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    TMNT headcanons (how the turtles would be around you)

    Donnie-  this nerdy boy would definitely have a stash of pictures of you, for multiple reasons but the most being that he’s obsessed, he would go through your computer or phone to get them or take it himself without you knowing

    And by the way, this turtle has all your passwords and information, no need to ask how he got it that’s a stupid question, but it does make you worry on how much he can see about you, and your worries will only come into play when you find the others numbers in your phone gone

    This boy would be possessive as shit, always having an arm around you, getting your attention to show off his new works, getting angry when you talk with him brothers, but he wouldn’t let his jealousy show until you too are alone, they he would talk lower and just be a little more tense, probably doing a little manipulation too, probably telling you how much it hurts to see you with his brothers, and telling you to just stay with him, you have more in common anyways

    He would definitely be awkward around you but not the weird kind, more just him being clingy and not saying anything about it, or just him awkwardly looking at you for long periods of time, though Donnie would definitely be more up going alone with you, being more flirty and talkative, way more touchy and emotionally there

    Donnie is the most jealous of Mickey and April, since you get along with the two very well

    Raphael- this hard headed turtle would be the more reserved one alone with you, when you two are alone he simply just works out and let’s you be, though he of course takes breaks to look at you, if he sees your bored or giving your attention on something else then he’ll whistle at you, getting your attention back as he talks to you about your a day

    He’s the most ungentlemen like when he’s around his brothers or April with you, whistling and cat calling you, flirting and making inappropriate remarks or touches, he likes when you get flustered or embarrassed, his brothers especially Mikey gagging or laughing about it

    Raph doesn’t try and hide his obsession with you or his crush, he’s the most flirty and grabby, if they can’t find you they’ll probably get you from inside of Ralph’s workout room, stuck in a corner helpless because if you leave Ralph’s gonna have a bad attitude 

    He gets jealous when your around his brothers and Casey, it’s not something he can hide as he yells at them, or cusses people out, he doesn’t just get angry at them also at you, yelling at you for being to close and simply putting you down, he doesn’t like anything about you talking about the others or Casey, ugh speaking about Casey he hates the male

    Raph always sees the man get touchy with you, oil being grabby and flirty, raph always gots to step in and glare at him, taking you away opto yell at you for being close to that fuckboy 

    Raph is most jealous about Leo and Casey, because the two always seem to be around you when he’s not

    Leonardo- the leader is the most gentleman of the rest, he makes sure your okay all the time, takes care of you, likes to meditate when your in the room, and he even shows you a few moves he learned 

    Leo’s the gentle of the group and doesn’t really care when your around anyone, unless they start to be a little to friendly, he’s usually to busy to worry about you so he just tries to worry when you’re around him

    But this guy has his down points to, he will yell at you or even ignore you if you ever started getting close to his brothers, he’s fine if your friends but not best friends, that’s just gonna take time off of him, and he despises when you talk back to him, he’ll get aggressive even, threatening you or even gaslighting you

    He hates it when you wanna leave to go hang out with Donnie too, he knows your a nerd like him but just let the leader finis is meditation first then you can talk 

    Leo doesn’t like it either if you fall asleep when meditating, he’ll be annoyed or bored by your reaction, you gotta Injoy the things he loves or the male is just gonna bore you

    He’s most jealous of Mickey and raph, since you seem to be close to Mikey and raph seems to trust you more then others..

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    #tw dark content #tw noncon#tw yandere #aot x reader #eren jeager x reader #eren yeager x reader #eren x reader #armin arlert x reader #armin x reader #jean kirstein x reader #jean x reader #levi ackerman x reader #levi x reader #reiner braun x reader #reiner x reader #porco galliard x reader #porco x reader #aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyoujin #eren x you #armin x you #jean x you #reiner x you #porco x you #levi x you #eren jaeger headcanons #eren yeager headcanons #armin arlert headcanons
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    I accidentally triggered my paranoia while watching conspiracy theory shorts on Youtube and now all I can think about (mainly as a distraction) is Connor taking advantage of a paranoid reader. He finds out you have extreme bouts of paranoia and uses that against you, he starts following you outside of your work, taking great care that you don't see his face but so you know that someone's there. He'll stand outside your home late at night, just watching through the windows, and it starts to unnerve you. You buy black out curtains, extra locks and even a security system, little do you know that your stalker is an android and can very easily disable them. He takes it up a notch and gets into your home while you are gone, moving things around, making things disappear. Soon enough you just can't take it and go running to your close friend Connor, bawling your eyes out as you hyperventilate and tell him about everything. He holds back his smile when you ask him if you can stay with him, so he leads you to the bugged guest room and let's you rest. He feels bad that he's the reason you are in this state but he's more pleased that you are here with him now.

    If at anytime you start to feel confident and want to go back to your home Connor starts his creepiness back up to drive the paranoia back into over drive. Eventually it gets to the point where you are borderline agoraphobic and you just completely move in with Connor, you get so dependant on him you can't even leave the apartment without him. Connor isn't even in a hurry to start a romantic relationship with you, it's only a matter of time before you fall in love with him.

    #detroit become human #yandere#dbh connor#tw paranoia #i want to claw my skin off rn #some ice just fell out of the freezer and i almost screamed #mod beau
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    Tomura in his Gremlin-era being a nasty depraved little fucker who wants to explore all sorts of fetishes with his Darling, and decides that he can put a particular Nomu to use with a werewolf Quirk that causes it to become more monstrous when its heart rate goes up

    The Nomu's already transforming the moment he enters the room and sees a naked human there, all tied up and smelling so sweet. Tomura leads him to Darling and quickly covers their pussy with a fair bit of lube before turning on the conveniently placed tripod and stroking himself over their trembling lips. The Nomu's eagerly licking and grabbing Darling, looking up at his master and asking in a low growl if it's really okay. He can...with Master's mate?

    Tomura nods and grins at Darling, who's terrified just from feeling the tip of the Nomu's cock graze their clit. He teases them as the Nomu eagerly starts humping them without any sense of actually trying to line himself up with Darling's pussy; "You can't tell right now, but his Quirk gives him a knot."

    Darling begs Tomura not to let him--IT--put its cock inside. It's too big, it won't fit, it'll kill them, please please PLEASE don't do this. Tomura just laughs and turns her head to face the camera while he jerks off, saying if she does and says what he tells her to, then maybe he'll grant her wish.

    "Why don't you say thank you to the nice Nomu who's making you feel so good, hmm? Your nipples are so stiff and you're not just dripping from the lube."

    "I...t-thank you..."

    "Aw, I think my mate likes you, Nomu. Do you like her."

    "Yeah...wanna...inside...feel her inside..."

    "N-no! Please, I--"

    "Ah-ah. Tell Nomu how you really feel. You want to feel that knot inside you. You want that big werewolf cock in your slutty pussy."

    "I...w-want to feel...that knot inside me. Tomura, please, I said it, just lemme--"

    "Do you want your knot inside her, Nomu?"

    "Y-yes! Need it, I wanna breed, please, Master..."

    "Well, she DID say she wants it too. Go ahead and fill her up. I'll take her mouth."

    When the Nomu finally manages to slip his cock inside her tight walls, the stretch is indescribable. ____'s scream is immediately muffled by Tomura's cock in her throat, and soon the camera's picking up her feeble whimpers, Tomura's moans, Nomu's growls, and the rhythmic squeaking of Tomura's mattress as ____ is ravaged by the two of them at a fast, needy pace.

    Tomura finishes first, cumming on her parted lips and turning her head again to face the camera while he plays with one of her breasts. And once again, she'll only get to rest if she does what he says. And even if it's forced, Nomu loves hearing his Master's mate praise him.

    "Tell the camera how much you love getting fucked by a big werewolf cock."

    "I...I l-love getting fucked by a big werewolf c-cock..."

    "You wanna feel how big his knot'll get when he cums."

    "I wanna f-feel...how big his knot'll--aah--get when he c-cums. Tomu, please, I can't--I'm gonna--"

    "Keep saying it until you cum. You love Nomu cock. And Nomu--every time she says it, go faster."

    "Aah, aah--I love N-nomu cock, I...l-love Nomu c-cock, I---ahh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck-I-LOVE-Nomu-coooooock~!"

    Tomura always loves rewatching this video whenever he's jerking off or having ____ do it for him. The way her eyes roll back and how she gets that stupidly slutty happy look on her face as she gets filled up with Nomu's cum is straight out of one of his doujins. A lot of the commenters on the sites he uploads it to agree, and someone else even added convenient little timestamps that show when each of them cum, when you see the Nomu's knot slightly outlined inside their pussy, and when the Nomu finally pulls out and happily licks his Master's mate clean while his cock is still twitching.

    #.bnha #yandere bnha #.tomura #yandere tomura#tw: noncon #tw: monster fucking #tw: teratophilia#tw: knotting #.myshit #fem darling #i love darlings being forced so say depraved shit at first and then slowly coming to actually love it bx theyre so lost in lust #tw: mindbreak
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    Horrortober Day 24 - Plead

    Okay so I have never before written something like this or with what this oneshot implies happened. Still hope it's okay

    Today Yandere!Hitoshi Shinsou x fem!Reader

    Horrortober Challenge by @yandere-sins and @pastelbirb

    TW: implied kidnapping; forced pregnancy; implied brainwashing


    ➤ Day 24: Plead “Please talk to me.” | Create a short story behind your picture!


    He had known that it wouldn’t be easy for you to settle in, getting used to a new home could be difficult at first. Absolutely understandable. That it would take you this long though …

    Your tantrums could be quite a handful. You’d scratch and bite to get away from him and Shinsou had no problem with giving you some alone time. You’d come around eventually. Every couple squabbles from time to time and he had to admit that he absolutely loved it when you calmed down again and came back to him. Then you’d even let him pull you into a hug without him having to use his quirk.

    Not that he’d use it on you often. No. He actually hated that he had to use it on you at all.

    Sometimes he wondered if it wasn’t good to pull you away from your family and friends this sudden but he had no other choice. They were a bad influence on you.

    Everything you needed was here or he’d go and get it for you. No need to leave the house.

    He even got you a kitten so you wouldn’t be alone when he was at work.

    So, why the hell would you lock yourself in the bedroom?

    Well, he had found the test on the bathroom floor so he actually knew the reason but still, that was no reason to lock yourself in.

    “(Y/n), open the door please.” Nothing. This had been going on for the last 15 minutes and Shinsou was getting impatient. “Please talk to me. We can talk about this. You’re just overwhelmed, that's all.” His words were coated in honey and he did not try to open the door by force. He could hear you inside the room and it wasn’t as if you could hurt yourself with anything.

    “Maybe you just need some time to settle down. That is big news after all.” A whole new step in your relationship. He himself had been overjoyed ever since he had seen the test.

    A baby. Your very own little bundle of joy. He’d keep you safe and sound and already made a mental list of everything you’d be needing soon.

    The soft clicking of the lock brought him back into reality again. The door only opened slowly and he could easily tell that you’d been crying.

    At once he pulled you into a hug not noticing as more tears fell from your eyes.

    “There you are.” Softly rubbing your back Shinsou made sure to not hug you too tight. After all, he now had to watch out for you even more.

    “I’ll take good care of you two. I promise.”

    It didn’t matter to him - or maybe he just didn’t want to notice - that you only sobbed harder, shivering in his hold and your eyes filled with dread.

    He would take good care of you. In his very own way.

    #horrortoberchallenge2021#oneshot#bnha oneshots #my hero academia #bnha#yandere oneshot #yandere x reader #hitoshi shinso x reader #shinso hitoshi#bnha hitoshi#shinsou hitoshi #yandere hitoshi shinso #tw forced pregnancy #tw implied kidnapping #tw implied brainwashing
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    I'd do anything for you if you just asked, y'know!! I've dedicated my entire being to you and i'll dedicate anything else if its what your heart desires! ♡

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    #tw yandere #—leonin giyuu 🦁 #giyuu anon
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    #yandere hetalia#yandere germany#yandere america #yandere aph germany #yandere aph america #yandere aph #yandere aph headcanons #yandere hetalia headcanons #yandere hetalia au #this kind of turned into me writing ww1 alternate history lol #tw: ww1#my headcanons
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    i feel like i’ll never experience true happiness or love when you leave me, i’ll have to kill myself. without you i’d have no purpose, nothing or no one to live for. when i say it’s you i adore, you i would die for- i mean it. i couldn’t go on without you.

    #actually yandere#mlm yandere #i’m obsessed with him #obsessive love #tw obsessive behavior #tw obsessive thoughts #bpd obsession#bpd fp #bpd favorite person #bpd vent#bpd love#actually borderline #actually mentally ill #actually neurodivergent#yandere thoughts#irl yandere#yandere vent #obsessive love disorder #fuck i love him so much #god i love him #i love him #i love them #i love you more than anything #im so sick of this #pay attention to me #borderline things#my beloved#my darling #i want to run my fingers through his hair
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    Tomura would also fixate on a bigger-breasted Darling's chest. Like he loves everything about his Darling regardless of body type, but something about his Darling's big tiddies drives him wild. He'll rest on their chest or their soft n' squishy thighs/stomach all the time, and he always wakes up to find he's got one (gloved) hand on their breast because he seeks them out for warmth when he's sleeping. He'll suck on those nipples during sex while making his Darling moan and squeal, and he's so obnoxious and gross when he drools and moans over how sweet they taste.

    And titjobs, constantly. All it takes is for him to see them jiggle a little bit before he pins them down and quickly whips his cock out to slide in and out of those soft and silky tits. It's one of the first things he does after kidnapping them, and if this is Gremlin-era Tomura he's degrading them for getting so turned on by their kidnapper playing with their tits. They must really want him; it's not like he's imagining how hard their nipples are between his fingers. Let's see how fast he can make them bounce when he makes them like the horny slut they are, getting so turned on by a Villain treating them like a toy.

    Did I mention he loves absentmindedly playing with their tits? He'll be resting his head on their chest while playing video games, or he'll be watching some TV while having his mouth on one of them and playing with the other. Their whole body is soft and warm, but something about their chest just makes him feel extra relaxed and comfy. And horny.

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  • yandere-help
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    If you’re pod is asking for space. LISTEN TO THEM. Give them SPACE. Give them room to BREATH.

    Or like ya kno. Don’t listen. Continue suffocating them. The second they’re out of your choke they will fucking run.

    Let them breath. It might hurt a bit. But it will hurt so much worse when they completely leave. Let them breath. Let the relationship heal. They’ll thank you. You’ll thank yourself.

    But if at the end of the day, you give them room, and they still want to leave? You fucking respect them. They’re not the only one suffocating in this situation. Let go, and catch your breath.

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    #dark letters #eren.anon #yandere tw#tw yandere#tw violence #tw victim blaming #tw kidnap mention #tw hostage #tw stockholm syndrome
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    #yandere#yandere scenarios#tw yandere#yandere anime #yandere x y/n #male yandere#yandere boy #yandere x you #yandere aesthetic #yandere my hero academia #yandere bnha #yandere boku no hero academia #bnha#bnha fluff#bnha deku#yandere imagines#bnha izuku #izuku x you #izuku midoria x reader #yandere izuku #yandere deku x reader #yandere deku
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    Dark content 18+ Minors DO NOT INTERACT

    Warnings: Yandere reader, Stalking (Reader), Blood, Dark content, Murder is both mentioned and very implied, mentions of stealing

    A/N: Okay but I ran here to tell y’all that the song “Red Means I Love You” really makes me think of yandere reader who’s obsessed with Tomu. So here ya go have this mess I made 🖤❤️ I really mean it’s a fucking mess lol but this is purely self indulgent so who cares 🤷🏻

    Shigaraki x GN!Reader no mentions of gender

    Summary: Yandere reader uses desperate attempts to get Shigaraki to notice them and let them join the league.

    You who’s obsessed with Tomura. Stalking him day and night, leaving him gifts outside the hideout or on his bed when it’s really special. You who admires how he murders his victims, looks up to him, his goal, and desperately wants him to notice you.

    You start with small gifts; his favorite games, a stuffed animal, his favorite snacks, and it grows and grows until you start leaving the trophies of your own victims. You wanna prove to him that you’re worthy of his time and attention, you’re useful to him and his cause, that you should be the only one he has eyes on. You want to convince him that you’re important and special, so special that he won’t just want you he’ll need you.

    You spend your entire day following him everywhere. Taking notes on everything you learn about him, stealing toys and trinkets to leave on his bed or on the hideouts door step. Behind every corner, every sign, every ledge and surface; there you are spying on him with bloodied clothes and those sparkling love sick eyes. He’s gotta know it’s me, you tell yourself. He must be impressed. He needs to be impressed, he needs me, you mutter to yourself.

    Tomura is your obsession. Obsessed is an understatement, you live and breathe Tomura. Without him you’re nothing and you convince yourself he must feel the same way. You’ve seen the way he tilts his head your way with a smirk, as if he’s having fun. He must be having fun, it’s you why wouldn’t he be? You decide tonight’s the night and peer into his window to watch him, your face flushes. You grip the wet, squishy object in your hand as you let out a deep sigh. He’s so gorgeous when he sleeps, the sight fuels your ever intense obsession. That’s why tonight was perfect to tell him, knowing all too well he’d be sound asleep.

    With a hum you began writing on his window with your wet fingertips. The sight caused your addiction to grow, your heart pounded faster and faster, harder and harder. You were boiling with excitement, it was finally happening and all it would take is a few more letters and your plan would be complete. Well, this part at least.

    As the sun began to surface you giggled at your creation, your proposal was complete. It was gorgeous. By time the sun would fully rise you would be long gone, and Tomu would wake up to a blood stained room. Bloody flowers strewn across his room, a card addressed to him imprinted with bloody fingerprints, but the best part was the words “I love you,” written in blood on the window.

    He smiled and said, “Finally.”

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    Can't stop thinkin' 'bout vampire Nanami with an innocent reader 👀

    Kinktober Masterlist

    18+, minors dni // blood, creampie, dubcon, manipulation, memory erasure, mind control, nipple play, slightly yandere, stalking, vampirism

    ☕ Kento is a busy man. He's a business agent by day and a bloodthirsty beast by night. Living a dual life is no joke. He seldom has time to unwind, and when he does, it's only for a few hours per week. No rest for the wicked, they say, and wicked is precisely what he is.

    ☕ He expresses as a normal person. Contrary to popular belief, vampires can survive in the sunlight so long as they don't remain directly in it for long. Thus, he generally takes an umbrella and sunglasses wherever he goes. No one suspects that he's anything more than a businessman; that's how he preys upon his victims.

    ☕ The ones he targets are mostly young women. It's because they think he's handsome and rich. He matches the traditional description of attractiveness, with his blonde hair and defined face. He's essentially a free ride, too, if that's what they're seeking. At first glance, a life by his side means luxury. Underneath it all, though, it actually means certain death. He can never be with a human for eternity - not without turning them. He doesn't see the point. Why would he want to watch his lover wither away after less than a century? Unnecessary pain has no place in his heart. He would much rather have an immortal, like him.

    ☕ But he's never found someone he can bear for more than a few months, tops. Kento admits that he's a rather stingy man. He knows he can be a bit much in his expectations. People annoy him. Vampires annoy him. Anything that can interact with him on any level annoys him, really. It can't be helped. He's made peace with the fact that he might be alone forever.

    ☕ He bumps into you one day when he's running errands. You're carrying a bunch of grocery bags and you can't stop yourself from colliding with him as he rounds the corner. "Be careful!" He shouts, but it's too late. Everything you've bought it on the ground, along with you. And he knows it's his fault. And he feels like shit.

    ☕ So, he helps you gather everything and offers to pay for the groceries that have been ruined. You decline his offer but thank him all the same. Before you can run off, a wicked thought enters Kento's mind. He grasps your wrist and asks if he can repay you for his blunder by taking you out to dinner. You're flustered and hesitant at first, but when he tucks his glasses below his eyes and uses that hypnotic influence of his, you relent. He agrees to pick you up tomorrow night at seven. Cupping your chin, he stares into your hazy, absent orbs and tells you to be good for him in the meantime.

    ☕ One of many fascinating things about being a vampire is having the ability to manipulate the minds of those around him. His crimson irises do all the work. He merely speaks, filling his victim's head with his own thoughts and desires. It comes in handy when he wants to seduce a pretty girl like you for a feast.

    ☕ Tomorrow evening rolls around quicker than expected for you both. You find yourself pondering why you agreed to a date with a handsome stranger. It doesn't seem like something you would do... but weren't you getting on yourself recently for lacking spontaneity? That must have been your reasoning. Oh, you ignorant little girl.

    ☕ Kento arrives to your apartment and you don't remember giving him your address. You had to have, though, because he knocks on your door and he has a bouquet for you and he smells of expensive cologne and it's perfect - the perfect start to a lovely date. You take the flowers and place them on your kitchen counter for later. Then, you grab a jacket and your purse. In seconds, you're out the door.

    ☕ The entire ride to the restaurant, he's staring at you from the corner of his eye. You're breathtaking. He thought you were pretty before, but with a bit of makeup and a nice dress you're something else. But there's something else, too; something he can't quite put his finger on. It makes his chest feel tight. It makes him feel like a mortal man again. And he hates it. What is it about you, of all people? Surely he still doesn't feel guilty about spilling your groceries.

    ☕ But maybe he does, because even when you're eating your meal at the restaurant, he can't pry his gaze from you. There's no other way to explain his attraction. He doesn't even know you, so he knows it isn't love. It transcends lust, though, which could mean it's fate that you two met. But Kento isn't a man to put his faith in something he can't directly observe. Then again, that's what he said about vampires before he was bitten and turned.

    ☕ You spend hours talking about your life as his behest. He normally doesn't inquire so heavily, but he wants to get to the bottom of his allure. Your life is drastically more boring compared to his, and maybe... maybe he likes that. Maybe he's sick of always being on guard, of always hunting, of always existing in a state of undeath. Maybe you're a breath of fresh air.

    ☕ When the meal is done, he offers to take you back to his home, a penthouse in the inner city. You hesitate again, but he already has a fix for that. He stares you dead in the eyes, takes you by the shoulders, and plants a kiss on your parted lips, all while enthralling you beneath his hypnotic influence. You're trapped with ease, once again. In seconds, you're back in his car, his large hand resting on the skin of your upper thigh as he drives. You're not getting away from him so easily.

    ☕ You're in his apartment just as fast as you're straddling his lap on the couch, after dinner drinks long forgotten. He has his tie wrapped around your wrists, confining them behind your back as he devours your neck and exposed skin on your chest. He considers indulging and biting into you right here. Ultimately, though, he decides against it. How long has it been since he's prolonged a show like this? He's hard and you're warm. You're also willing, with a little help from his mind control technique.

    ☕ With all the grinding you're doing on his lap, writhing like you're in heat, he can barely constrain himself from fucking you. He does, however, only because he wants to draw out the foreplay a bit longer. He plays with your tits, squeezing them and tweaking them and sucking on your pert nipples. He rubs his fingers along your slit, feeling how wet you are for him before stripping you of all your clothes and doing the same for himself. He undoes your hands and tosses his tie aside, preferring to hold you down by the wrists with his own hands.

    ☕ Kento enters you on his couch, filling your tightness until you feel like you're going to burst. Your toes are curling at the contact, so content to be stuffed. He wonders how long you've been craving sex. Clearly, you're a woman who's picky with the men you sleeps with. He likes that about you. You're clean. You're also his for the night... and maybe beyond, as well. There's still something peculiar about you - he can't quite figure out what it is. All he knows is that he wants to paint your walls white with his cum.

    ☕ He takes you on his arm and pumps you full on his lap. As you cum on his cock, he punctures your neck, drinking the blood that freely flows into his mouth. Your moans turn to screams, and your screams eventually die as you fall into unconsciousness. You feel so fucking good clenching around him, pussy spasming even though you're no longer awake.

    ☕ And Kento thinks of draining you completely dry. He thinks of taking your life wholly in this moment. Your crimson is so sweet and you've served your purpose. Except maybe you haven't. Maybe there's more to you than he thinks. And as he sets you back down on the couch and pulls up your panties, keeping his load securely nicely inside you, he thinks he might need more time to decide your true purpose.

    ☕ You wake up in your bed in a hot sweat, panting and clad in your pajamas. You feel like you just had the most vivid dream, of the blonde man you had met a few days ago actually being a vampire, taking you back to his home and- but no, that can't be right. He had never asked you on a date. He had merely helped you gather your things and been on his way. Besides, undead creatures don't exist and dreams are just dreams, right? You're unable to get back to sleep that night. You can't shake the dread. You also can't shake that someone's watching you from the shadows, their red, bespeckled eyes scanning your every move. When you turn on the light out of precaution, no one is there. This only marginally eases your frightened mind.

    ☕ Getting up in the morning is a chore. You drag yourself out of bed after a largely sleepless night and do all of your typical morning tasks. Then, you trudge out the door. You realize you forgot something at the grocery store. Imagine your shock surprise when you reach for the item, only to meet hands with the same man from your dreams. He's staring at you with an odd expression, and you could have sworn you saw a familiar vermillion twinkle in his eye.

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    Ruining The Naive- Chapter One

    CW: Yandere, Dub-con, Dark Content, Not sfw, Abduction, Breath Play, Predator/Prey, Toxic Relationship, Biting/blood, Pain Kink, Degradation, Condescension, SLOW BURN, Corruption kink, Mentions of Cannibalism, Serious plot/world building, Yuuji is kinda non-existent Chapter One: Impatience You were used to the looks of disgust, the way people avoided you on the train, the way they forwent seats so that not one person was within five feet of you. When you were younger, you had worried about a job, finding some place that would accept a hybrid was not easy. But you were smart, decently strong for your species, and that’s why you had worked your ass off to be an asset. However, the thing about hybrids is no one scouted them. It had taken all your confidence to put yourself out there, to beg for a job, to sell yourself as someone worthy. Everyday of your life you were told you weren’t worth the dirt on your shoes, so seeing anything good in yourself was extremely hard.

    That is until Jujutsu Tech came along. You had reached out and whoever checked your papers seemed to completely ignore the giant red flagged word, ‘hybrid’ that screamed on the front page. Instead, your incredible list of credentials is what they wanted. “We have been looking for a teacher for the supernatural species and spiritual energies for quite a while, but no one has quite matched up to you,” the man with white hair said, his eyes hidden behind a blindfold. An old man sat behind him and from what you could tell the younger man had stronger energy, but the older man held a higher status. You smelled the strength they harbored, your lips curling in excitement. Such power was not common. “I dual majored in them, I like things considered unknown. Even we don’t understand energies and all the species well yet,” your ears flicked as you nodded once. “I think the kids will like you. Do you know much of what we do here?” he asked. “JuJutsu Tech is used for raising the next generation that will keep cursed energy users under control when or if the Rift increases their aura to the point where it’s too much for them to control,” you said, parroting the information you had learned in your research. His lips twitched, “Yes, it is. Alright!” He clapped his hands together loudly and you started at his sudden change in demeanor, his energy becoming chaotic and bright, all seriousness seeming to drain away. You blinked slowly. “Name’s Gojo Satoru,” he stated brightly, walking over to you with a slight bounce every few steps. You tilted your head but introduced yourself anyway as you shook his hand. Did this mean what you thought it did? “Welcome to JuJutsu Tech,” he grinned widely, and you couldn’t help but return it.   ---- Sukuna inhaled, he lounged on a bench, a single warabi mochi clenched between his fingers as he chewed lazily. The high school stood just across from him. It had been a week since he first saw you in the club that night, along with the kids from the school and the celestial. He’d found you soon after, learning that you were a new teacher. Currently he was in the process of learning your schedule and ‘testing’ his self-restraint to excruciating amounts. Every time he saw you, or you came close enough to the gate for him to taste your aura he practically drooled. His own often spiked from his excitement and he was forced to quickly tamp it down lest someone sense his energy. He was considered cursed, but he was not the typical curse species, not even normal for spiritwalkers. No, his energy was thicker, more perverse, darker. Even he could feel it, at the right moments it could snuff out weaker fools who irritated him, if he applied just the right amount of pressure. However, if he went such a route, he often exhausted himself quickly. He needed to feed and feed and feed, even more so than he thought was physically possible at times. Generally using any of his powers was dangerous now, which is why he needed you. You were perfect for him, made for him. You would solve his weakness. Why did you spend so long at this place? He was annoyed, bored, and irritated. All things that made Sukuna dangerous, especially when he was constantly hungry. He took another bite of the sticky treat in between his fingers, rolling the crust of sugary sweet flour around his tongue before he started chewing. Eating carbohydrates or heavy amounts of protein helped with the drain on the physical form that his soul took. It had been a completely accidental discovery, but a useful one. The sound of voices drifted to him, raucous enough to make Sukuna roll his eyes and wrinkle his nose as he stood and moved away from bench nonchalantly. He didn’t want to stand out. He didn’t need to attract the attention of the sorcerers.  Still, he kept his eyes peeled and steps slow, waiting for you to come into his vision as his back stayed turned to the milling students and teachers. If he was right, you’d go home early today. He just wasn’t quite sure why he always lost your presence on the train. He didn’t like riding inside trains, too many tainted souls created a miasma for him in an enclosed space, and so it had become dangerous for him in his weakened state. That’s why he’d taken to riding atop it. His nails gripped tightly to the metal of the car you rode in. The odd feeling of it scraping under his fingers as the wind snatched at his skin made him squint in displeasure. He flattened further against the material, letting the hot roof sear his skin. “I can feel you,” he whispered, the words quickly lost to the howling wind. “You seem so lonely, little thing.” His lips pulled back into a brilliant smile, showing his sharp canines to the tunnel approaching as he pressed himself harder still against the train. He hummed quietly to himself as he let the whistling of the air block out the surrounding world until your stop came up. It took a bit of searching this time, but since he’d decided to take the risk and stay at his vantage point, he found you walking through the crowd. You’d thrown on a simple sweatshirt with a fur-lined hood, and he realized how he kept losing you. Your boundless energy seemed to have disappeared. There was nothing more than a small hum of what used to be crashing waves of millions of oceans. Sukuna blinked and then stepped into the crowd without a second thought to follow you home. --- Being here always calmed you. The scent of jasmine and cherry blossoms from nearby gardens surrounded you. It was late summer slipping into early fall, and it was one of your favorite times of year. The world around you changing and blossoming with different plants, animals, falling leaves and petals. The scent of crushed foliage and flowers filled your nose and you sighed, taking a sharp left turn down the pathway to the park that you always took on the way back home. It made it so you arrived later, always about an hour before sunset or if it was on the days, you left later sometimes a little bit before dark, but it was worth it. Being surrounded by pure life was always worth the extra time. There was a sweetness to the air that filled your lungs and you welcomed it, let it soothe your worries. The day washed away, and you lost yourself in your surroundings, so much so you didn’t notice the sound of soft footsteps behind you. It wasn’t until the man bumped into you that you glanced up, eyes wide and wondering. “Oh I’m sorry!” you gasped out, though the apology was completely unnecessary, it wasn’t like you had run into him. “I guess I must have been taking up more of the path than I thought.” You tilted your head, ears flicking amicably and tail curling as you flashed the man a wide smile. The pink of his hair catching your eyes and your line of sight then traveled to his pointed canines as his lips pulled back into a smirk for a second. He dug a pinky into his ear, pursing his lips and shifting them to the side, “Just be more aware of your surroundings next time.” “Yes of course, sir,” you nodded quickly, and bowed in gratefulness at his advice. You missed the way his lips twitched at the corners for a moment. “Good,” his chin tilted a bit as he pinched it between thumb and finger, while he looked you up and down for a brief moment. “Get home quickly, it’s almost dark. There’s some freaks out in the area lately, from the rumors at least.” His eyes narrowed as he watched the smile on your face shrink a bit and your eyes darted around for a moment. “Thank you… I-I should get going,” you said and bowed before walking further into the park. You felt the weight of his gaze against your back, even though when you looked to where he had stood just a few minutes ago, he was nowhere to be seen. ---- Sukuna had reestablished contact with you, even with your aura as regressed as it was now, it sent shivers down his spine at how refined it was. Now it was just laying down the pieces and carefully connecting the threads. His grin grew as he followed you back to the complex that housed your flat. Taglist---  @cyancherub

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