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    no because somebody should really make adam/ava, nate/nat, felix/farah & mason/morgan on the sims and i would love them for the rest of my life

    #pls and thank you #drop your origin id too theyre going to my households fast #seraphinitegames#unit bravo #the wayhaven chronicles #twc adam#twc ava#twc nate#twc nat#twc felix#twc farah#twc morgan#twc mason #the sims 4 #electronic arts #this post has a long ass tag
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    21.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Unit Bravo from The Wayhaven Chronicles

    Part 2 // extras below

    [Part 1]


    Alternate looks:

    Some quotes:

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    21.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Karthik Achari (He/Him):

    ❤ Birthdate, 21st Jan - Aquarius bby
    ❤ A lover not a fight - his muscles are for warm hugs
    ❤ Was married in the past, still has her ring on a necklace chain
    ❤ Became an unexpected parent during university, but loves his daughter and very much considers her as his whole world.
    ❤ Very cheerful - always looks on the brighter side of things !!

    Template used [x]

    #they are my ocs - i can give them bdays if i want! #oc moodboard #detective: karthik achari #also his one true enemy will forever by short door frames (tbf any doorframes to him is short... cause yknow - dudes big) #twc detective #the wayhaven chronicles #template psd #him & felix are gonna make the worlds cutest couple - nothing but bliss and positive vibes <3 #thooo it funny cause it takes him a while to fall in love love #he wont hesitate to say 'i love you' to any and all people (esp friends/family etc) #very oblivious when others have a crush on him #'we're friends - but i think i want to be more..' #karthik: ' oh you mean best friends?!' #'oh no... i mean more than best friends...' #karthik: oh my god!!!! super best friends?!!!!!
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    10.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago










    #the wayhaven chronicles #twc#felix twc#twc mason#twc lt#felix hauville#farah hauville#twc farah #he really exposed us huh
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    10.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Okay playing twc while i wait for my ride, and doing Felix's route and so far..im in love

    #he is so sweet MUCH. better than mason #*cuts ties with mason* felix is my true love #cherry talks wayhaven #twc
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    03.01.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    because i miss them sm, i offer you unit bravo as sum roblox memes i keep seeing on my feed





    MC in that one scene in book 1

    #if you can't already tell #my feed is now an absolute mess #i saved one photo #ONE #the wayhaven chronicles #twc adam#twc ava#twc nate#twc nat#twc morgan#twc mason#twc felix#twc farah#twc detective#twc meme#twc#wayhaven chronicles
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    01.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    _Detective Ignis with everyone: 😒🙄🥱🤬🤮🔥👹

    _Detective Ignis with Felix: 🥰💞😍😺🫂💓💓💗💗💕

    #the wayhaven chronicles #twc detective#felix hauville
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    26.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Ughhhhhhhhhhh h...him I luv him sooo much 😭😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞💞

    #the wayhaven chronicles #felix hauville#twc detective
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    25.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Snowy Wayhaven - Felix

    (the rest of the UB #snowy wayhaven)

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    24.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    It's Christmas so here are detective Ignis and a very happy Felix 💞💞💞😭😭😭

    #the wayhaven chronicles #felix hauville#twc detective
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    20.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So cute yet so badass. That'd F for you.

    #the wayhaven chronicles #meme#twc#wayhaven chronicles#wayhaven memes#Farah#Felix #god bless seraphinitegames #Tall MC
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    19.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Plot of Wayhaven Chronicles book 1 :

    #the wayhaven chronicles #the wayhaven chronicles book1 #twc book 1 #adam du mortain #ava du mortain #nate sewell#natalie sewell#mason#Morgan#felix hauville#farah hauville#detective#murphy #a du mortain #n sewell#f hauville#twc
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    18.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    "Touch him I dare u"_ Detective Ignis

    #the wayhaven chronicles #twc detective#felix hauville
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  • smalltowndetective
    13.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Simple Days

    I’m so sorry that these have taken me so long to get to! I know things have changed in the months that I have been gone, but I hope you are able to enjoy this anyway! (Here is a bit of an explanation of where I’ve been)

    And thank you to the lovely @night-triumphantt for letting me use your detective! Sorry that this took me so long again! I absolutely love both Kiara and Felix, so it was so great to be able to write for them! I hope I did her justice! 

    Ao3 Link (All Requests can be found here)

    Title: Simple Days Paring: Felix and Kiara (@/night-triumphantt’s detective) Words: 1.1k Notes: Set sometime after B3 Prompt: “Are you wearing my shirt?” You mean our shirt?” 

    The early morning sun had appeared hours ago, it having to already be midday by the time that Kiara had woken up. For someone who normally needed multiple alarms in order to wake up in the morning, it was a massive blessing to be able to have the day off.

                   She would not have minded spending longer in bed, but she and Felix had made plans to meet up at the warehouse this afternoon. To do what, she was not sure. It seemed to be suggested that they would figure that out when the time came.

                   Not that she minded that much. Because if she was being honest to herself, they could end up just hanging around the warehouse all evening and she would be perfectly okay with that. Because really, it hardly mattered much with that they did.

                   What really mattered was just being able to be there with him.

                   And a plus side of being able to sleep in was that she actually felt more awake and refreshed then she normally did the morning, a massive shame that was not able to do this more often due to the pull of adult responsibilities.

                   While she was getting dressed as she normally did, deciding not to change her style much from how she normally did, the skinny jeans and a t-shirt with plenty of jewelry, her eyes had gone to one of Felix’s jackets that was laid on top of the chair in her room.

                   Whether the jacket was left or stolen, well, Kiara would neither confirm or deny, but one thing that she could deny was just how nice it was to be able to wear her boyfriend’s clothes at all. Like a piece of him that was there even when he was not.

                   Smiling, she put it on, allowing her curly black hair to spill over her back as she did so, it slighter larger than her normal jackets, but cozy, nonetheless. Grabbing her keys and her phone, she made her way out of her apartment, leaving the bright colored walls behind.

                   Her eyes blinked as they got used to the summer light, different then the light that had been streaming through the windows. But even still, there was a sense of peace, Wayhaven finally able to get the chance to go back to normal, and hopefully for longer this time.

                   As she made her way to her car, she pulled out her phone to check the messages that she had missed while she was gone from the land of the awake, and sure enough, Felix had.

    Felix: Can’t wait to see you today! ❤❤

                   Kiara could not stop the grin that went across her face at the sight, nor would she ever really want it to, immediately going to write a response.

                   Kiara: Heading over there now!

                   With a new sense of urgency, she went straight to her car, and started to slowly pull out and start to make her way to the warehouse, the brightness still not ever having left her face.


                   Around twenty minutes later, she had finally arrived at the warehouse, the somewhat dismal sight that she had grown used to, at least from outside appearances. The anticipation had been building during the entire drive, and it only gotten to the height of its tension now.

                   And what Kiara could not decide what she expected it or not, Felix was also outside, perking up as she pulled in and starting to almost run towards her as she got out of the car.

                   She met him in a tight hug, his head going to rest on her shoulder as she pulled him closer, chuckling slightly, “Hello to you too”

                   He laughs as well, moving his head back a bit so he could look at her, his amber eyes gleaming in the sunlight, “Sorry. It’s really good to see you”

                   “Nothing to be sorry about”, she says almost immediately in response, standing on her tiptoes to place a kiss on his temple, “I’m sure not complaining”

                   Felix grins in response, his eyes started to clock the jacket, which causes him to start laughing again, “Babe, is that my jacket?”                “Don’t you mean, our jacket?”, she teases, pulling her shoulders back as in a way of showing it off without moving his arms from around her, “I’m pretty sure that’s a part of dating me”

                   In response, he moves closer, almost whispering in her ear, “Then it will be a part that I take wholeheartedly”, before he moves back with a wink, “And you also look way better than I do in it”

                   She laughs, giving him something akin to a smirk, “Don’t sell yourself short. You’re still hot as hell”                He returns her smirk, leaning down to press just a peck of a kiss, already leaving her aching for more from the contact, as his hold tightens around her, “So are you”

                   They continued to stand looking at each other, the eye contact charged between them, it enough to send a jolt down her spine as she stared at the man who had been a constant source of happiness ever since Bravo had arrived those months ago.

                   “Well, we have a day to get started”, she interrupted after a moment, though she was mixed on saying something at all, “You’re more than free to lead the way”

                   With a grin, Felix moves to take her hand, his beaming smile indictive that this was role he was perfectly find with happening, starting to lead her inside with a sense of hurry to it.

                   All that Kiara could do was laugh and follow him, allowing herself to take in every single moment of this. Work would come eventually, and if something again happened like with the maa-alused or Sin, there would be even less time than before.

                   But for now, this was all that she wanted to think about, and be able to take the picture of and keep as a memory for later.

                   Just the two of them.

    #The Wayhaven Chronicles #wayhaven chronicles#twc#kiara kingston#felix hauville #f hauville x detective #night-triumphantt #smalltowndetective writing other peoples detectives take 2
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    04.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    It’s my Birthday today 🍫🎂🍩🍦🍪🍰Please use the tags if you wanna send me a gift

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    02.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    at least waiting for book 3 gives me time to figure out how to draw UB

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    01.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    And another one bc Mason might be my favorite route but I love Felix with all my heart <3

    (again, a character from The Wayhaven Chronicles by @seraphinitegames, go read and kiss kiss fall in love with some vampires)

    #the wayhaven chronicles #wayhaven#twc#felix hauville#agent f#fanart#my art #only nate and adam to go!
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    07.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Playing Favorites

    39. holding hands in a museum to pull them to the next exhibition [AJ/Nate]

    also: combo birthday fic! Late for his(Nov 4), early for hers (Nov 13)


    After a few centuries, it got hard to plan birthday dates they hadn’t done to death. It helped, a little, that they’d starting celebrating together a decade or two in. Their interests were similar, their birthdays only a week and a half apart. It was easier this way. Still, even that measure could only help so much, and it was roughly around the first century mark Abigail and Nate simply put all their favorite options on rotation. Problem solved, for the most part.

    She didn’t mind; whether it was the first time or the five hundredth, spending more time with Nate was always enough for her. And, somehow, he always made it feel special. Despite that, and despite how much they both genuinely loved all the activities in the rotation, Abigail would be lying to say she didn’t have favorites. Years she looked forward to just a little more than the others.

    This year was one of them. Abigail bit her lip and intertwined her fingers with Nate’s as they made their way up the museum steps in a vain effort to contain her excitement.

    Nate chuckled and squeezed her hand. “Looking forward to this?”

    She smiled sheepishly. “Y’ can tell?”

    “You’re all but vibrating with it, love,” he said warmly.

    “You know I love museums almost as much as you do,” she said, practically skipping across the lobby, voice dropping near a whisper once inside. “B’sides, it’s been awhile since we visited this one, I’m curious what’s changed, yeah?”

    “Awhile” in this case being about eighty six years.

    “A lot, I imagine,” Nate said, looking around, “if not everything.”

    “It’ll be like tryin’  somethin’ new while also bein’ an old favorite,” Abigail said cheerily, already excited for the new arrangement of the first room she could see into.

    Nate pulled her to a stop and bent to kiss her. “That remains one of my favorite things about you, AJ,” he murmured against her lips.

    “What?” she whispered back, more than a little pleasantly dizzy from the kiss.

    “The way you find joy in everything.”

    “So do you,” she pointed out, sliding her arms around his waist.

    “I find good,” he corrected. “Or try to. You find joy.”

    “Easy to do when I have you, yeah?” Abigail murmured, pushing up on her toes for another kiss. “Let’s go see what there is to see, hm?”

    Nate drew in a slow breath and nodded. “Let’s.”

    He left his arm draped around her shoulders as they resumed course into the nearest gallery, and Abigail smiled and leaned into him in response.


    Nate’s guess proved correct; darn near everything was new. The only exhibit still the same was the tiny alcove on local history and supernatural legend. They shared a private laugh at the touch of  irony before taking a break for scones and hot drinks in the attached café.

    “Y’ lookin’ forward to th’ second floor?” Abigail asked, finishing the last dregs of her coffee. “Sounds like it’s mostly one big exhibit coverin’ most of the level.”

    “Mm.” Nate nodded and took another sip of his tea--he was, as usual, half a drink behind her. “I must admit, a gallery on ‘Love Everlasting’ does seem an apropos way for us to spend the day,” he said with a smile.

    “It does, doesn’t it?” Abigail spun her empty cup against the table, “Interestin’ they’re doin’ an exhibit like that now. Y’d think that’s the sort of thing t’ open in February.”

    “You would think.” Nate took a long drink of his tea. “Perhaps it’s tied to when they could get permission to host some of the pieces?”


    They sat in silence a few more minutes, enjoying each others’ company and watching the people passing by while Nate finished his tea. Once he was done, they stood, disposed of their cups, and headed up the stairs hand in hand.

    The gallery entrance was just off to the left, with a small placard explaining the exhibit as a mixed media expression of loves through the ages.

    “Oh, this will be fun,” Abigail murmured.

    “For us, yes.” There was a smile in Nate’s voice and he squeezed her hand.

    She giggled and nodded agreement. The rest of Bravo wouldn’t find it nearly as enjoyable, she was sure. “C’mon.” She tugged his hand to step into the first room of the exhibit.

    This one was mostly sculptures and small tokens that had been given as signs of affection hundreds of years ago. They took their time, Nate waxing eloquent about a few that were older than Abigail but younger than him.

    The next area transitioned to paintings from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, interspersed with large empty swaths of wall decorated by projected passages from love letters. Abigail caught the fleeting look of nostalgia on Nate’s face, even if it was there and gone in a blink. She made sure to really drag her feet through that room and Nate squeezed her hand again in silent thanks.

    There were several more rooms; love through different eras, romantic traditions and courting rituals in different countries, but Abigail’s favorite was the last one.

    Absolutely huge--larger than the entire building that housed the Wayhaven police department--with the walls covered in artfully arranged paintings, photographs, and the projected images of romantic couples from what looked like the 1600s all the way up to roughly present day. Some famous, some posed and professional, others amateur, candids and personal. In this one room, they drifted apart, drawn to different sections of the long walls, though the knowledge the other was somewhere nearby remained ever-present.

    Abigail couldn’t help smiling when she stole a glance at Nate; he was studying the photos with relaxed enjoyment, hands slipped in his pockets and contentedness all but rolling off him. Or maybe that was something only she saw. She bit her lip and twirled a lock of hair around her finger as she turned back to the wall.

    Only a little further down, she found herself pressing a hand over her mouth to hold back a laugh, then weaving her way across the room between other patrons. “Nate!” Her enthusiasm carried, even with her sotto voce tone. “Y’ hafta see this one.” She grabbed his hand and tugged him back with her, pointing out the photograph once she located it again. “There.”

    Nate’s already-warm smile stretched even further and he gave a quiet chuckle. “Ah.”

    The photo, dated roughly a century and a half ago on the placard, depicted a man and woman sharing a kiss under a Parisian streetlight, misty atmosphere casting them mostly in silhouette. Two dark figures, over a spray of almost ethereal foggy white, then a similarly dark background, the Paris street only dimly visible. The glint of the streetlight showed just hints of color on the two figures; dark hair and a leather jacket on the man, curly deep red hair on the woman. Any other features were obscured by shadow, anonymity lending a touch of mystery to the romantic scene.

    At least, it would for other viewers. Abigail and Nate shared amused, knowing looks and linked their hands tighter.

    That’s us.

    I know.

    “This one’s m’ favorite,” Abigail said blithely, leaning her head against his shoulder.

    “I can see why it would appeal,” Nate murmured in reply, brushing a kiss against her hair. They didn’t say another word as they finished in the gallery, but Abigail couldn’t entirely wipe the amused smile from her lips. She wondered if Nate was also musing on the irony of that photo being the one in a darn museum.

    A stolen moment after a mission where they almost lost two teammates and the supernaturals they were trying to save, and that’s what got captured by some random--but admittedly skilled--photographer and was hanging in a museum a hundred and fifty years later.

    It was only after they’d exited the museum Nate finally spoke, his voice quiet.  “That was after...”

    “The Arena case,” Abigail finished. She rubbed her thumb over the back of his hand.

    “Where Adam and Felix...” He grimaced and squeezed her hand. “Not my favorite case.”

    “Mine, neither,” she said. “But everyone came out  fine, so cheerier thoughts, birthday boy, yeah?” She leaned her head against his arm. “What was your fav’rite, then?”

    Nate chuckled, pulled her to a stop by a bench so they weren’t blocking foot traffic. “You know the answer to that one, Abigail.”

    She grinned and wrapped her arms around his waist, hands under his jacket for the warmth as she interlocked her fingers. “Murphy?”

    He nodded, tucking her hair behind her ear. “There were parts I did not enjoy,” he acknowledged, leaning closer, “but the overall result” --he stole a tender kiss-- “is more than worth it.”

    Abigail chuckled, pushing up on her toes to kiss him back. “Ditto.” Another kiss. “T’ both.”

    Nate smiled and cradled the side of her face with one hand. “Happy birthday, AJ.”

    “Happy birthday, Nate.”

    And she kissed him again, because it was one of her favorite things to do.

    #queens fic#abigail jenings#nate sewell#aj/nate#twc #otp: smiling always #ugh they're so smitten it's ridiculous #i hope felix still teases them about it daily xD #centuries down the road and they still act like the other hung the moon stars and all the planets in the darn sky #i love them
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    A and M romancers: "Will the suffering ever stop?!"

    Meanwhile, F and N romancers:

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