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  • The Heart Center Connection Of Twin Flames

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  • You snuck your way into my heart, and made me feel things I thought were no longer possible. My heart burns for you, and it aches in a tenderness I thought was gone. Darling, I love you.

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    Loki and Captain America had a lot of time to themselves these past few weeks. They maintained their own lives as best as they could and were on the road to a healing recovery. Now all that was left to do was to be able to come back to each other as better people. The time was here. 


    The Earth Clashed Rainbow Multiverse had it’s first Pride Fair event at Union Square. What better way to return than at a Pride Fair where everyone is showing love for themselves and others. Captain America sends a message off to Loki with one of the servants. The message reads: “Loki, please meet me at Union Square 6pm sharp. Love Captain America.”

    As the Pride Fair continues everybody wants to know the power couple. They have their separate stands set up with past, present and future life images. They speak candidly of their lives. People want autographs and photos so they do this too. One fan says: “WHy aren’t you two together doing this?”

    Loki replies with, “Later we will be. The beloved is holding something special for me at Union Square at 6pm. You’re welcome to come watch if you wish.”

    The fan feels truly blessed with this offer and lets others know. Everyone is excited for this power couple to be face to face once again. 

    Everyone starts piling into Union Square. Captain America has set up a rainbow heart fit for the two of them to step into. All the crowd melt to the floor in awe. They think it’s cute. Captain America now states his speech in quote form to Loki. 


    “There are beautiful gods all over the world that I could be chasing but my time would be wasted. They got nothing on you babe.”

    Loki goes red in happiness and can’t stop smiling. He replies with, “Oh thank you dear. With all the soldiers in the world that I could be chasing, I struck gold and chose you. Thank you for being here for me even through our healing times. You’ll always have a place in my heart.”

    Both hug it out and the PRIDE celebrations begin. Fireworks go off. It’s a beautiful night to be yourself in Union Square. 


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  • Do Twin Flames Experience Complete Merging Over Time?

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  • Why The Majority Of Twin Flames Have A Problem Forming A Union?

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  • Why Reunion Of Twin Flames Is Only Possible When You First Let Go

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  • Wedding Bells 👰🏾 🎩


    Save the date .. because it’s coming! I cant believe that in a few months ima be a wife. That’s idk.. shocking lol. But hey i became a mother and that’s been the best.

    “Meet me at the 4 seasons, room 435 at 7:30pm” he said through text. “Okay 😊” i texted back. I packed a small bag for myself & headed to the hotel. I never been inside this hotel before so the scenery of the hotel was very nice & fancy lol. When I opened the door it was orchids everywhere, on the bed was some lingerie & a note that said “put this on & meet me in the jacuzzi. I smiled and did what i was told. He was waiting for me in the jacuzzi, looking like a fine piece of chocolate. “Hey i said as i got in the jacuzzi & wrapped my arms & legs around him. “Hey” he said back and then kissed me. “Thanks for the new lingerie” i said with a laugh “you’re more than welcome, u make it look good” he replied & then started kissing me while gripping my ass with his hands. I moaned agaisnt his lips as he kissed me deeper and started tearing the lace apart between my legs. I started moaning against him as he started massaging my pussy while also sticking his finger inside of me. My moans got louder as he finger fucked me. He set me on the edge of the jacuzzi, spread my legs and started eating my pussy. He used his fingers to spread my lips & started licking and sucking on my clit. I started fuckin on his face as he shoved his tongue in & out of my pussy. “Fuck” i screamed out and grabbed the back of his head. He lifted my legs and held me tight as he licked & sucked on my clit until i came all over his mouth. He continued to lick me, then lifted me down into the jacuzzi, onto his dick. He gripped my ass, ripped the rest of the lingerie i had on & started fuckin me. I gripped his face & wrapped my legs around him. He kissed me deeply, shoved a finger in my ass & fucked be until i came on his dick. I moaned so loud I’m 100% positive someone heard me. He continued to fuck me as i was still cummin on him “damn u sexy asf” he said as he continued to stroke me and kiss me. I spread my legs so that he could go as deep as he wanted “fuck me daddy” i moaned against him as he stiffened up in me & came in me. He gripped my ass as i bounced up & down on him gripping all that nut out. “Omg i love you” i said to him “i love you more” he replied back. He kissed me and continued to fuck me for the next 2 hours.

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  • What It Means To See Your Twin Flame’s Name Everywhere

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  • Butterfly Effect

    Pairing: Bucky x Reader

    Word Count: 1.7k 

    Summary: Twin flames are believed to be two halves of the same soul, that have been torn apart. They can spare centuries looking for their other half, never feeling complete until they connect.

    Prompt: Quit looking at me, you’re making me nervous.

    Warnings: mentions of death and past trauma, a bit of angst, post!Endgame, Soulmate(ish)!AU.

    This is my contribution to the writing challenge held by @blushingbarnes​, thank you for everything, and I hope you enjoy it. <3 


    It was said to be a ‘side effect’ of everyone returning after the snap, and it worked in strange ways. Children reunited with parents lost 5 years ago, siblings hugging each other all over the planet. It was chaotic and confusing at first, but hopeful and full of happiness as the couples met, discovered each other, and started a new life. The key? Small freckles on different parts of the left arm: on the wrist for parents and children, on the elbow between siblings, and in the center of the shoulder for lovers. As if they were unique tattoos dictated by blood and fate; but… what about the people who were already alone? The people who had no one to share their every heartbeat, every step?

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  • REVIEW: Intuitive Tarot Reading

    @feelingtserene has just provided me with a lovely intuitive one-card reading. It answered my question thoroughly and the reader is completely articulate & knowledgeable. I am very lucky & blessed to have received this reading & I feel its advice will serve me well. Thank you so much, @feelingtserene !

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  • Listen


    Today I speak about my twin flame journey with this beautiful soul I met at the Burn in South Afrika. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet him and fall in love with him. We shared a beautiful time together and I loved and love him still greatly. As I’m more than sure that my love for him will never leave but this time it is the purest love I ever felt. 

    The universe had its plan and I separated from him, as the entire relationship and the entire journey was so taff on me and him. He tried to keep me happy and build up everything on lies in order to comfort me but all the trust is gone. So the moment I figured out, I left him. 

    No, he did not cheat on me, so far what I believe, but I can ensure you once your partner cheats on you despite how far you will feel it. You should always trust your intuition. Anyway, it came to the point where I became very sick of the connection and had to break it off. So I moved on from him beautifully, and I hope he moved on too. 

    Still we will share the same purpose in life, still, we will share a connection so deep it can’t be found twice. But overall as much I love him, I decided to leave him and let him pursue his life and so I pursue mine. Apart, I took the decision to work on myself and heal. Therefore, I just pray for him that he took the same step and I hope every time I cross his thoughts he shares a smile. 

    Might you are questioning now, why do I left when this love been so deep, but I couldn’t cope with it anymore mentally and decided to attract my soulmate into my life in order to get the fairytale pink glitter farting unicorn love, I prefer. It is not selfish neither it is wrong. So I attracted this beautiful soulmate connection into reality and my boyfriend knows clearly about my twin flame journey and he knows that I will love my Twin Flame forever and there is nothing that can change it. But the love I still have left for my Twin is nothing like a romantic feeling it is a feeling of wanting that person to be safe and happy, a love which has nothing to do with desire. A love that is so pure is so unconditionally so clean. 

    Love yourself greater than anything else you loved before.

    Love you all, message me if you feel out of place.

     (Again I apologize for some grammatic mistakes) 

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  • Finding & Understanding Twin Flame Synchronicity Numbers

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  • “Things kinda went like this”

    Yep… they kinda did, huh?

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  • It really is like someone sliced me in half and put it in another person.

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  • I still love you. And miss you. But I think about you every day, and I really hope you’re going through your metamorphisis in the same way I am. Even though it hurts to be without you, I know it’s what we both need to grow.

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  • Can Twin Flames Have A Stable Relationship?

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