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  • Mari tends to flirt with people without realizing.

    The only time she is aware she’s flirting is when she’s playfully flirting with Ace, thinking that it’s not supposed to be serious.

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  • Twister wonderland Oc 3

    Have a depressed scarecrow

    Name: Fiyero Corbin


    Voiced By: Yuichi Nakamura

    Gender: Male

    Age: (looks) 16

    Birthday: March 15

    Starsign: Pisces

    Height: 5'7"/ 170cm

    Eye-Color: Orange-red

    Hair color: Blonde

    Homeland: Ozlandia

    Professional Status

    Dorm: Ramshackle

    School Year: First

    Class: 1-B

    Occupation: Scarecrow, Student

    Club: Science

    Best Subject: Magic Analysis

    Fun Facts

    Dominant hand: left

    Favorite Food: any bird dishes

    Least favorite food: pumpkin

    Dislikes: Crows

    Hobby: Running

    Talents: Doing complex math problems extremely quickly

    Fiyero Corbin is a living very intelligent scarecrow who appears similar to a teenager, as said before he has a good head on his shoulders but his scarred mental state, and general passiveness keeps him behind. He mostly just dances through life, taking what he’s given, which most of the time is crows.


    Fiyero is a boy with stringy blonde hair that curls and hangs in his face, it is usually bound by a white fedora with a black band, with hay sticking out if the brim. His face is rather round and as for skin, it’s at first pale, but split between stitches it can be black or gray. This is most easily seen with the stitches across his neck, which connects his head to his body. But in other cases he dies possess a pair of stitches across the corners of his mouth.

    Speaking of his body, it is rather thin, though the more you reach his legs it seems he has more hay there than anywhere else.

    He is usually seen wearing his dorm uniform, a navy blue waist coat with black designs atop a white dress shirt and beneath a grey cloak. And as for his legs, he wears a pair of baggy black slacks which tuck into faded brown farm boots.

    And as a small run fact, he doesn’t really have fingers, he has a pair of black-orange stitched mittens for hands. And put of each opening of his clothes sticks out much of the hay he’s made of.


    Fiyero is a very passive and go with the flow kind of person, he often as he says it, dances through life, taking what life gives him and just goes on with its rises and falls. But in the end, despite this, he does have a very depressed mental state, like he tends to think nothing he does matters, or that life’s too unfair so why try? I’m just a dumb scarecrow after all, what can I do. So he just goes about it passively, as he’s constantly tortured or messed with by crows, who also squawk that mindset of his. Which also gives him a trauma or phobia of Crows. But despite what he thinks, and what the crows regurgitate. He’s a very intelligent and capable person, if only he could heal without being swarmed by crowd every few seconds.


    • His design was based on Michael Jackson Smooth criminal
    • A rumor runs around school that Fiyero’s somehow related to Crowley due to the previous trivia fact.
    • He can disassemble himself if need be, like you can take off his head abd he’d be like “oh, my body’s gone, alrighty then”
    • If he takes one step outside, no matter where he is, somehow crows always flock to him
    • He naturally draws Crows to himself, he doesn’t know why, but he’s asked Zoroaster to make him Crow begon before
    • Unlike the Scarecrow in the wizard if oz, Fiyero is really intelligent
    • His first name comes from Fiyero from Wicked, who depending on who you asked was the Scarecrow
    • Corbin can mean crow in certain definitions
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  • I’m rewatching the past chapters for my abridged series and Ace started becoming one of my favorite characters in the game. He may be part of the shared braincell squad but he’s the smartest among them imo. The way he punched Riddle for mocking MC for being magicless then saying “Kids aren’t their parents’ trophies and a child’s achievements don’t determine their paents’ worth.”

    He’s the one always dropping truth bombs and great speeches and I love him for that

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  • OT3 idea.

    Deuce x Epel x Ace.

    Epel being the only one with brain cells and has to help the dumb asses do the simplest things but loves them.

    Ace and Epel both having to yell “DEUCE NO” when he tries to beat the shit out of someone for making Epel upset.

    Epel having to calm both Ace and Deuce down. And those two feeding Epel apple slices.

    Ace teasing them but still will die for the both of them.

    Ace tries to act like he is the top of both of them out in the streets and everyone buys it because of how cute Epel and Deuce try to act but really it is those two who dom their bratty sub Ace.

    Deuce is the soft dom Epel is the harsh dom.

    Consider it- just consider it-

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  • image

    Here’s a sketch I just finished colouring 🦇 💚 idk why but these small bats are always fun to draw

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  • looks at god. why has thou cursed me with these brainworms. is this becoming a Thing. 

    also known as the WORLDBUILDING of language-barrier-au I guess. oof. here we go!!!


    • english DOES exist in canon? like its clearly slapped on the dorm symbols + all names/unique mahou magics are romanized (reverse-romanized? idk). 

    plus all the original disney movies are in english


    • English is basically the (super) dead language of this TWST au? like latin or ancient greek basically?? 

    yeah sounds legit lets do that, also explains the loanwords! very cool. its like uhhhhh harry potter spells. 

    (would lilia speak english? how old is he 😔)

    • crowley knows the most english but, like, in comparison to everyone else. (so he doesn’t speak english, rip yuu)
    • yuu is actually their last name, because they said how about we don’t butcher it today. also, it makes more sense to have an european first name if they’re an english speaker

    first name pending bc im lazy.

    • How does Yuu survive classes? they dont lol

    Grim is already in charge of all the magic classes but now he gets to do everything else too lmao rip. anything written??? goodbye

    On the other hand yuu DOES manage to follow along in….  Mathematics and Alchemy! All very real-world subjects! They kind of do OK in Potions (+ Grim does not have opposable thumbs).

    They really enjoy biology though because, like, new species? magic?? howmst. also still hates PE. nobody likes PE.

    mostly because everyone in NRC is ABSURDLY fit???? Yuu CANNOT keep up. looks at jack. what the fuck

    flying is cool though………

    If they take any electives, they’d probably do well in all of them. (except maybe poisonmaking? monkey see monkey do 😔)

    anyways. yuu simply does Not See Humanities. Trein hates them, Ace wants 2 be them.

    • Yuu’s got a notebook with them at ALL TIMES. there’s a pictionary section and a word bank section. they’ve never been better at art

    regularly asks Deuce for help with the word bank (ily deuce keep being awesome). Yuu can’t read, so they force other people to write for them. slap on the translation/pronunciation under it, and its good 2 go!!

    the first word they asked Deuce to write was japanese for ‘cauldron’ :)

    “ogama-san!” “stop calling me that”

    • ‘beast taming’ abilities: i do Not Know Yet

    yuu can’t give them orders like in canon, sooooo? maybe it’ll be like a support magic that pops up in combat situations? still thinking about it lol

    possibility: Yuu doesn’t have internal magic BUT they can harness atmospheric magic (like secondhand smoke?? drain runoff?). But it needs to build up first, so they can’t use it whenever like everyone else. Only useable in situations like:

    - Ghosts (are made of magic?)

    - Overblot fights (Lots of magic, duh)

    - just fights (after enough magic has been used)

    - magishift (after enough magic has been used) 

    either way their magic could be a support-style menu?? incorporate rhythm game mechanics somewhere? who knows i’m just blabbing

    If Yuu doesn’t have magic, then it could be sort of a hand-signal arrangement? Yuu signals, Grim sits on their shoulder as a megaphone (that also shoots fire?).

    a combo of BOTH????? cries

    misc. My Yuu facts

    • Yuu is dirt poor lol,, they left all their allowance back home…. would have swindled kalim if he was a jerk 
    • Would kill a man if kalim or deuce asked them to. 
    • shorter than riddle, but will kill the first person who points it out. its Ace 
    • Crowley could only find uniforms that were two sizes too large. constantly shuffling up sleeves. 
    • Crowley also gave them a phone without voice recognition. Yuu says i crave the void
    • Ambiguously of asian descent until i figure out specifics lol. Probably an immigrant kid?
    • like Floyd, enjoys fun nicknames. by fun i mean puns and bad references. 
    • are they high, tired, or stressed?? nobody knows
    • still doesnt understand what magishift is. or what happened in chapter 2. 

    worldbuilding hard… very sad

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  • A Beautiful Talent!

    A mysterious wish materializes in the wishing well. Shall we take a look?

    The wish says: when you think your talent of art is childish…


    -`,((❀)); Jade gives you a quaint smile when he peers over your shoulder, spectating a lovely piece of art upon your lap. Was this all done by you? Color him impressed, he wants to see more of your talents on this.. Yet, you were quite shy about your drawings and writing, often shrugging it off as an embarrassing hobby.. A frown curves on his lips as soon as he hears that.. He couldn’t see you degrade yourself like this.. “Your talents isn’t childish,” he says as he holds your hand, the very asset that allows you to express your creativity. “It’s beautiful..”


    -`,((❀)); Over the course of the years Malleus lived through, he had witnessed many talents, art being one of the most profound ones he had discovered. Each and every art piece he had stumbled portrays an unique depiction of reality with an unique style and use of colors. Although he may prefer looking at gargoyles, he is quite charmed on your art style. You need not to be shy about it - he really enjoys your talents.. Yet, he only hopes you to be more confident and happy with them..


    -`,((❀)); Riddle had stumbled upon your works at least once or twice, often putting them to the side so he can view them later. Is this how you spend your pastime besides studying? The dorm leader is quite impressed by your art, often scanning it multiple times on the little complexities or the charming points of your drawings. Why did you think having this talent was childish? It is a way to express yourself, is it not? Well, he wouldn’t prod into your business any further and let you do you..

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  • #twst#twisute oc#answers#yuu#kees kees #old bird and fresh idiot duo for an apocalypse #[torch] #dont mind me just slogging slowly thru the rest of the drabbles 🤫
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  • image

    I never posted this here??? Anyways, Lilia with best dad mug

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  • *kicks the door*

    Guess who’s reposting things for the sake of more people seeing my bird fuck boy-

    I just woke up and later I will regret doing this but frick tumblr for not putting my posts in the tags

    #twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland oc #twst oc#twst
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  • image

    he’s trying his best !!

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  • There will be no updates for this week (my apologies)!

    But there will be a Q&A about this AU. Please tune in!

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  • Bitches rlly become a sobbing mess whenever Kalim shows up huh?

    That’s me. I’m bitches

    #I LOV E HIM #whenever i hear his voice and his laugh and his smile #my heart 🥺 #I love u u stipid naive idiot #twisted wonderland#twst #miko shut up #kalim al asim
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