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  • The only people I spend money on during the holidays are those that I truly consider family, which will be my twin and my husband and possibly my co-workers.

    I don’t do that obligatory familial Christmas shopping crap.

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  • The only people I spend money on during the holidays are those that I truly consider family, which will be my twin and my husband and possibly my co-workers.

    I don’t do that obligatory familial Christmas shopping crap.

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  • There is a Chilean fight song entitled Venceremos. It was written in 1970 for the election campaign of Salvador Allende, a pretty nifty chap, and the title translates to “We Shall Triumph”. In it, the Chileans promise one another that they will triumph against fascism and that socialism is their future. Note, this is not a question, it is a statement. As we know, the Chileans are now independent and not under a fascist regime anymore, but nor do they count themselves as pure socialists. Because socialism (the equal distribution of wealth) is a lovely idea in theory but in practice has us all running for our un-stuffed mattresses, ready to hoard what we receive so that we may feel we have slightly more than the person standing next to us. Why do we do that?

    It’s like when my identical twin sister and I would read each other’s diaries as teenagers. We could have asked each other how we were feeling, but we didn’t. We wanted the inner workings so we could somehow have some insight or perhaps superiority over the other. She once wrote in her diary “I have read EJ’s diaries 3 times now” and I indignantly read this, annoyed that this was only the first time I was reading hers. How unfair it was! How ironic.

    That’s when I began to code my diaries, so if she did open one it was full of mysteries and analogies which would make her little brain sore and her forehead crinkle. I enjoyed that. The forehead crinkle. She hated not knowing what was going on in my head. I’d see the crinkle sometimes as we sat at the dinner table. I’d catch her staring at me as I innocently and seamlessly slipped my poisonous food on to my 2-year-old brothers plate. He’d eat anything. As for Twinny, she ate steadily and tried to look as though I was of little consequence to her but you could see she hated not knowing what was going on in my head. The crinkle confirmed it.

    I hated it too. But that’s my burden. We are confined to our own corners of the world now, my sister and me. No more diaries to read, no more analogies and no more forehead crinkling. Isn’t that the best case scenario? But then, the song Venceremos asks me if I would be better off as a duo and not sat here writing in the singular. Just a thought.

    Once, I heard a report about two twins from Sweden who met after a period of separation and when they did so they went into a sort of psychosis. They scored lots of drugs, went on a crime spree and ended up merrily running out in front of cars on a main road in England as the baffled coppers looked on, quite unable to catch even one of them. One was hit, and her sister toppled.The twin who was hit simply stood up and gayly threw herself in front of yet another car. Again and again. Her bones were broken, yet she could still stand! Like she was some sort of superhero with the key to a type of adrenaline only her twin could engage her in. I wonder if they are still in touch now, those two? I wonder. The psychosis sounds terrible, but if one is to be in psychosis anyway, twin psychosis would be the one to choose.

    Something like this happened to us once. When I was 11 I had my appendix taken out. An appendix is a useless organ which has no business being there and mine had decided to swell and rupture, little tyke. My stomach began to hurt at around lunchtime and I ignored it because my stomach would hurt like that quite often. I rarely ate so was used to this sort of pain. In fact it inspired me I could feel my organs and my flesh being digested instead of any food I sinned to put in my stomach. At the time, there was someone very interested in my 8 year old flesh and I didn’t like that, so I figured I’d strip away all the flesh so there was nothing left for him to squeeze, which he often did. My plan backfired, but that’s a horror story for another day.

    The pain from my appendix slowly swelling became too much to handle when Twinny and I were in our bedroom. Coincidentally, it was during a time when we had been told by our mother to clean our room together, and so Twinny was shouting at me.

    “You’re faking to get out of cleaning our room!” she yelled at me as I recoiled on the floor.

    At the time I simply curled up and trying to focus on the pain and not the shouting. It was easier. I was used to dealing with different sorts of pain. Appendicitis had nothing on Me.

    Eventually my mother took me to the Doctors, and I was rushed to hospital for the appendectomy. This is one of only three times in my whole life that I remember seeing my mother and father in the same building. My father tells the story best. He has a knack for that.

    “You woke, white as a ghost,” he has recounted to me, many a time. “And your sister had been sat in the waiting room white as a ghost as well.”

    I imagine she must have had the crinkle then, too. She never did apologise for shouting at me while dealing with a slowly rupturing appendix, but the organ has been removed now so there’s no need to dwell, is there?

    “When you came round from the operation, your little hand raised up.” Father recalls. “And your little voice could only say one thing…. ‘Molly?’”

    The question mark at the end was because I was calling for her. I don’t remember any of this. I only remember that I got yellow jelly instead of red and was annoyed about that because Twinny’s favourite was red and I wanted to save some for her. My own jelly preferences were not yet formed. But in the moment between being anesthetised and fully awake, in that twilight moment, my little hand and my little voice called for her to come and hold me. Because I was scared but she was brave. And I needed that, at the time. Operations and such are scary when you’re 11.

    Back to the Chilean Fight Song. The word Venceremos in the song means We Shall Prevail but the literal translation is We Shall Overcome or We Will Win. This distinction seems insignificant but is not. To prevail implies a pre-cursor; a plan. This song, however, did not come from the belly of any beer halls. It came from the heart of the Chileans who wanted freedom for all. Juntos (together) they chant Venceremos to inspire the spirit of freedom while remaining united. A must-have for any movement. Any group. Any pair?

    This united freedom seems like a juxtaposition to me. How can one be free, yet also bound to a cause or a group? It is in their uniting, it seems, that they find their freedom. They are Never Alone. It puts me in mind of the Cuba Libre, but I can’t have one of those as I am in recovery. So Venceremos it is. The Chilleans sing to the beat of a battle drum which, when I first saw it, made me laugh out loud; cackling at the comedic value of the caricature of some long gone battle fought before I was even born. But Venceremos is deadly serious. People literally died singing it. You can see the crinkle in their faces in the video. They are dead set on freedom in unity.

    Together, the Chilleans found independence in and so it was a key element of their victory – this melody which inspired the few to become the many and prevail.

    I am fighting a sort of battle of my own at the moment and now I have this song to guide me. In this battle I have joined a group of sorts and in that group one is required to find a “sponsor”, which is sort of like a mentor with access to your darkest secrets. They have a saying – “You’re only as sick as your secrets” implying that my secret is keeping me sick. Perhaps it is. But I still won’t tell – that’s between Me, Him and his gravestone. I no longer Pop Pills, though, so that’s a win.

    In this perspicaciously skull-and-bones type society I have not yet been able to find a sponsor. Possibly these potential sponsors I’m asking can see what they would call “The God Shaped Hole” in me, which is in fact the absence of my other half. But that’s far too complicated to explain and even if I tried no one would listen. They’d tell me to pray and “hand it over” and not run off “Self Will” which is confusing to me. Surely willing myself better won’t work, but I supposedly must find this ambiguous self will in order to be a functioning human? I suppose you’ll have to ask them. They talk in riddles a lot. Annoying that, isn’t it?

    Thank you, Chile, for your battle song, Venceremos.

    We Shall Overcome. Or prevail. Or both.

    Both! Both? Both.

    The word has lost all meaning now, so here are three to end on.

    Not I. We?

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  • Emiobhan confirmed. What a wholesome/chaotic friendship!

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  • My twin and I often engage in midnight conversations. Meaning that at 11:00 PM she sends me a sleepy text inquiring something like “Do dogs have bellybuttons?” and I, being the night owl, spend the night researching the matter heavily (a.k.a. googling it). In the morning I report to her my findings. Our twinship has thrived on this kind of symbiotic relationship

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  • The breadth of your depth grabs ahold of my hands as the moon pulls the tide and the tide pulls the sand, silken
    parachutes called your words guide me and glide me along seamlessly to the crash that awaits like the bottom of,
    stares from you are comprised of the vibrations that shatter unbreakable plates, you
    Corral my personalities and conduct them in the harmony that is me, my
    Crescendo is an organized cacophony, an orchestral chaos driven by the things you say to me with your eyes.
    The sand bows smoothly to my feet as I meet the edges of your shore.
    And here we meet again drawing lines on the beach.
    If you don’t recall then I’ll say as I have before: you have become my ocean.
    You’ve drowned me, revived me, and taught me to swim as if it would then be safe to test the raging waters of love ever again.
    I see the calm waves approaching, each one bigger than the next waiting to devour my insecurities and conquer my pride.

    It’s much less hassle to build a castle from the formless, harmless, silk along your edges.

    You terrify me, ocean. Yet in my dreams I have mastered the swimming of your expanses. I have surfed the waves of my fears in you.

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  • I swear I’m gunna have a mental break down, I don’t feel comfortable drawing in my sketchbook, I can’t get any time alone, & I feel like I have to go to bed when my twin does. I want a smaller sketchbook w/ gray paper. I want somewhere I’m not disturbed so I can w/o feeling judged. I’ve wanted my own room since I was 13, I was promised that twice & now I’m 18. I feel like I’m going to cave in on myself. I’m so artistically/emotionally frustrated.

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  • It can only be sasusaku and naruhina. 

    Its my own sistership, not many like that, but I do. 

    I’ve been shipping this for more than seven years, these two ships for ME has a bond. Ever since the first episodes. 

    I don’t know if anybody feels that, nor they are entitled to this, but for me they are sisterships. 

    Thus this is what I believe in. So even if new generations wants to separate them, I will never give in my heart. 

    I dunno about others. 

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  • I love hour long phone calls with my twinny…

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  • psst. blackbutrfly and my birthday is on Wednesday.

    #shit gonna get real #twinship #AND we were born on our mom's birthday #too Turnt #git like us
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  • Which is something I’ve always wanted to do! I’ll also be meeting my best friend for the first time. He’s originally from New York and I’m in Ontario Canada so not too far.

    We made  joke saying that by the time we met we’d both be overseas!  Well what do you know! He’s at school abroad in Shanghai which happens to be my first stop in China! Were legit staying 30 minutes away from each other.

    I could tell you stories upon stories on why he’s my best friend but I don’t want to make this too long. We’re prctically the same person so we call each other twins aha.

    Can’t wait to see you twinny!

    #long distance friendship #twinship#twin #meeting for the first time #yay#china#shanghai
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  • yeonju-ftw said:

    where have you been though cause i missed you -loves you down-

    I’ve been extremely m.i.a unwillingly i missed you too! -loves you all around-

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  • Did someone say forced wedding? 8D

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  • Candice BREITZ, Factum Tremblay, 2009 (commissioned by the Power Plant)

    To produce the series of works collectively titled FACTUM (2010), Candice Breitz conducted intensive interviews with seven pairs of identical twins and a single set of identical triplets in and around Toronto during the summer of 2009, footage from which she then edited seven dual-channel video installations (and one tri-channel video installation).

    Breitz’s edits accentuate the push-and-pull relationship between the siblings. As the twins relate their stories, sharp distinctions in their voices, their attitudes, their body language, and their views on the world become apparent. At times they gravitate towards each other, offering almost the same syntax and gestures to describe memory, while at other moments they differ vastly in their conclusions on topics they both consider vital. Breitz’s presence is strongly tangible in each twin portrait – her jagged editing style distances the works from the truth claims of conventional documentary, suggesting that the intertwining forces of fact and fiction are always at play in auto/biography.

    FACTUM raises questions not only about twinship per se, but also about the struggle that each individual must negotiate in defining him or herself as distinct, while facing constant reminders of the relative role of others in the process of self-definition.

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