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  • I heard people hate it. I saw a parody video with someone saying that episode made Daryl fall 20 positions in the “favorite character list”…

    And I don’t get it, so… could someone explain it to me in good faith? I won’t argue back, I just wanna know.

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  • Just finished watching “Still” again… What a great series finale.

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  •     Carol Peletier in 4x10.

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  • “Last Man standing”
    What if Daryl is fighting Negan’s men
    And he’s the last one
    He’s killed Dwight
    And he’s standing there
    Injured–on the brink of collapsing, close to succumbing to death
    He’s ready to go; to leave this earth and find peace, somewhere, somehow.
    And there she is. Beth Greene. Stronger than ever before. A smattering of scars on her right cheek and temples. She is now a battle hardened warrior. A girl back from the dead, living on borrowed time.
    His vision is hazy and he thinks “this is it this is the end”
    But she’s real.
    And he’s the last man standing
    And she touches him and he realizes she’s real
    “Did you miss me?”
    Hell yeah he did
    Then he passes out–cut to black.

    “You’re gonna miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon.”
    “She’s just gone.”
    GONE. not dead. GONE. Notice that she never and he never says “when I’m dead” or “she’s just dead”

    Whenever I watch “Still”, I am annoyed at the beginning by Beth. Now don’t get me wrong. I adore Beth (obviously). But I feel like at the beginning of this episode, you’re supposed to be irritated by her. She’s being reckless and careless. But then you see why and you get it…Slowly. Also, I feel like no matter how much you love a character, they can and will annoy sometimes. Same as anybody else. But she’s, like, supposed to grow on you as much as she’s growing on Daryl I think.

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  • -multishipper

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  • I wanna know what Daryl is like he’s never told anyone what he’s done before everything happened I wanna know his story

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  • “Unless you too busy chaperoning mr. Dixon” lol I love you Beth

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  • “Unless you too busy chaperoning mr. Dixon” lol I love you Beth

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  • ‘Still’ is one casualty of all this that I am mourning especially deeply, because it really was everything to me.

    It was my dream ZA Beauty and the Beast tale come to life.

    Their dynamic and character development, combined with the script and the visuals, was absolute perfection. 

    Not only that, but 'Still’ had such a hopeful message. 

    That message is now destroyed.

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  • #Bethyl#twd#twd 4x12 #the glory that is Still #we should burn it down #between the fire and the sky
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  • The Mountain Goats playing on The Walking Dead is possibly the most perfect thing about this show.

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  • I was at the edge of the Daryl x Beth cliff last week, ready to jump off, and now after watching 4x12, I have dived off head first.



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  • Is it sad I hoped that person who walked up on Daryl in was Rick?

    Or even sadder I looked all over for Rick in the preview for next week’s episode?


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  • people have literally been ripped apart and eaten on the walking dead and still the grossest thing i have ever seen was daryl pulling the skin off of that snake

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  • really nervous to look at the twd tags for possible bethyl v. caryl shipping wars

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  • Oh aspetta è il mio turno,vero? Non ho mai mangiato yogurt gelato,mai avuto un pony,non ho mai avuto niente da babbo natale,mai contato su nessuno per farmi proteggere,cazzo non ho mai contato su nessuno per niente,mai cantato a squarciagola in pubblico come se fosse una cosa divertente,come se tutto fosse un bel gioco,e non mi sono mai tagliato le vene per attirare l'attenzione,non hai mai usato una balestra fino ad ora? Te lo insegno subito sarà divertente!

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  • Also, The Walking Dead last night.

    *presses sixteen tissues against wet face*


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  • I’ve learn something today. When Daryl Dixon cries, I cry.

    In fact I already learnt that in the 3x15 but I forgot too fast.

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