

    “Besides.. You’ve already said you wanted to skin me first. THEN I can skin you.”

    “...That comes later, Theron.”

    A chuckle rumbled in his chest at he counting, then again at the question.  “Just fed him. I’m putting you to bed.” 

    #all-my-friends-were-glorious #all-my-friends-were-glorious - Firkle #drugs tw #drug use tw #body horror tw #violence tw#gore tw#food tw
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  • khonshu-official
    19.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    So we attended FanX 2021 for the past three days. On one of the days, we dressed up as Khonshu. Now, Khonshu's mask is very hard to see out of, making it very hard to see who is talking to us or where we are going.

    So THIS dude walks up to us (picture was taken by someone else.)

    Fucking idiot won't pull his mask up. He asks for a picture. We reluctantly say yes, and then he fucking sucker punches us in the stomach. Our introject of Khonshu all but CHARGES to the front and grabs this little shit's arm and twists it so hard we thought he was going to break it.

    No one even batted an eye at this confrontation, it was crowded af. Khonshu leaned in and said "We're going to report your fucking ass to security you fucking piss baby." Now, Khonshu hates violence and is normally very calm and like a father figure, but him doing this just shows that what the dude did really REALLY hurt us. He let go and the dude ran.

    We go to the security booth and to our surprise, MULTIPLE PEOPLE had been punched by him as well, mostly women. Long story short they caught him and kicked his ass out. I know there are some people who will use this to push their "ViOlEnT pErSoNaLiTy!!1" agenda, but

    #1 he is not a "personality", this incident proves that he is so much more complex then that.

    #2 i literally said Khonshu hates violence, this was a last resort and that idiot deserved what he got for hurting others and thinking he could get away with it.

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  • yourladyoftheupsidedown
    19.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I have a lot of guilt because the time loop was definitely a thing; only a few of us knew it was happening. Hermes and me, maybe Mama. Some of the other gods might have known, but I doubt they knew why, nor cared.

    I remember the last time just begging Hermes to stop; I couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't keep going through all that again. I couldn't keep going back to Hades hurting me, I couldn't keep seeing Orpheus being beaten and then crushed like that again and again — even if he couldn't remember, I still couldn't handle seeing him so unwell over and over. Hundreds of times, again and again, I couldn't, and I just begged Hermes to stop making it happen.

    I feel awful, I hate the idea that I could have stopped Orpheus from getting a happy ending with Eurydice, but it was breaking me. I broke down crying to him during that last summer, begging him to let it go; I'm not sure he realised I remembered before then, but he apologised for putting me through it all and promised he wouldn't make it happen again. I'm so sorry, Orpheus, I just couldn't keep going through that again.

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  • xpapercutsx
    19.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    @x-exodus liked for an angsty starter with one of the Muses

    ( Any Muse will do. Triggering content occurs! )

    - - -

    "Go on! Kill me... That's why you were sent here, right? So, why are you hesitating? Do it!" Jongin mutters as he turned looking over to person that entered the basement, where he was chained up into a chair, blood dripping down his jawline, beaten up and starving. He wasn't afraid, at least he was good at hiding it, if he was.

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  • deity-of-calamity
    19.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #meme #Bill is dark character and has villainous tendencies #so I'm sorry if anything was a bit too brutal #tw character death #tw violence #tw dark themes #tw cannibalism #also sorry about not naming any moves #Bill doesn't really have names for his #he just has a lot of magical power
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  • agcnt1ne
    19.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #[ 𝙾𝚛𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚎𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚍. | Ask Answered. ] #[ 𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚆𝚘𝚕𝚏𝚎𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚒𝚗. | ic / in character. ] #[ 𝚁𝚊𝚗 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚘 𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚒𝚗 𝚃𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚒𝚔𝚊. | past verse / Just In Time For Tea. ] #[ 𝙸'𝚖 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝙸 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚜𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚢𝚊; 𝚙𝚊𝚕. | B.J Blazkowicz. ] #blazkowicztm #ask to tag tw #violence tw#death tw #implied death tw #torture tw #implied torture tw #nazi tw #eye horror tw #gore tw #body horror tw #injury tw
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  • venusflytrps
    19.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    There was that recurring breaking headline: JOKER ESCAPED AGAIN. Nothing new, just another day in Gotham. Which she didn’t live in anymore, it wasn’t really her problem. Harley wasn’t even with him anymore, and she was in prison again. Belle Reve, far away from him. Yet there was that feeling again, in the pit of Delia’s stomach. The one that had her double checking the locks, making a mental note to make a trip to visit Harley again soon. The ferocious anger remembering what he’d done to the kid sister she’d sworn to protect. The scars she hid under makeup and tattoos, and the mental scars behind her eyes that she couldn’t. 

    As long as he continued to operate in Gotham, Joker wasn’t technically her problem. Yet she’d made him one. Perhaps the crazy Quinzel gene had gotten her too, but on nights like this she became, once again, determined to take him down. She had countless files from old GCPD cases, some she probably shouldn’t, locked in a secure cabinet behind an already locked door. Joker’s greatest hits, all the gory details. Some her sister had been accessory to. Yet she wasn’t the only one. The green haired crimelord had countless helpers, and Delia felt cracking them could be the key to breaking his whole operation. Hours and a few glasses of whiskey later, she lands on a photo snapped by a P.I who’d ended up with his eyes replaced by camera lenses by the infamous subject of his last investigation. A blurred shot taken at night, Joker and a tall, dark-haired associate wearing a suit. But only the back of him. Shuffling through several more photos, the same silhouette reappears, though none of the cases she has seemed to have identified him. A sinking feeling attacks her gut, a tightness in her chest as she notes how familiar it looks. It almost looked like Johnny. But, no, it couldn’t be. It was probably just the angle.

    After calling it in, lying to one of her old colleagues that the case was linked to one from their precinct and they needed an ID on the guy, Delia paces back and fourth for yet another hour, convincing herself she was just being paranoid. The Joker story had put her on edge. That was all.

    But as she opens the message with shaking hands, her heart just about jumps out of her throat. A sob muffled so as to not wake Lucy as her knees collapse from under her. 


    And the photo that followed.

    Her Johnny.

    She can’t seem to catch her breath as the realisations topple down around her, head spinning. This had to mean he knew who she was. This had to mean Joker knew about her. This had to mean Joker knew about Lucy. Oh god. None of it had been real. She had been used. How could she have been so stupid?! Clutching her chest as if to try and contain her breaking heart, the oldest Quinzel takes a few deep breaths, her pain suddenly redirecting to rage. 

    In a sudden stoic calmness, she organises the babysitter for Lucy, saying she has to work a case and asks Johnny to meet her by the water. Her composure remains the entire way until she sees him, looking at her with eyes that once would have made her heart flutter with joy. Now they struck her with a chill of distrust, the betrayal of her heart dawning on her once more. As he goes to embrace her, the beast of rage she’d been containing until this very moment is unleashed. Nails scratch like claws against his face as she pushes him back, swiftly drawing her gun on him. Though certain in her anger and usually steady with a gun, her hand trembles and tears flood her blues again as she looks at the man who had wormed his way into her heart and was still embedded there. “You can cut the bullshit, I know who you are. Frost. Which means you know exactly who I am too.”

    plotted johnny and delia angst for @chrmatiica​
    #sorry this got so fckn long omg #no pressure to match length I just get a bit carried away in my setups fhjnsk #chrmatiica#violence tw#death tw
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  • madneyfiles
    19.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Another day, another instance of someone using the Daniel secret to villainize Maddie.

    I think we can all agree that Buck deserved to know about it. About why his parents were the way they were, and why they looked down on him, emotionally neglected him so much so that he had to do stunt after stunt to try and get their attention. I think we can all agree that it was devastating for him to learn that at age 29. It's so easy to see things from Buck's perspective.

    But what about Maddie? Easy to villainize her as siding with their parents. She was NINE years old when her brother died, forced to suppress her grief and pretend like he never existed.

    Eddie thought it was stupid that Maddie never told him; a promise made in bad faith was something that should never be kept. Maddie had kept it even after she was an adult, and that told Eddie that she had her own issues.

    This is so wrong on so many levels. The parents should have never asked this of Maddie, ever. And as time went on she didn't want Buck to feel unwanted and unloved, and it became harder and harder to tell him. And then she was battling her own abusive marriage and struggling to survive from day to day.

    Should she have told Buck about Daniel? Sure.

    Is there nuance about why she didn't? Absolutely.

    Does it make her a bad sister? No.

    And when you add something like this, it completely demeans anything you say.

    "You left me a long time ago. You were there when I needed you to get me out of Hershey and to make sure that I didn't destroy my life trying to become someone who would make Mom and Dad happy at the expense of me. You left me before that, and while you and Doug had moved back, you weren't really back. I wasn't allowed over at your place. You talked about Doug not liking it because of the shifts he worked, and I was too young and stupid to understand it, but Maddie, you chose Doug over me a long time ago. You chose to stay with him because Mom and Dad didn't like him. Then you were too scared to leave him when he started to turn because you didn't want to prove them right. Then you couldn't leave him because you were afraid of what Doug would do. I know that leaving an abuser is hard. I understand that. I've read all about it. Victim accounts online of survivors, accounts of those who didn't survive leaving but had been in contact with enough people for them to piece their story together. I have never been at the receiving end of abuse like that, but you are strong for leaving him but don't even think that you are strong for leaving me behind time and time again."

    This is one of the most disgusting snippets I've ever read to victim blame someone who survived an abusive relationship.

    Write what you want, but this is HARMFUL as hell.

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  • spielzeugkaiser
    19.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #undercover at lettenhove au #bruises tw#abuse tw#violence tw #burn marks tw #geraskier #julian alfred pankratz #jaskier #geralt of rivia #rape aftermath tw #(just throwing that in to be sure - I think that's a part that's always there - in their interactions now) #no new things from me because I'm *fingerguns* barely holding on *yeah baby* I'm like BIG tired #AHHH maybe I'll answer some asks too today we will see
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  • lilyminer
    19.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Hey guys, headcanon for this coming lore going forward that I really want to happen:

    The bench trio get together and (hear me out) before they do shit about Dream, . . . they fuckin find and murder Sam. Cuz remember back to disk finale! Tommy and Tubs had Dream, he could have and should have killed him right there. But Sam, Sam said let’s put him in my prison!

    And now he’s escaped because the prison wasn’t enough to hold him. You scared of what Dream or Quackity will do to you Sam? Neh here comes three traumatized teenagers with a steel chair!!!

    Petition to let the kids murk Sam!

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  • madneyfiles
    19.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • ask-scp-d-class
    19.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #dclass.txt #john.txt #violence mention tw
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  • mostlyoriginalmcyterstuff
    19.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Random short fic because everything has been getting worse and this is a vent ✌️

    It isn’t a mcyt fic, just a vent. So feel free to scroll past.

    And yes, all of this has been actually happening. 😀

    Song currently playing: 君はできない子 (You are a worthless child) by Kikuo

    TWS: Ab//se, past s3xual ab//se, family d34th, the loss of a pet, awful parenting, swearing, mentioned/implied s/h and just angst with no happy ending.


    It all was awful, but you were too young to leave.

    At this point the foster system would be better, but then you wouldn’t be able to see your siblings anymore. The only ones who made this hell even slightly okay.

    But lately everything seemed to be going to hell even more for you.

    The two people in the family you loved, your grandparents, died within days of each other.

    Your pet went missing for weeks and is now presumed dead.

    You keep getting hurt, and relapsed.

    But the worst part?

    It was t h e m. Your parents.

    Oh god, it just kept getting worse.

    The jokes at disabled people and mocking them. The racist comments about others. The awful awful homophobic and transphobic rants

    Your mom has been so homophobic and rude lately.

    Not caring if you are sobbing or having an anxiety attack.

    Only caring when you have anything less than a B in any class.

    Only caring when it involves someone else.

    Only caring when you aren’t in the picture

    Only caring, for everyone, but you.

    She didn’t want a child, she wanted a robot that didn’t push back against her awful beliefs and words.

    And you weren’t a robot

    So she didn’t want you.

    And your dad, he’s been worse.

    The hitting has been worse. But probably not enough to be physical abuse.

    Youll be walking by and he punches your a/s because “well it was just there”

    He’s punched you, pushed you, made comments on your body, taken your food, and locked you out.

    It’s awful. He’s mainly ruined your childhood, and made you so mad you never got one.

    But at this point? You don’t even want a childhood, do you?

    Don’t want to take advantage of your teenage years. Don’t want to be a kid.

    Just want to be 18 so you can get out of this f//cking hellscape of a house.

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