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    This GIF has me cackling

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  • i feel like a baby on here seeing as everyone who’s blogging about the twilight renaissance is - more often than not - in their mid/late 20s+ while i’m only 18

    i started on my hyper fixations young what can i say 😗✌️

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  • Can you imagine if Bella had actually been a stoner Edward would’ve revealed himself as a vampire and homegirl would’ve woken up the next morning like “damn that was a weird trip hahah anyw- why the fuck is Edward Cullen here”

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  • Carlisle: Sshh don’t say a word
    Emmett: Fergalicious
    Carlisle: I said no words
    Emmett: Oh, I see. Two weeks ago playing Scrabble, it’s not a word. Now suddenly it is a word because it’s convenient for you

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  • Someone correct me if I’m wrong as I’ve only seen one post about this a while ago and am not sure how true this is as I’m not Native American, but I’ve heard that when a Native American cuts their hair it’s a sign of great loss or something along those lines. 

    So if this is correct, would SMeyer kindly explain to me WHY the shapeshifters, who are Native American, cut their hair after they shift for the first time? And only the ones that are a part of the main series as, as far as I can tell, the first ones didn’t cut their hair when they first transform? Does SMeyer really hate them that much? Is turning into a giant wolf THAT much of a great loss?

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  • i wish we had scene of uncle jasper & auntie alice taking renegade shopping,,,

    • imagine alice picking out the most stylish outfits she could put together in the most high end stores
    • jasper just watching her with pure love and feeding off her positive vibes
    • their chucky-like niece casually scaring the fuck out of other customers while browsing
    • at one point jasper managed to sneak in a cowboy hat and some boots into their basket
    • alice was fuming and said she hated it
    • though she confessed to herself later that it was actually kinda adorable
    • obviously edward heard and ratted her tf out to her husband who was ~estatic~
    • from then on he demanded he and alice wear matching ‘husband & wife’ cowboy hats wherever they go
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  • I love Rosalie

    I love Emmett

    But Emmett and Rosalie were paired up to make Rosalie look like more of a bitch to dampen Emmetts enthusiasm.

    I said what I said

    Don’t add me

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  • Personally, I am so curious how we as a bitter fandom will evolve in the Twilight Renaissance Renaissance when the next book comes out

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  • Leah and Seth, before shit went down. Or maybe in an AH!AU, who knows.

    #Leah Clearwater#Seth Clearwater#Twilight#Twilight Series#Twilight Saga #? #anyway #i spent seventeen years drawing leah and i still don't like how she looks #fun! #i guess nothing's forcing me to post this #but when has that ever stopped me #should i ever draw them again leah'll probably look quite different #i like seth though
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  • “twilight but it’s from charlie’s point of view” would be hysterical the first three movies it’s just him dealing with his teenage daughters bizarre love life and then in the fourth his friends son just turns into a werewolf in front of him

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  • I’m joking. not really. 

    it’s sucha  dead fandom and but i still love those horrible horrible books and movies and sometimes i wish i had someone to talk with them about it. 

    let’s talk about how edward has no personality, or how much better the entire series would have been if they had a strong independent lead female, or how much i love the wolf pack, or how Emmett is the best cullen by far. and why is everyone obsessed with the Volturi? for real, i don’t get it. 

    hmu, let’s talk

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  • Hello everyone. Sorry for my long absence, life got in the way. But here you go, a jasper hale x reader pic thats been long overdue for @imyourapocalypse, there will be more parts but heres part 1! :)

    “Guys, it’s okay, i’ll take her.”

    The one sentence that you didn’t think really meant anything, until it did. 


    Birds. Frikin birds. Normally you were one with nature, but not when it decided to wake you up as soon as the sun rose. You groaned and rolled over in bed mushing your face into the hard lump that was your fiancé. He snickered under his breath and stretched out next to you, rubbing a hand over your back, playing with your hair. You looked up and smiled at him, taking in his brilliance, his messy blonde hair glimmering in the sunlight, the beams from the early morning catching his face making him shimmer, his skin like diamonds.

    “Morning cowboy.” He smiled back and pulled you into him, placing his nose in your hair, breathing in your scent. 

    You had met Jasper a few years ago now. You think back to when you watched the tall, pale, blonde haired man float through the school office while you were there to pick up copies of your recommendation letters. You’d been so startled and taken aback by his beauty and piercing amber eyes that your fingers shook and the manila folder you were holding slipped out of your hand and landed on the tiled floor with a dull thud. A classic scene from every cheesy rom-com you’d ever watched, only you didn’t care, because as you leant down to pick up the folder in embarrassment, Jasper helped and as soon as you looked into his glowing eyes, you knew fate was a real thing. 

    Since then you’d been with the Cullen’s through almost everything, well, not with them in person some of the times. You’d been accepted to University across the country and missed most of the recent drama that surrounded the Cullen family and Bella Swan, but having recently graduated you were back now and you couldn’t be happier, neither could Jasper. 

    At first you weren’t sure if you liked Bella, you were a few years older, and weren’t one for drama, in the beginning you didn’t click, however, overtime when you had a holiday or came to visit the Cullen’s you grew closer and closer and were practically best friends. You could relate to one another… both human (Well, not Bella anymore) both in love with good-looking Vampires. 

    You were still away at University when Bella was changed, due to come back only a few days after. Jasper had been filling you in on everything that had been happening, and you face timed with Bella every day until the change happened. You’d got back and were instantly kept away from your friend, only glimpsing her still, frozen form through the smeared glass of the Cullen’s make shift infirmary. Jasper assured you it was for your own safety, his Major side was out in full force, his mind floating back to the time he trained New Borns with Maria. He knew how destructive they could be, what little willpower and resistance they had and he constantly worried for your safety.

    You’d managed though. Survived through it all, somehow unscathed, the meeting with the Volturi, which…. you weren’t actually there for, again. Something you weren’t involved in. If it had been Bella she would have been brought along but Jasper was protective on another level, dominant. You could never win a fight with Jas, his need to protect you and your bond too strong to fight. 

    Now it was just another day. The Volturi were gone, the other vamps, the family friend had all gone too, now it was just you and the Cullen’s, you and your mate. You smiled to yourself. Finally, the first day things can start going back to normal. 

    -A few hours later -

    You were laughing at something Rosalie had said while cupping a mug of hot coffee in both of your chilly hands. The air outside was frosty, the remnants of winter lingering. Rose had been talking about some girl who’d tried flirting with Emmett in the local convenience store.. lets just say if looks could kill, that poor girl would either be a New Born or dead.

    Bella and Edward joined you in the Kitchen, even without vampire hearing you could make out what they were saying. Jacob, as much as he wanted to, couldn’t come over to look after Nessie, He had pack duties and so now Bella was saying she couldn’t join the family hunt. You smiled and coughed a little. Both looked at you, unaware you and Rose were sitting across the room. 

    “Guys I’ll be here, I can look after Ness.. I know you wanted to get her some school supplies Bells, I know the perfect shop in town I could take her to and then we could get some food! Have a girls date.” You smiled, your teeth sparkling against your slightly chapped, rose red lips. 

    “What’s this about a girls date.” The southern accent made your skin tingle and before you could turn around Jasper was already behind you pressing a kiss to the sweet spot on your neck, you sighed and leaned back against him.

    “Y/N is taking Renesmee into town for some shopping and food while we all go hunting this afternoon.” Bella smiles at you gratefully but you feel Jasper tense behind you. You watched as Edward rolled his eyes and gave you a small smile, obviously listening to Jaspers loud thoughts. 

    “Darlin, I don’t know if I like the idea of the two of you being without one of us..” You were next in line to roll your eyes, turning to look at your fiancé, you took his hand and kissed his knuckles. 

    “Jas, were only going to town, we will do a little shopping for school supplies get some food, the human kind, and then before you know it i’ll be calling you to come pick us up again!” 

    You stood up off the stool and kissed his cheek, slipping out of the room away from Jasper before the Major could disagree, It was decided. The vamps would do the vampy hunty stuff, and the Human and hybrid would look for cute fluffy pencils and sparkly backpacks. 


    It was just after Christmas, the air was frigid and frost still nipped at both your noses as you skipped down the steps of the restaurant. The snow had finally cleared, but still no signs of green life in the town of Port Angeles. Somehow Nessie had persuaded you into getting ice cream even though it was the middle of January. Bags in one hand, Nessie’s gloved hand in the other, you walked side by side back to your car a few streets over from the parlour. It was oddly quiet, but then remembered there was some sort of celebration going on near the dock, the reason you hadn’t seen anyone on the walk back to the car park. You had parked where you normally did, the same car park behind the book store Edward had once saved Bella in. 

    You could see it, your silver BMW under the single street light, bathed in a warm glow. A belated graduation present from your family. You smiled and thought of Jasper. Wondering how they were getting on at the hunt. Just as you were about to reach for your phone you heard a twig snap at the edge of the trees. Then a swoosh, something passed your eyes in a flash. Something wasn’t right.

    Your phone started to buzz in your pocket. 

    You stopped. Nessie stopped. Something didn’t feel right. Your smile faded, somewhere in the distance you could hear a scream, but then realised it had come from right beside you, You slowly turned to look at Renesmee, fear on her little face. You were confused, until you felt it. Your stomach felt warm, hot almost, only one part of it, then all of it at once, flashing burning pain. 

    You sank to your knees, the bags in your hands dropped with a dull thud and the contents slipped out onto the wet asphalt. Nessie was staring at you in shock, you looked down and choked as you watched the silver handle of the knife, wedged in your body, bob up and down in time with the rhythm of your laboured breathing. Your phone was still ringing, the sound a fuzzy noise somewhere floating in your scrambled thoughts. In the distance your were sure you heard a howl. They were too far away. You grabbed Renesmee’s hand, giving it a squeeze, you were crying, a red haze seemed to float around you both, like raw energy flickering in the night sky. 

    “Nessie look at m-me, don’t be scared.” You sobbed, you were dying, you could feel your energy fading, the red haze around you seemed to get brighter. “Nessie, it’s okay, shhh.” You were trying to calm her down, your hand still clutching her small one. Your eyes were flickering. 

    “Nessie, my phone, can you get my phone.” You weakly pointed to your blood soaked pocket. She seemed frozen, unable to move, then something clicked inside her. She grabbed it answering the frantic caller on the other end. 

    “Uncle Jas, Uncle Jas there’s so much blood.” Nessie cried. Jasper. Your eyes were getting heavier, you could hear Jaspers frantic voice on the other end. Suddenly you felt the phone pressed against your ear, it felt like your could hear the sound of your blood rushing around your body. 

    “Jas-jasper,” You were crying harder, the man you loved frantic on the other end. “I love you Jas, I love yo-you.” You couldn’t hear what he was saying, not really, the pain taking over, the darkness creeping closer and closer, the red haze getting brighter. You were dying, and everyone was too far away to save you. 

    Rose’s P.O.V.

    The hunt had been a successful one. We hadn’t been able to hunt as a family for a long time, always something popping up meaning people would have to stay behind. Jasper was on edge, everyone could tell, obviously thinking too much about Y/N, his mate. We didn’t really blame him, we all know how it feels when it comes to the care of your Bloodsinger. 

    We had all finished up, just getting back to our cars when Bella’s phone rings. Jacobs name flashing across the screen, Bella answered still laughing at something Emmett had said, but her tone changed instantly. Everyone could hear the conversation. Jake sometimes freaked out about the whereabouts of Nessie, but this time it was different. Something was wrong. 

    Bella! Wheres Renesmee and Y/N?! Something is wrong, Nessie is in trouble, our bond, I can feel it she’s scared, really scared, I’m going to find them now!” 

    We all looked at each other and then to Jasper, he was staring at Alice, who had fear and an absent look in her eyes. 

    “Y/N’s hurt.” If i wasn’t already dead my heart would have stopped. All of us were at our cars in a flash, quicker to get to Port Angeles by car than running. Jasper had his phone pressed to his ear, no doubt trying frantically to call his mate. She was answering, Jasper was banging his fists against the dashboard, anger and fear radiating off his pale skin.

    “C’mon darlin pick up pick up.” Pain and worry in his voice. The phone is answered. 

    “Uncle Jas, Uncle Jas, there’s so much blood!” Everyone could hear Renesmee crying on the other end of the phone, then it seemed like the world stopped. Y/N’s weak voice whispered through the receiver. 

    “Jas-Jasper.” She was crying, if vampires could cry, we all would be too. “Jasper, I love you.” The line went dead just as we reached the “Welcome to Port Angeles sign.” Alice had seen where they were and it didn’t take a detective to figure out where Y/N would have parked. 

    We just all hoped we would get there before it was too late.  


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  • So I read Twilight about a hundred times but there is one book on this earth I have read more than any other book ever and that is ‘The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August’ by Claire North. I read it at least once a year (it is the first book I read every year - i start on the 1st of January exact) and it is an absolute masterpiece that I will recommend to anyone regardless of preferred genre. Anyway, to anyone that has ever read it (I don’t assume there’s many of you in this fandom): imagine Robert Pattinson as Vincent. I heard movie rights were sold and it would just be perfect. Just perfect .. :)

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