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  • 8 Signs and Symptoms of Twin Flame Telepathically Connection

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  • Today I found a penny on the parking lot. And I took it and instantly knew what I’d wish for. It’s always the same, no matter if it is a shooting star or a penny. Even after all the years, I still wish for you ❤️

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  • “Thought longer about the lives of me,

    what if they’re nothing short of my misadventures here?

    Above all

    -with a nudge of relief & pang of yearning-

    what if somewhere it’s worse and yet you’re solely mine

    as in this conscious space I am irrevocably yours?”

    -Nicola An

    Day 4/31 Poetry excerpt

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  • every birthday

    every coin throw into water

    every 11:11

    every star i see move

    every airplane with lights that pass by

    every full moon

    every new moon…..


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  • Twin Flames // Half God Half Devil
    Ritual (In This Moment)

    #In This Moment #itmedit#lyricedit#Twin Flames #Half God Half Devil #Ritual#**
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  • 1. No one has a right to tell me what my spiritual journey is and I don’t have the right to tell someone either. 

    We are all living in our truth. Our experiences shape our reality and I won’t try to tell someone based on my experiences that they will see the same on their unique spiritual path. If I come off like a guru, I don’t really mean to come off that way. I get passionate sometimes so while I know in my heart what I say may not be true to some people, I might come off like a know-it-all. But I try to remind people that I’m not a guru and I don’t want anyone to think of me that way. No of us has a right to tell someone who they are. I don’t know who you are, so I don’t have any right to tell you. I can make suggestions but at the end of the day, your life is YOUR life. What you believe is what YOU believe and I won’t purposefully force my spiritual beliefs on anyone. It’s a form of pride and coming off smug and it’s a sin. 

    In spiritual communities people tend to have this air or sense about them that they are an expert. This I can say with certainty that none of us are experts. IDC how much time you spent on your craft or Catholic, Pagan, Christian or faith. You can’t call yourself spiritual if you come off at a position of righteousness or like you have all the answers. We don’t have even a full understanding until we are dead. We need to keep practicing humility. I believe in a near death experience, it’s not a reason to think just because you “died” you have all the answers. No, you have the answers for yourself. Your experiences shape your beliefs and they will/can change over your growth.

    2. Not to be embarrassed by growth.

    What I mean is when I look back at the beginning of my journey, I recognize a lot of errors. What I thought was one thing, turns out was “mistranslated” or misunderstood. I cringe at some of my old posts. Just some because I’ve grown so much and come so far. It should be celebrated and not shameful. Looking back reminds you of the things you’ve battled and won. We all change. Our opinions are shaped by our experiences and they always change in some way. I found some things I thought were lame and learned it wasn’t and vice versa. I facepalm myself when I look back sometimes and I get afraid that maybe some people would use my early learning against me. It would be kind of silly if someone did because I was just a beginner. You can’t blame a novice for being wrong or changing their minds.

    3. Faith in God…Or Something

    I grew up a Jehova Whitness, then became atheist, then agnostic before returning back to my full belief in God, our heavenly father and in Jesus as my lord and savior. I might make a mistake here and there because I get passionate when I talk about God. But when you are a practicing spirituality, I learned you got to believe in SOMETHING. Anything; God(s), source, spirit, whatever. You need a spiritual team that will back you up, look out for you, to guide you. Again, I’m not saying that YOU have to but this was my experience. I needed to return to God and my belief in Him. It became important for me to develop a relationship with God and I’ve have long talks with him and he’s taught me so much while I was struggling. He’s not been vocal and I still know he’s always around. He’s kind of watching because he’s said what he needed. He’s like a real no-nonsense parental figure. The Book of Job is my favorite story and when I lost everything. I remembered it and one by one, the things I’ve lost were replaced. LITERALLY replaced. New things were being given to me. It happened because before these happened I loved God. I loved him while I was suffering and I continue to love Him now in my best year in a long time. 

    God told me these things would happen; that everything I lost will come back with ease. Sure enough the last part of my wishes, getting approved for Disability was the most important. I could have given up on the process but this time (I tried to apply years ago and gave up) pulled through and was thankful from the start. I can’t begin to say how much I love God and that I wish everyone could have the kind of relationship I have with Him. No one has the right to judge my relationship for they don’t know until they truly accept God for what he is.

    4. Take what people say with a grain of salt.

    As I said, some people have the tendency to come off like they have all the answers. They are speaking from their personal experience and what they grabbed off others. That’s good and all that they have an open mind but it’s your life and your experience that matters. You can agree because you have the same experience but at the end of the day we still don’t have all the answers. I don’t call myself a guru and I don’t follow “gurus”. They don’t know me or my life experience. So there is nothing they can share with me other than theories and they don’t need to be taken seriously. Spiritual journey’s are PERSONAL. The bible says that we should pray in private. Again, not saying this is truth but suggesting that we should keep our spiritual journeys, our own. Our paths are designed for us and to accept someones personal experience as truth is pretty much telling yourself you don’t trust your own judgement. Thats when you are giving your power off to other people. Think for yourself, formulate your own opinions or theories and don’t feel the need to shove it down someone’s throat.

    5. Protect yourself!

    Do what you feel comfortable with. Wear what you want, do your rituals, or prayers. Know and feel in your heart that you are protected in all ways and always. When we get on a spiritual path, we are now sensitive, I feel. It’s easy to be pulled into darkness or soak up bad vibes from someone else. Negativity is like a demon. The more you focus on bullshit, the more bullshit you will find. Listening to uplifting music and prayer always works for me. I found myself doing this so much while I was homeless and in shelters because people in these situations can be pretty bad. Shelters are filled with negative energy, and hospitals can be a mixed bag. This was my experience. Mainly, it’s shelters that creeped me out. That was when my talks with God were at the most frequent. 

    If you feel scared, take a few minutes to do what makes you feel comfortable. When you feel better, know and feel it in your heart that you are protected. There’s nothing capable of hurting you. You are strong and powerful and always loved.

    I really hope what I said made sense. Feel free to give me your thoughts. I would appreciate it a lot! 💗

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  • “ hey, nana. do you remember the first time we met? i believe in things like fate so i think it was fate… you can laugh if you want. ”

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  • My Twin Flame Journey So Far

    This is mostly a document for myself, but I thought others might like to know my experience to see if it helps them identify their own Twin experience.

    I should start with, I’m not 100% sure if this is my Twin Flame as I haven’t reunited with them, and things are still in a very raw, healing stage - aka; we are in separation. There’s a chance I’m making this up in my head, but I feel like that’s my fear bubbling up within me. For now I will speak as if they are my TF.

    I met my Twin Flame, my DM, a month after I broke up with an ex of 3.5 years. A certainly Karmic relationship that broke me completely. I wasn’t looking for anyone at the time. We met through a mutual friend at a club (something I don’t often do, go clubbing), and I immediately felt comfortable with him. I asked him if we’d met before, because I’m notorious for forgetting people, but we hadn’t. That night I’d gotten super drunk and offered to let him kiss me/touch me - as a introvert who is very very reserved and often shy around strangers, this was completely out of character for me.

    We parted ways, spoke briefly online however I found him to be too flirtatious, and a bit self-absorbed. He didn’t seem interested in getting to know me, only interested in talking about himself. With my drunken glasses off, and his playboy nature, I didn’t speak with him again until…

    We ran into each other by chance at University almost 6 months later. I was with the same mutual friend who introduced us, and this date we met was when my Jupiter was in the same sign from my natal chart, and when his Venus was in the same sign as his natal chart. We chatted and I felt myself fall head over heels for him - we both watch a very niche TV series, and shared the same favourite character. He was younger than me, and as I rule at the time I didn’t consider younger guys. I tried to brush off my feelings for him.

    We met every so often, and it was very awkward, but I didn’t think much of it since we didn’t know each other well. Also being very shy, I wasn’t very good at initiating conversation- especially now that I had a intense crush on him.

    Months past and I finally give in to my feelings and decided to try and get to know him better, and maybe tell him how I felt. In January 2020, we were both invited to a 4 day trip for a friends birthday, and I’d decided that at the end of the trip I’d tell him my feelings.

    Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. There was this awkwardness I couldn’t shake, I couldn’t read him at all, and it felt like he wasn’t interested in me at all. Him and another girl on the trip seemed to flirt (despite the other girl being his friends sister, and also having a boyfriend) and I felt my hope die. He saw me during a panic attack - genuine vulnerability is not something I like, I hate being seen in such a state. He was kind and tried to make sure I was okay, but my fear of being a burden caused me to push him away. Once the trip was over, I wasn’t confident in myself to tell him how I felt. I stood to hug him goodbye when we all parted ways, it’d be the first time we would hug, but he left before I could. He messaged me later to apologize and said he was simply eager to get home, and I told him not to worry about it. I hoped that maybe his avoiding me was all in my head.

    Except it wasn’t. For the next few times we met, he barely acknowledged my existence. But also he did things that were……… weird. One time he simply put his hand on mine, and I was so confused I thought he was playing the weird slapping-hands-on-too-of-each-other game? He gave me weird signals. It was really hard. At one point we were at the same event, and he completely ignored me the entire night. (When he arrived, he walked over to me and a friend, said hello to the friend and hugged her, then walked straight past me to find someone else. I couldn’t bring myself to approach him after that.) I was utterly heartbroken.

    At this point I tried to get over him, but I also wanted to keep the peace in our friendship group so I tried to at least be his friend. It was difficult as he seemed unwilling to genuinely open up to me, but he was still overly friendly at the same time. It was a very confusing time. At one point I asked him straight out if he just didn’t like me - I tried to do so in the most non-judgemental way possible. I simply wanted to know where I stood. He said he didn’t dislike me and that if he did I’d know.

    Months passed, and my feelings were difficult to handle and growing more and more. I decided that I’d throw caution to the wind and ask him on a date, with the expectation he’d say no. After I sent the message I cried because I was so prepared to have my heart broken.

    But he said yes.

    The only problem though, was that there seemed to be a misunderstanding between us. I asked him on a date, and invited him to my house to Netflix and Chill (at the time I didn’t realise it was code for sex) and he took it as me propositioning him. He flirted very heavily (and purely sexually) with me, and since it was the first time he would actually talk to me, I wasn’t willing to correct him outright.

    Eventually he cancelled our date, citing that because we were both close to the person who introduced us, he didn’t want to cause drama and had a rule about “shitting where [he] eats”. He promised it had nothing to do with me personally, and expressed many many times how conflicted he was. I took it in stride and did my best to remain kind and understanding.

    From here, we ended up with this really odd relationship. He would flirt with me a lot online, over text, and it’d only be sexual and very one-sided. (It was less flirting, and more like me stroking his ego and him bragging about himself. We tried stopping every once in a while, because of the same reasons as above, but it didn’t last long.) Weirdly, when we would meet in person, nothing. It was like our online conversations never took place. He talked to me more now, but rarely directly and only in group settings.

    This continued for a long time, and I progressively became unhappier as I realised he would only talk to me sexually, and would often talk about other girls instead of flirting back to me. I felt like he was trying to make me jealous, and it all reached a head when he matched with my best friend on tinder (she hadn’t met him and didn’t realise until it was too late) and told me immediately. After having him jerk me around for so long, this was my breaking point. I told him that I had a crush on him, that I didn’t like it when he talked about other girls to me, and that I knew he wasn’t interested in me - so not to worry - and that I’d be happy to be friends. We ended up having a nice conversation after, and he did apologize and open up to me a little. I was happy to get it off my chest, and he didn’t correct me regarding my statement of him being uninterested, so I took that as the closure I needed.

    I wish this was the end of the story - but unfortunately things fell back into the same pattern. He’d talk about other girls, and we began flirting again. I tried to back out at one point, but he convinced me to continue flirting with him again, and I had gotten the hope that since he knew my feelings, and still wanted to flirt, that maybe it could lead somewhere. He was never direct but I got the vague impression that maybe, he might’ve felt more for me.

    That was a month ago. For reasons I’m unaware of, he stopped talking to me again. We spoke briefly, very very briefly, at one point. I also saw him by chance, on a day that I also happened to see 11:11 on the bus sign earlier that day.

    Finally, the other day, we both attended a dinner for a friends birthday, where we never directly spoke to each other. Naturally, this past month I was quite broken hearted, as I thought things might’ve been changing. As of now, I have deactivated all my social media accounts, so that he can’t try and toy with my feelings again.

    Extra details:

    The above alone isn’t why I believe he is my Twin Flame. There are a few extra details that I couldn’t fit in, but are very important.

    - We are both incredible similar yet completely opposite. Either we share the exact same experience or act the same, or we are polar opposites. He is very masculine, and I am very feminine.

    - I am possibly clairsentient (I won’t go into exactly why I believe this, I’m still new) and when I was very very young, I loved this one particular name. I wanted to date someone with that name, with no real reason why. I just liked it. I have never forgotten that name. He has the exact same spelling of this name.

    - After meeting him, I started my spiritual journey. He was the catalyst for me discovering Twin Flames, and eventually finding God.

    - I dream about him very often. More than I’ve ever dreamt about anyone, and in a short time too. In one dream, he said; “I am not ready for reunion yet”.

    - I feel like I know him deeply, and I can tell he often hides behind a very masculine, hard exterior. I know there is a softer side to him, but I feel like his ego gets in the way of showing it. I believe it’s his ego which causes most of our conflict.

    - Despite how often he hurts me, I feel this intense, unconditional love for him. I have never felt this way about anyone - I also have never been sexually attracted to anyone before, until I met him. I know if he came to me openly and honestly, I would accept him in a heartbeat. I can’t bring myself to hate him.

    - I have grown as a person intensely since meeting him. He is triggering many of my internal wounds, and I am much happier and more confident in myself. Slowly, I am beginning to stand up for myself and stop putting others first. The pain is awful, but it has taught me a lot, and even if we do not end up together, I am still grateful for meeting him simply because I have grown so much.

    Thank you for reading my story and I hope that my experience helps you with yours. Whether or not he is my Twin Flame doesn’t matter as I am stronger now. If we ever come into union, I will update this post.

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  • She told me put my heart in the bag
    And nobody gets hurt
    Now I’m running from her love, I’m not fast
    So I’m making it worse
    Now I’m digging up a grave, from my past
    I’m a whole different person
    It’s a gift and a curse
    But I cannot reverse it

    Juice WRLD - Robbery

    Yesterday I had that feeling that I should go on Spotify and saw this was the last song you heard an hour earlier. And when I listened to it, it felt like a message from you.

    But handsome, you robbed my heart a long time ago… ❤️ And yesterday night it felt so peaceful in your arms. I love that. It feels so magical. So special. Sacred. Beyond anything I ever experienced before ✨

    Hope to see you again soon. And if you want to call, please do. You know I’d always pick up.

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  • The year it happened

    It was 2009 but this is the year to the date. I turned 21 on a Monday. This year my birthday was back on a Monday which means the anniversary of Eriks death will be on the same day this year and I dunno how I will feel.

    The psychic predicted his death somewhere in the spring when I asked about this supposed person I felt compelled to “find”. I knew it wasn’t about Josh. My intuition and internal clock was screaming at me and I felt stuck. I hung up the phone, crawled in my closet and cried. I really cried so frustrated, confused, and ready to say it was wrong.

    I didn’t think about it until paranormal shit started happening.

    It started that winter. I figured it out and cried. While I was crying a rose my most recent ex gave me flew clear across me to my door from my windowsill. I convinced myself I was hallucinating and slept with the light on. I put it all behind me and tried to move on.

    I don’t know how I’ll be. Right now I feel kind of fucked up. Like this whole journey and shit must be a fucking joke. I don’t want this. This feels like a giant joke. A fucked up joke. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It’s not like Erik and are are in a real relationship. We aren’t exactly twitterpated. Especially if he’s dead and my bf is very like him so it just makes things slightly worse.

    I can’t ignore the good this journey has brought me.

    I can’t ignore the positives and the personal spiritual growth I’ve cultivated. I can’t ignore or forget the countless dreams I had of him. Especially the one right before I met him. If it wasn’t for all the dreams and the psychic that predicted his death I wouldn’t have taken this seriously three years ago.

    But I still feel as though I’ve been cursed the moment I was born. No, im not cursed but it feels that way when I think of my relationships.

    😘❤ Good night!

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