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    #rambles #warrior cats au #mcyt#dream smp#dsmp au #I’m so sorry this is so long oh my god #philza#technoblade#ranboo #Tubbo Schlatt and Wilbur never actually get their nine lives from Starclan btw they just change titles #tubbo’s warrior name is Bumbleheart! #and Schlatts was Ramjaw I believe #the ‘election’ was Starclan deciding who should be leader btw (Twitter is Starclan confirmed?) #god this post is long and it’s not even like the revolution part #IVE TJOUGHT ABOUT THIS A NORMAL AMOUNT I SWEAR #answered asks#thespeedbooper#boop
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    BJR shirt cut meme sketches 😁

    Thank you to @druzsea for the original template; check it out here:

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    not to sound like the most crotchety old grouch on the planet but i fucking hate high school AUs for grown fucking adult characters its so juvenile!! if i wanted to read about children i wouldn't be reading about these characters in the first place!!!!!!

    #i dont mind high school setting for characters that are ACTUALLY TEENAGERS but i don't exactly actively seek it out #man im too old for this shit #i thought this kind of au was the bees knees when i was rhat age but now im just like PLEASE SPARE ME #pretty sure ive whined about this before on twitter but ITS ON MY MJND
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    maddie cat dot jay peg

    #amphibia#amphibia au #amphibia wc au #maddie flour#catified#catification beam#dragon doodles #drew this like a week ago or something and I wasn't gonna post but #like i AM genuinely curious whether posting times matter like they do on twitter so 3 am freedom for marshpaw maddie cat #anyways *PROCRASTINATES HARDER*
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    [ PACEMAKER ] 19. feels right

    word count | 1162

    warnings/notes | swearing

    There he was, standing in front of the door fiddling with a small plastic bag in his hands. He probably looked so stupid to anyone seeing him right now. He didn't even have a reason to go through all this trouble.

    He wouldn't go out of his way like this for anyone. Not even for Kuroo or Shoyo, and those were his best friends (don't tell them that tho).

    It confused him to no end at first, sure it was normal to care for your friends but this was something new for the boy. He didn't even really realized it until he send that message and now here he was, in front a familiar apartment complex, at eleven at night, before a closed door.

    His thoughts were interrupted by the door being pulled open, making him take a step back.

    He was greeted by Akaashi, holding his keys in one hand as he hurriedly pulled on a beige raincoat with the other. With equal surprise he looked up.

    "Hey I was just leaving, Kiyoko and i are doing instrumentals and i'm already late." He pushed the door behind him further open without looking. "She's in her room." A knowing smile painted his normal, quite natural features as he eyed the bag before walking off.

    After giving Akaashi a quick, suspicious goodbye, he looked at the now unlock door frame. Slowly walking in, as he was taking his time.

    For two messy and intelligent young adults, your house was surprisingly neat. Of course there were messier aspects, like the open books on the table, the jackets over the back of the chairs, a dead plant in the corner and a few drying dishes near the sink. It was definitely not like his own place but it felt right somehow.

    Reaching your room he peaked in, it probably looked creepy as fuck from a far but he needed to prepare himself a little bit. I mean don't misunderstand, he thought you were cool and all but the way you were laying there, the bass guitar next to you as you moved your head to the beat music that you had blaring from somewhere, eyes focused on the papers was certainly a picture. A tiring but unbelievably captivating picture to him.

    As quietly as he possibly could, he opened the door and threw the little white bag in front of your lap, making you look up, clearly startled.

    A slight smile appeared on his face as he walked around to the bed and took place on the other side lazily, all the nerves weren't as overwhelming anymore he was just happy to be around you for some weird reason. "When did you start studying out of free will?" He questioned with a taunting voice.

    "Since i found out i have a test soon." You answered, clearly too distracted by the plastic bag, that you were currently inspecting. "Kenma this better not have your switch-"

    You knew about his carelessness around inanimate objects, in fact it annoyed you to no end. So he didn't know why you seemed shocked, abruptly stopping in the middle of your sentence to turn the bag its head and dumping the contents on your blankets.

    The snacks and drinks (and the nintendo) fell out. The brand names were familiar, your favorites.

    Holding out your arms to him, you waited for a second as if to ask for permission, which he gave with a subtle nod. Something he noticed you only did with him, you were quite affectionate but he never seen you do this with your other friends.

    Your sweet embrace surrounding him. His heart didn't raise.

    His heartbeat didn't raise but it did skip a beat, Kenma was used to the heart raising when you touched, he just blamed it on being around a girl, even if it didn't happen with Kiyoko. I mean it didn’t happen those rare times they hugged, which wasn’t often. It didn't happen this time with you either.

    No, instead it felt ordinary as this is just something that should happen, like this should be something that was just right for you two, because it was a new sense of calm. He wanted to capture that calm and wallow in it for a while. The hand that wasn't supporting his weight came around your body slowly, clutching the fabric of your shirt.

    Huh that was a new feeling for Kenma.

    Letting him go but still making sure you held him in some way, you smiled at him. "You didn't have to do that stupid head." Pinching his cheeks softly.

    He relaxed in your touch, still pushing you hand away and scrunching his nose. "Shut up, you seemed pretty down."

    Sighing, you settled down against the headboard, he had a point, you were pretty close to freaking out. Don't get me wrong you were grateful but this was the first time experiencing all of this, you were used to standing on the sidelines and this was new and scary.

    "I'm fine, it's- it's just a lot of pressure you know." Mumbling as you scrolled through your music, occasionally making eye contact.

    Instead of answering, he just nudged your knee slightly, words were never Kenma's strong suit if you hadn't guessed it already.

    It wasn't a problem with you though, it wasn’t awkward, the comfortable silence made its way around you two. Nothing instead of the current song playing. In contrast to the rest of your apartment, your room was pretty messy. Clearly clean, but stuff was everywhere. Kenma didn't mind although he did have some questions about the random broken snow globe in a open shoebox on your desk. But that was just stuff that made it feel so right and he wasn't willing to break the comfort for something like that.

    Apparently you were. "Thank you bubba, i appreciate it." Ah there it was 'bubba', probably a word you picked up from english social media, you also exclusively used for him. If he was being honest he didn't really know what it meant but again it just felt right.

    He couldn't remember why he was stressing about coming here before you even got a chance to reply to this text. This was more than fine.

    "You know, you're very sweet when you want to be." He didn't have to look at you for him to know that you were smiling as he felt your gaze on him.

    He wasn't good with compliments, clearing his throat he changed the subject. "Never heard this song before, it's good." He pointed weakly towards the sound in the hopes that you wouldn't notice his newly rosy cheeks in the dark room.

    A heavenly sounding chuckle escaped your lips, unconsciously tightening your grip on him slightly. "I know right! It's from Gehin, Rintarou's group."

    Ah that was less heavenly, suddenly he remembered he reason for his stress again. Very misplaced probably but maybe Kuroo and Hinata weren’t entirely wrong.


    [ notes ]

    — FLYYYYYyy- i’ve been listing to got7 also the longest written chapter yet !!

    — the “ plot twist ” was so obvious

    — i don’t have much to say there is a big spoiler for the future in this chapter 😏

    — i just wrote furry instead of future 😐

    ──── · • · ────

    @peteunderoos @shobioo @songsongm @twistedvalkyrie @kac-chowsballs @lilith412426 @m-i-n-t-y-fresh @notendoplasm @bakugouswh0r3 @mysticstrawberryballoon @black-rose-29 @anime-meme-sanctuary @riceballsandanime @kysdabii @vhsryuu @mariachiii @enhyupn @micheleinumaki @athenarosaline @rinschuupet @bokutosuwus @kachuuha @haikoochi @kodzuken-blog

    pm me or send an ask to be added to the taglist & please don’t be a silent reader <3 | striped trough means i can’t tag u

    #🎸— pacemaker#nomiwrites 🤧#hq#haikyu#haikyuu#hq smau#haikyu smau#haikyuu smau #hq social media au #haikyuu social media au #haikyuu twitter#hq fic#haikyuu fic#hq au#haikyuu au #haikyuu band au #haikyuu idol au #haikyuu kpop au #haikyuu x reader #hq x y/n #haikyuu kenma#haikyuu suna#kenma kozume#suna rintarou#kenma#suna#kenma smau#suna smau #kenma x reader x suna #suna x reader x kenma
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    A scared baby witch, a semi-stable 106-year-old man and a would-be king. What do they have in common? Emotional Trauma. 
    A Wanda, Loki and Bucky band AU
    #loki#wanda maximoff#bucky barnes#scarlet witch#loki series#wandavision #falcon and winter soldier #marvel#loki laufeyson#winter soldier#mcu#art2021 #I FINALLY DID MY AU!!!! #i'm sooo happy with how this turned out and it's being received so well on instagram and twitter i'm so happy #hidden gems list: #Wanda’s earning is the Mind Stone #“Vis” for Vision in a heart as well as a Silver Lightning Bolt with ‘RIP PIETRO’ for Wanda’s Tattoos #Loki’s shirt says ‘FROM ASGARD WITH LOVE’ #Vote Loki Pin! #Miss Minutes Sticker on Loki’s Guitar #Thor’s Hammer on Loki’s Guitar #Bucky’s Captain America Shield Pin for Steve/Sam #Made in 1917 aka Bucky’s birthday is March 10th 1917 #Bucky’s a drummer because Sebastian recently learned drumming!
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    limited edition lizard lady standees

    #hops on the twitter bandwagon #final fantasy xiv #gpose #au ra raen #my screenshots #oc: hanami hagane #ngl i would buy ten
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    Movie Idea 6


    Dante and Travis were walking to the movie theaters. Luckily for the college students, it was nearby their college so it wasn't a long walk. Though it wasn't that long, Travis felt nervous and every second felt like a minute.

    Dante noticed this and said, "calm down, dude. You'll be fine."

    Travis looked at him, "what if I say something stupid before the movie and he's weirded out by it the entire movie!"

    "You always say stupid stuff, this time won't be different," Dante joked.

    Travis eased up a little, "shut up, but you don't think I won't make a complete fool of myself?"

    "You already are one."


    Blaze and Zane were already at the theater along with a few of their other friends. They were playing in the arcade the theater had to kill some time. Blaze was playing the claw machine while Zane watched him fail and fail.

    "This is definitely rigged," Blaze exclaimed.

    "It's one of those games people keep spending their money on without realizing it just so they could get a prize," Zane said, "besides you're going for hard ones to get."

    Blaze went to put in another coin but was stopped by Zane.

    "Maybe don't spend all of your money on this, you boob."

    Blaze frowned and looked around, trying to find something else to do while waiting for other people to arrive. It was 20-15 minutes until the movie. The people here already were Aphmau and Aaron, Sasha and Dottie and Ein. Sasha and Dottie were talking at a table while having some popcorn. Ein and Aphmau were basically being babysat by Aaron.

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    akira made those earrings with his own two little hands bc what is the demiurge if not the original worm on a string

    #I HAD A CONVO ABOUT THIS ON TWITTER LIKE...MONTHS AGO #and i remembered in time for father's day lol #yal will truly wear anything his kid gifts him he's cursed #and he'll even take the selfie akira insisted on #have u all seen some of the pics of the demiurge tho lmao..... #BIG WORM ON A STRING #p5#akira kurusu#yaldabaoth#doodle tag#godhunter au
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    Lawrence, Ali, twitter AU and now Ali stole Lawrence's phone

    (after last twit Ali gave him phone back and tried to talk but Lawrence retreated to the bathroom)

    Bonus Auda :

    #lawrence of arabia #Sherif Ali #T. E. Lawrence #Modern AU #lawrence x ali #desert husbands#Twitter AU
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    collie phoenix doodle 💃

    #ace attorney#phoenix wright#my art #ace attorney animal au #its //MY// birthday and //I// get to post the dad content i want #even if he looks too young to be aa4 nick the way i drew him #anyways. did u know phoenix won ultimate dilf on twitter today
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    Inspired by this post and aimed at one 🍄 anon in particular ;)

    Consider this: eldritch-moster!lans au

    They all have a human form they can transform into at will and nobody knows about their true forms unless they want them to know. So, let's say that by the time the twin jades are born, practically no one knows, least of all the other clans.

    Lan Wangji has absolutely zero interest in blending in with the humans. He hates his human form. It's all small and squishy with zero tentacles or wings and how does one even operate those tiny human facial muscles? He hates it and the only good thing that comes off it is that he can pet rabbits with hands that don't crush them and eventually, that it allows him to speak in the weird human language that Wei Ying understands. When he first transforme into his monster form in public (i dunno? Maybe for wen war reasons?) absolutely nobody is surprised (in fact, Wei Wuxian is delighted that his monster boyfriend is taller than three buildings stagged on top of each other, has 20 eyes, tentacles and a mouth that could swallow a herd of cattle whole)

    But Lan Xichen? He loves his human-suit! And he's good at operating it, too. He adores humans! They are curious little things with so many strange ways of going at life. He loves his da-ge (Nie Mingjue is still older than him in this au) and he loves his Sang-di and A-Yao and they love him, too. When he first visits a market with them, they might be a bit weirded out by the fact he has tried none of the foots sold there but they simply chalk it up to the Lan's abstemious lifestyle and the twin jade's sheltered upbringing. Otherwise, Lan Xichen fits in perfectly among them. He trains sword forms with them, drinks alcohol for the first time and passes out immediately (maybe the eldritch-monster!lans don't have whatever enzyme it takes to handle alcohol lol) and when Nie Mingjue is seventeen and he is fifteen, he has his first kiss with him, too. Nie Mingjue loves how gentle Xichen is with him and with all living things and when A-Yao joins their relationship, he appreciates how his er-ge never seems to need anything from him to prove he is worthy of his love. (This turned into 3Zun. Oops)

    Among the three of them, Lan Xichen is the most naturally social and approachable. Sure Meng Yao has his practiced smiles and perfect, calculated manners, but he secretly hates it and finds it exhausting. It's an act he's had to perfect in order to survive. And Nie Mingjue? As a sect leader he's had proper etiquette drilled into him from an early age but it's a thin vineer under which a deadly temper and an absolutely non-existent tolerance for fools is hiding.

    So yes, among his human partners, Lan Xichen is the one with the easy smiles who holds small-talk like he's living and breathing 'fun facts' and polite nonsense and who always knows how to talk to elderly towns-folk and small children in ways that puts them at ease in an instance.

    But one day the Wens attack and he hears of the destruction of his beloved da-ge's fort and of his brother's precious Wei Ying's home and they break his didi's leg too, unknowing that in reality, they broke one of his wings. So when they dare to come for the Cloud Recesses, not knowing what its inhabitants really are, they are in for the surprise of the millennium. because in front of the gates of his home, the ever-smiling first jade of Lan transforms into a beast that rivals the size of the mountains around them. There are several heads and wings and claws and eyes larger than a child's head and the monster that is Lan Xichen makes a sound so loud it can be heard all the way back in nightless city. that day, the wens simply flee in horror (though they will be back later)

    Nie Mingjue and Meng Yao, both taking shelter at the CR at this point, stand behind Lan Xichen. When he transforms back and immediately turns to them with a deeply relieved smile on his face and then goes to comfort one of the younger disciples, their facial expressions are 100% identical and they are both an exact replica of this:

    Obviously, they end up being perfectly fine with their boyfriend being a fully grown monster that can best an entire army on his own. They just need a little time adjusting to the whiplash of the very same boyfriend still tenderly doting on them in the evenings, thank you very much.

    #so this got longer than expected #the untamed#mdzs#3zun#lan xichen#nie mingjue#jin guangyao#wangxian#lan wangji#wei wuxian #monster!au #3zun ficlet #on twitter this would be a threatfic ^^ #3zun au#cql
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    #I do too! I miss Hiraeth. I remember seeing it on twitter fic rec threads and I got curious #I love zombie apocalypse au #anon#🌷 chats#jungkxook#fichunting #pretty in punk
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    Bsd = Pokémon 7

    Woof woof bark bark

    #rosies twitter au #bsd twitter au #twitter au #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #ria trandafir#osamu dazai#chuuya nakahara#doppo kunikida#aya koda#Pokémon#lycanroc #bungo stray pokemon #bark bark woof #it’s not a pride post but I still wanted to post this #i just realized aya looks like she’s related to chuuya in her pfp wow
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    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Patricia: Have you ever heard the sound of a camp full of people being set on fire?

    Dimitri: Uh-uh.

    Patricia: WOULD YOU LIKE TO?

    #fire emblem #fire emblem three houses #fire emblem 3 houses #fe3h#fe16 #fire emblem memes #incorrect fire emblem #patricia blaiddyd #anselma von arundel #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #fix-it au where patricia doesn't get her relationship advice from cornelia and twitter #alternatively: fix-it au where lambert divorces patricia
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    cw : scars , scarring

    This is for my newest ficlet I’m posting on Twitter, “Books and Botany”! Ex-mercenary Ben works at a public library, and Rey is hired on to help take care of the many plants within it. He’s completely smitten from the start. This fic is super fluffy with a hint of angst, and might get explicit later 👀

    You can search on Twitter for it under #booksandbotany . I will probably post the whole thing on AO3 someday as well 😌✨❤️

    See more art on my Instagram


    Sneak peek at how their meet-cute goes:

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    take a fuckin sip babes <3 (labcoat wearin ass belongs to @bwooom

    [ID: It’s a drawing of a guy drinking from a really long silly straw that spells out “Depression” in cursive. He has dark blue spiked hair, big sunglasses, and a spiked yellow shirt collar. There’s a photograph on his wall of him and his super villain friend. He’s flipping off the camera while his friend laughs maniacally. /END ID]

    #<3 #images he posts to twitter #ocs: voltage#superhero au #i guess its not an au #idc tho#meme redraw#digital art#anti hero#self insert#oc #artists on tumblr
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