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  • I was hit on a guy at the park today because i couldn’t stop looking at him and I honestly had no idea how to tell him that I was actually looking at his dog

    On the bright side, I get to see his dog again.

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  • For no real reason I can muster.  I just feel anxiety creeping up all over the place  Like this fear that I’m somehow forgetting Life Priority Numero Uno and going to get fucked in the rearski by the powers that be.  But I guess with that comes the need to trust that I am doing the best that I can and that if I’ve gotten this far, I shouldn’t be afraid of what’s next.  

    BUT DUDE I’M KINDA FEELING A BIT DESPERATE.  Throw me a sign, or a bone, or a nugget/pearl/tidbit that affirms I’m cruising in the general direction of ‘ALRIGHT’ and I’ll chill out probably, I promise.  

    A man.  The women.  Amen.  

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  • On multiple occasions over the last year or two I thought I was having a quarter life crisis but I realise now I wasn’t as now I’m actually having one. Any time I try and talk to someone about it though I can never finish what I need to say because I can see in their face they think I’m just moaning. Honestly though, I’m feeling so lost and I can’t tell anyone fully why because you’re not supposed to talk about it like that.

    #quarter life crisis #twenties problems
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    • Person: Whoa! So what made you want to get braces in your twenties?
    • Me: I wanted to double my sex appeal instantly. Obviously.
    • Me: -_-
    #I am bilingual in English and Sarcasm #braces #fucking duh! #twenties problems
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  • Just had a huge reality check…

    What the hell am I doing with my life? I work in retail, I still live with my parents, I got annoyed the other day because some ex-footballer has become a newbie presenter on homes under the hammer…

    It’s like I’m still a student but without the drinking and the studies. :(

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    #24 is a bad age #twenties problems
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  • listening to vessel for the first time in years and i can say with confidence that i am a better lyricist than tyler joseph

    #*tags this to cause problems* #twenty one pilots #enemy
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  • Put my body in a drop top hearse

    #problems of a twenty something sam
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  • What people think I mean


    What I actually mean 

    #20 something #20 something probs #20 something problems #twenty something #twenty something probs #twenty something problems #the office#kevin malone#broccoli#pippi longstocking#spaghetti#health#healthful#eating#emotional eating#emotional eater #i love carbs #hungry
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  • puppet/mary’s theme from the game ib.

    i learned most of it by ear but i got stuck on some parts but Boronare’s sheet music helped me figure out some bits. their puppet cover is on youtube ^-^

    #kalimba#kalimba cover #i can play it no problem but the second i start recording my fingers wanna fuck me over #this took me over twenty takes #im going to nap now
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  • pop a molly im simpin

    #problems of a twenty something sam
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  • Similarly, I have another problem with some parts of the Hardy Boys franchise that no one but me cares about. It’s lowkey shitty that somethings turn Aunt Gertrude into “Young hot Aunt Trudy” instead. Let me explain.

    It’s a bit on the rare side but it’s happened enough times and if Hulu’s already stupid “adaption” happens it will be another case of it. It happens when writers decide to turn Fenton’s older sister into his younger sister that is also weirdly cool and more attractive. The problem I have with this is that it doesn’t let an older woman just be an older woman.

    Gertrude isn’t married and she never has been. She chose not to and she’s happy with that choice. She much older than her younger brother, like seriously older the entire reason she originally lived with them was so they could inherit all of her money when she died. She’s got arthritis and other problems that come with age. She’s just old and unmarried. Which I find okay because that’s her choice and not everyone needs to be married.

    It just feels like the writers who change her age aren’t okay with that. This weird “She can still be married” vibe to it when they make her younger than Fenton. His age is never really give besides a vague somewhere from 40-45 (but he looks young for his age). So a young hot Trudy would be in her 30s. It’s just weird to make her younger for no reason than being against spinsters. Or the problem media seems to have with women between the ages of 50ish-60ish. Especially if they’re not married, moms, or grandmas.

    On the other hand, this is were Hannah is more accepted(ignoring the 2019 movie for a second which does this to Hannah) because she was married at some point. Her husband died but, she was still married. So when Hannah exists, like in the Emma Roberts movie or even most of the books, they don’t have a problem with making her an older woman.

    IDK where I’m really going with this but be nicer to older women and don’t make them younger for no other reason than to make them more acceptable to societies marriage standard for women or something.

    Does anyone else understand what I mean?

    #like can gertrude just be an old(er) woman #is that too much to ask? #movies and tv shows only display women from 20-40 and them 70-90 #it's like they skip twenty years or something #hannah gruen#aunt gertrude#gertrude hardy #the hardy boys #hardy boys #which reminds me I have another problem to address within the Hardy Boys franchise #i'll do that another day #fenton hardy#nancy drew
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  • decided to buy the ‘clandestine meeting’ deluxe edition of taylor swifts new album because of how much I associate the word clandestine with pete wentz

    when worlds collide

    #problems of a twenty something sam #thanks pete
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  • Today…..I’m thinking about aquariuses 🥰

    #problems of a twenty something sam
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  • sorry babe the tevas stay on during sex

    *granola lesbians cheer*

    #feel free to rb #problems of a twenty something sam
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  • y’all ever think of a certain time in your life and then cry cause you’ll never be there again??

    yeah why is mine ninth grade english class

    #problems of a twenty something sam #im thinking about how my teacher would look at some nerd shit and be like oh yeah thats my jam #like ‘cask of amontillado?? thats my JAM!’ #the amount of my personality i stole from that woman is astronomical
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  • Sometimes I’m like “yeah I should totally publish one of my books and see where this goes.”

    Most of the time I’m terrified of rejection and even more terrified of the possibility that it could get really popular and then I would have to talk to people that I don’t know and pretend that my life isn’t slowly falling apart.

    #being in your twenties is wild my guy #shitpost#author problems
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  • day twenty seven - where do you write?

    bed. like an adult 👌 

    seriously tho, it’s great for me. it’s the only place i can be where i’m unlikely to be interrupted and it’s comfortable.

    i write on my laptop, just cos i save writing on paper for original material (ish). my brain jumps around so much, it’s usually easier on smth that lets me do that without potentially wasting loads of paper. 

    having said all that, i also have a habit of writing on my phone public transport, it’s a good way of passing the time.

    #text#30-days-of-fanfic #day twenty seven #i write on my phone whenever i'm gonna be waiting somewhere for a while #or even just a couple of minutes #makes transferring it a problem sometimes tho #pages is very useful
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  • how does this make so much sense

    #ariel #the little mermaid #sirens#millennial problems#introvert#mood #the yeeting twenties
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  • ∆ Disclaimer. I am not talking about very important Problems in society/the industry but mainly focusing of random accounts and fans brining up *irrelevant* stuff for attention they desperately want. ∆

    I need to get something of my chest:

    honestly I’m so over it.

    If someone calls me out for liking something barely problematic I’m just like:

    So what? Everyone’s shitty.

    We’re here to enjoy our time and not fight online about morals. No one cares.

    Instagram pages like [removed] go ahead but u ain’t gon change my opinion sis.

    I like who I like that’s it.

    I might like assholes but they are talented.

    I like emo music and rap and punk.

    I like the office and Rick and Morty.

    People hate me for still listening to certain bands, but Stan their own artists.

    Every big musicians is or was kinda problematic at some point and of course some people have to bring it up because their star is NOT problematic and definitely the best!

    But no. Every person is awful.

    If an artist I like, is VERY BAD. [I’m talking either current big problems with proof or things that can NOT be forgiven.]

    Then I won’t support them in the future.

    But the past is the past?

    I can’t change that I bought a CD and why would I destroy my own property? As a sign? Maybe. I just don’t see the reason.

    I know that that makes ME problematic as well.

    [Removed] bothers me especially because - yeah maybe some shit is bad and I KNOW okay. These people aren’t perfect, they ain’t gods THATS WHAT IT IS ABOUT. Living! Creating! Learning!

    Don’t pick fights just because you dislike something.


    there’s legit no need for so much hate in the world



    there’s people that are going to just hate you because they only see the bad and problematic parts

    But there’s people that will like you because of the fun parts.

    Every artist is bad in their own ways. You can try to defend but they are human. Of course they have flaws! That’s what makes them even better!

    Seeing someone human achieve something can be so inspiring!

    The music genre for example: it doesn’t matter!

    I like what I like. You like what you like. It makes us all individuals. Isn’t that cool?

    But instead people try to bring others down because what they like clearly must be the best!

    No.. artists don’t need to compete. Just enjoy their music?

    And I know facts are facts and whatever but I have roughly ~±100 years and I won’t stop listening to music because of someone online who says I shouldn’t listen to x or watch Y because of thing from the past that are irrelevant to my personal life.

    I’m tired over drama that was back then

    Like honestly at least focus on now.

    ∆∆∆And I KNOW that some things need to be payed for. I know some things need closure for things. - that’s not what I am talking about! -

    That’s the point where we need to stand up as union and fight for what’s right∆∆∆

    But what’s the point of bringing up a personal event from an artist that happened 20 years ago and had nothing to do with his life now or your personal life?

    What’s the point if there isn’t even a real source?

    You’re just trying to make other people sad and miserable about something so incredibly irrelevant.

    One life.

    Are you really going to waste that to make drama from almost over two decades relevant again for a little bit of clout on Twitter?

    Do what makes you happy but I highly doubt that that’s it fam.

    People who were shamed because they liked something. Keep going if it makes you happy. You’re not here to please every opinion that is out there.

    Call me ignorant for all of this but it just sucks to feel bad for something when something that happened a long time ago didn’t even influence a person all that much and wasn’t as problematic and people start hating for really no reason.

    That being said:

    ~thanks for listening

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