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  • writing-with-olive
    05.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    A list of active surveys that didn't seem to have a whole lot of engagement when I found them - if you're bored, consider doing them!

    Fanfiction as a legitimate genre of literature - for a research project

    Neurodivergent experiences in school - anonymous, for a research project. Links to tumblr post with google form on it - I already filled out the form itself and thus couldn't check if the direct link worked :(

    Glee/other fandoms pipeline survey - i don't know if this one is FOR anything, but was fun to do

    Diversity in interactive fiction - I don't really do interactive fiction, but hey, this is a community of writers, so some of yall probably do

    Wants to open a bakery - for research purposes regarding planning of opening up a bakery

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  • youmeandtheend
    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    For a vertical metropolis where demons go bar hopping, gangs of magical knights cruise around on motorcycles, and dragons who use skyscrapers as landing pads are all part of a typical Tuesday, you are — or were staggeringly normal.

    One unlucky break leads to another, and now your life has gone completely off the rails. A bounty worth millions is placed on your shoulders, an irate eldritch deity has become a freeloader in your mind, and an impending apocalypse via a grimoire that can summon the dead is right on the horizon.

    Life has given you a proverbial middle finger, but you've never been one to take things passively. You're in over your head (and run the risk of losing it) but if you go down, you're going to go down swinging.


    A customizable main character, including gender, appearance, and personality.

    Build connections, make enemies, and try not to die.


    The power of extreme violence.


    AUTONOMOUS || gender-selectable

    The author of the grimoire, they've been locked into your head through a heavily enchanted computer chip. Your greatest ally and also your greatest threat, they're willing to form a tentative alliance with you.

    CANARIA || they/them

    A freelance mercenary, Canaria is on your side as long as you can keep paying them. With a nonchalant attitude and a debt the size of a mountain, they probably wouldn't bat an eye even if the Grim Reaper itself showed up on their doorstep.

    ZERO || he/him

    At two centuries old, Zero is incredibly young for a dragon. Disowned by his family, he's intent on getting revenge on all those who crossed him. A prime example of all those who came before him, he's charming, cunning, and unflinchingly ruthless.

    YEEUN || she/her

    A lieutenant in the Knights of Templar, Yeeun is the epitome of bad news. With a sword strapped to her back and enough fights under her belt to have made a name for herself in the Hollow, she's dead set on turning you in for your bounty.


    demo drops december 12th.

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  • vahnyawrites
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago
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  • lapinlunaire-games
    05.12.2021 - 18 hours ago
    London, 1868: metropolis of vice, mighty host to the whirl and rush of humanity (among others), and now...the scene of a murder most foul. The verdict of this trial will decide the future of Fantastics and Mundanes alike, for calm or chaos—which way will you tip the scale? 

    Announcing The Harrowed & the Hushed, a historical low fantasy interactive fiction game centered around the scandal-steeped murder of one of London’s most famous singers and socialites.

    Play as a private investigator tasked with solving the most high-profile murder of the century to prove your client’s innocence, keep your own sordid past buried where it belongs, and preserve (or tear down) the mystical Veil that keeps the supernatural world of Fantastics from being exposed to Mundane humans. If you’re so inclined, woo or woe the eccentric sorts you come across in your quest for the truth—or perhaps find romance a bit closer. 

    Either way, the clock is ticking for you and your client, and there simply isn’t room for any more blood on your hands.

    Years ago, the grisly murders of two civilians shook England to its core; headlines augmented the feverish terror gripping the nation while their pages recorded every sensational detail of London’s bloodiest scene. Unbeknownst to the non-magical denizens of the city, one of the victims was Fantastic—a being tied to magic—and a notoriously anti-Veil activist whose relationship with the human victim was entangled in controversy, prompting uproar on what their murder could entail for the secrecy and safety of the magical world. After three sleepless months of harrowing chases and cross-investigation, a crowd gathered outside Newgate Prison to see the murderers hang — all except one. After a trial unprecedented in length and duress, your impassioned argument of innocence earned you a dubious mitigation: instead of execution, your fate was something beyond death. The Council called it mercy. You beg to differ. 

    The Hushing severed your connection to magic, leaving you unable to grasp what had once flowed through your veins like wind over water. You can still feel it: a constant, aching reminder of what you once had, thrumming under your skin like the whisper of a lost love and always just out of reach. You may have been spared the gallows, but you died that day—and the Hushed One was born.

    Cast out of the Fantastic world with little option but to adapt to your newfound Mundane life, you soon discovered that the Hushing also altered your ability to interact with the Veil, allowing you to walk between both worlds at the price of being able to truly belong to either. The only living testament to the horrors and hotly debated ethics of Hushing, you’ve tried to live a quiet life since, setting up a small private investigation practice to pay the bills and stave off the grief and guilt that still haunts you. It’s mostly cracking petty theft and confirming affair partners—not the most glorious work in the world, but at least you know what to expect.

    That is, until a murder uncannily similar to the one that led to your Hushing unleashes new chaos on London and the prime suspect in the Fantastic investigation lands on your doorstep with a plea to help him prove his innocence before he meets a death sentence—or worse, the same fate as you.

    There’s just one question left to ask: what will you call mercy?

    Create a fully customizable character, selecting name, gender, and pronouns in addition to a custom appearance

    Choose one of six original Fantastic ancestries and discover how the Hushing affected your origins

    Navigate Victorian London and explore the Fantastic hidden in plain sight among the Mundane as you unravel the mysteries coiling beneath the city’s bustling surface

    Encounter seven unique companion characters and choose to bestow affection, animosity, or all of the above! All romance is completely optional; H&H recognizes platonic love (and hate, you do you)

    Uncover an eighth mystery companion character

    Discover clues, postulate, and solve the murder that has London in its most feverish tizzy since the examination of a certain Lady Flora Hastings

    Take a stance on the mystical Veil and work to protect it — or tear it down

    Pet a cat! (LapinLunaireGames is not responsible for cases of virtual rabies, general infection, or other side effects. Player discretion advised.)

    A. Gordon (gender selectable: she/her | he/him; Mundane) -  The Faithful Friend | Born into a wealthy landed family, A cut ties with the Gordon family line as a teenager (whether this is more accurately described as a departure or a disowning depends on who you ask). Now your partner in...well, in solving crime, A’s resolve is tied to the hopes of one day breaking down class barriers and the crooked system they witnessed growing up. Your relationship is a comfortable one, built on mutual trust...and a silent, shared understanding that some secrets are better buried. 

    Ailbhe (they/them; fae) - The Body Politic | Solemn and steel-spined, Ailbhe is the youngest Magistratus ever appointed to the Albion Investigative Council. Born at the exact midpoint of the vernal equinox, Ailbhe took the symbolism of their birthday to heart, fostering a deep-seated passion for upholding justice and rising as something of a prodigy through the ranks of Fantastic law. Though the social pressures that rest upon their shoulders are great, no burden is heavier than the pressure they insist on leveling upon themselves. Witnessing your Hushing firsthand the sentencing of the Hushed One began to brew conflict in their heart about the morality of such a punishment and the right of the courts to wield such a dreadful power. Now...the maelstrom of controversy and murder spinning through London is stirring up that doubt to new heights.

    Catherine Hartsworth (she/they; Mundane) - The Dastardly Diva |  A rising star in London's social scene, Catherine is was the murder victim's biggest rival for the limelight. The prime suspect in the Mundane side of the investigation, Catherine's reputation as a cutthroat competitor with the sweetest smile in all of England isn't exactly helping her case. The picture of sophistication, Catherine enjoys an impeccable public image, even if half the rumours swirling around them paint a lurid portrait of hedonistic soirées, perfidy, and controversial bedfellows.

    Imric Jennings (he/him; Mundane) - The Charming Rival | Scotland Yard's jauntiest Detective Sergeant and your self-proclaimed rival, Imric sees your business as a potential partnership that would allow him to...circumvent the blustery paperwork and red tape that so often delays what he considers vital steps in his own investigations. A staunch believer in logic and pragmatism for whom the end nearly always justifies the means, Imric derives a special kind of joy in needling you and bartering quips for tips on overlapping cases.

    Mina Qiu (邱明娜); she/her; Mundane) - The Intrepid Reporter | A zealous journalist from China who came to England to pursue a scoop that led to her exposing her former boss along with a labyrinth of corruption, Mina’s extended stay in London is all business and little pleasure. Armed with quicksilver wit, dry humor, and a razor-sharp tongue, Mina is intent on making this case her big break so she can safely secure either a return to her family or their passage to join her in England—even if she has to temper her fire with the knowledge that rival journalists are watching her do all the risky groundwork like sharks out for blood, ready to swoop in and snatch the scoop.

    Rosalind Clarke (she/her; ghost) - The Sweetheart Spectre | In life, Rosalind was an actress with a passion for the dramatic. Now, she's a frequent helper in your cases (turns out having a contact who can speak to the dead works wonders) and a friendly face besides. Sweet and compassionate beneath her vivacious, willfully extravagant exterior, Rosalind is tethered to this plane by some sort of "unfinished business". She insists that she's content with how things are, but you can't help but suspect that there's more to the story.

    Samuel "Sam” Morgan (he/him; werewolf) - The Wily Wallflower | Polite and unassuming, Sam is the sort of man your parents would love for you to bring home. When he shows up on your doorstep frantically imploring you to help him clear his name, your first instinct is to wonder how such an ingenuous man could be the prime suspect in the most shocking case to rock London since your own Hushing. You suspect, however, that Sam’s placid, easy-going temperament is part nature and part nurture—that is, curated in response to the persisting stereotype that werewolves (especially ones born like Sam rather than turned) are bloodthirsty, feral creatures incapable of anything resembling civility. (And you’d thought the Mundanes with their phrenology and clinical hysteria were bad enough.) The fact that he did enough research on the fate that awaits him should he be convicted (not to mention that he actually managed to track you down) means that Sam is much more cunning than his soft-spoken image lets on — cunning enough, perhaps, to commit murder, convince you to piece together evidence to frame someone else, and get away with it?

    ??? (???) - The Silent One | [file corrupted. no information available.]

    Demo TBA | Meet the Companions (full profiles) |  Project playlist

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  • thee-morrigan
    05.12.2021 - 19 hours ago


    I. uh. might be doing A Thing?

    #watch this space ig?? #assuming i can get a functioning/cogent demo together #that isn't just my ideas in a twine-y trenchcoat #ktwips #katie writes things #lost and found
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  • ereh-emanresu-tresni
    05.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Oh god oh fuck I knew there was a reason I didn't let myself get too deep into crochet last times I started; the impulse art supply buying floodgates are starting to groan...

    #had to physically restrain myself from getting hemp twine and beads too #not pictured: bottle of rosé craft night here we go bitchesss
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  • leftski-if
    05.12.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #leftski answers #also keep in mind that ChoiceScript doesn't have any pretty customisation options #so if that's something you're at all interested in it is NOT the way to go lol #worst case scenario you could always just try choicescript out and then go back to Twine if you don't like it? no pressure
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  • summoreknots
    04.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    So, I made a IF blog, its called atrial-ofhorror-if! Nothing's there, as of yet but I'll put up the introductory posts and things like that soon! (probably on the 21st)

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  • idrellegames
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #coding in twine #answered
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  • hpowellsmith
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • honorableintentions
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • thesoulforgeorder
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the huge show of support for my IF. Thank you for following my blog and I promise to use this boost of love as motivation to get the demo out faster!

    As a way to celebrate reaching this milestone I will be taking prompts from this list here and writing a small piece with the characters of your choice. All you have to do is send an ask with the character and the number on the list for the prompt you want. I will only be able to do about 8 to 10 of these so whoever is first will be chosen!

    Thanks again and be safe out there.

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  • yourangleoryuorbigshot
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #the salesman | spamton #interviews | asks #v1 | strings of code and twine | spamt #arc | a life for a heart
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  • blccded
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sneak-peek of Blue-Blooded upcoming demo part two! Thank you for following our development & we hope you enjoy this extract as well.

    alt text under cut:

    [alt: For the first time, Calder did not face you when he spoke. He simply looked on, gaze averted, as though the etched-out words on the statue of the temple would become legible to him if he stared long enough. You couldn’t help but notice that even from the side he could easily have been a statue himself, sculpted by the hands of another. Finally, he turned to look back at you and spoke, his eyes holding a somber glaze, “We’re firewood and dreams are a spark.”

    A pause.

    “They may appear beautiful and bright, bring us warmth and lend us light, but even a single spark can ignite an uncontrollable fire.” There was something— an emotion, a feeling— indecipherable to you behind his words. His eyes wander to Valens, who has their back turned to both of you.

    “And it consumes you, without mercy.” ]

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