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  • Well, Guess I should finally admit that I am a 40 yr old teacher who writes fan fiction.  My husband just sits back and lets me do it as it is a release but I have only ever posted a few stories on FanFiction.net.  I have other stories that I have written or continued that are not there.  None of my stories are Beta reviewed.  I guess I am just never sure if anyone would be interested.  I have stories for  Arrow, Batman (Christopher Nolan Universe), Twilight, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, One Chicago (Casey and J.Halstead based), Pride and Prejudice (Sequel), and a Power Rangers story.  Anyone interested?  Maybe willing to Beta Review.  Thanks.


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  • Much ADO

    Coming soon!
    Chapter 8 picture page 1

    Volleyball, scuba diving, beach, robert pattinson blue suit

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  • Much ADO

    Coming soon!!

    Chapter 8 picture page 2

    Ocean kissing, beach house

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  • Much ADO 

    Coming soon!!!

    Chapter 8 picture page 3

    Boat date, sexy lingerie, making love, lazy day clothes, breakfast cooking with Edward Cullen

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  • Imprinting in Twilight is really gross when you actually think about it so I have a proposal.

    Instead of being a mate. The imprint acts more as an anchor. They don’t have to date they are just someone to help the wolf stay more i control. So they can be anyone a parent, a friend, but the anchor is more likely to be someone the wolf already knows.

    Its just a suggestion to make that part a little less awful.

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  • Rose, please.” - Edward Cullen x Reader. Featuring Intrusive Rosalie


    Originally posted by stonerbella

    Request: Ask and you shall receive, may I request a jealous Edward and can the person be Rose? Like Rose actually likes his so and is constantly stealing her away from him to go shopping or something and whenever she spends the night Rose is always trying to steal her again?! Thank you!!

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  • Hey hi hello beautiful people, just a wee update about the list of upcoming fics I have. Firstly, I’d like to announce that (for now, we will be back!) requests are closed. I’ve had a few come through and that is going to be more than enough for me to do with the final deadlines for this semester. Once I have finished them I will open requests back up again, don’t you worry! I love hearing your ideas and so many of you have such great ones, I’m honoured you let me bring them to life! 

    So outlined below, here are the upcoming fics! 

    Get it? ‘Cause Your Old? (Coming 29/11/2020)

    Warnings: A bit of swearing, some mild angst and mentions of insecurity.
    Summary: Felix is very touchy about his age, so how is the reader going to show him it really doesn’t matter to them?

    Obsession (Coming 6/12/2020) - a request for @tiger-khans-blog

    Warnings: Yandere!Alec, obsessive behaviour, unhealthy relationships and implied non-con later on. This is possibly one of the darkest fics I have ever written so please be aware if controlling behaviour, gaslighting etc. is triggering to you, do not read this fic. 
    Summary: Savings your sister’s boyfriend was an act of kindness, something you had done out of the goodness of your heart, but hadn’t they always said the road to hell is paved with good intentions? 

    Found Family (Coming roughly 11/12/2020) -a request for @kpopgirlbtssvt 

    Warnings: anxiety and panic, mentions of child endangerment 
    Summary: There are things Demetri never thought he could have, things he had never dreamed would be within his grasp ever again. He has plenty of experience with newborns…just not your kind of newborn. 

    Little Rabbit (Coming roughly 13/12/2020) - a request for @kpopgirlbtssvt

    Warnings: The typical violence and bloodshed you expect from the fabulous four. 
    Summary: It was supposed to be a simple mission; newborns break the law, newborns deal with the consequences. It was a sentence they’d carried out multiple times before with flawless execution, but this time there’s a problem…what one Earth is Demetri supposed to do with you?  

    It’s Always Been You (Coming roughly 16/12/2020) - a request for @blonde-weasley

    Jane is aged up in this fic to 18. 

    Warnings: Violence, mentions of near death, your typical Volturi shenanigans 
    Summary: What if the one person you were looking for happened to be the one person who had always been beside you? What if you were meant to be with the one person you had sworn to never touch? When a mission goes horribly wrong, Demetri and Jane realise that just because they have forever, it doesn’t mean they should wait that long. 

    #twilight#twilight fanfiction#demetri volturi#felix volturi#alec volturi#yandere#newborns#volturi#walltalk#requests #closed for now but will open again later #my masterlit will be updated accordingly in due time #thank you so much for your support guys #you're the best #i honestly cry when I get a like or a reblog
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  • image

    Alternative Eleanor Cullen origin fic

    AO3 | FF.N

    #writing and whatnot #twilight fanfiction#twilight fanfic #life and death fanfic #Eleanor Cullen/Rosalie Hale #butch Eleanor Cullen #Carine is still a he/him lesbian
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  • Endings don’t hurt less when you’ve seen them before; goodbyes cut just the same when it’s the second, third, hundredth chance. And Bella never wanted it to end. Neither did Jacob. But what’s the point of defending something you can’t even define?

    She moved on. Sort of. Watching her with him isn’t easy, when he knows it should be him. He tried so hard, balancing the line between “caring friend” and “too much too soon.” But there was no amount that would be enough.

    She’s not his problem anymore. At least, that’s what he keeps telling himself. But he can’t help feeling exiled.

    send me a song title (include artist please) and i’ll write a summary of a twilight fanfic based on the song

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  • I have a lot of asks and moodbaord requests and I wanna say I will get to them as soon as I can! I finally caught up on late assignments due to depression and my time is freeing up :) I also should have. Kate or Garrett moodboard up soon. Maybe even Alec, hmmm.

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  • Warnings: Mentions of poverty but mostly this is fluff

    Word Count: 6429

    Summary:  Alec and Jane are…going to school? As if that wasn’t bad enough, they’re constantly pestered by one irritating little human who clearly has no concept of self-preservation. Spending a winter in Forks was not how they had planned the end of their year to go, but winter traditions have changed since they were human, and they find the new ones aren’t all that bad.

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    #twilight#twilight fanfiction#alec volturi#jane volturi#x reader#demetri volturi#volturi#volturi fanfiction #alec and jane got to school #scarves #the ending got away from me #i got wrapped up in feels #and hurt my feelings
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  • #i'm trying to force myself to believe i can upload weekly #the lie detector test has determined THAT was a lie #twilight#twilight fanfiction#twilight fanfic#twilight wolfpack#jacob black#paul lahote #it's a slowburn idk what to tell u #we're all gonna be sad for a minute lolol #my writing
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  • Anonymous asked:

    Character studies of Rachel and Rebecca Black? Maybe including their relationship with Jacob?

    They are born at midnight on a cold and stormy night. Sarah Black writhes and screams and sobs and her nails rip apart the skin on her husband’s hand. Billy Black taps his feet in anticipation for the two girls that emerge from his wife, wailing at the top of their lungs.

    One is named after Billy’s mother, one is named after Sarah’s mother. That’s just the way they decided things and it seems to have sealed their fate. Rachel spent all her time investigating how machines worked, while Rebecca used Sarah’s oil paints and drew herself worlds and universes and empires.

    Jacob is born four years later and both girls coo over him. He’s the baby of the family and doted upon by everybody, especially Billy, who had always wanted a little boy to nurture and play with. Rachel lets him use her computer (a miracle in and of itself) and Rebecca paints him pictures when he asks. Sarah snaps pictures, lots of them, and they’re a happy little bunch who could ask for nothing more.

    So of course something goes wrong. Billy and Sarah come home from a date night and their car veers dangerously off course due to the heavy rain. Sarah takes most of the impact and dies, but Billy’s spine and legs are ruined, and from then on it seems like an eternal downpour of grief and anger as they all try to cope as best as they can.

    Rebecca and Rachel both help out around the house as best they can, working side jobs to pay the bills and put themselves through school. Then the break comes: Solomon Finau, a dashing young surfer, takes a shine to Rebecca and they run away the next week, leaving Rachel behind until she can graduate and leave La Push with all the memories of her mother behind. She kisses Billy and Jacob on the forehead and hugs them extra tightly before vanishing, expecting never to return.

    But of course, Rachel just has to lock eyes with Paul Lahote.

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  • Much ADO 


    Coming soon: Chapter 7 picture page 1

    Birthday celebrations, sexy lingerie, cake, hiking, cliff diving

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  • Much ADO 

    New Chapter coming soon


    Chapter 7 picture page 2

    Cliff diving, kisses, paddleboarding

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  • Much ADO 


    Chapter 7 picture page 3

    Coming soon

    Skinny dipping and first times

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  • Just a heads-up…life got a little crazy, so the last two Conversations are still in the works!

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  • my first ever fan fiction!! The idea is that Bella never goes cliff jumping, and Victoria pays her a visit. TW: blood, violence

    747 words


    She looked at me with her ruby eyes, and a chill went down my spine. “I suppose you know why I’m here.” she said. I didn’t say anything, but she had captured my eyes, and I couldn’t look away. The sweet scent of her skin was intoxicating, like an expensive perfume, only no perfume could ever smell this alluring. I wondered briefly if Charlie would smell it in my room afterwards, after all, Edward’s lingered in my sheets for weeks before it finally faded. I missed that reminder of him, even though it used to torture me at night. Especially in the beginning, sometimes I would wake up and think that he was there, it hurt so much more when I would remember the truth. He doesn’t love me anymore. I involuntarily wrapped my arms around my torso, at least the monster in my bedroom would bring me some peace.

    “Where’s your little boyfriend? Would he like to watch?” she sneered. The ugly expression didn’t even mar her face for a second, and her voice was like that of a siren. A beautiful mirage, concealing a dangerous predator.

    My voice sounded so pathetic in comparison  “He left.”.

    A look of shock flitted across her face, so slight I almost missed it, and she wordlessly looked across my room, searching for any sign to the contrary. I watched her eyes travel over my bedspread, over my dresser and throughout the space. Then it seemed as if she was realizing for the first time that his scent was also missing. When her hard eyes returned to me they seemed even darker than before. “He left?” She repeated.

    “Yes.” I swallowed. 

    Then, quicker than my eyes could follow she grabbed a lamp from my desk and flung it across the room. It crashed angrily against the wall, but I didn’t even blink before Victoria’s hand was wrapped around my throat and she was holding me up off the ground, with my feet dangling uselessly. “Why?” She spat the word like poison. 

    My hands were clenched around her marble forearms, trying to relieve some of the pressure from my neck. I struggled to speak, “I guess he got bored”.

    Abruptly, she dropped me on the ground, and I landed like a rag doll. Standing over me, she spoke, “I want him to feel the way I did, when I lost James, when he killed James.” She paused to set her foot on my chest, the pressure was overwhelming. “An eye for an eye, a mate for a mate.”.

    I rubbed my neck and coughed. “I’m not his mate, not anymore. He might be mine, but I’m not his.”

    She screamed horribly and pressed down on my torso, I felt a rip crack and groaned in pain. 

    “Then WHY would he kill James for a worthless human?!”

    I couldn’t reply this time, the pain was making me see stars.

    She took her foot off me and I exhaled in relief. Inhaling felt like breathing in glass, but at least I had access to air again.

    She slowly knelt down and appraised me with her cold stare as if thinking to herself how small and insignificant I am. 

    “How can I cause him pain if you truly mean nothing to him?”

    I didn’t answer, but not because of the pain this time.

    She took my jaw in one of her icy hands and turned my face so I was looking at her, “Well I’m already here.” she said just before grabbing a fistful of my hair and slamming my head back onto the floor. My vision went white and I started to panic. I could feel hot blood on my neck, and the smell made me sick, or maybe it was the concussion. In the distance I could hear howling and I hoped that they would stay away. They’re far too young to die. Victoria seemed to notice the sound too, and maybe it was the fact that she wouldn’t be able to take her time with me, maybe it was the fact that Edward wouldn’t be as affected by my death as she was by James’s, or maybe it was just the smell of my blood, but Victoria impulsively lowered her face to my neck, and bit. The last thing I heard before succumbing to the fire in my veins was the sound of Victoria, fleeing my bedroom, and the sounds of a fight, right outside my window. Then I burned.

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