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  • angelaf1978
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    For Christmas hiddlestoners just want him 🎅🎁🎄😍

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  • lalielis752018
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    THOMAS SHARPE 🎩💙🎩💙🎩💙🎩💙🎩💙🎩💙🎩💙🎩💙🎩💙🎩💙🎩🎩💙🎩💙💙🎩💙🎩

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  • bebx
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lokius ranked number 6 in the ‘Top 100 Ships of 2021’ on Tumblr.

    Loki and Mobius power couple. So true

    #loki series#mobius#loki#lokius#tom hiddleston#owen wilson#avengers#marvel#loki show#loki tv#kate herron#michael waldron#wowki#kevin feige#agent mobius#twhiddleston #mobius m mobius #loki laufeyson#loki odinson #agent mobius m mobius #mcu #mobius x loki #loki x mobius #marvel cinematic universe #marvel phase four #marvel phase 4
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  • bebx
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    #loki series#mobius#loki#lokius#tom hiddleston#owen wilson#avengers#marvel#kevin feige#wowki#loki show#loki tv#kate herron#michael waldron#agent mobius#twhiddleston #mobius m mobius #loki laufeyson#loki odinson #agent mobius m mobius #mcu #mobius x loki #marvel cinematic universe #marvel phase four #marvel phase 4 #loki x mobius
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  • bebx
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sylvie is done with Loki and Mobius

    #loki series#sylvie#loki show#loki tv #sophie di martino #mobius#loki#lokius#tom hiddleston#owen wilson#avengers#marvel#kate herron#michael waldron#mcu#agent mobius#kevin feige#wowki#twhiddleston#loki laufeyson#loki odinson #mobius m mobius #loki x mobius #mobius x loki #agent mobius m mobius #marvel cinematic universe #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect avengers quotes #incorrect lokius#incorrect marvel
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  • bebx
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    #loki series#mobius#loki#lokius#tom hiddleston#owen wilson#avengers#loki show#loki tv#kate herron#michael waldron#marvel#mcu#wowki#kevin feige#agent mobius#twhiddleston #mobius m mobius #loki laufeyson#loki odinson #agent mobius m mobius #loki x mobius #marvel phase four #marvel phase 4 #marvel cinematic universe #mobius x loki
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  • sylviesscepter
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    something about tom with long hair and a beard just hits different

    edit by me

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  • bebx
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Imagine Mobius meeting the Avengers for the first time and they’re all shocked when he introduces himself to them as Loki’s boyfriend, because Mobius is literally a tiny dude with a mustache who likes jet skis, while Loki’s a literal unhinge god. Like... imagine Loki trying to conquer earth, and the Avengers are struggling to stop him, while suddenly there’s this grey-haired dude who’s just casually walking down the street, in the midst of the destruction, towards Loki who’s in his full glory; cape, horns, scepter and all that. And Steve is shouting at him (Mobius) to run, because all the civilians have already evacuated, and then there’s this dude. Steve thinks he may be crazy, but instead of listening to Steve, Mobius is just, “Loki, what did I tell you about taking over earth and scaring these poor people?” In a scolding manner. And when Loki sees Mobius, he just fvckin stop because Mobius isn’t supposed to be here. But Mobius is here, and now Loki knows he’s in deep trouble. And suddenly the horns, the cape, and all the green magic are gone and he’s back to this little pussycat.

    So after Mobius has Loki stay nicely in a room in the Avengers compound and after he made him promise not to cause any more trouble, the Avengers ask Mobius who tf he is and how he’s able to completely dominate the Loki like that. Mobius tells them, “I’m Loki’s boyfriend, but like... it’s kind of complicated but, yeah, Loki is my personal little pussycat,” like it’s no big deal at all.

    And the Avengers just go 👁👄👁

    But then, after they (the Avengers) get to know Mobius, they’re not surprised at all about why Loki fell in love with him, because Mobius is a literal ray of sunshine who just radiates pure comfort. And now they all want a Mobius, too.

    I need to write a fic about this.

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  • sabine-leo
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Always been you...

    Chapter 3

    Author: @sabine-leo

    Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Friends to lovers

    Chapter: 3 / ..

    Link to Chapter 1 / Link to Chapter 2

    Wordcount: 1676

    Song used in this chapter: Layla Eric Clapton

    Summary: Since Toms´ sister Emma has been your friend since childhood, Tom was a part of your life for about 25 years now. Forming a deep and trusting friendship had been easy. You could count on each other no matter what. SO, when your flat got flooded Tom was the first to offer help and take you in.

    But what will living together stir up?

    Note: Tags are open!

    Comments and reblogs are very much appreciated!

    Chapter 3

    Toms´ behaviour was off the next two days. He was in his office a lot, only came out to get something to drink or when he went to bed. You knew he could get broody when he became involved in a new project. But he hadn´t told you that he had found one that had awakened his interest. Not that he needed to…it just had been that way for over a decade. With a fresh brewed tea, you softly knocked on his door. “Tom?” You quietly entered his office.

    Tom’s chair was turned towards the window. He was staring out, biting the temple arm of his glasses. “Thomas?!” you softly tried again and put the tea down onto his desk.

    The clink of the cup on the saucer made him turn around surprised.

    “Sorry, I didn´t want to intrude…just brought you some tea.”

    Tom rubbed his face. “Thank you…sorry I am…I…” He started.

    “No need. Just answer me if you are ok? I don´t need to know more than that.”

    Tom took in a deep breath and mustered a smile. “Yes, just thinking about…things…” He stood and came to stand in front of you. “Thank you for the tea.” He stroked down your arm.

    “No need…” You started. “Just wanted to check if you are ok and if you need something else? I am headed out to the stores…”

    “No…I am good.” Tom shot in.

    “Ok, I need to run by the post office to collect a parcel from work since they can´t post it to my old address.” You smiled and looked up to him. “Just text me if you change your mind and need something.” His gaze followed you out when he added an “Will do…” That sounded as if he already was thinking about…things…again.

    Toms´ head and his thoughts were in shambles after his mothers comment the other day. Then there was this darn green shirt that apparently had been his eons ago. He was wrecking his brain trying to think about the day he gave it to you. How could his mother remember and he did not? When Tom heard the front door falling close, he let out a deep breath. Bloody hell, what was happening with him? And what was his mother playing at when she said he had been blind to everything directly in front of him. His eyes were fine! Ok, mostly… he still needed glasses sometimes.

    “This is ridiculous…” He went over to the small radio in his office and turned it on before sitting down again. He took a sip of the tea you had brought to him and tried to relax his mind. The rhythm of the song playing made him tap his foot. He began to hum and then sing along. This was, after all an Eric Clapton classic…

    “Layla, you got me on my knees Layla, I'm begging darling, please Layla, darling, won't you ease my worried mind?”

    His mind started to ease, he relaxed back into his chair.

    “I tried to give you consolation When your old man had let you down Like a fool, I fell in love with you You turned my whole world upside down Layla, you got me on my knees Layla, I′m begging darling, please Layla, darling, won′t you ease my worried mind?”

    “Upside down, inside out…that’s for sure. Mother you surely worried my mind...” He said to himself in between.

    “Let's make the best of the situation Before I finally go insane Please don′t say "We'll never find a way" And tell me all my love′s in vain Layla, you got me on my kne…” Tom sat up straight. No…no. That wasn´t what his mother had tried to say. He was not blind when it came to you. He saw you, pretty clearly. Always had! Or did he?

    His head hit the desk.

    Tom stared at his phone for a moment. Then he huffed but a smile lit up his face. He needed to screw his head on straight. Or ask his mother what she was trying to say… Either way, he was hungry and he was done hiding out in his office for now. Deciding he needed a quick shower to be presentable again and wash off the smell of his woolly thoughts he went into the bathroom. When you said you´d be back in ten you probably hadn´t count in the traffic around this hour of day.

    “I´m back.” You loudly proclaimed with your arms full, balancing the parcel and the shopping bag with groceries. Tom came from the hallway, tugging a t-shirt over himself with wet hair, loose pants and barefoot. “Let me help you.” He took the bag of groceries off you and went into the kitchen. “Thank you.” You said with a smile and put the parcel away first before getting out of your coat and following him. “You seem less thoughty.”

    Tom laughed and looked at you from over the fridge-door. “Thoughty?”

    “Yeah..” you started, hopping from one foot to the other taking off your shoes. You went on when you headed to the hallway to put them away “..I know you can drift of when thinking or preparing for a new project. But 2 days without food is the maximum I will allow you.”

    Tom chuckled again. “Allow me? What do you want to do? Spoon feed me?”

    You grinned when you walked back into the kitchen. “If you force me to such extreme measures, I will!”

    Tom closed the fridge and broke out a pot from a cabinet.

    “Less talking, more cooking. Otherwise, you´ll really have to feed me because I am to frail to lift my fork.”

    You bumped your hip against him with a smile and cleaned your hands. “Chop an onion, henchman.”

    “Aye, chef!” Tom grinned and bumped you back.

    See, he told himself. Everything was normal between the both of you…


    “Don´t even think about dragging me off this couch tonight!” You said to Toms laugh. He, again, had lain down on the floor. Head propped on a pillow, in front of the fireplace.

    “I actually thought about it, but I can´t even fathom the will to move right now. So, you are lucky…” He turned his head towards you. “You could always choose to come lay next to me…” Toms´ hopeful grin made you smile. “Nope…not moving.”

    “Too bad.” He sighed but smiled.

    After 2 minutes of comfortable silence, you said

    “I picked up the paper with rent advertisements.”

    Tom’s stomach clenched. “You did? Anything worth looking at?” He asked, rubbing his belly.

    “Don´t know. I haven´t looked yet.” You answered and watched the light of the fireplace reflect on the ceiling. “I mean…I can´t live here forever…” You trailed of.

    “Why not?” Tom asked and still tried to rub the knot out of his guts.

    “I can´t…no I won´t bring dates over. And I know it will be awkward when you do.”

    Toms’ brows furrowed. “How come?” Yeah, he really was the man of words tonight…

    “We are not in our twenty’s any longer…The sock on the doorknob might actually scare your sophisticated dates off.” You quietly laughed. “And I won´t expose your address to anyone…so no dates for me…”

    Tom gruntingly tried to find a more comfortable position. “You wanna date?”

    God, his eloquence... he chastised himself.

    “Dunno…I didn´t the last 2 years but…maybe…some day in the future I might want too again.”

    “I think I am going to be sick…” came from the floor. You looked towards Tom and retorted. “Don´t you throw up my perfectly good food Hiddleston. My dating live isn´t that nauseating.”

    “…´Cause it´s non-existent…” He huffed and tried to breathe through the weird feeling.

    That actually made you laugh out loud and throw a pillow in his direction. “Doofus!” You wheezed and got up. “You are one to speak…When have you actually dated someone?” You asked and took the pillow you had thrown to lay down next to him.

    Tom turned his head and said “You know it is not that easy for me anymore.”

    “Semantics…” You shoot back. He gave it a good thought and spoke quietly. “I think I just concentrated on my carrier for the last years.”

    Tom lifted his arm to make room for you to lay your head in the crook of it. He took in another deep breath. His free hand still rubbing his belly in slow circles while you moved closer to him.

    “Still feeling sick?” You asked and put your hand on his moving one.

    Tom nestled his chin against the top of your head, taking a sniff. “Slowly getting better now.” He smiled and closed his eyes, entwining your hand with his on his belly.

    Two minutes of quiet contentedness later Tom started to chuckle.

    “What?” You asked lifting your head to look into the blue depth of his.

    Tom grinned smug and winked when he said. “In the end…you´ll always land in my arms.” He hugged you closer for a second. “Case in point…”

    You laughed and swatted his arm.

    “And I even didn´t have to drag you off the couch this time…”

    “You are one hell of a magnet, Hiddleston.” You grinned.

    “I thought I was a boomerang?!” He teased smirking.

    You scrambled to get up.

    “Where are you going?” Tom asked and lifted his head.

    “As I said…” You stretched your back. “…we are not in our twenties any longer. My back hurts from your hardwood floor.”

    Tom grunted when he got up. “Noted.”

    “Sleep well Thomas.” You smiled and kissed his cheek before walking towards your bedroom.

    “Good night…” Tom replied. “(Y/N)?” He said a bit louder before your door fell close. “..If you really want to look into new flats. I´ll help you find one. But you really don´t have to…I love having you here.”

    You leaned in your doorframe and smiled. “I like being here too…” Then you closed your door.

    Tom blew out a quiet breath. “Then don´t move out…” he whispered to himself and went to bed too.


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    #always been you #tom hiddleston #thomas william hiddleston #tom hiddleston fluff #hiddlestoners #tom hiddleston x reader #tom hiddleston fanfiction #damn hiddleston #tom x you #tom hiddleston x y/n #Tom hiddleston / you #twhiddleston#fanficton #british actor fanfiction #Tom hiddleston fluff #friends to lovers fic #you x tom hiddleston #reader insert
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  • lalielis752018
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago
    #BLACK SUIT RAGNAROK LOKI 💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙💚🖤💙 #tom hiddleston#loki laufeyson#mcu#yoursaiviorishere#loki odinson#lokiserie#marvel#loki series#godofmischief#loki ragnarok#hiddleloki#hiddleston#hiddlesedit#hiddlesarmy#lokisarmy#tomhiddleston#teamloki#teamhiddleston#twhiddleston
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  • bebx
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    no one else could’ve played Loki and Mobius better than Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson

    #loki series#mobius#loki#lokius#tom hiddleston#owen wilson#avengers#marvel#mcu#kevin feige#wowki#loki laufeyson#loki show#loki tv#loki odinson#agent mobius#twhiddleston #mobius m mobius #loki x mobius #kate herron#michael waldron #mobius x loki #agent mobius m mobius #marvel cinematic universe #marvel phase four #marvel phase 4
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  • angeli-marco-writes
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston - Watch It Burn

    A/N & WC - This was utterly self indulgent and I'm not sorry whatsoever. I do not know Tom, nor do I claim to: this is a work of fiction. Mary is fictional. 1.4k blurb.

    Warnings - Social media relationship exposal (?), smut: unprotected sex, posessive sex, 18+.

    Summary - When Tom gets a call from his publicist, he's loath to do what she asks, and once it's done, it's clear to see why.

    After a long, late, languorous night, the very last thing you want is to be woken by your boyfriend Tom’s phone ringing. Again.

    Why does this always happen after the most tiring nights? And why so damn early? Do Tom’s entourage not understand the concept of no calls till 10? And there’s so many: you’d think one of them has a clue. Between his agent, manager, stylist, publicist and just-in-case attorney you’d think one of them has a brain cell or a clock.

    “Tommy…” you grumble, grabbing a pillow and slamming it onto your face, muffling the noise slightly.

    He kisses your shoulder, “Sorry baby,” and rolls over, tugging the sheet with him, to answer. “Hello?”

    The unfortunately distinguishable voice of his adenoidal publicist trills down the line. “Good morning!”

    “What do you want, Mary?” he asks, his voice deep, laced with sleep. He’s just as tired as you are, though he’d never risk sounding inarticulate.

    “Well that’s no way to talk to your wonderful publicist!”

    You scoff, wonderful. She’s the worst one on his team, always so cheery! It’s a nightmare.

    “Well you shouldn’t have woken me up then, should you?” he bites right back, only to pull a hand taut over his face. “I’m sorry, I’m just tired. Late night.”

    His hand rubs your bare hip beneath the duvet at this, causing you to squirm away with muffled giggle, accidentally kicking him.

    “Well don’t stay up so late! It’s nine a.m, Tom, come on. You couldn’t be this flaky if you were on set at the moment.”

    “I’m so close to putting the phone down right now,” he warns.

    “Okay okay. I need you to post on Instagram.”

    He sits bolt upright, letting the sheet fall around him, his god-like abs on full display.

    “You’re joking, aren’t you? This is in jest. I’m not going back into that internet hellscape. What do you take me for?” he demands.

    “Well I’m sorry Tom”—yeah, and she really sounds it: you roll your eyes—“but you’re losing traction. You need more media attention and to build up your image. The fastest, most efficient way to do that is to post on Instagram. You, the dog, the effing skyline. I literally do not care. Just post something before you become a nobody.”

    You roll over indecorously in bed, hearing him heave a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. You place your hand flat on his warm, toned stomach, calming him.

    “Yeah fine. I’ll do it within the next week.”

    “Today or tomorrow,” she chirps with a forced, nasally brightness, “or we’ll have to stage a headline.”

    He doesn’t even grace her with a reply before ending the call, his face like thunder as he flops onto the pillows with a great huff.

    “You’ve gotta go back on Instagram?” you inquire, trying to keep your voice soft.

    “Yeah. Good grief, I hate it. That place is malignant.”

    “I know, Tommy. Maybe I can take your mind off it…” you coo.

    Your hand snakes lower, fingertips dancing over his exposed, semi-hard member.

    He hisses through his teeth when you clasp him in your hand, “Baby, what are you doing?”

    “Distracting you.”

    Your lips are on his a moment later, a mess of teeth and tongues. He yanks you into his lap unabashedly and grips your hips tight as you begin to leave marks down his neck.

    He takes all his frustration out on you, both in bed and a short while later in the shower. He fucks you carnally, whispering dirty things in your ear that heat your cheeks. He lets you bite his hand and his neck when the pleasure becomes overwhelming.

    And then he shampoos your hair, tenderly kissing down your spine.

    This man’s facets are utterly astonishing, even after all this time.

    He kisses you languid and slow while you finish off in the shower, water lashing down on both your backs as you clean the exertion off one another.

    Once you turn the water off and head out, Bobby takes your place in the bathroom, pawing at Tom’s legs after patiently waiting for his walk.

    He picks Bobby up and gives him a good fuss before wiping the steam off the mirror.

    “Baby, do I look sexy today?”

    “You always look sexy,” you tell him, “but extra sexy today. Why?”

    You don’t get a response from him, but don’t think too much of it. He sometimes comes out with weird questions like these, doubting himself and his looks and abilities. You just suppose this is another one of those times and you can show him how sexy he is once he comes back into the bedroom.

    Tom, however, is taking his publicist's advice about starting a media storm. Not that she said that… but her threat about one of those awful staged headlines that’ll get him in the shit again implies he needs to make a splash, and soon.

    Adorable Bobby on his hip, towel tied low, phone looking tiny in his big, veined hand, heavenly abs tensed, golden-auburn hair tousled in natural curls. Yeah, he thinks to himself, I do look handsome. Sexy, even.

    So, in a mood so unlike himself, he snaps a couple of pics, and after putting Bobby down and sending him out to his basket with a chew toy and a promise of a walk in a few, he flicks through and finds the only one he really likes: the one that truly shows off his Herculean, god-like stature.

    Tom, however, doesn’t look too closely in order to prevent him deleting them all. And nor do you when he shows it to you.

    “Christ you look good,” you whisper, hand carding through his curls and tugging. Hard.

    That’s all the incentive he needs to click post after drafting whatever brief, witty caption he came up with on the walk from the bathroom.

    When his phone blows up, he decides to ignore it. He’s been absent from social media for well over a year so this is to be expected. He also silences it for a few hours: texts, calls, the lot.

    He just goes about his domestic life with you: cooking brunch, walking Bobby, reading, writing, dancing around the living room.

    Until, a short while later, his landline phone rings. His publicist, again.

    “Tom. Do you realise what you posted? Or— or, even better! Do you realise what the hell you’ve done?!” she screeches.

    “Mary,” he says calmly, trying to keep all condescension from his tone, “I did what you asked. I posted, I got attention. What now?”

    “Christ, okay. Clearly you’ve no clue. Open up your Instagram right now.”

    You’re beside him, your face cold with panic as you fumble for your phone and pull the photo up.

    Taking a closer look, your heart patters, jerks and stops. Then it begins an erratic rate a moment later. “Oh… shit.”

    You show Tom and watch the palpable horror wash over him. “No. No no no no no.”

    “Eloquent as ever, Tom,” she deadpans in that shrill, falsely bright tone. “Fix it on your end. I’ll get started on damage control.”

    “I’m so sorry, Mary,” he bleats, “I’m deleting it now.”

    She puts the phone down with a despairing sigh.

    Tom’s baby blue gaze meets yours, stress broiling there like a storm.

    “What have we done, baby?”

    You chuckle mirthlessly as you reply, “Broken the internet.”

    And you have. Because the details in the picture are impossible to construe any other way.

    Handprints, big and small, on the glass of the shower; hickeys on Tom’s milky neck; actual teeth marks on the webbing of his hands, scratches from you raking your nails down his muscular chest.

    You may as well have written ‘Tom had sex’ in the steamy mirror for all the obviousness it presents.

    “And what the ever-loving fuck do we do?” he asks, head falling to his hands as his heart rate picks up.

    Unsure of what else to do, you take his face in your hands and turn him to face you. Your eyes lock with his, and you search them for every emotion inside, layered and battling. Eventually as you hold his gaze, trust wins over... underlined by lust, and love clouding it all.

    As casually as you can, you brush a kiss to his temple, his nose, his lips, and let an easy smirk overtake you. “We watch it burn.”

    #tom hiddleston #thomas william hiddleston #twh#twhiddleston #tom hiddleston x reader #tom hiddleston smut #tom hiddleston blurb #tom hiddleston oneshot #tom hiddleston fic #tom hiddleston fanfic #tom hiddleston fanfiction #tom hiddleston characters #tom hiddleston fluff #tom hiddleston x female reader #tom hiddleston x f reader #tom hiddleston x fem reader #tom hiddleston x you #tom hiddleston drabble #tom hiddleston imagine
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  • bebx
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #loki series#mobius#loki#lokius#tom hiddleston#owen wilson#avengers#marvel#loki show#loki tv#kate herron#michael waldron#wowki#kevin feige#agent mobius#twhiddleston #mobius m mobius #loki laufeyson#loki odinson#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #mobius x loki #agent mobius m mobius #loki x mobius #marvel phase four #marvel phase 4
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  • bebx
    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Mobius *walks into a room full of Lokis*

    TVA Loki *gives him the sweetest smile*

    Kid Loki *hangs his coat for him*

    Boastful Loki *quickly pulls a chair out for him*

    President Loki *immediately messages his shoulders*

    Alligator Loki *inserts himself underneath his feet as an ottoman*

    Sylvie *is hurriedly making him coffee, the way Mobius likes it*

    Classic Loki *won’t stop complimenting his hair, which looks exactly the same*


    Mobius: *sighs knowingly* alright, what did you guys do this time?

    all the Lokis:

    all the Lokis, except TVA Loki: *all points at TVA Loki, speaking in unison* it was his fault

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  • lokiblackfatkink
    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago
    He’s so handsome the black hair and the black jacket gorgeous his eyes glows perfectly 😍😩🥵 I’m in love with these photos ♥️💚💙
    #tomhiddleston #twhiddleston #daddyloki #loki #PhotoOfTheDay #Gorgeous #handsome
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  • bebx
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson are the iconic duo

    #midnight in paris #loki series#mobius#tom hiddleston#owen wilson#loki#lokius#marvel#mcu#kate herron#michael waldron#agent mobius#kevin feige#wowki#avengers #mobius m mobius #twhiddleston #agent mobius m mobius #loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki tv#loki show #mobius x loki #loki x mobius #marvel cinematic universe #marvel phase 4 #marvel phase four
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  • sabine-leo
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Always been you...

    Chapter 2

    Author: @sabine-leo

    Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Friends to lovers

    Chapter: 2 / ..

    Link to Chapter 1

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    Song used in this chapter: A-HA Take on me

    Summary: Since Toms´ sister Emma has been your friend since childhood, Tom was a part of your life for about 25 years now. Forming a deep and trusting friendship had been easy. You could count on each other no matter what. SO, when your flat got flooded Tom was the first to offer help and take you in.

    But what will living together stir up?

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    Chapter 2

    Two weeks later, Tom sat in his kitchen and smiled at the sight of you preparing your tea. He really was content with the way the both of you worked together. It was a given, that you´d know each other well after about 25 years of friendship. The last 10 had been especially close. He knew about your quirks, your heartbreaks, your successes as well as your losses. And Tom knew, that you knew all of it about him too. There was no question in his mind that he would be your friend for as long as he walked the earth. After all, it had been you he´d go to first…whatever the matter. He loved to get your input on his sometimes-nerdy ideas. He loved talking to you till sunrise about things, significant, whimsical or trivial…or not talk at all. He just loved to be in your company. Tom could be Tom around you.

    Lost in thought he did not register your two attempts on getting his attention. Only when you pinched his thigh did he flinch and furrow his brows at you. “What was that for?” He asked.

    “You have to leave the house in about 30 minutes…Unless you want to show up to the party unshaved and dressed in your sweats, I suggest you start getting ready now.” You said with a smile on your lips. Tom glanced at the clock and looked puzzled. “Whoops, I really should shower and dress about now.” He took a sip of his tea and made a funny face.

    You nodded “Jep…go stuff yourself in that tight suit and act all proper and fancy. I´ll be lolloping on your couch, eating strawberries with dark chocolate and watch a movie.”

    Tom stuck out his tongue and got up. “Go on, make me jealous some more…”

    You grinned and took a sip of your tea. “Have fun…I´ll close my door in case you want to bring back company.”

    Tom huffed. “I´ll put a sock on my doorknob then…” He stole the cup of tea out of your hands and took it with him, taking a sip.

    “Hey!” You complained to his laugh.

    “Thank you darling, mine had gone cold…” He singsonged with a chuckle.

    25 minutes later, Tom walked into the living room in a bespoke navy blue 3-piece suit.

    God, that man looked define. You had to actually make a willing effort to close your mouth.

    “Would you help me with that tie?” He asked and opened up the knot he had made for the third time. Standing up, you walked over to him. Smelling his expensive and almost intoxicating cologne made you a bit lightheaded for a second. You took the tie out of his hands and spoke. “Bend down Hiddleston.” Tom chuckled and did as you wished. With sure hands you fastened the tie in a double Windsor knot and patted his chest. “There, all done.” You smiled and Tom pecked your cheek.

    “Thank you, darling.” He stood up straight and slowly turned around one time. “Good to go?” He asked with a charming and very sexy smile.

    “You look like you walked right out of a wet dream.” Came out of your mouth before you could stop yourself.

    Tom snorted and lifted an eyebrow. “A Wet dream? Or your…”

    “Go!” You shushed and tried to control the blush.

    Tom chuckled and hugged you. “Leave a strawberry for me, will you?” He said into your ear and kissed your cheek for the second time in 3 minutes before heading out.

    A long hot bath and three episodes of your favourite series later you had cuddled up on the couch reading a book out of Toms extensive collection. The reading lamp and some candles were the only light sources you had lit up after the sun had gone to bed. Toms house slowly but surely began to feel like home to you. Even though you knew you needed to go find a new home for yourself, you felt good living here. Maybe it was because of Toms unrelenting ways to put things of your home somewhere into his. You randomly found stuff and asked yourself how he got his hands on them. When you asked Tom, he just answered. “They look like they belong here…” Or maybe it was because Tom himself was the one constant in your life that had always been there.

    You were about to light a fire in the fireplace, musing about your thoughts, when you heard keys unlocking the door. Damn, you had promised to hide out in your room in case he brought company. Making a run for it was not an option.

    You probably looked like a dear in headlights when Tom came into the living room, tossing his keys on the table. He looked at you, looked at the log in your hands and your bend forward position. When you did not move, he came over, replicating your position and whispered “Are we playing statue?”

    The both of you burst out laughing seconds later. You straightened and looked at him. “I forgot that I wanted to hide in my room…in case of….” Your voice trailed of looking at the time. “…Why are you home already?”

    Tom opened up his suit jacket and hunched down to start the fire.

    “I could think of a better place to be than at this party.” He smiled up at you.

    “And why aren’t you there then?” You retorted.

    Tom snorted and straightened himself. “I am where I want to be, silly!”

    Smiling softly, you nodded “Ah, the party was that much of a snooze fest, eh?”

    He laughed out loud and went over to the stereo, turning it on….loud.

    “YES!” He hollered into a slowly fading song. “THERE WASN`T EVEN MUSIC TO DANCE.”

    He threw of his suit jacket and rolled his dress shirt up to his elbows. The tie was gone next. Four buttons of his shirt got opened but the vest stayed on. When the first notes of a new song began to play Tom started to smile and moved to the rhythm. He took your hands and twirled you into his arms.

    “Tom!” You laughed when he grinned down and took you into a proper dance position…only closer.

    “Come on (Y/N) it is A-HA ….Take me on…” He grinned, happy with his pun of words. Out of his speakers blasted Take on me from A-HA.

    How could you say no to this goof of a man? He would not let you go anyway… So, you started to dance with him wearing his bespoke suit and you wearing that old green shirt and plaided pyjama pants.

    I'll be coming for your love, okay?

    Tom wrapped your hands around his neck and held you by the waist while he swayed with you through the living room.

    Take on me (take on me)

    Take me on (take on me)

    With another twirl towards the end of the song he had your back against his chest. Singing along into your ear while engulfing you in his strong arms.

    You're all the things I've got to remember

    You're shying away

    I'll be coming for you anyway

    The divine smell of him, his closeness and the feel of him invading a lot of your senses made you dizzy. Your belly felt weird. You had never felt like this in his close company.

    Take on me (take on me)

    Take me on (take on me)

    The last notes of the song faded away and Tom kissed your neck. “So much better than a party with swollen-headed people.” He hugged you close for a second and turned you around to face him. The genuine smile on his face when his eyes connected with yours stirred another wave of unknown emotions towards your best friend.

    “Are there, by chance, strawberries left?” He grinned sweeter than any fruit could ever taste. His hands softly stroked down your back. Keeping you close.

    “In the fridge.” You answered and were already heading towards the kitchen. Maybe some room to breath something else than his scent would clean your head. You could seriously tell that you havn´t had time to date in about 2 years. Seemed like it was time to start again since you encountered symptoms of hormones around your best friend. Like those hungry cartoon characters who imagined food wherever they looked.

    Toms´ gaze followed you into the kitchen. He frowned for a second and took in a deep breath. Through the whole of the evening, he had thought about getting home. Seeing you in that bloody old green shirt had made him smile. You looked good in green. And it wasn´t for the reason that he was fond of the colour because of Loki. Even in this old shirt and pyjama pants you were more beautiful than any of those pampered women he had met at the party tonight.

    Tom got rid of the vest and tugged his dress shirt out of his pants. His shoes and socks already gone. Turning the volume of the music down to normal, he unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and put more wood into the fire.

    With your head nearly inside the fridge it at least cooled down the heat in your cheeks. Damn him and his good looks. Maybe his charm began to work again after all? If you´d be honest with yourself it wasn´t only his looks that spoke for him. It was the whole human he was. Kind, sweet, funny, bright, lovable, giving. You probably would find another 20 adjectives that fit him effortlessly.

    Sighing, you took out the chocolate covered strawberries and went back into the living room.

    Tom turned towards you with a cheeky grin on his face.

    “Still wet dream material? I am after all half undressed.”

    Groaning you planted the plate onto the table and flopped down on the couch, hiding in a cuddly blanket. “This is so much worse, Hiddleston!”

    Tom roared out laughing. “I´ll undress…just give me a second.” The shirt fell…

    “Put those abs away from me!” You chastised and stuffed a strawberry into your mouth.

    “Oi. Don´t start without me.” Tom complained and slumped down next to you.

    “Didn´t I say: put those abs away?” You asked trying to sound stern.

    Tom smiled and said “I thought you are immune to my charms?”

    “I am having a weak moment…” You muttered.

    He had the audacity to grin stupidly and put a strawberry against your lips.

    “Then I shall enjoy it while it lasts…”


    Thinking about last night when he lay awake in his bed early in the morning made him realise that he had been philandering…big time. The why he could not pinpoint. It just had felt right and he sensed the urge to get closer to you growing every day you were near him. His vibrating phone yanked him out of his thoughts.

    “Mother dearest!” He greeted the caller.

    “Good morning, Thomas. Up for a breakfast with your mother? I´ll bring the baked goods, you put on the kettle for tea?! Your sister needed to go to work and I thought I could make the most out of my stay and come by visit my boy.”

    Tom chuckled and sat up in his bed. “You are always welcome, you know that. Could you bring a bit more? (Y/N) is living with me and I know she´ll die for some fresh baked croissants…”

    “(Y/N) moved in? Oh dear, did I wake the both of you?”

    Tom interrupted. “No…no..no.. She has the guest room. Her flat got flooded. We´ll get you up to speed when you are here.”

    He could swear his mother said too bad before telling him she´ll be there in fifteen and hanging up.

    Tom got up, dressed in sweats and a t-shirt and set the table.

    Some thirty minutes later his mother and him already had a good laugh when he heard you shuffling down the hallway. “There she comes.” He grinned and Diana turned towards the door.

    “Diana.” You smiled and your face was telling how much you loved to see her.

    “(Y/N).” Diana stood and hugged you. “Tom already gave me a run down of your last weeks. Dear, I am so sorry.” Diana motioned for you to sit and grinned when she recognized the green shirt.

    “It probably will be a pain in the rear to find a new flat if you can´t stand this one’s company any longer.” She winked at you and said to Tom. “Be good…she is family.”

    Tom nodded and grinned. “Then she can´t get rid of me…”

    “I already knew that, Thomas…And believe me, I tried in the beginning. But you are like a boomerang.” You teased back and kissed Dianas cheek. “Be right back, I´ll quickly dress properly.”

    Diana waved your comment away. “Sit, child. I barged in on the both of you. And it is a nice reminder of the good old days when you all sat in my kitchen. Toms’ old shirt still fits it seems.”

    Tom’s mouth fell open for a split second.

    “I grew into it…” You said with a blush towards Tom and started to eat.

    When Tom walked his mother out later that morning, he couldn´t help but ask. “My old green shirt?”

    Diana smiled at him and nodded. “You gave it to (Y/N) when she stayed over offhand. Emma said she got something that´d fit better but you insisted… saying green would be better than pink.” His mother laughed. “She must have kept it all those years.” To Toms confused look she shook her head in a motherly way. Softly she patted Tom’s cheek and sighed.

    “You have always been blind for the things directly in front of you…”


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