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  • I want my hat back…


    I did one for Neige and now here’s Che’nya! He took Ankin’s hat and she’s too short to grab it back :(

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  • image

    Art dump of all my half chibis I’ve drawn 🙈

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  • Scars That Run Deep pt 1

    10 years ago:  

    It was midday and the heat was unbearable. The sun at it its peck, taking no mercy upon the land its heat radiating outwards into the bright day. Summer winds move withering grass on the planes, creating an ever-changing mosaic of light and shade. With it the music that is born of such gentle movement, the steady soothing lyrics of nature close by, is melody and chorus all in one. Had it not been the scorching swalting sun, it would have been a peaceful evening.

    Leona always hated those kind of days, it disrupt his sleep and no matter which way he faces or how many he tosses and turns, his afternoon naps would remain fruitless. He lay in his bed, soakeing in golden rays waiting for the sun to set and embrace the wet, coolness of the night.  

    But today it is not the smouldering heat of the sun that has left the young prince in a foul mood. No to day the day Farena is to be, officially crowded king. It is a ceremonial tradition that traces back centres. Where the kingdoms young prince is crowded and a celebration is held in their honour. Leona is the second born prince, this celebration is not for him. Rather its for Farena, and that leaves a bitter taste in his mouth!

    Its not like he hates his brother specifically, its quite the opposite actually, Leona adores his brother and looks up to him, after all Farena’s the only one who doesn’t treat him like an outcast. What he hates is the subtle whispers and snide remarks on his name. How he’s not as kind as Farena, or how he has yet to gain his unique magic like Farena and bla bla bla.  

    Leona huffed when he heard the servant whom called out to him through the door, telling him his father wished to meet him at the front of the castle.

    He couldn’t understand why his father needed him when Farena was the one who’s suppose to be crowded king. Why go to an event where his only going to be cast aside and slandered in the hot sun, when he can just say in his room where its a little cooler?

    That is what Leona couldn’t understand. 

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  • Big Brother Leona!

    A wonderful wish materializes in the wishing well. It appears to belong to @poketalefan1993. Shall we take a look?

    The wish says: when you tell your big brother a big secret!



    “Big brother?”

    “What is it, lil sis?” Sweet incense of vanilla and magnolia lingers in the air as you step in Leona’s room one sunny day. Radiant sunshine shines upon his lean frame as he shifts in his bed.

    You wanted to cower before him, already fearing a blunt response or a judgmental glare from your elder brother.

    “Leona, I wanted to tell you something..” Your knuckles whiten from tightly gripping the helm of your dress. You lick your drying lips, heaving a few breaths to settle your palpitating heart..

    The terrible sensation of anxiety permeated throughout your being, yet.. you have to tell him.

    “Leona, I’m in love with Jack,”

    There, a weight had lifted from your shoulders. Relieved you were as you timidly look at the ground, celebrating silently for your achievement.

    “Really?” HIs voice anchors you back to reality. You look up to see your brother glancing back at you with his elusive emerald orbitals. His knitted eyebrows imply a sort of contemplation from your declaration.

    Not a moment had passed when he finally says an answer, “Good for you, kid,” and slumps back to bed. You grin in elation. Although it wasn’t the ideal answer you were looking for your brother, it was enough to bring a spring to your step and a joyous “Thank you!” from you. His words conveyed approval for your affections towards Jack and you couldn’t wait to tell Jack.

    You decidedly dashed over to your crush for the great news, leaving a lethargic Leona with a smile at his lips.

    “That kid is growing too fast,” He mumbles under his breath, tucking himself in for another evening nap.

    -ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ




    -ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-


    Thinking of making another wish? Please consider on trying this!

    #twisted wonderland#twst #twisted wonderland x reader #twst x reader #leona kingscholar #twisted wonderland leona #twst leona
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  • I just realized that if i were in Mc’s place, Scarabia chapter wouldn’t happen at all because it all started with Jamil’s unique magic, and i can’t maintain eye contact

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  • Opening up Commissions again

    -For ocs please have a ref/pictures I can go by-

    I mostly draw Metal fight beyblade and Twisted wonderland stuff but this open to all

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  • [ Hiii~ could I ask a headcanon for Jamil, Trey, and Vil with a female s/o that gets injured often because of how clumsy she is? Like she’s at least in the infirmary once a week, and the nurse is just tired of seeing her every time lol. Thank you! ]

    I don’t think I could truly feel the pain of being injured once a week from my own clumsiness… But maybe once a day suffices if I wasn’t so stubborn~

    Trey Clover

    • At first, he found it quite charming and cute how clumsy you could be or were; because it causes him to have to watch out for you
    • He was used to parenting over his lower classmen, yet watching over his girlfriend seemed a little more intimate and caring
    • At first…
    • Once he started to notice how often you were coming out of the nurse’s office after school, and the little marks and scars that were appearing over your legs, he had to step in and talk to you about it
    • He was getting more worried about your well-being, and he didn’t know if it was subconsciously his fault or not
    • You could reassure him it was all your doing, or undoing, and he still wouldn’t accept it as a complete answer
    • There couldn’t be anyone that clumsy, who would end up visiting the nurse weekly to almost every other day
    • Yet here you were, in the nurse’s office again, resting on the bed as she was going over what happened to Trey
    • He listened intently, apologizing to the nurse and thanking her for her hard work until he turns to you and you know you’re in for a mouthful
    • He scolds you, but with love, yet it didn’t feel like it at the time
    • He knows you mean well, but you were tiring both the nurse and him out with all your trips and falls
    • One time, he won’t be there, and he’s worried about what will happen when that time comes

    Jamil Viper

    • He’s already busy watching out for Kalim, so for you to already be clumsy and needing an eye on almost every minute is going to throw him into overdrive
    • The first he hears you’re in the infirmary, he’ll be dragging Kalim with him to make sure you’re not terribly injured
    • Though you have a couple of bruises, you’re living and that’s all he’ll show he cares about; until you admit this was the third time that week you’ve been in the nurse’s office
    • He’ll react either in two ways:
    • One, he’ll start to scold you avidly and voice his entire opinion on your behavior. How you’re forcing him to just watch over you
    • Or two, he’ll heave a big sigh and just quietly mention for you to be careful — and to always ask him for aid if needed
    • He means well, and only wishes for you to be safe. Which means sometimes he’ll have to ask Kalim to be with you
    • He doesn’t want to do so, but if it’s for you, he may swallow a bit of pride

    Vil Schoenheit

    • You’ve pretty started to hide the bruises with long sleeves and tights, and anything else you’ve used makeup
    • Since Vil is an expert in such things, you’ve learned a trick or two; but that also means at some point he’d take a glance over you to figure out you’re faking a few extra layers of concealer on
    • He doesn’t say anything at first, wondering if you have a pimple or some unblemished spots you were working on
    • Yet once he passes by you in the hallway coming out of the nurse’s office, he’ll ask
    • You don’t wish to share, of course, about your own mistakes and how you’re just a clumsy-little-ditz, so you brush off his question and reassure him
    • This doesn’t reassure the Queen at all, and he’ll end up having Rook tail you for a little longer than before
    • Once Rook has gained enough notes and evidence, he’ll share his findings with Vil
    • Once a day tripping on the stairs, a few branches from trees whacking your face, dropping a few books after picking them up, having your items fall from your open bag
    • These all lead to you getting bruises and sometimes needing to head to the nurse’s office for a checkup; especially when you slam your head into something or anything
    • Vil would instantly approach you about this next time you visit Pomefiore
    • He isn’t nice, or patient in the slightest, because you’ve been lying to his face and keeping such incidences quiet to him
    • He’s only worried about your well-being, and especially your wallet with you overusing your routine and not looking out for your skin or pores
    • After everything is out in the open, his precious potato won’t be so bruised with his help [hopefully]
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  • #twisted wonderland#twst #twst ask meme #ask meme #royal sword academy #twst rsa
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  • MC: eeey! Do that thing I like, yeah?

    Kalim: Oh, you mean this? *smiles*

    MC: ❤🥺💘😭💗🥰💕😭💖🥺💓🥰❤

    Jamil: How the hell did you do all that in person!?

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  • image

    Honestly, drawing boys in dresses became a new hobby

    #art#arte#desenho#digital art#drawing#drawn#fanart#twst#twst fanart#trey#trey clover #trey clover fanart #twst trey #twst trey clover #twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland fanart #twisted wonderland trey
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  • image

    Read from right to left

    ❌Please don’t repost/use/copy my artworks.

    ✅Like and reblogs are welcomed!

    Princely Hikari strikes again lolololol This takes place after ch 5 and after Ghost Marriage. That’s why Hikari’s hair is so short.

    I’m in the bandwagon of Neige being a lil jerk underneath that cute face of his. But if I’m wrong, I accept his cuteness as well.

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