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    11.04.2021 - 34 minutes ago
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    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Re-Reading Twilight as an "Adult" 1/?

    *Disclaimer: This was spurred by my reading of Midnight Sun. Please indulge me... lol 🙄🧛‍♂️

    This is a real thing though! An actual physiological reaction that some people (including myself) experience! And it is especially frustrating because people either don't take you seriously when you are mad, or worse, they believe you are crying on purpose to manipulate your way out of the argument or situation, when crying is the LAST thing you want to be doing right then!

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  • twilightishot
    11.04.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Thank you all so much for finding my content rad enough to follow :) I can’t believe there’s so many of you!! That’s so awesome!!! I hope we can have even more fun in the future :)

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  • enchantedpersephone
    11.04.2021 - 6 hours ago
    Why I'm laughing about that? LMAO
    Sorry, I know my jokes are terrible. But, I totally imagine that dialogue taking place at some level where they abandon the romance with extra sugar, and just deal with their problems in a normal and very human way. Like Bella saying "You know what? I feel that way! What are you going to do about it?" But, Edward being Edward, he just gets startled by how Bella starts the discussion so directly and aggressively, that he refuses to really argue with her. Choosing a non-confrontation path, as usual, he chooses to only answer with a "Not right now, Bella."
    Just dragging the subject until he can fully understand the situation (Even If it's very simple to resolve), making Bella very angry with him. Making her bring up the subject in every way possible, until it crawls out of his shell and mind, dealing with it, correctly.
    I mean it's not perfect. But It sets the mood, right? Like, nothing frustrastes more a partner them trying to solving things in the relationship and the other part it's not in the mood or are emocionally unavailiable. Am I making sense?
    What I'm trying to say is that, although I love my first OTP. When we are reading BD, we have all of those marriage problems, and I would love to see them really arguing without a "thing about immortal child pregnancy" or "that big plot of life and death over our heads coming our way". ... I just wanted to see them trying to solve the real problems, which they both know they have in the adult relationship, you know? But I’m probably thinking about it a lot and it’s not making much sense.
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  • thebossofcute
    11.04.2021 - 7 hours ago


    In keeping with my commentary on Cullen Cars, I give you the Top Gear assessment of THE SHINY VOLVO that started it all.

    Its no coincidence that my current Top Gear re-watch is coinciding with my Twilight Renaissance BUT I DID NOT EVER CARE enough about Edward's hunk of Swedish lead to know what model it was until i hit my Twilight Renaissance and looked it up as a refresher. So imagine my coca cola spit take when this pops up in S2E9. Go ahead. Watch it.

    Watch "Volvo S60R | Car Review | Top Gear" on YouTube

    Edward can defend his Volvo and go on about his tuned engine and semi-slick barely road legal tires and optional extra racing package but AT THE END OF THE DAY, Volvo originally marketed this car as a RIVAL for the BMW M3 - Rosalie's car.

    But you know this is exactly the kind of car Edward would buy, isn't it? Its fastidious.

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  • hurtslikeyourmouth
    11.04.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #woohoo new chapter #good omens extended universe #fright night (2011) #Peter vincent#twilight saga#aro volturi#underworld#Lucian #aro volturi x peter vincent #aro volturi x lucian #lucian x peter vincent
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  • enchantedpersephone
    11.04.2021 - 9 hours ago
    There it's my first shit meme gif from the night! *claps lonely* I'm very proud about that little Twilight meme u_u Even though I know that's not worth nothing...hahahahaha *nervously laugher*
    @queertwilight just made a funny (but very wise) post, so I coudn't help it! These inspirational things are dangerous, you know... :P
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  • avyannadawn
    11.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Being the Fae of the family (hc) || the Cullens

    Fandom: Twilight

    Pairings: the Cullens x faerie female reader (sibling/parental relationship)

    Warnings: mention of anxiety (tiny), a swear word or two, fluff :) its a bit long for a headcanon, but oh well.

    Summary: To where the Cullens take in a nature fae. Feedback is always appreciated >3

    Wc: 1392


    Alice and Rosalie sensing you in the forest while hunting together.

    Smelling your blood from miles away, they followed the scent to where you lay, legs tucked underneath you in a clearing, flowers blooming out your bare hands.

    They stood silently behind a tree, watching in fascination as everything blossomed to life around you, enticing the two vampires.

    Both being confused about how your blood isn’t tempting and why they have no desire to drink it. The thought making both of them curious about what you are. 

    Alice is the one to slowly walk over to you first, careful not to frighten you.

    You knew that they’ve been there, watching from behind the tree for a while now, having the trees whisper about their presence to you. 

    “Hello there, vampires,” you spoke softly, smiling as you turned to face Alice. You tilted your head to the side as you watched the vampire kneel in front of you, her pixie-like appearance catching you off guard. 

    The blonde appearing behind the other, watching you with the same look of curiosity and fascination.

    The two vampires introduced themselves as Alice and Rosalie, to which you replied, “Y/n, my name is y/n.”

    You talked in the little clearing for hours with the two vampires. Finding out that they’re ‘vegetarian’ and live amongst humans shocked you, you never knew vampires could be so kind to humans. Telling them how you a nature faerie, how you can talk to the flora and fauna around you and bring it to life. 

    Alice getting excited, bouncing on her knees with wide eyes. “Fairy? You’re a fairy?” 

    “No, I am a fae, fairies do not exist,” you replied with a giggle.

    Reluctantly agreeing to meet the rest of their family, you stood letting your magic wash over you, transitioning you into your fae form. 

    Rosalie gaping at your wings. The large butterfly-like wings, taking up all the space behind you. The thin delicate frame shone softly as the green vine-like webbing wrapped around the wings in all different green and dusty pink hues. Your height shrinking to your regular fae height rather than the human form you took when you wandered the forest.

    Flying beside the two girls as they ran (at their natural vampire speed), you reached the large white house.

    The rest of their family stood side by side on the porch as if they were waiting for your arrival.

    “Hello there,” said a tall pale blonde man who you assumed to be the leader of the small coven of vampires, all their eyes seemed to dart between the two of you. 

    You beamed up at him, “hello, I’m y/n.”

    The family loving you instantly, taking you in (you agreed of course) as their own. 

    Questions being thrown at you as soon as you meet them all, most coming from Alice and Emmett. “How do you do that?” “Why are your ears pointy?” “Can you talk to animals? Do they curse?” “How come your blood isn’t desirable?” “What do you eat?” “Can I touch your wings?” “How fast can you fly?”

    Carlisle stepping in and placing a hand on their shoulders to calm the two brunettes down as the rest of the family chuckled. 

    All being curious as to why non of them have the urge to drink from you like they do with everyone else. You assumed it had something to do with fae blood being magical, which took away the temptation from vampires.

    Jasper was relieved to be able to let himself be, given how he didn’t have to try and control himself around you. The two of you form a close bond.

    You taught Esme how to make all your native foods, explaining how each country has a different type of fae with different abilities. Like how the fae of Antarctica are frost fae.

    Edward showing you how to play the piano and in return, you showing him all the music your kind make and all the instruments of your people.

    Alice using you as her personal dress-up doll, not that you minded, you had always wanted a sister like herself and Rosalie and now you finally have them. You showed Alice all the styles of clothing fae usually wore and she loved it.

    You and Jasper would take for hours on end, exchanging history stories, teaching him the history of the fae and all the wars your people have experienced. To which he told you all about the Civil War.

    You and Rosalie bonding over cars, you had never really seen what humans use as transportation up close, so Rosalie showed you everything there is to know about them. Sometimes sitting in the seat of the car she worked on, each of you enjoying each others company. 

    Emmett absolutely adoring you. Like this boy straight up loves you, always having pillow fights or when you go hunting with them, you toying with the bears, enchanting them to talk and literally scaring him to death (pun intended;))

    Carlisle being fascinated by you, never knowing your kind ever existed. Him being absolutely floored by your healing procedures and medical treatment. Him being so curious about your wings to which you two would divulge in hours-long talks about the anatomy structure differences between humans and faeries.

    All of them being extremely worried about your wings, seeing as they look like they’re made of shiny glass. All of them being scared to breathe (hehe) in the wrong direction in case they broke you. 

    But after you and Emmett got into a pillow fight and you accidentally shot him through the wall of the living room, they were kind of shocked. You reassured them that they can be as strong as they want around you because fae rarely get hurt and even if they do they heal extremely fast.

    Them all gifting you a large botanical greenhouse for Christmas. You nearly passed out from pure joy.

    You spent all your free time there. Planting enchanted plants, ones you could never plant where humans or anyone else could find it. Seeing as each one had different effects, unknown to humans.

    All of them being shocked when they walked in for the first time after giving it to you, the once empty dome now looked like it could’ve been out of some magical film or book. 

    The entire place is lit up by shimmering flowers that hover midair. Violet, jade and teal hues sparkling like moonlight from each corner of the enclosed garden, literally bringing the entire garden to life. 

    You eventually going to school with them (in your human form) to which you get incredibly uncomfortable with the number of stares you get, hearing all the things humans whisper about you. 

    Jasper using his empath ability to calm your nerves, sending you encouraging smiles every time he feels your anxiety spike. 

    The whole family glaring at anyone who even looks at you the wrong way, and given that each and every one of them has looks that could kill, the stares stop almost immediately. 

    All your classes being with at least one of them. 

    You love school, finding the human would enthralling. 

    After about a year of being with the Cullens, you casually drop the fact that you are also immortal.

    Everything going absolutely quiet. No one knowing what to say because they all assumed you had the lifespan of a human. Rosalie is the first to react, pulling you into a tight embrace to which everyone joins in, hugging you as if you could disappear if they let go.

    Especially Esme.

    The entire family is so fucking relieved. The thought of watching their little sister/ daughter grow old and pass was one of the saddest thoughts any of them had, so they avoided it as much as possible but now knowing that they now get to spend eternity with you, they couldn’t be happier.

    The thought of taking away your fae nature to turn you vampire disgusted all of them, you were the light of their family and the comfort of hearing your tiny heartbeat made their day, knowing you were safe and alive. 

    And now after spending nearly three centuries by their side, you couldn’t be more content, knowing you finally have a family that loves you and whom you love in return just as fiercely.

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    it’s loving rosalie hale hours bc she deserves the WHOLE WIDE WORLD BABY

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    So because I couldn't help it....I went looking for a khaki shiny Volvo.

    I was not disappointed!!!!🥰😉😂🤭

    #even the interior is khaki #they call it anything but khaki #twilight#twilight revival#twilight renaissance#twihard#twilight saga#bella swan#edward cullen #stupid shiny Volvo owner
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    "i had an adrenaline rush. they're very common, you can google it."

    narrator voice: and she did google it.

    #mine#twilight#twilight saga#edward cullen#bella swan #yes it is hell livinginside my head thanks for asking
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    us in 50 years from now: so what kind of cat do you think that guy at the italian restaurant was thinking about

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  • bisexualemmettcullen
    11.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    i have very limited design skills but i tried making one of those "it's five o'clock somewhere" shirts except its edward at voltera and

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    If Seth was a Gen Z, he definitely would have had a Hannah Montana phase.

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    if Angela isnt a lesbian then explain this

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    I do not want to learn how to drive but i wanna recreate the twilight scene where edward drives very recklessly so i guess its a sacrifice i'll have to live with

    #twilight#edward cullen #if i get to run over disgusting men thatd be a great bonus #twilight movie#twilight saga#bella swan#forks washington
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    new hc Mike and Eric were DEFINITELY in AV club

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    It seems like every once and a while, two people get it figured out, two people get it right. And the rest of us, we walk around daydreaming about what that might be like. To find that one great love where, all of the sudden everything that used to seem so complicated became simple, and everything that used to seem wrong all of the sudden seemed right because you were with the person who made you feel fearless.

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