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    04.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    I got high and watched the entire twilight saga with my sister and I could totally write a post over it all bc I have OPINIONS and THOUGHTS

    #luffy posts #fr fr tho i do #especially as a writer #i mean we all get twilight is not good #its camp #but like i have some MASSIVE critiques #especially w characters like Rosalie #or Leah #I HAVE WORDS #twlight#twilight saga#new moon#eclipse#breaking dawn
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    04.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    uhm hi hello

    when is the Diabolik Lovers renaissance coming?

    #diabolik lovers #im waiting for it #we're on the twilight renaissance so i guess it wont be in too long
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  • rakkiankh
    04.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    I feel like Zelda partners and how likeable they are are on a scale of calling you an idiot and treating you like an idiot.

    Midna? Calls you an idiot and only offers help if you keep screwing up. People love her.

    King of Red Lions? First thing he says to you is that your an idiot and then tries to dad you. Liked less than Midna, but still rather liked.

    Navi? Tells you how to open a door. Sometimes helpful sometimes not. Her being annoying was literally a meme.

    Fi, before Skyward Sword HD? Drove people mad with constant interruptions and repeating things stated several times. One of the main two points people despite Skyward Sword.

    #zelda #legend of zelda #loz #legend of zelda skyward sword #legend of zelda ocarina of time #legend of zelda twilight princess #legend of zelda wind waker
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  • effervescently-alice
    04.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Hi welcome back to this week's episode of it's a 10-year-old series and one cares use your brain power for something that matters,

    If Benjamin can just control fire, make it come out of his hand or whatever, without getting hurt does that mean by proxy this dude is more invincible than most vampires that were already op? Because the only way to kill a twilight vampire is to rip them into pieces and light them on fire, BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE PIECES WON'T IGNITE BECAUSE YOU WERE FIGHTING THE VAMPIRE AVATAR WHO HAS FIREPROOF SKIN SOMEHOW??

    #*steps off of soapbox* #twilight #the twilight saga #twilight renaissance#Benjamin#vampire Avatar #also breaking dawn 2 was 10 years ago next year and I kind of want to go cliff diving #but like without the water
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  • believinghurts
    04.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    New Series Alert

    I have gotten back into Twilight and have decided to take a swing at writing fanfics for it. This is the prolouge/start to my new OC series. Please read and let me know what you think! Don’t worry I will be continuing writing the Their Daugther series as well, but my James Potter and Percy Weasley series has been put on pause. I’m not 100% sure where to go next in those stories so until I figure it out I am trying something new!

    Warnings: Bella bashing, jealously, umm Renee being rude

    Word Count: 900

    Lucky Star

    “Well I see that you are still dying your hair those God awful colors, Elizabeth,” Renee sneered at her eldest daughter while her step-siblings, Jack and Maisie, and her sister laughed.

    “Yeah, I am. Good to see you too, mom,” Lizzie rolled her eyes slightly. She had always been the least favorite twin in her mother's eyes. Isabella, her sister, was perfect in every way possible according to Renee. This was the first time she had seen her mother in about 4 years. Lizzie had lived with their father all of her life. When she and her sister were three their parents got divorced. Isabella went with their mom and Lizzie with their dad, then during the summer, the girls would switch for a month. That was up until their mother met Phil and his two-span, then Lizzie’s summers became filled with sitting in her small room alone. Bella decided when she was 11 that she didn’t want to switch anymore causing Lizzie to stop seeing their mother altogether. She would call once or twice a year if that, but it was fine. Lizzie had plenty of people to fill that void in such as Sue Clearwater and her boyfriends’ mother, Esme.

    Lizzie wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for Renee not wanting Bella to fly alone, but of course, it was okay for Lizzie to fly alone to Arizona to just turn around and fly right back to Forks, Washington. Lizzie would much rather be at home watching baseball with her dad or out with Rose causing mischief to Roses’ siblings. Lizzie had always been slightly envious of the Cullen siblings' relationship. Although adopted they were all incredibly close. Emmett and Edwards were always joking around with Rose and Alice talking about fashion while Jasper and Grey were always working on some sort of puzzle. Isabella and Lizzie had never really gotten along even as kids. The favoritism from their mother combined with Bellas's need to be the center of attention always caused a rift.

    Lizzie remembers the one time she got the lead in a school play during the fourth grade. She had called her mother, excited to share her achievement only to have her rip it away by saying Bella won some award for math and that Lizzie probably only got it because the other girl was sick or something. Bella bragged about her award every time she saw her sister while belittling her about the play-calling it and Lizzie names.

    “I would love to stay and chat, but we have a flight to catch. Come on Bella.” Lizzie turned and walked back towards the Port Angeles terminal wanting to get back to rainy Washington and away from her mother as soon as possible. She hears Bella say goodbye and her hurried footsteps to catch up with Lizzie.

    “You could have said goodbye” the younger Swan snapped while they waited for their boarding passes to be called.

    “Why? It’s not like mom or any of them care if I do or not,” Lizzie answered back. The sound of Lizzies phone ringing cut of Bellas reply. Lizzie smiled before picking up. “Hey, Esme. What’s up?”

    “Hi, darling. I was just making sure you landed okay and was about to be on your way back,” The matron of the Cullen household replied. Esme had loved Lizzie ever since she met her. The girl was sweet and caring towards everyone including her family of vampires. Lizzie never made them feel like they were anything less than human. Esme had heard of how her actual mother treated her and stepped in to help fill the role since she already saw her as one of her own.

    “Yeah, the flight was fine. We’re waiting to be called now. So I’ll have to get off soon.” Lizzie ignored Bellas's confused looking glare.

    “That’s fine. I was just checking up on you. I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully.” Lizzie heard a yell coming through the background. “Tell my girl I’ll see her at school tomorrow!”

    Lizzie giggled, “I’ll see everyone tomorrow. Bye Esme,” and since she knew whoever was in the house could hear her, “Bye everyone else!” a chorus of byes rang out as she ended the call.

    “Who was that?” Bella asked. She was confused as to why her sister had so many people who cared about her. Bella knew she was the better twin; she was prettier, smarter, funnier.

    Lizzie ignored her sister till after take off. She knew she was trapped into answering now. “Lizzie, who was that? Whose Esme? Dad’s girlfriend?”

    Lizzie burst out laughing. She knew that her dad would never date, she had tried multiple times to get him to. He was too focused on his daughter and job to do so. And the thought of Carlisle and Esme not being together was heartbreaking, “No, Esme is not dads’ girlfriend. Esme is my boyfriend's mother.”

    Bellas jaw dropped to the floor. Does her sister have a boyfriend? Who has a family that likes her? That was insane to her. Bella remained quiet for the remainder of the flight thinking of how she was going to get this ‘boyfriend to leave her sister and come to her. She knew that he was probably weird if he was dating her blue-haired sister, but she didn’t care. Soon everyone would see what a freak Elizabeth Star Swan was

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  • ashdoesfandom
    04.08.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    cannot handle the misuse of the immortality trope. doctor who was the only show ever. oh, your immortal character is justified in their shitty behavior bc immortals have a different perspective on life and everyone around them will die? fuck you 900 years of time and space and the doctor never met someone who wasn't important your faves suck.

    #this isn't even about a specific fandom but a few come to mind so i will tag #shadow and bone #twilight #the vampire diaries #marvel#castlevania #idk just any fandom that has a fave who's behavior gets excused bc HE'S IMMORTAL #stop#stop it
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  • gingerteaonthetardis
    04.08.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #lmao sorry to ramble at you‚ anon #i definitely prefer book jacob to movie jacob but i prefer fanon jacob MOST and my love for him is boundless #abbey.txt #twilight posting
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  • technicallya1manband
    04.08.2021 - 41 minutes ago
    #it has high potential for angst is a good way of putting it #if anyone wants to play around in the au i wish them well and say go for it and make it as angsty or as silly as they want #me? im gonna be focusing on the found family emotional stuff #along with some of rebulding a country #gerudo!twilight #gerudo twilight au #gerudo twilight#linked universe#nick speaks
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    04.08.2021 - 46 minutes ago


    #tghat person who posted mordecai killing twilight sparkle (not the person who made the video just the person who posted it here) ships #..........braeburn and flim. or flam. i really truly was blindsighted by this.
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  • kenzies-mr-j
    04.08.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Oh Come On Bella! (Felix Volturi x Swan! Reader)

    A/N: I am back my Sunshine's, oh have I missed you! I am going to be honest I have never intended to write for twilight but the words just fell into the pages of my notebook so I am taking this as a sign. I am in the middle of reading the first book with my cousin so the characters are based on their movie counterparts. I felt a strong connection with Felix Volturi so I figured it was only right to start there. I didn’t post this right away because I wanted to finish two or three parts so I have stuff to post when I start my new job. I hope you enjoy, Edward is an little shit in this but I based his personality off of what I had seen in the book.

    Summary: Y/n Swan is the adopted sister of Bella Swan. At the young age of 16 she is forced on a spontaneous trip to Italy to rescue a person whom she doesn’t even like but would it turn out to be worth it? Her life from this point is going to change for ever.

    Type: Fluff, illusions to depression and the thoughts that come with that, mentions of murder (nothing graphic)

    Word count: 3,001

    Posted: August 4 2021  

    My life has been anything but easy, in fact it has been rather difficult and I feel like I do not belong within the Swan family, despite how nice it was of Charlie to adopt me and welcome me with open arms into his life. I lost my family at a very young age they were murdered and Chief Swan was the one who responded to my 911 call at the age of five. I don’t know why the person left me to live but I am grateful for the life that could have been easily taken from me. If it wasn’t for Charlie whom I now call dad I would most likely be dead in an alleyway by now.  

    I am two years younger than my adopted sister Bella which makes me sixteen years old. Her and I get along way better than I thought we would be considering the circumstances. She is so kind and welcomed me into her life with open arms but my god to I hate her boyfriend, Edward. He has caused my sister so much pain and so much heartache, plus he reads my mind without my permission. This leads us to where we are now, in a stolen car speeding down the roads in Italy heading to rescue her sparkling boy toy.  

    “Bella, you need to go! He won’t see you coming.” Alice exclaims and lets her out to run the streets of Volterra.

    Once we are parked in a parking garage Alice freezes eyes slightly glazed over. “Alice what do you see?” I ask getting out of the car.

    “y/n/n stay here in the car,” Alice pleads with me.

    “Hell no! They have my older sister in a room full of less than friendly vampires! Alice, I love you to death but I am not staying here with Bella in there.” I state looking Alice in her Golden eyes.

    “I am not going to win am I.” Alice sighs out.

    “Nope, not a chance sorry.” I say as we start to walk in the shadowed streets of Volterra towards the castle.  

    We look down over a ledge and see Bella and Edward talking to two men in grey cloaks. Alice takes my hand in her cold one, “stay behind me.” she quietly whispers to me and jumps dragging me with her.

    “Now boys we wouldn’t want to cause a scene now, would we?” she asks purposely shielding me from view of the two men.

    Curious and tired of standing behind Alice I move very slowly so I am standing slightly to the left but still behind her.  I get a good look at the two men; one is short yet still taller than me with sandy blonde hair and striking red eyes. My gaze switches to the other man whom is very tall, at least 6ft 3 if not taller. He has broad shoulders and a strong face with the same striking crimson eyes. My breath catches in my throat when his hard red gaze lands on my and I swear I see his eyes soften, “I told you to stay behind me.” Alice grabs me to gently push me beind her again. She freezes when the tall man growls at her.

    ‘Wow he’s hot.’ I think in my head

    “y/n No!” Edward scolds me like a child  

    “Dammit Edward, I told you to stay out of my Fucking head.” I yell angerly at him.

    “Language little Dove.” I hear a sultry voice say, it sends a slight shiver down my spine.

    “Sorry, but Seriously Edward, stay, out, of, my, head! You are not ruining this trip for me; I was pulled out of bed to rescue your stupid ass, the least you can do is let me have my thoughts.”  

    “You didn’t have to come.” He spat out at me  

    I walk towards Edward in anger, “Edward you know better than anyone else as to why I have to be here, you are always reading my thoughts, I know you heard y thoughts that night and yet you didn’t say anything, I was hospitalized because you couldn’t use your gift for good. If you would have told Bella what I was thinking about I could been helped but you only tell her my secrets when it is amusing to you. I am not allowed to be alone until my therapy is up.”  

    “Watch yourself.” he growls

    “No, you watch yourself! Mr. I’m too good to stay with my sister, if you wouldn’t have left her like you did none of this would have happened.” I find myself walking closer to Edward until I feel arms go around my waist not allowing me to move further.  

    “at least Bella doesn’t find a heartless killer attractive.” he states  

    Shocked I let out a laugh and remove the arms from my waist, “Seriously,  Y/n!” Bella exclaims  

    “Oh! Come on Bella! Get over yourself Edward isn’t a saint either.”

    “y/n he kills innocent people.”

    “And Edward hasn’t?” I question

    “don’t talk about him like that.” I roll my eyes at Bella comment.

    Bella comes stepping towards me with fire burning in her eyes. Bella starts to raise her hand when I am pulled behind a strong body and her hand is grabbed. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I rough voice states.

    I see Bella become even paler as she walks back up to Edward. Before anymore commotion could happen, I see a young-looking girl walk towards us, “Demetri, Felix Aro sent me to see what was taking so long. “  

    In silence we follow the girl though I am stopped by a cold hand gingerly pulling me back and to face him.  “Are you alright, little dove.” the tall man asks bending down to my height to look me in my eyes.

    “Yes, I am alright, thank you.” I state while holding eye contact.

    “Does he always treat you like that?” he asks as we start to catch up with the others

    “Yeah, he’s a dickh-” “Language Little one.”  

    “Sorry Giant.”  


    “Well, I don’t know your name, so Giant it is.”

    “I’m Felix Volturi, what is your name?”

    “I'm y/n swan, Bella's adopted sister.”

    “A pretty name for a Pretty girl.” he says and I blush so red, I'm probably redder than Felix’s eyes.

    He gently leads me into the throne room with his head on the small of my back in an oddly comforting way. I know that deep down I should feel frightened but I feel very safe with the tall vampire who could kill me with only his pinky finger. We walk in and stop a little bit behind Alice and the blonde vampire.

    “Felix how nice of you to finally join us, and you brought another human with you.”  

    “My apologies masters.” he walks forward leaving me behind Alice to give this other vampire his hand. After a few moments he starts to laugh, “magnifico.” he turns his red gaze towards me, “may I?” he asks as he slowly makes his way to me.  

    Frightened I look around the room for Felix, “little dove it’s okay, no one is going to hurt you with me around, I promise.” Felix says as he gently rubs my back to soothe me.  

    With one last glance at Felix, I just nod and put my hand out for the vampire to take. “Aro reads thoughts y/n kind of like myself.” Edward states

    ‘Edward, I thought I told you to stay out of my head.’ I think and then I hear Aro giggle a bit at that thought. He turns to the tired looking vampire and the tired vampire just nods his head, “True mates they are.”  

    Bella seems to connect the dots faster than I do. “NO! I will NOT allow it,” Bella roughly grabs my wrist and pulls me behind her, I let out a wince of pain. I can see that this visibly upsets Felix, he marches towards Bella with eyes blazing red with anger.

    Before he can get to Bella, Edward maneuvers past me to push Bella behind him. This causes her to knock into me in the process and I fall to the hard ground, putting my hands out to catch myself before my face hits the hard ground with a groan. The short blonde vampire gently helps me back to my feet, “Are you okay little human?” He asks

    “Thank you.” I say with a nod and turn back towards the commotion.  

    I can see Edward trying to take on the giant Vampire himself which is kind of pitiful to watch as I see Felix throw him around like it was nothing, “wow.” I whisper under my breath memorized.

    “Y/n Y/M Swan!” Bella scolds me after they are done fighting and Edward is back near her.  

    “What, it’s not my fault!” I exclaim, He’s hot I think in my head

    “He kills people Y/N!” Bella tries to argue

    “Oh, Come on Bella! Edward is no saint either.” I shoot back, this makes Felix looks at me with pride and Edward glares back at me.

    “Cullen you better relax your gaze when you look at her before I relax it for you.” Felix shoving a cloak into his arms roughly before making his way to me.

    “Are you alright?” he asks me wiping some hair out of my face and placing it behind my ear.

    “yeah I am fine Felix, thank you.” I say blushing

    “Demetri please escort them out.” Aro states going to sit back on his throne.

    I start to walk towards the door behind my sister, “Not you y/n, we have a lot to disscuss.” Aro states

    Bella stops walking and turns, “I’m not leaving here alone, what needs to be said can be said here and now.”  

    “Y/n you are to stay here in Volterra with Felix.” Aro bluntly states

    I feel my face get hot and my hands start to shake, my breathing quickens; I am going to have a panic attack. Felix can sence my excelerated heartbeat and brings me into a comforting hug. A gentle almost nonexistant humming rumbles in Felix chest starting calm me down.  

    “She can’t stay, she’s only 16.” Bella tries to reason  

    Once I am calm enough, I turn in Felix’s arms after looking into his eyes, “Please allow me to return to Forks long enough for me to graduate, after my graduation I am more than willing to come back and stay with no complaints.”

    “Do I have your word?” Aro questions  

    “Of course, I never break an oath.” I state sincerely

    Aro waits a moment “Very well, you may go back...but only until graduation, in two years Felix will be coming to bring you home.”  

    “Thank you I am so grateful.” I say with a serious tone.

    “You may all leave at sundown until then you will be brought to a different room. Dinner will be here shortly.” The blonde king grumbles out.

    I turn and look up at Felix, I wrap my hand under his arms as I am to short to reach his shoulders with my 5’4 frame. I squeeze him as tight as I can which doesn’t do much to him, after a second he gently places his arms around my waist, “When will I see you again?” I ask meekly resting my chin on his chest straining my neck a bit

    “I will try my best to visit you when I can Little one.” He says and gently kisses my forehead with his cold lips, “Now go with Demetri.”  

    Demetri leads us to a different room, “Don’t leave here until sundown.” He states and turns to leave, smiling at me softly on his way out.

    I am stuck in this room with Alice watching Bella and Edward being all lovey Dovey. After about an hour of the torture of watching the couple, the door opens and a person walks in, I don’t pay it anymind as I think it is just Demetri. I am very much pleasantly surprised when I hear the voice of the one and only Felix, “Little Dove will you please come with me.”

    Bella and Edward both perk up at this question, “No she isn’t leaving this room with you!” Bella exclians

    “Bella let her go, Felix won’t do anything to hurt her, in fact she is the safest with him than anyone else, vampire or otherwise, there is no one safer for her to be around.”  Alice comes to my aid by saying this.

    Without another word from my sister or Edward I take Felix's out stretched hand, and allow him to gently pick me up of the cold stone floor.  He doesn’t release his gentle grip on my hand as he leads me through the castle. We stop as he opens a new door, “Lady’s first.”  

    I walk into what seemly is a bedroom, I can feel my nerves slightly rise when he shuts the door behind him. “Hey, it’s okay, relax mia cara it’s okay. I figured that you would want to talk somewhere more private.” He says while sitting at a table by a huge book shelf. Amazed I walk over to the book shelf and gently run my fingers along the leather spines of the books as I walk past them in fascination.  

    I stop when I hear his voice, “Do you like read?”  

    I turn my attention to him, back now to the book shelf and I answer, “Very much so,” I pause, “Have you read all these?”

    “Yes, I have actually, you have a lot of extra time on your hands when your immortal.” he jokes, “so tell me, what’s your favorite genre of book.”  

    I kind of giggle out of embarrassment, “As ironic as it sounds, I really enjoy fantasy.”

    Felix nods his head and makes his way over to the shelf directly in front of me. He gently places one hand on my hip and with the other he reaches to the top of the book shelf with minimal effort. He pulls a small but thick leather book from above my head.  

    When he brings the book down to my height his cold hand releases my hip to present the book to me, “Here little Dove, this one is called The Bloody Chamber, it was published in 1979 and it is a collection of short stories.”

    I gently run my fingers over the leather cover with gold writing across it. “Felix, this is a first edition, I can’t take this back to Forks with me.”  I make eye contact with his memorizing red ones, which I noticed are brighter now that he has fed.

    “yes you can, I trust you to take care of it.” He states like it was the most obvious thing ever.

    With a smile I pull him in for a hug “Thank you Fe! I’ll take really good care of it.”  

    “I know you will.”  

    “Fe?” I question

    “Yes Dove?” he replies looking down at me

    “How tall are you?” I question  

    “I’m 6 foot 7.” he replies with amusement  

    “How is that even possible.”

    “I was a gladiator before I was turned by aro.”

    “Really? That is so cool!” I pause before questioning. "Will you help me with my history test next year.”  

    “Of course, once I figure out contact information that is.” felix states

    My smile dropped slightly, my phone... I left it back in forks, “I left my phone in forks and I don’t know my new phone number yet.”  

    “you’re okay, I need to get myself a phone anyway, until then how about I write to you.”

    “I would really like that a lot Felix.” I look and see that the sun is starting to set over the horizon.

    “I should probably get you back to your sister before she thinks I ran away with you.” he jokes and leads me back to the room we were waiting in.  

    “I really hate goodbyes, so I’ll see you later Felix.” I say feeling my tear ducts start to swell with tears as I already feel such a strong pull to him.

    “See you later Dove, Stay out of trouble okay.” He says handing me the book from earlier.

    “I promise, stay safe please.” I say grabbing the book with our hands accidently touching.

    Before I go, I stand on my tippy toes and place my hands on his shoulders to help steady myself; he places his hands on my hips to steady me further. I gently kiss him on the cheek as a good bye gesture. As I walk away arm and arm with Alice, I see his eyes widen slightly in shock.  

    Alice and I let Bella and Edward go in front of us, “So did he follow through with kissing you?” she asks teasingly

    “What no, we just talked and he gave me a book.” I smile sweetly

    “You like him already, don’t you?” she asks

    “I’m pretty sure I might, I do feel safe with him.” I state

    “You and him are going to be really happy, I’ve seen it. You both are going to bring out the good in each other.” she finishes her statement fondly.

    When Bella and I finally make it home we face the wrath of Charlie Swan. It was more so pointed at Bella then myself. This is because she left me no choice, I had to go. Bella had to be home every day at 4 pm, I however got to stay out until 5pm. Our punishment is going to being going through the end of the school year. I run up to my room after we are doing with Charlie’s lecture and I sit on my queen bed. I gently open the book that Felix had given me. I let my eyes scan the words on the pages only carefully turning them with the softest touch to not transfer too much of my skin's oils back on to the oil parchment.  

    #twilight imagine #felix volturi imagine #felix volturi imagines #felix volturi fluff #felix volturi x reader #twilight x reader #volturi imagine#volturi imagines
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  • technicallya1manband
    04.08.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    I realized that I never made a proper post about the Gerudo Twilight au. So here it goes.

    As punishment for Ganondorf and his crimes against Hyrule, the entirety of the Gerudo people's were forced from the desert and made to live as exiles.

    By the point of oot, the Gerudo are already theves, but with their exile they turn to that full time. Many Gerudo, fleeing persecution integrated themselves into the Hyrule society. Kept their heads down, and did their best to survive. A separate group became nomadic and live on the outskirts of their traditional homeland. For the purpose of the au, the cultural tie to being Gerudo is strong and that heritage is passed down from mother to daughter even in the Gerudo living in Hyrule.

    This has led to a lot of tension between the Gerudo and Hyrule.

    Since Ganondorf, there have not been any kings.

    Fast forward x number of years since oot to they to TP, Twilight who was fostered by the people of Ordon Village had NO IDEA that he is Gerudo. He was a very young child when he was found, and believes himself to be just another Hylian (having no frame of reference being the only non Ordonian in the village).

    The tensions between Hyrule and the Gerudo are still not good. It's been a LONG TIME since oot, at least a five hundred years, and general Hyruleian people have forgotten that nasty history. People with the red hair are not common, but can be found interspersed in the population (see Thelma).

    The events of Twilight Princess come to pass and Twilight makes a trip back into the desert and is set upon by the nomadic population of Gerudo living in the high/lowlands.

    (had wave stuff I haven't figured out yet)

    He is named the king of the Gerudo.

    Twilight becoming king marks a turning point in Gerudo/Hylian relations.

    For starters he brokers the return of the Gerudo homeland to his people. We also start to see the begining of some of the things we can recognize in BOTW. Sand seals for instance are being domesticated. Gerudo town itself is a ruin after so long of being uninhabited, but towards the middle of his reign it starts to be rebuilt in it's historic settlement area.

    Things are not perfect, there are a number of fights between the Gerudo led by Twilight and the Hylians (not led by dusk I should say. But boundaries are contentious things) over the course of this time.

    I joke a lot about Twilight being a reluctant king, but the truth is he chose to accept the role. It took some convincing on the part of the woman who would come to be his primary advisor, and he did have to face challenges and trials by his people before he became the King.

    Now, like I said, it's been about 500-600 years since the last king Ganondorf made his grab for power. The Gerudo despite being exiles have survived without a king for a long time. A good number of the Gerudo women don't want a king. But it's been so long without even a whisper of a boy being born to any Gerudo, integrated with Hylian society or otherwise (remember a new King is supposed to be born every 100 years) that people have started to believe that the lack of a king is a punishment by the goddesses themselves. For a lot of the Women, the idea of a true Gerudo King is, interesting even if he's not nessicerrily wanted.

    Now the fic "A Wolf in Kings Clothing" covers the chain finding out that Twilight is king of the Gerudo as well as looking more in depth about his becoming king of the Gerudo. It also tangentially covers one if the big defining moments in the early shift in Gerudo/Hylian relations.

    Other important things regarding this au, Twilight has a pet Ordon goat, named Colin.

    #there is still so much i havent figured out fir this au #but thats the big history stuff for it #gerudo!twilight #gerudo twilight au #gerudo twilight#nick speaks #this post is a mess and idk if it makes sense to anyone but me #linked universe
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  • headinthestaticsky
    04.08.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Sanctuary with the Enthralling Moon: Jasper Hale x Fleur Swan, FINAL CHAPTER

    All of the characters in Twilight DO NOT belong to me. All rights to go Stephenie Meyer.

    Authors note:Sorry it took me so long to post a chapter today, I’ve been busy.

    “When I think of you  I remember springtime That was when we fell in love Just me and you.”

    Just Me and You, by The Dreamliners

    “What? What is the Volturi?”

    “It’s our version of a government love, they make sure we still concealed to the humans.” Jasper explained

    “Where is it at?”


    “I need to go... Alice, take me there now!”

    “Bella wait! Fleur what won’t you stop her?” Jacob pleaded.

    “I’m sorry Jacob but, not matter how much I hate Edward’s guts right now...He can’t kill himself over guilt... especially since she isn’t even dead.”

    “You’re completely useless.” He snarled at me.

    “Hey if you didn’t answer the fucking phone we wouldn’t be in this mess right now.”

    “How you know it was me?”

    “I heard Bella screaming her head off all the way upstairs...”why didn’t you let me speak to him.” Is what she said if I remember that correctly.”

    Jacob rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to Bella. She was aggressive packing a bag and filling through a drawer. She pulled out a passport, she pushed past me and ran outside. We all followed her and Alice zoomed to the car starting it immediately.

    “Bella he left you, he didn’t want you.”

    “Yeah well, I’m not going to let him kill himself out of guilt.” Bella swung the bag in the back seat and then got in the car.

    “Bella, please...stay here for Charlie, for me.” Jacob pleaded.

    I couldn’t make out what she had said to him next, but whatever it was... it didn’t seem good. Jacob turned away from the car, he looked livid. Carlisle’s car revved out of the driveway, dust from the dirt was the only thing left behind. Jacob glared at me and Jasper before taking off to the woods, morphing into a wolf.

    “Jazz...what in the hell am I going to say to dad?”

    “You can say she found out where Edward was... and Alice offered to take her to the airport since she had come by for a visit.”

    “Yeah... that works.”

    My phone vibrated in my pocket, jump scaring me.


    “Fleur... it’s me, Rosalie.”

    “Rose... hey, it’s been a while.”

    “Do you know where Edward went... I told him what happened with Bella.”

    “Rose... he’s going to the Volturi to kill himself... He thinks Bella’s dead.”

    “Oh god...” Her voice sounded like she was in shock.

    “Why did you say something to him?”

    “I don’t know...honestly I don’t...”

    “Bella and Alice went to Italy to try and stop him.”

    “I hope they get to him...”

    “I do too.”

    I saw my dad pull up in the driveway, I could see confusion and heartbreak on his face.

    “Listen Rose, I gotta go. Dad just got here.”

    “Okay, I’ll see you later Fleur.”

    “See you, bye.”

    “Jasper? What’re you doing back here?”

    “My family and I are moving back in a few days, but I couldn’t help but want to see Fleur again so I came back a bit earlier than everyone else.”

    “Oh, that’s good to here. Does Bella know you guys came back?”

    “Dad... you should come inside, we have to tell you something.”

    “Oh no... what did she do now?”

    “Come on dad.”

    He had a reluctant look on his face when we went inside.

    “So? What’s going on.”

    “Alice and Jasper had come by, they told Bella and I that the rest of the family was moving back. Carlisle’s job ended up not working out so they decided to move back here. Alice had told Bella where Edward was and Alice offered to take Bella to him.”

    “Where is she?”

    “She wouldn’t tell... she doesn’t trust me very much still. She had a passport with her so I can only assume she went out of the country.”

    “When she gets home... that boy is banned from this house. He’s put us through Hell for months!”

    “I’m really sorry for my brothers actions, Chief Swan.” Jasper said his smooth voice rung through the quiet house.

    “It ain’t your fault...there is only so much you can do.... god, I lose one of my closest friend and then my daughter runs off on me again.” Dad said he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

    “I’m really sorry dad.” I pulled him in for a hug. I had walked away to get my dad something to eat and a bottle of water. I could hear Jasper talking to my dad but, I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

    The rest of the night was quite tense. Dad was pacing around the living room for the entire night. He was waiting for a call from Bella, wanting to hear her confirm that she is safe and sound. But, it never happened. Jasper had left saying he needed to check into a hotel for the night. But in actuality he spent the night in my room.

    “Jazz...you said this Volturi was like your government...what if they make Bella change? What if they find out about me? I’m not ready to change Jasper...I can’t leave dad all alone.”

    “We will find a way to prevent you from changing as long as possible darlin. Besides, Bella is the only one there, she shouldn’t have to mention you.”

    “I wouldn’t put it past her Jazz...she’s, changed in a way she seems self absorbed at this point. I remember when James was chasing us, she seemed to relish in all of the attention it got her.”

    “I thought a felt bits of that in her emotions, yours over powered her though.”

    I sighed

    “Gosh, I need to talk about something else... I feel so nervous I think I might get sick.” I burrowed my face in Jasper neck in hopes to calm my nerves.

    “Okay...marry me.” He said, his voice was calmer than I had ever heard it before. I on the other hand, was in shock. My eyes had shot wide open and I lifted my head up from his neck.

    “Are you serious?” I asked, my voice was a pitch higher than normal.

    “Why wouldn’t I be serious?” He said, humor was laced in his voice.

    “So that’s what you were talking to dad about in the living room.”

    “Yeah, that was it...so...” He got up from my bed and knelt down in front of me on one knee. 

    “Will you marry me?” he pulled the velvet box he in his pocket open.

    “Yes... I will.” I huge smiled made it’s way onto my face. Jasper pulled me into his arms and hugged me. My feet made it’s way off the floor for a few seconds, but I was then set back down. I looked down at the ring, it fit me pretty well.

    “Is that Sapphires?” I asked.

    “Yeah they are... thought they would be nice, since that is your birthstone.”

    “It’s yours too you know... I remember your birthday... it’s September 14th.

    Timeskip: 2 days later.

    When Bella had finally gotten home from finding Edward, dad let her have it. He stuck to his guns at first, saying that Edward was banned from the house and that she was not allowed to see him. But, Bella being Bella threatened moving away. Dad faltered in his threat and said that Edward could come over but, dad would have to be there and he could only stay til 9:30. Bella also couldn’t leave the house without dad being there either. And even when she was going to leave with him there, she would have to tell him and call him every hour. She even had a curfew she had to uphold to, which was at 9:30 pm as well.

    I was with the Cullens this evening, Rosalie, Emse, and Alice’s eye lit up in excitement when they saw my ring. Emmett had bear hugged me when he saw me again and Dean was finally able to hug me too, without wanting to kill me. Alice was just talking to me about floral arrangements when Edward and Bella walked into the room.

    “Look... you all know what I want. I think it would only be fair... if you all vote.” Bella said. 

    “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Edward snided.

    “Shut...up.” Bella replied

    “What’s the rush Bella?” I asked she of course, ignored me.


    “Yes of course, I already consider you apart of my family.”

    “I vote yes, it would be nice to not want to kill you all the time.” Dean said.


    “Sure...I really don’t want to get separated from Fleur again because Edward can’t get over his hero complex.” Jasper snapped, he tensed in his place.

    “Look... I’m really sorry to both of you for how i’ve acted but... this isn’t a life I would’ve chosen for myself. So I vote no.” Rosalie stated

    “I say hell yeah! We can pick a fight with the Volturi some other way.” Emmett stated.

    “Yes Bella, You’re already a member of this family.” Esme said


    “Why are you all doing this to me?” Edward questioned.

    “You’ve chosen to live without her...I won’t live without my son.”

    Bella smirked, but then I noticed she got nervous.

    “I have something else to tell you.”

    “What?” I asked.

    “You see... when we wend to the Volturi I may have...”

    “Don’t even finish that sentence...you didn’t Bella, you fucking told them about me didn’t you!?”

    “Doesn’t feel so good having someone else make decisions for you does it?”

    “You are more delusional than I thought!”

    “Wait a second, you put her at risk too Bella?” Rosalie said... anger was rising in her voice.

    “How long do you two have?” Jasper asked... he too was getting more angry.

    “Til my graduation.”

    “I can’t even look at you anymore Bella... you make me sick.” I snapped, I made my way outside and slammed the glass door. Jasper and Rosalie ran outside to join me.

    “What am I going to do?” I said, my eyes filling with tears.

    “We’ll figure something out Fleur.” Jasper said, pulling my into his arms.

    “I won’t let her take that choice away from you.” Rosalie added.

    I looked up at the sky, the stars and moon were out tonight.

    “I’m so sorry love.” Jasper said.


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    Random Photos that remind me of each of The Cullens







    (I took this photo btw /srs)


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    Jacob and Edward really be out there competing about who's gonna be the most toxic huh

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    just saw a chipmunk for the first time. effervescent

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    random icons part whatever <3

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    You - Jacob Black

    a/n: i’m on a roll. i’ve fallen hard for him again and it’s not stopping anytime soon lolol


    It’s late one night, close to midnight, and a storm was brewing outside. Jacob still wasn’t back from patrol just yet, but he should be home soon. You were just wanting to cuddle up in his arms and talk about his day, one of your favorite things.

    Finally, the wolf appears in the doorway of his home, finding you sitting on the couch, reading a book in the dim lighting. Upon seeing him, you set the book down and stand up, walking over to him with a smile.

    “What are you still doing up, baby?” He wonders, resting his hands on your waist. You shrug in response, your head falling on his chest.

    “I could hear the thunder coming in and I knew I most likely wouldn’t be able to sleep anyways.”

    “Yeah, that storm’s just about to hit, we were able to outrun the downpour on our way out, but it’s coming. Why don’t you go get ready for bed and I’ll be in there in a few?” You nod and give him one more kiss before walking to his room.

    After changing into a t-shirt of Jacob’s and a pair of shorts, you crawl under the covers and look out the window right next to the bed. The trees were wavering in the oncoming wind, and you could tell the storm was going to be big.

    Jacob soon returns, his hair and body slightly wet from the quick shower he took, though it was more like a quick rinse.

    “Paul was wondering if we’d like to go to the beach with him and my sister this weekend,” Jacob says, sliding under the covers and immediately pulling you into his arms.

    “That’d be nice. I haven’t seen him in a while, and it’ll be nice to finally meet your sister.”

    “Oh yeah, I forget you guys haven’t met yet,” he laughs, his hand running up and down your back softly. He stares out the window, the storm finally hitting the small house. Thunder and lightning filled the silent room.

    Jacob says nothing for a while, just staring outside, his mind racing with so many thoughts. Tonight, he was reminded of the girl he used to love, thanks to Sam. A girl who loved him back, but not enough to leave what she was pining after.

    “Do you remember that story I told you about? With the tribe’s history and who we hunt?” He asks you after a few minutes. You glance up at him, wondering what brought him to ask about it again.

    “Yeah, why?”

    “You know the cold ones, the ones we hunt?”

    “Jake, what’s this all about?”

    “Would you ever leave me for someone like that?” You are stunned silent. You didn’t know much about his past relationships, all you did know was that Bella was the girl he loved and she didn’t want him.

    “What?” You sit up, staring down at him. He doesn’t meet your eyes, keeping them pinned on the window, watching the rain and lightning.

    “Would you ever leave me for a vampire? Someone who doesn’t age, who has perfect, marble-cool skin, who you could spend all of eternity with?”

    “Why are you asking this?” You question. Jacob shakes his head, eyes falling closed as you lay back down beside him, grabbing his left hand.

    Your fingers dance along his palm, tracing each finger with yours, drawing random shapes into his skin.

    “Jacob, I would never choose a vampire over you, let alone leave you for someone else. Werewolves are superior to vampires anyways. They’re dead, they’re cold, they always look like they’re in pain. You, on the other hand, are always so damn warm, you’re like my own personal space heater. And your skin is so soft and comforting, and the best part, you’re alive. We can go out to restaurants for dates because you can actually eat, unlike them.”

    Jacob finally meets your eyes, and it feels like a spark goes off. His eyes bore into yours so deeply, as if his soul was looking into yours. It wasn’t a stare you’ve seen from him before, and you could feel something inside of you bursting and catching fire.

    “You,” he whispers. “It’s you.”

    “What?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He suddenly sits up and runs his hands through his short hair.

    “Do you also remember what I told you about Sam and Emily? How he imprinted on her?”

    “Yeah. You know, you’re asking a lot of questions about things you’ve told me regarding the tribe and its history,” you chuckle. Jacob shakes his head and pulls you to sit up with him.

    “I’ve just, I’ve realized a lot. And just now, I imprinted on you.”

    “You did? Wait, so what does this mean?” You couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious. You knew the basic idea of imprinting, but was there anything you needed to do? Anything that needed to happen? What was going to happen now?

    “When I looked at you, after you ranted about how awful being with a vampire would be,” he pauses to chuckle, “I felt this overwhelming feeling. Everything else in the world disappeared. I only thought about you. I forgot that my dad is in the room down the hall, I forgot that I am even a part of a pack, the only person that mattered in that moment was you. And now, I want to do everything in my power to protect you and make sure you’re safe, especially from those bloodsuckers.”

    “Jake, I don’t know...I don’t know what to say, what to think, what to do.” He smiles thoughtfully and caresses your cheek.

    “You don’t have to say anything, baby. There’s nothing else to do, or anything that can be done. Unless you...want to reject it, which isn’t-”

    “No, no, I don’t want to do that. But you know this is all new to me. I’m just not really sure what’s to be expected from me.” Jacob leans forward, nuzzling his nose against yours.

    “All you have to do is love me back, and never leave me. What’s done is done, we’re bonded for the rest of our lives now.” A smile breaks out into your face and you tackle him in a hug, making him fall onto his back.

    “I mean, that sounds good to me,” you giggle, kissing him sweetly. Just then, a loud burst of thunder rumbled the house, but neither of you moved, too caught up in one another’s lips.

    “I know this is all kind of weird and odd to you, but I am so happy that you’re accepting of it all.”

    “I love you so much Jacob, I’ll go through anything to be with you,” you whisper. His hand, that wasn’t around you, cradles your cheek, his thumb gently rubbing your cheekbone.

    “And I love you. I will until my heart stops beating.”

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