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  • fyeahnevilleslongbottomsocs
    26.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    start using the tag #fyeahtwilightocs if you have a twilight oc that you want to be reblogged by @fyeahtwilightocs this is a new side blog i’ve created, you don’t have to follow it or anything, just starting using the tag and i will check it weekly for new posts and i will reblog them on that blog

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  • big-idiot-wolf-boys
    23.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

                    Bella Swan in Nightfall Twilight Reimagined

    #Nightfall: Twilight Reimagined #twilight fanfiction#twilight fanfic#twilight fic#NTRE#my works#twilight #the twilight saga #twilight (2008) #new moon (2009) #eclipse (2010)#twilightenment#twilight revamped#twilight revival#twilight renaissance#twilight moodboard #Bella Swan moodboard #Bella Swan Aesthetic #Bella Swan #bi bella swan #twilight aesthetic#moodboard#aesthetics #yes i am basically just posting this to remind myself to edit and post the next chapter soon
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  • big-idiot-wolf-boys
    23.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    we’ve talked about how real werewolves exist in the twilight universe

    weve discussed whether witches exist in the twilight universe

    what about ghosts?

    #im just saying #if angela is a witch then she can definitely commune with spirits #maybe she gets in contact with jacobs mom so he can get closure or advice #maybe she tries to contact bella after she turns into a vampire and fakes her death #but angela cant contact her so she knows bella isnt dead... but she is missing #cue angela searching for bella and trying to figure out what happened #idk i just feel like theres something here #twilight#twilight renaissance#twilight revival#twilight revamped#twilightenment#twilight (2008)#New Moon(2009)#Eclipse (2010)#Bella Swan#Edward Cullen#Jacob Black#Angela Weber #the twilight saga #jay talks
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  • notquitetwilight
    13.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    what’s one random but very specific thing you’d campaign for if twilight was to get rebooted as a netflix or cw series and you were a member of production????? i’ll start: a montage of the pack and the cullens trying to catch victoria in the forest over different days soundtracked to ‘go’ by the chemical brothers

    #also I would rather the reboot focus on literally everyone but the main 2 #twilight but it’s from everyone else’s perspective #twilight#twilight renaissance #the twilight saga #the twilight series #twilight revival#the cullens#wolf pack#victoria#eclipse#twilight revamped#music #the chemical brothers #twilight hc#text post
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  • breakingdown-part2
    12.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    rating the twilight soundtracks because my will to live has left the chat

    10) the antidote - the only song from BD on this list. i like this one because its the only one that's angsty and kinda fun as opposed to the bland mix of sappy thousand years and turning pages

    9) jonathan low - am I a little biased because its a song from my favourite band? maybe. but the fact they picked them to be featured on the album bc they are called Vampire Weekend? girlboss eat it up

    8) spotlight - eVerYBoDy's sTaRiNg!! this look was honestly the peak of the twilight cinematic universe. in the words of Robert Pattinson "Edward Cullen was so beautiful I creamed myself"

    7) eyes on fire - just stop everything ur doing, take out your iPod and listen to the most emo song in here, while your vampire crush fucks off to Alaska

    6) full moon - moving to the rainiest place in the North Pacific with your cactus as your only companion? only to this beat

    5) possibility - if you haven't listened to this while crying out for your imaginary vampire boyfriend.....honestly what are you doing here?!

    4) rosyln - brb, currently lying on the forest floor

    3) hearing damage - the most powerful Beat. i love everything about this. the chase scene lives in my head RENT FREE. in fact I pay her to stay there. and Victoria's hair!?!? i collapsed, deceased

    2) with you in my head - catchy as fuck, makes me wanna rip out a tree from the ground and makes me think of jaspers perfect eclipse wig

    1) supermassive black hole - this song changed plot lines and defined a music taste of a generation and honestly, what could be more iconic

    Also i do realize i was more or less rating the scenes in the movie as well, but if you think about it, the best songs of twilight are so great because they are memorable and tied to a specific moment. Like would possibility still be burned into our emo brains if it wasn't for the rotating/depression/screaming in bed scene??! where's the lie, show me

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  • big-idiot-wolf-boys
    09.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    so Nightfall has been getting consistent hits, even though I deleted half the fic, and haven’t updated it in ages, so I guess I’m going to post the next chapter, even though I’ve never really felt good/right about it, ‘cuz people seem interested, and maybe it’s a better chapter than I thought

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  • breakingdown-part2
    07.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    the year is 2034, Netflix is finally making Twilight into series and i am in charge of the new soundtracks. This is the final product. Thank you.

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  • boink5869
    02.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    "Did it really matter if that group of toothless old men broke the treaty? It wouldn’t change much, even if they paid for a billboard on the 101 that read:

    No one would believe. Even his son didn’t believe."

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  • thecullanos
    21.02.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Just a lil group chat entry from one of Esme Cullano’s many burner phones

    #referencing real carlesme makes me feel icky like i'm ruining them #like peeing on someone's grave or something???????? idk it feels really wrong #but cursed and funny and thereby necessary at the same time #i'm so sorry #also 'polpetta' is a term of endearment that directly translates to............................................ #WAIT FOR IT....................................................................................................... #MEATBALL#:) #i love being terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #the cullanos#twilight#twilight renaissance#cullano chat#twilight au #the twilight series #the twilight saga #twilight revival#twilight revamped #carlisle x esme #carlesme#the cullens#carlisle#esme#Rosalie#alice#emmett#edward#bella#jacob#paul
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  • thecullanos
    20.02.2021 - 2 monts ago


    Esme and Carlisle meet for the first time since he got married to wife number one. CW: This story contains sexual references (no smut) and mentions of violence.

    “Ms. Platt, it’s great to see ya again.”

    Esme smiled as she approached the huge security guard that stood blocking the back door of the Cullano pizzeria.

    “Tony,” she greeted. “I told ya, you can call me Esme.”

    He nodded. “It’s been a while. How you doin’?”

    “Great,” she said automatically, a little too quickly. “I’m guessing he’s in?”

    “Yeah, he’s up there, waitin’ on ya.”

    “Guess I shouldn’t keep him waitin’ any longer.”

    She walked closer, then frowned at how he didn’t budge from his spot.

    “You know the drill,” he said.

    She gave him a hard look. “You really gonna pat me down?”

    “You wanna give me somethin’ so I don’t have to?”

    She sighed and reached inside her coat pocket, then thrust a gun into his open hand. He merely raised an eyebrow at her, so with an eye roll she pulled a different pistol from the holster on her thigh, then reached down and slipped a blade out from its spot on the sole of her heel.

    “There,” she grumbled, handing them both to him. “Happy?”

    “Yeah. Thanks.”

    He swung the door open and stood to the side, holding it for her.

    “How do you know I don’t have anything else?” she asked as she walked through.

    He shrugged. “I gotta trust ya. I don’t think Boss’d like me pattin’ you down. Take it easy, Esme.”

    With that, the door was shut, and she stood alone in the corridor inaccessible from the restaurant. She bypassed the first set of stairs which led down to the underground hallway and instead headed up the set that led to Carlisle’s office. She paused on the top step, taking a second to steady herself.

    It had been four whole months since Esme last saw Carlisle, and each one felt like a year. She had vowed that from his wedding day onwards, their relationship would be strictly professional. Yet whenever the usual monthly poker game between the allied bosses of Jersey and NYC had since taken place, she was unable to bring herself to attend. When it came to deal negotiations, she sent one of her guys to take her place so that she wouldn’t have to see him.

    Tonight, she forced herself to meet with him. She knew her absence wasn’t going unnoticed, and though Carlisle wouldn’t hold it against her, it wouldn’t do well to have anybody thinking she was weak. Especially as one of very few women who had a seat at the table. She had to get used to being in his company again.

    Still, she was apprehensive. She didn’t know how she’d react to seeing him after the longest time they’d ever spent apart. She also didn’t know how he’d react to seeing her, now that he was a married man. After all, she was the one who turned down his proposal, who told him to marry someone else, who decided to cut personal contact, and who chickened out of their business meetings.

    As she walked to his office door, she thought of what Tony said. I don’t think Boss’d like me pattin’ you down. The ‘you’ was emphasised, exclusive of anyone else. So Tony had the impression Carlisle still cared for her, or had some sense of jealousy over her. Was that something to go off, at least?

    She didn’t give herself a chance to back out by hesitating at the door, instead just barging right in without breaking her stride. He was sitting behind his desk. His head snapped up as she entered, but she averted her eyes. She didn’t want to look directly at him.

    “Jesus, woman,” he greeted as she closed the door behind her. “Haven’t ya heard’a knockin’?”

    “Sorry,” she said, not sounding sorry at all. “Knock knock.”

    She reluctantly turned away from the door and walked further into the room, looking anywhere but at him. She’d been in this office countless times, but around she walked, feigning interest in random parts of it.

    “Good to finally see you,” he said seriously. “It’s been way too long. How’ve ya been?”

    “Fine, fine,” she said to the samurai sword that hung on the wall. “You?”

    “Ahh, y’know. Busy. Never a dull moment, right?”

    “In the mafia or in marriage?” she mused.

    “Both,” he said with a brief laugh.

    “So should we get down to business?” she said abruptly, approaching the desk.

    “Uh, wait a minute. Take a seat, we haven’t seen each otha in foreva. I wanna catch up with ya first. Just, y’know, talk.”

    She stayed standing. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

    “Damn, really? Is that how it is?”

    “How what is? I’m just keepin’ it professional.”

    “Nah, you’re keepin’ it awkward. You haven’t so much as looked at me since you walked in.”

    Finally, she looked him in the face. He looked as handsome as always, if not more so. She wondered if his eyes had always been that blue or if she was learning the reality of the phrase ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder.’ This only grated her even more.

    “Don’t you have a wife to get back to?” she asked bitterly.

    He blinked. “She knows I work crazy hours. Don’t see why it matters to you, anyway.”

    “It doesn’t. I just don’t want you keepin’ her waitin’.”

    “What about you? Are you trying to hurry home? I heard you been datin’ someone.”

    His tone was casual, but his gaze was intense as he leaned forward and poured a glass of scotch. He pushed it to the front of the desk for her to take, then poured one for himself.

    She took the glass, admiring the pretty crystal before taking a swig. “Gotta keep myself entertained somehow.”

    “He entertains you, does he?” his smile was sarcastic.

    She tilted her head. “Who says it’s a he?”

    “I know it’s that guy from Cali. From that borgata your family goes way back with. What’s his name, Chad?”

    “Charles,” she corrected. She shouldn’t have been surprised he knew, but she was still caught off guard.

    “Hmm,’ he said, with a nod. “Bet your family’s happy. They never were big fans’a me.”

    “Ma loves him,” she agreed. “Not crazy ‘bout the last name though, since it isn’t Italian. The Italian’s on his mother’s side.”

    “Last name?” he said with surprise. “Why? Not like you’d marry the guy.”

    Her eyes lowered to her glass as he waited for her to say something. She didn’t.

    “Don’t tell me you’re actually considerin’ marryin’ him?” he asked, anger beginning to creep into his tone.

    “I already did,” she mumbled, still not looking at him.

    He stood up and walked out from behind the desk, then started pacing around. “Let me get this straight. Miss I’m-Not-Ready-To-Be-A-Wife is engaged to some jamook she barely even knows?”

    She exhaled and dragged her eyes up to try meet his, but he was pacing too quickly and roughly rubbing his temples.

    “Not engaged. Married. We were in Vegas last month, so we just got it over with.”

    He stopped pacing, with his back to her. She braced herself for an outburst, but all she heard was a barely audible “you gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me.”


    He whirled around then, his expression seething. “Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? Three months, Ezzie? Three fuckin’ months?”

    “You got married first!” she blurted lamely, hating how she sounded like a whiny child.

    “Because you fuckin’ told me to! After tellin’ me you’d never, ever get married to nobody no matta what!”

    “Yeah well. Things change,” was all she could say.

    “Bullshit. Things don’t change that quick,” he said, his volume lower but his tone still angry. “Guess it wasn’t that you didn’t wanna marry. You just didn’t wanna marry me.” He laughed without humour. “Holy shit. I’ve been makin’ a real asshole outta myself all these years, huh? Thinking this was some sorta destiny, star-crossed shit. Either I’m the world’s biggest fuckin’ mor-ahn or you’re the world’s best fuckin’ actress, ‘cause I really thought you loved me.”

    “I do,” she tried, then cringed at the irony.

    “Is that supposed to be fuckin’ funny?” he snapped, his eyes narrowed. “Jesus Christ, Es. Coulda just told me you weren’t interested. Saved me a lotta fuckin’ hassle. Aren’t I worth that much, at least? We have a child togetha, for Christ’s sake.”

    “Don’t,” she warned, finding herself up in his space and giving his chest a little shove. “Don’t you fuckin’ dare use her like that.”

    He stumbled back slightly. “I’m not usin’ her. I just don’t get it. After all we’ve been through, I think I’m owed some honesty.”

    “If you really think that I don’t fuckin’ love you after all these years, I don’t know what to tell ya,” she said.

    “You’re kiddin’, right?” he said again.

    She was furious. “You think I’d lie about how I feel about you for that length of time?” she asked through gritted teeth. “You really think I’ve been dyin’ for the chance to marry somebody else the second you got tied down? Has it never fuckin’ entered your thick skull—“ she patted the top of his head for emphasis “—that maybe I got married to someone else in a rush because I felt like I’d made a terrible mistake and didn’t know how else to cope with possibly having lost you forever? Especially with my ma yackin’ in my ear about how she sees you ‘n your broad out ‘n about and how happy you look and how I’m gonna die alone?”

    He didn’t say anything. She continued arguing anyway.

    “If that’s what you think of me, ya know what? You are a fuckin’ mor-ahn, and I was right not to marry you.”

    “You don’t mean that,” he quietly, and she realised he was smiling ever so slightly. She couldn’t tell if that made her more angry or relieved.

    “Go and fuck yourself,” she spat.

    “Fuck you,” he smirked.

    “Fuck you!” she hissed, giving him another slight shove.

    He shook his head, amused, and bounced back in close to her. “Nah. Fuck you.”

    He stood over her now, staring into her eyes as his breath tickled her face. She suppressed a shiver as goosebumps rose all over her body. He broke his stare to focus on some messy hair strands that had, in her anger, fallen in front of her forehead, then gently brushed them away. The shiver couldn’t be contained then.

    “Okay,” she agreed quietly. “Fuck me.”

    Suddenly they were kissing, so aggressively her teeth loudly clinked against his. It didn’t matter; his arms were around her right away as she pushed him into the wall. After a moment, he swivelled them around so she was the one against it.

    When she broke for air he moved from her lips down to her neck. She gripped him tighter with one hand as her legs buckled, and fumbled around for his belt with the other. Then he was back in her face, kissing her lips. She abandoned his belt to guide his hand to her throat. He wrapped his fingers around her neck and pushed his thumb down on her favourite spot, immediately prompting her to groan and close her eyes. She felt him smile against her lips before moving to kiss the place he had just squeezed, then followed her diamond necklace down as far as her skin was exposed.

    She couldn’t stand any longer. She looped her arms around his neck and jumped up into him, wrapping her legs around his waist. He caught her at the back of her upper thigh, each hand cradling an ass cheek. He carried her over to his desk, sat her down in the middle, and swooped the lamp and whatever paperwork lined the side off onto the floor.

    She lay down and slid upwards to occupy the full length of the desk. He wasted no time in climbing on top of her, a knee at each side, and began kissing her neck again as she went back to his belt. She got it open after a torturous few seconds, then yanked it out in one harsh pull and dropped it to the floor as he dealt with his zip. He lifted the skirt of her dress with his right hand as his left stroked her jawline. Feeling the tiniest piece of metal against her skin made her shout “WAIT.”

    He froze and dropped both hands, looking up at her with wide eyes. She smiled reassuringly at him as she caught his left hand and held up his ring finger.

    “Do me a favor ‘n take that off.”

    He unquestioningly abided, taking his wedding band off and tossing it over his shoulder without looking to see where it landed.

    “’Kay, thank you,” she kissed his now bare finger. “Carry on.”

    He smiled at her and began kissing along her collarbone, his right hand back to lifting up her dress. Then, he pushed the lace fabric of her thong to the side, and she gasped as together they were one once more.

    * * *

    As the two of them sat in comfortable silence on Carlisle’s armchair, Esme realised how at home she felt in his arms. There she lay against his bare chest, toying with her necklace, the only piece of her outfit that remained on. She was curled up in a ball on his lap, her legs hung over the arm of the chair.

    Shivering, she sat up to reach down and grab her fur coat off the floor, then threw it over them. She watched him for a moment, unsure if he was awake or asleep. His head was tilted back to face the ceiling and his eyes were closed, but he wore a faint smile.

    “What are you thinking?” she whispered, in case he was actually sleeping, but he opened his eyes and lifted his head.

    “Just thinkin’ ‘bout how happy I am that you’re here,” he smiled wider, stroking her cheek with his thumb. “I missed you.”

    “I missed you, too,” she said quietly, settling back into his chest. “And this.”

    He laughed. “Yeah. That was definitely somethin’ worth missin’. How the hell’d we go four months?”

    “I don’t know,” she smiled against his skin.

    She really didn’t. She’d been there for what had to have been hours and this was their first proper rest. Satisfying their initial hunger for each other hadn’t been enough. She was starting to think it never would; that they would always crave each other, no matter how much of each other they got. The night had proven nobody would ever love her like Carlisle did, because nobody would ever know her like he did. Not in body, mind, or soul. But it had occurred to her that she didn’t want them to. She was already gone; she belonged to him and he belonged to her, and no paperwork in the world was ever going to change that. What they were transcended all definitions.

    “I love you,” she found herself saying, though it could never translate how she felt.

    He kissed the top of her forehead. “I love you, too. My girl, forever.”

    She looked up with a smirk. “Might not wanna tell your wife that.”

    “Want me to leave her?” he asked.

    She laughed, loudly and carefree for the first time since she had last seen him. But as he continued to stare at her, she realised he was sincere.

    “You’re serious?”

    “‘Course I am. You know all you gotta do is say the word.”

    “You’re not the only one who’s married now, remember?” she teased, but with a raised brow.

    “What, you scared’a him? Or you think I’d be scared’a him?”

    “Maybe we should be.”

    “Please. A San Fran man? He’s on our territory. What the fuck is he gonna do?”

    She rolled her eyes but smiled at his bravado.

    “But if you’re that worried, even though you don’t have to be, we could run away. We could leave the game behind, become like, I dunno, bank robbers or wadeverthefuck. Get a nice farm in the middle’a nowhere or somethin’.”

    “And leave Rose behind?”

    “We could take her with us.”

    “Yeah, snatchin’ our biological-given-up child from the playground and sittin’ her in the back seat while we go on heists sounds like one helluva fresh start.”

    They laughed quietly together, and he planted a kiss on her shoulder.

    “I really would leave her, you know,” he muttered against her skin.

    She smiled and stroked the back of his head, running her fingers through his hair. “I know.”

    “But you don’t want me to?”

    She did, but she didn’t. They were meant to be together, that was officially clear as day. But she still wasn’t sure in what sense. They didn’t really fit the idea of a married couple. Her marrying Charles had been an impulsive mistake made out of jealousy and familial pressure. She wasn’t taking her new role as his wife very seriously, but with him she could afford not to — she didn’t love him, so it didn’t matter if he wound up hating her or wanting to leave. She loved Carlisle, meaning she would never want to disappoint him as his wife. And that still felt like a colossal undertaking.

    “I don’t want you to leave her,” she said slowly. “But I don’t want you to leave me, either.”

    He looked up from her shoulder. “So...?”

    “How about we just do this for a while?”

    “This?” he wondered. “What, you mean like, bangin’ in the office?”

    She rolled her eyes again. “Not specifically the office, but that general idea. We stay married, go about our business, but y’know, our businesses are very intertwined. We work together a lot. It’s not a stretch that some of those times, we’d be alone.”

    She saw his face process everything, but couldn’t gauge his reaction. “So...you want us to have an affair?”

    She nodded, and in a small voice asked “whaddiya think?”

    He paused for a second. “I think that’s pretty hot.”

    She broke into another smile and leaned in to kiss him again.

    “So I guess this makes you my goomah?” he teased.

    “Again, you’re not the only one who’s married. Which means you’re also my goomah.”

    He leaned his head back and closed his eyes again. “I’ll be anything you want me to be.”

    Esme returned to lying against his chest and closed her eyes, too. She didn’t care what he was, as long as he was hers.

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  • thecullanos
    20.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    This blog is best viewed on a desktop for the full Cullano experience. But this pinned post will allow mobile users to access the pages that make the blog what it is, and that the app and mobile browser versions don’t allow you to see!!!

    Character Pages







    The Hale Twins: Jasper & Jessamine

    The Three Wolves: Leah, Jacob & Paul



    Read on AO3

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  • jibril-thelibraryangel
    17.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I will die mad at the fact that Smeyer killed off Bree Tanner instead of letting her join the Cullens... I mean THE POTENTIAL.

    Imagine Bella “I wanna be a vampire now!” Swan, witnessing firsthand the struggles of a neonate and having second thoughts about her choice.

    Imagine seeing a whole new side of the Cullens as they are finally force to pay attention to someone who isn’t Bella for five minutes.

    Imagine having a character who hates Bella, not because they are evil or because “women be petty”, but because Bella indirectly ruin their life.

    Imagine Bella finally getting some perspective about how her actions affect others and learning to worry for the safety of people other than her and Edward. Which makes her feel conflicted when they start recruiting vampires to fight the Vulturi.

    Imagine Bella actually making an effort to become friends with a female character.

    Imagine Bree finding out the Vultori enabled Victoria to create the army of neonates, so we finally get someone in the Cullen clan with an actual hatred of the antagonists. Finally allowing the Vulturi to feel less than obstacles and more like real villains.

    Imagine Edward becoming a good father figure for Bree, which is what convinces Bella that she wants a baby, instead of it being a Mormon pro life commercial.

    Imagine Edward having a non antagonistic relationship with someone other than Bella period.

    Imagine Bella actually struggle in becoming a vampire and bonding over that with Bree.

    Imagine Bella being a big sister to Bree because she’s the only Cullen younger than her.

    Imaging Jacob imprinting on Bree, which forces him to overcome his hatred of vampires and gives him the chance to have a relationship with someone his age.

    Imagine Bree not having a romantic relationship, which would make her the first female character in the series whose motivations do not revolve around a man.

    The possibilities are basically endless but nooooo

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  • breakingdown-part2
    16.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Im sorry but Bella's Lullaby kinda flops for me. You're telling me Edward, who had a CENTURY to master his piano skills just whipped this two finger symhonica tik tok backdrop and Bella immediately nutted like oH yes beethoven reincarnated

    Mr Burwell honey second dimention has more depth than this, you can do better babey

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