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    23.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    you ever think about your very first fandom and wonder what's going on over there now?

    #funfact! #my first fandom was ncis #i literally only found out about fanfiction because i was craving more tiva and the show was denying me #i was 14 then #i didn't start actually writing fanfic until i was 17 tho #and that was twilight and harry potter #rambles #i stopped watching ncis after ziva left #(or well after i saw that episode anyway) #mostly because stopped watching tv in general around that time #and then a few years later i check back in and tony's leaving and ziva's dead and they apparently have a kid so like #tiva confirmed lmao #only took like 10 seasons and one of them dying
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    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bughead + the Twilight Drive-In

    There’s a heat wave here and my brain’s completely melted. I know I’m missing fics, so, please, add more recommendations!

    The Projectionist by @sullypants

    The Lady’s Honor by @jjonesin4

    #in honour of the promptathon #Twilight Drive-In#Bughead fanfiction#fic recs
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    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Fighter of the Dawn Writer: jeejee12 Crossovers: Banana Fish/Twilight

    #random fanfiction reads #banana fish#twilight #support your fanfiction writers #fanfiction
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    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    HEY! There are rumors that FFN.NET might be going down soon, and I would like to preserve it! I need help!

    I want to create a group of people that can collaborate with each other, either through Google Docs or some kind of messaging service, and take different Fandoms to offload onto a separate server, drive, or other storage system. Ideally, we'd start with the smaller fandoms that have 1 or two fanfics, and then move up to the bigger ones. Starting with Miscellaneous category, no crossovers. There may be doubles, especially as we eventually go through the different numbers and begin to get into the crossover range. Please reblog this in order to get this spread. If you are interested, please comment and @ me or message me on Tumblr, and we can begin the planning stages. I'd like to get 50 people to begin with, but any amount would help!

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    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Unpopular Opinion: Bella and Alice have chemistry but wouldn’t be a good couple.

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    23.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Feels like Twilight

    Collection of one shots following See the Sunrise!

    Chapter 1: A Stitch In Time Saves Eight

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    23.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Different Life, Different Person

    Gif credit @supervalcsi.

    Requested by @mypridefulsoul27. I hope you like it. Thanks for the request.

    Warning: hinting of suicide. Assault.

    Bella decided she needed to visit Jacob Black of all days. Today she would meet someone from her past.

    "Who's that guy"? Bella asked as the packed joked around like usual but this face was different.

    "Embry boyfriend". Jacob chuckled when he saw Bellas jaw drop.

    "Embry's gay? When did that happen"?

    "They've been dating for awhile now. He's pretty great. The pack loves him".

    "What's his name"?

    "Y/N, he just moved back here after a couple years of traveling the world". Jacob explained.

    "Really? How they meet"?

    "That's werewolf business. Sorry". Jacob told Bella, who rolled her eyes. She kept looking at the strangers face. The guys eyes looked so familiar that she couldnt shake the feeling she knew him from somewhere.

    "You wanna introduce us"? Bella stood up from the ground dusting her hands off on her jeans.

    "Sure". Jacob got up and took Bella over to meet this mysterious guy only known as Embry boyfriend.

    "Hey, Y/N. This is Bella. The girl, Embry warned you about". Jacob and the others laughed. Y/N, held into Embry's hand tightly.

    "Hi". Bella came over and quietly waved.

    "Hi". Y/N, gulped. "I'm gonna go get something to drink. I'll be right back". He quickly left. Embry looked confused along with everyone else sitting around the fire.

    "I'm going to go check on him". Embry ran off.

    "What'd I'd do"? Bella shrugged.

    "You smell of blood suckers". Paul teased with a smirk.

    "Shut it. Plus Y/Ns not one of us. He's normal". Sam piped in.

    "Then what caused him to run off"? Bella wondered.

    It was getting late and Bella had to get home, she said goodbye to everyone but Embry and Y/N. They never came back out of the house. Many of the guys had their own idea of why they never came back out.

    The next day Bella decided to go back over to Jacob's and see if he wanted to do something. But when she got there she met Y/N at the front door. The guys had went off for a hunt.

    "So how did you meet Embry"? Bella asked, as they both sat down on the steps of the porch.

    "Um, I ran into him at the store. He was picking up muffin mix". Y/N, ran his hand through his hair.

    "Oh, Jacob said it was werewolf business".

    "No. Embry just says that to make it sound cool". The both of them chuckled and then it all got quiet.

    "Is it weird that I feel like I know you? Like I've met you in a different life or something. Your eyes look just like my moms and my little sisters". Bella began.

    "No that's not weird".

    "It is though. I havent seen my sister in years. I lost count".

    "Five years". Y/N whispered but Bella heard.

    "What"? Bella quickly turned her head.

    "It's been five years Bells".

    "My sister use to call me that. Wait. It cant be". Bella covered her mouth.

    "It's me but not me. I transitioned from female to male". Y/N, nervously chuckled, playing with his fingers.


    "Two years after I ran away".

    "Why did you run"?

    "You know why, Bella. I couldnt take it anymore. You were never around. School was like murder. It killed me every day to go. Kids, they didnt get me, so they made fun of me. So I ran away and got to be myself. Be me for a change". Tears rolled down Y/Ns face.

    "We searched for you. It nearly killed mom and dad". Bella scoffed.

    "I'm sorry but if I hadn't left, I would have died. Did you really want to bury your sister? Would it have been easier? Because it would have came to that if I didnt". By now Y/N was sobbing. He had all this pint up emotion and all these feelings coming out that he wanted to say for so long.

    "Do the others know"?

    "Embry and Sam know. That's all that needs too. Why you going to go tell them"?

    "No. But you need to tell dad and mom".

    "No. That part of me died a long time ago along with the people in it".

    "Then why did you tell me"?

    "Jacob told me that you kept asking questions. It was a matter of time before you found out. I know you. You wont stop until you get all the answers. You're like freaking Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes combined when it came to finding out answers". Y/N wiped away his tears.

    "So what am I supposed to do? Just forget that you're my little sister and not tell mom and dad"?

    Y/N sighed. "I'm not your little sister. Im nothing to you. If you tell them, they wont believe you. I'm dead and they've accepted that. Let it be. Let me be happy for once in your life". Y/N, could feel his temper start to flare.

    "How do you know if you dont try"?

    Y/N scoffed. "You dont think I've tried? I told mom and dad that I hated being a girl. I told them that people at school were bullying me. I came home ninety five percent of the time with a busted lip or a cracked rib because I was different. I dressed different. I acted differently than the other girls and boys. I had to get out because no one was going to help me or protect me. They didnt care. I was alone".

    "You should've came to me".

    "Why? You were never around. You couldn't stand me. I was the black sheep of the family and you were the pride and joy. That's what you wanted our whole life. Now you got it".

    "But I want my sister". Bellas lip began to quiver.

    "Damn it, Bella. I'm not your sister. I've never been, ever. That kid died a long time ago. I'm happy and better than ever. I love my life. I love who I am. I love Embry and I love the guys. They're family and the only one I need".

    "So what is this? Goodbye"?

    "Yeah. You can come see Jacob. But dont come see me. I dont want anything from you. I'm doing just fine on my own without you messing everything up. Which you probably will in the future. Just give it time. So um, have a good life and yeah. Goodbye". Y/N huffed and went back inside, locking the door. That part of his life was over and he didnt want anything to do with it no matter how hard it cried crocodile tears.

    #Embry call #embry call imagine #embry call fanfiction #embry call x reader #Embry call x male reader #twilight wolves#twilight fanfiction#twilight imagine#twilight #twilight wolf pack #happys-crazy-queen22#bella swan #bella swan x sister
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    22.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Finally listening to the entire Fallen album by Evanescence and feeling so much fanfic inspiration for my New Moon AU fic

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  • volturialice
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    good politics 

    a deeply silly arranged marriage/royalty AU

    words: 3400
    rating: gen (for now)
    warnings: mentions of food, alcohol
    pairings: jalice, rosalie/anyone but edward
    status: casually ongoing

    part 1: in which jasper is forced to put his money where his mouth is, and edward is absolutely not interested in rosalie’s huge tracts of land

    By the second day, it became clear that negotiations were breaking down.

    It began at dinner, when, in his preoccupation over the proper formatting of sheet music, Grand Duke Edward forgot to pull out Princess Rosalie’s chair. Then he had the nerve to quote Republic and ask if she knew who Plato was. By the soup course, her expression was fixed in lines so haughty that anyone who dared to make eye contact was reduced to a squashed insect. By the time they carved the meat, she was asking sugary, pointed questions about whether there was a nationwide comb-manufacturing shortage in Edward’s charming homeland. And by dessert, Edward was emphatically vowing that, were she ten times as beautiful and the last woman on earth, he would still cast himself into a volcano sooner than spend the rest of his life tethered to her.

    Princess Rosalie upended a pudding over his head.

    And so it was with growing unease that, over the port, their respective parents agreed to halt negotiations and recommence in a few weeks, after their royal scions had perhaps calmed down a bit.

    If only his son would exhibit some sign of calming down a bit, reflected Carlisle II once he was back in the palace of Olympias, safely shut into his study. Edward had always been a bit of a romantic—it was something Carlisle enjoyed about him, had even encouraged on occasion. There was, perhaps, a modicum of self-congratulation in the idea that his son, having no example but the deep and abiding affection between his parents, had come to regard marriage as a sacred bond between people who were passionately in love.

    But they had indulged him too far, Carlisle realized now. They had clung stubbornly to their own rosy vision of a life wherein Edward and Princess Rosalie of New Haland were as smitten with each other at first sight as he and Esme had been, raced eagerly up the aisle to seal the peace between their countries, and lived out their days in conjugal bliss.

    It had not been so far-fetched an imagining, he consoled himself. Princess Rosalie was renowned worldwide for her beauty, and what woman in the world could fail to adore a young man as wonderful, clever, and magnanimous as their Edward?

    This one, apparently. She had called him a patronizing and conceited windbag with all the charm of a spilled chamberpot.

    The problem was the treaty, Carlisle thought wearily. It had been years in the making—more than a decade of careful diplomatic maneuvering, making desperate concessions to shore up the fragile peace between their two countries…and it simply didn’t work without a marital alliance. So much of it hinged upon the union of their two houses, which was to be emblematic of the shining new age of cooperation between their two nations. He could not imagine standing before King Henry and telling him the treaty was off because his famously beautiful daughter wasn’t up to Edward’s standards. It would be politically devastating, not to mention personally humiliating.

    But neither could he imagine a conversation between Edward and Princess Rosalie that didn’t end with one or both of them purple-faced and dripping with pudding.

    What was to be done? He could not stomach the idea of consigning his son to perpetual marital bitterness, but if the alternative was another war with New Haland…No, he vowed. He would not manufacture problems where none yet existed. It was all speculation until they had gotten the chance to sit down and discuss this as a family.


    “I was hoping we might sit down and discuss this as a family,” said Carlisle, pinching the bridge of his nose.

    They were in the council chambers, though the councillors had been temporarily dismissed. Edward was pacing before the windows, mutinous fury twisting his face. His mother and sister sat at the long, mostly-empty table with Carlisle, casting each other significant glances.

    “What is there to discuss?” burst out Edward. “Either you force me to marry Princess Rosalie or you don’t. But I tell you now, I refuse to fawn and flatter at the feet of that…that ill-mannered shrew.”

    Queen Esme looked a little scandalized at his language. “Oh, Edward,” she exhorted. “You’re so determined to think the worst of her, when she was nothing but gracious to me and your father! If you’d only give her a chance—”

    “A chance to hurl more desserts into my face?”

    “Oh, I wish I had been there to see that,” sighed Grand Duchess Alice, propping her cheek wistfully against her hand.

    Edward rounded on his younger sister. “Laugh all you like, but you’ll feel differently in a few years when it’s you they’re shipping off to marry some vainglorious brute with the right…iron exports, or, or naval fleet!”

    Esme flinched at the word brute, but Alice remained impassive. “Hmm. You’re right, I’m sure,” she drawled, in her particular, patronizing way.

    In truth, Carlisle could not imagine shipping his daughter off to anywhere. It had been difficult enough choosing a bride for Edward, but at least whomever Edward married would come to live here in the palace. To send their youngest child and only daughter off to some far-flung corner of the world would break her parents’ hearts. When the dreaded time finally did come, Carlisle resolved to look back over the list of eligible noblemen his advisors had made and choose someone local.

    Edward whirled back around, having worked himself into even more of a state. “I won’t marry her, Father,” he warned, voice trembling with fervor. “Not unless you force me.”

    Carlisle put his head in his hands. “The alternative is war.”

    “Surely not!” insisted Edward. “Surely the treaty will be sufficient—”

    “Your marriage was to be the lynchpin of the entire agreement,” said Carlisle wearily. “Without it, the treaty falls apart. And if we snub Princess Rosalie in the bargain…I’m afraid another war is the inevitable consequence.”

    “Well, we’re…we’re stronger than New Haland, and they know it. We could…” Edward’s voice dwindled away as he ran out of straws to grasp at.

    “Our army is larger, yes,” agreed Carlisle. “But it’s also more expensive to maintain. It requires more resources, more arable land. Higher taxes. Our finances have yet to recover from the last war. Our people have yet to recover. If a new war breaks out because of your decision, are you prepared to lead them into battle?”

    There was silence around the table. They all knew Edward was prepared for no such thing. He was a prince for the bookroom, not the battlefield, renowned for his knowledge and (until yesterday) his statecraft.

    Edward had gone pale. “Then…must I really marry her? It would be a life of…of unending misery. For her too!” he added. “She certainly doesn’t wish to marry me either—she made that clear.”

    Carlisle reached for Esme’s hand. “We won’t force you, son,” he promised. “But you must understand the consequences of a refusal. I fear the only other outcome is war.”

    “Not necessarily,” said Alice, dashing her incongruously cheerful tone over the tension like a bucket of ice water.

    In any other conversation, Edward would have rolled his eyes and dismissed her, but now his head whipped around so fast there was a faintly audible crack.

    “What do you mean?” he demanded.

    “Yes, Alice, what are you talking about?” echoed Esme.

    Alice’s guileless brown eyes flickered between them. “I can marry Crown Prince Jasper, of course.”

    Silence again, as Carlisle and Esme struggled to process the stark simplicity of the solution.

    Then Edward scoffed. “Princess Rosalie’s brother? The sword-swinging lout?” (Edward did not look kindly upon military-minded princes, who by their mere existence had a habit of casting his own failings into relief.)

    It was Esme who spoke next, choosing her words delicately. “Sweetheart, we….it’s a very generous offer, but perhaps you should consider things more carefully.” She let go of Carlisle and laid her hand atop Alice’s where it rested on the table. “You’re still so young, we weren’t planning on fixing your betrothal for a few years yet. There’s no rush. You know your father and I would never force you into a marriage with someone you disliked.”

    (Edward muttered something bitterly resentful beneath his breath.)

    Alice shrugged. “I like Crown Prince Jasper fine. I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t willing to go through with it.”

    “Like him? You don’t know him! You haven’t seen him since we were children,” Edward pointed out.

    Esme’s brow was furrowed in deep contemplation. “Well, I suppose he’s about the right age,” she said hesitantly, “and certainly a well-favored young man…”

    Edward scoffed again. “They say that about any nobleman who isn’t a hunchback covered in pustulent boils.”

    “Well I’m glad to hear he isn’t covered in boils,” said Alice with a roll of her eyes. “What a glowing report. Having second thoughts about marrying Princess Rosalie after all?”

    “Certainly not. But if her brother is anything like that harpy—”

    “Really, Edward, there’s no need to be unkind—”

    “Lots of people are nothing like their siblings,” said Alice sweetly, cutting off Esme’s next lecture. (“Thank God.”)

    Esme heaved a small, defeated sigh and turned to nudge her husband. “You haven’t said anything, dear. What do you think of Alice’s suggestion?”

    Carlisle closed his eyes, gathering himself to speak past his own stunned reluctance. “I think you’re right: it isn’t something to be undertaken lightly,” he said slowly. “If Alice is truly willing, I can write to King Henry. But your mother is right, Alice—this is not something we expect of you, not so soon. You are under no obligation to step in.”

    “Goodness, must you all speak as though I’m going to my untimely death?” complained Alice. “I said I would marry him, and I meant it. I don’t see why it has to be such a grave affair.”

    “It’s simply a big decision, dear,” said Esme gently. “Especially when it affects the fate of our two countries. We just want you to be aware of what you’d be getting into.”

    “Well, I am,” said Alice flatly. “And if it will spare Edward a ‘life of unending misery’ and keep us out of a war, I’ll marry whomever you like. But it doesn’t seem like such a dreadful sacrifice to be Queen of New Haland someday,” she added, with a pleased little grin at the grandiosity of the title. It sounded terribly grown-up and impressive—much better than “Grand Duchess.”

    Carlisle silenced Edward with a look before he could snipe about his sister’s vanity. Then he turned the look on Alice.

    “I’ll write to the king,” he told her. “But once I do, there will be no reneging on our agreement. So I’ll ask you again, Alice: are you absolutely certain about this?”

    Alice drew herself up to her full height, skinny shoulders back and pointed chin out. The effect was more cute than imposing, but still moderately successful. “Yes,” she said, meeting Carlisle’s gaze as if she were a queen already. “I am.”


    The floor outside Princess Rosalie’s bedroom door did not make for a particularly comfortable seat. Nor was it a very dignified position, leaning against the wall with his legs sprawled out across the passage. They were considerably longer now than they’d been when Crown Prince Jasper was ten.

    He double-checked that the corridor was free of servants before reaching up to knock on the door. “Rose,” he called, dipping into his last reserves of patience, “how much longer are you going to do this? I have affairs to attend to.”

    “Then go attend to them!” snapped a muffled voice from within. “Leave me alone!”

    “I would love to,” said Jasper, “but I’ve been ordered not to show my face until you’ve shown yours.”

    Silence. How mature. “At least eat something,” he urged. “What exactly will starving yourself accomplish?”

    “If I die, I won’t have to marry that joyless, melodramatic blowhard,” said Rosalie.

    Jasper happened to know she kept about a week’s supply of chocolates in the tufted ottoman by her settee, but he decided to play along. “We’d break down the door long before we let you die.”

    “Just you try it!” challenged Rosalie.

    “Do I really need to? If you won’t come out, let me in and we’ll talk.”

    “And why would I do that?”

    Good point. “Aren’t you bored?”


    Rose was not nearly as accomplished at deceit as she was at tenacity. Jasper wondered how she’d been passing the time for the last four days. Rereading her old books? She’d never been one for embroidery—she preferred more active, outdoor hobbies.

    “How about this: let me in and I’ll speak to Father on your behalf.” He meant to do so in any case, but she didn’t need to know that.

    There was a scraping sound, and the door cracked open a few inches. “Really?”

    “Yes,” said Jasper, pushing to his feet as the door opened a bit wider. “I promise.”

    A moment’s consideration, and then Rosalie’s arm shot out and yanked him inside as if they were spies who might be caught at any moment. Jasper decided it would be best to retreat out of her way while she replaced the chair she’d been using to brace the door shut.

    Her rooms were a study in chaos—Jasper stepped over a whetstone and an empty chocolate box on his way to the armchair by the fireplace, expressing his silent condolences to the chambermaids.

    Rosalie shoved a stack of books and a crumpled handkerchief onto the floor so she could throw herself onto the settee opposite, arms crossed. “Talk all you like,” she invited. “I still won’t marry him.”

    Jasper sighed. “You’ll have to marry sooner or later. Why should it matter to whom?” He didn’t understand how any of this was worth causing a war.

    “Why should it matter? It matters because I’ll spend the rest of my life stuck with him!”

    “I don’t see why,” said Jasper. “A spouse is just the person who sits on the throne beside you at court. You’d hardly need interact with him.”

    Rosalie shot him a withering look. “Are you serious? I’d have to share his bed. Eugh.” She added with an elegant shudder.

    Jasper shrugged. “Only until you produced an heir. Then you could have nothing more to do with each other.”

    “Wow,” drawled Rosalie. “Won’t your future wife be delighted.”

    Jasper’s retort was cut off by someone pounding on the door. “Rosalie Hale! You will open this door right this instant!”

    Rosalie blanched. It had been years since either of them had heard their royal father so angry. Jasper moved for the door.

    “Don’t!” hissed Rosalie, leaping off the settee to pull him back.

    “Enough,” said Jasper, shaking her off. “It’ll be fine. Grand Duke Edward is leagues away in Olympias. No one’s dragging you down the aisle yet.”

    Rosalie bit her lip, but wiped her hands on her skirts and allowed Jasper to slide the chair away from the door.

    “I swear if you don’t open this door in the next minute I’ll summon—! Oh.”

    “Good evening, Father. Come in,” invited Jasper.

    “Ah yes—Jasper. Very good,” said King Henry gruffly, sweeping past him into the room. He barely seemed to notice the disarray, focusing instead on Rosalie.

    “Daughter, you have greatly displeased us,” he declared.

    Rosalie sank into a sullen curtsey. “It was not my intention, sire,” she grumbled. “But Grand Duke Edward and I are not suited.”

    “Yes, that is quite plain,” agreed the king.

    Rosalie glanced up in surprise. “Father?”

    “We’ve had a letter from Olympias,” he announced. “Several, in fact. We’ve agreed to new terms. Your betrothal to Grand Duke Edward is dissolved.”

    Rosalie seemed torn between glee and apprehension—it was clear their father was gearing up for some more dire pronouncement. He turned to Jasper.

    “Jasper, you will marry Grand Duchess Alice instead. We trust you have no objections.”

    Jasper blinked. His father seemed to expect an answer, but his mouth seemed to have disconnected from his brain. “…None, sire,” he managed after a beat.

    “Good. Then we shall begin preparations. The Olympian royal family will arrive before the month is out. You will have one opportunity to speak with the Grand Duchess and determine whether you are suited,” King Henry continued, his tone and expression making it clear that they had damn well better be, “and then you marry.”

    “Yes, sire,” said Jasper, slowly coming back to himself.

    “You will both,” said the king sternly, with a pointed look at Rosalie, “show her the utmost hospitality. The importance of maintaining peace with Olympias cannot be overstated. Jasper, you will keep her happy.”

    “Yes…Father,” Jasper agreed. No one knew better than he just how unprepared their army was for another war. He made a slight bow, conscious of the great weight of responsibility that had just been shifted onto his shoulders.

    He was also conscious that he was no Rosalie, to kick and scratch and buck off the yoke like a wild horse. There would be no going back on his word.

    “Very good,” said King Henry, with a pleased nod of acknowledgement. He turned and swept out of the room, muttering something about how at least one of his children knew his duty. The door thunked quietly shut behind him.

    Jasper sank back into the chair by the fire.

    “What just happened?” demanded Rosalie. When Jasper did not reply, she bent down, warily searching his blank expression. “Are you…all right?” she asked uneasily.

    Jasper straightened up and pushed past her. “Of course. I’m fine.” He held the door open. “You must be hungry. Let’s get you something to eat.”

    Rosalie trailed after him with uncharacteristic timidity.

    “Grand Duchess Alice, huh?” she ventured as they walked. “I remember her. The little pest who wouldn’t stop following us around.”

    Jasper and Rosalie had met Grand Duchess Alice exactly once, as children, nearly twelve years ago when the shaky peace between New Haland and Olympias had first been ratified. He’d been ten, so Jasper’s main memory of the event was of being banished out of doors and expected to entertain the young Grand Duke and Duchess, who had not made much of an impression. Edward had been stilted and awkward while he and Jasper and Rosalie shot arrows and rode horses, and Alice had indeed followed them around, whining to be included in everything her brother did.

    “She was seven,” Jasper pointed out, strangely defensive.

    “Right. Well, let’s hope she’s grown out of that.”

    They made the rest of their way to the kitchens in uneasy silence, conscious that the servants were casting them furtive looks. It seemed the news of his betrothal was already circulating.

    Rosalie followed Jasper all the way back to his study with her tray of food. He couldn’t decide whether to be irritated or grateful for her company.

    What had he said to her? A spouse is just the person who sits on the throne beside you. Why should it matter?

    He had not expected to have his own convictions put to the test quite so soon, but…well, fine. So be it. Their father was right—Jasper knew his duty. He had meant every word he’d said.

    “I feel…bad,” admitted Rosalie, when she had finished shoveling down food. She picked at the beveled edge of his desk. “Like you got stuck with this because of me.”

    “It was my choice,” said Jasper calmly. His situation certainly was her fault, but he saw no point in discussing it now. She could take his place whenever she wished by offering to marry Grand Duke Edward, but they both knew she wouldn’t. Jasper wasn’t about to assuage her guilt in the meantime. This was his life.

    This was his life, and he had always known he’d one day marry someone for political reasons. It might as well be Grand Duchess Alice as anyone else. At least she wasn’t forty, or thirteen, though his own fuzzy mental image of her was still that of a pouting seven-year-old. She probably looked different now.

    “I know,” said Rosalie quietly. “I just…wish things could be different. Not just for me but for you, too.”

    “Well, they aren’t,” Jasper reminded her. He forced a smile. “I’m glad you won’t have to marry Grand Duke Edward after all.”

    “Hear, hear,” said Rosalie, raising her glass of wine. She took a long swig, saturating the room with her profound relief before she set the glass back down. “And here’s hoping for your sake that Grand Duchess Alice is nothing like her brother.”

    Jasper cast a sideways glance at where she had occupied the corner of his desk, crumbs spilling off her tray onto the perfectly polished wood. “Many people are nothing like their siblings,” he observed.


    thanks for reading Part 1 of my Absolutely Goofy arranged marriage AU! I currently have next to no plans for this story other than letting it develop organically and sort of crowdsourcing the plot. if you have any thoughts, ideas, questions, or requests for where it should go, please please slide into my askbox!

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    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Chapter Twenty-One

    We’d only gotten within few miles of the community centre, driving on a long, empty stretch of road, surrounded by trees on either side when we saw her.

    A statuesque figure with vibrant red hair appeared in front of Dad’s headlights, giving him no time to hit the brakes.

    My last, coherent, vague thought before the front od Dad’s car crashed into the marble body was that I was glad I’d remembered to turn off the stove before I left the house.

    Then everything faded into a deep, black nothingness.

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    Clock is ticking down...

    Ch. 30: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25164145/chapters/79538368

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    Lost in Silence-Edward Cullen-Chapter 9

    Summary:  Gabriella Swan was used to the silence. Being born deaf, you get used to it pretty quickly. When her sister moves in from Arizona and they both go to Forks High School, how will a mind-reading vampire change her entire world, and help her find herself in a new kind of silence? How will she help him see that being different isn’t always bad? Together, these two souls, lost in silence of their own discover the sweet sound that comes with accepting themselves, and finding friendships, relationships, and each other.

    Warnings: Bella-bashing, Some Language, Paranormal, Supernatural, Love, Angst

    Words: 3,458

    Tag List: @elskinner45 @nocturnalherb16 @buckysforeverprincess @diyunho @negans-womam @deepobservationcherryblossom @fangirl1029 @thelostallycat @scarletmeii @fandomsstolemylife00 @brithedemonspawn @sinofbisexuality @chuckbass-love @lyn-g @paigeem96 @kyky9103 @mzmusic92 @booknerd-3000 @jasperschillvibe @bigcreatorwombatdreamer @rightwhereiwantyou @imagines-by-a-typical-fangirl @ms-reader @jadakiss13​ @tpwk-plsss​ @jgtfvhsg​ @awesomebooklover17​ @emily500​ @stinkii-boii​ @the-sassy-one​ @thelastemzy​ @aactuaaltraash​ @turnerlvt1999 @jenfox25​ @fayeatheart @plutosjoon​ @serventforsza @joalinbenefits​ 

    A/N: Thank you all for waiting so damn long for another chapter! I went on a small vacation, meeting people at comic con so I paused everything and when I came back, I started a Scream-Stu Macher series so I’ve been busy with that! Let me know if you want to be tagged in that series!

    Please leave Feedback!

    Sign Language - Italics || Sign While Speaking - Italic Bold

    Edward Reading Thoughts - Backquote

    To be tagged: Comment, Message Me, Submit an Ask, Tag Yourself In My Bio!!

    Third Person POV

     It doesn't take long for the couple to arrive at his home, despite it being located deep in the woods out on the edge of Forks’ town lines. When they do get there, and after the car’s parked, Gabby’s ushered inside by Edward, and her eyes widen when she sees the inside of the lovely home. Before signing to her, he chuckles and assists her in removing her jacket and taking her bag.

    "You expected turrets, dungeons, and moats, didn't you?"

    She gives a quick shake of her head.

    "No. That would have come as a surprise to me. I was just taken aback by the big windows." She responds. "It's so free and bright."

    "It's the one place where we've never had to hide." He admits before motioning her to the kitchen with his hand.

    She starts walking in that direction, her gaze wandering around the house. When he hears pots and pans clanging in the next room over, Edward sighs.

    "Are we sure she likes Italian?" Emmett asks.

    "I definitely hope so!" Rosalie says, her voice trembling with worry.

    Everyone turns around to face the doorway as the couple enters the kitchen. Rosalie puts the bowl she was carrying down and sprints over to the younger girl. Gabby’s eyes light up and she happily hugs the blonde when she pulls her in. Esme laughs and shakes her head, slightly taken aback by the actions of the blonde in front of her. 

    Rosalie raises her hands as she steps back from the embrace.

    "How are things going for you?"

    "Great. Thank you so much!" Gabby signs.

    Esme takes a step around the counter, where she was chopping vegetables just moments prior, to approach the dark-haired young, human lady.

    "Gabby, we're preparing Italian for you." She says, smiling.

    Gabby blushes a little more and signs her thanks once more. Edward raises his hands, drawing her attention to him.

    “This is Esme, my mother for all intents and purposes.” 

    Gabby reaches out to shake Esme's hand, but she shakes her head and draws her in for a hug. The young girl's cheeks are flushed as she wraps her arms around the cold lady. Gabby looks across to the kitchen to see Dr. Cullen as they walk away. Before signing, he gives her a wave.

    "You've given us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time."

    Letting out an amused, tiny giggle at the doctor’s words, she surveys the kitchen. The Cullens are cooking with brand new Williams-Sonoma cookware, the newly opened boxes to which are piled up in one of the room’s corners. A tiny TV on the counter is showing a cooking program, most definitely a special Italian show.

    "I hope you're hungry." Esme gives her a friendly smile.

    She begins to nod and lift her hands, but Edward signs first.

    "She already ate."

    Rosalie and Esme's faces fall slightly, but Gabby smacks Edward's arm and shakes her head rapidly.

    “I haven’t eaten. I was going to have Edward buy me food later.”

    She watches as the two women’s faces light up with Emmett laughing back in the kitchen. She smiles to herself, then jumps, startled a little, when someone comes into her line of vision. Alice jumps over the balcony railing, a bouquet of wildflowers in her hands. Next to Alice, Jasper hops over the railing. 

    She leaps forward, hugging Gabby close before handing her the wildflowers.

    "Hi, I'm Alice. You do smell good."

    "Alice." Edward says, stepping out of Gabby's line of vision.

    "It’s alright." Alice says. “Gabby and I are going to be good friends!"

    Gabby turns to face the new male in the room with a smile.

    "You’re Jasper?" says Gabby.

    “Pleasure to meet you.” Jasper nods then holds out his hand.

    Shock runs through everyone except Gabby, Jasper, and Alice. She happily shakes his hand before looking at everyone else in the room. She raises her eyebrow, glancing at her boyfriend, wondering what was going on. He smiles widely, reading everyone’s thoughts in the room before gesturing behind him.

    “I’ll give you a tour.”

    She nods and waves toward the family before turning around. He guides her up the stairs and as they walk up, Gabby takes in the wide range of art pieces from around the world: Ethiopian crosses, Dresden China and Asian scrolls. They reach the landing where a large frame is hung with dozens of artistically arrayed silk squares with tassels.

    Gabby turns around with a smirk on her face.

    “Graduation caps?”

    He nods with a smile. “A private joke. We matriculate a lot.”

    “Is it a nightmare? Repeating high school?” She asks, curiously.

    “The younger we start out in a new place, the longer we can stay.” He shrugs. 

    She nods in understanding before continuing up the stairs. He gestures to a room and she walks in, looking around. A wall of glass doors open to a desk with the river in sight with a lounge chair. The rest is floor to ceiling CD’s, vinyl, 8-track tapes, etc with a very nice stereo set up. She raises an eyebrow and turns around toward the man.

    “I’m guessing. Your room?” She asks to which he nods. “There’s no bed.”

    “No sleep.” He smirks.


    He shakes his head. “No drool, no snoring. Nothing.”

    Laughing slightly, she turns toward the wall of CD’s and runs her hand across them, studying the titles.

    “Do you have any favorites?” He asks when she looks back toward him.

    “Alternative? Jazz? Sixties?” She admits.

    “She knows her music.” He grins. “Alright. 1890s. Classical.”

    Gabby thinks to herself for a moment before smiling widely. “Debussy.”

    He looks at her, surprised. “My favorite.”

    He pulls out a CD and puts it on. He then takes her hand and puts it on the speaker of the stereo. Her eyes light up when she recognizes the vibrations. She moves her hand to the different vibrations when Edward takes her hand and turns her in a pirouette. She grins widely, allowing him to do so, but when she ends up in front of him again, she shakes her head.

    “I don’t dance.”

    “Ever?” He teases her slightly.

    She blushes and shrugs. “No tripping, no falling.” 

    “I could always make you.” He says with a mischievous smile.

    “You don’t scare me, Mr. Cullen.” She smirks. 

    “You really shouldn’t have said that.” His grin gets wider.

    “I didn’t say anything.” She retorts.

    He tilts his head back as a booming laugh exits his mouth. Gabby smiles widely, knowing she’s the one that made him like this. He looks back at her, smiles never leaving his face, then he takes a step toward her. Her eyes widen with a small smile tugging on her lips. Before she can make it out the door, Edward runs toward her and wraps his arms around her waist.

    She squeals as he lifts her and playfully tosses her on the lounge chair, straddling her legs. He begins tickling her sides forcing her to laugh the loudest she has in her entire life. Downstairs, Esme smiles to herself as she hears the laughter drifting down from upstairs, coming from both Gabby and Edward.

    “She’s brought him to life.” She says to her husband. 

    Carlisle smiles, hearing their laughter as well. 

    “He’s been alone too long. It’s amazing to see him this way.” He comments.

    “You are right, dear.” She says, putting the food on Gabby’s plate.

    Back upstairs, Alice knocks on the open door, smiling as she catches Gabby trying to escape Edward’s moving hands.

    “Alice.” Gabby signs, knowing she can see her hands.

    “Edward.” Alice says, trying to sound stern, but they both know she doesn’t mean it.

    Edward sits up, still straddling her legs.

    “Yes, Alice?” He smirks.

    “Gabby won the tickle fight. Come on. Food’s done and Emmett wants to play a game.” She smiles.

    “How did she win?” Edward inquires, his gaze falling on his girlfriend before returning to his sister.

    “She dresses better.” The pixie-haired girl shrugs before watching what happens as if she doesn’t already know.

    Gabby, who is still on the chair, raises her arms in victory before slipping her foot out from under Edward. She lifts the foot and pushes it against his unsuspecting chest, causing him to collapse backwards to the floor. He looks up at her, his eyes widening. She grins and dashes over to Alice, who is giggling.

    Edward smirks and rushes toward his bedroom door, where they’re standing. Before he can get a hold of Gabby, Alice wraps her arms around her and rushes her downstairs.

    “No running in the house!” Esme says, putting the plate on the dining room table. 

    Alice sets Gabby down beside the table.

    "Sorry, Esme. Where’s everyone?" She inquires, her gaze sweeping the room.

    Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie enter the room and continue conversing. Jasper is carrying a faded, clearly often opened Scrabble box with a big grin on his face. Jasper walks around the table and stands next to Esme before placing the box on the table. Gabby, who has already sat down and started eating, raises her eyes, her fork inches from her open mouth.

    "Do you have a strong grasp of the English language?" Jasper inquires, his grin never leaving his face as he observes her.

    She takes a bite of pasta and then places the fork on the plate.

    "I'm pretty good," she says, as if Jasper didn't just speak like he was back in the mid to late 19th century instead of him being present right here and now in the early 21st century.

    Jasper takes a seat at the table in front of her and opens the Scrabble box. Carlisle enters the room from the kitchen, setting a glass of water on the table for Gabby, and then taking a seat next to Jasper.

    Gabby smiles and signs, "Thank you."

    The oldest vampire gives her a friendly smile.

    "You’re playing too, Carlisle?" Emmett questions as he takes a seat next to his brother's girlfriend.

    “I’m not letting this opportunity go to waste,” He responds, picking up a tile rack.

    Esme, who was tasked with keeping score, takes a seat at the head of the table, notebook and pen in hand.

    "You two can't play.  Alice, Edward." She says as she starts writing the names of the players at the top of the list. 

    Gabby, Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett.

    "Why not?" Edward whines slightly as he sits next to Gabby.

    "You're going to cheat!" She lifts her eyes from her notepad.

    Alice sighs amusingly and takes a seat at the table, already knowing who would win, but keeping her mouth closed. Gabby takes another bite of her pasta, oblivious to the nearby exchange, before grabbing some letters from the bag and placing them on the rack that Jasper has given her. Edward reaches over to move a couple of her tiles, but she smacks his hand away and moves them herself.

    Emmett scoffs and stifles a laugh as he starts rearranging his own tiles. After hearing his brother's thoughts, Edward kicks his brother in the shin, causing the 90 year old vampire to laugh.  Gabby takes another bite of pasta and lifts her eyes to the family in front of her.

    "You're going down!" Emmett grins.

    "We'll see," Gabby shrugs as she watches Jasper reveal the first word.

    Despite everyone liking the young girl, they believe one of the vampires are going to win. In their eyes, it’s most likely Carlisle or Jasper. Except Rosalie. She puts her whole heart and broken soul into her human friend.

    Gabby uses the last seven tiles to build the best word on the board, and Emmett's jaw drops. She makes the word jumboize with Jasper's J and two of the triple letter blocks.

    "Total for her word is..." Esme then mentally calculates the statistics. "54 points. Gabby comes out on top with 432 points. With 398 points, Jasper is in second. With 322, Carlisle is in third position. Emmett's final score was 234 points."

    “Yes!” Rosalie cheers as she stands up.

    “How...How did you do that?” Emmett asks, looking up at the human.

    She shrugs with a smirk. “When you’re deaf, you have a lot of free time, especially when you’re homeschooled. I’ve never had real friends before so I spent most of my time reading. I’ve even read the dictionary once.”

    “I can’t believe it!” Jasper says, his eyes focused on the game board in front of him.

    He had just lost a game of Scrabble. It's one of his strongest assets. Unless Alice or Edward are playing...this and chess. He can't say anything because he's speechless. Gabby giggles to herself as she reads his lips. Emmett shakes his head and turns to face the human girl beside him on his left.

    "We're going to play again next time." He signs and pouts.

    "Of course. You just want to lose again." She grins.

    Everybody in the room, including Emmett, bursts out laughing. Edward wraps his arm around the waist of his girlfriend, a smile ripping his face apart.

    "That's right! My girlfriend won!"

    “Then you play next time!” Emmett looks at his brother.

    “No. I’m not going to lose.” Edward chuckles as he signs, causing Gabby to laugh. “Come on. We got to go.”

    She nods and stands up from her chair. Each of the Cullen’s give her a small hug until it gets to Rosalie.

    “I’m proud of you!” She signs before pulling her in for a hug.

    Gabby’s cheeks heat up as she wraps her arms around the taller girl. When they pull away, the blonde steps back and smiles.

    “We need to go shopping or have a girls’ night soon.” 

    The dark-haired girl nods fast with a large smile on her face. Edward looks at his family as his girlfriend walks to the door to grab her bag.

    “I’ll be back in the morning.”

    “Don’t get caught.” Emmett smirks up at his older brother, already knowing where he’s going to be.

    He shakes his head and smacks him on the shoulder before following his girlfriend out to the car. Being the gentleman he is, he opens the passenger side door for her and closes it when she gets fully inside. The car ride isn’t filled with talking or laughter, just smiles and glances. Exactly the way that both of them like it. 

    When they reach the Swan house, Edward opens the door for her once again, except this time he walks her to the front door. Knowing he wants to tell her father about the Scrabble game, she unlocks the door and walks inside with him following her. Charlie stands up from the couch in the living room and walks into the foyer area.

    “How was it?” He asks, glancing at the teens before him.

    Gabby smirks up at her boyfriend and he shakes his head.

    “She beat my father and brother at Scrabble. It’s the first time that anyone has beaten my brother at the game.” He admits.

    “Didn’t doubt her for a second.” Charlie smiles and high fives his daughter.

    She giggles and turns toward her boyfriend, giving him a goodbye hug even though she knows she’ll see him in five minutes anyway. Charlie looks away for a moment, giving them a little privacy. Edward opens the front door to leave after pulling from the hug but the chief calls his name. He turns toward the older man and watches him gesture Gabby upstairs.

    She nods, obeying her father and walks upstairs to her bedroom. Charlie looks at his daughter’s boyfriend and bites the inside of his lip.

    “How did it go?” He asks, putting his hands on his hips. “And don’t lie to me.”

    “I believe it went quite well, sir. She was laughing and, from what I could tell, was having a good time, despite being the only one who couldn’t hear. My family loves her, sir.”

    Charlie nods and sighs through his nose, thinking of what to say. Edward could take this moment to try and read his mind again but he wants to hear him say it. If he doesn’t want him to see his daughter...he wants to hear the man say it. 

    “She’s never had many friends, let alone a boyfriend so...” He pauses for a moment before blurting out the following phrase, unconcerned whether the words crack his tough exterior. “So, I’m trusting you with her. She’s my baby girl.”

    Edward, not showing the shock that runs through him, nods. “Sir, I really do like her. I don’t care if she can hear me say it. As long as she knows. I’ll do everything I can to make her happy and smile until her very last breath and even after that.”

    Charlie nods once, not knowing the real meaning behind his words, before putting his hand out toward the youngest looking Cullen. He reaches out and shakes his hand, thankful that this night went the way it did.

    A week later, the Swan family’s having their normal weekly Thursday night dinner at the diner. It is a particularly sunny day so Edward couldn't pick up Gabby after school, forcing her to ride with her sister. After Bella pulls into the parking lot, she rushes out, not wanting to be around her older sister. 

    It’s been like this since she found out the Cullens’ secret. She stares at Edward’s family and ignores her own sister. Gabby sighs to herself before slowly stepping out, grabbing her bag. She walks toward the front of the building when Mike waves to catch her attention from beside Bella. 

    Gabby turns toward him, raising an eyebrow.

    “So…” He pauses for a second. “You and Cullen?”

    Gabby shrugs her shoulders after reading his lips and walks into the diner with her sister following, not wanting their father to wait any longer. 

    “Sorry, we’re late.” Bella says, sitting in her now regular seat. “English project.”

    Cora sets down a sirloin steak in front of Charlie, a plate of chicken tenders in front of Gabby and finally a plate of seafood in front of Bella.

    “It’s alright.” He shrugs slightly before putting down his newspaper. “I ordered you the seafood combo and your normal chicken.”

    “Order one for yourself next time.” Bella says, grabbing her fork. “You should cut back on the steak.”

    “I’m healthy as a horse.”  Charlie waves her comment off, picking up his knife.

    Gabby giggles slightly before reaching for the salt for her fries.

    “Say, Chief…” Cora starts, softly. “...boys want to know, if you find anything down by Queets River today?”

    Charlie looks around, noticing all the men in the room trying to be discreet as they look at him, but it’s not working at all. He glances at his children who watch him, wanting to know what’s going on too. He sighs and looks up at her before speaking softly.

    “We, uh, we found a bare human footprint. It looks like whoever it is, is heading east so the Kitsap County Sheriff is taking over from here.” 

    “I just hope they catch him fast.” She signs before walking away from the table. 

    Charlie looks down at his plate a moment before starting to cut his steak. They have a mindless conversation when Mike stands behind Bella, shaking his ass at the window.  Their father looks up and shakes his head, looking at his youngest daughter.

    “I think your friends are flagging you.” 

    Bella looks over her shoulder and giggles softly before shaking her head. 

    “It’s okay if you guys wanna join them. I’m just gonna turn in early anyway.” He says before taking a sip of his drink. 

    “Are you sure?” Bella says, looking at him. 

    Charlie nods, but before he can say anything else, Bella jumps up from her seat and grabs her jacket. 

    “See you later, dad.”

    She rushes out the door and straight to her friends. Gabby shakes her head, eating a tender from her plate. Her father looks at her, tilting his head toward the window with a raised eyebrow, wondering if she’s gonna be going too. She shakes her head. Edward’s coming over tonight, secretly, to help her with biology.

    Charlie nods and takes the last bite of his steak before turning toward her.

    “How’s Edward?”

    She blushes and looks down at her plate. Her father chuckles and gently pats her shoulder to get her attention. She looks up with a small smile. He raises an eyebrow with a smirk hidden under his mustache, knowing he’s slightly embarrassing his eldest daughter. She hesitates before bringing up her hands.

    “He’s a gentleman.” She comments.

    He nods, happy the boy he’s trusting with her is actually listening to him.

    #edward cullen fanfiction #edward cullen twilight #twilight edward cullen #edward cullen imagines #edward cullen imagine #edward cullen x oc #Edward Cullen x original Character #edward cullen x swan!OC #edward cullen love story #edward cullen x original female character
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    I feel like we as a society have gone from using code words to tell if you read fanfiction to telling your mom "uh, yeah, I'm reading among us fanfiction, what about it?"

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    ok but it’s not maladaptive daydreaming if i write it down later, then it’s just pre-writing

    why?, because i said so

    #tmw you turn your mental illness symptom into a hobby #no but fr if i wrote down every day dream i ever had id be a new york times best selling author by now #its all fanfiction but you just change the names and character specific details #look 50 shades of grey and twilight did it so so can i #anyways #cloud queen blogs her life
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    I guess I wrote fatt fic!!

    I wrote it mainly for myself, but also partly for @nebulousbeing - thank you so so so much for talking about Grand Mag with me; you made my entire night the other day.


    title: it gives me all the world, and exiles me from it.

    rating: general audiences

    warnings: none

    word count: 1,750 words

    relationships: Grand Magnificent & Echo Reverie

    characters: Grand Magnificent; Echo Reverie

    additional tags: takes place during futura free part 4, before grand mag pitches arbit to fourteen and tender; character study; pov second person; the actual genre of this fic is "big projection hours!!"

    summary: he didn't want to be interrupted. or found at all, really. (but if anyone was going to, it being echo is the best case scenario, he supposes.)

    link to the fic on ao3: [here!]


    it shifts everything into focus in an almost violent way that you appreciate, is the thing. 

    waking up, the first thing you think about is all the things you refuse to think about. (party rock anthem, a hastily bought flannel vest, werewolves, the doyenne, feeling, for the first time in your life, like your talent and genius might not be enough. the weight of even's gun in your hand, and the weight of the hand of something you've created against your face-- deliveries, then, and that ought to be a more comfortable thought, but it's too inherently tied to the feeling of being completely disconnected from everything and anything you based your entire being on to illicit a nice sense of sentimality, so what it causes instead is a dull dread sitting squarely in the middle of your stomach. the notion, then, missions you didn't have the skill for. being aware that this isn't for you. advent, then, a weird mixture of smooth jazz, edm and electro swing that almost, almost made you miss party rock anthem, safe houses turned prisons, your mech, finally being used the way it was intended.)

    so. you don't like waking up.

    you do, however, like sitting down outside. you like lifting your hand, moving your fingers. 

    you like working on this... whatever it is. this incomprehensible thing. (it's the most meaningful thing you've ever attempted to build, and in a way, it's art for the sake of art and nothing else, and you're not quite used to that, and it feels contradictory, and that, too, is just how it's supposed to be: it's the very embodiment of contradiction.)

    it comes to you naturally, and it makes everything else fade, slowly but surely, over the course of hours you spend just sketching away. somewhere in the back of your mind, you're aware that you were terrified while you were adjusting the plans for independence so you could give the other access to improved mechs, and that's fine as well, because there is no fear involved here. you have no idea what you're doing, and you're thrilled. 

    it shifts everything into focus in an almost violent way that you appreciate.


    you startle and accidentally draw a huge line that wasn't supposed to be there (you'll leave it there. it doesn't have to belong. this thing you're building will make it its). looking up, you have to squint against the sun and blink a few times until you recognise the person standing next to you as echo.

    "oh," you say. "hey."

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    Another chapter of By My Side is now on AO3! Go check it out now! For those of you who don't know about it, it is a BellaXAlice Twilight fanfic.

    Here is the link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/31094942/chapters/79451503

    Enjoy! Btw, don't forget to tag By My Side using ByMySideCVC

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    A fluffy War/Twi fic for Father's Day! Enjoy. <3

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    More Than A Friend | Alice Cullen

    Description: reader has a crush on alice whilst in a relationship with a guy (due to not really feeling accepted as being bisexual) but later dumps the guy and tells alice how she feels about her.
    Warning(s): lil mature (it's a kiss lol), and if you dislike bisexual people or people of lgbtq+ then don't read ig lol

    You sat next to Alice in AP Spanish class, not paying attention to anything that the teacher was dragging on about, and gossiping with her about shopping and music.

    You stared at her whilst she talked about her favourite clothing stores and such, a small smile on your lips as her golden eyes lit up with joy whenever she spoke about a certain item of clothing. Biting your lip you looked down at hers, her blood red lipstick standing out against her pale white skin; looking more and more inviting as each day passes.

    As she turns her head, you quickly let go of your lip and smile towards her before turning slightly to look at the teacher to see what was happening. Still, Alice continued to talk about her many favourite stores and you continued to listen, looking at her and nodding every once in a while.

    As the bell rang, you and Alice packed up together and started to walk out of the room when she turned and looked at you straight, "Would you like sit with me today?" You blinked at her and before you could say anything, Justin came around the corner and wrapped his arm around your waist, a smirk on his lips as he looked towards Alice, "She's with me today pixie." You looked towards him with a scowl on your face before turning to Alice and mouthing a small 'sorry' before reluctantly walking away with a frown on your face.

    You lay in his bed, a sign leaving your lips as you looked over to see him sitting on his phone, different audios passing through his speakers. You grabbed your phone from the side table before opening up your messages and going straight to Alice's contact.

    'I'm thinking of breaking up with Justin'

    Your fingers hovered over the send button, but as you thought over the different rumours that could surface you decided against it and pressed backspace to clear it.

    Clicking on Snapchat you opened your memories, looking through them to see most of the pictures were actually with Alice herself, a smile gently placing itself on your lips. Tapping on one of the most recent pictures, you remembered the day it was taken. You and Alice has gone shopping in Port Angeles together, and had snapped a picture whilst sitting in a small cafe on the corner of a street.

    You zoomed into the picture, Alice's face becoming the main focus. Your eyes scanned her face, the smile on your lips matching the one she wore in the picture; her red lipstick being another main focal point that you couldn't look away from.

    "What are you looking at?" His voice cut through your focus and your eyes widened before zooming out of the picture to show the both of you. You looked over at Justin, his eyes focused on the electronic device you held in your hands, "I'm just trying to see what shade of red Alice is wearing in this picture, I want to buy it myself." His eyes moved from the picture towards your face before he laughed obnoxiously and turned away, "It would look horrible on you, just like it does on her."

    You glanced towards him, a few insults coming to mind but you bit them down before shutting of your phone and standing up from the bed, "I'm going home, see you tomorrow." He lifted his hand and lazily waved goodbye before going back to whatever he was doing before. Sighing, you grabbed your stuff and walked down the stairs; mumbling a small 'bye' to his mother as you walked out the front door.

    Something must have happened overnight, when you woke up the next morning you had a new founding confidence. A confidence that could possibly help with confessing to Alice about what you had actually been feeling towards her for a while now.

    You walked down the stairs of the school towards the cafeteria, confidence stepping with you as you pushed open the large double doors and strutting towards Justin's table. Looking over towards the Cullens table, your eyes caught Alice's golden ones; causing you to send her a quick smile before looking forward and stopping in front of Justin - his back facing you.

    You cleared your throat, a silence taking over the table in front of you and Justin turning towards you. A smirk played his lips as he lifted up his hand to grab your waist and pull his towards his lap, but you had a different idea.

    "I'm breaking up with you."

    His smirk dropped from his face as her stared at your face, searching for any sign of regret or guilt but all he seemed to find was relief.

    "You can't break up with me, that's not something the woman can do."

    You looked at him, a snort leaving your lips, "Not something a woman can do? What, are you a child?" His eyes widened in shock, a look of disbelief crossing his face as he looked towards the other boys at his table.

    "I'm breaking up with you, as a woman. And you can't do anything about it." You turned on your heel and walked towards the table of Cullen's, your shoes clacking against the concrete flooring. Grabbing Alice's hand, you pulled her up and out of the cafeteria and towards an empty hallway.

    Alice looked at your back, a small smile playing on the edges of her red lips. You stopped walking, turning to look at her and licking your lips before mumbling, "Alice." She tilted her head, a look of confusion crossing her features, "Is something wrong, y/n?" You stared at her lips as she spoke, a sudden wave of confidence hitting you, "No, nothing at all."

    Biting you bottom lip, you looked into her golden eyes before mumbling, "May I kiss you, Alice?" She looked at you for a minute or so, the silence becoming almost unbearable and just as you were about to tell her to forget about what you had said, she gently nodded her head with a smile on her lips.

    Gently grabbing the side of her face, you pulled her towards your lips with a smile. It was like those cliche moments in the movies, where it feels like fireworks are going off and you feel all tingly inside.

    You felt Alice's hands on the side of you face and neck, her face tilting slightly allowing your lips to lock in a more comfortable and enjoyable way, and as she pulled away you pulled her back for another small peck - your lips becoming a shade of red due to her lipstick. You looked down slightly as you bit your bottom lip, and as you looked up you saw how she looked at you. The adoration, the love, and it was something you certainly hadn't gotten in your past relationship.

    "I wanna be more than a friend to you, Alice."

    A/N: okay so, this isn't really the idea I had and so I might rewrite it if people don't seem to like it, but be sure to listen to the song above whilst reading cause it fits with the idea I was going for :)
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