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  • my mom’s had a fever for two weeks? and they hadn’t tested her yet because she ALWAYS HAS RESPIRATORY ISSUES?

    #TWO WEEKS #hey butte what the FUCK #i'm... genuinely terrified #she's the person i've been the most scared for #rambletag #fuck i dont want to be at work #i should have called this weekend
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  • Y'all… my birthday is in two weeks??? This is crazy. Two more weeks and I’ll be seventeen and Check, Please will be over. I’m just gonna drown myself in baked goods and fanfic

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  • Why is it that mainly healthcare workers are following the lockdown. I go to work and I go home. I go to work because people come to the hospital for the stupidest shit and someone has to be there. My favorite thing is being fake coughed on. Damn right I don’t find it funny when the person before you was actually taking a turn for the worst. I cant think about the fact that every non emergent patient could get me sick. I keep a smile on my face and try to make you feel at ease Everybody is so tired….seeing a body be wheeled to the morgue doesnt even faze me anymore.

    Please STOP coming to the ER unless it is critical that you be seen. The ER will NOT test upon request. There are rules during this pandemic. If you feel it is an emergency, call 911 first. If it can wait, call your family dr. There is nothing the hospital can do for you unless you are critical.

    Please understand that last part.

    If you think that you have it, you probably do. Post it on social media. Post your story and how it affected you. Let people know if you’re sick but stay home.

    If you havent noticed, more and more healthcare workers are getting sick everyday because people wont stay home. We really are running out of supplies. That is not just the media talking crap. We are low on just about everything and meed to save our supplies for the truly sick.

    I’m both terrified and grateful to have a job right now…. Idk which is worse at this point. Being laid off, or being considered “essential” and still having a paycheck.

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    Even though I wouldn’t necessarily go with that ranking, I do agree that these are really good series. I would have added others and maybe taken out one or two just because I think that they wouldn’t fit into such a grand title: “Korean Drama of All Time.”  I haven’t seen Iljimae but I do have it in my watchlist so I know I will definitely watch it sooner or later.

    In any case, these are definitely dramas that we should all see, they each have their magic and they are wonderful stories to watch.

    It definitely has a great number of my personal favorites.

    #korean dramas#two weeks #i miss you #moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo #sungkyun kwan scandal #you're beautiful #first shop of coffee prince #pinocchio #arang and the magistrate #shopping king louie #my love from another star #empress ki#city hunter #kill me heal me #descendants of the sun #the princess' man #W #i remember you #the moon that embraces the sun #boys over flowers #iljimae #it's okay it's love #goblin#healer#the k2 #the innocent man #i can hear your voice #secret garden#playful kiss#reply 1997
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  • Soooo if the state shuts down who wants fall in love with me for two weeks?

    #love#two weeks#quarintine #idfk how to spell it
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  • I don’t remember the last time I had this much food in my house. Fully stocked for the coming lockdown in [midwestern state].

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  • so lmao i went out today for food and um… i guess tomorrow i should start just like? staying in just?

    #ugh#actually like #processing and accepting #two weeks #of knowingly staying in is just like #ha wow #is it cool #for me to get chipotle delivery tho
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    #TWO WEEKS #the PA gov just said my county is on lockdown for two weeks #no school for two weeks #im gonna get cabin feaver #ken.exe speaks
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  • I could see it as you turned to stone

    Still clearly I can hear you say

    Dont leave, dont give up on me

    Two weeks and you ran away

    I remember dont lie to me

    You couldnt see that it was not that way

    Swear I never gave up on you

    #two weeks #all that remains #lyrics
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  • .

    #it’s quarantine time my dudes #two weeks #theres aparently a case at my school which is kind of terrifying
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    Originally posted by tvneon

    Good morning, friends! There are exactly (counting today) 14 days left in which to order your baked goods for delivery at NEEHU XI, which officially begins on Thursday, the 26th of March! If you are interested in ordering from me, please do so as soon as possible so that it is easier for me to plan my grocery list before the bake begins. My most popular baked goods, the banana breads, are quite heavy and since I will be transporting them in a suitcase on an airplane I will only be bringing what has been pre-ordered.

    There will be no extra banana bread on-site.

    There will be small amounts of some, but not all, of the cookies on-site.

    Here again is the menu:

    Infinite Mysteries
    My double secret ingredient chocolate chip cookie

    London Fogs
    My ever popular earl grey tea chocolate chip cookie

    My perfect combination of ginger and butterscotch

    My most popular item, the classic banana bread

    My second most popular item, its chocolate chip laden cousin 

    Please dm me here, on twitter (@enscenic), on fetlife (noelle_cyanide), or on discord (where I am in the neehu server), for an order form!

    (Keanu would do it… )


    Originally posted by myimaginesworld

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  • PSA

    to all people who think “running faster” or “cycling faster” while passing within 2m of another person is effective social distancing:

    It’s not.

    In fact by breathing harder while being in closer proximity to another person, there’s a higher level of risk.

    2 metres people. No exceptions.

    #coronavirus tw#coronavirus#social distancing #i went out of the house for the first time in two weeks #and the sheer number of men (sadly it was overwhelmingly men) #who thought that instead of being courteous and socially aware #instead of stepping off the path or waiting for people to pass #they just decided to cycle faster or run faster #i mean come on guys #you can do better #most of the women on the other hand were perfectly polite
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  • The first version of my last paper for University is done

    and that means

    that I can finally treat myself for this hell of a semester I’ve been through and start watching the Merlin commentaries for which I bought the bloody DVDs for 58£


    #Merlin BBC#uni life#self treatment #i've been waiting for so long #<3 #well two weeks haha #but still
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  • Just puked on a dick

    #i let it all out in the toilet #and then kept suckin #he’s my neighbor so dont yell at me I’ve been in my house for two fuckin weeks
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  • uh, can I not

    #this is my reaction to everything ive ever done in my life up until like two weeks ago
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