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  • teamfamcullen
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    I really love how Jackson and Peter still today talks about Twilight and their characters! 😍

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  • imthe1wthewickedcurveball
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    I feel so robbed that we didn’t get to see Alice and Rose in their prom dresses

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  • samanddeaninpanties
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Blood Like Cream

    Title: Blood Like Cream 

    Fandom: Supernatural

    Square Filled: Muzzled

    Pairing: Wincest

    AO3 Link

    Written for the @badthingshappenbingo and First Time Wincest Fest.

    Tags: Soulless Sam Winchester, POV Sam Winchester, First Time, Versatile Sam Winchester, Versatile Dean Winchester, Begging, Vampire Dean Winchester, Desperation, Ownership, Possessive Dean Winchester, Possessive Sam Winchester, Handcuffs, Muzzles, Anal Sex, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Episode Related, Season/Series 06, Episode: s06ep05 Live Free or Twihard, Missing Scene, Barebacking, Getting Together, Pining, Pining Dean Winchester, Butt Plugs, Sex Toys, Creampie, Claiming, Oral Sex, Rimming, Loss of Control, Fight for Dominance, Praise Kink, Lying By Omission, Sam Is In Over His Head, Oh How The Tables Have Turned

    Summary: Sam distracts a newly infected Dean from his pain and hunger with sex. Neither of them will ever be the same.


    "Don't think anything's gonna help right now, Sammy.” Dean rubbed his eyes. 

    They're both standing and, to Sam's delight, it's rather close. Dean has an unconscious, ravenous need to be near Sam all the time. Now? Now it had to be all-consuming. It had to be burning him right up. Sam reached out, nudging Dean's unzipped jacket further open and grazed his chest. "I have a few ideas."

    Fuck, did he ever. 

    "Woah, woah, woah,” Dean said, shuffling back a few steps. “You can’t just - do you have any idea how much I wanna pounce on you right now? Stay the fuck back, Sam.” 

    Sam licked his lips, gazing at Dean's bloodstained mouth. He was marked by the vampire who had infected him and had yet to get rid of the evidence. "I don't really care, Dean. I wanna help. And what better way to distract you than with orgasms?"

    Dean’s whole body jolted, eyes widening. It made him even more fuckable somehow. "Orgas- what’s wrong with you, Sam? I'm turning into a fucking monster. A-a-a freak and you're talking about sex?"

    Read the rest on AO3

    #bad things happen bingo #badthingshappenbingo#wincest #soulless!sam #vampire!dean #live free or twihard #episode related#tori writes
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  • twihard-diehard
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    So because I couldn't help it....I went looking for a khaki shiny Volvo.

    I was not disappointed!!!!🥰😉😂🤭

    #even the interior is khaki #they call it anything but khaki #twilight#twilight revival#twilight renaissance#twihard#twilight saga#bella swan#edward cullen #stupid shiny Volvo owner
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  • thatssofetchxo
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    happy birthday kristen stewart, twilights my fave movie so like yeah if you have robert pattinson’s phone number please tell me xoxooxoxox

    #anyone have robert pattinson’s phone number #i know he’s straight but he’s gorj #robert pattinson could hit me with a truck and i’d thank him #would robert pattinson have my babies #i know that’s physically impossible but still #oh and happy birthday kristen stewart #taylor lautner is fit too like #kristen stewart#twilight#twihard#robert pattinson#taylor lautner #taylor lautner was surprisingly good in scream queens
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  • holy-em
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • twihard-diehard
    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Alright first let me just say that I think I saw a post about wanting Edward to kill the rapist and too bad he wasn't a vigilante. I say I think because it might have been a dream and the whole story I wrote was part of a dream. So now I'm going to rewrite it and you get to enjoy an absolutely wonderful head cannon I had about the Cullen clan and picking on Eddie boy.

    Also if you do know what post I'm taking about and it's real please tag me so I can honor them.

    Edward had gone home to change like he does every night. He lived watching Bella sleep and had a journal he wrote down everything she said when sleep talking. Not because he couldn't remember it exactly as it happens but because he wanted something tangible.

    When he got to the house Rose was silently giving him shit for almost blowing their cover, "She thinks you're a super hero.... She's almost as big an idiot as you are."

    So he bypassed the house and jumped straight to his room. He almost ran into the mannequin that was in the center of his room.

    "What the hell?!" He said as he realized there was a perfect replica of a bat suit on it.

    Rose laughed mentally. It was almost so loud that he missed all the other thoughts in the house.

    Emmett remembered pinning Edward to the ground during a bout the other night.

    Jasper remembered the same bout except he had wrapped his arms around Edwards chest.

    Alice remembered the flurry of cutting and sewing that had ensued to ensure it was done in time.

    "They're just playing," Esme said as she put her hand on his shoulder. Her mind flashed back to helping draw out the pattern.

    "Why?" He whined.

    Alice popped in and told him, "I'm not sure what's going to happen next week but you'll decide to be a vigilante about something. And as a brooding billionaire playboy this seemed fitting. Now try it on!"

    Then she showed him what she'd seen, something in Port Angeles. It was getting dark and there was an urgency to his movements but nothing clear besides that.

    "I'm not sure what your doing there next week though. Those decisions haven't been made; it's just a possibility at this point."

    Flash forward to him coming back to the house after Port Angeles. He was clearly upset and Rose saw him first.

    "I don't blame you for wanting to go back. I may not like her but she doesn't deserve that from anyone, I'll help if you want."

    "No, I'm going to be the noble creature she thinks I am," he said appreciating her willingness to help with this. Then he turned and called, "Carlisle."

    Alice came down stairs at that moment holding the suit. "Trust me you'll terrify him showing up in this," she explained while showing him how it would play out.

    He thrust out his hand and took it from her and headed upstairs to change.

    He should have expected the line of cameras when he came back downstairs but was too upset about that villainous slime to think about it. So there were suddenly about 50 different photos of him in this godforsaken outfit.

    "You better not share these with anyone," Edward hissed as he rushed out to the car.

    Once it was gone everyone claimed their cameras and laughed until dawn.

    #god this is so funny to me #i wish i could draw so i could draw this for you #twilight#twilight revival#twilight renaissance#twihard#twilight saga#edward cullen#bella swan#wolfpack
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  • lokisbookworm
    05.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    If you think Twilight revolutionized literature unfollow me. No, I mean it -- I have no problem with people liking the books. But this is untrue, negates so many other important and well-written books in the YA genre, and honestly I'm sick of people acting like Twilight isn't a problematic series. Fyi, I'm saying this an ex-Twihard. If you don't know why it's considered problematic, lemme explain.

    Edward stalks Bella.

    Insta-love trope.

    Bella is okay with Edward stalking her and encourages it.

    Bella's spiral in New Moon reinforces the idea that women's lives are meaningless without a boyfriend or partner.

    Bella got PTSD from a breakup, which frankly is insulting to people who have PTSD irl.

    Bella's crash in New Moon seems to indicate that she relied heavily on Edward and was probably even codependent on him. Codependency is a characteristic of an abusive relationship.

    Edward isolated Bella from her friends such as Jacob and Jessica.

    Edward drives an emotional wedge between Bella and her father and doesn't seem to care that much.

    Hey, if you want your ex back you can get his attention by attempting suicide.

    Edward manipulates Bella into marrying him by promising to make her a vampire and sleep with her after they're married.

    Edward is extremely controlling -- he tells Bella where she can and cannot go, in Breaking Dawn he picked out her car, and influenced Bella to change the way she dressed with Alice's "help". Again, this is a characteristic of an abusive relationship.

    Edward tries to force Bella to get an abortion and acts as though as a tragedy has occurred when she doesn't.

    Bella and Edward abandon their newborn daughter to go fuck like rabbits because, clearly, sex is more important and appealing than your own child.

    Bella meets the kept woman stereotype by the end of series and married her stalker.

    Jacob is just as bad as Edward and manipulates Bella into making out with him.

    Bella leads Jacob on and generally treats him like shit.

    Imprinting is creepy.

    Jacob imprints on a NEW BORN INFANT.

    Nothing Stephanie Meyer wrote about the Quileute is true and she profited off of cultural appropriation and gave nothing to the actual Quileute tribe.

    Meyer admitted that part of the reason she wrote Twilight was to encourage her daughters to remain faithful to the Mormon religion, thus pushing her religious beliefs on an entire generation of readers.

    Meyer claims that Edward is based off some dude she had a dream about.

    Twihards refuse to admit there's anything wrong with this series.

    Twihard mom's.

    This series inspired 50 Shades, which was originally Twilight fanfiction.

    Robert Pattinson was forced by contractual agreements to play Edward and hated it and the movies almost ruined his career.

    There is so much weird shit surrounding this series the entire cast of the movies made fun of it.

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  • crookedcryptid
    05.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    It’s insane to me how 6x05 (“Live Free or Twihard”) functions as a near-perfect exploration of Dean’s initial apparent struggle with his sexuality. It also acts as the exact turning point for when Dean’s sexuality starts being (implicitly) explored onscreen. Part of what I mean by that is that after the events of this episode, Dean never pulls an “I-don’t-swing-that-way” again. It’s the last time he does it.

    At the beginning of the episode Dean sees two guys make out in a bar and is really taken aback, a reaction that is amplified by Sam’s lack of one. And then he goes out to the alley and meets Boris, your friendly neighbourhood bisexual vampire. You all know where it goes from there. The guy, for a lack of better phrasing, uh... turns him.

    If you buy into the idea that Dean genuinely means/believes it when he tells men (often at random) that he doesn’t ‘play for their team’, then the trajectory of this episode becomes kind of interesting.

    This episode felt like Dean coming to terms with something, and it all felt very... dark. This is an undeniably tense episode, and Dean is especially distant from Sam and Samuel the entire time. When they’re discussing the ingredients necessary for the cure, which includes the blood of the person who turned him, Sam expresses a lot of worry about going after Boris - “that guy was huge!” - but Dean coldly tells them he “can get it”, and insists on going alone. “Well, I’m one of them, aren’t I?”

    THEN Dean goes to the nest and immediately sees Boris getting extra friendly with a female vampire, and you can practically SEE the gears in his head turning because it’s like, oh wait, you can still be a total hard-balling chick magnet and be into dudes? Then it’s just him and Boris, who gets extremely flirty.

    Like, this flirty.

    They have a few interesting exchanges, and Dean is visibly uncomfortable, but he knows he has to get close to the guy, so he plays the part. “Aren’t you the curious one?” “Oh, you don’t know the half of it”. Etc etc. The whole time, Boris doesn’t seem to have any reservations or doubt about the idea that Dean would be receptive to advances from a man, and honestly? I think that’s what pisses Dean off the most. Even if Dean isn’t into him specifically, Boris sees right through his whole projected image, all the way to something that Dean barely even knows is there himself, and it infuriates him because it scares him.

    The breaking point comes when Boris looks him up and down and leans in to whisper “you...you want the private tour, don’t you?” Dean says yes, and when Boris turns to lead him somewhere else, the anger gets the better of Dean, and practically fuming, he pulls out the needle and goes in for the attack. Here’s what makes me absolutely bonkers crazy about this: Dean KNOWS it would have been a MUCH safer play to wait until they were alone, because in that moment, they were in a room full of other vamps. He’s smarter than that. He’s good at what he does. But he lashes out. It’s a sloppy move, and it doesn’t work. By all logic, he should have waited until they were alone, but if he’d done that, he would have had to face even more of... this. Insert the part of Dean’s prayer in 15x09 about how how when things get bad he gets angry and he doesn’t know how to stop it... yeah.

    The best part of the episode, though, comes near the end, when Dean’s hunting Boris down in that same building. Boris steps out from behind a wall and says “You stopped nothing, you know that? This is much bigger than you and me.” That’s a killer of a line, because metaphorically now the door is open!! Dean’s going to have to think about this same problem, in different costumes, for YEARS to come!! This is 15 episodes before The Man Who Would Be King. Everything changes for Dean from here on out regarding what he understands of himself, and he can’t run from it.

    Dean literally murders his way through this entire episode, which ends with a haunting shot of him, sitting with his foot over Boris’ decapitated head, just staring forward silently, telling Sam everything’s fine. It doesn’t solve the problem.

    #anyways. I’m obsessed with this episode #it’s haunting #one of those episodes that lodges itself into your limbic system and stays #spn#supernatural#destiel#dean winchester#castiel#spn 6x05 #live free or twihard
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  • yeetus-my-feetus
    03.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Charlie Swan deserved fucking better than what he got and I will never fucking forgive Bella and Renee for how they treated him. Anyway stan Sue Clearwater 😘✌🏻

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  • unamedherlochnessmonster
    27.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Edward: I'm dangerous, Bella. I literally want to kill you and you should be afraid Why don't you believe me Jezus Christ you dumb bitch i could kill you any moment now why do you trust me you should be ashamed go to horny jail you dumb horny bitch

    *2 seconds pass *

    Edward: (੭ु´・ω・`)੭ु⁾⁾🌸 jk heehee dont wowwy bella i would never huwt u uwu why would you ever think i wouwld hurt u ur such a siwwy girwl heehee lets go for a picknick uwu 🌸

    #this scene after his skin reveal really made me realize how manipulative edward is. #dudes a fucking sociopath #twilight#twilight renaissance#smeyer#twihards#twilight meme#breaking dawn#twilight renewal#twilight saga#twihard#eclipse#fuck smeyer#uwu
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  • whendawn
    25.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Bella and Edward, outfits aesthetic

    #twilght#twilight inspired #the twilight saga #twihard#twilight saga#twilighters#Aesthetic#twilight books #twilight book aesthetic #edward and bella #bella and edward #bellward#edward cullen #Edward Anthony Masen Cullen #edward x bella #Bella Swan#bella cullen #bella swan outfits #bella swan aesthetic #bella x edward #isabella marie swan #forks washington#forks#midnight sun#midnightsun#robert pattinson#kristen stewart#new moon#eclipse#breaking dawn
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  • iworkinretail-myguy
    22.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    the spanish flu? like from twilight?

    #twilight #twihard brain never shuts off
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  • evakipara
    20.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    One of my proudest moments is when my best friend of almost 11 years started obsessing over Twilight, because of the vampires' skills starstrucking her 🥺😭😍🥰✨

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  • imthe1wthewickedcurveball
    18.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Honestly Angela was definitely a witch blocking Edward out of her innermost thoughts plotting to destroy them but then actually started to like Bella and decided against it.

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  • unamedherlochnessmonster
    18.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    in 100 years or so my great grandchildren will go: "so what was your grandma like?" and then my grandchildren show them my tumblr page and its literally just twilight memes

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