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    #ByeDon 💙🌊

    US friends, get your vote on!

    #vote#i voted #have you voted yet #vote y’all #vote that nazi out #byedon2020#me#two weeks#13 days
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  • ~ 21.10.20 ~


    They’re so beautiful. The memories I have of you. I want to spend forever in them, reliving those moments, over and over and over again. But not that one. Never that one. Though I always find myself doing so, torturing myself, with the memory of losing you. Is that the last memory you had of me? Leaving me, losing your fight. I hope it’s not. I hope it was anything else. Like the one in which we first met, as if we’d known each other our whole lives. Yes that one. Was it that? I hope it was. For you. For me. For us.

    #can you tell bly manor still has it's hold on me. #two WEEKs #i'm still not over t h e m #21.10.20 #my writing#prompt#memories #the haunting of bly manor
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    #Two weeks #I know it seems dumb but I’m proud of myself #it’s all getting easier
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  • no i dont take constructive criticism

    #pinterest#textposts #i spent an hour trying to find a post #i reblogged maybe a week ago #two weeks #anyway no i didnt find it #why do you ask #ravenclaw rants
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  • The Pearsons are ready for a new beginning.

    Season 5 is coming.

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  • Putting my 2 weeks in to my job today and I’m hella anxious about it x.x it was good timing until they pushed back a huge task to the day AFTER my projected last day.

    Trying to figure out if I should give them that one extra day or screw everyone over….problem is I have no issues or ill will towards the company or my employees so I wanna help them but I also wanna help me.

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  • #azucanela asks #im hoping to reopen requests[suggestions] in the next like #two weeks#idk#depends #how everything goes
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  • also hi, I am alive.

    #it’s been like what #two weeks#idk #I’ve lost track of a lot of things tbh #but I wanna come back #if you’ll have me back
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  • A New Job

    So I am beyond stressed. I hate my job at the pizza place. I never really post about how bad it is just because it would be an everyday thing and it just wasn’t worth it half the time. But I hate it. It’s toxic, I find myself angrier, pessimistic, negative while I’m there and it was just time after three years to get out. I started applying around to jobs and I had an interview yesterday. It’s at a retirement home working through dietary, serving people their food. I got a call yesterday afternoon that I got the position! It pays $14 so like two bucks above minimum, I get benefits, PTO and all that jazz, all while working part time and I still get to keep my job at the bookstore! My issue… Quitting at the pizza place. I am planning to quit on Tuesday and I am just terrified! I am having like anxiety attacks just thinking about it. I don’t know how or what to say. I feel like I’m screwing my boss and like a shitty person and it’s just awful and I don’t know how I’m gonna bring myself to do it. And on top of all that, now that I’m leaving I’m actually kind of sad. It was my only constant over the last three years and It’s just secure and set and familiar. Though I hate most of my coworkers there’s been some people who have been with me the last two years. I’ve made friends and gotten close with some customers. I just don’t know how I’m gonna do this. But I officially have another job…


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  • @powerangersemo tagged me! 10 songs i’m obssesed with right now hmmm

    1) Moscow - Autoheart

    2) The Cult of Dionysus - The Orion Experience

    3) Junge - Die Ärzte

    4) Razzmatazz - iDKHOW

    5) Replay - Lady Gaga

    6) Promiseland - Mika & Mashrou’ Leila

    7) New Friends - Orla Gartland

    8) Helveti- Hatari, Svarti Laxness

    9) Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - Baccara

    10) The Record Player Song - Daisy the Great

    i tag @the-feeeeling-is-mutual @nolitmere @ohh-lover @chilledlavender

    #my mind is chaotic #ive had yes sir i can boogie stuck in my head for 2 weeks #TWO WEEKS#tag#personal
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  • Why are punk people getting cooler I used to be the cool one around here and now they are!!!

    #Just saw a guy who's jeans must have taken like #two weeks #they we so intricate #my jeans are ones i found in a thrift store and ripped up and then drew on #I have the rings i have the jackets i have the hair and the boots and the guady jewellery and stupid hair #i just don't feel like i can attain what they have #wait I've just realised it's because they're skinny if i saw someone in my clothes I'd think they're so cool #post cancelled but I'm still postin it
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  • Today has just been entirely fun questions like, Will I eat those leftovers or should I just toss them? When was the last time I cleaned my sheets? Did I vacuum this week? Have I pooped today? How long has this been in the fridge? Do I have enough dirty clothes to do laundry or do I wait? Can I go on a walk before my coworker comes back, or will he text me as soon as I leave the building? Can I lotion my hands now or should I do it this evening cause I’ll make them dry as fuck with hand sanitizer anyway?

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  • god wish i had smth to keep me going rn ✌️

    #lo rambles #no reasons to live babie ! this is fine!! #i have reasons they just dont feel real rn hang on #1. friends? 2. skateboard 3. uh. my cat. 4. #dont have a 4 #Tjis Is Fine #id like to call my friend so i dont have to deal with brain noise but they went to sleep and i dont want to wake them up and be needy :)) #vent post #and my other friend doesnt do phone calls which is understandable !! i only call 🐦 and 🦊!!!! fuck!!! #uh. i dont really have options here #and no i will not call my therapist at two in the morning thats just rude #i. cancelled this weeks appt. mayhaps not a great choice on my part but its fine #this is 90% me just writing down thoughts as i have them sorry lmao #like if u read this far ig #i have HAD physical contact today i should be buzzed off dopamine!!!! what is this!!!!!! how do i make brain shut the fuck up!!!!!!! #like 45 minutes of straight(ha) contact i sjould b vibin dude!!! what the fuck?? #fuck anyway im gonna go through my contacts and see if theres anyone i could feasibly call without feeling bad abt it #(there wont be anyone !)
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  • dont pull all-nighters.. it’s not worth it

    #it's 4am #and im TIRED #the other thing is i did this like a week or two ago #like can i chill... pls
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  • I have literally been sick for. 3 months????? But cant go to a doctor bc money ty american healthcare system

    #i was basically immobilized until like two weeks ago lol and its getting bad again #ask to tag
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